Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1948
Page 3
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\ Wednesday, September 29, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS I . Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. f NOt ICE The Brookwood P.T.A. will spon- or a rummage sale on Saturday. *|;Octbbor 2. All those wishing to do- iinate rummage are asked to send to Brookwood school by Friday. JSiThe place of sale will be un- Jhounced later. ij|yVednesday, SetJtcmiser 23 i*!?';. The Gleaners Sunday School- Splass of the First Baptist church "'-'•'II meet in the Educational builcl- ng- at 6:45 o'clock Wednesday evening for a business meeting. All 'members are urged to be present'. Fridr.y, October 1 %L The Rose Garden Club will m '-meet Friday at :.i p.m. in (he home !of Mrs. W. 13. Mason. Co-hostesses \ will be Mrs. J. L. Rogers and Mrs. : W. B. Bowcn. There will be no exhibits. |. Saturday, October 2 &. Tiie President's Day Luncheon of »nhe Friday Music Club will be 'held at 12:45 p.m. Saturday at the r .,:/Barlow Hotel. •'w Monday, October 4 "'"•' The Y.VV.A, of the First Baptist ; church meet at the church wiMonday evening at 6:15 o'clock for ,>-:+i,« regular monthly business and ,.,,. al meeting. All' members are purged to attend. :Mrs. LaMar Cox Hostess ^To Cosmopolitan Club I? The Cosmopolitan Club Tuesday evening at 7:-13 in : homo of Mrs. 'LaMur Cox St. Joseph Aspirin is pure, dependable .32 tablets 10c; 100 tablets 45c. Why paj •'more, or accept less than the St. Josepi- guarantee of "Aspirin at its best." Buj first meeting of the less, for the new year. I''or the occasion, tiie Cox home was attractively decorated with graceful arrangements of Guernsey lilies. Mrs. Hamilton Ilaneijan. prcsi- r ,,w IUJU '.lent, presided over the business i as boys. The Doctor Says: session and heard committee reports. Year books carry.ng out the luth anniversary moi;V were dis- BY EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written For NEA Service St. Vitus dance, or chorea, is a nervous affliction which has some obscure relation to rheumatic lever. It is most common in children I between the ages ot 5 and 15. Girls m-CBi- jare_ affected about twice as often again lor some unknown tri buted. reason. A family history of the dis ease is frequent. Some of those u-iio arc auacKcd by cnorca are TvTr«"i".,i\.T.> n also attacked by rheumatic fever, man intro'lurrfl"' 'M'""''"'rf' 1 ''/ 1 '' Ulol ' ca nulst oc suspected m the Po Von • 1 i M - s ' (1ch ai'lcs youngster who suddenly shows sine Mr^r Ca ' or Ul ' J cvcn - ( gns °' Awkwardness, such as drop- mg. Mis. l.outon gave an inter- ing ana breaking dishes without any apparent reason. Emotional disturbances before the onset of symptoms is quite common. Inability 10 pay attention to school and a rather sudden drop in grades are suspicious signs. Knrly Symptoms The careful parent may observe mat Ihc child's muscular movements become more abrupt and un- co-ordinated. Quick sudden jerking movements of the limbs or of the face are frequent. Walking can become irregular and other motions clumsy. Inability to keep still is characteristic of children, but any great change in a child's ability to sit quietly must be viewed as a possible sign of chorea. The involuntary movements or muscular spasms of typical chorea are irregular. A certain amount oi muscular weakness is usually present. The outlook for chorea is usually , .:nk on "Mr. Lincoln':, > by Ann Colver. Mrs. Franklin Horton fiave a short biographical sketch ot the author, Ann Colver During the social hour, the hostesses served a most templing dc-«- sert plate with coffee to nineteen members and.one guest, Mrs. Ben Haynes of Houston. Coming and Going Miss Arlene Smith, Miss Ethel Hanson and Miss Wanda Kopycin- sky have returned It. Houston, Uxas after a visit with Miss Smith a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Smith, 71.1 West Fifth St I'nc-y attended the Nashville- Gurdon game here Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fredrickson and Mrs. Fannie Smith have re- lurned^to Dallas after a visit with Freurickson's mother, Mrs. ^ J. B. , . They were ac- compank'd to Dallas by Mrs. Beck- wci th and daughter, Juanita. who will remain lor a two weeks visit. Pai.-l KJipsch. Harry W. .Shiver, brack Schenck nnd Carl Jones will attend u meeting tonight of the Scottish Rite Masons in'Little Rock where a lecture will be riven al the Albert Pike Hotel. Hospital Notes Branch A'lmitU-d: Borlcaw. Raymond McKamie, TODAY - THURSDAY FEATURES -2:00 - 3:49 - 5:31 - 7:00 - 9:18 Ronofd COLMAM Edmond O'BRIEN Signs ISASSO Julia Chester Mr. anil Mr.-.:. Coy ]'i!-Hs .'iinounce the arrival of a ter. Lynda Joy. Admitted: Mrs. Coy Kelts. Mope. Discharged: Mrs. H.'G. Pater. Hope. Hope, daugh- good. It tends to improve by itself ma period of weeks or months, al though a diagnosis early in the disease is important. The most important feature of treatment is to provide a calm mental outlook with absence of emotional upsets combined with physical rest, usually in bed. Sometimes drugs similar to those used in rheumatic fever are helpful Josephine Admitted: Mrs. Roland Ballard. Hope. Cecil M. Billle. Hope. Mrs. H. S. Wilson, Emmott. Discharged: Carmen McClure. Waldo. L. G. Kennedy, Hope. at Baker The Baker Home Demonstration Clul? met Tuesday afternoon. September 14th at the home of Mrs. James Lauterbnch. There were nine members, five visitors and seven children present. The devotional was read by the hostess, prayer was led by Mrs. T. B. Fenwick. The song of the month was sung and for roll call each member responded by giving what she. as a citizen owes her community. The subject was on how to slock a medicine cabinet. Mrs. Fenwick gave a very interesting talk about the council meeting she attended. One dollar and live cents was made on The Surprise Package, prize going to Mrs. McCullough. The recreational prize was; won by Mrs. -L. J. Pin-tie. Six members of the club helped with the I-ood Stand at the Fair. These ladies are: Mrs. James Lautcr- bach, Mrs. J. W. White, Mrs. T. b. i'cnwick, Mrs. Roy Gates, Mrs. ; Jrl • L> - il;u 'S's and Mrs. Roy Baker. ihe business session was dismissed by recpating the Club Creed. Ketresnmems were served by Mrs batilerbach. 'ihe Uclobcr meeting will bo the liome of Mrs. Roy Baker. Sweet Home Sweet Home Club met on September 17 at 2 p.m. at the homo of Mrs v M. H. Montgomery, with cigiu members, one visitor present Tne meeting was called to order by president, Hazel Cummings bong by the group "Old Black Joe . Devotional was Matthew 14- l;i-22, all repeated the Lord's Prayer. Roll call was answered by one debt I owe my community, the minutes for July and August were read. Refreshments were served by hostess. Club adjourned by saying creed to meet on October 13 at, the home of Mrs. W. T. Yarberry Demonstration to be on clcanine aids. . fa The Deweys, in Family Assembled Says U. S. Is 'Blundering' in Mexican Labor Greenwood, Miss.. Sept. 28 —f/P) ™-\V. M. Gairard. Jr.. chairman of the Delta Council Labor Commit j tee. said today that Mexican na- i live labor is beginning to move in j numbers from ••Monterrey. Mexico. • to the 1 Mississippi delta to assist in the cotton harvest. j He said that Walter Krb, U. S. j employment service representa- Itive at Monterrey, informed him ;b.\ telephone yesterday that 1,000 | Mexican nationals are going to the j cotton picking areas daily as a "y r o s s misrepresentation of tacts." If such a number is being sent out. Hill said in a telegram to thy Jackson Daily News, he was at a lois to know where they are going. "There are 'no more than .350 Mexican nationals at this date in Mississippi," he declared. He said Lcuisana has received none and Aikansas between 3,000 and 0,000. He added that "even Arkansas is lot satisfied with the blundering of the U. S. immigration and U. S. employment services." DOROTHY DIX Allergic to Children Dear Miss Dix: J.nm -\ woman :!fi , years old. very much in love with ; a .widower who is 3fi and the father '< of two children. He love:; me. but ' is very attached to his children, i But I can't tolerate children, I loathe thi-m. Should I children, I critamly would advise you not to marry the -widower'* For you will bring misery od yourself, the widower, arid the innocent little children, Let's bc^m with the widower* widowed i Ho is evidently a fine man who is This latest portrait of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, Republican presidential nominee, and his family was taken &s he prepared to leave Albany, N. Y., for his Western campaign lour. With the governor are Mrs. Dewey and their l--o sons, John, left, and Thomas Jr. Washington. Sept. 29 —-(/?)— .Two officials of the CIO United Electrical Workers refused today to tell a congressional committee whether they are or have been Communist party members. whom 1 love, and put up ' devoted to his two little children his .children; 1 . Or should I! for whorn he fools a particular marry another niati'-who loves me? I tenderness, because the/ ,irc moth- Please help me to decide this ericas. If you should rftairy him, question, for 1 do not know wtiirh I you wo" 1 ' ' way to turn. Answer: If CONFUSED' , you are allergic to — .,„,,*.. >.. *.... .j.. ».!•.. i.u vi v. v ivtv.; 11 u a ,~" — -*••• •*-» j *j\.t OIIYSUIV* tnui.i.jr 1111.1.19 question, for 1 do riot know which I .v°u would wieck his life because ' ' your aversion to"childr'e'n would make you treat them unkjndfly, and that would break their father's heart No man could be put Jn a cruelei position than having to decide between a wife and his children. There \vould be no happiness in such a marriage for anyone. Jealousy Inevitable And certainly you would find no happiness m a marriage in which. Women SnvoSved The They Julius .Emspak, secre- in Ask Parole Washington, Sept. i!7 —W 1 )- fedcral parole board said today two women serving Jife terms in the $100.000 kidnapping of Charles F, Urschel in tt&j have applied for parole. The (wo are Kathryn Kelly, wife of George R. (Machine Gun) Kelly, and Kathryn's mother, Ora L. Shannon. They become eligible for parole early in October after serving 15 years each. They are in the U. S. Women's reformatory at Aklerson, W. Va. Parole board officers said the two cases have been taken under advisement. Machine , ... „ Bailey, who are also serving lite terms in the same kidnapping, nlos become, eligible, for parole early next month. They are in Alcratraz, but parole board headquarters here . Gun Kelly and Hrirvoy ««-!-•{••*••*•«« 'ti *.! Jiit_*i.im^v All W(lJLt.AA you.would be consumed with jeal-' ousy ovei the childien, for they would stand as a perpetual Carrier between you and their father, and you would know that he would always resent your treatment of the kids and would be trying to protect them. And as for the children, get out your .Bible and read what it says „ about its being better for anyone -4 to put a millstone around their " necks and diown themselves in the sea than to offend one of these little ones. No one who doesn't love child-, rcn should ever marry. There is' 1 too much dangei of a baby sneaking in on them. They are cute little things, jou know, and awfully sly. has not been notified of any clem ency petitions OH. their bch'ali. Urschel, wealthy Oklahoma oil but of course these should -be taken only under medical direct ion. It is the particular muscular twitching movemen's and inability to stay quiet which has given chorea the popular name of St. Vilus dance. QUESTION: What causes itching blisters on the fingers in warm I weather? ANSWER: This sounds kind of infection or allergy. A diagnosis can be made only by seeing the hands and perl scrapings from the the microscope. tary-lreasurer, and Russell A,. Nixon, Washington representative. Both said that as American citizens they did not have to answer such questions. Nixon was ordered from the stand when he attempted to make a statement on his rights under (lie constitution. Asked that question by a House Labor subcommittee. Emspak said he would stand on his constilu- j past Communist affiliation tional rights. The constitution says I first put to Emspak yesterdav At a man cannot be forced to give that time, lie refused to answer testimony tending to incriminate i because hi.s counsel, David Scrib- or Degrade himself. |ner. was not present. Chairman Kirsten earlier had or- , . was kidnapped from the back porch of his Oklahoma City home i nJuly, 1933. The FBI said some $D2,OOD of the $100,000 ransom money paid for his release was re- Dear Miss D>\: I am 13 years , old. Make good maiks at school. But the pioblem is that I am very, changeable Even my parents ad .^ I change my feelings 1 covered. i j.ji 11 n n 11.. \v j 1.1.1 j-j\j \\ .: Y i\j tjljU" some kaiv.-, Wash.. Sept. 28 — l.fl-A plain perhaps examining blisters under Veieratus Day " at V Little Rock, Sept: 28 —(/PI—Fifty wheelchair patients at the Hot Springs Army and-. Navy hospital will be special guests at the Veterans' Day program-at By SOPHIE KERR Seriolirotion of screenplay from o novel by Prosper Mcrimce Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC. . . h a m meting fists of vengeance batter a man to death! with Alary MEADE • Alfred kYDCii June LOCKHA8T • Charles McORAVY MUSICAL Featurefle ., t/ ORCHESTRA V/alt Disney CARTOON regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre Ke is given 48 hours leave to familiarize himself with the city. Idling on a street corner, trying to make up his mind where to go next, he is startled by a piece ot orange peel flung at 'his feet. He looks up. Seated on a wall above him is an extraordinarily dressed young woman of almost sinful beauty. She flirts with Jose until a little wedding party comes down the street, when she breaks into a noisy tirade, blasting both bride and groom. The groom had been her former sweetheart. After the procession disappears, she quiets down, asks Jose to help her from the wall. He does so, then j'ocips to pick up some oranges she has dropped. When he looks up, the gypsy girl is gone. Don Jpse,_ young bold and alert. Her bright costume, the same as when Don Jose had seen her last, contrasted sharply with the somber black dresses of the others. Andres ran toward her. "Carmen, I have looked for you for two days. I—" He tried to put an arm around her waist but she shook free of him, her eyes fixed on the man beyond him. Ill Don Jose was on duty in the square with another young soldier Ihc bells rang above them and they turned expectantly. The great doors of the ciyaret factory next to the barracks opened and a stream of girls came out and went past. The yellow coats of many regimentals clotted and blocked the way in every direction. Chattering girls joined grinning soldiers and they wheeled off in pairs together. But Don Jose and his comp-imon remained where they were. They seemed to be searching for someone. "I hope you find who you are looking for, Jose." "You have me wrong, Andres. 1 in not looking for anybody." 1 "You don't fool me. I've noticed you for two days now. You search among these girls as though you were looking for a long lost relative." Andres grinned and slapped Jose roughly on the back. "Did the gypsies carry off your baby^ sister many years ago'.'" "Why do you use that word?" "What word?" "Gypsy. You said gypsy." "I did, yes." Don Jose did his best to look isLiul. "I suppose there are quite number in the town." "Gypsies? I .suppose so. They're everywhere. Why?" "No reason. Do any of the Kypsy girls work in the 'factory?" Andres turned to look at him squarely and his tone changed oddly. "One." Then suddenly his voice lost its hardness and became miserable. "Just one. But she comes and goes. One never knows." lie sighed, remembering something. "What lime is it?" Don Jo.se reached for his watch, it took his hand a-.vay from his pocket, empty, lie wardly, rememberin Don Joso stared just as intently warning to iiussia that his ejection would moan no retreat in the American stand on the Berlin •blockade was sounded today by 'Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. The GOP presidential nominee il/umed eastward toward a major i speech in th Montana State Lini versity stadium at Missoula to nif-ht. on his way, with stops scneduled at Spokane and Paru disc, Mont., he pounded away on the. theme that his aivn is "the strengthening of our country, of bVmgnig to it a new unity and aciojj'.ing a competence in loreign policy that it does not have." He said bluntly 'yesterday that "it would be wise for all of the rulers of the world" to know that the American people close their ranks quickly after elections. Dewey added that a crisis always unites this country. In furtherance of this theme, Paul Lockwpocl, the governor's secretary, said that in Missoula tonight ojcwey will "talk aoout the great resources ot the west and their significance as a bulwark to America's defense and to the cause of world peace." In Seattle last night, the New York governor told an estimated 8,000 persons who crowded their way into the civic auditorium that America must be "strong and powerful in a nervous world." In what his aides "aid they re- g-u-ded a:; a direct appeal to the lJussian people over the at h er " " "'"•' missian people over the heads of Andres, clearly a love-sick man, Un^'..".-™ Dewev"^!d- "' lh '' LC1 '" did not see .this for ihe moment ••U'lvil ,'v-^ m - 1,' ,1 wWfidow"^ 8 W f, C; "T"' J '" ll-'con^ed ft?" no ££ gj^s^E^^sSrs utteied. I ve been trying to find ori'menls tin-oMoh ih" ;,••!?,,<Pu-r. you for two days, Cannencita! I ^ ^"^ple' 'o "'^."^ow n u, y looked lor you everywhere. You an,! desire for peace." wr"-PnM ."I 'I hC V : \ Cl ° r - y ~ > '"" In ; " ifliti »" <« "is expression of werent at Lillas Pastia'K." Andres views on foreign policy questions, nitleri on, not even .'mtirmi. i:i;,t. j Dewey al,o came out mure strong Jose, jly Hum before in defense of the What I iveord of the 1,'epublican-c-Mi- ti oiled iJOlh Congress. Jose'a I President Truman has called ! till;-: the "worr.l" and a "du-nolh- now | in!.:" (V-n;:ivss. v.'e i Al Taci.pina, I'X.-we.y termed it "best Loii:;res.s" in re.sporiKt- to (The government today barred the U. E. from representing workers at its atomic energy plants;. The action was because U. K. officers have not signed non-Communist affidavits. All unions show officers have not signed them were barred.) . The House group, headed by- Rep. Kcrston (R-Wis), is inquiring into Communist influences in labor unions. Emspak was identified by James J. Conroy, a witness yesterday, as the mysterious "Comrade Juniper." Conroy described himself as a former Communist. Emspak was the second high UK union official to refuse to toll the : committee whether he. is or ever has been a Communist. James Matles. the union's organisation, director, refused ycstcrcV.-;'- *.o answer such questions. The question as (o present or dered Scribner ousted on grounds "promoting" the witness. from he the, was . Scribner was en han-d when Kersten put, the question to Kmspak again today, and got the refusal to answer on constitutional grounds. Kersten announced the .committee will move N, Y., tomorrow ings. The Atomi siou has the General Electric company not recofciiixo the U. E. at the government's new atomic power laboratory to bo built at Schenectady. to. Schonectady, for further hear— Energy Comrnis- spiscificaUy directed that mit this. and tastes, practically every week. I like a gnl one week, dislike her the next. Same Way about colors nnd what I eat I keep going totind in circles Will you please give me some advice on how to "adjust myself? J. .M. Answei Don't vvoriy about that, my deai Natuie will take care of the tasl of adjusting you. What you are going tlnough is just growth and \oui cxpeiiciice merely shows that you have a better mind than ^rnoU ot the childicn of your age. .The icttson I am alwavs begging and pleading with you bobby- SOXCI-B not to marry until you are < grownup and your tastes and habits and characters have jelled,"-* so to speak, is because you are so immature that you do not know . The hearings here began yesterday 'when Conroy was. put on the stand. Conroy calfcd tHe electrical workers union, with GOO, GUI') members. ' the largest .Comrnunist-dorn-' innted organization in the United " Slates." Matle followed him; be your- you will what you arc. going to selves, still less what want in a husband. Don't think of yoursblt as be-, 1 * : ing fickle Just realize that you '" are developing You won't be going • *-; around in cncles after you are adult. You will know what want. . .- you ' • (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) they had reached Dun "Where have you been? have you been doing?" Carmen looked up into face. '"Sunning myself." Andres said, "1 am on diny but if you will meet me later, will have a bottle of wiiu—" "No." 1 lost my j coujjle cf "1 don't know, Andres, watch ^omewhere — a days ago." But Andres was no longer in- teivsled in the time 1 . His face had Ji.L'hu-d up and lie .started forward eagerly. "Hula! Curmencitu!" Walking along with the thii crowd oi' girls came the gypsy her hands un her hips, her At last Andres could not lu-ln but notice Jose and the girl';; concentration on him. "Oh, iorgive me. Thi.-; U my friend Don Jo.se —Carmen." He laughed, a little uneasily, al Carmen's steady regard of hi:; friend. "No use bothering with hi:n, Cai- men. Don Jose has better thiu ;s to iliink about than ;, woman." Carmen put hi-r beautiful head to one side. "Better things? What are better tilings?" Don Jose Hushed, feeling and uncomfortable. Andres put his hand on shoulder. "Forget it, Carmen. My fr here is only intcivsu-d in career as a soldier. Kvervone knows that, Eh, Jose?" Before ihe embarrassed boy could answer. Andres suddenly stood to attention, looking beyond them. The other two followed his; glance and Don Jose al^.j became a soldic-r on guard il'ilv. 'i.. colonel and three aides walks.d by. Tile colonel \\as resplendent as a peacock in his g;uidv uniform topped by an elegant plumed hel- Jiiel. He looked lAl'u-iul and important. His pace slowed ati lie approached the group in the doorway and he inspected Carmen as (hough she were a priceless paint- ting which lie later intended to sketch from memory. Carnii-n smiled in.jjudeiitlv into spoke awk-|i'ri L . ullicer's face. She lowered her something, j ,_-yeb to ,;ive him ihe tu!l berelil query !rn:n Uir. Irain.'iido crowd. in hi:-; V.';tsiiin"Jun appearance, IV-.'.-ry .-idopu-d y.hat he tabbed as ;> iii.npariiK-.ni attitude toward )>. '..'ey en:nhasi/.ed his effort to .••''pear iio'i-partisan dy ;;n asser- ^'•11 liiat development of t' n e Vri-.sl'a iK.tiunal • resources is "As a Republican." he said, "I jam proud o! the parly mv party] ha,-; jiiaye.'t in the development of j ced of her eyelashes. Shi, nl hijn .sid-.'V, ay.v. After looking to see v. ho, ,-,;i.- with her. the culo:u.-l moved iu. iiitu tlie barrack:-: v.'ithoLit a llickei of expression un hit. heavy face. His aides excluingeu a quick meaningful lowed him. they (To Be Cuiuinue t'utiin all p.-ii largi; scale uro.ieclf :-.- fill 'he C'lluinbiri, ud !V!i:-::aniri ^'•I'ietud al the I,.,,. iared federal BOIUED Ul-IDEX ; U 1 M O i; 11 Y OP Tilt HOPE COCA-COLA PMono 392 COCA-COIA BOTTLING BY CO. and touts Jens its {,,; Hi 8, Tbe Coca-Colo Compaoy

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