The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1934
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Served by flte Pre»* VOL. XXXI—NO, 1G4 HlythevlUe DiUy N«wi Blythevlll* Ocuriw ... ,,„„„„, . — Wythevil " H * r " d B ^™^^AN'SAS, H'EDNKSDAY, SKH'BMBEU 20, 19E 1931 S!NGLE : COPIES FIVE CEN^ SETTLE CITESTig FOR CLERK'S Suit Will Sal Deputy Here Carpenter Indicted |l[TDniT flfl! IPT findm/M T HIM I . by FederalGrand Jury ||U KUI f FULICt , BODStvELT UKILL LITTLE KOCK, Sept. 28. (UP).- • idielments were returned by the i federal grand jury here today In 23 eases considered since It convened yesterday. Several true bills were kept secret pending arrest of de- RANSOM MONEY fendants. ! Francis M. Carpenter, secretary- i li'reasurer of the clilckasawba DIs- uilCl I tl'ict NnMnnnr K«-ir>ii I /v.m „,., i- 'Sei'vc as OF LOST CHILfl! SEIf AccugLJJjarpenter' Builds His Defense. - -— ~.. ....* & w..j should have I been remitted to the St. Louis land ' bank. Three counts of embezzlement and false entry were charged in In- cler of Adilison Smith will be deputy eJcrk of the circuit court In charge of tiie Blythevillc office, ar.d Ills suit contesting' the nomination of Hugh Craig as Democratic candidate, for circuit clerk will be dismissed; it was announced following i; conference here last night in which i Craig. "Smith and their attorneys participated j —~ •">•* ''b»i"jv r,iuu.-> The agreement, which cuts short I ™..?°"!;lL im< J. Gar ?." P.. Daniel, .of j a , ( President Rclurns to Wasli- , inglon as -Year-Old Girl] Steps Down •DEIHOIT, Sept. 26. <UP)_Thel 'WASHINGTON Sept M mm week-long search for missing L il- NHA leoivanizatlon > ails wu t Han Oallaher, 11-year-old school tackled immediately, Preside dictments against Jesse L. Baiter I""" Otl ' l!>n ", 11-year-old school tackled iinnicdln^., ,-,,.sm-ni acting postmaster fit Lake City j,i , glr1 ' was cml «Hoday with the find- Kooscvell revealed as' lie return,,,! Craighead county. He allegedly lng °( llcr boci >' st " IM "> " '"ink, lo the White House today t took $248 from postoffice funds Ap- °" " lc follrth noor of nn apart-.n month's absence at Hvde i'>i,l- ril 16. 1934. "lent building within a few blccks Declining lo emtiorit" m, lili \tnrt,, i, . . ,- , . ' nf lir»r llflltlrt i t^l i .. _ , . . U " »" S ril 16. 1934. Many narcotic , Indictments were returned. One was against. Ennis °'^ S'was beaten an;,ag- l rc;,,: l S^'SS'^ l i : EC-' to death within a few hours covcry admlnlstnitor Mr she disappeared lost Tlmis- veil likewise was 'vague .as to yens ••representing ; lioth i; Smith and Craig, G. B. Segraves, Osceola, of counsel for Craig, said. Ought lo Mease Everyone The settlement, Mr. Segraves Pointed out, not only saves the expense ami avoids the bitterness of a possibly inconclusive legal contest, but gives the people of both the Osraola • and Chickasuvba districts of the county what the primary election returns showed they wanted. "The primary vote made it evident.". Mr. Segraves sold, "that the People of the Osceola district have no objection to Hugh Craig serv- no As Mr. Cn will .be in i Ask Intervention of President Against Alleged Discrimination WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (UP) — court. He will be in persona of-the Osceola' of f ice. The' : vote-, p.lso showed that the of the ChickoEawba district ^ AddtsorV Smith. I chief deputy he e of the Blythe-| "will handle the of the' ; norUi- ,_. county." • Sinlth'r-.cVstwhlle pol- and /contending lltl- suit. for the homina- .. itical roos 8ft"ts:in , - tion, appeared on the best of terms _- plans to look into charges of textile ers that some mam discriminating in His decision was made known on ils return to. the White/House, to- hey would seek presidential action -iinless' discrimination ceased. /Tatk •- n t"- "Second ~ *S tVik'e" "We have no doubt the body is' ary. that of Lillian Gallahcr," chief I Will Kce,, s«mi- Fraiui- os >.'S of Detectives Pre,| W. Prahu, [old The While House CNplalned th'nl tlic United I'ress. "The body wore the same clothes that the~ghT wore Ihc day she disappeared, The girl was approximately the same a-e as Lillian." . . Lillian would have observed her 11th birthday loday lived. , if she had ATLANTA, Gn.,'Sept: 26 (UP)— Rumblings of a "second ss they left the conference which t ended their controversy. Both expressed themselves as well pleased with the settlement and promised cooperation in handling the work of the olfice efficiency. Craig has had a number of years experience in the office. He is nt present deputy circuit clerk under Billy Gaines. Smith has served as a deputy in the county clerk's office. Many Hailols Attacked Smith's suit contesting the nomination of Craig, based on allegations of fraud at Wilson and elsewhere, will be dismissed at tlie first opportunity, probably within' the or two, V. G. Holland, of counsel for Smith, said. Smith's charges, together with counter charges filed in behalf of Craig, had threatened to bring Into question nearly the entire vote of the county and lawyers on both sides of the case had seen a. the n™ ",^. « t ° ng ^ thern workers as they ; rge employers with "bad faith" in re- opening'inills by allegedly discrlm^ mating against stril^'s. ': Labor leaders, however, caution ed their followers to look to Washington for future action on the charge mill owners had defied President Roosevelt in discriminatin- against workers who joined in the nation wide textile walkout. The president, union men said asked employers .not ' to discriminate against strikers as he appealed to strikers to return to work. Hold~~7»lleeed Ilr.ris ATLANTA, Go.,'Sen;. ->s (UP) — Fourteen persons arrested at Shannon. Ga., by national guardainen ; textile milii tiicre had possibility'Of. a large part of ,,,„; vole being thrown out on various technicalities. Counsel for Smith included Mr Holland, W. Leon Smith', and Sam' Manatt. Craig was represented by Mn Sejravcs, J. T. Coston and A. P. Barnaul. Ohio Court Upholds Sentence f or Pierpont COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 26 (UP) —Death In the electric chair October 17 was decreed for Harry Pierpont, Dillingcr gangster, by the Ohio supreme court, which today dismissed his appeal from a mur- Hull pockets filled -.virh insurrec- ' ai£i yarn! ccmniur&i:: literature d;c. Gen. Lindlcy W Cn.iip ;t i>-' liotnitcd today. , "They are by far 'h-j bifjrst uoutle makers that the n.ulonal giian: has encountered," ivj doclar- T:ie | jco»<;r.ui rlhc;- are confiuiMJ in liic AtianVii nnu;,ry, Oeneril said they v.oiild be held as niillhnv nmoji>-rs I iudjfmitely. • ". der conviction. The hii'h co ,, rt batable grounds for a coiistitu- ~ v... .vj. ,, V.UIU31ILU- honal question In Pierpont's conviction for murdering Sheriff Jesse L. Sarber. Lima, O., a year ago In liberating John Dlllinger from lho Allen county jail Au appeal for Charles Maklev, conviclcd of the came crime, also was dismissed, although Makley g.vun me was slain i, 1s( Saturday when he afternoon and Pierpont attempted an escape from their death cells with pistols made of soap tiie general s.i c! Dominating Imurrectlonarv literature is a cspilil oirensc in Officers Face Charges ANDERSON. S . C., tf.'pt. 2C (UP) —Three Honca Path policemen and eight non-strikers commissioned' as special policemen were formally charged with murder today in the deaths or three of seven strikers killed in a riot at the Chinuola Wills September B during the nationwide textile walkout. Tlie warrants W ere issued at noon by Coroner J. Roy McCoy as a result of a coroner's jury finding last night, sheriff w . A. Clamp was given ihe warrants for service this Demurrer to Indictment Of Eaton Slayer Denied LITTLE 2C (UP>- . Judge Abner McGehec today overruled a defense demurrer attack- In? ll.e validity of the Frank Mar!'n former trusty guard at the slate farm for women, with the Helen spence Eaton during r.n attempted July is. mursfcv of ?!» Inmate, CSC;lpJ lust early this afternoon room -sss crowded, were lor » The court Indication? , • r session of court, hnd is still Seek Former Tenants The discovery of the body was inade by Patrolmen Clarence Mayo and Denver Clark, who went to the apartment to investigate a complaint of a i^sturbancc. Alter making a routine examination of the 'aiut they "looked around" to anything might be " in the Gallaher Apartment -. r* "-• "l«ll LMJLIIL' 41 was OJKII. Trey walked in ami ciiscorered the girl's bcdy. Lillian, a student at Sti'Domiuic's .'chool, dhappearcd late'last Thurs- ,. •*• --.i|jiiijiini LUIH, the • president planned to get ..'In telephone communication with v ions .persons during the dav to invite them to a conference on reorganization. Regardless of the nature of NRA change,-Mr. Roosevelt Intends lo perpetuate some of the emergency Sfn™ 110 "' 5 llcnlcvcmcnte »'1. Prohibition or child labor. ' i.. Establishment of maximum houra n,,d minimum wages for industrial , workers. -• . ; 3 Some of tr.c provisions for fab trade practices. • . 4.A limited degree, of iniliBtrinl self-government. . Czar of NRA , c ? at «rly stages and well into the period when at " , . as urs- no te period when a .day after telhng her mother she he described it. "the dcM cal be- as going out to sell some tickets Ban to -fly." Sist this amimcr a Wt " a schcalj benefit.. She had come home from, school jiist; before nooii and had'complained of a lieadaclif' The apartment was'fcntcd by ; 'u Mr. and Airs. M. w. Goodrich. The man was a trap "drummer. They had not been seen in the buildin" for several days. Police-•immediately broadcast a description of each with orders to arrest them for questioning. F.x-Asyluni Inmate - LIMA, O., Sept. 26. (UP)—W B Goodrich, sought fcr questioning in connection with Ire slayln-r oAl- year-old Lillian Gallagher, was an inmate of th e Lima, O., hospital for tne criminally iiBan« fc r two years, ue wa j released last January on a habeas corpus action. ti quarrel between Johnson on .fie one hand-nnd Donald R Ricfai berg^a.rid, Secretary .of'-Lator Perkins leaked, into the papers. Johnson offered one letter of resignation to Mr. Roosevelt two months ago but it was rejected Man Linker! Tn Kidnap 'Probe Divorces Down, Weddings Up Despite 90-Day Law LITTLE ROCK, Art., (UP)—Divorces have decreased ond innr- nages have gained under Arkansas 90-day divorce law. a report of the state bureau o[ vita! ; latis- tics revealed. There were 3,8'JO divorces d'ur- ^33 as compared with 4,170 year liefore cnact- "divorce mill" law. o= em - l ice " scs lvere iss>1 ed to ^8,507 couples during Ihe past year as compared with 25,134 in 1930 Local and Stale Officers Plan Drive on Traffic Law Violators Motorists who haye been'getting by cnslly with on or morc ,, ghts 0||t on their machines had better visit a earuge or ssrvicc station before to- In in 1930. last ment of the JUTRrlt FOB J OFFICE Commission Expected to Name.New Highw^vDi- vector This" AfteVnooir LITTLE ROCIfC, sept. 20. (UP) — Rcslgiuitloii of J. R. Rhync as slate' director of highways was accepted by the highway commission today. 'His successor liad not been named early this nftcmoon but it wns Ijclleved a new director would bo appointed come limp tcday. J. c. liakcr, highway maintenance suiiervlsor, and Dan Putrcll, ol Paragould, brother of Gov. j. M. Futrcll, were most prominently meiiltencd as the posslbts successor. •Rhyne tendered his resignation August W, he told the United Press, but is remaining In-office at tlie rc- Pohce, sheriff's deputies and 'hway patrolmen arc to join In a bad light' drive in tills cltv to- nigtit, similar to drives staged by I ie patrol in several cities in the state recently. Other violations besides bad iHits vm probably be checked by "the traffic squad so it will be well for om-ers to be careful. < " Cn(l ' rs arc into In 1933 as coin- three years bo- Barbers Organize, Adopt Regulations of NRA Code The Journeymen Barbers association of Blytheville vras organized Keep Mill Closed CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Scut 23 nm T^,.i:t- -._>.._ «^i>v. *.u , ., (UP)-Tcxlile strikers snatched a worker, Jesse Jones, from police and gave him a severe beating today when the Bryan Hosiery mill attempted to reopen. Forming a human chain around the mill the strikers picked up workers' automobiles as they approached the plant and overturned them. A girl repeatedly hurled herself In front of cars bearing workers. Tlie mill abandoned !ts effort to reopen. Ohio MT. Sunflower OILEAD, Grows 14 Feet Ohio (UP) _ A . , _ sunflower in Harold T. Krout's garden has pushed Us head 14 feet Into the air, unusual for Ohio, and Hot Springs led in divorce creases with ygg pared with 100 fore. in divorces was nltri- in the report to negrojs Decrees granted negroes dropped from 1,125 in 1030 to 568 in 1933. .--... ,*.*, vl\.,tJ success, principally manyjiiotori warnings seriovisl ( ccurt and obliging , . The number granted white people rose from 3,045 in 1030 to in 1933. rbx-s code adopted as the governing regulations of the body tarl Packev was elected chairman of the organization and Warren Jackson, secretary The association adopted standard prices for tonsorial services, ti^rced thai no work would bfl done on biinaay, for compensation or otherwise and established a definite price tor special service for Invalids and other out-of-shop cmploy- n.fh JB -,, C ° 0k ' local Barney, explained the code to the attending barbers and Sam Manalt, attorney, was also present. Costa Rica has many weallhy people, as evidenced by recent Income tax reiwrls showing that 432 r _ V i i — & " . for friends. Officers point out however, that the utter practice , *"*- irtm,-i practice has never been Iiistiluted here and it will do well for the motsrisl warned lo appear in court. At Vcrkhoainsk, Siberia, the temperature sank to 94 degrees below zero on Jan. 3, 1885. Football Tickets Await Twenty Lucky Motorists Twenty automobile owners will bo Ihe guests of local business firms at the OsceoIa-BIytheville football game at Haley Field Friday night. Their license numbers have been picked nt random on the streets and appear In advertisement on Page 5 of today's issue of the Courier News. If you find your license number in one of the ads you may drive your car to the advertiser with your nunitet nnd you will receive n tree tlckcl' to Friday night's §nme. These 'snme merchants will conllnue lo give tickets on this basis for each home game this season, selecting each week a new set 'of'llcensc numbers. A man for six months, shown licre In aii exclusive filiolo. liifccn (wo years ago. Is cast hi a leading mystery role la llio J.lmlbeifili kidnaping case. Ho was Isfdor iriscli, repuleil partner o[ nniuo Ilicliard I'nuiKninnn In a fur business and tlio ^inaii from whom ihe kidnaping susiicct declares lie received (| io $13.750 ransom found in his garage. Battles Loom Over Election .Commissioners LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP) Heated battles over naming county election commissioners at the biennial appointment here Tuesday, October'"2, are expected at the capltol, Gov. J. M. Futrell, Secretary ol Slate Ed F. McDonald and At- tlon commissioners. The 225 appointees In 75 counties lo be named will serve for two years. Overtures already have been made from several counties, it was teamed, indicatin over the positions. bitter Five Are Indicted For Receiving Stolen Bonds LITTLE HOOK, SC|lt. 20. (UP)— A federal grand jury here today returned Indictments against five men charging them with receiving bonds stolen from the United states mall.. : They nre: Jny Afycrs, promlnciit Walnut Illdgc banker; Charles b, Bnriiette, Jonesboro real esliile dealer; John K, Gibson, Laiinifown; James McKameyi' tuibcijcii, nnd 8nm ha 'Bow',- ' If! GET i Roosevelt Will Ignore Or- gaizahon's "Business Confidence" Questionaire """ "'Bin., Limi lit: pucecl WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 (UP)— floor.'of his cell and solibei Presldcnt Roosevelt has no intention of replying to the United uuns remaining m-omce at mere- tlon of replying to the United west of the commission .mill iQc-1 states Chamber of Commerce mios- tober ]. He vv m return lo private! tlonnnlro wltlcli 'in effect asked business as a civil engineer. -When [him for an expression of business he accepted the office It was at a i confidence. F. 0 " 1 . 5 ""." 1 ". 10 llls nrivato affnlrs, j Mr. Roosevelt pointed out' nt ills press conference today that there , he reminded the coinmbslon In resigning. Speaking before the commission and contractors at a letting today Rhyne said this appearance would probably be Ills last. He praised Ihc contractors for their honesty in execution of contracts and lauded the commission as "businesslike and cordial." During his 20 months as director there was 511,500,000 of construction underway and $3,500,003 maintenance work done, Rhyne said. Tlicrc was no Indication of ill feeling in his address or during the interview v.-Jtli newspapermen. C. E. Swain of Fort. Worth, Tex., district engineer for the federal bureau of roads, met with the commission this afternoon lo make ft final settlement of the $3,500,000 construction program expected tp start soon. were in the Dulled States n great many organizations, . national In scope, as Important as the chamber of commerce, nnd It was ob- merits'* of the questions the prcsi- cd of the lawyer who puts tlons in the form of, "Have stopped '«satlng your wife?" The president, greeting Washington newspapermen after an absence of a month, was asked whether he had any reactions as to the general business situation. He replied that his reactions were not as iiiiiuy ns those of the business men nor were his inhibitions ns numerous. - DETECTIKES Bronx County Grand Jury Indicts Biuno Haupl- inann on Extortion*?;. ; ,*$/:'; NEW YORK, Sfpl IMCiFpP,) — i lironx county gland ''Jury'UJi- Hietcd Hiuno nichaid HaiSmaim on charge 1 ! of cxtoitlon tooiy' a'f- tcr hcnilnsf teillmuny f « cof Oliarles.A Lliulbcrgh aifd'detec- tives who this morning had djs- covercd $840 more In ransom money nnd a Qirinnn miide iilstol cleverly lildden In Hiuiplmanns earags. The Indictment is consldei.'d' merely prellmlnmy lo IfiiuutmamTa trial on cluiiBC!, of kidnaping and niiirderlng; the Lindbergh baby :ui New [Jersey. It climaxed a series of swift development? In thr. case, which polUj trllcve smashed Ihc lust thread of Hnuptmann'i story mid left him shaken and nervous despite his persistent dec-' limitlans of Innocence. I l«df>*r,rli Testifies > A, Developments Included: , < ' 1.—DlEcoicrj of $840 rnnsonr money higenloiBly hidden In holes "• bored in a two by foui In Ilnupl- mnhn's garnge Thb was hi addition lo $13,760 already found in the garage and broke Hauptmalin'.i story that the first money found V from ,$14 ijfl giicn him by n frlciul. Confronted with the neviy found monej Hauplmann said: "You'll not find any more ransom money there." 2—Discovery of a 25 calibre German made pistol in the saiie bonrd, hidden in a larger hair 3.—Appearance .of Lindbergh before the grand Jury lo tell 'his p.iil of the .stoiy of futile ne.olla- tlons for return of his first sm at, a lime when the cKtui alroadv . , iraiiplnunn Has 'Bid-, Ni Id' j ' .4.—Discovery (hat nails-Mound In the Hauplmann garage \\ete Die snmc mils used In the Udmo ladder; • thnt paper In the jiouse w'ns tile same m that on whieh ex perls allisc Hau|itmn.mi wioti (lib ransom notes; dlscoverv ihiit (Iniiplinniin In March, 193J, vrotf on Ihc wail or his home thii tele- tiluinc.'number and nddicss of Dr. J. P. Condon. Interincdlni) In the, ranrnm negotiations: ' £.—A stnlcn; >nt by J.ill ntf'cin'j (lint Hauptmunn spent n "very tad 'night,' that he paced tns cuslonally. The prisoner was nervous and red-Jud when qucj',1 iiiiTd again at Dist Atty. S-nuuel Foley's (omce (oday. * "Queen Mary," World's ' Largest Ship, Launched .CLYDEBANK Scotland, Sept ' 28 (tup)—The Queen "" vious that If the president start- liucr afloat «! answering one mtcstlonaire it with Queen Mary "bestowrng^her would create an Impossible situa- own name as she christened it 14- tton - fore 250,000 of her madly cheering Asked for his opinion as la tlio subjects. The costliest experiment, in^tlje dent said he wns forcibly remind- I'lstory of maritime navigation 'was "' -' " '-' •- ' ' ;- set afloat in : the Clyde with & u smoothness which wns a tribute'to" (the engineering skill of the builders. d Make Legal Wine, Brandy from Arkansas Grapes Rain Broke Record for Beaumont Weather BEATJMONT, , Tex. <UP> — For the first thr.e in the history o( Ihe Weather bureau here, government equipment for measuring rainfall proved small and wholely Inaclequale. Rain fell so hard here recently that the guage In the weather bureau office nikd up and ran over, it was impossible to make an accurate check of the amount. It was csllmaled, however, lo DO more than three Indies. So much ratu also laxcd the. sewerage system in the uptown dlsli-lct beyond capacity that tho streets were flooded, tying up all traffic for several hours. SPRINGDALE. Ar):., (UP)—First commercial wine made in Arkansas under provisions ol Ihc lltjuor law passed nt the lost legislature Is fcnnenllni; at the Nelson Wine and Dlstlllins; company here. Fruit growers of the sec- Texas Physician Got His Message From Cop MINERAL WELLS, Tex. (UP) — He doesn't look'like a member of Die Dlllinger or Clyde Barrow gangs, but Dr. A. J. Evans was stopped by a police officer in every town between San Anlonio and \vhc}i he unmarketable crops. ' Grapes from 700 acres ol vineyards have been contracted, x'lee- mer town. Dr. Evans, a left San Antonio when an had just for his home president Geary Nelson of the! " al; ^""tcncy phone call company announced. Many more reacllc <1 M S office In Mineral Wells. any announced. Many more < S oce be used when the plant is' A p ' ca wos mat ' i! leted, he said. to rci>c)l hlin * nA completed, he said. The plant, when finished, will include seven, 10,000-galIon fer- operator him to hurry I It was sent on its way with a speech by King George in which he expressed the fervent hope that ' It would piny an important part 'in revival of international commerce and promote friendship between nations, especially Great Britain.and the United States. He prayed that it might carry the people of'the tut) lands to and fro to learn about' and understand one another. " Five Perish When Fire Destroys Automobile PALMERTON, Pa., Sept. 26 (U P>—Five persons were burned to. death near here loday when their automobile struck, n bridge and caught fire. The dead were Mr. and Mrs. James Heyet and their 4-year-old son, of Walnulport, Pa., Leland Folweiler, 28, and Willard Green, 2G, of Palmer-Ion, i rcl in * n as m to hurry I I 110 " 10 fori a profosslonnl engage- mcnlcrs and forty G.OOO-gallon storage tanks. Edward Peroti. iin- tivc of France, is winemasler. He ment. The phone operator called every filling station along the rfliilc and conveyed the message, pilling sla- \i»i; ui riiuicu, is wmemaster. HO t - LMl '^)va inc. mtssage. Filling sta- hns 35 years experience behind, "on attendants In,each town no- tom- Hfled local police. Under provisions of the state: 'A; highway i»trolman located law wine and brandies may be Dr. Evans and delivered the mcs- u.anufac ured. The brandy dis- sage just IS minules after theTst tilery w II open soon, Nelson said, call wa s placed. The same routine It will be limlled Ihls season lo) was repeated In every town app.e and grape runs. through which Dr. Evans passed WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy, colder tonight. Thursday showers, cooler in EOiilh and cast portions. Memphis nnd Vicinity — Local showers tonight or Thursday, colder Thursday. The maximum temperature'.her* yesterday was. 89, minimum 87, partly cloudy mth 28 of an inch rainfall, accordlnc to \$»mu*l F. Nonis. official weather ob»rt«r, - v|

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