Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1948 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1948
Page 8
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Page Elghf HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 23, 1948 W l I «T a ould 1 ake Farms Out of Politics Enrouic wilh Warren to Louisville, Ky.. Sept. 22 —(/Vi-Gov. Karl Warren put up to the farming Alitl"W*»st ioday n proposal to piai-e tho'nation's farm problems on a Jlon-po3itical basis. An overflow Republican gathering in St. Louis last m'e.ht roared its approval when he said agriculture is not a "political issue." and ridicule:! what he termed President Truman's picluru'.ntion of Republicans as "pitchfork conspirators." .Developing the non-partisian, national unity theme he expounded in Salt Lake City lo launch his campaign, the Republican vice presidential candidate asserted: "The Democratic party has never had, does not have now,and they can't honestly claim, a proprietorship over agriculture. ''Agriculture isn't a political issue. It's a vital element in our national life calling tor consideration without, partisanship. We can do it with both political parties working together." 'The No. V. Republican was given a .roaring welcome to St. Louis. A slorm of confetti and ticker tape. sho.werccl down Irorn St. Louis office buildings as the 5Q-car Warren motorcade traveled slowly ; irom the station to hotel. Police cst.matcd between 50,000 and 7,").nt)0 saw him along the lino of march through the business district. There were a few partisan boos heard above the applause. A Republican crowd cheered him at Kiel Auditorium. It over- ilowed the main hall into two adjoining halls and across the street into Soldiers Memorial p.irk. Au- cli'orium Superintendent John Hundley estimated the crowd at 0,000. Strike of Radiomen SAENGER-SOON G'KEiFE ! „._ ,,,j took tar' iv.a IAM3 KtllT 1CDV. JURE V.-OOl Label mm. -*r •••:&r^sr? ^iSt^'Vi!i « •,*:S"^ 1 * <T< • 1 : '.v' : •'••*•> • '•' i» llilli^fips^ll fefegiM^tollaSiii; THE MOST EXCITING CAMPUS STORY IS A smart Lamb Knit original that's'sweeping the country from school to school with unprecedented popularity! Get together wilh your "one and only" in a matching ' Lamb Knit now! Herbert Burns Store for Men and Boys By The Associated Press A threat of a strike of .300 radiomen on Pan American World Airways was averted today when management and labor agreed to submit their dispute to an im partial arbitrator. The dispute arose over the alleged layoff of 50 radiomen several months ago. n. S. Taylor, secretary of the flij?ht radio officers section of the CIO Transport Workers Union, said last night thrtt a strike would be called today unless the layoffs wore cancelled. The'.company said the agreed re-submission of tho issue to an arbitrator removed the strike threat. . . . ' ' The American Telephone and Tele-graph company,:, .has . offered wage increases ranging up to $16 a week for 25,000 telephone workers in 42 states and the District of Columbia. Plant craftsmen would get pp.y hi.ccs .up to 46, and! orj',-i-ators and clerical.cmployes.'bpoijcs up to $4, the company •acti'df •"'."•:'.' ;5 ^'; Tlie offer is 'bointf studied by the CIO American.Union oC"Tolcphone Workers. A union spokesman raid it. "nopenrB.to be highly unsatisfactory," but. ho/iidfled th'e'.timon "is continuing to oxaVriirie'It.*' ' " Thf union's threatened- strike last June was averted by the -naming of n fnct.-finding board'by Pres- id'-'tit Truman. '' In Ottawa, la.. five departments of John Morrcll and, Company packing firjn were closed and 550 workers were made idle, after a breakdown in Company-union negotiation!-;. A'- federal'' med'iaicr fn-'If-l tn rnr-nneile ..differences be ; twecn the firm add the CIO Packinghouse Workers-local: -Striking CIO longshoremen ' a^-o handling army cargoes' at Pacific Coast ports under ' contracts between the army and two stove-dor- in;; firms not, connected with the Waterfront Employers' Association. The association has refused to negotiate with maritime unions who have not signed non-Communist affidavits. The strike started Sept. 2 after u breakdown in negotiations over hiring halls and a longshore wage increase demand from $1.07 to $1.82 an hour. CoHon Picking in Arkansas Little Rock, Sept. 22 (/P)— Cotton picking in Arkansas is well underway following a week of ideal harvest weather. Cotton bolls opened rapidly in the hot, dry days, said (he weekly State Weather and Crop Bulletin today. Lincoln and Ashley counties have reported one-fourth of their cotton picked and Columeia county reported half of its crop picked. The harvest is.not as far advanced in other producing areas. Bales, ginned thus far are grading well, the bulletin reported. Also in full swing is the rice harvest, about . one-third -'of. " the crop having been harvested in some counties. Help rslfeve distress of MONTHLY,. Are you troubled by distress or female functional periodic disturbances? Docs this nwke you suffer from pain, feel BO nervous, tired— at. such ttmea? Thou DO try Lydtn K. Plnkhum'H Vegetable Compound to relieve avich symptoms. Pluklmm's rms a fraud soothing effect on one oj woman's most important organsl He's Bugs About Bugs Backgrounding .Tames A. Hyslop. of Silver Springs, Md., in this picture are some of the 75 feet of shelves that hold the manuscript of his recently completed "Encyclopedia of Economic Insects." Started in 1021, it is the only book of its kind ever compiled, it lists 30,000 different kinds of U. S. insects. Hyslop, a retired Agriculture Department officer, is looking for a publisher. Thursday, September 2Z PreEcott Public Schools announce the organization ot Adult Education classes to be held at th:- High School. All person:; interested in taking an adult education course are urged to be present at tho or- j ganizational meeting which ;.; to : be held tonight at 8 o'clock in the High School auditorium. hove returned to their homes after having been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. McGuirc. Sunday, September 26 Dedication of tin. McCaskill Methodist church building will be held Sunday. The public is invited. Corporal Gilbert Smith of Tokyo, Japan is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Smith. James Upton of Henclrix College will conduct a Bible Training eiass on "The Life of Jesus" at First, Methodist church September 26, 27, and 23 beginning each evening at 7 o'clock. Order of the Eastern Star met Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the Masonic Hall. The regular business meeting was conducted by the worthy matron, Mrs. Watson Buchanan. Mrs. Paul Buchanan read the minutes of the last meeting. The American flag was presented by the Marshall, Mrs. George Cashman and the pledge of allegiance was made in unison. The Star Spangled Banner was sung by the entire group. Mrs. A. V. Bobb, acting chaplain, read tho devotional. Plans are being made for the visit of the grand worthy matron, Mrs. Katherine Norrclls. Mrs. Norrclls will meet with local order on October 15. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones have returned to their home in Macon. Miss, after having been the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lige Martin and of her sister, Mrs. Dale Ledboltcr and Mr. Lcdbetler. the Haifa, Israel, Sept. 22 — Reliable sources said today bers of the outlawed Stern gang have made at least indirect threats against the life of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, acting United Nations mediator in Palestine. Bunche, an American, has taken over the duties of Count Koike Bernadotte, assassinated last Friday in Jerusalem. The Israeli government lias accused Sternists of Ber- Fort^Smith All Set for Draft Boom Fort Smith, Sept. 22 — i'UP) — ho clock is going back to the war joom years for this Arkansas-Ok- ahoma border city of 55,000. The boom, lull scale, hasn't ar- ,ivcd yet. But everyone in Fort •innth knows its on the way, along vuh 20,000 army draftees lor near- jy Camp Chafcc. Already things have changed. ho scene has been more rcmind- ul of 19-11-46 ever since the army mnounced that it was reactivating Chafice, tlie big replacement raining center ot World War I. Six months ago ChafCoc looked ike all abandoned military posts: Deserted, its barracks and build- ngs becoming scabrous; scarcely i sign of lite within its vast limits •xccpt for a few bored-appearing "ircmen and civilian guards. Take a glance now. The civilian guards arc gone. (MPs on the nain gate.) Soldiers in fatigues ;ind khakis moving through the post's confines. The weeds have jccn cut. The new (or old) look is just as apparent on Garrison avenue a mite or two to the west. Garrison is Fort Smith's main stem and is named for the fact that (he city originally was founded as an army post more than a century ago. During the war it took a vigorous man to elbow his way through the soldiers on Saturday night. Then came peace and as recently as six months ago Garrison was the same as any average main street in the country. Now that GI is coming back, and fast. But it's still not like the peak of tch war. At present there are only about 1,500 troops at Chnflee, mostly cadre for the training of the draftees. The big push doesn't get underway until about Oct. I when the first of the trainees bc- ]«in pouring in. They will continue I to arrive for three months — all during November and December, the department of the army expects to maintain 20,000 men at the post. They'll be under the command jf Maj. Gen. .Robert S. Beighiler, one of the great division commanders of World War II. Beightlcr, an Ohio national guardsman when the war started, led his 37th division through the Pacific (it helped hold the Bougainville perimeter in March of 1944 ) and Luzon and stormed Manila with it. already has arrived with his staff. A Negro army unit, the 73rd engineer batallioii, which had been sent to perform some housecleaning at the post prior to its reopening, already has completed its job and departed. Meanwhile, the housing situation in Fort Smith has become tight again. It eased off after the camp was closed in 19<1G but now the slack is going fast again Mickey 111- Screen star Mickey Rooney is seriously ill with a throat abscess in Hollywood, nnd surgerj may be necessary. Tlie actor, it running a high fever. Judge Named Head of Group Little .Rock, Sept. 22 —M')— Perry County Judge Carl Adams was elected president of the Arkansas County Judges Association hero today. _______ ___ Other officers elected at the | savagely final session of tho assoc two-day convention arc: ation' Marshall in Warning to Russians By WILLIAM L. PHILLIPS Paris. Sept. 23 —(/Pi— Secretary of Slate Marshall said today in a tninly veiled warning to the Soviet union that American patience should not be mistaken for weakness. _ Marshall outlined the United States' basic foreign policy in a speech lo (he fall session of the United Nations generally assembly. He referred to the Russians and heir six eastern European satellites as the "small minority" which consistently boycotts the Balkan and Korean U. N. commissions and the "little assembly." "It would be a tragic error " the American declared, "if, because of misunderstanding, the patience of others should .'be mistaken for weakness."' Marshall served notice the United States will not "compromise the essential principles' or "barter away the rights and freedom of other peoples." In an apparent reference to the Berlin crisis, Marshall said the United States "is prepared to seek in every possible way, in any appropriate form, a constructive and peaceful settlement of the political controversies which contribute to (he present tension and uncertainty." The first reply lo the American secretary from the Soviet bloc came from Poland's foreign minister, Zygmnnt Modzelewski, who attacked the European Judge Brooks Parker. LaFayclte ------ 0 reconstruction program (ERP) and western efforts to unite their zones county, first vice president; Judge Clay Brazil, Conway count-/, second vice president Judge Blackburn, Fulton county, vice president, and Judge Logan, Lawrence county, ti.ry-treasure-r. Speaking to the association j members last night. Democratic'' of occupation in Germany. of his co- Math assured the judge., u . ,,, 0 ,_.j-, --- .. operation, especially on road con-! nations, speaking slruction and county highway turn-i tllat voice." back. He in turn asked the'judges i Marshall said 'the United States to support his program. *" jdocs not wish to increase the exisl- I ing "eiisoin." "It is its wholehearted desire to alleviate that tension. But we will though realtors arc dwellings as fast as things probably will be again. -• But the discomforts will be nadotlc's slaying. 'Che sources who asked that their identities be withheld, said Eighteen members were present. jthat because of the Israeli govern- |thesc threats, Bunche and his top The Woman's Missionary Union I " l;it because of the Israeli govern- of the First Baptist church met .'?" >nls .. extrejric concern over on Monday afternoon at 2:30 at the church for their mission study. The meeting was opened with tho singing of the son to Tell the Story." Mrs. Jack Cooper, president, conducted a short business session . Mrs. Lindell Buchanan fiavi; an inspiring devotional. Mrs. Fred inenls extreme these threats, Bunche and his' top associates have been placed under -.1 heavy guard of Jewish police. T ove Bcrnndotle was known to have -" |been offered a similar guard when he first began his mediation work. He retused it however, saying there should be no need for such a precaution. Armed guards now on duty at mi -i , , ., • - , i " KI buildings where Bunche nnd White Presented themission study his nic , os live . ln( , W orl were ™ t on "The Nefiros m Ainea and ! requested by the America." ! T he sources said A beautiful duet "How long Must we Wait" was sung by Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. White. Twenty-five members were [ire- sent. acting mediator. they are on duty Oix-ning N "THE TEXARKANA STORY" A )'..,-(-.,uI Ji-iiirtnij- I)H 5 fhrill 1 U < Performance: \VFI). • TIU 1C~. - l-'ill. SA I NK.il'IS i. -A N!)AV Mcuhantt, Dbptuvs Ail Kxhibils Slums at (he direct order of David Beii- Gurion, Israeli premier and defense minister. Ben-Gunon was reported to have said that Bundle would have tu accept the guard whether or not he wanted it, since the Israeli government would have to bear the blame for further terrorist acts all possi- The fall district seminar of the W.S.C.S. of tin; Methodist church was held on Wednesday in Nashville. Those from Pre.scoH attend-I and has the right to take ing the .seminar were: Mr*. J. B. jble precautions. Hesterly, Mrs. J. W. Tuelur, Mrs, A. B. Gordon. Mrs. Charlie Scut I Mrs. C. Hay Ho/.cndorf. Mrs. L. 0 Kinnoy, Mrs. JO. .1. Smith, air.l Mrs Dudley A. Gordon. Mr. and Mrs. 11. F. Ik-lton Pri.-scoU aivl Mrs. Belli: Lowell Arkadi'lphia arc \-i.-.itin.u triM and relatives in Oxford, Mhu Mr. and Mrs. AtU-n Gee Sr. Tuesday in Hut. Springs. spent Mr. mid l\]rs. i:i--nnis Waller d;nn',hti'r Hrruda have ivlnrnc- their home in M-ii'noli:i aft" visit with Mr', and Mrs. C. Ncimryi-r and Mrs-. Christine Mahen. Friends of Hi-v. V:>n llarn 11 will The exact nature of the threats auain.-it Bundle was not disclosed. The Stern gang, however, is reported to have said that Benia- dolte's successor would ave no immunity. Despite the Israeli' govern- nienl'F action in outlawing terrorist groujis after BernadolU''.s death persons who previously had i-on- nct wilh dissident Jewish groups said then 1 was no reason to suppose the Stern gang was broken .Vi't. These sources said the Mxr:u-li police of 2f)(l i Flemish: could not make J i'li, pei-alive. Ill the past ! group was Relieved to about ),r>IJO members. 1 American Killed arrest by suspected the group the Stern have had Tel Aviv. Israel. Sept. 22 — • (,T)-- - nnd even building possible, crowded Gen. Carlos P. Romulo of the Philippines led off the general deDoyle: bate in the assembly wilh a call third'to the small nations of the world Tornjlo unite in a "third force" that sccrc- could maintain a balance of power ! between east and west. 1 Romulo said 'the conscience of „ ..... ,.,, v,,.,ani: i -*- c world deserves a stronger gubernatorial nominee and Sid Me- voit:c lllnn lu ' E spoken for it during "" " - .. . . | lhc pnKt three years. Let the small ,.:.__ j n un j son | be nine individual officials. ; The action was taken after they ; withdrew innocent pleas and plead- • ed no contest to three criminal anti-trust indictments. The indictments charged that the defendants had entered into three separate conspiracies to fix prices, discounts, classifications of 'customers and tcrnio and conditions oif'B sales on replacement brake linings and clutch facings. J. Francis Haydcn, chief of the anti-trust division of the Department of Justice in New York .City said the three cases involved a nationwide industry, 9(i per cent of which operated under a controlled price structure affecting all Users of automobiles, trucks and industrial equipment. Haydcn asserted the defendants involved in the three cases didj» $45,000,000 worth of business an4[B nuaUy. The indictments charged that all sales and all resales at the various levels of distribution in the industry were made at prices agreed upon by the defendants. The word "nerve" originally meant tendon or sinew. This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief When disorder of kidney function permits poiaonouB nwttor to remain in your blood, it may cause n.iKgins bncltachc, rheumntio pains, leg Pains, loss of Pep and energy, getting up niKlits, swelling, puflincss under tho eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frcmient or scanty passaRcs with smartinB nnd burning ( sometimes shows there is something wrong; \vith your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan'a Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over GO years. Doan'a Klvo happy relief and will help the 15 Miles of Iciiincy tubes flush out poisonous waste fronx your blood, Get Doan'B Tills, alle- viated by even conditions. Added already big factory be the million and a month for army personnel alone. Business never did slow clown after the war and what it's going (o be like with all the extra income is slightly c.xhiliraling. In construction alone, expenditures for dwelling will be boosted greatly. Fort Smith contractors have been building approximately 500 dwellings a year. Now the pace has increased: last month 71 houses were completed and next month there are prospects of top- pin;,' this. There may be some mingled emotions about bringing a ghost to life but no one in Fort Smith has I complained very loudly about it yet. better business to Fort Smith's i - - payrolls will !n<)l compromise the essential prin- ha'lf dollars a K'iplc.s. Wc vvi11 under no circumstances barter away the rights and freedom of other peoples." The assembly adjourned at 12:55 p. in. ('5:15 a. m. Central Standard Time) until 3 p. m. Broke Lining Firm Assessed Stiff Fine New York, Sept. 22—f/P)—Feder- al Judge Edward A. Conger today imposed fines totaling $152,000 against the Brake Lining Manufacturers Association, Inc., of New York, 17 corporate members and ailuuza 4 i/iidiii Fair at Spring Lake Park Fairground killing an American technician and LM , M ', S , V £"' mi . < ;V" 1111 . r ,'". 1 V s , tlu ' - !a i'"it''<V'N :l ii.m S lu.adnuarU.rs u.fst ot M . ;,,„! ,,-::. ,.,„ I- ,uc-lu-r 1,1,.,,! n i, -, | UK- American as John and (lau/bier M .loiu slioro , i ,,(-!--.,. | t .., ( -;> : ,,f pliil-nl^lolii-i p v-, , ,, -• -- He u-as said to have come lion: as rlll . A ;. 'V" 1 Ml ' S , • l!il V"; ! '• l1 ";-"'' 1 : • t-.:.s.ili : .nt on railways only a ( b'":'K> li.-ivo r'-liiriii-d Iroin their f 0 ,i- f i-,y. ; a o,, ' wi'ddino (,-i,, iltl ,| ;,,-,. ,,,,, v :it i,,,,,,,. ; T , u ; ..;; ii ;.' |rs | 1 ot . ( . un . cd ;it ., p ,„ in (i xarlYina I -n- v i,nr nt t!iv wool- - ' | srt -ali time. near the Latruii I-I id 111 P'-'.-il'ott ,-!-; tin. :•!,..;;)..- , , C . ;,,,;,,,,,,,,, ^ t a t i OI 1 Oil t I K> I'Oilci to .),'Mrs. fhriM',--'s i'-i,-,Mil::-. Kev. ana i l i>a!eni. lh-.- aiuiouin'omenl said. Mrs. Van llarivll. ;,, |i u , l .on\-uy. it adil.'fl. u-t-rc the i •-' ' 'u'iiili' U. N. ji.f[i .two private ears, M''. aiiri Air;,. 'Ilijino fion.-ar ami . : i:< Inu-ks and onf i:asoliiu: truck. L-hildtvn ha\i- r.-lu'-ni-d from a DIM- of tin- dead \va.s ri-piirlrd to j visi! '.>-ii)i I'l'K-ijii:, an-! i-i-l'it.vi-*; in !'i- a woman. an.i anothi'i 1 . the I Pine I'ilutf. -.•oiiimaiidi'i- of llu- coin o,v. ,),-wi ; ;!i| - -•- : ii'.i!,t-:i y autiio/lt!,.-.:-. first said the! Mrs M. .1 tSn-''h !-i!urn..,i T'!.-:-- atta-.-k v, as !:ia(U- ii])oii a United ay iii,:lit t':i'ni }'\- \-^,. ! a. '.vh,.-ri- '->^' '^n> (.-:'.n\oy. slu- was lh" .'H-.----1 oi !i,-i- i!:,i':/h- '. '• -1' w;--h i-oiivi,ys unrli-r U. N. 'vr. Mrs. .I'm K-.\lor ;.!-.il '.-,1 ,-. Kas'- :'•'•' •'.-->r-iiin lia\\- bi-en running [ ' ''ir Sin- ••!,,,• \-i;.Ji,.-d n-l.:tiv>-s in > >'"':'• !- : ' v ro;;;:!a) citu-s of Israel tu | Monriii'. l.a. '..li-ru.--.d-.-m for :>.-\\-rai WI-L-!..-. i C,istiis Fruit ,1 A : i-vi-u-s oi i-arliLS i-oimnun lo i; •' -i:r:i! and soiitiu-ni Arh.uiia, tin 1 |)ru-S.l> lu-ar. li'-ars a purpk-. j>i.-ar- ''i-- hoii,-- -n Mo!,-.:,.. III. MI,-.- , ;i'--',i o!in-r ili/.-.-t-rt wil.l i:i.'. • VIM! -.viih li,s , ,;.i i :,!.-. .M. . ;.i.n :\li .- "' <> - . K. K St.-wait. Tin- nave i;-. l ho par; oi n u '; i-hiiii-h n-si-rvi-ii lor llu- luity as Mr-- I 1) !;,-; i ,,i T. •:..-' - ;,-, ;,,;,; , 11 •-. 1111,' i, i st i i-i i from the part' UM-d -Mrs. J ' '• J -. i 1 -- i '•-..,-,, ov tils' i:li-r-\ . Yes, Red Goose Shoes are RIGHT back to school shoes! They are built right and styled for young-idea smartness. Value-wise, too. Sec a pair today. 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