Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 1, 1948
Page 3
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Friday, October 1, 1948 Social and Personal _ ML Phone_1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS iaturday, October 2 The President's Day Luncheon of he ••Friday:' Music Club will bo at 12:45 p.m. Saturday at the inrlow Hotel. :iVlcmday, October 4 ® The Y.W.A. of the First Baptist Jhurch will meet at the church Jonday evening at G:15 o'clock for jhe regular monthly business and asocial meeting. All members arc to attend. ^Monday, October 4 1 Cacle 4 of the W.S.C.S. of (ho j'ust Methodist church will meet Monday at 3 p.m. in the home of .Mrs, A. D. Micidlcbrooks on Park Olive. NOTICE i The Brookwood P.T.A. Rummage chxdulcd for Saturday will be held the old Cha ncmbers 'he ^.ale. A. Ilaynes lot. All Government Puts Com Back on Export List Washington, Sept. ,'iO —(/Pi— The government has put corn bad; on the export list after a vcar- long ban. The Doctor Says: BY EDWIN P. JORDAN, Written for NBA Service M.D. o many people think they want to be physicians is something of a mystery. Even though many change their minds for one reason ' Pago Three Despite Domestic France !s Able to Stand Squarely Behind Al McMafrh Confers on Additional Twiiion DOROTHY D!X Ppq »s&«J andal brandcniidren AP Foreign Analyst One of the most si II so because of this . each! ijfuiu' than there are available pia- 'Americ-i year's; ccs which provide proper leaching. ! Russia k A e Men y indicated record crop of H.ritKI.OOU The budding physician to bushels— more than enough meet this country's own Last year's crop was ure. The agriculture department announced yesterday that il will per- and mit 19,000,000 bushels of the grain to be exported during the Octobcr- Dccembcr quarter. Most of it will go to Europe to help revive meat and dairy industries ruined must through a lot before he can have goipcacc. to stand squarely beside and Britain in charging with menacing world For tile for arc ... .... Allotment, arc asked to help with (peeled to be stepped up sharply !».L U ' : '!"' fii'st, °f ;>h<\ year. By that ample needs, [the doubtful pleasure of working 15 near fail- hours a day or so. getting oul of a warm bed at II o'clock in the morning on a cold winter night, suffering the discouraging experiences of not being able to help all those who seek his assistance. Long Schooling Required It takes about 20 years of regular > p ° w - crs by j school work to make a I there are eight years those familiar with the situ- jation it was a moment of great j Pari' drama when French Foreign Min- ! Chai le lister bchuman confirmed French-1 Kranct British-American solidarity in acl-iarchv drcssing the general assembly oflir-i-'ht the United Nations in Paris, lie <le-| lions - clared thai the three West Jyerrrcmce had "exhausted every pos-i IVG; doctor- \lr y ° £ Tc ' hx ' ct agreement"' with ; French UULLU1 -'Moscow. He said the trio hadn't. of grade Sunday, October 3 'Jhe Friday Music Club will .noadcast over KXAR Sunday aftcr- 'iccn at 4 o'clock. The Choral Club .ill be on the program. Mrs. James law VTcf ,rty. Mrs. C. F. Haworlh and vlsi ,B. W. Edwards will appear on nc jrogram accompanied by Mrs Jlohn D. Barlow and directed by Mis Glen Walker j i Monday, October 4 1 If.e Circles of the W.S.C S of vhe First Methodist church will I time, there should be ample supplies of the new crop available for shipment. Meanwhile, the department drafted plans for a corn pricc-sup- program. Tt is required " to support grower prices ... not less than 00 per cent of parity. A department report on farm prices yesterda3' showed the parity Di'l PC* "•; rif i*'cn'>"> 1 ri lin c 1 nn .-, u . . „ i __ i on Monday, Octo- neet as follows 3Ci 4: Cuclc 1—home of Miss Mable ^thndge at 3 p.m. with Mrs. R. N Mouser and Miss Nannie Per•:ms asociatc hostesses. Miss Clar(-0 Cannon will review three diapers 01. the new study book "Committed Unto Us". All members lit urged to be present. Cncle a—home ol Mrs. Edwin Waid with Mrs. C. C. Parker as co^jstcss at 3 p.m. I Cuclc 5—home of Mrs. Nolan rullUl on South Main street at '/: 30 i) in witn Mrs. Howard Byers and .nil Tommy Purvis as associate •Hostesses. 3h(_ Executive Board of the Wo- school, four years high school, four years college, and four years of medical school. At least a year of internship in a hospital is generally required. The specialist has still farther to crnmont a minimum of good !the d^p.-ii talks with Russia. I for Ov'!n! was mild compared! "UmK with the emotional and firry de-j !;i:n °d I'v nunciation of Red tactics bv 'Brit- D " Bevin. " found even " will" in their True, that ish Foreign Secretarv go. In most cases, after the intern- Birt there was a Vast difference "But port he needs at least three or! tnc Position of these two byifour years more in which to qual ! ify himself ' " prices of corn to be SI.GO a bushel ] Thus 90 per cent of parity would •3e $1.44 a bushel. Such a support Mrs. Sidney Churchwell recciv- as a specialist in one major fields, such as the men. Schuman was bound to mind the economic and in | staies- m military jing thri".' of the ....... , eye, the skin, surgery, or internal (weakness of his war-stricken couii'-jthore v medicine. Almost every specialist, tl 'J'. He couldn't forget that the i no Fn Mr ure ! and eel gifts. It was decided the club would meet in homes again durinu the winter due to the condition of the community building and bad weather. Airs. Otis Fuller drew the luckv i c nr , intv number lor the surprise package n? vi '„* aiven by Mrs. Howaul Collier lfilvin " Hot chocolate and cookies were served. Next meeting will be October 26 at .the home of Mrs. Sidney Churchwell or Mrs. Grady Recce" must be over 30 years old before he even begins his practice—and, of course many years are usually needed to build up a good practice. Indeed the road of the well-trained physician is not easy. Why then do so many seek it? There is, of course something dramatic, particularly in certain fields of surgery. There is also the feeling of being needed and the deep-seated pleas- of being able to relieve pain even sometimes to save life, rewards the physician by giving him or her in most cases a pretty good living during the years of practice, lew physicians Communists have -the single political party in largest France and have a powerful hold on labor. Clearly France must avoid war at all hazards within reason. And she mustn't assume any attitude which would seriously conflict with her avoi( fundamental policy of not allowing 1 * Germany again to become able of waging added. "In save Fran! how to ;>'•; Ho said' me in bo ;'.s men to n Yet Schuman war. threw gauntlet to Red Russia, then the l l !: i-cr.f-ri _•;'( :.iH! r ( lo\ ;:-: IVp.'i • i'' F.borl.-: post' ii ' i ! ' .'.•:,1 Dor.i.'V.'ii '•-"•I. Ko ah-ll scl'.l'l 1 ei'.n-: y i;h medic.' '•''.is at i'J:;-:(l p. r;'.. A'i''-M:r,h :-nid he «•. n" '.o what thi.' .-:'.•. !.v and r.udi-d t'nai i .infer biter with Ih o.'ird oi tnu.U'os. if:' sail! the "nee;! t those Mudenls 's i'uw them to he i ." lolls." MrMVdi owover. (hal hv' has i pi'o.-oi',; lu J'nake ; H' ni;!li!-r. Coureqa of Yotsiag Boy Praised • courage o! a s; r:o:i > car-old boy who j Ironi a wiecked ',>!:; I : ;IL !ieac!-dow:H":', d beside tho body of 1 i Tho boy, Mich: u'' ; i'cr;'d a coinn-.u'ud I - n broken n'.Ji' ai i loel. [•/'. under 1 . 1 . 1 ..-'!! i Lldme.rlim hoso;;:d i h's cu:i:;:tioii \. a.- in; responsibility to 'you ':i: his !i:ne in idle dissi- e!'e i''. IK) p.'nsou \vhy you .'ork In support him. iod completely in his obli- l 11 let him reap "i fort :•','.! by Tir< Bell ' Syndicate, Inc.) pencil erasers pound of spec- Jber. H' •:i illil an.-i tliin ngry Wo enjoy •.'Oiidins: a ijook tiiriKng the rj.dio oo inlere:lin< ; i>, egrani rui|.\- s,) I'oii.'h noise it And on S:nday nigiits come for i'lipp..--,- a.;id v take file money we \vo use on ourselves to mm f i-j fea ids Are you (.xoinc; through the ftinctional :nU!c:io n;;c' period pecullur to women 1 •'"},. !o •"•'•• >' ! ' s -)'.' Dora this make you Diiui-r from hot Hashes, feel so nerv- r'vY hl ;: U •J, tr V'- 1 "' tlr «tl-> Then DO try Lj<!.[.. 1,. Pi;i,;hjim's Vctretnblc Compound to i-i.'ileve sucli symptoms. Plnkhr.m's Coinpounrt nlso has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic effect! Y*Mfl F Pi"M!J!«P-l!'C "EGETABIE &,f'.stn IL, J 8.«riS"}JI|j 5 COMPOUND TIRED GRANDPARENTS i Protection Needed Ansv.'o;" Unless you can hire a guard ovor : ,oe no way test a:.;ai a 1(1 i:er sonne'l. Manv die rich, but in comparison with emmcnfs enabling the three democracies to present a solid front at this dangerous moment. Of this action thci u '"sy London Times says Schuman left j opera, his hearers : ,,.-.. Ui Green Lascter The Green Laseter Home onstration club met al the of Mrs. W. E. Honea Friday :'s in no doubt of his gov- ;) - nl - Th i determination to work ! Un'o.i and a every German settle- (definite reasonable way. ! decrees Dem- home bjicuan church will meet at the _ntiieh Monday at 2::iO p.m. other fields they are well treated for Peace by society even though the road mcnt in has been long and cosily. ! QUESTION: What can cause ma- .laria other than mosquito bites? i ANSWER: In rare cases, malar- . !ia has been contracled from blood ! tnc French are uncomfortably near It has also been ac-! lho Soviet Armies of' occupation while resisting every pressure wiih. in/which Ihc Soviet Union has tried j IX Gar: or may try to J'orcc a decfsion on j an hoi.:r its own terms. And the London ! a contir Daily Telegraph points out that I 1 '" i r re-:c The hi were: There will be a joint meeting of CiiLles 1 and 2 of the First Cliris- tur^Church at 1 p.m. in Fellowship Ha' in order thai more time migni be spent in sewing for the Bazaar. The hostesses will be Mrs. Alva J{c\nerson, Mrs. Tom Kinser and Ah Floyd Porterfield. The pro- gum will be arranged by Ivirs. C I Haworth. All members are urged to notice the time of this meeting and come prepared to sew There |C!Uiied l5y dru ° addicts wn ° usc . j a common needle without stcriliz- SIX ing it. Largest Crater The largest volcanic crater on, . .. ...... _ earth probably is that of Aso-san. jcustomed place beside hci Wednesday, October 6 There will be the regular nv>et- ing 01 Circle No. 3 ol the First Chi stian Church in the home ol Jvlr* 1 Al Park, 207 East 15th, at 7:30 p.m. early because of the lair, were twelve members and children present. Mrs. C. Munn and Mrs. C. Slueart rind son were guests. A discussion on the booth 10 be held at the Fair was the . main subject. Four ladies were ! appointed to serve at the coun- j cil booth at the Fair. These were: ! Mrs. Clifton Booth, Mrs. Gunter' i Mrs. Collier and Mrs. Odell Luc!;. ! The rest of the members fixed the I lunch to be served. < The club's booth at the exhibit | price would compare with SI. nail was a children's room and llast year. The increase reflects the won a blue ribbon and fifteen dol- fact that the general level of all I prices—both agricultural and non-1 military in Japan, a huge oval depression lies. However, estimated to have an area of at anc ! ;:l11 l °o conscious of their own ; - ~ military weakness. |smn^h a Clearly a terrible weakness in! 01 '"' stril'-A the defenses of western Europe!' 0 P'"iwer. against Communist aggression! 2 - —- He would have been exposed had I elections. France felt unable to take her ac- 2- — He old al- based on (V d C poiu-e ::quad to st; your t-remise?. 1 c i'.i which you can protect yourself I .'gainst your grandchildren. They ' are vandals wliose sole pleasure in j I if'.' is destroying the cherished ! :inr,:i of other people. To i your fresh paint and lovely I new wallpaper and be;ut!irully up-! hnlsie'vd chairs are j\ni an ir- i i .resistible lu;e lo see how destruc-j tiv.. -her can ho. ' in'! expect any aid from j le hoodlum's parents. You j 1 it. If it were ih:nr own ! i f v.-er-'- beinsi disfigured. { il'.c a faint protest j '- uraw.n:: p'ctures ! ir :nev iv.i::l-,i. say "do.i'f | '.' if ii:- «•;::•; makinrr a ' d oT tin 1 new chairs, but. ! lii.'it is In-a::; wrecked ; ?..! IM;.I .'(!'i.' no' fj'oiu^ !o T, MID-WINTER SALE } -o SP ^ iur a L tn SPECIAL DRY-SKIN MIXTURE .;::: ; :0.; i KOV/ been squarely met. the crisis has stone of -1. — He many least 100 square miles, according] Moreover that's not the wh,... lo the Encyclopedia Britannica. story. The defense ministers of the | five western European alliance —1 liens—France, Britain. Belgi |l A . O i TH-i i-. "\T ^-t 1-,^,,,! ]„ _J T. i lars. The hostess served delicious ice cream and cake and the meeting next month will be held on Friday October 22 at the home ol Mr« Odell Luck. agricultural—are higher than year ago. (Parity is a price standard designed to be equally fair to the farmer and the consumer.) The Netherlands and Luxembourg' —met in Paris last Monday to discuss plans for coordinating their resources. It was unoflici- 1 and unc': lllm '|the whnU Thursday, October 7 ihe Stale Federation of Garden Clubs will have their zone meeting Thursday, October 7 at the First Jtlt-thcdisi church. The program will begin at 10:30 a.m. Out of lov n guests at this meeting will be Mrs. John Rae of Little Rock, Mrs. James Patterson of Arkariel- pnia, past president, and Mrs. H. L -Hicitey ot Jonesboro who is the S;£<e President. Mrs. be the guest speaker. Scriolization of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Merimcc Copyright, 1948, NEA SERV/CE. INC. her Coming and Going Carmen and began to lead away. "My shawl!" Carmen yelled. "The swindlers have stolen my the Mrs. M. J. Warwick returned Thursday from West Fork, in the O/.arks, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. R. R. Gillham, Mr. Gillham and family. Enroule home, she visited friends and relatives in Fort Smith and Arkadelphia. Mr. an- T(.*as for a Visit with their "son. j Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Howson, Jr. I and children. While there they will ! attend the Hose Festival. THE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish llickey will | regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre. On his first day in the city, a gorgeous gypsy girl flirts with him, men disappears. Some days later he is on duty in the square with his friend. Andres. when girls ; tors' grip held. Then she turned from the nearby cigaret factory j to Don Jose, suddenly cool and swarm out at closing time. Among ! innocent. "I'll go with you now, them is the gypsy. Andres greets j ofifcer. Please take me away from best shawl!" A woman in crowd picked up the shawl and slammed it in Carmen's face. Carmen tried to strike her but her cap- her warmly as Carmen, but her ; here." Her regal docility glances are all for Jose. Even so ' somewhat marred by the fact that she makes a date with Andres, j the two soldiers obligingly but loo suddenly yanked after she leaves them. ! somewhat Jose hears a commotion down the street. Carmen has gotlen into a ally understood later from British sources that the ministers discussed a program of joint action— even to the extent of mobilization —in the light of the tension over Berlin. They were said to have- considered concrete measures in event the crisis developed into armed action. Well, what effect will all this have on an aggressive Bolshevism? Certainly it will be impressive, but will it be impressive enough to halt the Red offensive? Will Russia and her satellites withdraw from the United Nations and go their own way while the democratices go theirs? There is a possibility, as this column pointed out yesterday, that the U. N. may split over the Berlin imbroglio. However. I think that will depend on the nature of the action taken by the U. N. in dealing with the changes of the democracies. An effort to impose heavy sanctions likely would result in the Communists walking out of the "peace" organization. j On the other hand the Mus- | covites are bound to consider care- j fully before quiltiiif ; too<t. in context: The Bible itself Ui is a priigres.;ivo iv cannot know ils h^h taking proof texts at r any part, as of eoual vcnling Go'.t's truth will. JCSI.IK sriid tliere truth and way u! l for an eye and' a (<.<>: were belter than bl,:i'.l , that look a lilt- lor ;,n i tooth. But iTu-ivv and j | ••.'.<-re better slill. Each. !;ooh and each be read in tho light e and experience, ; ,,,f! in of the full revdMinn in J tho aut.'ior of !|-,- Book brews says: "Cod, who ;, times ana in divers manners -pake in time na.-'.t unt-> tho fathers by 'he prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto u;- by liis Sun." The purpose of the Bible is to make Cod known, and Jesus .said "He that hath seen I.Ie hat!: ::een the Father al-'O." USUAtLY ?2.25 111! to are veering more and nmri; to- I'.vards anarchy. To a\-(iid jin-h a catastrophe, the only solution i:; one I proposed to the nation several mc.nlhs ago — - to uniu- to en- Is'.ire logi.'thi-r ill:' task of national .-alvation. which confronts us all." children will be child- j why their parents should | -:.i be destructive- pests, no- 1 .now-;. Maybe it is beer:use ' ul.'i are so worn out with y haven't enough strength a. protest. Dorothy Di.x: My father )i hi:; life rimming from to get .in* io He is and we'. .,.,, laid O' 1 -'^ on him for ver.rds i &. --,^., irs. ' j 5*< : ; ':-w-: he other day, out of n ! | c' ' . ' ^ (getting old and sickly and wants to s-.:lt!o down with his wife ami daughters. Ife doesn't seem to consider ho'.v.h.ard v\x- liave had to t-truygle lo .uct along without any help from him through the year;;. Do .you think we arc- in duty bound to take care of him? - A DAUGHTERj Answer: You certainly are not. I |lj|i||..,. If he had boon a good father to j ||;§?<f;1, you, it would be your duly lo sup- i illl&IMl; hi IAP.GER $4.00 S1I£ NOW $2,00 FOR A LIMITED TIMC ONLY All prices plus lax Personal Mention Sgt. and Mrs. Herman W. Smith , of Hope announce tlie arrival of a ton, 'i'ony, born September 2!) at thf Army & Navy General hospital in Hot Springs. brawl v.'i'h she had jjr 01 jealousy. bride whom maligned out her along so that she lost her bal- [membership in the u' anee. As she was being pulled j them a good chance fo'i •^jseph K. Eason, son of Mr. and M S. U. Eason, 1-!^|) Soutli Main, Hope, has entered Wagner College, .StHlen Island, New \'urk City, as a member of the colle /ic-ihrnan class. He is als member of the football .squad. Kason graduated from ilojie High School and also served in the U. S. Army. He will major in business al Wagner. V The bride, screaming in rage, grabbetl Carmen by the hair. Carmen threw her with n swift, powerful twist of her body and the two went down. The crowd increased in si/.e and appetite. Carn.ei: fuugnt in silence, her because N. give-away. Carmen screamed back lo I lion and for sounding oil" Red pro- the crowd, "Castilian donkeys! paganda. Peddlers ol rotten figs and stinking Anyway, we find horse meal!" solidarity among the Don Jose's back was stiff with shock and embarrassment. He quickened his slep and marched ahead of his men, very conscious j with both fists. of the tact ihal he was on duly ' and that he must treat. Carmen as just another petty criminal. Carmen leaned forward as she walked encouraging democracies. There can be no greater evidence ol solidarity than a determination to stand up against aggression face contorted. The bride grunted j to appeal to him, tipping her head and .'screamed. Carmen pinned the otliei- to (lie ground, held her largest | shoulder lo the cobblestones and | el Navarre? in an attempt to see his face. "Where are you taking me, senor with :i flashing gesture pulled i knile from her be-ribboned Hospital Notes Josephine Discharged: ™» J. WUkerson, Mertzon Mrs. K. B. Stone. Hope. -Urs. Burreli Taylor and daughter, Rt. 4, Hope. Branch Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Johnson ol Hope, announce the arrival of a son, September iiO, 10-lli. Mr. and Mrs. J. IX McAlister of Hope announce the arrival ul a sun oil September 30, I'J.JU. Admitted: ^'rs. Bettie Smith. Hope, -rs. C. E. Johnson. Hone. Calvin Walker, ColumLiui. Tiack Schenck. Hope. Uncharged: -Mrs. Alex McDougald. MtCa-kill lei'. The crowd gasped with horror. There was a sudden shrill screech of pain from the bride. Carmen had cut a double cross in her cheek and blood covered her j own hand as she was pulled off | her victim by Ihe hard-faced ser- \ penny for | geant, who had broken through i you rol in i the mob with a group of soldiers. lexas. i ••\Vhafs going "on here?" I The bride lay wrilhinu and "•'j screiiinin:.;. "I am dying! She i killed me! Gel me a priest! 1 am i dying! " Tne cro'.vo ignored the wounded won:au ai:d accused Carmen in a Then hands hold her knile slid clutched 4. She paiiled. her •d to gulp air into her he had a loo!: of al" iction on her turned to one said Don his pace a i "To the magistrate, Jose without slaekenin or turning his head. "To the magistrate! But he'll send me to prison. I can't go to prison! A gypsy dies in prison. And 1 have no money for bribes. What can anyone do without a a bribe? In this city prison unless you have the money for a bribe!" She became frantic, tried to catch Don Jose's sleeve as she talked. "I know, believe me, I know, f have prison j Lesson ichool By V^ILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D. i the IUIKI chorus ' forcibly. Hi ; ill her 11 ; month opm ; lun^.-. bin j face. The sergeant i of the soldiers. j "Call tile guard." I The sold:or ran Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs.'P. W. Kasehke. i.lrs. James P. ThcjiJ urkiina. Ark. Discharged: Mrs. -\V. M. Cantlei ;t. 1. Hope ison, Tex :ope. ftiubs Shover Springs Fourteeu eluo inembers a two visitors met ut the Shover .'•pii'igs comrnuuity building Tuesday afternoon, Septcinoer 2i.l. Mrs. liodard Reece and I\irs. Vernon I'dti_ v.'ere hostess for the mci/ting. Mis 1-teece ga\x- the devotional After a short session of old and iti. business the nietling xvas I'll led over to the rnembt-rs re- c.. ing Birthday gifts this month Mis Robert dwell, Mrs. John DOAHS. Mrs. Vernon Palo and , a friend who is in prison this very j jnamiscnpi minute. That is why 1 am here in Seville, working rny fingers to the boi.e lo get enough money for brines to yet him out." She had almost pulled herself abreast of Don Jose, but the two Miidiors interrupted her sad story by yanking her roughly back. She kicked one viciously in the shinbone, almost cracking it. The sul- fi:or grabbed his le:;. hopping. gumaeing with pain. Carmen did nut oven turn her head, but took auvanlbge of the moment lu strain nosed to Don Jose. She clasped i.or hand in ayony and tears rolled Jown her face. "Nobody cares ;-.boiit me, 1 am all alone in the y.'urld— all alone!" She looked al him tu see how her words were i'lloctiiiy him. but ills eyes were straight ahead. The tears disap- peaiva and she touched her sha\M, distillled. LOC;;U:-I_- of the narrowness oi int.- ailey, one of the soldier? diupiJou back ami Cannon walked ahead with the other. Suddenly s-e yave a piercing shriek. Both jumped as Don Jo.-'.o startled. n's eyes Were flashing Sixty-six books in oni>--:i!) Old Testament and 27 in Hie _\Yw • — that is the colk-i-tion of bonks that we call "The Bible. " , In niany editions and translations it is familial' tu must ul us in the so-called "Authorized Version.'' dating from 1611. and thorized" by Km 14 ,Iami-:s England, who commissioned translation. Discovery ol early! that were not kuov. n ; in Kill, have led lu minor clianges ! in revised versions and olaniica'.ion ; ol eertian passages. But ti'.e main : teaching concoriiih:'. God. and liie of life and been affected by any of these changes. A lew simple facts oe,_',iit to be borne in mind by aiiyofie v.'lio would read the Bible intelh^eully. both fur enjoyn':i at and lor spiritual guidance and profit. Tho i'ail- uro to observe sucn si:nplt! facts has led to a gicat doa! of i'i,t:!e conirovcrsy. and often lo a rn : .-• :-; in :>. ol !.':e Bible's deepest n:e.-s;::;e. Firsl oi all is l hi.- lacl Uial liv- Biijjs 1 is aii easier;; boo)-: aiir; .- inar!:ed by ilnaLjeiy and n:.;e:alive language. Tin- gjeaiesl a.'si deoijest nutiis ma;, irj i.-xpre. •';.,•, I in parables, or ii--uratiVe!\ . To ed virtue. She ap- nanlly to Dun Jose, an accusing finger al the beside her. "He pinched I was walking along beinij t as an aimel, ami he pinched uliicer, HE PINCHED ME!" (Tu Be CuulinUedJ outrag iiidi read the Bible v, crn literalism is i inner and essenli; Tho greiit vol.. VClsy over the i-. Geia:is '.'.oul:.; [:• Wiitleii if u hao mina that uio!:y exoress ! of poetry Bible, too. book. That d(,i.s : we, who call re: ; cauool know it.-, l iiicaii that it is w:;''.• a to compare d'.l'leient and thai it is uir,. ^.-,e trovcrsies and :;:---cu : the Kisghsh \'.ords i Alarm Clocks. Wrist Watches siart ;.'i K Si &.3i&tt±Z'>i*!.tlR l *2l£Z&

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