Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1948 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1948
Page 1
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Gin Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor -Alex. H. Washburn Should Widen North Haze! St. for Future The surest evidence of Hope's growth is our discovery that facilities which formerly served us well enough are today obviously crowded and insufficient. ft* One of the most striking examples was Third streel. route through town of the transcontinental higri- way U. S. 67, which the state and city governments finally widened and repaved. It was deficient for years—and it took us years to eet' around to doing lhe remodeling job. Today you can see the same problem shaping up on North Hazel Btrcet. route of State 29 North. which serves the original industrial district in V.'ara Four and will also be the main artery tor traffic to and from the new industrial district in the former Southwestern Proving Ground military reservation. Already North Hazel street has n traffic problem. The avenue is parrow and winding, and, with the absence c-i sidewalks in many places, presents a perpetual hazard to both motorists ana pedestrians. It you think it is dangerous now, ! wait until Cobbwood, Inc.. gets going this Y/mter—and a few other industries come along to pour *additioiidl traffic onto a stale high"•way route along a street that I wasn't designed to carry heavy j traffic at all. " " | North Haze! ought to be wid- j ened and given adequate sidewalks. And it ought to be clone- 4QTH YPAR- Y/DI 40 NO **y I H TEAK. VUL. 4V INU. Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January IB, 192V WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Fair this afternoon tonight arui Tuesday. Warmer i viesciay. Sold Action Plane With 21 Aboard Down HOPE L ARKANSA5, MONDAY, —Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Bef re Court Adjurns In theise of Jack Willia Champ Cotton PickeTRepeah --. PRICE 5c COPY ' •**• "OOPS, - of thc - Judgc Dcxtcr v • °P9 ni "§ session of •eddr Cll ' cult Court - '"dica- 'tdj clciipn against the Employ- mcf Sea-ity Division and rtilcdf '^Presented bv By the school teacher who risked death rather than return to Russia. Copyright 1948, King Features, Inc. Reproduction in 1 /4 Cerrud a demurrer filed bv I ' missing charter airliner with 211 tns^mpyrncnt Security office " persons on board has been sight (owe, the Employment Seciir- 1 cd on a lonely Bahamas island j itj D i i s j o n time to iwith several injured persons near- pa an nswer with decision to be 'l* 1 ^ °! Monday, third week of . A coastguard plane which sight ed the downed crafi said several passengers were walking nearby. . ,o ' to make ...„. . .*.,*. W u.., uh,~* iyuj^.....,ei^ *,i_ie *> cinniifc, :i-_tii uj , r*«xjv*.ig Ule rUllni? Pnnrf ii'ic whole or in party strictly pro- beached on tiny Long Island in the a'urne. until Thursday Oetnhnr hibited. I Bahamas chain ' 71 v.-h/-h t;^« i J. «-»i.iuut.r the ruling court was ,,„,.,._.. . .,, vi 11. v/ i.._iii. nj u v- vivji iv. t'llCi tCiiS Ol if 0 i before new buildings further en- j fullie a tlc-mpts croacn on the right-of-way. Action she describes ti 'In today's installment of her moving story. Mrs. Kascnkina continues her account of the seizure of her husband. Demyan. by the secret police and tells of her frantic but to free him. Bahamas chain. " | * ^"^'^0^^™ ' Injuries lo personnel appear i acted to report at 0 i m Alight ' ''-?dioe' 1 T * A ^ ^ : '~ ' ' «.m. .--„-.i. radioed Lt .A. P. Copaug'n I !>p e -idi.<;trir,o tv, i I pilot of the coast guard plane. Uarnsfn V™ V 1 . 1 ' 011 ^ U«\7W d *Ue«^ f ? S»^.Sa & Jack i called for water. Several bottles of J j water were dropped. " records thrnh Movnem Securitv nl, ? OC3f Security Division of- . -"."" "'- »'fa"i--"'-••".-• .-".null i &no describes the tcene oul- now will save thousands 01 dollars sidc the prison . tclls of a mes . in accomplishing an improvement , saj j c in blood j rom bchind the which wnl have to be rnacie sooner - or later anvwav. oihfr action: walls, and of Demyan's r.ce and her fear* Miami. Fla. Oct. 4 — if] —- A ;( ! SUstas Trammell, plead guilty win-engined charter airliner with i|' ranc larceny, one year seri- 21 persons aboard was "presumed : c '~ * * * •* UN Needs Miracle to Offset Soviet 'Planned Chaos' Policy By JAMES THRASHER The United Nations General Assembly is badly in need of a miracle as it meets again in the micisl of the world's greatest postwar crisis. It needs not only a miracle oi patience and wisdom fro IT: the . By OKSANA S. KASENKINA Edited by Isaac Don Levine sen-! down at sea" today after it sound- j ed distress calls somewhere b ! tweon Charleston, S. C., and Nassau Bahamas >[( Adcqck, possession untaxed continued for sentence. M i r-\i i ... , • j. * * v, i_wuc i t. ^iau.^1 ijcii>u ii '•\ci^! ijui,-it Trn; f * .... -y,, bo - v .P !e -" NVOKe U P v.-mle the , ]ieved a radio .. fix - was c . sta b-' i?,',,, "f- f °rgery and utter- .\KVU oiticers were conauctmg . lished between M" am ard l'4-i , feu ' K > P iea - continued for sen- tiu..ir search, turning everything in ; a . n -. iocatina the plane about 55:",.-, ,... n our ro, j: r,s topsi-tt.i-vy. They dug : mi ) c , riOnh o j Nassau . The search^ p.,.? , oy , Leo Arnold, plead up our .iicst-egg. 1-00 rugles, area was con( . eiuralcd between^ ""};.„ J nal sct for Monday of '.loug.Tly soUO'. the accumulation ; o,.„•..• A'.-,.,,-..-, ic-io,,^ ^^^i T>., T=-_;- "Cti... Paris. Oct. 4 — Wi — fiip-ji told - tne United Nations Security'coun cil today it has no right to "consul- n ^ cs . tcr " charges that the Soviet blockade of Berlin is a menace to world peace. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vishinskv led off his f iRht to keep the Berlin issue ot't )f ^hc council's hands. He declared he \V.estern demand for U N consideration of the dispute 'was devoid of any ground, as it does '"» tall within the scope of the sc- council" he Government Peru Revo m hC io IS Mi!?'Tr 10 T.- aid- should b cj Lima. Peru. Cct. 4 —<?,— onv £,££?.:£? * our """cil of crnmcnt troop, hold full Jf£Xi a formal proposed earlier to Vishinsky declared thc U ' ^!^^ 1™** h°W full conTroi o^ Callao today after oloocly revolt by smashing ----- ---- • Tt «•' '^H.JLt^.1 sailors aiifl civilians.' nbninsKy declared the U N Tl c ' ca^SUinJcon^cr^Gc^ ^d^*"^"^" «™'*£ ^! *°J™' ^-Pying l powe,4 t a io»s hC 'n V t Uy r",?^ n V*™*&: hi'vo wHf. cu P lave w itten a peace the beaten country. treaty for Quiilen. . Taking the argument to thc for cign ministers' council, he said ?ho Cr r n only lcsal ' w «- 1 >- to settle problems of Germany, includ- possession untaxed i ... i-'wij t ji_cjji_fii L1J1 tii iF;. co ^!! nued for sentence. ^^™r S 'V°''^^SI ; IT"-:!?.":L' e .', above ' nre shown awaitinn the hiring- H..' _ Hc said • «-J Mv.^ii Hi in u I (I and blockade since last - tions, at Callao Lima's port launched the revolt early ye£°r- day. l won his first title nlP-Te lrir- close division. Shinault Bcvlin Problem is to thc •.roug.Tly suOO>. the accumulation : ^e;,; A baco Island and Borrv ... , oi our years of teaching^ in and : i and Suortr-man Betty ' Caiv ou o, regular hour; ana seasons. st air<' famed "Island Kingdom." t V.ny so mucn money: the chief Hooo , va3 expres , ed th ' e pilot) a Sl :ea. i tola him that U reore- j m)si{ , have di ,£ hed his ajrcl - af! /, 'lead of C. B. Watv.-ood. 5 year ed sentence. vs Willie Tyree. dismi«- cielegates of the participating na-: ;^'-;f ; i ^'" hi™ iha, it repre- , m)pht have clitched hls a i r craft/. v ,, rirno lions. It needs a miracle, inside or ; ^-IHCU. our savings or a lifetime : ncat . one of thc hund , ed;; o£ tinM-A-p.^ f j? fpe v ^ Chcs Buic. outside its organization, to sup- ! V- nt "' educaung the cnndren ol i s ; and = comorisin? the Bahama's;'""; °""' me d. two other plant thc Soviet policy with a pol- • L! '° people. : «roup pr>d =urvivo--s had reached) f' alnsl Buie ' dismissed, icy of reason. \ No gold, not even a single gold : land in rubber life rafts. i or ;' T n^° n 5, '*]' °ek: State vs For, as the Assembly convenes '"ing. was tound in lhe house. The- The charter airliner, a DCS. was- ' c-,., :. r le vs K - L - Hai "- German IU ^:. wn . s -f n Ll nct °f aggres- n occupa onight I Rehearinqfor (F* • , ! IMK , *3 i ures,' | \isi.nsky declared an American | assertion that the Russians are th eatenuu; international peace «™ s i..'J° ncs : Superintendent ^^^^^^•°-^-^-^l^^ a ' mS ° f that ,,^^!:r! i'rfiS^S- 1 ?i,^M; I ^^^™^ r n u& A"KV r D is ever on the lookout for ' en rot a now level of postwar misfortune to get a "fix" on the ciistre n,,H fi\'kV"" . su PP°rted by tanks and fighter planes had rooted the rebels out of their fortified stron'- tl°,,n °n a PP ai 'cnt!y had captured There was no official indication of the number of casualti-^ or of Vln,.. .-.»_ '-»*«'•* *V**_ ..' m i iJt sons took part in th.-j i' that the number of 'dend'"^^,! wounded was large. An arVv rr . thorny said there were so p,anv casuaibes that trucks prohabf would be used to aug.-rient amb lances in carrying them away " fhe govi.-rnm.jnt of Pie'-id-n- Jose Lin..; Eiistaniente fiivoro -n-.in a co:7i ' - tliat the Western former colonies is now INKVD leader bellowed, further by Russia's unexpected and i- iy Lumber Co. of Arkansas vs Owon ^ labor case on from Millpr CountyV'wfll be n Bolen. ! cause no enrollment'm^v be^take^n il?,T. 1 , Rcwlal ? dl was senlfnce ,angc of lifter this date until JaWrrvl '< p u ""Pnsonmcnt and a wi,, ho 1 1949. The cost of the course' will ! 5 '& v ' 1« W f^.° P^ 3 '"! t _ r " clio 'l aj «"P- ,'ho wo CtliiOS —four i t , »"«v. VJA J-JUTHU. licidc — and j °Vi doie 8ntes smiled, former Hot! , lhc Russian said ay M. Rowi, cvhai '?. cs '?Sainst Soviet military au itf.oinies in Berlin were of "a ludi- c, re ,,,,co,,n!"s';=!'•;;;;„,. M ,„ h question of whelhei- to put the i,>f,f; c ™. Charges on the agenda wrangling over simultaneous or To the public do ing of the opin "'"iced to one , „ fine of! r> illogical . , Greece's lingering civil war has now been complicated by an excursion across the Greek border I tried to shame the men. "Stop and think what you are doing, grabbing innocent . L ss™,,- T715 The last signal was heard I 1:44 a.m. i The CAA said the plane carri ,T; h ?i,y e 'e r ? n , s Administration will ' the veter allowance. m any way lo lhe work of the""vet" r a writ of Russia's call'for a four „,. h *•** t'*~ as interpreted here . armed civilian:; affiliated war Aprista were arrested ' wh5°i 1 P Cir - ,, I ? nric l u ° A ««!W Pard . who is well-known because of !r ; Apnsta loaning*, headed the re'- bolhon "board some warship';" th - communique said ' jhe rebels' first strike orcn-rc ; aijout 3 a. m. Police Col P\.i- Pielago Stagnaro said, when abo"" •JO civihans, w< ; |l equipped .wit-navy arms, attacked a Callao pc- thpm P-"?" A PrjUCC SrIU;iCi ro "t«l them Pielago said. In rapid order, sailors rrul ci\ seized the naval acalcm armory, Fort Uoyal Phi! - , . «> early evening co\c.nrn«, forces had crushed the i utlT J-ort HoyaJ Thillip and the " , avM academy, while the rcmnanla c he insurgents ashore still we-- hoiding out in the armory ana J " 1 * 1 -^ Tank-supported infantry then S, l ?J^ Binges of t] le 'two , own kind!" They laughed and "told tlilu ^ vv; , e ut t'DUl IP ' j to launch an attack when the rev-s-l olut nnisf« «n,. r ,,,,,i i c lev and preventive measures o argued that the Securit .«iS^^^si;£^^SArKl! ) S - • n ! ! "-eu be "'_. lru ' d for their deaths. I Stock District Only in Pniestinc- ;-.nd Ir.d'a is there strife that does '-ot bear the- U'-.mi c i;-.kab!e stamp nf ti'. ifii'r and sickle. The Assembly wi-1 try, v.-ilhin ils '.;reatly limik-d :i'.ithor' ; .y. to solve some of these conflicts. Ii may coii.->:der the ma.ioriry oi lii> m A i befo? c- it adjourns. B-;t at best — and as usu.il —it ca: 1 . only .T.d rc'con'.meiul. Tiir- .Seen; Cour.eii. v.-h'.cn sh'Hi! i l.-e ve'ol eycc.pt in unal. extreme dvcisii- has t'eci,in'.e tiie sceivi- of :ii:! ; nd iricun'..!usive ;irg-.in--.i.-nt:;. stead i.f th'.- agency uf acliui V.TIS n.e.'iicl tei be. So >i is ief. the powerless As:;e;y;'j!y in whatever can be doj;e. The AssonujSy is :.:i irnpnrt;.nt voi •o! tne NKVD. Huw shocked I was '?, , clov -' n soir.ewnc-re uet'.r; -^^^^j^-aKK-^ ; S3^Sw^H l^Sl^tllS'ifhe Lowdown on Cranberne^ husband or father or brother „,-. several hours." "L i. T" \ A. I• t -*v> . «.nw hu had been se.zed in the, —— —o— — ] ^ Q ^ 160111 With TUfkeVS Reds Restrict„ r i •. T L ' UIK V'> 5 > Movements o ChnstmQS ^ Thanksgiving I V»\J V CIll'CI 1 i 3 \J\y HAL BOYLE f~ ~~~ ---- m . ^> ,*:«•<•,.v AI-,...- .-,, ,-, . . . :«emana lour things --- ne:,? •: ity. The tlissi.-ntors. Justice- \\ ' " '" " Kef \V to Elect New Officers New Tropical Wind in Caribbean iami. Fla., Oct. 4 -(UP.- The- it."u-> warning servic- ».:dfre : : accordance with constitution Bested individuals are in\ Bobcat Guard Hurt, Taken to Little Rock ucau,n cii;,!!!-- .-.. (K i t!l ,. wil ,,; po,t:r., :l of the florid:, Cardinal in Affack on Communism M,.-r..-:,.;, T.. Russian Plone Buzzes Birstish Tr-Qiisporf Band Mothers Meet jr

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