Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, September 28, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Tuesday, September 23 The, Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday at 7:45 p.m. at the borne of Mrs. La mar Cox with Mrs. Hamilton Hunnegmv as ;i£soeiute hostess. Wednesday, September 29 Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mrs. L. D. [Sprinyer, Mrs. Earl Clifton and Mrs. U. L. Broach have issued invitations to a coffee at the Hope ninlry Club Wednesday mommy li-om 'J:oD until 11:30. The Brownie Scout Troop No. 1, Mrs. Hinton Davis, leader, will hold its first meetin:; of the 'year in.Uie basement of the First Methodist church, Wednesday immediately after school. Community Missions Program Held Monday at First Baptist The Women':; Missionary Society of the First Baptist church met fljonday alternoon at 2 o'clock *fc a community missions program. The devotional, given by Mrs. A. T. Jewell, was followed with n prayer meeting. After the approximately ]U mem- •i ffsfw?lR® * S) MM *:':-.-: ; V-.-i/ f._5 V " J K. ?\«LlA • but she held all ths •'. ACES! £,&;'. f:ti'*V,« & liXftX/Z bers visited during the afternoon. Open House He-Id at Methodist Church The Officers ;.,>d Teachers of the Metnodisl Church School observed the tjc!.rinniin> of I(ohi;io'i<: I'M'.ication \Veek with Open HOIIS-' at (K.'iO Sunday evenhu; at the church when ,he vanoi'i i-'e groups of the s;;hool < niert;u"e'ci I'icir parents ;r..d mends with programs ui their respective departments. At V o'clock Rev. J. 1C. Cooner pastor, ;;>:d Albert Graves. Geher' ^Superintendent of the Church School led Parents, Teacher:; ami caikiren in a brief consecration service. At. 7:3!) (he teachers of the Hope Public Schools w-re guests ol honor at mi informal reception. Mrs. 11. 0. Kyler introduced the guesls to the receiving . lino wh ich included Uev. and Mrf: J F Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Albert' Grn- uf' S ' T „?'*' Ml '' s - R - L - Ki'onch, Mrs J. W Perkins, Mi.ss Nannie Purkm;;, Mis. Denver Dickinson Miss Dorothy Henry. Mrs. Lciwiri Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mew- bern Jr. Mi: W Beryl Henry directed the [ulests to tlv i-d'crea- tion rooms \vnere Miss Mable Elh- nd«e intiodueed thorn u, ih c Hope Public school Teachers Full flowers were arranged in crystal baskets in the reception room and the serving table was centered with an oblong basket lilted with red lilies and" graceful Lohage Slender green iapers n, cryaial holders were placed on either siue oi Uio central urrnnge- rr.ent. .frosted punch was served from a crystal punch bowl. Mrs. E P O'Neal directed the serv'ini'' Church School teachers who served. U-L-IT. Mrs. Jack Gardner. Mrs. i-.uward Lester. Mrs. Faye Anderson, M r; ;. Howard Byers. Mrs. JJuhon Houston, Mrs. iMolan Tuliett. Cuininiltees were: Mrs J. \V. Patier::o:i. chairman re- ire.shmcni comrnilteo. Mrs. Dale parnham. Mrs. Sain \Varinaek. Mrs. O. \V. Amos; decorations;' Mis. Lam;,r COM, iVJ«. An: ; us Dod. son, Mrs. Hue;; Powers. Mus Mary bile Pov.-ers; arrangement;: Miss Nannie PurKins, Airs. J. W. Perkins. Miss Kathleen Broach' Mrs Edwin Ward. Mrs. Frame Mason Mr.,. L. D. Tuoley. ovet By SOPHIE KERR ioriolizotion of scrccnploy from o novel by Prosper Mcrimcc Copyrig!if, I9JS, NEASERVICF., INC. "No? I could marry any man in Seville if I wauled to, old woman, bul I would rathei SERIAL STORY Tuesday. Sept. 28 THE STORY: Don Jose, young i officer in a fashionable Spanish i an. bul I would rather l.v dead , regiment, has just come to Seville than be the stale wife of a spirit- j from the countryside of Navarre, less Spaniard!" i lie is given 48 hours leave to fa- ! miliari/.e himself with . the city, i Idling on a street corner, trying to make up his mind where to go next, he is siartled by a piece of orange peel flung nt his feet. He looks up. Scaled on a wall above ' grinned wickedly I him is an extraordinarily drcssscd voice to young woman of striking beauty. gor. The woman retrieved her otoom and went back into the i house muttering, yanking the child ' with IIM-. Don Jose stood still, seeing it all with astonishment. Thou as though the incident had never happened, the beautiful girl gestured to be helped down from '• tM ' '".-.-n. Her aims extended ln;e a child. Don Jose had no choice but f<; roach up and grasp her as she fell DOROTHY DIX Straying Husbands Page Three into his arms. Her head was about age' and looks. That II The girl looked down at him from her perch, her glittering eyes wide and intent over the orange she held to her mouth. With her eyes fixed on him. she slowly sucked the juice from the orange, squeezing it gently with her hand. Don Jose looked up at her as though blinded by the sun —as though the thousand lights from her copper-colored hair and flashing teeth had caught him and were hypnotizing him. He could not speak. The girl removed the orange from her mouth, ran her pink tongue over her lips, closed her eyes, opened her mouth slightly and sighed with real ecstasy. "Ah. there is nothing so good in . the mouth as an orange. warmed by sun." She stretched the hot sun as she toward him, smiling a lout and a half above his caught her. She slid down Ins body slowly to the ground, no woman can stay a perpetual — 0 t . „„,.....^ ,.,.,.,v. ,,,. hold,in,' ,iis eyes with her owi Mvecl-ancl-twentyy nor is there any the gypsy girl and was desperate- ' antl Knowing very well the effect known method : of retaining a '•- •—- : --- '- '- '- : ....-:..•.! she had on him. Oranges spilled peaches-and-cream complexion from where she had concealed them iu her petticoats. Automatically, the gentleman Don Jose bent and began lo pick them up. He straightened almost and amuse him when ho corned home tkw, from a hard day's work. Xfielifehfe'dde'sh't even know that she is driving her husband to the Other. Woman when sho %ives him non«|,;bf the affection i and . tenderness for which he is starv- When n middle-aged wife loses j they celebrate their Golden Wed- ing \ -i " «;'• ... , her husband to a younger and ! ding. - ihen;. .wbuld be vorv few. lost fairer charmer, she almost invar-| Selfishness to Blame husbands .if,.wives would take as uibl.v lays the blame for it on her «,, , )n/1 „. „ ,, h ., , | much trouble to keep them from . ... l so uit woman who can t keep being s{6l ( !ii as they do their dia- V& As she talked, the wedding procession, passed in front of them; the groom had become i,.v. gypsy girl and was v.vo..^.,^- ly trying to keep his eyes strain-it -' ' and away from her. She and lifted her _ . _ -r me. you stupid pig? I told you she'd catch you, and so she did!" , . . as he i a plausible alibi lor beinj; a d a long Jed wife, [or it is undeniable after one passes the deadline. ! New if all men worshipped i the shrine of Venus, and beauty has to have a better excuse for losing him than claim- inL! that he ditched her because she was no longer Miss America. Generally the reason was that she was one of the selfish, cold, clic- torial women who regard a husband as nothing but a meal ticket and a charge account, and who never lifted a finger to moke- him monds. (Released' by The Bell Syndicate, '' •'•'• Inc.) The small dignity of the wedding ; JOOKec! l| i>- A woman was leaning procession dissolved. The'""' "'"" --•--'- ... music went sour. The bride and the groom halted and wheeled. cut of the window, waving furiously an empty basket which stood " sill. - - „ „.., ..„ . . oranges —those arc my bride's forearm and tried to lead ! oranges!" her back into the course of the | ' J(JI1 Jose turned to procession, out the b:'iHe didn't i want to be led. The woman with the broom turned on the gypsy single hair, as ' happy, or even give him something ets assert, it would be log- j fit to eat. husband's devotion to his Or. perhaps, the woman who ;ct ratio lo her j loses her husband is one of the for it to cool > women who are ALL mother arid for, Reckless Flying'' 1 : . The groom took a firm grip on the j ' girl and lifted it to strike her bu'i the girl raised one fool and kicked the broom from the woman's hands. The procession gathered itself and began to scurry with the gypsy r reassurance, but she was gone. She had completely disappeared. The woman in the window screamed raucously to the street in general, "He stole my oranges! The thief stole my orpngts! Catch him—stop him pule olf as she gained weight and her figure. But such is seldom, if ever, the. case. As a matter of fact, while men give lip service to women's beauty, they rarely marry for it, as is amply proved by the number of ladies you know who possess husbands, not one of whom has a face that would launch a canoe, to say nothing of a thousand ships. its hundred feet of hurt disdain j though they were red hot and ran Don Jose dropped the oranges as I when they arc young, still less do ," n'7 h » v d °rt™ ?S? M =c» r *r «' m^ « NO wife. After the first baby is born she never sees her husband as anything but a slave whose whole mission in life is to provide her and the children with luxuries. She quits dressing up and trying lo make hoi-self look attractive to her husband. She has no conversation except baby talk. She feeds her family on baby food, and she gets so dull and stupid that it is small wonder thai Friend Husband around the corner. The girl threw the half-eaten orange after it in a ] soldici free, powerful and graceful yes- I As he down (lie street, not at all like a in the service of the king. they discard an old wife because she has acquired a few wrinkles hair has begun to turn Coming and Going Mrs. O. J. Wade returned lo her home in Conway Monday night alter a visit wall h Mrs. Jets Davis daughter, aid Mr. Uavis. Homer and Charles Salisbury have returned to Lindsay. California after a three weeks'visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. t;. Salisbury in Blevin.-;, and their brother, Mr. and Mrs. Elwm Salisbury aud son, here. Mrs. Dewey Putman and children, Syblci and Buddv. have returned from a week-end visit with relatives in Te::arkaua and Kih'ore Texas. Hospital Notes the Spanish ! her body in | leaned over _. j invitingly into his eyes,' "Hah?" I she asked. j He just looked at her, dazed. l She kept her eyes on his eyes and I slowly put the orange to her j mouth again. Then she straight- i ened up. alert and astonished, for in the silence a little chiming bell had sounded from somewhere in Don Jose's clothes. She said with surprised dc- lignt, "Well! Not only is he beautiful but music comes out of him." Don Jose looked confused for a minute, then embarrassed. Hasi tily he pulled a big gold watch | ' from his pocket and showed it to i i her. i "H is just a watch." He had to I - clear his throat to continue. "It chimes the hours." Her eyes widened at the watch's magnificence. Then she looked back at him sadly. "Oh, too bad I For a minute I thought you were i a magician." I Don Jose became awkwardly apologetic, "No, it was just the watch." "Too bad." Her tone was absent because her ryes were sharply following the watch as he stumblingly replaced it in his pocket. Then her eyes went from his watch, speculativcly lo his face. "Perhaps we can bo friends, anyway." She extended the partly | eaten orange toward him. "Would 1 you like a bite of my orange, soldier?" I.LIII-. uin. wijjuta IIVL inuuui wiui | ii'nvi mm vjLtine tne sounu 01 gypsy the back of her hand, her eyes still J laughter. It was full ol the prom- shining with an amusement that ' 1Q " "' •"•••:< — ---' had back of it an odd kind of-an- . ' from somewhere be- i B''cy. Indeed, the average husba'nd rarel . ing companion. Or it may be that the woman who loses her husband does so through sheer carelessness. She powcrim ana graceiui ges-uis. no ran, from somewhere be-ig'XY- inctccct, the average husband hi* 1,1 m m -,ri cwr rfAwT,,"f u • i •i: She wiped her mouth with hind him came the sound of gypsy rarely sees his wife as-she is. She worth while to ^-vtnknV.l]- ick of her hand, her PVPS K 1 ill ' lau'.lhto- It w.ic full n! M-m ,,,-„„?_ is iusf. n u-nmnn whr, lnnl.-r.rl annr i ^, ". %vnl e to tl .Y to ke °P him. ise ot excitement. (To Be Continued) is just a woman who looked good to him when he married her and who still looks good to him when . She doesn't attempt to make him a happy home, or to be good company for him, or to cheer him up o }Jo/:k, Sept. 27 — MV- A $50 W.'^-W'^ess flying was as» -"•i-^- •.; ,,,ui ..Municipal court today. Bobby ,Tar.kington, Little Rock, pleaded guilty to careless opera- uon , of , an..airplane while "buzz- bfime. yesterday. caused by functional 'middle-age'! Do you suffer from hot flashes. Wcafc, nervous, irritable clnmmy feelings— dUo to the functional 'middle-age' pnilod peculiar to women (38-52 yn..) VThenDotryLydJnE.Flnkhnm's vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms) It alco has what Doctors call a stomaohla tonic effect! Branch Admitted: Nashville. Mrs. Lloyd Brazile, Josephine Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Buercklin, Rt. 2. Mope, announce the arrival of a daughter on September 27. Mr. ana Mrs. Burrcll Taylor. Rt. i, Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on September 28, 19-18 Admitted: Mrs. Bun-ell Taylor, Hope. Richard E. Smith, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Clayborn Rowe and little son, Hope. Mrs. K. V. Mclver and twin sons, „,, SUFFERERS FIND CURB POP. MISERY DUE 'JO ASTHMA ATTACKS. RUSHED HEREI JMr.y hope for rt-liol fro:u luUhmn paroxysms is socn kiday in reports ot siiocfss with B pn!Ji:>tive formula whii'h acta to relieve coinjnsiion. Mori anil wumon wlio formerly suliercd with dren.l cutmiiinpt, cliofcinis, wncczmir asthma altarks now mil of lilos^uj nheC Bftc.f using it. PROMETIM cosU $;l.'but conEidi-rini; rcB\ilt?, Ijiin is not expensive nmntirits to only a few uennieg per <lo«c?. (Caution—use only as directed.) PROMETIN ia BOW with strict money-back guarantee bj JOHN p. CO5< DRUG STORE Mail Oi-ders Filled "THE BSGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Ho reached for it almost hypnotized, but she drew her hand back slowly, just keeping it from his reach. "On second thought, perhaps it wouldn't be correct." She tore a piece of rind from it with her teeth, spat it out with an emphasis that spat him out with it, and then flatly, as though the whole incident were closed, said, "After all, I don't know who you are." Don Jose bowed a little, awkwardly shy, and hastened to make up for this breach of etiquette. "I am Don Jose, just arrived in Seville, senorita." \ She laughed with hearty amusement. "Senorita! Me?" She threw her head back and laughed with a strident shout. Then she looked at him, her eyes brimming with amusement. "You have just arrived in Seville. Where did you come frqm?" "From Navarre." As though this explained everything, she said, "(5ho! A Navarre." She leaned over as though imparting a mocking secret. "I have heard that the men from Navarre wear little blue berets and tell big black lies and don't know how to make love to a woman." lie flushed. "I have always wanted to find out for myself whether that is just gossip or—•" Her mood broke abruptly and she looked away, her attention drawn by a new kind of music coming from down the street —a twangy guitar, sharply discordant j against the other music. Don Jose j took his eyes away from her with difficulty and tried to look in the same direction just because she dici. Sportive Gliillif...!".ni: brown k-.tihi.-f wtili ihivk "Iu$;" ruh- bt-j IU|L-. ir'> tiu- vhoe lor i\t?,y w<.-.ir. d'b huill-t;i lit -uid ru^ construction die </1 j u a 11 j a \ home ua downtown sUvxtb ur a eoumiy Uac- 30 luus to assure c-osy cction, iuio 1 faction and "'Where Good Shoe-; ore Fitted Correctly" Down the street came a little wedding procession. The bride and groom were dressed in wedding finery and were extremely self-eonscious in this stiff attire. A small group of pride-stricken family and noisy friends followed them—parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins. The guitarist walked sideways beside the bride ami groom, playing lo them. A ! slovenly woman came out of the doorway near Don Jose. She held a broom and a toddling, dirty child clung to her skirts. Her attention, too. had been drawn by the sound cl : the guitar and she watched the procession approach. The red-haired girl watched with a peculiar look of scorn and disgust on her face. When she j spoke her voice was harsh again. ! "Ha! Look at them! They paid | out their last peseta to get rid of j her. But ii was worth it." She | made no effort lo keep her voice down. "She'll hale him. but she'll I cling to him like a leech. And thai [line bridegroom —in a week he'll l be beating her!" Her face hard| ened with bitterness and disgust. | "lia! A wonderful pair!" ! The woman with the broom i turned on her in anger. ! "Shut up, you! You talk that j way because nobody would marry was soft with FAMILY SHOE STORE E. 2nd S*. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 Hope. 1 Julia Chester Discharged: Mrs. Ver.i Oough, Hope. Mrs. James Thompson, kana. Mis. Bink-r Fulton. McCaskill. Fred Perry, Washington. Mrs. EuU:s Iiui-1-ie, HOIK-. Tex Aufumn is the season when the leaves furn to burnished gold and Milady thinks of clothes. We invite you to come in and see our spectacular Fall Fashions. Here you are able to buy not only basic clothes but accessories as well. «• Costume Jewelry For a touch of color we "suggest costume jewelry, pearls, or a silver or gold choker. Maybe a pin ... we have earrings to match. II .00 to 3. Bangola Faille Ladylike and elegant . . . our suit. The mood of fall fashions is gentle and well bred . . . Justin McCarthy's loop-and- button trimmed two piece suit is ttined to occasions when you will wan- .to look your prettiest. Small turnover collar and two side pockets. In Rayon Faille. Black only. Pretty, Smart, Small Our new fail hats of fur felt are a perfect compliment for the new suit. Some are feather trimmed, others plain. You will find your hat in our collection. 5.95 and up Hansen Gloves . . 'nuff said, every woman knows about these lovely fitting gloves. Fabric gloves 1.25 to 2.95 Leather gloves 4.95 to 5.95 Rich, smooth 100% broadcloth ... allowed to fall in folds fo form a soft pouch. Comes i n either black or brown 5. This genuine top grain cowhide leather is picked by fashion experts everywhere for one of the rnpst promising features qf this Fall season. As shown , . 9.95 Others $5.00 and up Fall Scavfa Ladies colors we have . . . squares them in or ties a riot of You will want more than one . . . as an accessory for your suit or to wear on your head. Floral or plain. 79c i-o 2.95 You must see our new shipment of handkerchi'jis . . . they are hand made of lovely materials and come in solid white or colors. S9c to 1.69 Rhythm Step again offers Vou style, beauty and comfort combined in this soft leather pump. ;; tahies in black only ... vj ; $2.95 Phone 944 FORMERLY TALBOT'S Hope, Ark.

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