Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1948
Page 5
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irsday, September 30, 1948 innersof |gro Exhibits •ock Show '« the Livestock Show held giweek at Fair park exhibits Wfegro groups from over the l.tfict drew much praise from n»":iills of oxinbils: s for Negro schools: evins Training Schnool; „_. High School. Demonstration Clubs: jvtpilstSrHome Demonstration Coun- IflJKlHopc; 2nd—McCaskill Home """"'ftflbhstration club; 3rd—Antioch Demonstration club; 4th—. rd Home Demonstration tb';"5th— Special H.D.. Interest Hope. . ionai. Education, NFA: i**4flt*--Ycrgcr; 2nd—Blovins Train- *Sfflf;> Bid—Clow Training. Ozan. ^'(Vocational Education, Home EC: "it—Blovins Training; 2nd —• gei High; 3rd—Washington. 'aaTner, 4-H and N.F.A.: lorn while (any variety): 1st— al Miller; 2nd—S. S. Wafer; '•"•'Osby Hightowcr. hi, -yellow (any variety): 1st Carey, Lincoln High School, *$shington; 2nd —Waller Jack- suit! 3rd—Lee Johnson. Coin (any variety): 1st—Fay W&lkei, Washington School; 2nd— Frftnk Frierson; 3rd—Rev. W. M. Tayloi Pop Corn (any variety): 1st— Kuby J. Williamson; 2nd— MaryJane Cheathain; 3nd—Elijah Fle- Yerger School. iay J si—-Osby llightower; 2nd J. Woods; 3rd—Willie Johnson. Sorghum cane: 1st—Onby High- Wei 2nd—Rov. W. M. Taylor; '3fd—Willie Poindexter. ;-.{ ""Ribbon cane: 1st—Shop Jackson; 2nd—Shop Jackson; 3rd—Henry SOighum Syrup: 1st—W. M. Tyree; 2nd—Dave Evans; 3rd — Willie Poindexter. Jlibbon cane syrup: 1st—Cleveland' McFaddch; 2nd—Pauline Johnson; 3rd—S. S. Wafer. Eg^s (while): 1st—Elijah Fle- Bgas (brown): 1st — Anderson Smith, 2nd—Ethel Bi/.ell. * Potatoes (sweeti: 1st—Fay Walker, 2nd—-Pink Frierson; 3rd — ; -Cleveland McFrtOdeiv. Y Pumpkin: 1st— M. Cardigan. i,i Watermelon: 1st—Henry Baker •• 2nd—Chester Poindexter. Fruit (apple): 1st—Har.sie Dra- pei, _nd—Clem Dixun; 3rd —\Vil' -lie Poindexler.. (Pears): 1st—W. • .Mitchell; 2nd—M. Jane Cheatham; 3rd—Juke Turner. Meat display iham>: , 1st — George Smith; 2nd—Jra Harris; 3id —VI. L. Harris. (Bacon): 1st —M. L. Harris; 2nd—John Adam:;. Home Labor Saving Device: 1st •—Earnest Perkins; 2nd—George Rixhaidson; 3rd—Joe Nathan Mez\ zei on m I- nm Labor Saving Device: 1st . —Ellee Brown; 2nd—John Pow! ell N F A. and 4-11 Boys: ; Hjbrid Corn (yuliow): 1st— H. j Phillips; 2nd—Joe Louis Peoples; 3rd—Jane H. Witherspoon; 4tri — < Halph Jacques; 5th—O. L. Scott. J S Potatoes: 1st — Joe Louis f Peoples; 2nd—James Brown; 3rd « —James L. Black. 4 ' Sorghum: 1st—Osby Hightower; t 2nd — M. C. Cheathain. I ^ Syrup: 1st— H. Johnson; 2nd— HOPE STAR Gafimm HIE KERR y Irtim a novel by Prosper Mcrimce Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE. INC. THE STORY-: T! young officer in a f:....., regiment, .has' jnsi from the country!avarrc. On his first day.il- a -S° r - geous gypsy girt,:" 1 ltn ^ Ihen disappears. ff K later nc is on duty in'| irc X X , Ills friend, Audi 1 " 1 g'-r's from the' 'ncarbv I of his gesture. The voice of i women suddenly raised in an ! gcr from down the street did -not oven penetrate to him, he was so conscious of the tlowcr next to his skin. swarm out at clo them is the '.gyp her warmly as glances colonel and his- a the two young tcnlion. .Carmen colonel; who, , ..Among ':s- greets but her se. The over with decii Unties on his When the doc c by and tig to at- wilh the king her •est, con'-! barracks el, Andres had closed on t spoke to CarmoL '•Must you roj'i" °>' cs at every man—cvc| lollc1 '-'" "Such an imi) rian as ^ 1C colonel might f useful to have as a fri<j u nave to agree to lhati st - alec ' U" s very matter-of-l 311 ^ as soon as it was out Eh :1 ou Andres in a i'ury, aiijiUing the words right at My eyes arc my own to lofc I please. Must I tell y< again? No one orders Cal e y cs where to go or how ? vc but Cyr " men! Do you^'- 3111 - 1 that'.'" Then she beca™ again and turned away, indifferently, "Eight o'clock as Pastia's. The mother of the bride reached Carmen first. Carmen tripped her and the women went down sprawling, the contents of her basket spilling over her and rolling on put it into '• the ground; a can of milk went c \ ouch sli- were ' splashing and running. The bride -- ' yelled hysterically. ••She's killed my mother! And Andres ans\\' s though reflex. "I'll b e ;Carmencita. He was happy: Carmen, whistarlcd away, stopped abrup the sound of the little bellsi chiming from under her pij. She turned and looked Utily at Don Jose. His m(iacl opened in unbelief, as ho'- 1 oack at hcr - lor he was- lit to the sound of his own vjAndres looked puzzled ,-is Cj shrugged and turned back.Swaggered to Don Jose, rc£ mo n01 ' blouse and pulled nl/atch, dandling i it by the j Jo.se's ha,.v, j giving him (Oiu. Her voice j \v;ic niocicins.'.'jcc.'it. ' "I was "no you really ! should 'have: Otherwise yon | wouldn't Uii(.'hen it was <5 i o'clock. Iley'ier'.''' I Don Jose': the watch j certainly as"i» it burnt I fingertips. "Is it a 1:30 warm for you to handle?" took ;i rose from the deep f of her dress. .Holding it il hand lor an instant, she fj it from her fin! s.'ers into hie. It hit him bc- I twecn the ' like a fragrant bullet. ! Carmen j' cct alul walked away. ! For a rnt both men re : mained whihey were, staring after her, bn Andres went slowly off jird the barracks. Don "jose fed and picked up the flower 'lay at his feet. He tucked ittily and furtively into his tuias though ashamed Not twenty-five yards away, Car men stood in a half-crouching posi lion, her fingers curled and stif like the claws of a cat ready to fight, her eyes glittering with anger. "Dirty gypsy trash!" '.'She is.a disgrace..to... the town!'' "Sue laughed..• •;•&.£:. r/iy, wpdding and made dirty, jolce'a .at.myXMa'ri- uelito!"' ' I-' ".':^,;. ; ^' ; v..,-V;;';'v-.;,. Carmen bared\..- hei;-Nit?etri; l a'nd, IHC ' viciously,;. str-ni"ght-. ; :int<).,the-' face of the last /v;picc. : --The. iriio'o,, which was gathering',- laughed-: ap- proVjngly" asx.'the three Ywoineh. eamVfciosed to-Carmen. The bride wiped her face with a scarf, screaming, "Did you see what she did'.'" A mob has been likened to an insect because it has a thousand legs, a thousand eyes, and a thousand arms, and it wriggles and moves, poisons and slings, with such little impulse from any visibly located brain. But a mob is also a wild animal intent on blood. It cries for destruction, for spendthrift brutality and for the music that comes from a thousand single screams, fused into one bestial sound. As the three women rushed to attack one woman, it made a most pleasing design lor the mob. A design well proportioned out of ugliness because one part of the design was women who were born to build. Now they were here to tear and destroy. The other part of the design was a gypsy, one of a hated interior race 01 beings who. in the mob's eye, was not worth saving. Unless, of course, she could turn in triumph to tear and destroy her attackers. Scattered Rain Hampers Cotton Crop By United Press Harvest-minded Arkansas farmers ran into weather trouble today as scattered rains hampered gathering of the cotton crop. The rainfall had not been damaging but it had been heaviest in that part of the state most susceptible to crop injury at this time ol. the year — the rich northeastern section. Tuesday's rains measured Iss than one inch at the most and Agriculture Department experts said .they probably would .not materially affect cotton picking unless more rains fell. - The forecast for today and tomorrow was for continued .clouni- ness and. some scattered rainfall. :toh vctcmpevalurcs tomorrow. Wife of Noted Violinist 1 Gives ; Birth to Boy > Hollywood, Sept. 30 —(M—Mrs. Frances Hcifetz, 30, wife of Violinist Jascha Hoifet/. Rave Krth to Modern Young Woman in Peril Pope Warns An oil woll in Oklahoma is more than three miles deep. last hos- a six-pound, lli-ounce boy night at Cedars of Lebanon pital. It was the first child for 47-year-old virtuoso and the mor Frances Speigi'lberg. were married in January, 19-L7. He \v;.is divoiccd from Florence Vidor. sik-nl /''in .star, in lf)4.>. lyre Washington, Sent Western diplomatic ul;Ucd today that ,10 — (UPl — sources spec- Knssia's stand Weeks of sunshine and ideal Jon the Berlin blockade is traeeabh weather for harvest conditions left most of the state so dry that light showers such as probably will not ~ ., agca cotton quality, Agriculture Department spokesmen said. The preceding week saw a continuation in the dry spoil. The veek of good weather enabled 'armors to make rcss in gathering their crops, vhicti average a third largcrthan usual. The Agriculture Department s weekly weather and crop_ report said cotton now was opening fast. to Communism's postwar failure to j;ain control of Western Europe, fell" yesterday land weaknesses in its satellite bloc seriously dam- in' Eastern Europe. The best diplomatic "guesses" here are that thinflexible policy followed by the Russians stems from these two factors. The vulnerability ol the Soviet positon Vatican City, Sept. 29 —</?")—Pope Pius XII said today the modern young woman ,because of an illusion of worldlincss. is in marc pciii than the women of past generations. "She has the illusion of experi- for- once and believes herself, on her who|own authority. superior to the younir women of past generation-^" the Pontiff told representa-, ihvs "f the Society for the Pro- lection of Young Women. "Hi-'r experience is superficial, insufficient to : guard her against the rog\iery • nncT hypocrisy OE seducers, x x x She believes herself able with impunity to reaci everything, see everything, . try eryfhin?, taste everything. She is disarmed before the peril.' 11 The pope ursed the group .hold in» its lith International Congress to" extend its efforts throughout the world. The society, founded'in Switzerland and represented by n many European court -voted 'to the rohabilita tion of wayward women. ,e continued prog- throughout Europe, it was the said. West- OU 111 L.VJwL'-'l » HVJ VV VI «u ^ t JN..---.j =1 . Picking has gotten'into full swing lAnd SIKIIS ol c was under-estimated by ern powers a year ago. Since that time, it was pointed out, Western Europe has been shored up against Communism, at least for the immediate fulu Un-Tcrrible Lizards The word "dinosaur" moans "terrible lizard." but actually the dinosaurs, as a whole, \\eio not terrible at all, but peace loving inhabitants of the prchistour earth Some of them could not even support their huge bodies except in water. Weeds' can kill efent of a given CARROTS 2. bchs S*)C YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING at LETTUCE Large Heads YAMS 15c No. 1 Red SPUDS 43c POPULAR BRANDS COFFEE with the peak expected by Friday —the day the national cotton picking contest opens at Blytheville. The report said nearly all areas in the state reported good cotton Some "racks in the satellite as. oiviinj i (in.*. \_,jovv/Li ., ..~ -.,.. —.rather slowly but fair weather rope. As a result, r'ma have appeared ahead of th. schcdule" anticipated by the West. '. ' Russia is believed : by, these informants to be conscious 'of the of her .position in Eu- she has adopted ovcr the weekend accelerated maturing of the crop. Early corn also was being gathered this week over the state and farmers reported excellent initial yields. The dry weather which aided cotton picking hampered development of the late com crop. The rice harvest continued at its peak in all eastern and southern counties. Blytheville reported the heaviest linfall in Arkansas yesterday ith a total of .92. un- his my the milk!" She pointed dramatically to the street. "See what she's done to the milk!' 1 Carmen's voice was full of hate as she said, "I spit in your milk!" and she did so. "And in the milk 01 your old turle of a mother! and she spat again, directly at the sprawled, spattered woman on the ground. "And at you! The pooi excuse of a woman who marriec Manuelito!" The bride yelled triumphantly "But who did ho marry, hah?' She slapped hcr flat chcsl proudly "Me! Not you, you gypsy drab Nobody would marry you." Carmen put her face close tc the bride's and with a slow anc vicious grin said "Where was he last night, honey? Was he with you? Hah?" She drew it out tauntingly, then flung back hcr head and laughed uproariously. (To Be Continued) stronger and more .definite policies to hold the..present, line, with Berlin as the main point. These sources feel that the- Russians, after gaining political control of half of- .Europe following World War II. believed the other hals would fall into line. Now, it is thought, there may be serious doubts in politburo minds that they can h old what they have. In addition to the widely-publicized Cominform-Tito split over Judge Frees Man Sentenced to t over *• missiH - -----. Yugoslavia's 'nationalistic tendon- (latest .notes to the cies, this evidence is cited as bear- in" out the theory that all is not going well for Russia in Eastern Europe: 1 Moscow's order for the satel^ lites to stay out of the Marshall Plan seriously damaged their trade relations wilh Western Eu rope. Russia does not have the economic capactiy to absolb satel lite production of raw msuenals and return manufactured goods 0 An American-Hungarian dip lomatic tiff in July over the state; department's "Voice of Amcuca was seized by Hungary ?b an op portunity to deny a press that it intended to "collechvire its land. Contrary to Ccmmunis, economic theory. Hungaiy dc clared-that it has "not the- molest intention of introducm this "collectivization measuie 2 The apparent exclusion of Po Irnd from the recent Crimea mce inp of Premier Staling and to Communists from Eastein ropcan countries. Russia's complaint in he western po\ Iprs that the "West is Irving 'squeeze her out of Germany. Th is taken as an indication that'll Soviets believe that, unless, tn can force the Western powers out of Berlin, they themselves can t stay long in Germany; Pack 21c. Carton Pocket Pack Dozen Packs U. S. Government Inspected Steaks Round, Loin or T-Bbne P.6Und Chuck Rfbst Pound-" 49c "1^7 PURE-BEER Pound 49c Early Garden DEL MONTE l CORNH Oearn Stylfc Goljfen" Can' Paif Phone 266 GRO. & MKT. John II. Best pro H. Wither: 3rd—II. PI Best Walker crspoon. n corn: 1st—James ; 2nd—W. L. Scott; - F. 3rd — C. , Syriila Millei —Ira I-ianlSpanish): 1st Nelson; 2i —Melvin —Mary L Jones. Farir Yerger ... Training i 4-H Clul Food Pr 1st—Joati red TWIT 3 qts. C. Campbell; (Any variety): Booker; 2nd— Home Unit: 1st — chool; 2nd— Blevins ol. v'ation C3 qts. fruits): iamson; 2nd—* Mild- 3rd —Queen Es- Frye; 2nd— - .,.„.. elaljles: 1st—Evelyn Bean; 2nd Mavy Louise Booker; 3rd-T-.li wlliamson. 2 pintslly.r. 1st—Van Dora I Galston; 2-Eylyn Brown. Sweepstd jak 1 st-Evelyn Brown; 2i{-Evlyn Brown; 3rd -—Joan Wibmstt. Clothing:! '> Church fiss'.[st—Mary Louise Booker. 1 > , ... School dlss-.'tst—U. Williamson; 2nd—livuia Frierson. Thrift G:iwf. 1st—Gene Williamson; 2iH-i'c-lyn Bruce. Work garrW 1st—Bertha Burton; 2nd-OU\(i Williamson Sewing box:tsst—Gladys Williamson. ..." [Home invp'rij/ 1 " 1011 ^'Pillow easeful—Adean son; 2nd—Adi- Hopson. Scarf: 1st—p L- Story —Adean Hop}. Tea towels-lst--Mary Louise Booker; 2nd—an Wiliiamsun; 3rd —V*li Do/;/, ilston. litiiicheon c*'i » n . c! napkins: 1st —Rube Jewu Williamson; 2nd— Hop; 2nd MEALS TASTE BKTER Cachet Jcfirson. ISftiseellane. Er'jia Moore; 3rd Putted p i'trns: It — Eustcv Turner ter Johnson. Cactus: 1st—Velma Mattie Bradford. Others: 1st and 2nd—Nancy Con way. I-ood preservation: Peaches: 1st—Gladys Hoad; 2nd —Georgia Hoad; 3rd—Willie Poindexter. Apples: 1st—Sallie Brown. Pears: 1st—Willie Poindexter. Blackberries: 1st—Mary G. Reg t ,ans; 2nd—Louise Brown;, 3rd Pearline Cheatham. Vegetables: Tomatoes; 1st—Verdie Walker; 2nd—Alice Murphy; 3rd—Georgia Hoad. English peas: 1st—Amanda Jack son; 2nd—J. M. Jacques. Carrots: 1st—Lurenda Evans. Beets: 1st—Rhodie Jones; 2nd— Julia Woods. String beans'. 1st—Willie Pomdexter; 2nd— Willie Poindexter; 3rd—Lurenda Evans. Field peas: 1st—Lurenda Evans 2nd—Sallie Brown; 3rd— Lurenda Evans. Greens: 1st—Willie Poindexter 2nd—Willie Poindexter. Corn- 1st—Rebecca Brooks; 2nd —Lillian Young; 3rd —Pearline Cheatham. Soup mixture: 1st—Queen Ester Johnson; 2nd—Mary G. tteggan; 3rd—Estella Johnson. Okra: 1st—Ida Odgcn. Pepper: 1st—Pearline Johnson. Dried products: 1st—-Elizabeth Flenory; 2nd — Albert Brown; 3rd— N. A. Conway Dried vegetables: 1st— Louise Booker; 2nd—Amanda Jackson. Preserves: 1st—Fannie Mixan; 2nd— Avalce Smith; 3rd—Rhodie Jones. Fig: 1st—Willie Poindexter; 2nd —Sallie Brown; 3rd—Willie Pomdexter. , Watermelon: 1st—Cleo Johnson; 2nd—Walter Jackson; 3rd— Nancy 1 Conway. Butter (any variety): 1st—hosa Wiliamson; 2nd—M. L, Harris; 3rd —M. L. Harris. I Pickles: Peach: 1st and 2nd— Willie Poindexter. Pears: 1st—Hattic Black; 2nd— Willie Poindexter. Cucumber: 1st—Mary G. Reg- gair ''id— Lessie Witherspoon; 3rd Bruce. 1st—Bessie Hill; 2nd — Jackson; 3rd —Amanda New York, Sept. 29 — f/Pi — A young man walked out of Raymond Street jail in Brooklyn yesterday, freed by the judge wjio originally had sentenced him to death. John Vallctutti, 21, was convicted last year of taking part in a 1945 holdup during which a wounded veteran was shot anc killed. He spent eight months in the death house at Sing Sing prison during two years' imprisonment. Sentence had been pronounccc jy Judge Louis Goldstein despite a ji'O' recommendation for life imprisonment. Last month, the, court of appeals reversed the conviction and a new trial was ordered. A second man convicted in the same crime, now serving a life sentence, had said Valletutti was blameless. Valletutti said he "confessed" only after a beating by police. Judge Goldstein ordered a search for new evidence after .the reversal, and dismissed the case after a report that none could' be found. i Group Elects Arkansas Banker Forrest City, Sept. 29 —(UPi — A Forrest City banker has been reported as the new president of the national bank division of the American Bankers Association. He is W. W. Campbell, president of the National Bank of Eastern Arkansas here. Bank spokesmen say they received a telegram irom the 74th annual convention of the Bankers Association in Detroit revealing Campbell's selection. He has headed the Forrest bank since its organization in No rnaHor what kind of cannod foods you banter for. you'll find top quality brands in tho bin assortments at your A &P ' R emo er. prices will maot with your favor, too good of flftv'or and,freshness. " Apples Italian* F-{ •P" Corn A&P Freestone Peaches Sliced A&P Spinach Froit WholO Beets Von Corrp's Pork and Beans Puritan Hominy lono tomaio Juice 17c 27c '25c Sultana Fruit Libbv's V.C. Sliced Peaches No. I Can City 1927. Medico! Students Promised Fair Treatment Little Rock, Sept. 29 —(,Vi-Former Gov. Carl E. Bailey today told University o£ Arkansas Medieal i ichool students their problems would receive "lair consideration" from trustees and faculty. Bailey spoke at convocation ceremonies! mat kins formal opening of the school's fall semester. He is professor of medical jurisprudence at the school. The former governor did not touch directly on protests which students have entered against increased tuition n.'es. The protests are to be considered by trustees at a conference here Oct. 5, —Leon a Beets: Amanda Jackson. Mixed CheaUian WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBOM BffAD AT YOUR GROCERS and C pickles: 1st— Pearline .; 2nd—Alice Murphy; 3rd —Lurenda Evans. . . Green tomato: ls,t—Willie oPm- de>:tec: 2nd—"Rebecca Brooks; 3rd — Ida Ogden. | Relish: 1st—Willie Poindexter; i 2nd—Willie Poindexter. I FrViil jucies: 1st—perlnidc Nash I 2nd and 3rd—Gertrude Nash, j Canned trie at: 1 Chicken: 1=1—N. A. Conway:_ 2nd i —Amanda Jackson: 3rd N. A. ! Conway. . i Pork- ka—Verdie Walker; 2nd ! and 3rd—M. L. Harris. Jellies: Ist-Aicora Wade: 2nd ; — I.etria Luwson; 3rd—Cleo Miller. i Food p'-evei'saikm special-: I j l--i->J. M. Jacques: 2nd—Verdi i Walker.^_ i Kiuad '1 Parker lluiise rolls': l;-t i Amanda Jackbun; 2nd—Jc-v.-el i w'righv ;5rd—Arr./.nda Jackson. i Loaf \\hiu- bread; Isl and 2uc | : —Amaiuki Jac'r.son. Layer cake: Isl—Sallie Hall. Clothing: House Ores: 1st—Rhodie Jones. Church Dress: 1st— Clementine Frierson. Work garment: 1st— Clementine Frierson; 2nd—Uoxie Kioy. Men's garment: 1st—-Hoxiu Mill- Child's garment: 1st—Roxie Muldrow. „ , Baby's garment; 1st—Vaaie RobBedspread: 1st—Ada Follows. Laundry Box: 1st—Velma Eager. Oihh tcAvi-l.-.: 1st—Amanda Jackson. Quilts: l.-t—Julian Woods —Pearline Cheatham. Fluff Rugs: 1st—Ada ,2nd—-Mima Evans; 3rd — I Callu.-t. ! (.'ic.chc-l set: Jst and 2nd — an. Ulhi-r arts und cr 2nd--Lillif Ban-ell. liest bar Laundry S di- \Valker: 2nd—Je ?.\\\ —Jesvie Ciunpij'- R.b.P. Pia Cherries ASP Apple Sauce Kel Apple Juice They're Golden Pound ,dv/ich Bread Rolls While Houso Evap. Milk' A National t-ovorite Neciar Tea Ann Salad Dressing 8 O'Clock Coifee - . t-d Circle CoHee Ched Nutley f Marqarine Wheat QuicV' Q'uakerOats Sijnnyfidld ' ' Flour Sw.lts Cleanser HEINZ CREAfvA OF Tomato Soup 2 c 23c of SeliPolishing Can' New Maxjeo' Garrets"; 1 ; Tokay' Grapes- ' 2. Russet Potatoes 5 Golden Heart Celery Colorado Cabbage ^13c - 4c Meat Values Sunnyfiold Ready to-Eaf. \ , ' Cooked Pichics Fancy Smokad ; Slab Bacon Dry Salt Bacon Smoked Bacon Squares Short Ribs Seven Roast Wise. Mild Cheese Young Baking Hens Youngblood's Fryers Half or Wholo Whole or Piece Ib, 63c 69c (b. Haavy Calve* Heovy Calvei 37c 47c 39c 59c 63c 63 c Whola Ib, 79C Ib, Ib. Ib. Ib, Ib. Small Whole Catfish Rosefish Fillets H & D Whiting : Select Oysters '"•' 63c ">• 37c '"- I9c '"• 93c HEINZ Baby Foods Strai.-u-d Oiot.j 4 '^ 23c tv f^- HEINZ BABY, Cereal Bo s. I 7 " x I /C

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