Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1948
Page 7
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Thursday, September 23, 1940 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE <>[•'• 194fl, King lc;tuK-i Sw I •".'"<. ^i>rU rul II rfvciv.J , 5OTW£ il x'. r-^o^.' j ^—*, ^<( By Chick Young .LU-Hnirij SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL / m ••'%. @v X 7-23 A \1( COPR. 1M8 DY I^.V SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "It's all right to have the neighbors' kids in for a meal, but do we have to have them the first night in three weeks we have a steak?" By Dick Turner COPR. 1MB BY NEA HtRVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S PA1 OFF : "And here's one of my most expensive models absolutely • free, officer! frothing too good for our boys in uniform!" •J- FRECKLES AND HIS FFMENDS By B'ossei FUNNY BUSINESS '*)' By Hershbergei VEAH,AGNES-SURE WxH You MUST \, SURE.' HAVE GIRLS A6WES ALL OVER. I ON ELM TOWN,, /ST., MAY HECTOR/ '- - - EFFIE NEXT TO THE DAIRY, JESSIE our ey- «& \^A "Say, who's ( been giving Junior boxing lessons? 1 POPEYE YES,SIR, . ) TELL ME BUB, I'M ALL, , THE KID JUNIOR .' THATS \ WHAT Thimble Theatei TS TH£ OPEN/MS GAME, AN' THEY AEE KEYED TDO HIGH—THEY'RE NEI?VOUS! Y P'RAPS I KIN TALK. 1 4^%^^"' 111 , ^ - -- OUT OUR WAY PRov\ISEP TO HELP VOU /' 7 BUT VOU 1 REDUCE AMD (iijil MAPE ME ALWAYS LEAVE 1 i\ LEAVE" M ;-,,.., SOME-IT'S llfb. MOR - /1 ' 1 •— V THAT LAST J$Wf THAM BITE THAT ' 1 """' 1 rnrr-rv MAk; ES YOU f|1 ]j;,!i!;nr-> FAT. By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE - - n - . '*'&."? THE APJOLJRWyiEMT ev .j-/? 1 ii c i,V [ ,''t"u'«• With Major Hoople UM-YAS, COACH KEMMSDV/ K.-( O\<M, MAsTOR .' <? ftMAT OUGMT IM NW VALE DWS THEY S'7 SUPPOSE VoU \\ TO TA<£i CALLED ME "^TeArAER." HOOPLE/|:f TAKE THE LlhOiE-)[SOf.\£ OP ' -*—i P,'?O,\VISEO ^v r^'-A ME^ AhJD sHovJ/^-f^E STEAPA NiePKE\NlS ALVlNl AMD "UJf-'lTHEIW HO\M To f ('OUTA THIS LEAMDER I'D ge VOlLLINlSToA-:? (?L)M -T\\)lCe ; ' ; C O L D 1 HELP fEftCH TM& VOUNGSTSRS Y AGODMD TM& J t BOILER/ ,A FEVM FltvicR POlMTSDP TUf= / V FIELD' ^ 'n - ."".. ''-•' . O ^ WAT |SM V T Av FifOER POISiT, IS IT, ., COACM 4 Page Seven OZARK IKE ALL I GOTTA SAY IS- GRAB THIS ONE FOR TH' KID WHO IS FLAT ON HIS SACK IN THE HOSPITAL... THE KID WHO WON US THE PENNANT AND A BUNDLE AND THE TfiAIL, GAMES TO TWO, AS THEY ASSEMBLE THE DUGOUT BEFORE THE SIXTH A NO PERHAPS FINAL GAME OF THE WOALD THATS TELLIN KIP/*.. Bv Ray ..ANO IF YOU BANJO HITTERS WILL GEt ME JUST TWO RUNS OUT THERE TODAY, YOU GOT OL' , SPIKE'S WORD TH' ^\"B9 SERIES WILL BE SQUARGP.f.' / &<•" !>• VIC F'JNT MOW I KNOW YOU. YOU'RE f SO WHAT? THIS 15 ^ THE MAN WHO ASKED ME I A PRIVATE DOCK, GOlDI- VOI CAY AUTOGRAPH AT y LOCKS. YOU CAN'T TIE JHE RACETRACK-- ^rfir ptV | V > V. ] } ¥^ ,"V:? )M ^fii M v v^v^^y ,UP HERE ft WE'RE LOOKING FOR A MAN NAMED COCOA, A STONEMASON. HE LIVES ABOUT A HALF MILE v^,.—-—-—•—~^ v BEYOND HERE. NEVER HEARD OF N. HIM .'WHY BOIHEB ME 9"m /^G?*^'"* 3 ^:' T^VV-«*».VJi> TiV^-"- 6y Michael O'Maliey & Ralph Lane WAC H llSfER, YOU \ '--• XIM' TO CAIL ' " "* TIL50N THQLI6H SHE SAW HIM HERE . NOW. ftNVWAY, THERE OMEBODY HERE >i(tf' >' 'a'., !,»« ' liu'i; u.'t»' Bl Leslie Turner GOSH I SO VOU HELPED PENNV'S UMCLE HIDE SOME VM^UftBLES DURW HE DlWo WHERE. THEY ARE SINCE "(VuL"sHOTC/ C u S V YES. SO HE SENT HIS LAWVER TO FIND OUT FROM WEI MOW. C(\ROL..,WHAT'STHE NEWS SOU HEf\Rt> FROM COLONEL HftRFEK? /«"* u, I/ ^ ; J ^ HENRY ..K.>^sr WHV, VES ' NOTICE THE DATE/. ...IT Wfts ON ROLftND WVB's DATED FOUR LETTER IMTKOm)<:-\ pAVS ftGO. JNi? MR. SHEATH? A WHV DO k SOUPi&K? , BECAUSE, ACCORDIMff TO CCLCfJEL HfRPER SIR ROLftNO DIED LAST iJsc w By Cari .'.nderson DONALD DUCK Cy Walt Disney -TOOTH POWDER POUBLE VOUB :^e- L v\J^s :x^f^ — -r'^.J-Zl YOU HEARD ME, PAL-'TEN BUCKS' J — lf' WORTH OF ' ASA" $fl( • ^ : ,T( « • A?.LEY OOP By V. T. Ham'in LOOK.'WEiSOT ! _. \ / j tlEVvl ME \ TO5IC VOJ£ OL' CANT TAKE ' 6ILLV-LOOKIN' SVAS LUCKY T'SET AVAY ALIVE.' TOU3H ; EH f ' $fe& HE HO, 5WALLOWEO I SU A PRESENT \ MIS' I V//\e BKINGINS . TX5N'T , _ SHE'LL K.-5HE5 ONE / NEW ~ PRESENT. \\ NVHO'_ ~ " PRETTY LESS... If BOOTS HURRY CHIEF r E.ATHER to ':'•(• JcY*)'-T'Vi LITTLE BEARER ANJD .' x<,^-V,'-.rr';i V 1LL FOLLQV-O 1015 By Fred Harpiar as COVOTE DR\S)!< \ I I _WAY,DOC y-^Mio i. I«8>V HIA S£R«Ct. INC. T. M, RW. U. S. f AT. Off

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