Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 27, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, September 27, 1948 foesday, September £8 ' .The Ladies Auxiliary of the Central Baptist church \vill meet Tuesday afternoon at. 2:80 o'clock. Tuesday, September 28 Prcscolt Band will go to Tcx- arKana to participate with sixteen other high school bands in the Diamond Jubilee. Four States celebration. Ladies Auxiliary of Central Baptist church will meet al 2:30 p.m. G.A.'s and Sunbeams of First Baptist church will meet Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. at the chmch. Wednesday, September 29 Choir practice at the Presbyterian church at 7:1;) p.m. News ed the high score prize for the afternoon. A delicious desr.cH. course was served by the hostess assisted by her mother. Mrs. J. U. Atkinson to the following guests: Mrs. Bill Yanccy. Mrs. Thomas Dewoody, Mrs. J. D. Morgan. Mrs. Norman Whilakcr Jr., Mrs. Allen Gee Jr., Mrs;. J. L. Lavender and Mrs. Vaughn Bright. Rocket Faster Than Many Believe That Moscow Should Be Followed Prayer service at Central tist cnurch at 7:30 p.m. Bap- There will be a ing at 7:30 p.m. t»an church. mid-week mcet- at First Chris- The Nevada County Tubercu-1 losis Association Board met recently in the offices of the County .icalth Nurse. Mrs. N. N. Daniel presided and heard reports from board members, Guss McCaskill, Mrs. Saxon Regan and Mrs. T. E. Logan. Plans for the Christmas seal Drive and the next X-ray Clinic wore discussed. The date or the clinic will be announced ater. Two new members were appointed to the board. Mr. T. E. ,ogan will serve as chairman of he Bond Drive and Mrs. D. L. ivlcltuo will be the new publicity cnairman. The Methodist choir will meet at 7:30 at the church. Prayer service will be held the First Baptist church at 7 •With choir practice at 8:15. Little Miss Mary Beth Bryson celebrated her third birthday anniversary with a yard party at her home on Thursday afternoon. Favors of cowboy hats for the boys and hats for the girls were attractively displayed on a line dcqoraled with pink, blue and green streamers. Each little , guest chose their favor. After numerous games were J>layod the gifts were opened and , Happy Birthday was sung to lhc ' little hostess. Ice eriam and cake and gun frnd mint favors in cellophane were enjoyed by the followin;-. guests: Diana Ho mm, Bobbj Reynolds, Johnnie Marsh. Cynth and Bill .Arnold, Susan MclWiirray, I Claudia Price, George Hamilton Christopher, George Re gnu, Helen Dale Ledbetter, Linda Scott. Ann Scott, Ann Morgan. Bill VVhitaker, Andy Bemis, Sammy Cruse, Wally Plttman, Sara Janet Bryson, Bill Justiss, Alec Gordon, Gil Jo'.inson. Marcia and Gregg Buchanan, B>lly White, Johnnie Yanccy, David am. 1 . Charles Ptirtle, Ella Sue Nelson. Charlotte Johnson, Maryln Buchanan, Jim McKe'nzie and Johnny Langley. Mrs. C. A. Grant Jr. was hos- 't£ss to a bridge party on Thursday afternoon at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. C. H. Volway. ' The home was decorated with arrangements of spider lilies' and 6ther late 'summer flowers. Mrs. Vaughn Bright was award- The following delegates of the Nevada County Committcemen of the Democratic Central Committee attended the State Democratic convention which was held at the Robinson auditorium in Little Rock last Thursday and Friday; Corbett Hale, Dr. W. M. BlacKshear, C. C. Henry, Thomas J. Silvey, Miss Jimrnie Nicholas, Miss Frances Thrasher, Carl Mitchell, H. H. McKcnzie and L. L. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Logan and daughter, Judy Ruth spent Friday in Little Rock. New York,- Sept. ?-"> —M'I—The air forco disclojt-t! 'officially for Hi-" first time today thai tin: X-l rocket plane has flown "hundreds of miles faster than . the i.peea of sound," This indication of. thc speed attained by the oxpe-Hmenltd I'lnno ame from Air S c c r e lory V. Stuart Symington in an address prepared for the- air force: association meeting here. On the bash; of Symington's cryptic reference, the X-l apparently has llown at least <KiO miles an hour. The reason is this: The speed of sound at sea level. with a temperature of a!) decrees [ahronheit is 7GH miles an hour. At 40,000 feet, sound's speed is (iGO. The original announcement on June 10 that the X-l had surpassed .he sonic-speed a number of times did not say by how much nor give he altilutde. However, it did indicate indirectly that the altitude ,vas high by saying Hint in connection with thc c.xpcrimen':-. the air force would not claim either speed or "altitude" records. Some unofficial estimates havo placed the speed attained by the rocket ship at above the 1,000 mile an hour mark. Symington's statement today saying that speed "hundr^.ls of miles faster than sound at an altitude of up to 4,000 foot. There is, of course, the unlikely pos.sibili- By DcWVTT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst A crude sign was found thc other ciay pinned on the garden door ot No. iO Downing street, famous residence, for many generations of British prime ministers and now occupied by Clement Attlee. The notice advised him. "Moscow is bluffing." ' Thc seer whc: wasn't only one the Russians arc staging "an enor- ssue Enroule with Sept. 21 — (/!> Dewcy to Seattle, , . ,,,,...,. ... ,,., Gov. Thomas E. made t.ial sign|u c wey supported today thc allied who has a notion jyedsion lo take the Soviet Berlin blockade question to thc United Legal Notice Cost of publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (4 times.) is S15.60. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 Proposed by Petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF AMENDMENT AN AMENDMENT. TO ABOLISH inc< the obligations or any vaiid'con- TIIE STATE AD VALOREM TAX tract of any school district. Except ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROP- as otherwise provided in this Act. Clerk of each county affected who shall record same. Appeals from the action of any County Board of Education on makers M annexation as authorized herein may be tiled within thirty days from the dale of such action wall any court o£ competent jurisdiction. SECTION 4. No construction shall be given to any part of tms Act that would result in impair- EKTY. BALLOT TITLE all matters of reorganization and annexation of school districts un- AN AMENDMENT TO THE CON-! clertaken under the provisions of STITUTION UEiV"i(JVll\iG LEGUJ-, this Act shall be made in accord- LATIVE AUTHORITY TO L.KVY i <'»ic<; with existing laws. A STATE TAX BASKD UPON i SECTION 5. The provisions of ASSESSED VALUATION ' OF I this Act arc severable. and if any tire membership of the County Board of Election Commissioners for each of the several Counties in Arkansas. The Third member.of each County Board of 'Election Commissioners shall be appointed by the State Board of Election Commissioners at least ninety (90) days before any General ElecM tion for Stale, District or County office. m the event of a vacancy or ais- quaiincation on the part or any i.anj or County Chairman ior eitrier me majority or rnmoruy parties, men and in thai event, the btate Vice-Chairman or County Vice- onairmari ol the party in which sucn vacancy occurs snail act as County Ciiairrnan or Mate Cnair- case may be for mous bluff. You hear the remark frequently, generally by folks \viio hold thai the "bluff" should be called by a display of force. That is a terribly foolish and dangerous assumption. True, there undoubtedly are limes when the Muscovites do bluff, and I dare say the .same is true of the Western Democracies. Diplomatic strategy has worked that way on occasions. However, the world revolution for the spread ol Communism is U is the greatest menace has faced. no bluff, mankind There was no bluff in the rape of C/.cchosIovakia, or in the conquest of the rest of Eastern Europe. The I United States has just called the turn in blunt terms on Bolshevist operations in Bulgaria. American Minister Donald R. Heath was delivered to Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kolarov a note Nations Security Council. As he swung his campaign into the Pacific Northwest, the Rcpub lican presidential nominee called for a "peaceful settlement" of the crisis. He added "this is loo sober a moment in our history for threats or recrimination. It is a time in stead for a real and solemn reas strtion of what we believe, wht we hope for and what we will en dcavor, against whatever odds and ty that flights were made ai or•' w f/i c h" accuses ~lhc Communist gov near sea level, fhis would boost } crnmcnt ot Bulgaria with ruthlcss- c ! 1 '|ly smashing Democratic freedom the minimum speed to about 200 miles above 900, sound's :iificiilties, to achieve." An aide showed the for the Paris Mr. and Mrs. Joe Colton and son Joe Jr. have recently gone to Stamps where they will make iheiv home. Mrs. Saxon Regan spent Friday in Little Rock. Mrs. Roy C. Davis Sr. has been advised that her son Roy C. Davis has arrived safely in Arabia. Mr. uavis is connected with the Gulf Oil Company. Mrs. J. B. Hcslcrly, Mrs. H. E. Rouse and Mrs. Joe Boswcli spent Thursday in Texarkana. Charles Hcslcrly who has been visiting his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Hesterly has resumed his studies at the Little Rock Medical College. IT'S TIME*TO SHINE WITH... because it has a hard-wax finish Mrs. O. G. Hirst, Mrs. C. D. McSwain and Mrs. J. H. Bemis spent Thursday in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Warren have recently moved to Memphis, Tcnn. Master Mac McLarty of Hope was the guest of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Berry Hcs teriy on Friday. Cora Donnell Hospital Notes: . Admitted: Mrs. George Harrison, Prercolt; Betty Nell Wilson, Prescott. Dismissed: Mrs. Jesse Baker, Prescott. Many kinds of tropical trees show no annual rings. m tion charges that the ^Communists there have resorted to the use of "involuntary servitude, banishment, concentration camps, imprisonment, torture and execution." Thc occasion for this note was a speech by Kolarov in parliament, blaming the United States ,. , , for Bulgaria s' failure to gain mem- some ( jel^ fi.yht-j bcrs - pip in , hc , Tj u ited Nations. He wtinl (declared his nation had met its ! peace treaty obligations scrttpu- |lously. The American note said it i simply isn't true that Bulgaria has I met its treaty obligations. ... , 1 There is no bluff in thc great Jignters |offensive which thc Comn-.'-i'nists are waging throughout Southwest said the statement nominee's support decision. Dewey has said repeatedly that this country must not compromise any major principles in settlement oi the Berlin crisis, but has suggested conciliation on . "non-essentials." Dcwey's statement was issued after communication with John Foster Dulles, his foreign affairs adviser, who has been sit- jting in on the Paris U. N and PROPERTY. AMENDMENT BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: That ihc following shall be an amendment to the Constitution: The General Assembly shall not nave power to levy Stale taxes oascd upon the assessed valuation of the properly of the State." Initiative petition lor the above proposed Constitutional Amendment filed in this office on the 1st part or provision hereof shall be Held void, the decision of the court shall not affect or impair any o[ Ine remaining parts or provisions of the Act. Initiative petition for the above proposed Initialed Act filed in this office on the llth day of June. UW8. Witness my hand and seal of office on this the 3rd day of August, 10-18. C. G.HALL, Secretary of State Sept. (5, 13, 20. 27 day of July, 194SJ. Witness rny hand and seal of of-, fice on this ihc 3rd day of Augusi,! Cost of publication to the taxpayers 1<J40. I of this notice in this paper (4 limes) ' is S.-il.a). PROPOSED INITIATED ACT C. G. HALL Secretary of Stale Sept. C, 13, 20, 27 o • Cost ol publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (4 tunes) is $81.90. PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 1 Proposed by Petition of the People NO. 2 Proposed by Petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF ACT A PROPOSAL FOR AN ACT AMENDING THE LIQUOR LAWS REGARDING LOCAL ELECTIONS. man ub mi; i-n*><^ *'i«...7 ~~ — ."^ ol the purposes sot otu in this Act until a new County Chairman or buite Chiiirman is selected uy sucn f- parlies. SECTION 3. It shall be thc duty of tno County boaras oi Election Commissioners not less than live (a; ciays preceding a general election to select and appoint three (i) judges and two 12) clems for each voting precinct in their respective Counties and to perform the other duties prescribed, provided however, that two (21 judges and one U) clerk at each precinct snail be chosen and appointed by the two members of tne County Board ol Election Commissioners represent- r ing the majority party and one (1) judge and one (f) clerk at each 'precinct shall be chosen and appointed by the member of tne County Board of Election Commissioners representing thc minority party. The County Boards of Elcc- uon Commissioners shall immcd- „ , ..,,„ lately upon performing such duties l ;. LAWb p rc p arc publish and post in a pub- OP11ON, .,„ n ,., cn m thc stieritf's office and speed at sea level at given temperatures. Symington included in his address a summary of United States air force achievements during the last year of operation as an agency in its own right of the national defense establishment. In doing this, he mcntionod: The "clay thc new jet bomber ran away from rs." Symington did no! say lanes were involved nor when :ie test occurred; However, this howed the USAF now has a jet )omber flying faster than 530 nilcs an hour, a speed which all present operational jet can attain. The 670-mile an that country. The communica- foreign ministers' meetings. hour world peed record by the F-t>8, a standard jet fighter. The tighter flew n officially measured course with •cgular equipment of six machine tins and full load of ammunition. A B-29 (the World War II design comber) which flew 5,750 miles with a 10,000 pound bomb load; and a B-3G (the new 6-engined ong range bomber) which carried the same load 8,062 miles. (As British Foreign Secretary Fina! Tribute Paid to UN Mediator -(UP) Bavin declared the other day that the Communists aimed at seizing that great theatre. He said this was "part and parcel of the clash between the two philosophies which will keep on breaking out evcry- where it can." He announced that Britain intended to fight Communism at every turn. Simultaneously the U. S. State Department has broadcast a sharp counter-attack against the Red "drive for power" in Southeast Asia. If America and Britain thought Moscow was bluffing they wouldn't bo engaged in such sweeping rearmament programs. British Defense Minister A. V. Alexander startled including EXTRA QUALITY .PURITY IH PETROLEUM JELLY This well-known name, Moroline, guarantees highest quality. Relied ou by millions. FINE FOR! BURNS MINOR CUTS CHAFE SCRATCHES SCRAPES Stockholm, Sept. 27 Thousands of persons, royalty of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, attended the funeral of the assassinated United Nations mediator, Count Folke Bern-1 adotte, yesterday. Last rites were conducted for thc peace envoy, slain in Jerusa- .ern, along lines he dictated himself before leaving Sweden last may on his first trip to Palestine. A simple service was held in Gustaf Wasa Church, the cremation in Stockholm's North cemetery. A catafalque wagon bearing Bernadotte's body was drawn by 48 Boy Scouts. A Swedish YMCA choir sang Negro spirituls. The colors of Sweden, the Boy Scouts, the Red Cross and the United Nations were displayed. And wreaths from Jewish, Arab and countries throughout the were seen. The ashes of the Count were placed in an urn and will be buried in a family cemetery plot. Fish have tongue:;, bill thoyjire i comparatively immovable swellings in tlu: floor ot the mouths. the House of Commons a couple of days ago with the statement that Britain's rearmament program was moving so fast he had no figures on its cost. Simulta- leously the navy, marines and air corps announce'cl urgent campaigns to build up strong reserves in readiness for any war emergency. All men and women who served in Britain's wartime armies are subject to recall. These preparations don't mean that America and Britain think war is just around the corner. Sir Stafford Cripps, British chancellor of Ihc exchequer, expresses the belief tha : ; there is not much, possibility of a war soon, though "accidents can always happen."' But the Democracies aren't treating the Bolshevist threat as a bluff! which can be handled by ap- It was handed to reporters be- [oro the announcement ot! the Paris decision of the United States, Britain and France to take the Berlin issue to the security council, indicating the candidate's advance knowledge of the decision. Noting that the war had ended three years ago yesterday, Dewey 'said that the time since had been j "a period of disappointment and i frustration." He said millions of peaople in the world are joining in "a fervent prayer for peace." He scheduled stops in Portland and Salem. Later he was to visit Tacorna before his arrival in Scallle for a major speech there tonight on Western resources. Paul Lockwood, thc governor's secretary, said Dewey then will outline "a spcacific program to conserve and expand the use of these western resources for the welfare of thc nation." The nominee speaks in Missoula, Mont., tomorrow night after stops at Spokane, Wash., and Paradise, 'Mont. In thc Northwest, Dewey was reported prepared to lay down aa western • development program he lias promised to put in charge of Westerners. He already has said that if he is elected he will name a secre- tarv of interior from the West, POPULAR NAME OF ACT SCHOOL DISTRICT REORGANIZATION ACT. BALLOT TITLE "AN ACT TO DISSOLVE SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN ARKANSAS WHICH' HAVE LESS THAN 350 ENUM-;, , ,,, ..,,, F [i,v A LlTY OR r ' t? A -Tire • l^ft r'UIv'd^TT. 1 A T\ T VW MllNlL llllti IjlljVj/lL*! 1 X Urt ERAIES, 10 CREATE A. ..INL.U ; LEG ALITY OF THE MANUFAC- BALLOT TITLE "AN ACT TO AMEND THE LIQUOR LAWS OF THE STATE OK AhKANSAS SO AS TO REQUIRE THAT ALL LOCAL OPTION ELECTIONS, THE TO DETER- 1L- DISTRICT IN EACH COUNTY TUHE. SALE, BARTERING, /-•/-ITVTDOC-I^T-I rvtr TUT.- TiTF 1 pTTnw v i J-^n^- ono-im, ij^n.j.iiivj.iivj, COMPOb.li,D Ui' 1ML, l.iMi.UlUJ.n Y ! , n , MiMf" OR P.TVINCi AWAY f-~,-U* AT T 1"\TCC.TM \ TT? f~\ PO CT^ 1~> 7 {~"t'^ - ' lj vj ^ IN 11\ Vj, \J JA VJ 1 V 11* \J J^ V\ TV J. OF ALL DlbSOLVlidJ Dlbi tiiClb. ,,,.,, Trvrnvrr-ATiMr 1 T innnR<5 'rr> T-n TDwrnriTiT- a n OAT-MI nw vtvF -Or ll\ HJAlCAlUNLr L,imuuus> iu TO'PROVIDE ABOARD Ol IIVL BE HELD ONLy QN THE REG . Sn?> ™£ vrJr v r-P?VTFlV ULAK BIENNIAL NOVEMBER FOR THE NEWL\ CLLAlED: GENEnAL ELECTION DAVS , TO DISTRICT. TO I-ROVIDi^ THAI , PROV1DE THAT THE .PETITION California and Arizona excluded because of their-.; water dispute. Dewey has.urged electrical power transmission by the government beyond 'the immediate area of hydro-electric projects and sale of electricity" at the lowest possible self-liquidation rate." other peasement. world Early Taxation As far back as 3300 B. C., there were, in Babylonia, maps which wore based on land surveys and which were used for taxation purposes. to Market for Soybean Crop Little Rock, Sept. 27 — UP}— Production and marketing administration officials are trying to find a market for Arkansas' record soybean crop. They are rushing plans to ship a large portion of the crop, estimated at between nine and ten million dollars, to oil-hungry nations overseas. State PMA Chief J. L. Wright announced this today after several oil mills here said they are not in the market for soybeans. A titmouse is a bird, not a animal. THE COUNTY SCHOOL SUPER-: VISOR IN EACH COUNTY SHALL BE SUPERINTENDENT OF THE NEWLY CREATED DISTRICT: TO EMPOWER THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION TO AN-1 NEX ANY PORTION, OR ALL. ! OF THE NEWLY CREATED DISTRICT TO ANOTHER DISTRICT OR DISTRICTS; TO PROVIDE FOR AN APPEAL FROM THE ACTION OF ANY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION ON MATTERS OF ANNEXATION TO ANY COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION." ACT BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. On June 1, 19-10, there is hereby created in each county a new school district which shall be composed of the territory of all school districts administered} in the county which had less j 350 enumerated on March 1. 194.0. i as reflected by the 1943 school j enumeration. | It is thc intent of this section lo | authorize, between the date of the j adoption of this act and March 1, •• 1949, the re-organization or annex- i alion of districts which would be | dissolved by this Act, in accordance with existing law governing reorganizations or annexations. The new districl in each county shall be known as the " County School Dis-j trict No •- " Such j district shall have all the rights, j responsibilities and privileges of other school districts and the Board of such district shall have all the duties, responsibilities and authority of other school boards except as provided herein. SECTION 2. Within ten days FOR A LOCAL OPTION ELECTION SHALL BE PREPARED IN ACCORDANCE WITH INITIATED ACT NO. 1 OF ISMi SHALL BE FILED, SUBSEQUENT THEREON SHALL BE HAD AND CONDUCTED, IN THE MANNER PROVIDED FOR COUNTY INITIATIVE MEASURES BY INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM AMENDMENT NO. 7 TO THE CONSTITUTION OF ARKANSAS AND ENABLING ACTS PERTAINING THERETO. FOR THE REPEAL OF ALL LAWS AND PARTS OF LAWS IN CONFLICT HERE . lie place in thc Sneritl"; in the County Clerk's office of each County, their respective list of appointees as judges and clerks of f 1 election. _. 3 In the event the majority or minority representatives on such County Boards of Election Commissioner's do not select and appoint their full quota of judges and cicrp for each voting precinct then the County Boards of Election Commissioners by majority vote may fill such vacancies, provided, that in no event shall all of the judges or both of the clerks at any voting precinct be members'of the same political party. SECTION 4. The qualifications H uie same, to-wit: They shall be qualified electors of Uie Stale, County and precinct in which they reside or in which they keep their political residence. Tnev shall be discreet persons, able to read and write the English language and shall not have been convicted of any infamous crime N CUINI--L.ICI- i-i^K^-i and no member of a County Board WITH, AND*TO PROVIDE THAT I of Election, Commissioners, shall be THIS ACT SHALL BE OPERA- a candidate lor any TIVE AND IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT ON AND AFTER DECEMBER 1, 1948." ACT BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. Local option elections, to determine the legality or . after the creation of the new district as provided herein, the County Board of Education shall call a special election for the purpose oi electing members of a school board to serve the new district. There shall be placed on the j-.Uot as candidates the names o' ],ersons who are qualified electors residing in the territory included in the new district and whose names as candidates have been filed in the office of the County Board of Education, not less than twenty days before the election on petilions signed by twenty or n fied electors residing in lory in the new district. The County Board shall: a. Designate the date o£ the election. b. Cause notice of such election lo be published once a woe for three consecutive weeks, the last publication of which shall be not less than twenty days prior to Ihc; date of the election. Such notice shall time and place of EW telephone rates in Arkansas have been authorized on a temporary basis under bond and went into effect September 25, 1948. The telephone company has asked for higher rates because of greatly increased expenses, particularly for labor and materials. Rates generally established 20 years ago simply have not been bringing in enough money to pay today's higher costs of operation. Our policy with respect to earnings and service will continue to be: to render an ever-improving telephone service at a cost as low as is consistent with financial safety and fair treatment to employees. Long Distante person daytime calls are increased S to IS cents. 3. The night and Sunday rates are now ahotit 20 per cent less than daytime rates on calls over 44 miles. 4. The charges for daytime person-lope rson calls are now about 40 per cent over the station - to -station daytime rate. 5. On calls costing IS, 20, and 25 cents, the' initial period is 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes. NEW MONTHLY RATES FOR S-IGFE TYPE OF SERVICE KM t TAXIS- TOTAL BUSINESS ............ $5.50 $ .94 $6.44 There will be no change on calls to points outside the stale. The following changes are stale: eiit'ctive on calls within the 1. The initial period rales are increased 5 oi 10 cents on station-lo-station day time calls between 10 and 240 miles. 2. The initial period rates on person-to- RESIDENCE Individual-line. .$2.75 Two-party ........... 2.25 Four-parly ........... 2,00 RURAL Business ............... $3.50 Residence ........... 2.00 *Fcdcijl tax — 15 per cent; SiJti: .47 .39 .34 .60 .34 $3.22 2.64 2.34 $4.10 2.34 FIRST INCREASE IN 24 YEARS These new rates are the first increases in basic telephone charges in Hope since 1924. Both thc cost of furnishing service, and the value of that service to the customer have increased grently in that time. The value and usefulness of telephone service depend lately on the number of telephones you can call. In 1924, there were 1,171 telephones in Hope; today there are 2,402. illegality of the manufacture, sale, bartering, loaning, or giving away of intoxicating liquors, shall hereafter be held only on the regular biennial November general election clays. SECTION 2. Every petition for a local option election shall be prepared in accordance with Initiated Act No. 1 of 1942, and it shall be filed, and the subsequent procc ings thereupon shall be had and conducted, in the manner provided for county initiative measures by Initiative and Referendum Amendment No. 7 to the Constitution of Arkansas and enabling acts pertaining thereto. SECTION 3. All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith are hereby repealed and this act shall be operative and in full force and effect on and after December 1, 194B. Initiative petition for the above proposed Initialed Act filed in this office on thc 1st day of July, 1948. Witness my hand and seal of office on this the 3rd day of August. 1948 C. G. HALL Secretary of State. Sepl. 6, 13, 20, 27. Cost of publication to the iaxpay- , ,. ,.,,,,,., ers of this notice in this paper (4 the tern- ' time*) is SB0.70. PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 3 Proposed by petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF ACT AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR DIR- ballot for the and tox — 2 pet cent givc the voting. c. Prepare the election. d. Appoint the judges clerks for the election. The election officials shall certify the returns of the election to the County Clerk. The County Judge shall, ' within ten days ol the election, canvas the returns o£ Hie election and certify the results thereof to the County Board. The lenglh of term of the newly elected board members of the dis- tricl created by this Act shall be doiermined in accordance with pro- visii.ns of existing law. The County School Supervisor shall be s/uperinlcndent of Hie new district. In addiiion to his duties as Couiily School .Supervisor, lie shall perfoim the duties and assume tin: responsibilities in the new dislriel as entrtislecl lo supri'HLU.-iidehls oi other school districts. SECTION :;. U shall be the duty of thi' ne'.vly cK'i'lerl school board and tht' (Yuinl.Y Ir.iani ot Ktiura- lion not only to provide an ae- credited eleinontury school 1'nr evorv ehiki as close to his horno but also to prov'de .'ici-c-vs lo an accn'd ..•liool. To accomplish . c-ach Com:! v Bo.ird of -ihall study '.he entire program of its county. It i- is found that some or all portions oi the in. 1 . 1 .- Si'ho'.l District as ci ccl hei'ciu e t in bo :-cr\e'.t OiOie ei- leclivelv Mini mure oil 'icH-:i' Iv I'Y! another district or '.iiftricls, the • t'ountv Board of Education with the', consent ol' the Board i if Direetoi:-; of the school district to^ which such. annexatiott is pt'oU'.i.si-d. is lh..;vijy utnhori'/od and directed to make or aimcxanoiis. ny ten-it. >ry shall district a<lmin- tin r county lliv i|i;es.- \;.,tii.ii\ sha 11 b • s ub- State jioaiil 1. 1 Iviti- 1 i i '. • i u LI ;i i r. e u t u t the f Kdui'ation the p.o- Uuii should be made. a re.-' >hU:u! i 0 iai: iii e. n. Tl.o rcFul-iiioi 1 by jueies and hound.-, aiIVrU-d by I!,,-- an- u a copy ol salu iv.so- Lx- teut to tin; C^LUI'.;, •KHIM-,«-, ,M-ci, IK i-i-ivj- a sentence from one (1) to (5)'fr TOR M\IORITY AND MI- years in the State Penitentiary and 1 uu lu.-l'l uru i i MIM IJ' lyii • „„,! ..rt.,., ,...„,,: ,.*;„., r,.,, c.,,^Vi PPONSIBLE IN THE HOLDING OF ALL GENERAL ELECTIONS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BALLOT TITLE "AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR DIRECT POLITICAL PARTY RESPONSIBILITY IN THE HOLDING OF ALL GENERAL ELECTIONS IN ARKANSAS AND TO PROVIDE NORITY PARTY REPRESENTATION ON THE STATE BOARD OF I ELECTION COMMISSIONERS, ON ALL COUNTY BOARDS OF ELECTION COMMISSIONERS AND AT ALL VOTING PRECINCTS AT ALL GENERAL AND SPECIAL ELECTIONS FOR TOWNSHIP, COUNTY. DISTRICT OR STATE OFFICE. FOR ELECTIONS OF U. S. SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS. AND AT ALL ELECTIONS FOR SUBMISSION OF ALL ACTS AND MEASURES UNDER INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM IN ARKANSAS." PE IT ENACTED BY THE PEO- PLF OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. For Ihu purpose of this Act. the majority parlv shall be constI'lu-i) in be that political narty polling, in the Stale of Arkansas, iiit.- greatest number of Governor in the last pre- i-i:oi"il clri'tion and the p'.nlv shall bo construed poliiiral party nolling. in ' (.!' Arkansas, the second mimbiT of voli's for Gov- la:-;t pi'i/cediii-; General lor any office lo be .. 1> filled at any general election while I serving on said County Board. rj SECTION 5. It shall be the duty 3 of the majority and minority par- j! ties lo keep on file with their re- !j spectivc State Chairmen, a com- i piele list of all of their respective County Chairmen and it shall be the duty ot the respective State ; Chairmen of both the majority and i minority parties to keep on file i with the Secretary of the State i Election Board, a complete list of i such County Chairmen and to noti- •- , fy promptly the said Secretary or _£ ] the State Election Board of any death, resignation, disqualification or vacancies in the office of any County Chairman and to notify promptly the said Secretary of the State Election Board of the election of a new Chairman to fill any vacancies thus created. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the State Election Board, to keep such lists of County Chairmen furnished by the respective State Chairmen p£ the majority and minority parties as public rec- * ords open at all times to public in- v spection. '. ! In the event that no County Chairman or County Vice-Chairrn.an j has been elecled in any of the several Counties of Arkansas for either the majority or minority party within ninety (90) days of any general election, then and in that event, the State Board of Election, Commissioners shall have authority to appoint a qualified person, to fill such vacancies whether or not •' such vacancies be caused by failure to elect, death, resignation or., disqualification, provided, however, -J* that all such appointments to fill the vacancies on the County Boards of Election Commissioners in the positions to be held by said County Chairmen of the majority and minority parties shall be terminated immediately upon the election of a County Chairman or County Vico- Chairman qualified to serve upon said county Board of Election Commissioners as herein provided. SECTION (i. Any person violating the provisions of this Act shall b? guilty of a felony, punishable bvr -- li i c The Governor, the •ral, t'ne Secretary of Chaha'uan of the '.inillee of UK' nui- and after conviction for such offense, shall in addition to the sentence imposed, by the Circuit Court, be forever barred from holding i-any public or elective office in Arkan.sas. SECTION 7. All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith are ' hereby repealed and this Act shall be in full force and effect from and after ils adopUon by a majority vote of the electors, voting on llic question of the adoption of said ». Act. cast in the general election in-w which said Act is submitted lo a vote of the people. Initiative petition for (ho above proposed Initiated Act filed in this office on the 2nd day of July, 1948. Witness rny hand and seal of office on this the 3rd day of August, 1948. C. G. HALL Secretary of State Sept. G, 13, 20, 27 -nrh Stale larv ami the Stale Chair- Slate Ci.-nliTil Com- oiiitoo of liie minority Party shall i-uii.-tiiuto llii 1 Stale Board of Election Commissidiii'i-s. The Governo'.-.hall act as c-v-ofi'i'.-io Chairman of Buc.'i-t! and ihi" 1 Si'crelarv of .•-hall act as ex-offk-io Seen - .f Mich BO-M-.-I anil shall keep i-nr-is of : :ii 1 Hoard. Coiiiuv C'hainnan of the ntral CoinmitVo ot the partv and the C'onntv nan L'i tii'-' C'uiintv Cc-ntfLil otto-' oi the AViiiO'iiy partv be iiioiuiKT:- of the Count.v ni I-'-ii-'i'tion ComI'oissio'iM.'rs !gi'th<'r with OIK- additional orj i MiL-ii'ili-.-r to he appointed by j Sialo Board tji L'li'rlion Corn-' iiunert;, iiiall conslilula thc ui- in 1 1 ii Lego! Notice WARNING ORDER No. 6790 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County. Ark. Emma Lee Bowman . Plaintiff vs. Ike Bowman Defendant The Defendant, Ike Bowman is! warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Emma Lee Bowman. Witness my hand and the seal, of said court this 27 day of At 1948. C. E. Weaver, Clerk <SEAL> Hon. .l(.ihn P. Vcsfy Att'y for Pltf: Hun.W. Kendall L'emlcy. Att'y ad litc-m. Aim 30, Sc-pt B, 13, 20 Ao- Covering All ground and water surfaces of tho earth are Covered by a layer of lurbtilt-iit air varying in Ihick- iHVs irorn a few yards to a thousand, iiiilo^ ur more. ,.«. * [ft

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