Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1948
Page 2
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t A R 0 P t , ARKANSA Thursday, September' 30, T 948 ff -*mr * •y**,m»m~*-^ General Electric i^cai 301, which claims l.VOOO members of the home plant here of General Electric Voltis said that dining 193(5 while TeacfcerTeils ' Continued" From Page One ih'enectady, N. Y., Sept, 30 — l^'O IM-....J. .* in .--.«• n< "" iormer CIO official told POIV "Onco in a while, he investigators today that iBrowdfr •• '< ' ,, J tnumst party members werejYork to pep us up. •red "to organize" General Vottis .-.. v 'trie Co worker-! as a matter party members importance." ei-s that "it .is ot statement was made by Sal- -portance jnihisfsi £»r» . r -r cE"£ s ^ £ ^ " J!lcctri(ful Woikers union, who jcomn.ums^ p.^rj_ u^_ f * .fc . . 11 ji»^i J - . separately, Stn'm's new Earl ^ oj , K( J U(iall0 ,, for Soviet Russia Budnov had comc from the Red Army where he had established n « - f :h e propaganda and . i nttwofKs. -- , • i educational Market Report f'OULTRV AND PRODViCfe Chicagti, Sept. 30 — M~ <US0A).. —Live poultry ; about Steady receipts 32 trucks; prices unevenly a cent a pound higher on ducks to unchanged' FOB wholesale mai'Ket ucklmgs 3V: heavy qducks ... , .„„,.,„,, iluuer unsctiled; receipts .«<,,-, to ;/ organize ; Stalin, however did not abanri ;8? unchanged., Lenin's maxim that education tn- r > st( , atly; receipts der the Soviets is a weapon in the I . ^ identified himself ComrtHthist- as a former represented "the wark ot capital.*>n. f-lili u 1. V n J./1 l. n » « •- i i ' • Vottis also testified that he made frequent trips to Com.rnun.si puny headquarters in New York city and Vottis was the fust witness be- loie arouse Labor subcommittee iit ._ .... Mjtobing Communist influences in that .. thal was t h c first place I '^Lior Organizations. The subcom- met Mikc Q U JH." /Mitttee Came here to investigate] Q Ui)1 jg heaci o{ inc ciO Trans 9,501; — — ., .-. 'A 1 , ••;;.: I prices unchanged except one to „„,. . i hands of. the Soviet state SUilin ,' lwo ^ ;] do/cn hi( , h ef on checks strongest Bui-' : mproVed upon it and made it oui ( ,,, , 4 bliurifet-.-)!. j-.u» ( ^ u .,,„„,! (!,„( knmulndQC Of IhO . () . _— ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Siockyaids, 111., Sept. tES Hurt Like lin! But Now I Grin wJK/vaaatfa change groana to grins? Use f.iffitoi-ttrf formula to lellovo discomfort .vSf ]»I«».iSent dnreglsta by uoted Thorn- i.ton & Minor OIlnTc. Surprising QUICK "• balTiatlvd relief ot pain, iUh, irritation, aids to Soften, shrink swelling. Us£ bfW Way; Get ttlbe ThorntoH & inor'B Rpctnl Ointment or Rectal Sup- priories today. Follow label directions, ri* Solo af- ell drug: stores everywhere. *N MOPE AT GIBSON DRUG port Workers union. Vottis, now a retail store operator, said he attended a "secret school" for Communists near : Beacon, N. Y., in 1936. and that expenses were paid.'oy tne Communist party. Vottis said he was-a Communist party member from 1035 untilJ939. , —0—; - r—- ^ Not all on Exhibit '. In many natural history musc- Xims, the number of animal specimens ;kept purely for rcsciirch is vastly greater than those on cx- 'hibit. ' : . JIIUJUVCU UJJUII *<• "•'" "• . I watchword that knowledge of the laws governing the proletarian revolution, the victory of CommumMii wauonal v^ocKymu!,, J..., --)"• must >be regarded as a cornpulsoiy , 30 __ (/P| __ Hogs, 7,500; opened aO ' --«-'-* <.-:-«"« . "•. ; to fj- ] owor| inter "market 1.0 to 1.2 Slower than Wednesday's average on barrows and gilts; bulk 2fiO-2GO Ibs 27.3f.-aft.2S; ' top 28.2r early; little over 27,50 late; 160170 Ibs 27.0-75: occasional sales 28.00 early; very branch of All 'this went , , rs ve to de- was linked with the prive, the peasants dt-their, pnva e holdingb and to '"*" holdingb and to for(-e-;:;.them into 17G j bs the kofehoz system i^ijcollective 190 }fjs A .f !rru « ./-Ar.4 rvi n'lftW-f^/ fll LilC * * ~ ,1 Hope Star SMr of Hope 1899; Press 1727, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon b^ STAft PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alox. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildin" '212-214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul !•). Jones, Managing Editor Gcorqc W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Joss M. Davis, A J vcrtising Manager Entered as second class matter at thf Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under .tht Act of March. 3, .1897. larmi |The \fost Peasants pass&ely. ijhd .' '- ' HEAR THE OVER KXAR MON. WED. FRS. at 12:15 p.m. •', VE 190 los up 2H.UU earij, vcij thc ( spotted on lighter stuff; 130-laO Ibs P''." 124.50-27.50; 1UU-120 Ins 21.0U-1M.2.T, Peasants pass&ely. ijhd .'S&nie ac- , a4 r )0 . 27 _ 5() . It )ij.i20 Ins lively, • resisted '-the 'Copimtinist | sows mn st!y 50 lower campaign of- expropriation, ami l 0 ] OWOI - into; bulk V )—Means Associated Press. )—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. regimcritatip*! we-, luuvinv' V*ere ordered into shock brigades, and mobilr/.cd to conduct propaganda in the villages in favor of collectivization. On paper this was to be accomplished bv persuasion and education, on a -._»*.*.-.... u«^.:« T5,rf th^ npnsnntS 2375-25.50 i heavier 23.55; slags 17.50-21.00 Cattle, 3,000; calves, extremes 40 Ibs down 21.001,200; no butcher steady; Subscription Rates: (Always Payable ir Advance): By city carrier per wetk 20r per month 85c. Mail rotes—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller an< LaFoyette counties, $4.50 per year; else where $8.50. early" steer sales few yearlings opening about common and medium 1900-.2o.uu with occasional good light heifers y peruas , voluntary basis. But the peasants,and mixed yearlings 20.00-28.00, just could not see the benefits of cows opening about steady but iurtertdering their strips oC land s i ow; common and med.umv cows and the produce of their own toil to state-managed farms Communist commissars. remember how sullen run by they ;jlU VV , UVJ< 11 11 1UJ i n 11 VA *.. — " 17 00-19.00; canners and cutters 1300-16.50; light canners 12.JO; bulls unchanged; medium and good mostly 21.00-22.50; vealers and choice 28.00- National Advertising Representative- Arkansas Dollies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenr, Sterkk Buildina; Chicago, 400 North Micr iaan Avenue; New York Cily, 292 Madiso Ave • Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Gran Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg Jew Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Associated Press is entitled exclusively t the use for republicatlon of all the loco news printed in this newspaper, os well all AP news dispatches. 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GRAIN AND PROVISION Chicago, Sept. 30 —(/P) — Grain "The more you work, the more ° Q ^ d ^ make much prO g. you produce," one of them spoh-e; j ur ! n o today's board ot trade up ^ to me, "so don't hand us that ^ dnul '^ ver ous at the start all fable!" The tillers of the soil just ora ' ins ' mac i e S0 me advances mid- would-not believe, that there were » Vhvnntxh the tradins. but to- Gospel Hymns Sweet arid Low r, AT A SPECIAL PRICE 1 AND More and more, fashiotiwise women turn to low-heel shoes for smart comfort! AS SHOWN AT ! RIGHT IN &LACK SUEDE I 3. AS SHOWN AT ,- LEFT IN "BLACK SUEDE AS SHOWN AT BIGHT IN ALL BLACK SUEDE \ AS SHOWN AT • L6FT IN ALL h BLACK SUEDE 3. IN HOPE IT'S PaHerson's FOR SHOES _LJtUJU; A ilC HJJi-»JV- «.-•— a would not believe, that there were any short-cuts to the abundant life. The government soon had to restore to violence, .The secret police, reinforced by special military units, was put in charge of grain ollection, as theYb'easants hid their rops. The. Soviet government, orely in need of export goods to niy machinery abroad, thus de- iiided the countryside of its produce. While flamboyant posters in schools and on .the streets proclaimed the approaching victory of socialism, the struggle for bread vas once more felt in.every home. A new tide of terror began to grip the land, threatening the existence of every hard-working farmer including the .family of my father-in-law, Nikita Kasenkm. (Tomorrow: The terrible re •nilts- of the collectivization program, famine, the food parcels from sister Eugenia which were confiscated arid Eugenia s attempt to locate the Kasen- kinas by telephone,) . way through the trading, but ward the close prices dipped. Traders said most of the government announcements made after yesterday's session had been discounted in previous sessions. Some commission and cash house buying believed to-have been against , sales to the government, up. UN to Continued From Page One a workable control system be set >. : . The important political commit tee of the U. N. General Assembly grappled with the atom as the security council prepared to face its greatest test—the Western chai'ge that Soviet Russia is menacing world peace with her Berlin block uen A. G. L McNaughton cof Canada led off the Western battle in the political committee to find out who is to blame lor the atomic energy commission's failure. The committee had before i three reports from the atomi commission recording their iailur to agree. McNaughton presented resolution calling upon "all natior to fiill||ll their responsibilities t 'he world community by aqcjep. ig" • effective control of atomic lergy. Warren R. Austin of the United tatesn supporting a majority re- ort from the commission which -as disapproved by the Russians aid (be Soviet union had blocked cal -control of the atom by reusing to sacrifice any ofv»her sov- reignty to permit international m- pection and control of sources of tomic energy. ••Fear has supplanted hope," ho aid, "because the Soviet union IBS insisted ^on placing its sovor- Itih jn&i;>^*-» m» jjiuwj..t» - -- — tt ignty athwart securty for all. tlClUJi L*.' HH- j^un'-'-.."-"---! prices for a time, and induced a little short covering. However prot- it taking cancelled most advances. At the finish wheat was 1-4 higher to 1-8 lower than yesterday s close, December $2.24 3-4-5-8. Corn was unchanged to 1-4 lower, Dea- cember $1.38 7-8-39. Oats were 1-4 higher to 1-8 lower, December 73 3.4.7-8 Rye was 1-4 to 3-4 lower, December $1.60 and soybeans were 1-2 to 11-2 higher, November $2.43. Spot wheat was steady today; asis steady: receipt 16 eras Corn as unchanged to a cent a bushel ower on old and steady on new- rop offerings; bookings 25,000 bushels of new and 50,000 bushels of Id- shipping sles 5,000 bushels; eceipts 103 cars. Oats were steady 5,000 bushels; receipt 35 cars. 5,000 bushels; receipt 35 cars, oybean receipt were 100 caars. •o Red Soldiers Continued From Page One der when black marketeers flushed by Soviet raids scuttled across tht boundaries into British or American territory and Soviet police followed them. It was believed possible that today's incident was similar. Just three weeks , ago today one German was killed and • several were wounded during a shooting affary near the Brandenburg gate —the boundary between the Russian and British sectors — which resulted when an anti-Communist German crowd stoned a Russian jeep The Russians had entered the British sector to relieve the guard at a Russian war memorial .near the ruined Reichstag building, where about 300,000 anti-Communist Germans were holding a big : rally. After the stoning, Russians ; Khaki Pants Men's army cloth khaki pants and shirts to match. Well made for comfort and wear. All sizes. Pants .... 3. Shirts — .3. Ladies Coats - Suits The largest' stock of these smart new Style Right coats and suits that we have ever had. All new fall colors and a complete range of sizes. Buy Now — Use Our Lay-A-Way Plan NEW ORLEANS COTTON ; New Orleans, Sept. 30 —(ffl—Cot- on futures fluctuatd irregularly ere today wit hthe near months stronger than the distants. Trad- ng was quiet. Closing prices were steady, 95 cents a bale lower to 20 cents higher. Oqt high 31.50 — low 31.38— close Dec'high 31.08 — low 3097 — close Mch high 3077 — low 30.66 — close 30.71-72 May high 30.51 — low 30.44 — close r. , troops and German police fired shots into British territory. Today's incident appcaared to be on a much less serious scalent ever, and seeoned to have little to do with the present war o£ nerves between Russia and the Western powers over the German capital. The nerve war had taken a new turn earlier today, however, when the American-controlled Radio Rias, principal propaganda outlet of the U. S. here, was jammed. William F. Heimlich, Columbus, O , the station director, said after six -hours of investigation that there was no doubt the transmitter was being interfered with "We have not been able to establish whether the jamming is intentional or accidental," he said "but there can be no doubt tna the jamming results from outside interference." " Radio Rias not only has built up a .large German listening audi . Jly high 29G3 — low 29.50 — close 29.52 . a large otjiiiian ii^t-v-tnnt, —-— ence but also has become an im portant adjunct to the Ang American air lift supplying th Western sectors of Berlin b hurdling the Russian blockade Recently it has been operating 2 hours a day to insure pilots a con tinual radio beam leading to Ber lin. , American authorities also reported another Russian • move in the cold war—the first Russian formation flights 'by night over Ber- Misses Coots Smart styles and colors in these all wool coats for misses. Sizes to 14. 9.98 Plaid Shorts Boys bright colored plaid flannel shirts for these cool days. Sizes 4 to 18. 1.29 Boys Unions Long sleeve, long leg winter unions for boys. They're really warm for cold winter days. Sizes 2 to 16. 1.29 Beadspreads Full double bed size, crinkle bedspreads in rose blue and green. Size 82 x 105. 1.69 Ladies Hats Pretty new hats for fall that are chic and prim. 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Regular 5.95 values. Use Our Easy Lay- Away Plan Oil Cloth New York, Septm ep — </V> — A wealthy C/.ech beauty today identified two men who she said robbed her of §75,000 in jewels in a Manhattan hotel room. Mrs. Sonja Loew, 31, of Milton, Mass.. identified in a linoitov Stephen Bayer, 47, and William Bruley 20, as two of three tosvel- ma'sked bandits who bound, gagged and robbed her early yes- terdaytaid. The two were among three taken into custody today. A third man picked up by police was not iden- ij., however, objected that it iaci .only just been submitted, no Russian text was available und we vanted time to study it. The session then was suspended .mtil tomorrow morning. McNaugHton said the since the general assembly etablished the atomic commission early in 1946, the power of tlie bomb had been sources of raw materials had been "infinitely increased" and new sources of raw materials Jiad been discovered. He did not elaborate. The general said the United Nations was now faced with the problem of dealing "with the means for utter destruction of present civilization." He appealed for adoption of the , .; , prescnTcd by Bernard M. Baruch l> odi commission's majority proposal pi-osunled by Bernard M. Baruch of' the'lVnited States of 'June 14, ,946, ^ votoe^by Rus^a. v • !The, .Soviet c4^to*^??V ht r tlfi-Wren's health clinic. ••) I said, .provides tai^TSrv- Hrtillateral h That day ; s f ;u . o jf. Bu^al leas eohtrblV 'Prohitit.tiOn of tf>(? atomic | , n( , TJJXJ psychiatrist think's tha bomb/i he added, "must be part humanity is not goin;4 to'Vipe it- iof an'"j/yerall plan accompanied by self ' xlsives 1 international inspection.", land ' ' of Daily Bread Continued From Pages.One tal ills, rather than simplyj'lo mm- ;:sh or hospitalize the offenders and victims. But when crimes and delusions assume national proportions and stir up international troubles we put them down to fate or acts of history. The fact that they mav have started in some individual's thwarted childhood is overlooked. Some clay psychiatry may be to detect and check emotional itied by Mrs. Loew. She is the divorced wife Elias M. Loew. Mrs Loew told police that Bayer vas the man with "the sentimental blue eyes"- who served as leader n the 'holdup, stroked her head. called her "honey" and "darling and assured her she wouldn't be larmeH. . , The three men we-e serzec while police were investigating: the disturbances childhood that lt . dictators as well as thieves u..,. murderers. This \vijl mean that there will have to b«, as Dr Sul/.bersor and others spy there should be, psychiatrists as' well as physicians and dentists "' «"»i-v actties of known safecracjtei A red value in oil cloth. 46 inches and in both solid colors and flowered patterns. Only JIT .. Yard Men's Dress Shirts Here is a real valye. 80 square and 64x72 count broadfcloth dress shirts and they are sanforized. Sizes 14 to 16 ; . ,. 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Other) police iinmediaU-l.v covered all sus- j pectoooov . Suddenly plans were switched and the safe.cra.eker skipped from New York by plane * L .._ ... . Til- : Austin s;ufl''"irje- ;; -t!Hitc r d : 'States ] will not have to fight an enemy, was 'willing, to. Aibniit..U), ^utonja, i real ot imaginary, in order to get fioint! control 11^3 inspection be- I a km 14 in the world, cause the Americans -.. want- peace. Meanwhile we wish Dr. bu I'.ber- -....,^-j .--.-. - D ,, UL . ; ( , m & arass.! 1 " 1 "" 1 "- a "" axtjs W n «"'-T s H f «;ss i t,h;r ± Tlie Canadian resolution called ! He sounds like a sensible perbon i bu >, ponce, .JH.KLU up on the U N. Assembly to recog-i and we hope his new patients \vont nize that the majority report con- j hesitate to avail themselves ol nisi slitute "the necessary basis for | assistance. establishing an effective system of: —;— " —~ international control of atomic i English Napoleon Outing Flannel Full yard wide, thick and heavy outing flannel in white, rose, pink and blue. A real value for only 27 inch 35c Yard 25c yard 1 Wash Dresses ^Childrens and Misses pretty hew fall wash dresses that are fast color. New patterns and colors. Sizes 3 to 6 and 7 to 14. Regular 2.98 values. 1 poets—the IK.; questioned today. In the sumptuous apartment where two were picked up police said they found a diamond and a wrist \vatch beanna Mrs. l.oew's name. Kings with diamonds were found besides and burglary tools. Hp Mi mm ••••• ^mw *« •• r- ji "" ^ ^f ^fr- •••""• These ore sheer nylons in all the ri^w fall and winter shades. Another real valut^for only it, YOUR FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE Hf-

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