Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1948
Page 4
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Pago Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Veteran Pilof Lands Plane on Bridge Thursday, September 23, 1948 Little Rock, Sept. 22 (UP)-- A veteran crop-duster pilot landed a light plane on the 2.200-foot Arkansas river bridge in downtown Little i Rock early today. Crowd:; of curious were waiting at both ends of tho single span structure as Pilot J. O. Dockery brought his Cessna monoplane iii for the landing at 6:05 a. m. j Despite the- advance? notice and I policemen posted as guards to h;>H traffic, Dockory's landing caught at least two pedestrians by surprise in the middle of the bridge. There was plenty of room for both them and the plane, however. Dockery said he had no trouble keeping to the center of the 40-foot wide bridge. Dockery said he wasn't much concerned over making the landing. "I've been dusting crops for 22 years," he explained, "and this wasn't hard at all." Tho plane was flown at dawn because of the absence of winds Russia Trying to Pull the Ihell Game in Withdrawal of U.S. Troops GOP in- for Support i By DcWITT MacKENZIE : AP Foreign Affairs Analyst • Tha'.'K an inlx-resti:!;! though not : particularly adroit exhibition of the ' old sholl-jU'in" given by Russia in : <mnr)uncin;! that she will withdraw : her troops from Northern Korea • by the new year, aiul calling on Uncle Sain to pull out of the South. On the face of it this is a big; hciirk-d. gesture of amity, and is i calculated thus to impress the un- i warry. However, wo may be quite ; sure that if American troops did j withdraw from Southern Korea, the Bolshevists would move to take over quicker than you could lose a at that hour. The purpose of the flight was to move the plane to Little Rook's Robinson auditorium Cor a trade show. Flying it in saved a tedious dismantling job. T . :ie Russian schoolteacher—-who heroically jumped :f rom the Soviet consulate to escape being dragged back behind the Iron Curtain by the Reds—lived and taught in the Soviet Union. She was constantly shadowed by the Russian Secret Police, who seized her husband. She knows what it is like to live under the Soviet Dictatorship! She knows what it is like to live in free America. Now she'll tell you— in her own words—why she defied death to stay! Read the cold war's greatest human document! Don't miss this dramatic news :: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 M~. silver dollar by trying to guess which shell the elusive pen is under. This isn't to say that the United •States might not decide to withdraw. That's a dish which still is on tho fire. There arc two schools ct thought on this subject of withdrawal. One holds thai it would be a strategic error lo pull out. The other maintains that it's a mistake to stay since there is such a thing as spreading your strength too thin, and furthermore America has military forces in neighboring Japan. Whether Russia will indeed withdraw if the United States docs not, remains to be seen. The Muscovites might pull back across the frontier into Manchuria in any event. And why not? Northern Korea has been thoroughly commu- nizcd, A Soviet 'government has been established, and it's an open secret that the country is overrun with the Bolshevist armed secret police which spearhead the setting up of any Soviet regime. We've seen the ruthless efficacy of such police in countries like Czechoslovakia and Poland. Korea is small, but strategically she is a mighty atom. For centuries the Korean peninsula, which projects down between the sea of Japan and the Yellow sea of Japan and her continental ambitions. No wonder Japan complained that Korea was "a dagger pointing at her heart.' 'Controlled by communism, Korea would be a dagger pointing at the heart of peace. Certainly it enters into the picture of the great new red offensive to overrun the Orient. Washington's response to the Russian announcement about withdrawal is that American troops of occupation will remain in Korea until tho United Nations general assembly considers the Korean situation at Paris. The State Department said the United States has no intention of withdrawing troops forthwith. Washington, Sept. 22. — (UP) — jlhc Republican parly, in its first |serious bid for Southern snoporl in |20 years, is out to "sell" Gov. M-noma.s R. Dev.x-v to the South as i a staunch advocate of states' rights. Hoping to captializc; on the split among Southern Democrats over I President Truman's civil rights I program, the GOP is campaigning 1 energetically from the speaker's (Platform and in the newspapers 'H has set up a scparalr; bureau to handle Southern affairs, under tho direction of Byran Collier former Columbus, Ga., editor. Mrs. Charles W. Wells, Jr.. associate GOP campaign manager said several women's Republican clubs arc being set up throughout the South. "Many voters." she said, "are Hocking to the support of the iJewey-Warrcn ticket and the establishment of ;i real two-party I system in the South." Collier currently is writinj' a series of articles for Southern"" papers in which he charaeteri/.cs -Dcwey as a man who believes "in keening government at home." "One of his basic creeds," Col- Jier said of Dcwey. "is that over ly centralized government — particularly under the poorly ids guised regimentation of New Deal ism—is too far removed from tho people." Collier is appealing to Southerns to get over their "blind loyalty" to the Democratic party and their traditional. prejudices against tho word "Republican." Voing lor the States' Rights Democrats as a protest against Hie TrumanBarkloy ticket can only cause more confusion and chaos, he insis'.s. He argues for a progressive two party system in the South, which he says can be built up onlv by a Baby Undergoes Critical Operation Chicago, Sept. 22 (/p) — Pamela Lamphero. the baby with her bladder outside her body, today underwent her first of three opera- lions to correct (he rare condition. An hour later physicians reported everything "going well." The condition of Pamela, 22 months old had caused a rift between her parents. Fred. 23, and Irene. 21. Physicians said the abnormality would be fatal unless she was operated upon. The father wanted the operation but the mother said she preferred to have the child for the few years she was certain to live, instead of risking surgery. The Lampheres became reconciled after Mrs. Lamphero learned of other children who underwent similar successful operation!,-. About one tenth of the population ot the United States is Negro SAENGER-SOON 'KEEPS ! „, 4 huge South vote for Warren. Dewcy and his running Washington, Scptm 22. — lUPi — Diplomatic reports indicated today that Russia is trying to get a bid to mediate China's civil war. Diplomatic sources in China, according to these reports, have overheard that Soviet officials are dropping careful hints that Moscow would welcome a mediator's role. Tiic "feelers" it was said, are claculatcd to determine whether Generalissimo Chiang KaiShek's Nationalist government would consider a formal offer of Russia's "good offices." There was said to be some indication that the Chinese have not been receptive. Nevertheless, the r e p o r ts prompted official speculation over reasons behind the apparent Soviet interest in working out a truce be Uvecn the warring Chinese nationalist and Communist forces. Those familiar with the Chinese political and n ilitary situation hazard a guess th.it Russia is motivated by these t-ictors: 1. A truce in tuc long civil war would give "legitimacy" to the cause of the Chinese Communists. They presumably would be included in a new Chinese government if the Soviet plan for mediation 'vent through. 2. Once inside the government, the Communists would have a bet 'or opportunity to win control of China and establish a regime which would cooperate with Pus sia rather than the Western powers. 3. If the offer of mediation is made and rejected by Chiang Russia could claim that the na i.ionalists are not inteested in peace. It then might find it practicable to Rive more support to the Communist forces. 4. Such an appeal undoubtedly would gain approval of many Chinese who arc tired of the" civil war. On the negative side, the informal feelers are not regarded as a sign that Russia believes the Ci»n rnumst armies are waging a los- im; battle in view of the new U. S. military aid assured Chiang. Con gress recently authori/ed ¥125.000, (Kill I'm- the nationalist forces and $50,01)0,000 already has been allocated. Authorities familiar with the Soviet moves doubt they will meet any success. Chinese officials contacted by the Soviet diplomats were understood to have raacted unfavorably toward the idea of Russia mediation. Relations between China and the Soviet union have been strained for several years and Chinese suspicion alone may doom the Russian efforts. Gozette Editor Accepts New Position ^ Little- Rock. Sept. 22 i UP)- The lormc-r managrrinu editor of tin- Arkansas Gazelle here. Olyd" I-. Hew. has accepted a position as news editor of the Ru/.orback Radio nrlwork. President John K. Wells of the n-.'twork said that Dew will assume his duiii's todav. lie will handle ail news for Stations KXLU at North Little Hock. K\V1-:M at West Memphis and KWAK at Stiitlgarl. Hew headed the- Ga/.eile staff fur I 1 <" yeais. taking over as managing | editor in !!):;!. lii.s resignation war: i'e\vaSell recent!y. And yesterday the Ga/.ctte an: noun.ed thai Harry Ashmorc has been appointed executive editor in | the only oilier staff change caused j by Uew's absence. Asiimori: was jfoinn-rly editor .of the Gazette's editorial page-. Gov. Earl male. "Dcwey in tho White House, plus a Republican Congress on thy bill, means a healthy climate for American business, highlighted liy pro rlnctivc economics whcih produce:the lowest tax rates," Collier is telling Southerners. | No method for determining j longitude of a ship at sea i discovered until early in the Century. Yes, this fact has been time-tested and proved by Doctors. Better days will he yours, too. 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