Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1948
Page 4
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f , 4t? Pago Four cladj rmeif il in-J Co.J 3St 1 ji atom j r, Vc" ctar * il 11 ist."' was 1 lows*! Con | •Ran. 7 Mitchum and Others Plead Innocent Hollywood, Sept. 211 -—- (UP) — Roisctt Mitchum. who had told po Jico'he's been .a marijuana smoker - tar. j ems," plcade.d innocent today to nai colics charges. He said he wduict asic ;he iudgc to ihiow oat the indictment because if wasn't written in the English, language. "-Blonde Actress Liia Leeds and Real Estate. Agent Kobin Ford, •• •• • "^•vimim; wuiu.u neip me al rested with Mitchum in her hilt- delensc, that might be supplied HOPE STA only words pertinent to Mr. Mitchum's case that I could understand were 'flowering hemp.' "J always thought that had to do with rope." Judge Thomas L. Ambrose .sup- urosrerl a grin. Gir.-ler said each count against Mitchum contained the words "eannabis saliva," the Latin word lor marijuana. Ambrose may have boon amused at Giesler's speech, hut he denied s^ request for a dismissal. "Your point is not well taken " he decreed. "Perhaps the language used in the indictment to identify marijuana is thc only language that could be used to (denti "U a nickname would help '-the rescott News Thursday, September 30 Methodists will have third Mission Study from Mission book ''Committed Unto Us" presented by Mrs. K. L. Koss at the church ;H 7 o'clock. Magnolia Kiwanis Club will be the -guests of the local Kiwanis at a meeting here. A large attendance is desired. ES Bih side cottngej .Sept. 1, also pleaded innocent Dancer Vickc Evans M\o, acCoiding to police was thc onlV g-ucsl at the. if.Klnight parly ,vrt!lout a lighted "reefer" in her land, ashed thc court to dismiss icr cn-sr on grounds of insufficient •vidcnoe. J»I.tcftum s a 11 o r n cy, Jerry la ch for Seat I nor told the court thc indicl- ncnt against his client was void na invalid because its languarea !! > s "indefinite, 'uncertain, and un- atclhgble." Parts tif it. 1 '- ,he .said, "aren't ven in ---'-••••- Ambrose ordered Mitchum. Prod and Miss Leeds to appear Nov 22 before Judge Clement D. Nye for He ordered a hearing Oct.. 7, on Miss fcvans' reguest for dismissal. Here and There in Arkansas product LOSING There is only one Crumhiized... and we have it —Nu- trejia! Andrem6itir ber, CrunjbJized costs you no more than mash or pellets! Wholesale Distributers FLATPLATE Friday, October 1 ,Tho Prcscott Cm-ley Wolves will meet the Nashville Scrappers on the local field .Friday evening. Mrs. Charlie Tompkins was hostess to: Circle 1, of the Woman's Missionary. Union of First Baptist church at. her home Monday afternoon. Arrangements o'f Mexican sunflowers' decorated the rooms. Mrs Frank Williams, circle chairman' conducted a short business session after which Mrs. John Pittman presented an interesting Bible study from the book of Acts. Mrs. Tomp- Isins.served a delectable sandwich Plate to Mrs. Frank Williams. Mrs Hucker Murray, Mrs. Hotly Butler, Mrs. John Piltman and Mrs. Fred While. .Circle 2 of Ihe Woman's Missionary Union of First Baptist church met Monday at 2:30 pm at the home of Mrs. Hoy Loomis' circle chairman. Arrangements of dahlias were «r * decorate thc rooms. Mrs. Watson White Jr. opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Loomis presided over the business session Mrs. Edward Bryson gave the Bible study from a chapter in The hostess served a delicious salad plate ,to Mrs. Watson Bu- -f i c !5' ^ rs : ' Ed ward Bryson. Mrs led McDaniel, Mrs. Otho Slcplv i. Mrs.. Watson White Jr and Hall, a.guest of the circle. of ., Circle. No. 3 of W.M.U. 01 me 'list Baptist church met Monday II 'he home, of Mrs. Claude Cox ui... Cox used a variety of fall TvT 1S 4?', ^corate her home. Mrs. Sid Loomis, circle chair- nan, presided over the bu« rr>s« . Mrs. Loroy Phillips/Bible opened the program with cr after wh.ch she gave an in- 'g.sl-.-riy from thc Book of ocial hour the follow- enjoyed ice Truman Says Spy Probe Is U.S. Threat , Aboard T r u m a n Campaign ram, rnSopt. 29 </p, _ President rurnan said today Republicans arc . -afraid" to come into th<" open on campaign issues. "Be/ore I get through wit'i them," he declared, "I'm goin« to smoke 'em out nndl're going" to know whore they stand." . The president said the GOP making "innocuous" campai statements . Hrcn a farming area at Alcstcr, Okla.. the president scried: "American farmers no have to sell cheap and buy hTeh and. that is. just the way "' to b.c\ ' "H is no accident. "It is a policy of thc Democratic administration." . a, Mr. Tru'man continued, in ' I spite of Republican contentions the farm support program hasn't tost ^ the government one red Instead, he -said, it has made r $80,000.000 !for the taxpay m the last few years. »T AI C P resitl cnl got off his train al Polhfc Chi" 3 SP ° k0 h '° m a st ™d mated lhc crowd at 20,000. Lt C. P Raley of the state highway patrol said it reached 23000 Mr. Truman stood with his back c«?ln!' g c3 S°S.^ m l ° " U1C An unscheduled stop was nrid" at Calvin because a crowd of several hundred, including school chU- dren, gathered there. • 3!J "-' make a the chil- Ex-Little Rock Man Slays Wife, Shoots Self Thursday, September 30,1948 ; The and un- Pa- Detroil, Sept. ;>!) — I/T)-- iappy marriage of Uris tricia Flowers ended in a blast of jesiranecd Mrs «un.ire before stunned pedestrians ! oi : a Jrj"eaS tfrT by a on a busy west side street ycslei '"•""-'"" -'--'-- '' day. former Li AcC ', ) .',' ding lo a statement from ';,,|Mrs._l'Jowers on file in thc Domes- ons Department of ro- court, Flowers had been jshot. himself fatally before officers could seize him. One gunshot from a pursuing po- Jiceman cracked through a window of a house, nearly striking an invalid woman. Relatives said the Flowers cou- p.e, married two years, had been mother „--. .,.. „ previous marriage, complained of mistreatment. Uns. ,!,, a machinist ;l nd piolc-ssional boxer, firing a .shotgun concerned in a cardboard box killed blonde Patricia. 33. r moment alter escorting her from her place of employment, police said. Then lie /Jed down 'ah alley and tic Rel; cordcr's court, F'lowers married five times before. "A former resident of Little Hock, Ark an., honorably discharged State Rig liters to Confer With Laney Little Rock, Sept. 29. —fTJP')' — States Rights Democratic party officials will confer'with Gov Ben 'f'] cy - "f, ro ^mori'ow about his pa it in the national campaign Lauey revealed today that Mer- r.l Gibson,-Status.-Rights campaign manager and.,. \V. W. Wright, Jackson;. M.ss., would discuss the hiatus Rights party's •situation with hiITI tomorrow. ."If there is any demand for my kind of service I'm ready to go anytime," the Arkansas governor said. "I'm not imposing * mv •-. thoughts on anybody but I feel no 1; ''hesitancy in expressing my ideas ? ? al any place any lime." f j| Laney indicated he might 'take fa an active part in the campaign t : -. for Gov. J. Strom Thurmond o£ f-- : South Carolina. ' ?; ; : "I will continue to speak rny f, 1 , sentiments within the state and I ! have received several invitations t- outside of Arkansas," he said. The Arkansas chief exec'utivfr said he probably would fjli,' a speaking engagement at Memphis under the sponsorship of the States Hightcrs within Ihe next few days. A pound of honey represents'the life work of 1,000 bees. Press Secretary Charles C Ross- said the president would speak on John McRi". " n - M ". Clifton " Loyce Andev s -.,,i QUALITY GOES INTO THIS NEW PACKAGE Raisins Sunmaid Sccc'less Pinfo Beans Washburn. Ib. 15c. Northern Becsrss Washburn. Ib. 2Cc Blackeysd Peas 4 es Largo Dried Sunswcet Apricots oz- Box Sunswcet. Perfectly Dried Your Choice of Kroger i ' Wocaroni, Seashell Macaroni, Macaroni, or Elbow Spaghetti of W.M.U. or the Fir £ mot althe home Yaneey Monday all The Yaneey - . chairman - conduct T - business session. Mrs , uriv fr ll °^ nan ,. tprcscntcd thc Bible -m? 1 ' -° a ' tcmoo » taken fron apter in Acts A delicious salad plate was -w Mr '? i5 cPfo » owi ns members: n- 'f',, w - Gnmes, Mrs. A. S F Mr? S M ' t - M rf', L ' L ' 'Buchanan Mi b. Mettle Kobmson, Mrs. Tbad Bulchcr. Mrs. J.. M. Ingram, Mrs ii js Cooper and Ml 'S' Ben Phil! Darren Marsh left Monday r 01 M"»rni. Florida. He was accompan- cd by Mrs. Fred Powell who will be tne «ue s t o.f her sister Mrs Clyde Marsh for ten days Mr" Marsh will be joined la-.cr by Mrs' Marsh and their son, Johnny Baby Limas 4 Washburn. Ib. 20c ...Mrs. H. A. Faye Loomis with relatives ana. Loomis and Miss spent thc weekend in Clayton, Louisi- Riws ;, district engineer of Mrs. Ernest Holland of Arkadel plua is the guest of her mother Mrs. Owen Waters. M ''i"il Mrs ' c h«i'l'c Seott and Mr and Mrs. George W.ylie attended the Diamond Jubilee. Four Mates I-air celebration in Texar- on Tuesday. O. R. Pnnchc'.v W,MS a visitor in Hope Monday. business Mi. and Mrs. Glenn Ilnir.ston accompanied Mrs. Hairston's 1110- , P ace, M, to <t i,y the presi- Moore ' who .. an. v good in the first ' will serve as a member, o ' ° n comi "itlec in Tulsn. thc ''Oiei-erico tht Dern- Ks-oger. 25 Ib. Bag 1.55 Sv/ift's se Jenirsg FlovoffuS Shortening 1 2b. Ctn. 32c occrnn°n r0 '?> reUri »S f '' 0m ing L£ P ' Ross . R «l°y is oppos- »ivcnT™rV C i° Presid «"t Truman lomn -N C0ld , lal reception in Okla' ' t01 ' Moorc - sai " "' T1- thc be to ex- the charges that congressional in Bearing down on the House Une dori'T TAc « vlti <* commitle". LJded by J Parnell Thomas IR•4\ u ? rumar > declared: Through us press-agent stunts or political ends, this Mrs. I heir A. W. Howard, who has guest, to DeQucen Sun- Mrs. J. M. ]->owell has had as he i Kuesls her sister. Mrs. Andrew Jonnson, ol' Shreveport, Louisiana, an I her brothers, R J. PiUnian of 0(1 i on, Tc-xas and Utho Pittman of Nov.' Orleans. would be on the Arkansas ballot "t the Nov. a general election. "1 am interested in knowing how i many people, in Arkansas would ; vote thai kind of ticket,' 'he said, have been wondering for a long time how many left wing and radical voters ;'S of the foreign countries'" * lie president's counter char me before 20,000 Oklahoma.™ 10 state fan- grounds. no president's soorin i i 1*1 in d.cduled to arrive in "a", 4 10 p.m. (EST) following slop • bbawnee, Scminole, Wewoka P enville. McAlester and Mr. truinan begged off i K i n u s \ v 1 1 li s c* v c r n 1 huii followers al a reception last j-'xplaming that he had "elasp-d hands with upwards of 20,000 per- Se.pt. T" C ° h ° lcft w «sl'»ns'on. He told the press thai he was Mii-ry he had to hurry Ihrou-'h a fff'U'Ml HMMl . *-, 1 .. i . I -"<Cl" 11 Pancake For Fine Pancakes Cake Mix Duff Devil Food Mix Bisqiiick Make Nourishing Biscuits Vanilla Extract v Dr. Price Pure Vanilla Vanilla Wafers Sunshine Brand Ecsfrmore Smooth Spreading Texture Cinnamon Rolls Kroger. Freshly Baked 20 Box Box 02. Box 19© Peanut 1 Buffer 8ns pound of Kropr SPOTLIGHT m If we fail to say "Thank You" ufter serving you Ho "strings".. .nothing to buy ! It's ' just a pert of our policy lo assure you friendly, cowieous Kroger service. If any Kroger employee "misses" jusl ask the checker for your coffee. 12 02. Glass Kroner Inviting Sandwiches CANNED MEATS. Coca Cola Snve On This Price, Plus Deposit. Bottle Ctn. Baking Powder, 16 oz. 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Finger-tip operation makes it easy and restful. Let our dcmonetralor show you how to yet beautiful, wrinkle-free ironing — Bitting down! Come in- or phone— for a demonstration. ,, . ,; ;x «»-1 ^'n LUC air - thai the National Democratic commmec had contracted for ,• ,- t'lr.o Losliiifj $40.000 and that "was a lot of dough " In his informal remarks u, a Party gathering, Mr. Truman - ., P"mled to his victory in the in! we have in this I Uoual convention and other noliij * is a good time to i' ;l! bailies in predicting election .overnor added. November 2. ' "In 19-10 all the metropojil-m Dapers were against me v.h-n' ] was a candidate for the United h.ates benate," he recounted. Kven the president called me in and offered me a job because he didn t think 1 would be elected XX after the Democratic convention in Philadelphia 1 decided to lour the land from corner to comer, x x x On midnight Nov 1 am going to bed and not wake up 'or a day or two to Irani the rj ^ h( ?,• 1"^ Us going to oe all The president added, "it's "oin" to be just too bad" if Hie Kepinlf- cuns win. Garden Fresh Save Rich Flavor New Crop Ib. cello No. 2 Can No. 2 Can nd out." the governor added. i Wallace's Arkansas followers were refused a writ of mandamus which would have required Soc-re- |lary uf State C. G. Hall to place .names uf Wallace electoral cancii- , Kates on thc ballot as independents. , Spokesmen announeed an appeal I woiyd bo taken from Pulaski C'ir- leuitv. Judge .1. Mitchell Ceokrill's j ruling and also tiiat petitions would i l-ie .Hied to place the electoral can- It.KiaK..-.- on (|K> ballot a.s members ol tile 1'niyressive ]>arty. GENERAL < WASHERS - DRYERS ~ IRONERS 215-217 S. Wdliut Phon 2] HAMM TIRE 8, APPLIANCE CO. iflle Huck. Sept. -><J -1,1'j—Trial lliomas Kciwii, Black, 28, on ;, r-c of lirst dt-^ree murder was today lor Nov. 3. JIack is accuycd of tho ratal !' Bully Jane Mctall. :'.-,- nuj-,s ( - in an att'.>:npted i' l.ntle l; u ck early last Huck, Sept. :'!) -— i/l'j _. ' ' -as Public Service Com- li'tiay look under advise i'!' 2'2 turck- •d intrasla'ti. White Seedless Ibs. 19c Onions 10 Ibs. 39c Ibs. 50 Ib. Bag 1.49 <r Kroger-Cut Arkansas Is Progressing Says Executive Water Usage iViiM-e tlian twice a.s much water -• I'Svu III.T caj.'iia in cities where •'-'l</r is nut jiietered as in cities •"IMC; H is metertd. according to the s '.'ei the I;,,- ]| (.C the Coii.- Pine Rluff. Sept. 2!) y'lisa:; is one state in hat knows where she i )mr she i s j.;oimi to j-ji- ' ' l: .' ; is tin 1 opinion of I-.u DiA.'ii. N ( . W y,.,,-^. prr.situ ill r.lectric Power and Light pan... 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