Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1948
Page 3
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Wednesdoy, September 22, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Social Calendar Thursday, September 23 .The Women's Missionary Council--of the; Hope Gospel Tabernacle 3 o'-clock at. the church with Mrs. will meet Thursday afternoon at H. Paul Holdridge presiding. First Pentecostal , church Choir Practice will be held Thursday at ff:3Q p.m. All members are urged to attend. Byrom-O'Steen Marriage Monday 'Mr. and Mi's.'Johnny I3yrom oi this city announce the marriage of their daughter Lois to Percy O'Sleen, son of. Mr. and Mrs. Carl O'Steen also of this city. The marriage was solemnized at the home of the officiating minister, Reverend Howard While, pastor of Unity Baptist church at (j o'clock Moii- WU'.y evening. The bride was attired in a blue crepe dress with black accessories and her flowers were a corsage of . white carnations. The couple had no attendants. Guests at the wedding were: Miss Vaunda Lee O'Steen, "Miss Frances Cornelius and Milford Warren. The couple are at home at 715 West Division street. Oglosby P.T.A. Meeting Held Tuesday Afternoon • ti The first meeting of the new school yenr of the Oglesby P.T.A. was .held at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon at the school auditorium. The president, Mrs. Jim McKenzic presided and called the meeting to order. Mrs. McKenzie introduced the P.T.A. uflicors: vice-president, Mrs. J. W. Cunningham; secretary, Mrs. Claude Tilier.v: treasurer, Mrs. A. A. Halbcn; historian, Mrs. A. S. Willis; parlirnenUirian, Mrs. P_aul Haley. A report from the executive committee was made by Would Doll By VIRGINIA MACPHERSON Hollywood, Sept. 2.1 — (UP) — Ihe lady who embroidered catchy t: -t Tri n rf t- <iii f ,.,, „ rr>. _ , . ^ Indonesian Republic Rejects Offer Page Three V* I Death for These Death sayings on Lana Turner's honey- nicon scanties offered today to fix up the Wacs and Waves "just as pretty underneath." n J n' Cl P rn rk ' clcsi Sner of expensive .limy-ruffles for movie queens, has whipped up a batch of "military lingerie" which she guarantees will boost the morale of the fighting forces. Female, thai "Everybody knows Park, "that those G.I. they have now say and bag and wrinkle in all the wrong «i-™~ Why. they hang clear down knee.s!" girls No ' is. sniffed Miss atrocites to the wonder, she says, the Wacs ..,,„ ^, a ves nrc treqeuently "A.W.O.L. underneath." "A Wac is a woman first and a soldier second," Miss Park added. "So they all went out and bought their own lingerie and sluifcd the olive drab underneath m their toot lockers." Miss Park felt so bad about the laches' plight she sat down and designed a set of nylon panlies bras, and slips Ihe like of which never came out of warehouse. For the Wacs she made them champagne beige." the shade La Turner got married Wayes unmentionables come 'bridal-white.' 1 Miss Park admitted she'd had to curb the artistic talent that prompted her to decorate Lana's lingerie with appropriate quota- ally army in same in. in were she •• .Are you solnff thru tfin functional - .'middle-age' period peculiar to wom- ..cn (3»-52 yrs.)V Dora this make you „ Buffer from hot flashes, feel EO ncr- ., rims, hlgh-strunii, tired? Then DO try _ Lydia E. Pliikhum's Vegetable Com- • pound to relieve such symptoms! •Pinkhnm's Compound also hn.-> what;' - 'Doctors call a stomachic tonic effect! %D!A E. PINKHAM'S brassiere, keep any at "a-ten- vvilli brown slips and a me design the <f TODAY —THURSDAY FEATURES 2:25 - 4:28 - 6:35 - 9:08 ® ERROL, FS.YNN e OLIVIA deHAVH.LAND u — with —® RAS1L RATH BONE • CLAUDE RAINS STARTS SUNDAY Htm.':, (in---!, what they didn't say). But the new military with enough uplift to lady .soldiers alowavs shun!," i.s prettied 'up rickrack. So are the scanlies. The Waves get the .<- m blue. When Miss Park informed Quartermaster General Corps of her new idea they told her to bring it ailing to Washington and they d have a look. But, they acid- Mrs. Tillery. During the bushTess session the P.T.A. voted to install two out-door drinking fountains at the school and also to furnish books tor the new library. The secretary, Mrs. Tillery announced that trie Oglcsby P.T.A. had becen a rating of Superior. Mrs. McKenzio introduced Mi- Joe Amour, principal who introduced the teachers: Mrs. R E Jackson, Mrs. Joe Armour, Mrs David Davis, Miss Elsie Wciscnbcr- ger, Mrs. Brents McPhorson Mrs Paul Klipsch and the Elementary School Supervisor, Miss Sophia Sue Harper. In the room count of mothers the dollar was awarded to Mrs. Paul Klipsch's room. After the meeting adjourned a social hour was held in the school cafeteria with Mrs. Crit Stuart, Supervisor of lunch rooms in charge. Batavia, Sept. 21 — (UP) —The Indonesian republic, preparing for a military dirve against Communists who staged a successful coup against the city of Madioen on Java, have rejected an offer of) Dutch aid. htc Republican radio reported today. The Antai a news 'agency reported the young republic considered the Communist foothold in Madio- en as purely an internal matter. Premier M.hamina Malta was reported to Have said Indonesia would not tolerate any "meddling" by the 'dutch. The offer of Dutch collaboration was made in Washington by the Dutch foreign minister. In rejecting it, the republic reported it was preparing to recapture the city. It was believed the drive would be launched from the strategic- city of Kediri.. only 35 miles east of Madioen and (50 miles southwest of Dutch-held Socrabaya. All government forces and vital areas in Kediri were put under military guard and the city and its environs were pitl under military contro 1 . Paralyzed Vets to Attend College DOROTHY DIX Self-Made Man Dear Miss Dix: Is it right to condemn a man on account of his family? My Juighter and a young man arc deeply in love with each other, but all of ir.v family'. 1 My daughter and a htm because he comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He left Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 21 —(/P)—Fourteen paralyzed veterans from Kennedy Veterans hospital will attend Memphis Colleges this year. Hospital officials said it is the first group attempt here to provide regular college training for paraplegics—men who - are para- yzed from the waist down. The men enrolled yesterday. They will drive to school from the hospital in their own cars and will carry portable wheelchairs which they can set up without assistance. At the hospital they will live as a group and have a special study hall. John M. Parker, chief of educational thrapy at the hospital, said the veterans "have rent-hoc! the point in their physical rehabilitation where the need, for further vocational and cducKiiioril rehabilitation is apparent.' 1 " He said all have studied in the hospital's educational therapy section in an effort to be ready for college work. As a warning to Chicago motorists, a long string of jalopies, each of which had killed someone was paraded through downtown streets. Then, left, they were piled into a heap and set afire, right. The vivid demonstration was sponsored by the city traiTic safety committee and the Chicago Automobile Trade Association. Notable Gift given --TODAY —- THURSDAY E«-BUCHANAN-WHITE Yvonne De CARLO • Don OURVEA Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Jud B. Martindale and little daughter, Betty Love have returned to Little Rock where Mr. Martniclale will enter his senior year at the University of Arkansas School of Medicine. Bill Milam arrived Sunday via plane from Ocean Side, California for a visit with his sisters, Mrs. Jerome Smith here and Mrs. J. K. Green in Ozan. Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Mills of Hot Springs arrived Wednesday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Olliver Mills here. ed, they had enough olive drab (the kind that sags) on hand to last till 1951. "They might as well give that to charity." shrugs Miss Park. "It's just gathering dust in the barracks." She can see it now, she says— a Memorial Day parade with all the girls stepping along in their "champagne beige" undies. "Why. recruiting would pick up in a hurry," Miss Park added, "if the lady soldiers and sailors knew they'd get Jucl Park pants along with their uniforms." Jewell Is Queen of Jewels President Truman's gift to Wil- hclmina when she abdicated as Queen of the Netherlands was this handsome glass "Stephen. Foster" bowl. Designed by Sidney Waugh, it is engraved with the composer's name, the years of his birth and death and six scenes illustrating his most popular songs. Around the base is engraved the first phrase of "My Old Kentucky Home." - Soys: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Searvico The cause oC measles is believed o be a virus, which is a tiny liv- ng organism which cannot bo seen tnder the ordinary microscope, .'he disease is spread by contact vith the secretions of the'nose and hroat which arc forced into the air n tiny droplets while coughing or ineczing. Measles is most contagious before the skin rash appears, t is a dangerous disease. 'About 500,000 cases of measles occur n the United States each year. Me- isles lend to produce complica- ions such as bronchitis or broncho- jneumonia. The first symptoms appear a- jout two weeks alter exposure. For hrec or four days those symptoms ire like those of an ordinary cold with lever. At first the feveiTis sll- ht, but it gradually visas .and the cough -which is usually •'present tends to get worse. As a rule the rash comes first on the forehead and behind the cars spreading rapidly over the neck, the trunk mid the limbs. It takes about two or three days to develop fully. JT^he rash fades rapidly often in "Uvq.'or three days. ' . Serums Used Lither convalescent serum or an- clher available tor injection, called human immune globulin, may be worthwhile giving to those who are exposed to measles. Both will usually prevent the development of the disease if given soon enough. The treatment of moasle.'i cun- Msti in keeping the patient in bed in a well ventilated room with an easilv digested diet and plenty of liquids. Ihe eyes may be sensitive to light so that it is often necessary to draw the shades. Tepid baths are often helpful; constipation should be corrected. The complications of measures are important especially bronchitis and bronchopneiuTionia. The measles patient should be kept in bed for cveral days after recovery seems complete. his family five years ago to better himself, which he has done, and he is now holding a fine job, lie is all my husband and I would want in a son. What is your advice? .. . Answer: If the young man is all you say I would hurry up the wedding. because i would t.be afraid that sonic other girl 'wduid get him cnvay from., my: daughter. Don't ever disparage : a • self-made man, because they are the hien who make such a good job of themselves. It is the lads who have to have somebody else make thest- opportunities, and get them started, and help them over the stile who just stay where they are put and never get anywhere on their own steam. Humble Background Many years ago f had a girl friend who fell deeply in love with a boy with whom she went to school. He was a fine chap, a student who stood always at the head of his class and who did extra work on the outside to e.rn. t enough money to dress decently. But he was a poor boy who came from a poor family and had a very humble background. The girl, on the other hand, belonged to an aristocratic family. They raised. such a row over the disgrace that she would bring on : them if she married this boy whom she loved, that they finally harried her into giving him up. ........ It simply broke the girl's heart and ruined her life. It turned her into a bitter cynic who was soured on the world, who never went into society, or had anything to do with young people. And after her father died she had to go to work to support herself .and the family.' But the boy, who waited a long time to see if the" girl wouldn't havo courage enough to defy her family and marry , him, -went on from success, to success. He finally married, -and I have Seen his wife's automobile splash mud on the shabby dress of the girl whose family thought she was too good to marry a self-made man. She's queen of the white rose diamonds, and she'll reign over the American National Retail Jewelers show in New York. She'll be awarded $10,000 in prizes, and she'll be gowned in a dress made entirely of. white roses. Jewell Golden, 22, of Rochester, N. Y., won the crown in competition with 3500 models. By Elswyth Thane Copyright by Etswylri TTiunC" Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC.' Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: D. L. Faught, Hope. Sheila Foster. Hope. Mrs. Ansley Gilbert, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: L. R. Morrow, Rt. 1. HI Discharged: Mrs. S. C. Leake, Camden. Josephine Mr. and Mrs. K. V. Mclvcr. •I, Hope announce the arrival twin sons on Sept. '22, HMD. Admitted: Mrs. E. V. Mclver, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Billie Huckabee, Hope. Rt. of SAENGER-SOQN DENNIS J O'KEEFE ! XXIX He bent over her with mingled thankfulness and anxiety, and her troubled face relaxed. She stirred a little, and settled more comfortably into the pillow. : Very cautiously he straightened the- covers and drew them over her. 1 Then he retreated to a rather uncomfortable- looking chair by the window, rested his crossed feet on the bureau, and took up his vigil. He had found her, and she was safe, but what came next? An alarming sense of his own helplessness was growing ' on him tonight. Whatever,^ happened, he could only stand x by and watch. But from now on, he dared not let her out of his, sight. Suppose he lost her. 11 came''as rather a shock to him that he had not, apparently, developed any sort of second sight which .would guide him to her again, across the world. If once he lost touch with her, or at least with the family, it might be years before he .saw her again . . . centuries . . .' Cut she/needed him. He was so sure of that. She belonged to him. It was his job to look after her. But how? Someone was ringing the night bell, and banging on the. street door. There was a .stir downstairs. Sabrina slept through it, smiling. Arrival of distraught family, thought Hilary. Let her have; her sleep out, why can't yon? Go lo bed and shut up till morning. There was a tapping on Sabrina's door, and she sat up, startled. "It's all right." he said gently. ''Who's there'." 1 called Sabrina tremulously. "It's me. dear—Aunt Kffie. Open the door.' 1 "You might as well let her gel it over." Hilary advised, preparing to surrender his chair. Sabrina got out of bed and snapped on the light and unlocked the door. "No." "But why? Your father thinks it's all because you didn't want to go to a school, but surely —" j -from "i didn't want to leave 'Nuns ! plime Farthing." "But you did leave it. when you came here!" Aunt Effie pointed out triumphantly. "I know. I Two Escape In Crash Turin, Italy, Sept. 21. — (UP1 — Padovani and American Singer Michael Tor escaped serious injury last night when a private plane in which they were flying made a forced landing near here. The three artists were flying Rome aboard a Beecheraft to make an appearance in at the nlernaiionp.l Aubomo- low for llie benefit of tuber- was wrong. ' The from j| i a I'm glad you' see that u ' 01 ' e engine failed about 20 miles Turin and the pilot landed field. Th<< three passcngrs burised. They were rushed now, at least. Sabrina. darling, jt<> Turin's emergency hospital, promise me you'll never run away I where doctors said thi.y wen; suf- again!" But Sabrina was silent.!' 1 '''"" her arms locked knees, staring at no Yes, this fact has neon time-tested and proved by Doctors. Butter days will oe. yours, too. So why wait when there is no need to continually feel so poorly when you should really be enjoying life ayain. An. appetizing portion of SSS Tonic before menls'does wonders for the blood. Thi.^ famous medicine gets at the scat of the trouble, in nutritional anemia, by building bark^the blood strength. Thus your blood htruuni is better able to release on- y and I'l-i/.shiie.^s to every muscle, libre, cell. Soon you can tell the difference in the way you fuel and look! KSS Tonic has helped hundreds 01 thousands of people, without, any organic- trouble or focal infection, to really feel belter, move vigorous, better tiblu io enjoy living. Take none Ji'ss than this eilec- tivtlv-proved medicine to relieve your" misery. Take SSS to buikl-up your blood'.strength, whet, the appetite, tone-up your stomach. Get SSS Tonic from any Druf Store today. Take Only The Best "You naughty girl, how could you worry us so? We had to ring up the police station al Welly!" Aunt Effie came in and shut the door behind her. "I'm sorry." Sabrina ivuirni-d to the bed and sat up in the middle ot. it with the covers pulled round her, looking very small and forloi n. "Somebody saw you getting on the bus fur Glastonbury, or I niilly don't know what \ve .-hould : ],.f ( t ] K . have done, wr might have \vor- i Sabrina ! ing a.; 1 meanl I round her bent the foot of the bed. "And I'll make you a promise too." Aunt Effie hurried on persuasively. "I'll promise not lo say anything more about Swil/.er- land, unless you decide you really want to go. Is that a bar;:;'.in?" Sabrina turned a faintly hopeful face towards her aunt. "Do you mean that. Auntie'.'" "Of course 1 do! If I'd you felt as strongly a.- about not .going—ui-11, won't .say anything mon- shall v,-e! No more school— more running' away!" "That's not good enoin'.'i. Sabrina," Hilary warned )'i-r. "M.-'lu- her promise you won't hav .- :o leave Nuns Fnrthing." But. Sabrimi, heavy with exhaustion, and bring naturally <> trustful soul, taw only that hi. r lifelong dread of school could b;- forever dispel!.::!. "I proiiii.se.'' she .said. "And 1 prom': <•'.'' :;.'iid Effie brightly. '.'Jow, your and I have la!;.'a i coins hi- the rest of til-.- mght and all drive honi'.- ' : <i..>.,-Dn r In morning. TiK-ie a r< tv;o bods in rnv i-'.'orii, ^ J ,! wouldn't you like to come in and bu cozy'.'" "No. thank unpacked hci "Well, ri.-ir promised." "Yes. Aunt 'Good nighi oi'.t UK.- liL-hr. "Yes. Aunt tion.-iu-lv. and light, got ui her. a and jinllcd ilio rove (jS'ei 1 her lic-arl. Hilary rostoivd his bui'eau and settled li: .- as well as : liie's Ci-^iis" \','ay opt.li ti>i av. a..- frojii .0011 ,-ij .- ; :t- e i- that ;.!•...- -.-. 10111 i 1 . hOW. nU-ii:| t he- most ]y fjom shock. Welles and Tor kept their en- ;:iu,enient at the show at midnight. Gosdin Milk; Rock. Sept.. :!1 -- I/PI--W. E. n«.s<lm, <livisi'/i rn,-iii;i.:;f'!- of the Southwestern Hell Telephone. Company in Arkansas, has lien ap- niiinted general .manager for Oklahoma. (.iosdin. who ha:- been division manager since 1!)^11, will be suc- i-ci..(| t .f| by Ri,I H .,-L !,. Hankston, cc."t!inei-i:ial supervisor in Little Hock. Loirsg W«sir a! Torts He c LscjhS* Too Much Portland, Ore'.. Sept. - -Tha t long wait for -<• )i.-;(o lo Hun .^rccn e: I ot Kiank A. Slae Whi"i tin- Ji-.'ht Second Operation on Movie Actress is Considered Hollywood, Sept. 22 — (/P)— Specialists are considering the possi bilily of a second operation on Actress Rita Johnson, who has been in a coma for 1C clays. She has aroused -briefly only twice since suffering a brain in jury police believe was caused by a hair drier falling on her head. QUESTION: What can be clone for terrible headaches in the back of the head. ANSWER: A thorough examination of the eyes and- nervous system is indicated. X-rays, tests oi spinal fluid, and special tests of the brain may be necessary to make a diagnosis of the cause. —o- (/P);. — RESTAURATEUR DIES • Chicago. Sept. 21 —(/!>)— Robert J. Eitel, 71, president of the Eitel chain of restaurants and AA restaurateur here lor f>;T years, died yesterday after a month's illness. With his brothers, Emil and Carl, KiU-l founded the first Bismarck hotel on the city's South Side ul (Kird .street and Cottage Grove avenue. They later founded The Bismarck in the loop. HAVE A BIG QUIET FAN "Automatic" Suspended Gas Heaters $AVE floor space, cut installation, maintenance and fuel costs in factories, warehouses, offices, and stores. The big. quiet fan and efficient heat exchanger make Rcz- uor heaters tops for economy and comfort. Fiiul out today how Keznors place heat when it's ncetleu. where and i Plumbing - Heat-ing Phone 259 lh< I:OW, \-oll n. 1 ni-'.h'.." ilia!) 1 12 New Cases of Pofso in Arkansas Little Rock, Sept. Twelve cases of infantile par- alyis wore reported in Arkansas last week. I However, Dr. A. M. Washburn, director of the State Health Department's communicable disease control division, said he believes the summer peak season for polio is about over. Washburn said continued hot weather may have accounted for last week's number of cases, only one under 13 cases reported in the peak week of the summer. No cases h ave been reported this week. Cases reported this year now total 11-1. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a boy of 22, attending college, and have a girl of 25 who also goes to college. My mother objects to this, saying a girl that much older than 1 will want to marry and that I have nothing to marry on. She also thinks that the girl, being older, bosses me now and will run our affairs if we should marry, and/ mother just doesn't approve of her, My mother and sister visited' me and I took all three of them • out to lunch. Because I seated Mother first and not the girl, she ' became very peeved about it. Which one shouTd I have seated first? HARRY ' Answer: The elder woman is invariable' seated first, and if the girl has been familiar with society she wolild havp" 'this. • '. , Your mother is quite.'right in thinking that it will be a mistake for you to..marry a girl who is three years older than'you are, because at your time of life '«. V can't estimate age by the calendar. v It is a matter of development, and,.ji a girl of 25 is really five yearsS older than a boy of 22. You neeo||f no belter proof of that than the fact that she is already bossing you and treating .you as if-you were, her inferior,' •;'.. . • Also, you should listen to your mother's warning not to marry un- < til you are in a financial position to support a wife. If this girl isn't willing to wait for you, be sure she isn't in love with you. She is only marrying you because she sees old maidenhood staring her in the face. Be warned in time. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) to Have Coke Near at Hand •i-t 1; ises BNS? close oon Thursday in recognition of Hope Day ot Fair A/U? rc'nc n l~s Corn m i ttee Chamber of Commerce '•Well. I only seven, ana so—" "But .surely you ii'jc!" h .-'..in i'- t-.iViOiTi allowed to slay on ll'ier vl'o J?.i- CoiUhH'.cdj tOlHFD UNDM AUIHOSITY OF IHC COCA-COU COMPANY BY HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phune 392 Set and and Louisiana Sti, © )948 Tf»* Cpco-Colo

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