Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1948 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1948
Page 8
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The Red Bloc Is Hot Likely to Get Its Block on Which to Construct Indian Museum By HAL BOYLE , —MB— The latest red bloc hbre is unlikely to get much fUtcntiort from- congressmen investigating ni?rAmerican Activities. I icfer to the campaign by Chief Rising Cloud, an Indian' child psychologist, to get back a block of midtown'New York real estate OU which to build a ten-story museum oi the red man. It Is unlikely that the red bloc Will get its block.. Rising Cloud only wants to pay $24 tor it- Same pi ice the Indians sold Manhattan for back m 1626. fc He and a number oi other In- pinns, noting u gradual increase in ""here over me last three tne emor Ihomas E. Dewey promised today to lay down at Salt Lake City tomorrow, night his up-to-the- mmute ideas on American foreirn policy. ... . Aides said the Republican nominee regards the international Fil- uation as so critical he is holding his campaign speech open for pos^ sible major last hotlf- revisions. These may come as-the result of communications with. John Foi- i»u. tf =r Dulles, his foreign affairs ad- And its population has grown I visr -' r . attending the United Nations from 200 to i,'JU8,5:*li. 'ine populu. •meeting'in Paris. tlrtn ("if fVin UfVinTrt r^i ! if J r- *i nnrj -lArt Al 1 111 11 ft e ^"-itiyili-JiW' \i/jfh f Vtrt cer.lunei, have begun to suspect BX their ancestors were bilked, lucre G Is some justuicaUon for this suspicion, as the island of Manhattan is currently assessed-at $7,754,60),- Dewey to Talk on Foreign Policy —. „... _ wv vu i,uwu,f./»J. Ailc. fJIJ|JHltl' turn of the whole city is 7.837 7<t8 But there are even 'more Indians Al IJulles, campaign •j-jui merp aru even more Indians ^""tJi'Kn party, has been talkln;' here now than when the white man almost daily not only with his 1> ""' K — '- "--'-- • • e man first came— if you count the mem- oers ot the strange tribe of Tam- ?nany. Getting back to Chief Rising I __.,»..-..^ wu •_«*. 1 U \*rlH\Zl. L\l3llll£ ,« Cloud—he 11 have to unravel a loi •* ^ hisipiy if ho ever is to obtain a block to erect his memorial to the vanishing redskin.. 1 .. T hc generally accepted story is that Peter Minuit, director general of the Netherlands, took tule to f Manhattan—"'Ihe Little Island" — frorti the Manhattoes for s&l worth ,l/,pi beads, buttons and trinkets _' T." At that time panthers i, £ solves prowled, just north of ' ,-ptrcet,.'U-here bulls nnd bears BV iu ^'.and paw each .other today. Cows j._/ biowscd on Broadway, and the (!.",. u only minks on Park avenue were r still wearing their own fur. \ There is is no record that the i v pimple copper-colored proletarians , Objected to the terms of sale made oy this vanguard of what Mosco\ , has come to regard as the "Fas cist-beast, war-mongermg, capita jistic civilization" in America Th and Wall gore v.«..j „„>, vjuij wim nis brother in Pans, but also with Chairman Vandenberg nV. , , : .*., I.IML v «uuciiuuri£ tr\- Mich) of the Senate foreign relations committee. In a scheduled' (•adio speech Oct. 4, Vandenberg is expected to say the bi-partisan foreign policy does not involve a t Additional Tax Requests Pouring in Little Rock Sept. 29 — (UP) — Requests for additional poll tax re- Oeipts continued to pour into the office of State Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey today as the October 1 Sales deadline drrw.s near. • Seven additional counties re- j quested more receipts vc.slerdny. i bringing to 473,000 the number of receipts sent out. Counties u;;khir.; additional blanks yesterday wore Crawford, Faulkner, Greene, Newton, Kt Francis, Boone and Jack- Son. , Humphrey's office was prepared for an influx of requests today and tomorrow ns residents . Hood offices of county collectors in 11 Qrderi to qualify in the November ?ejneral election. Last year the of lice resorted to busc and fast cars to get . air planes I the receipts ' delivered before the deadline. Oilmei\ Forced to Sign Statements "me too" stand. Dewey has made it clear he intends to make some changes if he takes over next January. He has said he hopes to bring "a new competence 1 ' to this nation's dealing with other countries. 1 he Republican nominee hasn't spared the horses in criticizing Y «"a and Potsdam decisions He said these "gave away territory and peoples" to the Russians, when the authors bf those decisions had Great belief A corrected stomach condition will cause you to feel comfortable imme- y. Yes, this fact has been time- tested and proved by Doctors. So •Why wait when there is no need to continually carry a i um .p in your stomach and feel ; -;..jniseiiabltJ, after , every meal. ••' :> - -'-^ : •-•>.:-••'* n, A ? appetizing portion of SSS .Tonic before meals does wonders for the stomach. This famous medicine contains no soda- or oth,er,'alkali?ors l «^ ually retard "digestion, in, BSS Tonic with its highly po- , o- ^ntotagredients works to tone-up the tomach so it may release its own digestive juice (hydrochloric acid) to break-up food for body use and Ugsue repair. ; - jlSSS Tonic has helped hundreds pfr'<tnousands of people, without "ftoy.^rganic trouble oi;;focal infection, to really feel beUer, more vig- phis, .eifec- A - relieve , C u C v B yow misery. Tft|e,SSS to toneiup your stornacji^whet the appetite, build-up WoQd^trqngtoj Get SSS Tonic from any- Drug Take Only The Best _ y, * I i T " d ; ; >ns thought they had the best of the deal They took Horace Gieelevs advice Before he was born, They went west. m ?, d j? rn ,scholars* now even ji f j» '*> j-w^r* •1?^*' "**§ OIlKyfl the Indians m ^America's 1 first shell gime, They say that Manhattan actually was a hunting ground owned by the Canarsie tribe in Brooklyn, but that some Hacken- sacK Indians" rowed across from New Jersey and sold the, island to Munuit for the 24, bucks. This may explain the feeling that still persists ui many Brooklymtes —that anybody who goes to Manhattan will be swindled. •irFii!? — ? Risin 8 <3':6ud can prove old Minuit was euchered out oMiis beads and buttons by these fast- talking, feathered con men from Hackensack, he may be able to get a«ain l ° the whole island But he would have to go through lot of law courts. n-Ji", MW » British fleet seized Manhattan from peg-legged Peter Stuyyesant without paying him even a blocked pound,-A-•• little °l?L a , c 5'V u F. la tei-the Americans r-r*"-,- out . Jtl » tJ Biitlsh So Rising Joud would have to sue first in Washington, then in London, and hen in the Hague. last Manhattan worth all that .jouble.' Thp real estate owners bo ? 1 ?l am ta * es arc killing them, md the annual city budget is over U.QOWWO.OOO. Do the Indians want Q Put out all that Wampum just " K§ep New York city going? T^ t wo , don e enough to them vlthout making them take back vianahattan? •• oil men '<*>— T--- -«-••.« *v i* *• \jn iv * uc from Communist-controlled Hungary said today they been f " " - —*-"j I.HV.J- UUti IJLJtJIl forced to sign statements saying they sabotaged production in the Hungarian plant of the Standard Oil Company (N. J.). It was a case of "sign or else " declared e Paul Ruedomnnn of Hartsdale, N Y , chairman of th- American-owned Hungarian Company. He and his deputy, Georue Bannantine of St Louis, Mo de- nied'emphatically all charges of _ The two said Hungarian economic police told them: "Go along with us or we will find a way to make They were expelled from Hun- "ry Saturday after seven davs questioning. The two left Vienna today by plane for New York They said they held out for 'four days before finally signing the statements, which said they were criminals engaged in sabotage on orders from the United States. 6 Sad . had to gamble fh , o ga mat the statements would not used against them in court. Both men -gave credit for their - e or er i release to fast \york bv the United States legation in Budupe t Ruedemann and Bannantine. said g ° vithnMt P " vithout .-food and wcie not allo vcu was qucs . -o see each othei Rupdemann said he was qucs ipned. for 24 hours continuously ^iven a few hours sJeep and thui questioned again loi 20 houu, t rol rt£i f°, ui , da y« the questioning asted until dawn, he said They were anested by tho Hun 2 na " J; 00 " 0 " 110 Police Sept 18 They left Budapest 90 minutes aft er their release . said the entire Lispe 3ii- fields, now ate Under ment control He said Ih? ° ^ com P««J'< xc WCIP valued at goveinrnonl ooooo "The mined to take one way 01 anothei," besl DIPOT TICKIT OKici Phone 196 N0TI ., , ify of Hope is cfegjuinnq'a 750- :icre trqct cf land near thfTAirporf. B.ds for the 'easing o f this Itfrtd will be ac- cepred at the office of the City Clerk until Tuesday, October 5, oH2 00 noon." The City Council icserves the riqht to reject ar,y ond all' bids. Any bid accepted by the- City will be subject to the.-approval ot the Civij Aeronautics Author-' CITY OF HOPE LYLE BROWN, MAYOR P lant ha u s had ler ln c^aige since IWay Our company lived up to its, contract in eveiy possible nw» Bannantine said "and the Hun*^ lan government did evteiythmc : it could to nullify the eontiacT'V l ui metl Said th ° flelds ''boljld probably produce foi anothcf*15 T n i l P roductl on is About tons daily as against a ° f , 2.000 ton\ laily p he wai undel tho __ 0 — ___ Peddler Held ; «VMurderof Ypung Woman Climbciland I, H I, SepJ, 20 -iff) %i .'" yc , <J f, old ul)c mplOM^d knick Jbk peddei vva, hold today Wllh bail on a chaise of muicjj&Mn the drpwiniit ot his foune Sfciwett „ Chief Willmm JM Bo^Je quoted. Frames J Kelkj T, say n,. he pushed the girl, Mary J. Burn£ 2b into a pond "and hold her head . w ? t?r unt - u - sho st °p^ d 8 bccailsc she spurned his . of marriage. Kellcy pleaded innocent at a l f sessi ? n lilst nient nnd lor a hearing Oct. 10: io_ 'right to do anything of tho ^Although ho has char-rod 1ho ;>ri. rmustration with "wobbling" in its nternationn) policies, he has given complete backing to the bi-partisan \mencan handling of the Berlin blockade question. Dewey held out some hope 'in Missoula, Mont., last night for ;-i ettlcment of the question Observing that the United Slates, I Great. Britain and France acei ""Wring mightily against great' odds to bring about a peaceful settlement even at this late hour " the. OOP nominee told a neai- capacit.v crowd in the 7,llOO-se.it University of Montana stadium .we will not compromise our principles, ihore is no peace in tlut and we will not endanger our five -.'While there is hope, we will not i £elax our efforts to find common ^owips of agreoniont, or cease to solu . (; » 1 wi > -epubli'an la erS of all shades 'of opinion wc-iu getting •enaOrjieaients from Dewt\ as he pushed his presidential dru v across M.OifS^)ia today. 1 In a statBi.wjierf. jhe Repi-Mii-iiji-. have . lugh 'hppes of capturing, a Senate s.-at. the. GOP numiniu- was patting ihe back of TCJII J. Davi•Davis, -si newconu-ir, is loing tn unseat Sc-natoc. Janu;s Murj-av ad nunislratiuii Democrat. 4 iV 1 '! 01 ^'"P- 0 ^''-''' a( Sanu Idaho, yesterday. Dew said he hopes to \vork in the co>n ing years with Senator Dworshak A '.Hepubhcan who hasn't ahvavs wen enthuiastic about some 'of I Uewoy's foreign policies, Dwursh-'l 1 lJi^ opposed li.v Hert H. Aliller, Dej,, his w;iy ;iciosv Montana ' M-.V s:ch<-iJuled talk., lodav : t i | -ua. Wolf Civck and (\js,-;id.' '< oiv nis arrival in Gic;\', [••-,\\, l thr Ian,-,- uomt. lie ijla.n.cd to! i'js \V,'. ; l,-ni rji-uui-LX-.-; ' Vaue s, show n select the thi|gs they will need Ladle's Oxfords with composition sole and rubber heel. Heavy black elk. It's a Frediman Shelby shoe Sizes 4 to 10. E widths oniy We are happy to offer this new shipment of ladies rayon hose, in the new fall shades. They are ring less and you will want several pair at this low price. Sizes 8]/2 to 10]/>. Here is your chance to buy several belts In red, green, gold, brown, black and reptiles. We have all sizes and they come in plastic calf and suedes. Size range from to 34 inches and all widths. You will not want to miss our table of ladies purses. We are offering black, brown, green, red and two toned purses in Corde, felt falile patent and reptile in this close out at NEW FALL Just the right weight for either dresses or coats.' These woolens are 54 inches wide and are in the seasons newest shades. Gaberdines, flannel and worsteds in solids, plaids and stripes Visit our store for the widest selection of dress prints in town, they come in solid or fancy patterns and are 36 inches wide. 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