Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1948
Page 3
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1"• t f ,' " -t<• r'. it* "i f, September 30, 1948 f l> A'«l STAR v 'v a t t^lr^ it A HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or i 269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. i October 1 ton and wore a cotton boll corsage. e Rose CVardcn Club will' Mrs. E. P. O'Neal and Mrs. W. 8t Friday at 3 p.m.-in the home \ - . Foster, assisted by Mrs. R. D. k /It's.' W. "B. Mason. Co-hostesses ] Franklin and Mrs. Harry Shiver, Vbe Mrs. J. L. Rogers and Mrs. | served coffee, miniature jelly rolls. B. Rowen. There will be nn i mints and cheese .crackers to the guests. Oilier members of- the hotise- MiM-ty were: Mrs. A. B. Patten. Mrs. Clii" Bi-idyers. Mrs. II. K. Benson. Mrs. Kelly Bryant, Mrs. George Newborn. Mrs-. 0 A Grave;, Mrs. ,1. E. Cooper. Mrs, J, W. Perkins. Mrs. Claude Tillorv and M,s. Sid McMalh. Relay, October 2 ' President's Day Luncheon of Ip'riday Music Club will bo —..t-al 12:4,") p.m. Saliircuiy at the |fP>w' Hotel. y, October 4 Y.-W.A. of the First Baptist j !ch ;\vill meet- at tho church j 'lay evening at ti:lii o'clock for | regular monthly business and 1 meeting. All mcmbeis are id to attend. Approximately 25.0 gilest.M ., e.all(,'d during the appointed hours'.- ' ' Coining arid Going ROY Big Chair Heads Say Prices Are Coming Down By United Press Heads of two big food chains said today that food are coining down. Franklin Lunding, Chicago, president of Jewel Tea Co., said that other things being equal, "we have seen the peak in food prices, and a downward trend is obvious." He added, however, that there store prices Truman in Appeal for Illinois Votes Carbondale, 111., Sept. 30 —(/?)— President Truman asked Illinois workers today for Democratic votes to stop "big business" Republicans" from continuing to | "nail the American consumer to are many factories arid many dif-|the wall with spikes of greed."- Between the Illinois speeches .-*- thpre. arc •- 28 electoral votes at stake in that stale—rind the talk at Louisville tonight, Mr. Truman will talk extemporaneously at Evansville, Ind., 12:25 p. m. (CST) Henderson. Ky.. at 1:H."> p. m. and Trvington, Ky.. at 4:10 p m l fho president is duo in iViHc.a.t 5:40 p rh. (CST) rollficl of receptions and ALouis- *Jor a dinner prior to his speech in the armory. Mr. Truman turned in 16 speeches yesterday for a record day for his trip, and brought to 110 his total talks since he left Washington September 17. Sunday! October 4 iv : Circle 4 of the W.S.C.S. of the tijst Methodist church will meet Stldny at 3 p.m. in the home of " A. D. Middlebrooks on Park Ivc. Mrs. Friday morning /or to attend the Rose ,11 visit h;;r brother, \V. B. Lee. Stephen son 'will leave Tyler.':Texas Festival and Mr., and Mrs. fei'ent trends in various food items. Lunding was asked to comment on the decline in wholesale 'food prices, which according to Dun Bradstreet have dropped to their lowest level since March 9. The Dun • tBi-adstreoiti / weekly, index. mdcU? MiJfcfroV basic foods, declined itu; the past week.-' Coffee d at Country Club ra. H: O. Kvier, Mrs. L. D. iliger. Mrs. Earl Clifton and R. t,. Broach entertained with orning coffee at Hope Country Wednesday from D:.'iO to 30 o clock. TJie cotton theme was carried |UU in ill decoration.-, of the club ,<$&" 1 he-mantel was attractively iiatecl with red check gingham cotton bolls. Various other ,,_ngements of cotion were used , flhe entertaining rooms, ^jhe guests were -rrtt/t ^ti'fljp j ij>)oi- ij Sliss'. Mablc F.thridgc; and Mrs. ;cy McRae and introtfuc-ed to _ icceiving line w.hich'jincludod t hostesses. Each .-member , ol "house party was 'd'r'e.s'soa in col- Mrs. E. L. Spillw-E left Friday by plant, for McKcen,' Pennsylvania to.- an extended visit with her • laugh'.cr. Mrs. Karl Vogel, Mr. Vi.;;el and children. l,c-ejUs dur,- : 1^,-v University McClelland M.D Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Albrilton left ins', night for Houston. Texas 'o atl?nd the .;'i.meral of Mr. At- ...... briUon 1 :; brothei. Blake Albritlon. | i-ols, wooclehucks. R a n d a 1 1 Dixon of Little Hock is a Dusiness Visitor in Hope today. Graydon Green of Shr r ''crjort is a business visitor in Hope and has been the guest, of "Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Arnold and Mrs. Bessie D. Green. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Holt returned last night from Little Rock Where they attended the thrce- slale Kiwanis Convention Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. By EDWIN P. JORDAN, Written for NEA Service Tularemia is often called fever because ao many cases of the disea.se in human beings have been caught by eating or skinning cottontail rabbits. However, squir- cats. dogs, hogs. foxes, coyotes, muskrats, deer, mink, racoon, snapping turtles, range sheep, meadow mice, rats: horned owls, chickenhawks. pheasants and catfish have all been responsible for some cases. Tularemia usually begins with the appearance of local lesion on on or under the skin. This comes about one to four days-after exposure to the infected material. The lesion is located most frequently on the hands or arms. This skin 2:30 LAST DAY-^--— • FEATURE'S ' -ii— -^ 4:37 - 6:44 - 0:21 • m GANGLAND • MEETS TREASURY' AGENTS Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. J. D. McAlister, Hope. Mrs. Ku.uene Ferguson, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Paul Oiler, Hope. Mrs. Jack Olwoll and baby girl, Fulton. He offered them a choice between "another era of fear under the Republican reactionaries" and "another era of hope with liberal democracy." Mr.: Trum.'ln prepared his remarks for delivery in the Southern ^Illinois' Stadium. . Th.e!' president assailed the Re- 'publlcan-controllod 80th Congress as '[{he puppet" of hitf business, and-| ; ihe • real estate, board and graii)ti speculators' lobbies and rappiitl its passage of the "reactionary Taft-Hartley act" over his veto. "Instead of improving the Wag- Incr act as I recommended." Mr. j Truman declared. "They cut and rabbit hacked away at the workers' newly-won rights. The Taft-Hartley act is the way backward, not the way forward. That's the Republican way." "The big business Republicans have set an economic trap for the American consumer. They have baited the trap with glib assur- aiT'us 'hat everything will bn all fight if you just let nature take care of everything. And when they say' : nature, they mean themselves. . ." i In his Cnrbondalc address, tho president said the Democrats have raised the income of the farmer to ten times what it was in 1932, saved millions of home and farm lesion begins 'as a sort of raised | owners from eviction, .rescued lump which tends to ulcerate aftev| lhe banking system, established about a Week. Enlarged lymph glands in the armpits follow the j skin lesions after -only a short time. Those enlarged glands are tender Josephine • Air. and Mrs. Roland Ballard. Rt. 1. Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on Sept. 2'.). 1048. Admitted: J. 0. Taylor. Hope. DEMM5S Mary Monde • Wally Ford LAST DAY FEATURES 2-00' - 3:49 -'5:31 - 7:00 - 9:18 Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. Press W. Walker, | Hope, announce the arrival of a | son. Thomas Michael, September TiO. Admitted: Mrs. Butler Fulton. McCaskill. Mrs. P. W. Walker, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Donald E. Williams daughter, Gayle, Hope. and Mutes Are ?ci en Accident Pittsburgh, Sept. 30 —(UP) — Three ,. persons, all deaf-mutes,, were killed -qarly .today in a .collision between -their .automobile and a strcetcarm Two passengers aboard the 'streetcar were injured slightly. . . ; Those ^killed were identifed 'as Arnold M MWilson, 24, the driver, of Pittsburgh; Joan 'Riddle, 23. his fiancee Kirksville. "Mo.; and Clarence Fineran, Whiting, Ind. and oux Cityn la. They worked as. a sales crew. deposit insurance and "brought truth to the sale of securities." X>n the other hand, he said, the , ,-.„„, B ™ 61U ,,^ u , c lcllucli 80th Congress passed a "rich painful and may become fill- man s tax bill, the, raft-Hartley - • ' 'act, and became the puppet of big business, the puppet of special lobbies—the real estate lobby, the power lobby, the grain speculator's lobby, and others." They arc interested in one thing —the profits of big business, he said, and added: "Today's big business is rubbing its hands in the hope of having another boom and bust spree under a Republican administration. They are in the same greedy stale of mind that brought about the crash of 1929 and the Hoover depression." A 141-mile automobile ride from Mt. Vernon to Carmi, 111., offered the chief executive an opportunity to slump in territory where the University membership is a potent voting factor. Mr. Truman will spend probablyi his most strenuous day of campaigning yet with a major speech 1.9 a. m. oo (CST) at Louisville. Ky.. on housing, living costs and' other domestic issues. Presidential Press Secretary Charles G. Ross said he expected he president to emphasize his veto of the Taft-Hartley act in cd with. pus. C-uises High Fever Fever rises rapidly, usually reaching around 104. The victims of this condition are often left with j severe fatigue which may take mo- inths or years to get over if they have been promptly and properly treated. Tularemia is caused by a germ and the disease behaves like many other germ diseases. The best treatment is to avoid infection—this means that those who are engaged in skinning animals which are likely to be infected should wear gloves or protect themselves in some other way. The best treatment for tularemia is the new drug, streptomycin. This drug' is of real and definite value for tularemia and is now the preferred treatment for anyone who is unfortunate enough to acquire this disease. It seems to be highly effective in all forms of the disease, including thai in which the lungs are involved. QUESTION: What causes earache? In my case, it usually starts after a sore throat. COLMAM-' Edmosid HASSO In Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes Flush Out Poisonous Waste When disorder of kidney function permits Poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause nagginE Imckncho, rheumatic pains, leg Paine, loss of Pep mid energy, get. ting up nipjitr,, swelling, inifIincL;3 under the eyes, headaches and dir.r.incsa, Frequent or Ecanty pnaaages \vjth smarting and burning sometimes shows then; ia something wronu "with your kidneys or bladder. Don!t wait 1 Ask your, druggist for Doan'3 Pills, a stimulant'diuretic, used successfully by millions for-ovter'-SO years. Doan'5 give happy relief and wf)l help the lu miles of kidney tubes flush b% poisonous wastef rota your, blood. Get Doi^s Pills, ANSWER: The second sentence answers the first. There is a passageway leading from the nose to the ear -and infection can be carried along this passageway producing such a symptom as earache. Would Use Atom Bomb to Stop Berlin Trouble Washington. Sept. 30. —(UP) .— Sen. James O. Eastlancl. D., Miss, proposed today that the Unitec tates tell Russia that an atomic bomb will be dropped on a major Soviet city unless the Berlin block- ar'p is, lifted. , . He predicted that if this were done Russia would back down anc call o'ff- the blockade pronto. Eastland told . reporters: "If Russia were made to realize now, that we ell! riot permit her 16 r'.arvci 2,000,000 people :in our zone in order -to strike at us, but we will • use atomic weapons against i one. of her cities, she will call of f i _ _ 'he blockade and, in fact, make if,, peace." I — He calle-1 the Russian blockade a ''bluff.' 'He said that lie believes Rnspia ' would have abandoned it long ago "if this country had signified its determinat'on "to use force to protect our rights." He said thai if the air lift ^ cannot be .maintained this winter, 'we iiT'st open" normal surface upply lines.' - • speeches starling at Mt. Vernon, where he leaves his train at 7:30 a. m. (.CST). Then he goes to Bonton." West frankfort, Herrin, Carbondale, Marion, El Dorado, and : Carmi where he returns to hi-; train at 11:15 a. m. (CST). Mr. Turman's associates said his court battles with Lewis, head, of the United Mine Workers, have not dimmed his hope of a heavy Democratic vote from them. Attorney General Tom Clark, introducing the chief executive • at Dpllas Monday, referred to him as the man who "stopped Joe Lewis." Mr. Truman smilingly corrected him to say "it wasn't Joe Lewis I stopped— it was John. I haven't quite that much muscle." The president's staff said 'he de elded against a discussion of the civil rights issue in Kentucky home state of Senator Alben W Barkley, his vice presidential run time mate. Wilson W. Wyatt,former Louis ville-mayor and one-time housin rdministrator.' is chairman of arrangements for the Louisville ro- ception. om a manuscript. Truman will speak '• "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN '• I ' . Vij' $ lngh-ricliii' for Fall in..; "We can't-weaken, regardless of the c'onspciuenceas." Eastland said. "We've got to call a halt to Communist expansion. "The populations of the Western zones have been entrusted to our care. They have been loyal to the United States against Russia. We cannot let them'down." DOROTHY Dl* Bored Homernakers •fphtform /j^^/% ' You'll be g;iy as a canary... and just as colorful coo in chest bright new Trim Trccl \ platforms. Sc-c- our complete collection. V^j. Priced right . . . style-ripe! * Black Suede My mail is filled with' letters from .women...complaining about the monotony and drudgery of the life of the average wife and mother and comparing it with the interesting life of the business woman. I wish that I could impress upon these women the fact that making a home and rearing children properly is the finest career that anyone can follow, and the one that pays the highest rewards. We get out of everything just what we put into it. and whether a woman is bored or thrilled by home-making depends altogether upon herself and the spirit in w^:eh she goes into it. , k?wor,n.a'p's home can be a prison to $er ijiat she hates and.loathes. .Or/it <*'a:i:be the dearest [spot on earth to her, the pla.ce 't'o which sho'tui'ns -as to MI temple of refuge. She can love every boarjd in it. lierself keenly • interested in devising time-saving ways of performing her tasks. She may realize that cooking is one of the fine arts, and get just as rnuchr kick- out of preparing a perfectly balanced meal as she would put of painting a picture, or writing a clever story. A woman may regard her husband and 'children as burdens because they interfere with her freedom to do as she pleases. She may feel herself a martyr to have to slay with the baby when she wants to go to the movies. The chatter of her youngsters may gel on her nerves and make her cross and irritable. Or she may thank God knells every night for beingVbles- She can almost burst wi it .even if it ii •Collage. She i interest it 'Where' Good Shoes are Fitted Correciiy' Styled by Another Smart CONNIE as shown in Red or Neutral Shade ; FAMILY SHOE STOR|P '; 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Fostei PhpnellOO has to do her own housework. Sh may be bored to. tears by the eternal sameness of cooking and cleaning and seeing and doing all of the things that have to be done over and over again every day to keep a family comfortable. Keep Interested Or she may bring the same in- I telligcnce to bear upon her house- i i hold chores as she would upon her i (Released job in any office. She may keep l individual woman makes it. And when you come to monotony, all work thai you du day after day is monotonous. We have to manufacture our own thrills and make our own kicks. Here are a few of the many values you'll find at West Bros, Hew 'merchandise it arimnq ffaily thai you'll need for fail and winter weer. Slsop here and use our UAY-AWAY PLAN. iv* w tf £ > * 5 • v.J>£ Smart new fall styles in these printed spun rayon dresses. Sizes 12 to 20. Only This Smart, CONNIE SHOE as shewn is in Black, Reef or Green Use our Lay - A - - Way Use your Charge Account these pretty, first quality nylons thai are 51 guage and : 15 denier. Pretty new fall shades. AIR CONDITIONED CHAS. .Pretty new 80 square fall prints, 36 inches wide, -for Ypu»" : fall sewing. Color's and patterns you'll like. Only 4/ COMPANY Use Our Convenient sed:; ! wilh husband and children andijhome, and for being privilegec lo 'i'cr.ve those she loves. She mays get a greater thrill out of h pride j having a baby in her arms lhai only a ; she ; ?could out of watching any lay find i film;-actress's hectic passion. She a neverentliag interest lit beauti- i niajv find watching a little chfld's | lying it, f$c( gloat ovi.{' every | niin'd unfold tho most interesting j . Jhair.. anti-put .iiad .ftyji,,,.,»!nd find j and 'fascinating thing on earth. j 1 utter happiness in keeping it spic- | li is all in the point of view. ( j und-span. ! Our jobs an; just what we make j ' Or "a woman may pity herself ' them, and the wife and mother i for being a drudge because she ! job is not different from the rest, j It is work or play, miscj-y or pleasure, boring or interesting, monotonous or varied, just as th Come in and select the things,^QU need.. and use our Lay-Away planM&pby for ' them. •, , . \ Men's new fall felts in the SrnaVf^nesv colors and" styles for fall Complete ranfjMoi' sizes % _—. msvm *9^ JH ,if*7*h * IKS3T jt&^h ., ^ A reaj Value in there 45 gua'ge "nylons.. They are all first quality and in shades you'll want. Al! $ sizes Men's gabprcFine sport, shirls in pretty solid colors cortibiriationV; lust. trte.shirts for ccld'd^ys ahead TheSia-i-'b'.re. in.bright.i-plaids and colors you'll like, " : . :: l" : i54;Ust.the:shirt-for school wear. Only loops of gleaming satin highlight this fin,t royon dress A multigored panel, flowing from beneath Ih^ peplum, bequeaths interest arid grace to the skirt. >8lac(i of brown in regular arid half siz.es. Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort CHAS. A. The Bell Inc.) Syndicate, J COMPANY SECOND AND MAIN .Jfretty neW.fgll dressefjjn the season^ smartest- styles |jnd materials. 'Dresses you'!! want ro wear any-, where and at these low prices. t £SSf J£3h SG& ^ \ J In the old McRae Hardware Building 2nd & Main Hope, Ark.

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