Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1948
Page 5
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;s : ••:.. Friday, October 1, 1948 B ION DIE HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Five - .•" -*• S ,..-1 ...? imijillii,!:;. -.—~y~ ^v'"^^ (TRY BENDING ~f OVER BACKV^DS T ~vy ^ ^•' r l By Chick Young •w^ r W-A ^SSM^^ 1 j SiDE GLANCES CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Or'R. 1S1D DY NCA SEF '."• T ,,| U . T . M REC. U. S. FAT.'or'. corn. IMP nv MA SERVICE, IMC. T. M. REC.-U. a PAT. OFF. /<?•- / "Our-teacher says less installment buyinp- will cut onoes. "?'p s ' ! ' m broke! There's plenty of guys eating in here Mr. Bird, but i don't see yours cominp- clown very 'fen*'"' r ' 2!V; now who owe me mone yi but 'iow can I collect it J •" ^ ' with a broken arm?" AND HJS FHIENDS By B'os.sen FUNNY BUSINESS s r:.;\ SURE, SURE, i UMDERSTAND/ SHE'S DATIM&THAT NOW MIV-J FOR&ET IT. JUNE .' WHy SHOULD i CARH ? PLAYBOY WITH CURLV LOCKS, VAN /VOUS GAL RAPID/. r-r——^THlS IS GETTIN& SERIOUS/ COMI; ALONG- WITH US AMYMOW/ I MIGHT MEED COMPANY / to.'cl you not to hang -them too c^oso to the trec^tiv^ filling them with nuts for winter! ' J POPEYE IT'S A siG srAP/!J^^,1I SfeCTiCM XXX, TI£K yyy, }" eWv v-- •-—- .... -s BUT I WOMT GIVE UP/,' A MOLE IN VCUR l?n3HT SOc'kl A -VV^^ ;\j>-_) , . _--^—^ \ fpiipi-psfeu:- OZARK IKE Bv Rav Gotic ( ...si/7- /* SINGLE J r DRILL CD INTO RiGHT>" / FIELD KEEPS THE { BUG HOPES ^~\ ALIVE* THE F/KST BUG BATTER L/FTS A POP-UP TO THE INFICLD, AND THE START WLIMG OUT.., By Michae< O'MoHev & flfteanwhile, at the alligator farm... i ~ f ~1 JUST SN4C6ED MY WRIST AIL Ifl THIS TREE. TH/ GOING TO DO A JOS. DONT 1ET THAT GATOR WORRY ttJU.WFY. W£' GOING TO BE OUT OF HER BEFORE LONG. ..- 'M GLAD YOU'RE SO OPTIMISTIC. ^s^w^v>s&s«q^ V/ASH TUBBS 81 Leslie Turner HE 6 CO:AUM& UP V IM QUITE CIXV.M, PM^P THE STAIRS,PENMVl \ISHf\LL SE RESTRAIWED, NOW REWEWBER....BE V BOT NOT BIT RE5ER-VE-D I THE WRETCH HAS S. BACK,AT LftSTl By Car! .".nderson DONALD DUCK TO TnS A\ovi=5, B..iT THHEE'S N.O 5A3> S.'rT=S.,.TriAT c\n t4; r,^, ^ !fi)j, '^ \^{{i /3/: s c<m^r^^M Wr-iY, GLAP TO, SON... I CAN REA"i=M3EK 1VHEN i WAS YOUNG TME^E ANV -iE^E WEREN'T \ 1 BABY SITTERS.. J \(T : '-^ _i^«...--N fl.,^H® 6y Walt Disney /-..r!a\\E CS T03.v. TV,= V^ivriOLs FAMILY Aua\5/ fefc '^w^fv _ / v ' t3 ^K^-' ,> 5 /'-.LEY OOP Sy V. T. Hamiin ; OUT OUR WJY : : ''-yi;'! ^|>'-^wy n""s "HARD TO "^ !•':'.•- "'.'•'-.••!!.;: ,--'''.p LIVE POWNJ Tri 1 ^ii'v': I i:"Ss-v'i i : !-rfi- FAST--TH 1-5 L.I-:r;i:> \ .11']'•/••} X. 1 '? ^;-!i\ TOBe AWI-li-.;TL.!F.- / -' ' ' pi !- i''\ AMU-WAVC-:-FCr> \ By J. R. Williams / RUT THUM IT Vv'A-v. ^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wif-h Ma'to? Hoople • MV c, (VOU'LL COME DPjTHE vO£.\vpV r,;->^,i.-. '•"] TKE- j'') VMITH SOM& < 1 OOT FGK. \TACk'LFi?j ee^.- HAMD-PARTED \\ FOOT-,•'";' j OOP-D: FF AS A \ }\^ORD FOR IT, BOT/f B.'XL.LM. HiiU •! "CALLrr ^ r AMD > LIKK A': BLUBBER." ; ) V^t^.T L-( FkefxJCU 1 OUT"-- V', MO^^/! S 'I M £ (?ACX -^-Tl41S Be so,\\e " DEcP DRSAivilC , O:\SSLA03HT—- / /, YHA.H...1 THOUGHT ^t" FUZZ-BACK NVOULPBE --•- .• A IN TH - PICTUEE , ' ''':'/'t; : ' \\ '' "-•'•• ''^•^ ''-jfe'i/ AS ;F r piPN'T >A^ v -.y^ •• :• - T^/% ^-'- ,ti-t if / t .;,"- x - _ J^--^A ,7 J / •':.;'• r'v^- J ' ' / 'u~ P- *?i» V& !|i Vi»'-«»»'it/ / >- X?/ 'V-^^wc RED RYDER V,. SiiO'.-, 1 '^ACO.-v.' if'5 FROH /•"'US^^-Ai "^^ i^DlA^ V^W N RESERVATION BETH AND WHITE COYOTE IT TROUBLE.' i?y Fred Harmar HE P DO AM- \— THING TO KEEP HER J-=2r EXPOSES HIS SWIfODUMG / -^ OF1HE F-S» I OOT AN 1DEA.KILL6EAR. 1 JE'LL LET 1'HAT COYOTE' W£V6GOT 10 r U TriE'A ; -..;-..-".'— ^v //; / ^S ^ \'i'-V^^' I* I COfiL lg4g6V HEA SERVICE." INC T^M.'ftEijrU. S, TAT. OFF

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