Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, September 22, 1948 CLA Words Up to 15 16tolM. 211025, 26 to 30. S1T,635. 86 to 40 . 41 ho 49 . 48 tO 50 . of Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Six One Day Days Days Month .45 .GO .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2,70 3.00 i.so 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 8.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 . .. . . Rates' are {or Continuous Insertions Only » All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Rent 2 NICE FRONT BEDROOMS with kitchen privileges. Close in. Phone 33. 18-Gt MODERN.5 ROOM HOUSE, HARD- Wflod floors, attic fan, garage. $45 per month. Immediate possession. Phone 1147-R. 18-3t 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment, near Schooley's Store. Mrs. J. E, Schooley. Phone 38-F-ll. 20-tf FOUR ROOM HOUSE WITH bath. 114 W. 18th Street in front of'High School. 20-3t TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. ALL conveniences, Bills paid. Private entrance. 712 Mnlf> Mi*lr> *viuie » luip WANTED AT ONCE! CAPABLE man between 25 and 55 years to take over established business in portion of Hempsluad County. Possible earnings SfiO to ?75 weekly. This is your opportunity to increase your income to meet today's high cost of living. . Car necessary. For information 'without obligation, write The .7. R. .Watkins Company, Rural Department, Memphis, Tennessee. 21-41 By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate, Mangrum Favorite in Canadian Open Meet Vancouver, Sept. 11 — </1 T i — A field of some 150 tees off today in the $10,000 Canadian open over the ijar-72 Sh.'iughnossy course and a strong contingent of United Suites golfers is again favorer! to sweep .op prize money. Lloyd Mangrum of Chicago, loading money winner oil the 194;' professional circuit, if; conceded a good chance to increase his earnings. He'll have to stop such par- Ulsters as Ed (Porky) Oliver, winner of the Tacoma,"Wasli., open, Skip Alexander of Lexington, N. C. and Dick Melx, now playing out of Virginia Beach, Va. -o- Up against what "real opposition" for considered the first - » - it wt -orgi • iv* r 7 xi" a *«7.' 1 Crown Goes New York, Sept. 22 — Closer acquaintance with the affairs of the Roerich circle which dwelt in a SEED OATS, RECLEANED AND tagged. Aubrey Enoch at McRae Implement Co. 21-1m 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment upstairs. Phono 688. Utilities paid. 22-31 2 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART" ment. Utilities paid. 1520-S. Main rPhone 5C3-.T. 22-31 Services Offered SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED. GET yours cleaned before bad weather begins. Phone 089, J. M. Atkins. 2G-lmo For Safe 0 ROOM FARM HOUSE TO BE moved from location. Good condition, new galvanized roof. Located 2 miles South of Rosston, I only confirms the story of Henry Wallace's gullibility. However, one does begin to doubt that Roerich really did set himself up as a divine person except, perhaps, to Wallace, for the purpose of making a -fool of him and exploiting the influence which Franklin D. Roosevelt had granted him. I am not now willing to believe that Louis L. Horch, the speculator and international exchange who became a churn of Wallace and soent a lot of money promoting Roerich, really fell for the divinity racket ot the Russian mahatma. Wallace put Horch are working hard in preparing for El Dorado here Friday night in the High School Stadium. In fact the boys are kinda pointing for this contest as most of down at (he oil center last season. El Dorado, always a powerhouse them remember what happened in Arkansas football circles, has not found itself this season coming put on the short end of the score in their two opening games. Blytheville took the Wildcats by a couple of touchdowns and Ft. Smith eked out a single touchdown victory last week. The Wildcats arc due to strike Jersey City, N. J.. Sept. 22 — (/I 1 ) — Marcel Cordon, the guy who looked so easy to hit when he was in training, kept his chin tucked under his fc 11 shoulder and his right elbow low by his side when he faced Tony Zale last night. (ime this season the Hope Bobcats Tony spent eleven rounds trying to Jersey City, N. J., Sept. 22 — (UPi—Marcel Cerdan, the French slugger who wrested the world middleweight championship from veteran Tony Zale, was willing today to give the ex-champ a return shot at the title in June, un- .1 ust an .V weekend and may do it less Zale retires because of last ' " " --•-"--"-'• night's beating. The stocky, Mack-haired, gold- toothed Frenchman from Morocco gave 34-year-old Zale such a thorough battering that the semiconscious "steel man" from Gary. ---- ---,.- „ „. Ind., was unable to come out j than it has any lime before. They against Hope. So far the Bobcats have not been scored on but were saved by the clock in ihe opening contest and their opposition has not been strong. Coach Toll ell" said last night the Hope team is working harder into quence of jobs in the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, of which he was secretary, and when Horch suddenly sprang a trap on (Roerich and the sucker bond-hold- , ors of the American investing pub- | lie—.mostly Henry Wallace's bo- loved "little people" — Wallace swung in behind Louis to help in the shake-out. Roerich was in Asia Arkansas. See Roy Caldwell, Ste-jhim from the situation, when Horch decided to phens, Arkansas. Phone 4151. IC-Ot ONE CHAMPION 400 Smith bower. John Qzan, Arkansas. SIX FOOT STEWART WARNER . .Refrigerator. In good condition. lamasery for his own eliminate grab the properly Phone 952-W. ..and seize Roorich's paintings. The — -i books vy,cre demntcrializcd by BLACK I some process much more practical H, Webb, 'than oriental magic so the extent 18-3t of Horch's investment and his arofit is not known. Just one day befo'-c an important court proceeding in the litigation for title to 21-3t LIVING ROOM AND BEDROOM furniture, like new. Half price. Phone 417. 22-3t For Sole or Rent MODERN 5 ROOM, TILE HOME, Paul Dudney, Washington, Arkansas. Phone 3G. 18-Gt Wanted "< WANT A JOB IN EUROPE? V.-MEN WITH OR WITHOUT PRIOR MILITARY SERVICE MAY NOW ENLIST IN THE ARMY FOR DUTY IN EUROPE. SEE THE U. S. AIR U. S. ARMY AND FORCE RECRUITING OFFICE. CITY HALL, HOPE, TAILS. ARKANSAS, FOR GOOD USED Phone 952-W. BABY BUGGY. 21-3t Hope Transfer Company Moving and Storage Office Phone ..... 314 Residence Phone . . . 231-J the by skyscraper, Wallace released, a sneaky process, a loaded "news" story insinuating that Roerich was a spy. This came out of the Department of Agriculture which had sent Roerich to Asia ostensibly to hunt grass seed. Its effect,, if any, on the court, would for the 12th round. """ ' Their bout, before 1D.272 fans at Roosevelt Stadium, was scheduled for 14 rounds. Near the end of their 11th session, Cerdan was giving his exhausted and floundering opponent a severe beating against the ropes Almost simultaneous with the bell a flashing left hook exploded on /-ale's chin. He wilted to the canvas on his knees. His handlers rushed out and half-dragged Tony to his corner, where sponges of ice water failed to revive him completely. Co-managers Sam Plan and Art Winch told Referee Paul Cavalier —lormer light heavyweight boxer of Paterson. N. J,— that Zale was unable to continue. Cavlier waved .o the Cerdan corner that tho bout was finished. All this happened before the bell could ring to start the 12th round. Cavalier later disclosed that he had counted Zale out in his corner before he waved to the Cerdan group. He said he had made the count-out motions with his right hand across his breast. He said the ending was "a knockout in the 12th round." Co-Managers Finn and Winch declared that Cavalier did not count Tony out, that they had asked the referee to stop the fight, and that he had stopped it. There- want to take El Dorado about as bad as any game and are wording to do it, he commented. • Thursdy afternoon Coach Jack Hopkins will journey with his Junior Bobkittcns to an opening game Porks. o- Texarkana for Ring Injuries ..to »son Philadelphia, Sept. 22 — (/!') • 'Chicken) Thompson, 21-year Philadelphia heavyweight „ last night of head injures sustained "comeback" Haynes of Bill old died find a target for his celebrated body punches and wore himself out in the effort. . . .That's about all that happened in last night's middleweight title fight. . . . Heck, with more than 600 cops on hand, what else could happen? Al Wcill. who specializes in profit- , . •. . . , . - -« •- «•- a'.)ly picking short-cnders, picked !"{„'',"!? c' (1 J"" CS ...i >' c , r , in , the Cerdan while he (Al, that is) was "' "' " " ~ ' in the hospital, with very happy results. . . .Of ocurse, Marcel isn't last Thursday in a fight against' Johnny New York. Thompson, the fifth fighter to die f. ring injuries this year in the UUnited States, was knocked out by Haynes with only three seconds remaining of their scheduled .eight- Jaycee Back Earned Star of Week Title Little Rock, Sept. 22 — (/I 1 ) —Raymond Combee, brilliant Little Rock Junior College halfback, earned the title of "star of the week" in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference last weekend. Named today in a poll of AIC coaches taken by the Associated Press, Combee played a leading role in the Trojans' surprising 14-7 conquest of Tyler Junior College at Tyler, Texas. He ran with New,'York, Sept. The Boston Braves, "miracle" to win League pennant in 22 — (UP). — who needed a the National 1914, needed the ball nine times French champion any more. He's just world champion As far as he's concerned, the title in his native land amounts to about as much as the championship of upper Darby township. But that still is an unusual situation. Time Off After a strenuous summer promoting his nation-wide non-professional baseball program, Wichita's Ray Dumont is taking a vacation (Dumont style). . . .This con- to net 88 yards and completed all three of the passes he attempted, one for a touchdown. Nominated as the top one victory and a Dodger de- to win the flag today. Only a slight case of mathematics separated Billy Southworth's Braves from ihe flag after they lii-inivnn 'swept a doubleheader from the St. ntn ILouis Cardinals yesterday, 11 to -3 round bout. He was assisted-to his corner aft-!' 11 '" captain, was outstanding er the count of ten, but collapsed |defense throughout the Tigers fully regained victory over Louisiana College. James Ethridge, fullback and and for of the week and a close runner-np • ... . ,.,•>, < . - i • i to Combee for "star of the week" alul '' to °- v ' hllc Brook yn dropped honors was Jim Herrington, big j Uvo Sanies to Pittsburgh. Ouachita and tackle. Harringlong. act " ' '' on 7-0 never again consciousness. Thompson, who weighed at 180. sustained a severe beating at the hands of Hayne heavier. Thompson started of Ifessi thirty pounds pro- sist of a visit to the can series in North Ameri- Cnnada this week between the London majors and Fort Wayne, conferences with Ind., Electrics, assorted state caplain of the Magnolia A. glory Muleriders M. evelven, carved out himself although the their season opener. Ethridge lost to McNcese junior college Boston, sporting a stylish seven- and-a-half-gnmc lead, has nine remaining games to play, the same number as Brooklyn. Either two Boston victories or two Brooklyn defeats also will give the Braws their first senior circuit title in 34 years. , | Johnny Sain, who registered liis i |22nd victory of the year in the op- <•'> commissioners and a visit to St. Louis to talk with Global Commis- record of 24 victories, four defeats and two draws. Eighteen of his wins were by knockouts. He appeared a good heavyq- weight prospect a year ago, but 'was downed in several bouts with tougher opposition. There were nine ring deaths las year and 11 in 194G. up a their season opener. Ethridge waslener, scattered nine Rcdbird hits with the Baby , (sioner Taylor Spink about the pro- I nosed North-South series planned have been adverse Roerich sued agencies which had to Roerich. some news handled the story in good faith and Wallace like a peeping torn and hid. fore, Winch said, nical knockout in "it was a tech- the 12th round; that can in New count oul FOR SALE My five room, newly decorated home, near grade school. Reasonable. Call 310-W or see at 821 Vyest 7th Street. PAXTON JORDAN REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) II No Answer Dial 3-5770 ELECTRIC MOTORS REPAIRED and REBUILT Complete Stock of Parts Warwick's Electric Service Phone 413 Hope, Ark. REFRIGERATION SERVICE REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 12£0 or 1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edaewood Hope . He was in terror that he would be summoned as a witness in the libel suit. In that case R.ocrich's lawyers undoubtedly would have nad to vindicate tho defendants of malice but they certainly would have shown up Bubblehead as the most egregious ass of modern times. 'And a dirty sneak beside. The press seems to have been standing around watching a shovel dig a hole during the litigation over the lamasery. The testimony, plus a little enterprise reporting, would have implicated Wallace in his nonsense in (ime to eliminate this appalling slob from the vice- presidency in 1940. However, the press is not really to blame because it was a real estate suit before a referee, apparently no different from do/ens of others which were kicked up by the deflation of the great con game in mortgage bonds. And, by hook or crook, Wallace, Horch and the New Deal lawyers managed to keep Bubblehcad's name out of the record to the very end. Roerieh's lawyers did manage to sne.-ik in ;i few references to a character known as "Galahad" and it was known behind the hand 'hat this meant Bubblehnad Wallace. But there seem to have been no nosey reporters n round to ask iv he was called Gallahad. Such a 'journalist might have learned that some of (he smart members of the circle or cult delighted to rib the poor sap and had told him that everyone in the mystical circle was supposed to have a cultish name. The fact is that some of (hem did have them but not all. Those who went for the incense and Chinese gongs and flapped around in space took names. Those who ju.st joined for the purpose of looking at Roerieh's paintings or listening to a lot of Bulgarians play cross-handed locks on the pii'iio or saw cra/y noises out of eSff-shaped fiddles, kept to their square names. One dav Bubblehead had dropped Ihe information that when he was a little boy behind the barn in Iowa, an aunt of bis } ia d said he had a noble soul and would grow m) to be like Gallahad. Mortimer Snerd had not been heard of at that time. The cult dead-planned this proposition and took to callim- him action in a round; the minute rest not a genuine knockout. Pian explained Jersey the referee ,. UUL a fighter in his corner a-f-t-e-r the boll has started oul not during period between actions. Abe J. Greene, boxing commissioner for New Jersey and commissioner of the National Boxing Association, was expected to rule on the unimportant dispute today . Cerdan, who had gone into the ring a 2-1 underdog, surprised the experts by weathering Zale's Sunday punches" to body and head in the early rounds, and for Cuba or Venc/.ucla next year. . jThcn he'll go back home and start to work. Little Rock Team Wins One in little World Series Vois The Tigers arc reported to be of- i Nashville's pace-masters ring $25.000 for rookie Outfielder i l ' 1 -; sl , loda - v '. hoping to retain some coming on with a attack to hammer helplessness. sharp hooking the Hoosicr into By CARL BELL Little Rock, Sept. 22 —|7P)—Who's .?oing to win the Arkansas intercollegiate conference football race which opens this weekend? One of the defending co-champs, Arkansas Tech or Arkansas State teachers? No. From hero it looks like Ouachita will outrun the field, with Tech, Teachers, Little .Rock Junior College, the College of the Ozarks, Magnolia A. and M. and Hendrix following in that order. That leaves Henderson, Arkansas A. and M. of Monticello and Arkansas College to scramble for what's left and likely to finish just that way. The nth AIC member, Arkansas State College of Jonesboro, may be as strong as the leaders but plays no conference games this year. Why Ouachita, which finished down the line last year? Well, the Tigers should have won more games than they did a year ago They had a lot of tough luck.They have still more material and perience this year and a coach, Wes Bradshaw. Teachers, on the other hand, has its same high-powered backfield but \\>e believe the line is weaker. Tech always may be counted as a toughie, but the Wonder Boys stif- icavy graduation and One-minute Sports Page The i'er Russ Sullivan, who belted 35 homers for Danville. Va., of the Piedmont League. More cheap help, eh?. . . .Chicago football experts say that Nebraskan Sam Vacant! is making the Rockets click. But j when it. comes to smooth "T" liiarterbacking, this vill take a rookie in the same — Johnny LuJack. . . . fro Decide Sawflhern Nashville, Tenn., Qo n * 90 i ,T>I ,J •- p L . .L.J \tl i took ex- new Actually, the outcome of the Gallahad. So Gallahad he was thereafter when the esoteric circle j chose up sides and settled down to do a little serious musk sniff'ng to! clear their souls of lint, clinkers i and chaff. The name "Gallahad" I - scc is signed to several of the goofy 'V letters addressed to Roerich and . If you saw the Arkansas Razorbacks' 1948 opener with Abilene Christian or read about it, yoi other dignitaries at the .'-oss-house. . - ..-.- Clyde Scott's teammates are not envious of him Ihe great tailback set up three louchdowns with sparkling runs But when the ball finally" was ir .scoring distance, a yard or twc m the goal, Scotty, calling the ohiys, let his mates carry it over He might have taken the ball and scored himself, grabbing the glory If you'll look back over his other two seasons at Arkansas, you'll recall that all of Scott's t'ouch- I downs have been made from far lout, not from "cinch" distances. Walters and his Birmingham Barons were enjoying their second idle day department 'die day prior to meet r- snrnn City 1° "t-Clde which Club meeting the meets champion in Vols the the consistent ground-gainer and while hurling his 2(>th complete also stood out on offense. Igame and sixth triumph in succes- jsion. Four'Boston run.s in the sec- i —o —• lond inning and five more i n the sixth sealed the verdict. Rookie Vern Biekford captured his ninth win in the second game 'when he limited the Cardinals .to | four hits. The Braves drove Left- hander Howie Poliet to cover in the first inning with three runs on Battle Creek, Mich.. Sept 22 —! a Cardinal error. Alvin Dark's Wi— With three straight victories. !stinging double. 'Mike McCor- the home-town Oliver team took a invek's single, three walks and . a favorite's role today in tho "little (sacrifice hit. ! world series" of tho American i Pittsburgh defeated Brooklyn,-12 Baseball Congress. i'-o 11 in tho playoff of a protested game of Aug. 2."i and then beat the' Dodgers again. I! to '•' in a regulation game. In playing over partjof the ninth inning of the Aug. '_25 contest, the Buccaneers loaded the bases .and pushed across three 'runs on Stan Rnjok's double off and .Tom Brown's glove. The thi'oc bowed out of ,. U11S Kave Pittsburgh a total of six in the ninth, just enough to beat Brooklyn. The Battle Creek club, downed .the amateur tourney's defending of their miahl'for the final'South"-1 cnampions ' Lan - sin «. by a 5 to 3 ern Association playoff series withi scove lasl I11Hnt to become the only Birmingham starting here tomor- I t ';. an , 1 ""defeated in the third round row night. . ' ' lot P la >'Al the same lipie, Manager Fred Dots All, Brothers One thing that really gets Dixie iValker angry is for an outsider t TV to advise him about hitting. 'Even my own father tries to tell me how to bit and I just get sore," Dixie admits. BosebalB i By The Associated Press American League New York at Chicago (night). Boston at Cleveland (night). Philadelphia at Detroit. Washington at St. Louis (night). National League Chicago at New York (2). Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Boston. Cincinnati at P h/i 1 a d c 1 phia (night). Yesterday's Results American League Boston 10 Detroit 2. Washington at Chicago (night) canceled, rain. (Onlv games scheduled. National League Boston 11-4 S1. Louis 3-0. Pittsburgh 12-0 Brooklyn 11-3 ame completion of protest 'exas League- Dixie series. After two contests here, the battleground shifts to the Alabama city for three games. And if more are needed to reach a decision, the two clubs will return to little Sulphur Dell next Tuesday. Nashville gained the bes'-of-sev- en playoff finals by bombarding Al Tocld's Mobile Bears, 18-2, behind tho brilliant six-hit twirling of Pete Mallory in the rbbcr game last night. The volcanic Vols tallied in every inning but the fourth on a total of 24 base knocks. Tho onslaught included four-bag- gers by Charlie Gilbert and Charlie Workman, the league's home run record-smasher, who cleaned the loaded sacks with his in the third inning. Two teams—Algona, Iowa, West Allis, htedouble-elimination competition i yesterday's play, and the highly-, regarded Oklahoma City Wifsons i had one defeat against them. j A ninth-inning three-run gave Roane-Anderson of Oak Little ..Vie Lombard!, an ex-Dodg- !er. held Brooklyn to five hits in rally'the regular scheduled contest while the Pirates collected seven Ridge, Tenn. a C to 3 victory over'hits off losing pitcher Rex Barney Sometimes the initial "G" is used. Clark Sellers, one of the best handwriting analysis in the country, and two colleagues who happened to be in his office the day he was examining the goofy guru series, all said the handwriting of ,.,, . Henry Wallace in an authentic let- , le lu ' at ln Texas, which often to me, was the same as that. l h:ls eontnbuted to Raxorback de- signntures "Gallahad" and i ,! Us L '" rl - v ln tho season, -vili be [Old stull to them this year. The le in the (First game). Cincinnati (diav-niuhu. Now York nicht). Texas League Playoffs Texas League Playoffs Tulsa 7 ouston 1 (Tulsa series, 4-2). Fouthern Association Playoffs Nashville 18 Mobile 2(Nashville wins series, -4-3). (i-1 Philadelphia 5-G 3-2 Chicago 2-3 (dav- \vrns ; BSOADCA3TIN& SYSTEM the Wilsons. Little Rock, Ark., came from behind to beat Algona 10 to 9, scoring three runs in the ninth on triples by Elton Roberts and Bill Gwatney. 6:00 Fair Roundup 6:15 News, Five.- Star Final C:25 Today in. Sports 0:30 Melody Boys—Fair park C:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M 7:00 Talent Jackpot 7:30 The Better Half—M 7:55 Billy Rose—M 8:00 Gabriel Heattcr—M 8:15 Rodeo—Fair park 8:30 Revere AH Star Revue—M B;55 Bill Henry, News—M 9:00 Family Theaire—M 9:30 ' Rodeo—Fair park 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Barclay Allen's Orch.—M 10:30 Noro Morales' Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Top Radio Programs > New York, Sept. 22 (.I 1 ) — On the air tonight: NBC — 7:30 Great Gilderslecvo; 8 Tex and Jinx; 8:30 District Attorney; 9:30 The Thin Man. CBS — 7 Mr. Chamalion, dctec- and Carl Erskine. The Boston Rod Sox increased their American League lead to a full game over the idle Cleveland Indians by thrashing the Detroit Tipcrs. 10 to 2. The Red Sox jumped on Ted Gray for t\vo runs in the first 'on Dem Di Maggio's triple and a Iqng fly by Ted Williams and then pushed across six more markers in the third on five hits and two walks. In the onl y other American ' League game scheduled, the Sef^a- tors and White Sox at Chicago liad their contest cancelled because.-of rain and cold weather. The New York Giants won the first game of a day-night doubleheader by beating the Chica'go Culis, '.'. to 2 on Johnny Mice's three-run homer, his 83th of the year, in the sixth. Larry Jans'en, who outpilched Doyle Lade, won his 18th game. Chicago, however, broke its 10-game losing streak, by .winning the nightcap. 3 to 2, 'on jAncly Palko's three-run homer in 'he ninth. Southpaw Johnny Schmil/., who chalked up his 18th triumph, had a no-hitler until two were out in the eighth. Rookie Pitcher Sam. Webb broke the spell with a single and (he Giants got their only other hit in the ninth .— a homer by Whitey Lock man — oft reliefer Jess Dobernic. In another clay-night doublchead- Cincinnati beat ihe Phillies. 0 tive; 7:40 Dr. Christian Drama; jcr, 8:30 James Melton concert; 9:;-'Q!to 5 in the first game while Phila- l Capitol Cloakroom, Rep. F. Ecl-jdelphia took the second game, G'to League Leaders "9,"' The reason why I doubt that Horch^really believed that Roerich was God almighty or even an authorized deputy 'is that he stood to make money in the real estate suit by picturing himself as a dope who fell for an oriental .mahalma. The first time I talked to him he told me he always had scuffed at the mystical business and inercui-v .stood at 90 during the Abilene lilt in Lille Hock las Saturday. And. if it doesn't rain in the meantime, it's likely to be iust as hot at ^Fayetleville Saurday 'for tho i'.ast Je.vas Sine game. Veo Story, who was named most valuable plaver in the lional Semi-pro Baseball tourr tho ' chummed up with the Rnerieh out-' 1 le , n1 ' '; s ;1 "ativo of Hector, Ark., fit just to get a load of culture. He ! am a '''''ini-r baseball, basketball had made a bundle of money spec-h'!" 1 t^ck star at Arkansas Tech. " ' ' " '"" ' managed the- r Coll 129 or 806 (nights) FOR — House Wiringi Repairs or gny- thina Electrical. See us first. Allen Electric Co. Next Oosr to Saenger Theatre Phones 129 ot 800 LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lota • Also custom work, HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8, Walnut St. foreign exchange and was ripping off big coarse notes for Roerich s hotel bills in Kurope ami holk'iing "magnil'kiue" like a shell for the Louvre. 11 you ask me, they dumped the culture at the, wrong door because he is about as j esthetic as Harry S. Truman. And ' while we are runniii;} over the body 1 want to do a Hood job with j the back wheels and report that he • is a liar. He lied because after ho i lokl me he ix-Vcr believed in tho ' Gi'd business 1 dug out .some old Itestimnny and found where he had , said he and some of Ihe others' ; were in a thrall like the disciples' iul father divine. He al.xu said he \vas jnst busted ' and really needed hi:; si'.lary as regional director of the export and import traffic for the Di-paj tmenl and track star He played lor and Klkins. N. C., nine. . ..Hot "Springs my or may not cauKe trouble 'in he Big Six high school grid chase tins tall, but the story is that new coach Joe Dildy is building for ne.xi year. . .Dildy, a former Ala •>ama gridder. is pulling for Arkansas prep stars to go on to the U. ot Arkansas. He says he will not do recruiling for Alabama Alton Samples and his nephew' By the Associated Press National earitie Balling — Musial, St. Louis .373: j Ashburn Philadelphia .333 i York 121 Musial. St. Louis 120 Runs — Musial. St. Louis 127; Lockman, New York 115 Hits — Muisal. St. Louis 21-1; Ho!ni"s. Boston 178 Ocubles — Musial, St. Louis 42; Ennis, Philadelphia and Dark, Boston 38 Triples — Musial, St. Louis 17 Hoop, Pittsburgh 12 Home Runs — Kiner, 39;_ Mize, New York 38 Stolen Bases — Ashburn, Samples, both are men the Ashdown hiyh school team. . .U. of A. t;rads Razorback Boosters cln delphia 32 Rojek, Pittsburgh 2-1 Strikeouts — Brecheeu, St. Louis 138; Sain, Boston 127 Pitching — Sewell. Pittsburgh 113 .7l!(i Chesnes, Pittsburgh 13-f> .722 American League Batting — Williams, Boston .371; Boudreau, Cleveland .35-1 Runs Batted In—DiMagijio. New York MB; Stephens, Boston 131) Runs — llenrich, New York J27; DiWaggio, Boston Wednesday p.m., Sept. 22 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:4:1 Torn Mix—M 0:00 Fair Roundup (i:15 News. Five Star Edit'fja 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 Melody Boys—Fair park (i:45 Fulton jjov.'is, Jr. 7:00 Special Agent--M 7:30 Hieji Adventure—M 7:55 Billy Rose—M 8:00 Gabriel Ileatter—M 8:15 Rodeo—Fair park !1:30 Erskine Johnson—M 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M .0:00 Opinion Aire—M !):30 Rocleo—Fair park 10:00 All the News—M Pittsburgh m : i5 Billy Bishop's Orch.—M 110:30 Buddy Moreno's Orch.—M Phila-! ]0;55 Mutual Reports the News Sign Off FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tile ROY ALLISON Phone 280 of Commerce, the lasl <>( that Wallace ::a\v him. Sun ~ jthat, Averill Harriman, wl Bubblchead, let bin if this job. 1 don't want in Notice to Cotton Growers We will handle your government cotton loans on tht green card class. Bring your Conpress tickets and clats card and save $1.00 to $1.50 per bale. E. M. McWillioms & Co., Hope, Ark. Across the street from Post Office Hits — Dillingei-. St. Louis 11)0: Mitchell. U-veland 18!) Doubles — llenrich. New York -II: Majeski, Philadelphia -50 Triples — llenrich. New York 14 StcwaU, Washington 13 Huns ---- DiMaggio. New ordon. Cleveland ''9 •liases — Dillinger, Si. :ie. witn views from Coach John ILouis 24; Cuan, Washington 20 I Strikeouts — ]< eller, ' Cleveland MO; Leanion, Cleveland 140 Pitching —- Kramer. Boston 1(1-5 .7U2; Gromeic. Cleveland !)-3 .750. ••re snonsoriiu'. a new publication the Ra/orback preview. H i ; ; mailer! to fans each week and gives - .... -_ Home view of the t'arne of the week j York 311; and a peek at the upcoming I Stolen lo rub his 1: OU.Y, this clown \viij iJi't-sctit tor Louis L. because lie was cjoing lo uif enough c;.l'ii«;l infurma- about RiMJ.-evcK's plans to m them all rich. Fights Las* Night By The Associated Press Jersey City, N. J. — Marcel 1 .•>!!, France, knocked out Xale. 15!). Gary, Ind. 12 sas City, Kas.---Levi Suulh- •iii. Kansas City, knocked bby (.'astro, 158, Los Ange- Woudcoe out LCL decided in tin- lou"i n Zak— still fresh —hit [ iiarely cm the chin with; a thu.-idering straight right. Stal- • v, ail Tuny put all his power into i tlj.it terrific blow. It buckled the j ' knees, and forced him lo hang on for a lew seconds. Bui Cerdan was lighting back be- Ihu bell. 11:00 Thursday a.m., Sept. 23 5:57 Sign On 0:110 Hillybilly Hoedown (!:!.> IV/ornhij; Musicale 0:25 Bargain Roundup 0:30 News, First Edition 0:40 Arkansas Plowboys 0:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Farm Breakfast Music 7:31) The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition <l:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Bob Poole's Show—M 11:55 According to-the Record 'J:()0 Cecil Brown—M !):!.) Faith in 1 Our Time—M y.-SO Say it With Music—M 10:00 Passing iParade—M 10:15 Victor .-H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel . Heatter's Mailba ward Herbert of Louisiana. ABC — 7 Xavier Cugat; 7 . 3() Relit Pitcher Music by Maupin; 9 Road to Cro's-| w , on the °P ( -" C1 ' by. preview of Bine's 9:30 Dance Time. MBS — 7 Special Agent; High Adventure drama; 8:30 Hollywood story; 9 Opinionairc —Cost oi' Living." new season; 7:30 Harry Gumbert and Rookie John Thompson, recently called up from Toronto, checked the Reds on five hits in tho arc-lighter. McMafh to Address Thursday programs: 'NBC — 10:30 CBS — 10:30 ABC — 10 a. Hollywood. MBS — 11:30 view. a. m. Jack Bercn i. m. Grand S m. Brcaki'.ist :n Bill .Slater inter- Police Group Little Rock. Sept. 21 — ,/pj — A run ™'°" ( ? a . v mcetin S of the Arkansas '"" Municipal Police Association will [open here tomorrow. Democratic gubernatorial nominee Sid McMath is to address an association banquet tomorrow Belgian Minister Answer to I'revioua Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured Belgian foreign minister, Paul VERTICAL 1 Cuban capital 2 Puffs up 3 Negative 4 Pole 5 Nested boxes 6 Lean-to 7 Seed container Baseball Standings League American Club Boston . Cleveland New York Philadelphia Detroit Si, Louis I I lure Chicago National Club Bos tun Brooklyn St. I.uuis Pittsburgh .. Ne\v York Philadelphia Cincinnati Chicago ...... League L. 54 a;) iW 04 71 72 50 !)>j 51 !J5 •10 9li W. L. 71) Gti 78 66 77 07 75 03 04 82 53 B3 53 85 Pet. Pet. .o!)7 .5-55 .542 .535 .521 !415 .406 10:45 Minute Quiz—M ll:oo Judging —Fair park 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Luncheon at Sardi's—M Thursday p.m., Sept. 23 12:00 News, Home Edition l:':10 Market Time 12:la Colleen Coffee—Fair park 12:30 Arkansas Plo \vboys—park 32:45 Farm Fair—r'air park 1:01) Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M 2:00 Organ Melodies—Fair park 2:30 Heart's Desire—M 3:00 Carnival of Music 3: 15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 Time tu Dance 3:45 Alan in, the Midway—Fair park 4:no Swing Tirnt: 4:45 The Voice of the Army 5:00 Adventure Parade—M' 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:43 Tom Mix—M sodium 20 Mariners 11 Bar 12 Steeds 14 Girl's name 15 Hummed 18 Caress 19 Rodents 21 Mouth ward 22 Talking bird 23 Trojan prince 22 Mobile 25 More painful 26 Indian antelope 27 Fend off 28 Behold! 29 Note of scale 30 Toil 33 Chief of jinns 37 Habituate 38 Incline 39 House additions 40 War god 44 Within (comb, form) 45 Silence 46 Minor part 48 Intimidate 49 Plant adjustment 51 Communion plates 53 Rims 54 Scandinavian 8 Area measure 24 slee P noisily 9 Long for 25 Auctions 10 Sharper ' 11 Dries J 13 Begin 16 Either 17 Symbol for 30 City of his country 31 Short sword 32 Was,., ' . protrubcrant 34 Cut open 35 Chant 36 Pucks away 40 Disorder . 41 Preposition • 42 Sun god 43 Drinks slowly 46 Expire • 47 Statute : 50 Specific : gravity (ab.) i 52 Tellurium ' i. (symbol) -

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