Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1948
Page 5
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§> Thursday, September 23, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, A R K A N 5 A S Soldiers Sentenced for Theft of Army Clothing Kobe, Japan.' Sept. 22. — (UP) — The commanding general of the army base here today approved sentences of 10 years at hard $8? CfiTRRRH ^ SUFFERER: FIND CURB FOR MISERY DUS TO NASAL CONGESTION. SUPPLY RUSHED HERE! Relief nt last from torture of! ntim:?, ca.tr.rrh, and hay fever due to nasal canrrcn- tton in scan today in reports of suc.cnsn \vil-\\ a formula which hns the pownr lo reduce n final congestion. Men and women with o/fonizinf? sinna heiulr.chca, cloEijod nostrils, carticlie, hawking and ance7.ini? misery toll o£ blessed rolicf after uaint; it, KT.OHONOL coats 53.00, hut conahlcriTiff rirnilts, this Js not expensive, n mounts to only penmen per dose. KLORONOL (rautinn, use only aa directed) sold with money-back guarantee by JOHN P. COX DRUG STORE Mail Orders Filled STARTS SUNDAY © SAENGER • School K'ds Continued From Page One Teeter, Malvcrn—1st and 2nd. Now Hampshire Reds: G. L Teeter, Malveni—1st: O. R. Still, Hope—2nd, 3rd: G. L. Teeter—4th and Mrs. Fred Aikcn, Malveni— 5th. Class 4. Pullets: New Hampshire Reds: Russell Lcwallen, Hope—1st and 2nd; Mrs. L. D. Springs. Hope— 3rd; Chris Pctre, Hope—1th; Hoyle Newton, Malveni—5th. White Wyandottes: Herman Lawrence, Malvcrn—1st; Hoyle Newton—2nd. Barred Plymouth Rocks: Hoylc Newton—2nd; Mrs. J. W. Keyenga Emmet—3rd. White Rocks: Willie Hughes, Mal- vcrn—1st; Ruth Parsley, Rolla— 2nd; Geo. Dodds, Hope—3rd; H. Hurd, Hope—1th. White Leghorn: J. D. Burroughs —1st; Hoyle Newton—2nd; Willie Hughes—3rd; Hoyle Newton—4th; Jimmy Graves—0th. Rhode-Island Reds: David L. Harmon—1st; W. L. Jameson—2nd; W. I.i. Jameson— 3rd: LaGrone Williams. Hope—4th; Greta Ann Caston, Hope—5th. Cla.ss 5, Young Trio: White Rocks: Geo. Dodds,—1st; Jimmy Graves—2nd; Geo. Dodds— 3rd. White Leghorns: Jimmy Graves, 1st; Jess Gilliams. Hope'—2nd. Rhode Island Reds: David L. Harmon—1st; W. L. Jameson—2nd; W. L. Jameson—3rd; Mrs. A. J. Middle-brooks, Patmos—4lh. New Hampshire Reds: Russell Lewalk'ii— 1st and 2nd; Mrs. L. labor and dishonorable discharges for each of four soldiers convicted last month of stealing $2,700 worth of army clothing. The .enlisted men wounded an army criminal investigation agent in a ruimmj; gun battle that iol- lowcd their theft. 1st Si;l. James I- Finds No Foundation for Belief That Russia and America Must Fight It Out By DeWITT MacKENZIE Grand Champion: Joe Wrou. Prcs- AP Foreig nAffairs Analyst colt'/ choice; Pat Wren. Prr.'-'coU. What basis, if any. can there bo choice; Pat Wren. Prescolt, choice: | for the view held by some that ] Billic Varncr, Fulton, Rood: A. IX : there is bound to bo war between | Stanley. Silver, choice: A. D. Slun- Icy, Silver, good. Page Five Retrying file Ubol m to Joseph amount They Booker, Los Angol'js; Pvl. Darrval A. Christian. Glen Jeun. West Va.; Pvt. Arthur O. P,urn.<;ide, Charlotte. N. C., and Pvt. Albert L. TclioUe. Hot Springs, Ark. sir- MEALS TASTE BETTER ^^^^ ^8^s«c&\tf*5 WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE 1UBBQN BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" for an ACTIVE AUTUMN Open ro action, in daytime tea types or dressy treat- f^- ments. ..Trim Tred styles are fashioncxl foi your busy life nfoot. Ricjht — This smart shoe as shown is in CAFE BROWN SUEDE. 10.95 TH£ Russia and America eventually and that, therefore Uncle Sam would be wise to strike now and not give the Muscovites a chance to build up strength? From my standpoint there is no foundation whatever. I don't believe that n shooting war between the two powers is inevitable. Obviously there always is danger of war while the great powers arc playing at skittles amidst high explosives. Even a mole can see there might be an explosion, but if it should come it might not be premeditated. Thai being so, what possible justification would America have to gam'ile on a third world war? What possible excuse could be gien the American public for sending our sons overseas to wage a conflict which might have been avoided? As a matter of fact, there is no indication that there is any responsible American executive, governmental or military, who has the slightest thought of precipitating a conflict. On the contrary my information is that the policy is to hold Communist aggression where it now is while the democracies are rehabilitated and so gain strength which will put them out of danger. True, the policy of the Western powers also is to be firm and not allow themselves to be pushed around. They have no intention, for example, of allowing the Russians to bully them out of Berlin— or out of any other place. Britain and America are going to continue to feed the Russian-blockaded German capital by air — one of the most ninazing feats of transport ever achieved. But if there is any overt act committed with the idea of precipitating war, it's going to be perpetrated by the other fellow jan' ! not by the democracies. Actually time is running in favor ' of the Western Allies. The Bolshe- K-ist offensive is being held along the Stettin-Adriatic line which it reached long ago through central Europe. Meantime rehabilitation of the western part of the continent is moving apace, thanks largely to the Mai snail plan. This eco nomic betterment means greater military security, and is giving a real lilt to the morale of these na lions which were hit so hard by the late war. Thus things are looking much better for the democracies in* Europe than they were even a few months ago. Their job is to hold along the present line and let the Reels beat their brains out against the stone wall thus created. Of course Europe doesn't by any means give us the whole picture of Ihe Russian drive to communixe the world. The Reds are intensifying their big new offensive in the orient, espoically in Burma and Indonesia, and that presents a. grave threat However, the greatest im- nediate danger to the western democracies lies in the European situation. It is obvious that Russia intends o take calculated risks in her ef forts to overrun western Europe. She has been daring greatly and may be expected to continue to do so. However, the consensus of close observers is that Moscow doesn't want war now and has no intention of going far enough to precipitate it. There is one qualification which must he made to the above. ; Rus sia's strategy is to spread communism bv sti'ongarm methods phort of involving the Soviet Union in a major war. Should the Communists be successful in this program — should they, for n^amoie. overrun the rest of the European continent and secure control ot south east Asia — then there is small doubt that there would be war be tween Russia and America. However. I don't think we have to cross that bridge at this June Class 5: Nevada county, Prescolt — 1st: Union Counly. El Dorado— 2nd; Montgomery Co.. Ml. Ida— 3rd; Hcmpstead. Hope—4th. Class medium: medium; dium: dium; dium; dium; medium; medium. Class 2: Tommic Verdon. Nashville, medium; Charles Varnor. Fulton, medium; Jim llamlotl. Bismarck, medium; A. D. Stanley, Silver, medium; James Caslon. Hope, medium; Ilenrv Sinynrd. Hope, medium: Buddy Boyce, Texarkana, medium. Swine Hampshire: Smackover—1st. Class 1. Poland China: son, Nashville—1st. Class 2: Kchvard Nelson. delphia—2nd: Howard Kicld, frccsboro—1st. Class 3: Bismarck F.F.A.—1st; Billy Joe Borsan, Arkadelphia— 2nd. Class 5: Bismarck F.F.A.—1st. Class (i: Roy Goodson, Nashville —Champion. Class 7: Bismarck F.F.A,—Re- serve champion. Class 8: Bismarck F.F.A.—:iud; Jack Golden. Arkadclphia—1st. O.I.C.: Class 3: Hoyle Newton— 1st. Duroc Jet-s^v: Class 1: Harry Baker, Maynolia—1;;1. Class 2: Harry Baker--! si. Class 3: Jimmy Graves. Malvorn —2nd; Jim Hamlelt. Bismarck— 1st. Class 4: Harry Baker—1st, 2nd and 3rd. Class f>: Harry Baker— 1st. 2nd. 3rd and '41 h. Class (i: Harry Baker—Champion. Class ">: Harry Baker—1st: Bobbie Fowler. Friendship—2nd. Class f): Harry Baker—1st. Class 10: Harry Baker—1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Class 11: Harry Baker—1st, rd. 4th, and 51h. Class 12: Harry Baker—1st, and 3rd. Class 13: pion. Class 14: hampion. Class 15: 2nd. Class 1C: 2nd. Class 17: 2nd. Class !!): 3rd and 4th. Class 20: Harry Baker, nolia—1st, 2nd and 3rd. Class 21: Harry Baker—1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Class 22: Harry Baker—Champion and Reserve Champion. Class 23: Harry Baker—1st. Class 24: Harry Baker—1st. Class 25: Harry Baker—Champion and Reserve Champion. |m;;u Croni v.hnm ' she co'llccled flemin.Qton's .itt.oniey. ;'...(immurusl 'party dues as \vyll asiRauh, told reporters tiie |.--ec:-ci .'^nvrmnent infovination injof damages to be sought has not iv.artimo. Keminuton has denied;been determined but. "it will be a Hie c'lr.u,;e^. very substantial sum." ivould bare lip said rhe suit will be filed .•vision pro- either in New York or Washington, on which] Rauh said he has also asked on Sundny. ;NnC for an "adequate, prompt retraction" and thai if it is not •foi-lh- ii said h an Nt'C ' I'm 1 I'n Onlv a ;m.ill portion of the out* ' *i'lc of most tree trunks is living-*. • the center of the truiflt g composed of heartwood which is technically "dead." ' , • i, ' ' A log will sometimes Contain 200 I pounds of .v.itei for every riOUrtci df * ,'trv wood ' conH-ronco. Kerninsc- jcomin.y, Remington will sue the a letier ho has {broadcasting company as well, j ancestors of .- r.rnUcy demanding y pubhc retraction" noon. .Sept. 30. Amorican negro represent tribes as j ••-.jit will be filed ; diversified in huriian .types as those The African the broadcast charges I i u im c | nitlu- nations of iCurnpe. made before (he o— Communist." The meant word "nerve" tendon or sinew. 3AENGER-SOON i SPOTL5GHT . . Kro.'jcr Hot-Dated KROGER OATS Quick or Regular. LAYER CAKE . Chocolate Cromo. DASH .... 3 KROGER ' W^^ "" Small . 3 Ib. Bag 1.15 Coffee. . . 3 Ib. Box 33c Delicious. .... Each 59c Compare. No. 1 Cans 29c Food by Armour. ORANGE JUICE 46 oz. Can 2.5c Kroner No. 2 Cans 2 .for 2oc. Grapefruit Juice 46 oz..Can 19c Kroner. No. 2 cans 2 lor 21 c. STRONGHEART ... 3 Cans 29c Try This for your DOR. Gaincs Dog Meal 5 Ib. Bag 59e Econumica! Buy, '-i GRO-PUP 25 oz. Pkg. Full of Essential food. NUTRENA 2 -15 J oz. Cap? 25c Quality DOIJ Food. :i" GERBERS, CLAPPS, HEiNZ 3 cans 25c Strained or Chopped Foods. — Shredded WSiectf 12 oz. Pkg. 17c Nabisco. Try Spnio for Breakfast. The Dainty Cooking Fat All Vegetable 8 !b. ctn. .VIA* MC<W 5>0c<f ^P }^o. 2 High Quality JP Cans •™ ^9-p Can «@&nw ;iis Specirs. "No. 2-Can Pitted 2nd, find Harry Baker—Cham- Harry Baker—Reserve Harry Baker—1st and Harry Baker—1st and Harry Baker—1st and Harry Baker—Isf, 2nd, Mag- Tender 17 oz can <P5 World Almanac Editor Dies at Asparagus Ki'o.i;ei Green / Cherries Kroner Red Sour Fruit Cocktail .xiJ.jJS Slokoly. Diced Fruit Desserts; : . Ap!i'3COtS No -ovi, c . m f32 Kroner. Apricot Halves Unpcclcii. Tomato Jusce 4 ^- £@ Kroner. Full of Vitamins' . Nsblets «12 01. *ajj f&C.ins ^S Supciior Flavor and Tenderness. Margarine. .Fine Mellow Flavor: Ayondale Corn^lS White-Corn Cream Style. • kl/ 13'i oz. Cans Strom Jg Pleinz with Chcesse Blended JwSce ««• Kroger. No. 2 Cans 3 for 32c. Dei Mcnlc Lge. Box Small Box 14c <*^fe * ^ ,<Sl? For Laundry Bars J ispsn fill^U New Pack No. 2 |q Can E <s>' Wilson's.Certifled.-- : ;Shcltiki.ess and Ltpfess. •''•v-i*?S SHOE Left— Another smarV shoe as shown comes in BLACK SUEDE. 10,95 A J.i.', li.tr/ •!. CHARM t;,).J o'.l.i; ''Where Good Slices ore Fitted Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 D. Springs—3rd; Allen Childs, Magnolia—4th: J. W. Ross—5th. Barred Plymouth Rocks: Howard Reyenga—1st. Class (i: Joe L. Willett. Malvcrn, N.H.R. — 1st; .Mrs. Fred Aikcn. Malvern, N.H.K^.G. L. Teeter. B.P.R.—1st; Geo. DJ)dds, W.H.—2nd; W. L. Jamesffli—R.I.R.—1st. Bcstwock in show: W. L. Jameson. IVJagnolia, Rhode Island Reds. Best-."cockerel: Jarrell D. Bur- ron^h.WMalvern, New Hampshire Rods. -.. Best *imllet: David L. Harmon, MaKnoha, Rhode Island Red. Best'.hen: W. L. Jameson, Rhode Island Red. Best young trio: Russell Lew- alien, Hope, Nc\v Hampshire Reds Best old trio: W. L. Jameson, Magnolia, Rhode Island Reds. Best Display of one variety: Russell Lewallen, Hope—1st; W. L. Jameson—'2nd; Uavid L. Harmon—• 3id: Mrs. L. D. Springs—1th; Geo. Uudds—f>th. { Grand Champion Trio: W. L. Jameson. Magnolnia. ; Junior Division, Poultry, Class 1: j New Hampshire Reds: Allen | Childs. Magnolia—1st; Marion Mil- j ler, Magnolia—2nd; Farrell Strahan. Malvern—3rd; Barbara Willet j Ho])u—-1th. | Barred Rocks: Emogenc Fuller. ; Hoi)i_--lst; Herman Aaron, Hope— 12nd: Dorscy Byers, Ho]ie— 3rd; i liuyte Newton, Malvcrn— J llh; Dcl- | bert Aai-on. Hope—5th. ! White Le;;.horns: Otis Franks— \ Isl; Kenneth Gilliams. Magnolia — ^nd: Bruce Synder, Magnolia— Mortan H'jndrix, Malvcrn— \\hitf Rock: Willie Hughes, Malvc'rn—1st; Marion Riehardson, Magnolia—2nd; Jimmy Graves, IMuK'iTii— '3rd: Morton Hcndrix, Malvi i!i—-Hh: Ik-rman Hurd. Hope —aih. l-'t-tilcr SLipply Co. Cup's Reward —--Allan Childs. Maynolia. Ai'k. Juninr Division, Baby Beef and F;,t Ca!\vs: John Floyd Klli.s. Nashville—Re:-.<-\-\':: chuiiiiJion; \Vcndell Scwell, I'll D<jrado. ehijit'e: Sek-ne Wil- Hams. Kl Dorado, choice; Janice Carney, I'll Doi'acio, choice: .Ic-wcll CariK-y. Kl Dorado, c-huici-: Lonnic Baroii, Menu, good; Kugene Wyatte CliL-ri-j Hill, goud; David Bogart. Mi-Ji;i, wood; Billic- Dean Lawrence ilvcr. : ',c.od: Joe H \Vrv-n f-hoiv,-. New York, Sept. 23 — (UP) — . Eastman Irvine, editor of the World Almanac lor the ' last 11 years, died unfNp^fterHv *"dtiy on his way to work. He was G4. Irvine, a tall, ruddy-iacea white- laired man. who I'-id lie lr '- r •'-•' ;op executive positions on New York newspapers, leu Ins hume i on Statcn Island, as usual this i morning for his office in the Now I York World-Telegram hui)dini>. i On the Statcn Island train he became ill and was helped oil at the Dongan Hills station. He tele- , phoned for his wife, Margaret, but died before .she a'-Hv" 1 Irvine came to New York from Iowa in 1914 and workc.:.! on LUC New York Press, the World,- the Sun, the Evening Telegram and the World-Telegram. He was also managing editor of the Philadelphia Public Ledger at one tiini;, and , held the same position on the Loudon Herald. i Sliced Bacosn Swift's Sweet Rasher. BoJogRti Brown's Economy Bt • ib.: 69s !^ s 'y Sal* 1 .'•'.'."• •' Swift's Streak O'Lean. ib. 396 , Hamburger and... •:.'„'.,• "-.Kroger - Made, ' 'District 'Livestock Show lb . lbi t i Hove you ever seen anyone leave part of a GRAFE1TE? GRAPETTE has a flavor you enjoy ANYTIME, thirsty or not! i^ ?v 3 1 in ' !\ fi jy -&A G L.an The calves bought by KROGER COMPANY from 4-H Club Members will be on sale in our local market at regular beef prices. FRIDAY and SATURDAY UW Well-Blonched, Very Crisp. Ripe/ iFimt,, Golden. Large ^mi \ti$fi A" I'.'^'.TJ &ni LUKjsap *1 R=g- 1 C!/r* !i!:j ^ i3ors | J^ P1 S PB,«/ ?P»iS^i/Sr%f p'ui ; ?£TJ f s^r"'\ jt/ata a ttiii^iV.* P J *?t . ^ Ha* . J * ; ?, "jITiall L-,e. *^ .5 ^Irf* J I \* mm VIENNA SAUSAGE L.b. Bag Washed Selected

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