Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four "* CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One . Words Day Days Days Month F«tr <:«l,« Up to 15 45 .90 1.50 4.501 TOT 3016 18 to 20... - - - ' 21 lo 23 .. 26 to 30 ... 31 to 35 . HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 86 to 40 to 45 60 75 90 1.05 1.20 1.35 . 48 to 50 ...... 1.50 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 2 DO 2.50 300 3.50 400 4.30 5,00 ...... . . , Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only All Want Ads Cash in Advance Not Taken Over the Phone 7.50 SMALL TOWN THEATRE. FOR j 9.00 quick salt-. Doing nice business. 10.50 Write p. T. Bass Const! uction i 12.00! Company, Washington, Arkan- 13.50; KJ'S- " 28-61 15.00! ; |20 REBUILT SINGER Fai r By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. Hope Star Saturday, October 2, 1948 Washington. Scp' f o i e gon e c UH c111 s i on For Rent 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment, near Schoolcy's Store. Mrs. J. E. Schoolev. Phon" 38-K-ll. ' 20-tf ,*,.,, .. tlji .jniv./j.-.,n .-jr.. vv II'-I.T ,_.,:„„ , f .,. machines. 2 Whites. 2 Elyins and ! P''"- r V jf gtu ' " : !' un oi.'u-r ;»akes. \V. H. West. 215 ! b ^f l rt . hose ''-"^""^ North Hamilton Street. Phone £ ,, „'' !; ,': 1 '''~°, ""V ' 122fJ-W. Hope. Arkansas. i-Gt L^ 1 ' 1 :'. rl "7. l nv : na ______________ U."i-:D REFHK.iERATORS IN A-l condition. Also 21 jewel Hamilton loo f he -' '=''•'•' Refrigeration lunion bosses. ! monstrosity v.ViJeh. Bicwsler Service. 119 Edgewood. Hope ! monstrosity m Phone 1230 or 1231-J nights or ! citizens still they Sundays. 2-Gt i rca ' impairment 30 —-it is n that t'tK- carr.- raeke'eers to of the Eight.-o'.'.-d for the s failed. II i:; plain to the voter-. including rank and file workers, that this only wounded tne pride of the •\i;ho;i£'h they arc a a republic of free have suffered no of their outra- SEED OATS. HECLEANED AND tagged. Aubrey Enoch at McRae Implement Co. 21-lm Notice MY COUNTRY HOME. FURNISH- ccl. A good place for good folks, j No phone calls. S. D. Cook near i Experiment Station. 23-Ct j BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines. V/. H. West. 2ir> North Hamilton Street. Phono 1226-W., Hope. Ar- Kansas. 1-1 mo FOUR ROOM apartment. Private bath, private i Adults only. 1007 South I Phone 10G5-J". 29-31 i Services Offered [gous powers. That fact was demonstrated when they wore still able io threaten with defeat all the elected representatives of the people who had challenged their power and to promise openly that they would tap the treasuries of their unions to corrupt the election. The workers who provided uie money under compulsion were not con"suited. Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, I9J7 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildion 212-214 South V/alnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, M-?ch. Supr. Jess M. Davis, A-'vcrtking Manager Entered al loconcl cl-jis matter ot ths Poif Office a; Hope, Arkansas, under thc Act of March 3, 1397. 4 ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE 111; ! West 6th street. Phono 638-W. 30-31 i Nevertheless, even those citizens SHOP | who _ hopefully approved lhe Taft- as a confused but hon- 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART- menl. Private entrance and bath Frfgiclaire. 321 North Hamilton Street, Phone S35-J. 30-31 WELL FURNISHED BED ROOM i With large closet. 321 North Her- \ • vey. Phone 688. 30-31 ; Real Estate for Sale | BUY THIS 4 ROOM COTTAG E ! practically new garage, pcuitry | house, storage house. fenced j poultry yard and garden. Several I extra lots. Closing Estate. Price- ' S2850. Easy terms. See Mr i Tyler, 119 Cotton Row. 1-611 guaranteed. M. C. Bruce. 2-3t ACK FROM open for most any kind of repair | Hartley'Act _ . „., work. Tricycles. Email wagons, jest effort to reform a terrible con- handsaws and scissors sharpened idition will admit that it is not -\ also sickles. Paint jobs. All work j good law yet — it is badly jumbled and therefore easily frustrated, thc more easily when its enforcement is entrusted to a government whose president calls it a slave- labor law and openly invites the union bosses to flout it and his artment of Justice to ignore Smallest Dr. G. Johnston Stoney, Irish physicist and mathematician, gave ' the name electron to the smallest.) negative particle of electricity in ', 1891. It takes 30 billion billion ; electrons to weigh an ounce, and a stream of them in an electric ' current. fAP}-—//cans Associated Press. (NliA)—Means Newspaper Lnterprke Association. Subscription Roles: (Always Payable ir. Advance): By city carrier per wctk 20c Per month 85c. Mail rcter,—in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one LoFayctte counties, S4.50 per year; el'e- where 58.50. National Advertising Representative—• Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Term. Sterick Building; Chicago. 400 North Mich igan Avenue; Nev/ York Citv, 292 Madisor Avo.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Granc Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg. j New Orleans, 722 Union St. ! Member of the Associated Press: Thi j Associated Press is entitled exclusively tt the use for republication of all the loca I lews printed in this newspaper, as v/ell a: M AP news dispatches. Important Play in Most Loops Legal Notice SIX-ROOM HOUSE. THREE BED- rooms, garage attached, hardwood floors, new and modern. : BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SEN- PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 40 SUBMITTEDBY FIFTY-SIXTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY conscientious Americans that the majority of the bosses, ruling almost all of the vast herd of 15.000.000 faceless subjects, have remained stupid, selfish and unyielding. I have no such feeling because their brutality, dishonesty and greed have served the good purpose of dramatizing terrible defects in our laws on unionism. The defects still exist, under thc Tail-Hartley It .is unthinkable that in a republic throughout, 1203 South 'Main. MODERN SIX-ROOM MOUSE, hardwood floors, attic fan. floor furnace, corner lot. 321 East 13th street. NEW FIVE-ROOM HOUSE ON Walker street near Hiuh School. drastically reduced lor quick sale. street. election, adopt the same shall PRICE REDUCTION ON THIS i the constitution modern six-room house, corner j Kansas, to-wit: lot, three bedrooms, attic fan and floor furnace, 321 East 15th. j whose laws place reasonable or !sometimes even unreasonable re- jstraints on thc conduct of all other sses of society the bosses of the workers" unions should be untouched by law. The reform has been a Ion-? time gathering and a number of _ opportunists in iournnli-ir: Constitution of thc State of Ar- ana politics have iumpe'd ii'to tl"- ! kansas, and upon being submitted unionism and swcellv- de~r•inrli'V- j lo the electors of thc State for ap- correction. But thev l-]\ either "h'd prov-al or rejection at the next gen- in the bushes or opc-nlv ran v.-'iih the racketeers and 'with Roosevelt until the persistent dogged c-u- sade which I began when it took ATE OF THE STATE OF AR-1:,,.., KANSAS AND BY THE HOUSE ],,,.'" OF REPRESENTATIVES, A MA-1 • JORITY OF ALL THE MEM-1 BERS ELECTED TO EACH! HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: ' That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the such amendment. SECTION 1. Amendment No. 11 FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, MODERN. attic fan. near new grade schooL G04 South Hamilton. THA LOANS OR 100 PERCENT GI loans available, 20 years to pay. FOSTER-ELLIS Real Estate, Insurance. Loans 108 East Second Phone 221 l-3t to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas is hereby amended to read as follows: The General Assembly shall provide for the support of common schools by general law, including an annual per capita tax of one dollar, to be assessed on every male inhabitant of this State over the age of twenty-one years; and school districts are hereby authorized to levy by a vote of the qualified electors determination, energy and professional skill to collect the evidence of crime had prepared public opinion for reform. These were Roosevelt's racketeers, remember, and it was pleasanter to join Roosevelt than to fight him. I\!y days campaign was going in when Hey wood Broun thc lending his amiable but secretly brutal personality to the Communists in the newspaper guild as a front for their persecutions of re- pectable reporters and copvread- ers. It was then popular cause respectively thereof an annual tax " ,," Q a for the maintenance of schools, the if, U: J e , Broll! erection and equipment of school modest and winsc FULL TIME CANVASSERS FOR •,new city directory. No previous experience necessary. Reply in own handwriting giving full particulars to Box 08, care of Hope Star. l-3t FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tlla ROY ALLISON Phone 280 Notice to Cotton Growers We will handle your government cotton loans on the green card class. Bring your Conprcss tickets and class card and save $1.00 to S1.50 per bale. E. M. McWilliams & Co., Hope, Ark. Across the street from Post Office such tax to be determined in following manner: The Board of Directors of each school district shall prepare, approve and make public not less than sixty (60) days in advance of the annual school election a proposed budget of expenditures deemed necessary to provide for the forecoing purposes, together with a rate of tax levy sufficient to provide the funds therefor, including the rate under any continuing levy for the retirement of indebtedness. If i majority of the qualified voters in said school district voting in the an not a comfortable role be- was a master of heroics mv , v.i\_wvi\j.i uiivt t»i4ui)jiiic;i,iL \)L OL.11UU1 t ^ * i * ^ i n_ j PpmnlA H*»ln \Mnn*-e>r4 buildings and the retirement of ex- «'ncrcas I refused to implicate remote neip VYanreU 1 isting indebtedness, the amount of personality in tne fight. I w; such tax to be determined in the il entirely on the facts. All of - --, waned it entirely on the facts. All of 'the points that I made then have been proved since, including the fact that Broun, who knew 'that he was going to be fired from the World- Telegram, repeatedly conspired with'his Communist accomplices to strike the World-Telegram wilf- mg to inflict great Hardship on the staff, who got piker's pay compared to his._The longer he could their jobs and off the grea--"r his i prestige would be when ho went jto his next job on tin- Eve-iiiv Call 129 or 806 (nights) FOR — House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Allen Electric Co. Next Door to Sacnger Theatre Phones 123 or 806 nual school election shall approve j Pobt -, si " c ' e fl>1 ' every thousand of the rate of tax so proposed by the i circulation lust by the World-Tele- Board of Directors, then the tax| gl ' am 1)le IJ ° :< < might gain a hui>- at the rate so approved shall he ' "' """" " collected as provided by law. In . the event a majority of 'said qualified electors voting in said annual school election shall disapprove the proposed rate of (ax. (hen the tax shall be collected at the rate approved in the last proceeding annual school election. Provided, that no such tax shall be appropriated for any other purpose nor to any other district than that for which it is levied. Filed in the office of the Secre tary of Stale on the 28th day ol March. 1947. Witness my hand and the seal of office on this the 12th day of April 1U48. C. G. HALL. Secretary of State. May R, 15, 22. 29, June 5, 12, 19, 20 July 3. 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug. 7. 14. 21 28, Sept. 4. 11. 18, 25. Oct. 2, 9. 16. 23. 30. cired. Thus Broun would CK ate vaiue for himself in his nr >w job at the expense of his col!ea."ii •-• '•{* the old shop. No man should the power to exploit his f that way, least ot ail humane pretext. I attended one :'uiid <;fi-i'.- t ..,- 0 t,. meeting of tne \Yorld-Teleyi-am New York, Oct. 2 —(/P;— The (boys who .scared the Irish wits out of Notre Dame—Purdue's Boilermakers— bare their teeth to the Western Conierence today as family feuds stir up action around the college football map. Important intra-leaguo games arc scheduled in evcrv sector with one of the most interesting at Evanston where Purdue takes on Northwestern. The Boilermakers dropped a itnrillcr to Notre Dame last week • 28-27. Already highly regarded, •tney were immediately labeled the team most likely to succeed Mich- jigaii as Big Nine champion. North western is capable of making them prove it. The Wildcats nuir.bied U. C. L. A. last Saturday. Notre Dame, invades Pittsburgh .'.Iiehigan engages Oregon at Ann : Arbor in one of thc feature inter; sectional games. In other big nine contests In- -iiana is host to Iowa and Wiscon- s;in plays Illinois at Madison. i In lhe rugged Southeastern ; Conference the league title fa- ! vorite—Georgia Tech — engages •the Tulane team that uoset Ala; oama. 21-14. 1 Defending champion Mississippi ! invades Kentucky." Vanderbilt" and •Alaoama clash at neutral Mobile i. The- Pacific Coast will attempt to . oalancc the books in its runnin" i rivalry with the Big Nine. ° i In addition to the Mirhienn- Oreaon joust— Southern California ;piays Ohio State at Columb-_<; i Another inter-conference feature : sends North Carolina. against . Georgia at Athens. i - T ^,- Ea ^ t ' s Uv ? unbeaten powers •oi 194,— Pennsylvania and Penn 'State—take their first sw'n«s i Pennsylvania entertaining Dart- Imouth. Penn State meets Bucknell ;at _Statc College. Pa. j The two service elevens—-\rrnv SCOKS its second straight agains't Lr L F , a - vctc ;° and Navy faces Cornell. I _ The Southwest Conference of- ;icrs a league opener at Fort i worth net ween Arkansas and , lexas Christian Universitv South- :ern Methodist's champions flay !Texas Tech at Dallas. "" : Other games today include: , East — Columbia at Harva'-d 'brown at Princeton, Connecticut lale. Colgate at Ev:tger< Du- t.siH- at Villanova, Syracuse at C)!v Cross. -South — Bavlor vs. Mississippi Wins Second Cotton Picking Contest By HARLEY PERSHING B-ytheville. Oct. 2 —VPi — The prevailing wage for cotton picking is S3.00 a hundred, but Eugene Sin-mult picked enough in one nour and 2") minutes yesterday \,j make a down payment on a home 01 farm. H:s cotton picking stint produced on.y d2.93 pounds of cotton, but it jwas enough lo make him the win- 'r.'.T of the ninth annual National Cotton Picking contest and the first prize of 1,000 new one dollar bills. The 43-year-old tenant farmer and iormed Memphis auto plant -worker also won the 1940 contest land tnus oecarne the first two| tnr.e champion in the history of line event sponsored annuallv" bv | the Blytheville Junior Chamber o"f Commerce since 1040 Shinaulfs 29-year old wifo who jpicxed up S25 as fifth place win- incr in the women's division, looked :o.-i happily as Paul Dagwell Chi- MRO. president of the United I .-states Junior Chamber of Com- jiTiorcc. handed over the priz^ money. i "It's going to buy a house or ilann. whichever my wife wan;- " Hue champ said. ! '{', ! ' J ! . D4 f' winner, who succeeds , Ltkt Anderson. Kennel. Mo jscnoolooy. said wet ground mad" picking difficult. His total this ye;,:- was well below thc 105 pounas he picked in one hour a"d ,4s minutes to win the 1946 content i However, under the point sy=- < 'cm in which contestants are -scored on the condition of the ro-<- ..alter picking, cleanliness of th'-I cotton picked and quality and j quantity o f cotton, he wa<= the be^< joi the field. ;.. More than 1.000 persons were on Communist Continued From Page One I pointed to the front door, indicating to my husband that perhaps it might be best for him" to try to get a'.vay. He shook his head arscl whispered. "It's no use, they ;>!v-,T.ys sin-round a house." My father. ho-.vt-vc.-.-. -.va.-: at th, dot,, ah,-;id of ir,<- He let in tivec ollicovs of the NKVD Tlu-v cj; his question short and sent the old man bac.-: to hi = room "We have orders to take von ;;'.v;iy.'' thu chief of the (no turned :o iJemyaii v.-hen they entered on r " ;n - H - s ''•'- Produced a search ' American Flag to Be Decided Final Day you come in the in the davtime." 1 I • thc offcers." "Did you i it in thc middle of "thc our affair." the officer shot at me. "Mind your talk fo "\Vliy didn't :r, online snooped h.-ve to nirht?" •That' in chare ov.;; business, and don't nr.ich.'' 'Ine three started on a rnethodi- o<-; and minute search of ali our belongings. First they went 'trough all the books and papers, looking for counter-revolutionary material of which there was none. Bui they did find in my desk an old letter from ir.y sister Eugenia in England dealing with family •yijttc-rs. and which I had foolishly si'.ved. For the NKVD hounds" a letter from a foreign country was a prixe indeed. Demyan. who had kept his poise, v.-,-.-: now visibly disturbed. He" gave nv a reproachful look as if saying: "Why. oh why, did you have to keep it'.'" (Tomorrow: The fate of School Issue--? Continued From Pn: One iAvk., who picked eslbl 1 counds! :?^id. dm "" ^ 1UrmSaud CVCry i^rs. M. G McFatridgc. Bas.ett. ; v P -e^. lt tb ,,-, , r , ,,, n -,. „,,:, iAr,t. won the S100 second nrize \r\,',^ \^, ^ ' :': o 'f''^, ^ I Iii tne men's divK-;or> I c--tr-'-,-VV. ., " • '" ic :' 0vjl , d^u-cis IPetei- Eertrand. Mo coUccvd .-.:', .?. a " : :° l - ^"^. tnen ' ' vltn the S250 second orize. and \V E • "- -i n^n^ V?''-- iJ - s V. aac . Prog 17 , m Cap, S . Oak Grove. La.. S10 0 & ^^ Fooibalf ! Proposed Darns By The Associated Press ' Continued From Page On" Eastern Standard Time ' _ Southern California vs. Ohio b — o£ Commerce at Camden and Su-ue. l:4a p. m. (NBC, ABC and ' El Dorado to hurry up the day -•IBS'. ;when -.ve will again have modern ! -yum icuMinuea service up to C air-den 'Boston College 13 Georgetown ! ^* 4 or 5 years "ago, Quoting j L " lv "• ! Go:ier;U Crav/ford ""ilodirication of j -outh Carolina 7 Fun-nan ". I th0 existing navigation project to i Miami <Fla> 25 Rollins 0 | provide a 9 bv 100 foot channe' j Presbyterian 7 The Citadel 0 ; v -' ldth with lengthened locks to | . J «hns Hopkins 7 Franklin Mar- i9 amd ? n - Arkansas is physically • Sll ullo. .--.,. .Midwest Missouri GO St. Louis 7 Oklahoma City Cniv 21 Hardin id. Central Oklahoma Tchrs Benedicts 0. Emporia State 7 \Vashbur feasible but present a lack of eom- rncrce engenders doubt as to the '.Viidoni of large expenditures for modification until a "resumption of L'CjTiiiH-i'ce materializes." So here i< the situation. We can- ^ )unc ''' 1 ', la lor improved navi- dovel °P tonnage. 6. j^ijiuuiia oia'e ( \\ "i ^hnu rn 0 ^L'n^.iiiti mi i.i.uius ULJ i:ii\i- Western Illinois 20 Carthv>e 6 ^?'' 0n Until •''''"- dovel °P tonnage. Aotre Dame "B" 19 Pi'rriue ••«'•• !' li cannot develop tonnage until !'.'.'e nave a barge line operating on Wisconsin Jayvees 1 'I T')---,-,i- lnc Ouacn iia- It is up to" the neonle -,,.,,„„_ T "<-.Ml-i.a 1 J J.hliOls _rnrr-./-I<-.ii =,-,,-] I.-l n.-...^,; n . ' : '11.. '; Jayvees 7. i Southwest J Con way /Ark) Tchrs 40 Ouachita Far West Santa Barbara 32 Pomona 14 —Camden and El Dorado expecia'lly —to do everything possible" to get & carge line operating up to Cam- dc-ii. With this accomplished those of us familiar with the situation and condition have no doubt of being able to see navigation facilities k-ii '.he Ouachita fully up to the re! quired standards in effect en the San Jose State 2~0 College Pti"et l l ! :' :red .standards in effect en the Sound 7. " L ' 0< --!i\iis = is5ippi. the Oiiio. the Illinois. '^ San Francisco State 13 Whip ; er '' '"' Tcjijiessee. the Warrior, the i Colorado AM 0 Ufih St-t--- - \ f --'•'*>• Tiie Ouachita stands todav - Idaho Suite 13 Colorado College r : ', nr ' : '™"' Sauge Raiiroad u\i •12 die i. ° I 1 --? to compete with the r.tlv ! • r . i s'.ir.darcl gauge rivers. H :; Fee sola, Lo!f.r;,ao a: SoutiiweEt — Loui;:i;!-n Sta'e -,t Kic-e, NY-w Mi-:-;ico at Te:-:a< ' • — - * L .v -,!.,,,; . I ueiiic Coast—St ?\lar\-'< ->t f'-.l unit, for. somehow. Broun had put i iiVrnia. Wa.shi:i'.!t,-,--i a' " O- t .^r'i Slnu::. Idaho al U. C. L. A "'stan- iiord at Washinp!..,-.-! State me into an organixation which" I m-ver joined. In the sain Judge Ferdinand LET FOY DO IT • Level yards * Dig Post Holes » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant (.ota • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1063 S. Walnut St. New York not only a r the Nation lo droo ou! Dip e ni i Cl Jl 11 )! [ n iit i 1 minontv i ; i I' ^ i o mnlovm., mi l ji 11 i i I n t P 1 I i d t' it in li i l .- (i i ( i ' Hi i ti WE HAVE Seed Oofs, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Vetch. Winter Rye Gra^s, Seed Rye', Wheat, Barley and Joe Youmans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkatia Rendering Plant Dial :j-7tVJ3 ipiii nu collect) If N\! Answer Dial 3-5770 1C >11 llllllH I i nin, i i til t Illl till II 1 n l tl (. 111)11 (, !l II 1 M t P t 1 it olut bun I whole pi; i i l ni 'P ncd i n i i it 1 i I H i u i j i 1 \in i> t jl ,i \ i n i i l 'ft i -, h i n t i n i i unto n t f t u FOR SALE My five room, newly decorated home, near grade school. Reasonable. Call 310-W or see at 821 West 7th Street. PAXTON JORDAN j League Leaders By The Associated Pr e ss A m e r i c n n League 1' t -, 1 u 1 II Cl , , I n I ill l 1 ), i , > 1 Mi n I t i - n 1,111 h <, D i -, ) J t i 4 Hi milt < i i it i 1 C h \ 1 i !-> ) ' Ii i i <». . 1< ,, , i , 1 i n 1 t i J -H < N, ^<i t \\ t i,iiu > H * , -]; I > I ( (l ) t 1 l 1 D 1 s '' \ i i 1 1(1 111 1 -I 1 L ) t I , I" tic. Til Ll, fJU 1. 1 I j 1 ' I ' 1 •> 1 'I i Railroad try- •-•r .1- jno.'iey to be expended. We cinr.ot 'Tet that without the apnrov- al 'jf the Army Enginec-rs! ' Our oost thought uiid hope is that we ;'n t -l do what the FiigiiieL:'- sav. II'.L- Oi:aei"iita at Carr.a(.-r: ;.-. the : Birmingham. Aia., Oct. 2 —••,?,— '• where"' naviqabfe 'waters"'^' 1 '" ine Port Worth Cats, Texas i ^'n of lhe Missouri rive- ";-nd i.0u fe ue champions. were esiub- '• N-'-r.h of the Gulf o: Mexico. Much ;U,hea today as a slight favorite toi^ been don,: up to ciatJ. Much IV-'-P uie l-jirrnmijlKj;!-. Barons in'•'•'•'••'^: is V L -[ ah<-ad o; i:.< V,'± ,,-,-^1 -Jixie bcnes starting toni^-a. i "!.v.-p the faith and carry u;;."" Texas League I Team Dubbed Favorite By BEN PHLEGAR j Associated Press Sports Writer I For the third time in five years | ;'ne American League pennant won't be decided until the , - day. For thc first time in history it may end in a three-way tie come Sunday. j Cleveland holds the upper hand. ; The Indians lead New York and I Boston, by one full game. Each of jthe three teams has two games ; left—Cleveland against Detroit in j Cleveland and the Yankess and Red j Sox against each other in Boston. 1 These are thc possibilities, pro- ividing rain doesn't interfere: i 1. Cleveland can win the pen- inant by whipping the Tigers twice. i regardless of what happens in Bos- j ton. : 2. Cleveland can win bv splitting with thc Tigers, providing Boston and New York split. . 3. Boston or New York can win | the pennant if one team sweeps ;the Boston series while Cleveland j loses twice to Detroit. j 4. Boston or New York can tie ! Cleveland if one team sweeps the i Boston series while the Indians i split with Detroit. I 5. All three teams can finish in ia tie. This would happen if Boston i and New York split and Cleveland • loses twice. j Since all regular season games | must be completed by tomorrow I night or go unplayed. rain could ihave a big hand in determining jthe winner. j If Cleveland is unable to play ! any further games, it will win the i pennant regardless of the Boston 'series. And if Cleveland loses two . while the Boston series is entirely • washed out, New York and Boston ;will tie for thc pennant with the .Indians one percentage point be: hind. ; With so much at slake, how- •evcr. thoy will make every possi- ;b'c etiort ?o play every game. ; The chances of a three-day dead- Jock became stronger yesterday ;when Detroit whipped Cleveland. .5-3. Boston and New York weren't scheduled. The Tigers struck for three rur-r- m the ninth inning to gain the verdict. Bob Lemon, who was try- .in_; for thc fourth time to win h'is -'1st game, set uu his own down- i;, i 1. • Eddie- Mayo, the first Detroit oatter in the ninth, dnbbied a slow roller cown thc third ba*r> lino : Lemon fielded it and hit Mayo fii •the oacK with his throw. Mayo 1 reached second base as the ball bounded away. Lemon funned Jonnny Eero and got two strikes :on Johnny Groth. but walked him. ;He also walked Joe Oinsber". the : third straight pinch hitter, i In came Paiss Christonher, who •walked Johnnv Lipon and forced 'in the tying run. Neil Ber-v :Dotmced to Third Baseman Ken KeHner who threw to the plate for i a lorce out. But the double p!ay : sailed when Walt Judnich dropped • Catcner Jirr. Hegan's throw ' at ' first. Jimmy Outlaw then singled into ) center field, bringing home the i In the only other American ' League action, the Bro'.vns ard •White Sox split a tv.-ihsht-night iCicu.jieheadcr in Chicaao. St. Loui = ;won the first game. 4-0. Chicago jwon. the second 3-2. I St. Lxiiiis look over the second ;place in the National League bv jWHipping Chicago. 6-4, on Ron jisorthey's three-run home run. I Brooklyn slipped to third place •by losing to the champion Boston j Braves. 3-1. Pittsburgh scored two .runs in the ninth inning to cd"e jCincinnati. 2-1. ; Philadelphia and New York in ; thc National League and V.'aship"- Mon and Philadelphia in the Amer : -- ican League were idle. Top Radio Programs i By Associated Press Nine programs, all ending vaca- BBCWDCASTIMO SYSTEM AWARD Hi pp I ill ' i n l Hi i I - I i 0 L 01 l O t r <. — \ h JUKI I I i 1 in Kt j S il i — I tl ^ i i L i i I i i -,— v i ! b u I i h i. n v I _i By The Associated Press American League "> e Bosto'i 1 J t t C evelar-ri x n t i ,t Philacielphia. National League !• > ti i t \ev.- Yiu-i- i-'i ' d ' at Brooklyn ' Cn -, St. Louis. ' " N ' L scheduled i. Yesterday's Results American League n ic t > U veland 3 ', j ^ ' ^ •*- Chicago 0-3 (Twi-| O \ ^ 11 c scheduled/. I National League i 1 i I Loklyii 1. I - 1 IL ' Cincinna 1 ' i I 1 t C hica-o -1 " " i Saturday p.m., Oct. 2 12:45 Footbail game: Ohio State vs Southern California—M 3:30 Charlie Slocum—M 3:45 Decision Now 4:00 Swing Time 4:30 Proudly We Hail 5:00 Take a Number—M 5:30 True or False—M 6:00 News. 5-Star Final G: 15 The Week in Sports 0:30 Robert Hurleigh—M 0:45 Mel Allen. Sportscast—M 7:00 Twenty Questions—M * 7:30 Football Parade *-' 7:45 Football game: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. TCU Horned Frogs 10:15 Football Parade 10:30 Eddy Duchin's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign-Off Sunday a.m.. Oct. 3 6:57 Sign On 7:00 Lew White Organ Melodies 7:30 Hymn Time 7:45 Community Songs 8:00 Unity's Gospel Hour 3:30 Church News of the Air 6' 8:45 Silver Strings I 8:55 News. First Edition i 9:00 Rock of Ages Broadcast | 0:30 Voice of Prophecy—M :10:00 Radio Bib!" Class 110:30 Reviewing Stand—M 1 11:00 First Baptist Church '• Sunday n.m., Oct. 3 ' 12:00 William L. Shircr. News—M i!2:15 John B. Kennedy—M 12:30 Cote Glee Club ' 12:50 Saengc-r Preview 112:55 KXAk Noon Edition News j 1:00 Gospel Hour =, j 1:30 Music for Sunday v) i 2:00 Sunday Spotlight News 1 2:05 Keynotes bv Carle ' 2:15 Friendly House i 2:30 Juvenile Jury—M ' 3:UO House of Mvstery—- M • 3:30 True Detective Mysteries—M 4:00 Friday Music Club I 4:30 Quick As a Flash—-M ; 5:00 Sunday Down South ! f>:30 Nick Carter—M : 6:00 Sherlock Holmes—M ' G:3U Roy Rogers' Show—M i 7:00 A. L. Alexander—M A1 ' 7:30 It's a Living—M ^' 8:00 Secret Miss'".".—M I 3:30 Jur.mie Fidier—M • 3:45 Twin. Views of the News—M y.-OO Voices of Strings—M i 9:30 Symnhony in Miniature ! 10: CO William "Hiihmr —M : 10:15 Dance Orche-;'-a—.M : 10:30 Evening Melodies i 11:00 Sign Ofi j Monday a.m., Oct. 4 : 5:57 Sign On '• 6:00 Songs by Sinclair i 6:15 Morning Musicale ! 6:25 Bargain Roundup ,»; ; 6:30 News, First Edition i 0:40 Arkansas Piowboys ! 6:55 Market Reports ; 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program | 7:15 Melody Boys : 7:30 The Devotional Hour • 7:45 Musical Clock j 7:55 News. Cofiee Cup Edition i 8:00 Sunrise Sc-renade ! 8:30 Bob Poole's Show—M j 8:55 According to the Record ! 9:00 Cecil Brown—M j 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M ! 9:30 Say it With Music—M tv | 10:00 Passing Parade—M **•' ilO:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M j 10:30 Gabriel Heatter's Mailbag ! —M 10:45 Minute Quiz—JI ; 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M I 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M i 11:30 Luncheon at Sarcii'a—M I Monday p.m.. Oct 4 ! 12:00 News. Home Edition 1 12:10 Market Time | 12: 15 John Daiiio! Quartet ' 12:30 Polka Interlude : 12:33 Farm Fair 12:45 F.dciy Arnold Show—M -] , l:0u Queen (or a Day * • 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M Student Parade Heart's Desire—M Vocal Varieties 3:15 The Johnson Family—AI 3:30 Meet the Band 3:45 Two-Ton Baker—M 4:00 Swing Time 4:45 Guest St;.r 5:00 Adventure Parade—M. 5:15 .Superrnar.—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M tj 1 \ (Ji - i -, i i t t By Hush 8. Fulleron, Jr. i —1 Baseball Standings 5:30 5:45 6:UU 6:15 6: 2^ O':30 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 y.'OO 8:15 t!:30 8:55 11:00 fl:30 10: DO 10: 15 10:30 10:55 11:00 News, Five Star Final Today in Sports Henry J. Taylor—.M Fulton Lcwit. Jr.—M The Falcon—M Gregory Hood—M Billy Rose—M Gabriel Heatier—M Mutual Newsreel—M Tile Atom and You—Al Bill Henry, News—M Fishing & Hunting Club—M Dance Orch.—M Ai! thc News—M '*' St: : ; ; Pan,-:, Kridy Dt;c:,: Mutual Nev.; S:UP. Ofi M i : a n League t 1 L Lit. ,t Ci; (. I i V I 1 I N aito rial League CI i J vV. L ^ct. NBC 7 i: :.>;.:• i^-: :i:•:,•.i Ch;.r!:.. ',le- H"! =.7 .,;;;-, .Carthy. !J-:. Ari^ehe !,tui':!i:ig iii ii-i 53 ,i,Ui Mr. ;.i,d Mrs. Si.!:: NBC 7::'.i.' F: w d •''4 -if, .O'lf; 'AH'--.', n-";vi-::.-- .vnh Hi-.-srv Mc.rrjar • l.i iio .5">:j 'CBS ti Li,;,- and Ab>...-r i'i.sU!TiJ 'bv "7 75 .5M7 :^fi'.i,:,::u '..-, ;, h::i:-:. :.:-.\\- -.v<.-el-:iv M !•:< 3oo. Also S-::d::y - i'B/i 5 F;,"..-iN ! - " v P, REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on ail makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere onyhrne. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Pn one 1Z80 or 1231-J Nights, and Sundays 119 E d a c v, 11U he. p c Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or moke your old one into a comfortable irinerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Ha/el Phone- 357 Bi , M n l 1 L t ill l i il t i I tl \ l i I 1- r.-: t .,. l i l Fights Last Night : .Inl-!-, V':i-i-' P'". -','• .,•••• "fp< •-" W. L. Pet. 'Hel.'u'H.^-s TiV.^V'^V.-f-' 1 ~ ? ut -->° ? 4 '^ -^ : V ! -^i-^-''-. ii.-nry Fu..::; : "iiT'-'oue Suiv f> tjj .,-i-io fl; _ v All---'--'..'-.'-- " •S-'i 70 . ";-}2 ; TT 74 .oii.i IK. o7 ,-,2o ; O;: Sau.i-.iiiy X;. ; ..t l. ; .t: NBC— tl'3 &J AI-. U-'''-' ^'^• iJalKL-i:;.- .Miov.- ll.oVed K3 ol) .414 ire-.-n C'i^; 7 :;,.-.-,• tunu for Ho!!v- ';v.r,,,..i s.;,,- Tju-: ; v.;r: :•:, Hit Parad- B In ociattd Press b I f I rt i S

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