Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1948
Page 2
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Two HOP* STAR, HOPE ARKANSAS ^* J, ^Iruman Calls lor Landslide m m November Aboard Truman Campaign Train Sept, 28 — W — Prosiiyeru 'irii' . > United out of Texas tpdajy calling lor a ''landslide" vole in 1 November ,11 the interests of the ptfohin. He sa.d the people have "only Oiie repiesentative in Washington wno is all the time for the people— th-1's o Democratic president." Mr. Truman spoke to .hundreds Swa mittg over the railroad; tracks i>t Sherman, Tex. He" declared biltcr anti-Truman colu£nrust<s are like Rep. Taber (RNYr/'dhairirian Of the HoJse Appropriatiqns^cptn iniUoe. "squealing like-'""stuck •pigs," The country, the president said is snlc ^n the hands of Democrats but hasn't been safe in RemVblican "al any time in the 'last Huge Crowd Greets Opening of West Bros. Store , The chief executive ','• rolled through his last miles in 1 Texas onrcmte 1o Oklahoma "City for a major address at 6 p.rrij /tfST) "ih [ the Shite fair grounds'for His firs i full-fledged campaign talk on the Cofriiriunisl problem, . f Mr. Tiuman, highlighted his Tes J as< '"crusade" yesterday with speeches in .Fort, jV/brth, Dallas and 'BSnam in which he rejected What he called a Republican "lull' nbv" of "unity.'' He.Jnvifcd .them to join him in "unity." on price control, low rent hotfsing. federal-aid to education ahd others of his proposals and 'declared: . • ; > "".They don't want unity. They want surrender;" He said he "will not BiirrcrH&r" -and he did not be- Jieyo the American people "are gcittjr to force me to surrender" to the "power trusts" the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Association of Real r Estate Boards. , At Dallas the president used some of his sharpest language yet / Against congress. . **y.P.\ can't expect Republican spokesman to come out in the often and state clearly who he und the Republican narty are working /of'," be sfiid. "They don't dare do that You'd take them out and hang them if they did." Fotmci Gov. Robert S. Kcrr 'now Democratic Candidafe for the Senate, against Ross Ridley,and present Democratic Gov. Roy J. TiUnei traveled aboard Mr. Truman's tram for the trip through Oiylahomii. They went aboard last 'tfight at Bonharn. Turner is ore<;i dtint of the National TrumanBark- lay club. r - o- Relates - Continued From Page One Vvlth the local commissars of education. Supplies, such as paper and pencils and ink, were frequently unobtainable. In addition, there was the breakdown in discipline. From the ex- "trprne ofthe old severe school re- .gfrne we now swung to almost unbridled freedom. The children ran , rampant. Many. a class, in the : hands of an inexperienced .teacher, would turn into a riotous mooting. Ptmishrnent was , forbidden, and ^ametirnes boisterous pupils went so far as to bolt the doors of the classroom and bar entry to the teacher. .The Bolshevik authoritiss ' were after Demy^n and pie to join the Kbrnsomol-ithe Young Comrnuni Lpague. My father, who was at- Iffliding to" his duties as an. inspec tor of locomotives, kept warning u^- to stay away from any and all political activity. .•'Remember." he would sav "{here are all kinds of people m ttye world, a'hd the more you talk the more trouble you'll get into. jWith the,tightening of the reins by the Soviet rulers, the Com . rmmists began to treat Demyan with suspicion. Had he not been ai officer in the Czar's army? Al tlfough he had been inprisoncd by the Whites for 1 refusing to joii tlfem, the Communists now mudt u<| biiffur for not joining them. 'lh Cp-nmunist maxim has always been, "If you're not with us, you it agninst us.", . . Until the. fall of 4022, Demyar weathered easily the petty annoy atices by tiie local zealots. Jus than I gave, birth to my second cliild, a giri, who later died fron a'heart ailrnent. I. remember tha the drrve against religion was get Tuesday, September 28, 1948 Show Goes on Despite Death of Actress POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Sept. 28 —(A 1 ) — Butter jOjlober weak; receipts 507,321; prices unchanged to 2 3-4 cents a pound lower; S3 score A A and 92 A G4.5; 9C B 01.25: 83 C 139. Eggs unsettled; receipts 11,4'1:>: prices unchanged. Live poultry; steady; receipts 40 trucks;, prices unchanged. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National 1 ' Stockyards, III.. Sept. — (iV) -— Hogs. 8,000; market opened 23 to 50' lower; later ii() to 7fi lower-than Monday's average; Bulk 200-200 lbs 211.50-20.00: top 29.00; 'liberal percentage od • run at one price of 2.'{.75; virtually no heavy hogs cxceplscattercd small notices and reports that large spot houses were ready to stop any tenders against that month, i Closing prices were steady 60 cents to $1.00 a bale higher. Oct high 31.47 — low 31.X!) — close 31.42 Dec high 31.02 — low 30.BO — close 30.07 Mch high 30.81 — low 30.G4 — close 30.H8-80 May high 30.03 — low 30.43 — close 30.58 Jly high U9.f,7 — low 29.05 — close 29.84 NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sept. 28 —(/P)— Cot- Los Angeles, Sept. 28 — (/P)— The trouper's tradition of carrying on held firm when Actress Miriam King, 31, died on stage. She was playing a skit in a benefit performance when she ' collapsed. Henry Davidson, a fellow performer, ad libbed as though she had fainted as part of the act. then he carried her to the wings. Dut when she was pronounced dead of a heart attack., ho quit acting and announced her death to the audience of SOO. The curtain rang down on the Sunday night performance. cents to $1.35 the previous 31.50 — Io|w31.37—last w, 3? > X lots "and "individual head: lfiO-190 I ton futures were strong today in lbs mostly 2,'!.00-50: 130-150 lbs i moderately active trading. Miss 2-nO-27.75; .100-120 I'os 22.50-24.75: (price fixing, the heaviest in more ows .400 lbs clown largely 24.50- 'than two weeks, readily absorbed 26.50; occasional lots under 35 lbs (commission house selling and up to 2C.75; over 40 lbs largely'hedges. c. 22.25-24.0: stags unchanged most-i Futures closed GO ly 17.50-21.00. • \:i bale higher than Cattle. 7.500; calves. 2,50: early 1 close. ti ide very slow with general Oct _high undertone weak to unevenly low-j .'il.nOupIG m little done on steers; two loads } ^^^i_^_ of common and low medium ligm- wcights 20.00-50; odd lot ommon land medium heifers and mixed yearlings 20.00-2C.OO; heart calves under pressure again; few odd lots medium and good 2.'i.(jO-2r>.00: crnv.s also slow: few deals about, steady at full decline of Monday with common and medium beef cows 17.00- | 19.50; can ners and cutters 13.5917.00; bulls 50 lower; medium a nd good 21.00-23.00: cutter and common 17.00-20.00; vealcrs unchanged; good and choice 28.00-33.fiO"; common and medium 18.00-27.00. Sheep, 2,500 opening sales of good and choice spring lambs I ully 75 highet than monday at 24.50-25.00; top 25.00 paid by big t ickers; some salesmen holding best lambs above 25.00. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. Sept. 28 —-(/Pi— Com- imericia) and commission house buying boosted grain futures prices today. Corn was up more than three cents a bushel and wheat about two cents at times. j. Reports of export business boosted corn price. 1 :. Another factor was | i \ "i reports that, the government loan rate may be about SI.45 on [arms, or about $1.57 Chicago basis. There was mill buying in wheat. Wheat closed 1 to 2 1-4 cents higher than the previous finish, December $2.25 3-8 - 5-8, corn was I up 2 14 to 3 1-4 cents, December '$1.39-1.39 1-4, oats were 7-3 higher. December 73 58 - 3-4, and soybeans were 4 34 to 5 1-2 higher, December ?2.40 14 - 12. A CORN LOAN, ETC., THIRD GRAF ADD GRAIN Spot wheat moved higher withlhe trading in futures today; basis- steady to firmer on red winter and steady on hard varieties; receipts 34 cars, corn was one to six cents higher for old-crop offerings, easier for new; bookings 07,000 bushels now, 45,000 bushels old; shipping sales 55,0 Obushels; receipts 139 cars. Oats were higher; basis unchanged; shippng .sales 55,000 bushels; receipts 23 cars. Soybeans receipts were 25 cars. o NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Sept. 28 —(/I 1 )—Colton futures advanced here today on trade buying and short covering stimulated by the lack of first Dec high 31.04 — low 30.88 — last 30.09 up 12 Mch high 30.H5 — low 30.05 — last 30.77 up 13 May high 30.G5 — low 30.59 — close 30.59 up 15 Jly high 20.00 — low 20.68 — last" 29.86 up 21 Oct high 27.93 — low 27.05 — last" 27.91 up 27 Middling spot 3115N up 10. N-nominal. WE HAVE Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye, Wheat, Barley and Joe Youmans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE Hope, Arkansas A perfect autumn find —in beautiful covert and gabardine, flattering in every line and detail. See how the front panels are cut to nip your waist to practically nothing! (Sure invitation to pretty compliments! Pointed collar, flange shoulders. New narrower skirt. In midnight black, autumn brown, green, blue, duslc grey, and wine. Sizes 10 - 20. 10% Down Holds Any COAT or SUIT Take Advantage of Our Easy Shopping Plan We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps "The Leading Department Store" HOPE NASHVILLE •—Shipley photo Scents above ai-e from West Brothers Store, corner of Main and Second In old McRae Hardware Building, which held it formal opening Saturday, S<?pt. 25. The openinp attracted hundreds from all over this section and was one of the most successful in the organization's history. Greeting visitors were: H. O. West of Minden, W. D. West of DeRidder, La. and J. A. Wept of El Dorado, co-owners; J. W. Adams of El Dorado, superintendent of Arkansas stores; J. H. Incjlehart. atchitoches, superintendent of Louisiana stores; Merle Harper, DeRidder, merchandise manager; M. H. Schuetz, of De- Ridder, ht'ad bookkeeper; H. L. Wiggins, Mansfield, La., and Aaron Tollett, manager of ths local store. . into full swing, and we held her chnsleuing in secret. During this outbreak of Hod Icr- ror. Doniyau w;is SUVLH! by the chairman of the Slavyunsk Soviet who h;id known him from childhood and was aware thai he never was an enemy of the Soviet regime. Mow lie quietly advised Demyan to gel out uf lowii. tHHH The jimy WRAm Show with HARRY JAMi$ + and his Music Makers * BOOEO « let cycus ol 1948 SfiE TEXAS IN ACT80M M THI GREATEST STATE FAIR ON EA8TH lovrHwisrs tiotisr AUTOMOBILE SHOW... wuri ni.jsr NATIONAL LIVESTOCK SHOWS... o.i K.c,i.») fOUUIlir. TUSf.tr. SHltP. swim IXHItllS .iOK-OCLUI; MICiWAY... G^ui-Lc f<.f:M MACItlMKir PISP1A*... Mimd.lci.1 LIVIHO CtC-f fHAit UrlikllS... fcitmofijis HXTUE. CULIMAtxf snd AUllt?UlS SHOW... tti.t.U fAlOMIMO o..J PUSHTU BOSSES... mutxaous IAMB fisiuAL—j.oso INITP.UUIHIS... Ml LlHKLtlltK tBOADCASTi... SflN£.TI(.6l.-K& fill iCIS... SltKAhO 1I.E fS>c,iiC HWil.. . Cdtit/Ll fCOO SHOW. Ull:«.Mtii.- n HOWt sii UlCtt.iCAL 1HOW... State Fai* o! Texas Tornoi'ow: P.Irs. Kasenkiirt eontinues her account of life under the .Reds and the events which led to her husband's deatli in the great purge. Q Doily RreoH Continued From Page One also reali/.e that the all-out Communist backing of Mr. Wallace has helped rement bipartisan unity. Hut tile eilizens el' friendly ctmn- U les, and even some oi th'.-ir Irad- ers. might understaiuli'.bly grow en!iiusi.d aiid worried as ihe campaign j'.nr.vs both;) 1 . While the Dem- ncir.lii 1 Pri'sidenl and tile liepub- ill'; un (/«i fur 'toad H.iti K'J.i'sw el il,i ituiluut Mi). Legislators Won't Commit Themselves Says Laney Little Rock. Sept. 2« —-t/f'l—What do Arkansas legislators think about slate purchase of the Missouri and Arkansas railroad? Governor Laney said there is "qualified approval" from some numbers of the general assembly. But more opinions are needed before he will take any action. The governor polled ers for their views on whether a special session ol the legislature should be called to authorize the itate to buy the long-idle line. He reported yesterday that he received answers from about 10 state senators and 25 House .members. 1'Vw ol' the replies are de.tMiilely tor or against the proposal, biu most are "tor it ii-- and against it unit ss—," 1.aney declared. The eovernor added that the .general tvend is in l::vor o!' .state pun-base it' un operator can be found to lake the railroad oil' the state':-' lianas. Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon b\ STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President AJex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 2I2-2U South Walnut "Snoot, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor g, Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosaicr, Mc'ch. Supt. Jess M. Davis, A-'vcrtising Manager Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Kates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 20c per moniii 85c. Muil rates-—in Hemp- sfead, Nevada, Howard. Mifier anc LaFavctte counties, $4.50 per year; else- Ihe Uuvinak- j where $8.50. Notional Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenr, , Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich I igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madiscr i Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Gram i Blvd.; Oklahomo City, 314 Terminal Bldg lfl " p ' ! '-^- ^ Union St. Member of lite Associated Press: Th- Associated Prc'.-s is entitled exclusively ti 'he UK- for r ( -<n.ib!ica!ion of oil fho loco le.vs printed in this newspaper, cs well at all AP news ditpcirc.hci H'.:i oolH-s. i-'o the v.oi'ltl :-ho'.i!d ion,uglily ijj;;i uur dun: • •-s a:'t- .-trictly in .-•h'Vil'i undf'rtlL'S'.d li 1 .; '' stands united when •M.'m- !"; :;:..f;-lv aiul i LUC o*' it.-; friends. P.ire niuuilie tin v/us Futbrighfr Fuds 3-Weeks "lour of Europe Bjhiir n! •s. th" mr..;al tlje Bible be \Vashiiiglon, Sept. 2li —(..-Vi-- Ken- i'lor Fu'.brigln of Arkan-a:; has -•T' -'I a three-week tour of Europe •which extended behind Ktissia's MI') eunain. Fulbriuht retuvned to his office •Iv;-iv yesterday ai'ter visiting Ath- .heiiii, Turlit-y Gerinaiiy ami other parts of Eurooe. lie leil the United i Before [States lie j formal j i States-British the United KYiLjland for iiie United on itaj-eement The new Sfudebaker Is their idea of somefhing "super an aufomobiSe! provided under the Kulbright plan. The word muscle is from the Latin "musculus," "a HtUe house." because th-, movement of a muscle- under tiie ilxin suijgt-sls a cix-eping mouse. 114 West Third St. T I' v II ,1 Ii Hope, Arkansas ft : FIItST MIY FA it WITH A POSTWAM CA1I-!

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