Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 21, 1948
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 21, 1948 CLASS Words , tte to 15 . 15 to 20 .., '21 to 25 .. 20 to BO.. SI to 35.. 86 to 40.. 41 to 45 ., 46 to 60 .-. Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication^ One Three Six One ~~ Day Days Day_s Month ,90 ,45- 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 Rates 'are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone eo 75 190 ' 1 05 '.I'M 1.35 ' 1.50 2-28 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 S-S8 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Rent 2 NICE FRONT BEDROOMS wlthfkttchen privileges. Close in. __. I . An 1 H.ftt Fair Enough By We»tbrook Pegler Copyright. 1947 By King Features Syndicate. Phone 33. 18-Ot MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE, HAKD- wood floors, attic fan, garage. $45 per month, sion. Phone Immediate 1147-R. . New- York. Sept. 20—Since Bub blehead Wallace's gibbering eva sion of the question whether h wrote the goofy guru letlers, have obtained copies of two other fine examples of the absurdity which pervades the entire series \ t 1 .1 1 ^ J 4 1* n «n!/Tlt J ll1f ^ f 1 ll f» C 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART• ment, near Schooley's Store. , Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 38-F-ll. 2(M£ posses-ji handled the originals of thes 18-311 two and faithfully typed the copie which I will present herewit after some introductory discus, sion. Major Leagues Already Have Attendance Record New York Sept. 21 — </!>) — With wo weeks still to go in the ISMli ascball season, the major leagues Iready have set an all-time at- endanee record, an Associated 'ress survey disclosed today. Led by the magnetic Cleveland ndians 'and Nesv York Yankees, •aeh of whom passed the two mil- ioh mark, the 10 clubs have at- .racled 19,931,481 paid admissions through the turnstiles. This total surpasses By Hugh ft. Pullnrton. Jt. ecord of -19.874^530 set by ors last year. With the New York. Sept. 21 — </[>) — The experts who observed the Detroit Tigers last spring figured they I we're a club which wouldn'l be in the pennant race bill could make a lot of trouble for those who were. . . . .Too bad they waited so long to start fullfilling this prediction . lack Kramer, who made a lit- llc less than SK7.000 from his domestic tour wilh Bobby Iliggs, has the previous ,bought out Promoter Jack Harris the ma- pennant and While I was at it I examined j- 72 home^ games a races as tight as they are, the majors are certain to top the 20,000,300 mark in attendance for the first time in history. The junior circuit, for the first time in history has passed the 10,000.000 figure. Eight clubs have already drawn more this year than last, with five of them setting all-time team marks. Led by the master showman, Bill Veeck, the colorful Indians are setting the pace, having played to 2,345,335 paid admissions — • new major is running the show himself .Harris had to leave the tour to undergo a serious ear operation, opinion will knock .This ine-xpert observer's is that Tony Zale out Marcel Cerdan in Zoic to Put Title on Block Tonight closely the originals of the series POUR ROOM bath. 114 W. 18th of High School. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. ALL conveniences, Bills paid. Private •i entrance. 712 East Division. 20-31 •urmqv WITH .which I published in these essays HOUSE WIHl ]ast wint ' cr As this was tnc fil . st tim I had had access to them I compared my photographs with league season mark. The Yankees arc close behind with 2,242,023. Street in front 20-3t 'SEED , tagged. , • Implement Co. Services Offered SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED. GET yours cleaned before bad woath- •* . .« -r-it_ /?nn T T\/T Ater begins, kiris. Phone C89, J. M. At- 26-lmo For Sale ; 6 HOOM FARM HOUSE TO BE moved from location. Good condition, new galvanized roof. Located 2 miles South of.Rosston, Arkansas. See Roy Caldwell, Ste- teric circle on _!,«„„ Ar.imncnc . Phniin 4151. laughed at anc those originals. I learned from the person who owns Ihem that these are the same letters which were made available to several publish- AND lers in 1944. when Bubblehead 'was McRae! Franklin D. Roosevelt's hand- 21-lm ! picked candidate for vice-presi- 'dent. T am now ready to take care of Wallace any time he dares to deny thai he wrote this historic none- sense. He knows that if he ever accepts the challenge I would show him up as the most alarming fool who ever happened into such high office as he held, since the days of Ihe half-wit kings in EuroDC. After all those royal idiots could be restrained but if Roosevelt had died during his third term we would have had a president who had been the butt of the eso- Riverside Drive, IS Injuries Jersey City tonight. . . .The Casa blanc'a clouler gets clouted too easily himself — and he never has been hit by a guy like Zale before. Conzcl-ation Flight During one of the Chicago Cardinals' exhibition games. Coach Jimmy Conzclman told Jerry "Weaz- el" Davis and Vic Schwall to go into the game at the same time. . . A few seconds later he noticed they hadn't run out onto the field and asked: "Hey, why don't you; two go in 1 .'". .. .Replied Schwall: ! We can't. We both wear the same helmet." It was in another Cards' contest that Washington's Sammy Eaugh looked over the Conzclman defensive setup and shouted: "They're in a six-six.". Well, some of those guys arc big enough to make two men. New York, Sept. 21— 'UP) — Boston's buoyant Red Sox, who were perilously close to submersion, continued to float atop in phcns, Arkansas. Phone ONE CHAMPION 400 BLACK Smith bower. John H. Webb, Ozan, Arkansas. 18-3t 'SIX FOOT STEWART WARNER Refrigerator. In good condition. Phone 952-W. 21-3t For Sale or Rent 4151. (laughed at and egged on for the IC-Gt'amusement that he gave by his -(solemn absurdity. By The Associated Press Baylor's Boars finished Southwest Conference cellar year and arc expected to do Dottor this season, but today the American League today on a timely lifebuoy thrown them by Southpaw Mickey Harris. Harris, who has been anything hut brilliant this season, came through with a neat four-hitter yesterday to defeat the Detroit Tigers. 7 to 2. Making his first start since Aug. 29, he yielded two unearned runs in the first inning but checked the Tigers after that to register his seventh victory against 10 defeats. Boston collected 12 hits off Freddie Vutchinson. including Vern Stephens' 28th homer of son. The Red Sox scored the first and two more in Jersey City, N. J., Sept. 21 — (UP)— Champion Tony Zale and Marcel Cord an, gold-toothed French mauler, were scheduled to match their dynamite and durability tonight in a 15-round bout for the world middleweight crown at Roosevelt .Stadium. And the. ; weather forecast of "fair and cool 1 ' indicated thai the schedule would' be carried out. Despite rumors that a "flood" of Midwestern money was being nlanked down on Zale of Gary Ind.. the betting price had length enecl only half a point in 24 hours Zale was favored at 8 to 5 today Yesterday the quotation was 7 1-2 to 5. Wagering was heavy, and th French challenger from Casa blanca. Morocco, was well sup ported; for the bout shaped up as .the best brawl now in any division, lit was the kind of a scrap in which 'anything might' happen", each veteran was were in an enviable position. the last little they One-minute Sports Page Adam Walsh, who weighed only 180 when he centered the. "Seven Mules," tells friends that he aijd jnosl of his teammates couldn't make the current squad at Notre IDamc — too small. . . .It took the circuit At the time I wrote about Bub- blehead's complicity in the affairs of the josshousc I was prepared to defend all that I alleged. But since then, I have extended and acquaintance MODERN 5 ROOM. TILE HOME, Pdul Dudney, Washington, Arkansas. Phone 36. 18-Ct Wonted WANT A JOB IN EUROPE? MEN WITH OR WITHOUT PRIOR MILITARY SERVICE MAY NOW ENLIST IN THE ARMY FOR DUTY IN EUROPE. SEE THE, U. S. ARMY AND U. S. AIR FORCE RECRUITING OFFICE, CITY HALL, HOPE, ARKANSAS, FOR DETAILS. 2HH _____ - J3UGGY. 21-31 strengthened my among persons who were there. And the one who mosl hearlily re- senls his belrayal of Roerich while (he was in Asia and his conspiracy Ho help Louis L. Horch grab lille to the lamasery for himself, is a figure,of terror to Henry. And the owner of Ihe original letters is ready to face Wallace any lime he is ready to face Ihe issue. As I said, I will present two were the only team in th not plagued by injuries. The Bears expect lo be in lop shape when Ihey open their campaign against Tulsa university at Waco Saturday. Elsewhere in the conference (ball coaches are holding a medicine kit I in one hand and a crying towel in the other. Arkansas has been harder by the injury bu. employers. Four Razorback Cleveland fifths of the their home-run last year. . . . Indians only four- season to surpass hitting record of Names is Names In a recent Borcer League base game, the battery for Geneva, N. Y., was "Zeko" Zeist and Zanke j J.' and for Auburn, Blinn and Biddle. The umpires were Abraham and i-ii 1111111:1 h ; t 'Solomon — probably the only guys •iboo th-m any Uvisc enough to avoid confusing the ' ' ' inHrhnv: :mrl catchers. the soa- a run in the third on the second of Uom Di Maggio's four hits, Stan Spence's two-base hit plus a Tiger error. Throe more runs were added in the fourth on Johnny Persky's two- run single and a pop fly double, by fed Williams. The New York Yankees remained in the thick of the pennant race by scoring a bard- earned 8 to 7 triumph against the sixth-place St. Louis Browns. Allie Reynolds, New York starter, was ehnscd when the Browns built a 4 to 1 lead in the first three innings and southpaw Joe Page came on to gain credit for the victory. Joe Di Maggio singled in the two deciding runs in the eighth after having clouted his 38th homer in the since known to be a willing, destructive socker. Moreover, it was a fight between the world champion and Ihe champion of Europe. Despite the betting enthusiasm and the bout's international glamor. Promoter Andy Nieder- rciler did not expect the crowd to exceed 25.000. He hoped for a gate ot S300.000; but many skeptics doubted that it would reach S250. 000. If it fell below $230,000 Niedcrreiter's outfit — to Tourna ment o£ Champions, Inc.— would lose money on its second promotional venture. fourth. Billy Johnson also homered League Leaders Bv the Associated Press National League Batting — Musial, St. Louis .375; Ashburn. Philadelphia.333 Runs Batted In — Musial, St. Louis 120; Mizc, New York 118 Runs — Musial, St. Louis 126: Lockman, Now York 113 Hits — Musial, St. Louis 212; Holmes. Boston 177 Doubles — Musial. St. Louis 41: Ennis. Philadelphia 38 Triples — Musial, St. Louis 17 Auto Market to Feel Curb on Buying Washington, Sept. 20 — (A 1 ) —Federal control of installment buying eturned today after a 11-month ibsoncc. . i During that time 'the'iyolumo of irne buying mounted" ; 'l6 a record of 'nearly $7,500,000,000? " Some auto dealers 1 and finance men predicted Ihd'igcncrally stiff or terms will put the 'skids under the premium prices for used cars and put late models beyond;'the reach of many families. : ""They reasoned: to buy a car selling for $1,800 the purchase! -must pay dow.n $600 and $80 E month for 18 months. Monthly pay ments alone take a fourth of the income of a $3,840 a year family And it costs money to operate ; car. The federal reserve boa'-d vhich fixed the credit terms uncle uithority voted by Congress las nonth as an anti-finlation step lad more limited expectations — .hat the growth of the time buyin debt would be slowed, not stoppe or cut back. Representatives of the aut manufacturers say the control will not affect new car sales, They point to a backlog of ordci for'all cars that can be tunic out in the next two years— whe the controls are scheduled to expire and terms for new cars have been about as tough as the new ones. In general, the federal controls require a one-third down payment in cash on autos, and a one-fifth down payment on the other items to which they apply, providing the selling price is over S50. If the balance due after the clownpayment is over 81,000, it must be paid off in 10 months, with a $70 minimum monthly installment. If less, it must be paid in 1 15 months. Other articles ! controls are: washers, ironers. Fans Can Accompany Yerger Tigers ' to idobel Game Arrangements h;ivo been made ,1- bus' transportation for Vcrser igh School supporters to Idabcl, kin., where the Ycrgcr "ifili chool Tigers will open the season il'n Idagel. Okla. All persons desiring 1o make the rip may contact N. M Brown, M-inciprd. Yerger High School. ; ;i BKOADCASTIMO SYSTEM now under the stoves, dish- vacuum clean- . ., , | pitch; regulars were on the sidelines yesterday as the team wont through a light workout in preparation lor Saturday's second straight warmup game with East Texas State at Fayetteville. Definileiy out of Saturday's con- ,esl are Guard Thcron Roberls, Center Billy Ray Thomas and End Tim Cox, all with bad knees, a good Back Alvin Duke with an arm injury. Cox, a fine pass receiver, may ne out most of the Baseball Press GOOD USED BABY Phone 952-W; Male Help Wanite<S_ iNTED AT ONCE! CAPABLE "an- between 25 and 55 years Hake over established business ^portion of Hempstead County. Possible earnings $60 to $75 •weekly. This is your opportunity to increase your income to meet today's high cost of living. Car necessary. For information without obligation, write The J. R. Watkins Company, Rural Department, Memphis, Tennessee. 21 ' 4t Hope Transfer Company Moving and Storage Office Phone . . Residence Phone more of the goofy guru letters, today. This Is the first: "Wp'-don Park hotel, Washington D. C. "Dear "A letter from Mrs. Jane Dower ot the Temple people tells me thai Ihe Roerich people have been very kind to her and her daughter. (Incidentally no disparagement is to be inferred of the lady named or the daughter. Many of those who associated with Roerich were very reasonable persons. Bubblehead himself was no siller when he emerged from his oriential phase than he was before. W. P.) "And so I think of you and Ihe longings and colors of the east. Curiously enough, the talk I gave you when you were here seems to have been to the good. Charles Roos. of Minnesota, writes me: '"The wind blows cold on the mesa. A gale is rising. Sol your prayer plumes deep. And hold fast to your HAT.' "Says the message is straight from the Cheyenne gods. Interpreted it to mean have hard fighting ahead which I can survive only keeping close to the great ones. But, of course, I have known this for more than a year. planning tomorrow, 314 231-J FOR SALE My five room, newly decorated home, near grade school. Reasonable. Call 310-W or see at 821 West 7th Street. PAXTON JORDAN Coach John Barnhill harder work today and praised the work of Backs Clyde Scott, Ross Pritchard and Ray Parks and Ends Bil IHix and Jack Richards in last week's 40-6 conquest of Abilene Christian college. Texas 33-0 romp over Louisiana Slale University last week may have been costly. Bolh co-captains Center Dick Harris and Fullback Tom Landry were on the sidelines wilh leg injuries as Ihe Longhorns egan getting ready yesterday for Saturday dale with North C'aro- ina at Chapel Hill, N: C. Landry vas not seriously hurt and proba ly will play Saturday, but it is ndei'inile how long Harris, an All- America tackle last year, will be out of action. Coach Blair Cherry observcc lat it's true what they've beer saying about Texas' great line. HL pointed oul that the Longhorn for wards held LSU to only 38 yards. Next to Baylor, defending chain pion Southern Methodist is in th jest physical condition. The Mus Langs have only reserves on th sidelines as they drill for their sea son opener against Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh. Work in the Mustang camp this week is being eoncen- B,y The Aissociated American League Boslon al Detroit. Washington at Chicago (night) (Only games scheduled. National League Chicago at New York (2, day- nighl). Pittsburgh at Brooklyn (also will finish off proteste dgame). St. Louis at Boston (2). Cincinnati at Philadelphia ay-night). for New York while Al Zarilla hit or the -circuit for the Browns. Al jci'heauser who relieved Brownie starter Bill Kennedy, was with the defeat. The Indians held on to second place, however, by downing the Philadelphia Athletics, 6 to 3, in night game at Cleveland. Rookie Hoop, Pittsburgh 1_2 his re- the Gene Bearden got credit for IGlh win, although he needed lief by Russ Christopher in seventh. Hurt Shotlon's Brooklyn Dodgers look undisputed possession of second place in the National League with a 4 to 2 triumph over "Somehow, I feel there are stil! many dramatic happenings ir prospect. (2), 2-4 Yesterday's Results American League Brooklyn 4 Chicago 2. Philadelphia 5-7 Pittsburgh day-night). Cincinnati at Boston cancelled, •ain. Only games scheduled). Southern Association Playoff Birmingham 13 Memphis 3 (Birmingham wins best of seven scries 4-2). Mobile 8 Nashville 6 (best of seven series tied 3-3). Texas League Playoff No games last night. Houston at Tulsa tonight, (Tulsa leading -2). the Chicago Cubs. Brooklyn scored all of its runs in the first inning when they knocked out Hank Borowy on two walks, doubles by Pee Wee Reese and Gene Hermanski and a triple by Gil Hodges. Southpaw Cliff Chambers relieved Borowy and yielded only two more hists. Rain permanently cancelled a scheduled game at Boston between :he league-leading Braves and low- .y Cincinnati Reds. While Ihe Braves were idle, their lead was shaved to five-and-a-half games. Home Runs — Kiner, Pittsburgh 39; Musial. St. Louis and Mize, New York 37 charged! Stolen Bases — Ash'iurn, Philadelphia 32; Rojek, Pittsburgh 24 ' Strikeouts — Brecheen, St .Louis ' 133- Sain. Boston 124 Pitching — Sewell, Pittsburgh 11-3 .786; Chcsnes, Pittsburgh 13-5 .722 American League Batting — Williams, Boston .374; Boudreau. Cleveland .354 Pains Batted In—DiMaggio, New- York 148: Stephens, Boston 123 Runs — Henrich, New York 127: DiMaggio, Boston 119 Hits — Dillinger, St. Louis Mobile, Nashville Tied in Southern Playoff Mitchell, Cleveland 189 Doubles — Henrich, New York 41: Majeski, Philadelphia, 40 Triples — Henrich, New York 14: Stewart. Washington 13 Home Runs — DiMaggio, New York 39; Gordon, Cleveland 29 Stolen Bases — Dillinger, St. Louis 24; Coan Washington 20 Strikeouts — Feller, Cleveland x46: Lemon, Cleveland 140 Pitching — Kramer, Boston 16-5 .762; Gromck, Cleveland 9-3 .750. Baseball Standings ers, refrigerators, washing machines, ov any combination of 'these appliances; air condilioncrs, j radios, television sets. phonographs, sewing machines, furniture and rugs. j Credit terms on clothing and i other items will be whatever the I buver and seller agree upon. ! Down payments will be stifl'er for j used cars selling at premiums over the "average retail value" given i.i price appraisal guides. If a buyer pays $1,400 for a car listed as $1.800 worth, the down payment will be $1.200—one third of the guide value, or SGOO plus the entire premium of $600. The 1949 model used cars have a temporary exemption. Terms for them will be figured strictly on their selling 190' price—until the guides catch up ' with their "average retail value." Convicted violators of the credit! controls can be fined as much as $100,000 ro given jail terms as high as ten years. Tuesday p.m., Sept. 21 Adventure Parade—M Superman—M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Fair Roundup News, Five -Mar Final Today in Sports Melody Boys—Fair park - • Fulton Lewis. Jr.—M : Hollaman at the Organ — Fair park Official Detective—M ' : Billy Rose—M ; Zale-Cerdan Fight—M Count Basic's Orch.—M . Gay Claridge's Orch.—M . Ell'iot Lawrence's Orch.—M : Late News sign off ; Wednesday a.m., Sept. 22 . 5:57 Sign On Hiliybilly Hocdown 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 0:00 1:15 6:25 6:30 G:4!i 7:00 7:30 7:f>5 3:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:05 6:00 6:25 6:30 0:40 6:55 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:00 8:55 8:30 9:00 9:15 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 :30 Porky Oliver Takes Top at Tacoma Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 21 —UP)— Ed "Porky" Oliver of Seattle had most of the money today Irom the $12,500 Tacoma open golf tournament. He picked up something in the neighborhood of $4,000 yesterday i when he jammed down an eagle 4K..~- American League Club W. L. Boston 90 54 Cleveland 90 55 New York 89 55 Philadelphia 83 64 Detroit 71 71 St. Louis 56 86 Washington 51 95 Chicago National Club Boston .... Brooklyn i St. Louis League Nashville, Tenn.. Sept. 21 —Wl— I three on the 91st hole of what was | Pittsburgh Mobile and Nashville , tied at I scheduled as 72-hole tourney. By [ New Y ork three-all in the em Association , semi-final South- that time it was down to a •sucklon- Philadelphia death match between broad Ed and , Cincinnati — REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 ELECTRIC MOTORS REPAIRED and REBUILT Complete Stock of Parts Berwick's Electric Service Phone 413 Hope, Ark, REFRIGERATION SERVICE REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt qnd efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 or 1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewood "I was with Roosevelt for hal an hour this afternoon. He was so much pleased with having avertoc war temporarily in Europe. His surely a joyous spirit. I have manj hard, careful things 1o do and a the same lime I must evoke a new spirit in many quarters. "Therefore, 1 must read Agni Yoga and- sit myself once in a while. "We are dealing with the first rude beginnings of a new age. Vlay the peace of the great ones lescend upon you." This letter is signed with a juve- lile monogram, like a cattlo- irand, combining Ihe inilials 'H. A. W." It appears on several of the goofy guru letters. The crack about the "first crude jeginnings of a new age" seems to oe out of the same flask with the one in another letter proposing that the people of the United States should "descend into the depths of the purifying fires." The second letter reads: "A brief note before I am whirled away into the maelstrom. The dorje! (I will try to disclose the idiocy of this rapture about the dorii; in a footnote. W. P.) "Splendid! I will have it on my Hope r LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Hole* » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots * Also custom work, HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8. Walnut St. Call 129 Ol' 806 (nights) V" FOR -» House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Alien Electric Co. Next Door to Saenger Theatre Phones 129 or 806 FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tile ROY ALLISON Pbone 280 desk as a conslanl reminder of your message, which is such phrasing of the thought of the master, 'thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' "The day the dorje arrived a priest gave me a beautiful crucifix, and with in his blessing. And and with it his blessing. And had already given me the old sioux medicine bag. And 1 set Ihe three up, side by side, and thought of the common lile running through them like the central staff running through the dorje. j, "The new life is being poured " UJ " into Ihe old bottles and the crackling is alarming all the peoples. The life must be made .manifest. "Some day when I am not rushed, I hope lo write a real letter. In the meantime, I accept the dorje as long as 1 am in the government service. "Yours in the common cause. H. A. W." The dorje is a buddhist luck- piece which- was given to Utibble- d by my informant just as a i. . luck-piece but with no, suggestion ! Lul that it was sacred ••;.' magical amulet. They sell them in the bazaars in Tibet. But Bubbk'head was such a sap thai be was always blubbering about the eom-j monplace and so, naturally, some members of the: cult figured thai, t would be a shame not lo take | advantage of his credulous coiuli- :trated tion to make a little time. i Two members of the old circle who remained loyal to Koerieh, the guru, have repeatedly said that Wallace dribbled information which enabled another member, a smart cookie in Wall street, to knock off big profits speculating in international exchange. When Old Hoc-rich wanted to put over his pact and banner of peace, and a treaty to protect cultural monuments in war. who could expo el llu: o'd boy lo using' Bubblelu-ad as playoff, meet tonight to determine which team will play Birmingham in a bcst-of- j seven series Cor the championship, Birmingham pounded out six home runs and a 13-3 d eciisonoe home runs and a 13-3 decision over the Memphis Chicks last night to cinch a berth in the play- oil' finals. Mobile downed Nashville 11-G, to force their series to its seventh game. Th Knglewoocl, N. J., Birmingham Barons started : of New Orleans and Chick Congdon scoring spree in the third! 01 ' Tacoma completing the qunilet frame. Trailing the Chicks 2-0, the i i h °. v decided the winner [Batons scored three times when take the l>-,l;vU and Eddie Lyons and Fred Walters would split what was k-itof the singled ' and Jimmy Wasdell *M30 m Uie top live pn/.es. On top red. The Barons collected four more tallies in the; fourth. Wilson walked and Tommy O'Brien brought him home with a double. Mickey Ruther lined inlo center and the ball look a freak hop for an inside- ....... slim Gary IVIiddlecolt of Memphis— j Chic , ago ......... aCler they bad eliminated three | ----others in an ID-hole medal play j round. ,,._,. , ' The fracas at the rolling Fircrest course came up lo Ihe 72-hole m<i'.< Sunday with live men tied lor iirst money ot §2,lnO at 274 strokes. 10 under par. Yesterday they went ^'t to play it oil, Vic Ghe/zi of I 1 red Haas, Jr., 4G 96 W. L. 84 58 79 G4 78 04 75 67 75 G8 . 63 81 58 82 . 57 84 Pet. .625 .621 .618 .565 .500 .394 .349 .324 Pet. .592 .552 .549 .528 .521 .438 .414 .404 ihc-park homer. Walters came through with a four-bagger. Mobile's Bears drove Art Cue- icurullo out of the box with two he could retire a of that the winner was to the gate. Ghez/.i finished two strokes back of the field with a 75. Conydon wound up with 72, as did Haas. Oliver and MiddlecoiT wound up wilh 69s and went inlo the sudden death playoff. Bolh were on the green with their second shots on the 481-yard other Nashville hurl- Paris, Sept. 20 —0<P) — A post- would liiunious report by the murdered Count Folke Bernadolte declares Ihe United Nations should step in to end the Palestine war if the gel half I Arabs and Jews fail to make peace. The mediator wrote that "Israel exists in Palestine," and the future of Arab Palestine should be left to the Arab states," in full consultation with the Arab inhabitants" of the Holy Land. His 35,000-word report was distributed to the 5(i U. N. member Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas, Sept. 20, 1948: City Docket W. C. Smith, running a stop sign, forfeited $1 cash bond. W. N. Edwards, illegal parking, forfeited $1 cash bond. Robert Riggs, drunk while driving, forfeited $25 cash bond. Lonnie Williams, Theo Primas, disturbing peace, plea guilty, fined $10 each. R. H. Wilson, Clarence Phillips, Lucille Simpson, disturbing peace forfeited $10 cash bond each. Fred Willis, drunkenness, plea guilty, fined $10. The following forfeited a $10 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness Deward Russell, Carl Boon, Joe Walker, Milton Burton, Augusta Bostic, Dale Justice, James L Williams, S. A. Jamerson, J. T Thomas, John Sampson, Ro Burns, L. Thomas, Gartner Wil liams, Sid Williams. The following forfeited $10 cas bond on a charge of gaming: Elijah Johnson, Joe Walker, Eni Rice, Sid Jones, Sid William.' Willie Booker, Richard Rucld. Albert Cisnoron, speeding, foi foiled $10 cash bond. Buddie Taylor, assault and ba tery, plea guilly, fined $10. State Docket Carter Jones, eel intoxicating $50 cash bond. Dclvin Casteel, season, forleited Buck Bernard, overload, leiled $25 cash bond. S. D. Adcock, possessing illicit still, examination waived. Held to Grand Jury. Bond fixed at $250. Elmer Quillcn, unlawful mfg. of intox. liquor, examination waived. Held to Grand Jury, bond fixed at $250. Bargain Roundup • ; News, First Edition Arkansas Plowboys • ' Market Reports ' ' Farm Breakfast Program ' , Farm Breakfast Music The Devotional Hour Musical Clock - News, Coffee Cup Edition . : Sunrise Sercnr.dif According to the Record Bob Poole's Show—M Cecil Brown—M Faith in Our Time—M Say it Wilh Music—M Passing Parade—M Victor H. Lindlabr—M Gabriel Heatter's Mailbag —M Minute Quiz—M Judging —Fair park : Military Parade Luncheon at Sardi's—M Wednesday p.m., Sept. 22 2:00 2:10 2:15 2:30 2:45 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 0:00 fi:15 0:25 0:30 0:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:55 11:00 possessing untax- liquor, forfeited News, Home Edition Market Time Colleen Coffee—Fair park Arkansas Plowboys—park'- Farm Fair—Fair park ; Queen for a Day Golden Hope Chest—M Organ Mojodies—Fair park Heart's Desire—M Carnival of Music \ The Johnson Family—M , Meet the Band • , Man on the Midwaj—Fair park ' : Swim? Time .| Here's to Veterans Adventure Parade—M Superman—M " Captain Midnight—M , ; Tom Mix—M Fair Roundup • News, Five Star Edit'^a '• Today in Sports ' Melody Boys—Fair park ;, Fulton V,ov.'is. Jr. { Hollaman' at the Hammond, Fair park •. High Adventure—M ' Bil'ly Rose—M '' Gabriel Heattcr—M > Mutual Nevn-eel—M * Erskine Johnson—M Bill Henry, News—M Opinion Airc—M Buddy Moreno's Orch.—M All the News—M •Rillv Bishop's Ore 1 !.—M Buddy Moreno's Orch.—M Mutual Reports Ihe News Sign Off Top Radio Programs; New York, Sept. 21 — iV) — Can- runs before man. Three ers found the going just as rough, Cuccurullo took the loss. Ken Olson did a nice job of i clutch pitching for the Bears. His i roughest inning was the fifth, | when the Vols scored three time.s on two hits, two walks, an error and a wild pitch. par-five extra hole, Middlecol'f 12 j states as his body and that of feet away and Oliver four feet out. The Memphis dentist got bis birdie four—and lost the hole to the Oliver eagle. hunting out of $10 cash^ bond. ( , e 'rj;,u 0 n" "of 'inilfof tonight's fight ~' ~ N. J. time. Instead of 7:30 p. in., MBS is de- layin" until 8 its account of the Tony Xale-Marcc-1 Cerdan bout for the ' lor " doublehpader at Jersey City, has changed the broadcast Adolphus Adcock, manufacturing 'middleweight championship. defense against Ihe Pitt of lii Notice to Cotton Growers We will handle your government cotton loans on the yreen card class. Bring your Conpress tickets and class card and save $1.00 to $1.50 per bale. E. M. McWilliams & Co., Hope, Ark. Across the fctreet from Post Office in ill tins. and. :n'e al! in l!h- ordinal' lilcs ol thai day. The ten iplalion is sore at Bubblehead I vice-president for I'm | lime of v, orl-.i war a years of our own got to be resisted. This poor, drool- \\iiv snerd didn't know any bolter. The guilty one was Roosevelt. lie got all the breaks. He did his stun and \\as dead and gone, with 'Honors, before the awful story his reign began to leak out. The Texas Aggies were badly bruised as well as defeated by Villanova last Saturday. Backs Ralph Daniel and Preston Smith and Tackles Jim lowers and Dwayne Tucker were unable to practice yesterday. Coach Harry Stiteler said he" doubts any will play against Texas Tech in San Antonio Saturday. | Texas Christian started work for | 'it--, engagement with Oklahoma A. | :aiul M. with Pete Stout, the line- j, 1 , 0 "™: .battering all-conference fullback, ion the sidelines with a neck injury. I : IK.v.vver, the injury, suffered in 'he Frogs' 14-13 victory over Kan-i :-;as. isn't considered serious, and: 'Stout should bo ready by Saturday, j oh Dutch Meyer spent most of j Ye.-Uerci;iv's workout on downficld blocking practice. (>:>. the injured list at Rice are lluey Kc-enoy, star punter, who has :i bad ankle: Tackle Woodrow Wilson, hampered by a knee in- juiy. and half a dozen others why are' hurt less seriously. Coach Jess Ncely bad lo call oft' a full-scale scrimmage last week because oi injuries. Tile Owls will open the of i season against Sam Houston Mate i Saturday night. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Boston—Tony Kiccio, 13!i. pointed Timothy "Buddy 133, both Boston (10). New Orleans — Buddy Garcia 130, Galvestoii. and Eddie Giosa 13U. Philadelphia, drew ilU). Baltimore —Archie Moore, 177 St. Louis, knocked out Billy Smith 171, Oakland. Calif. l-l>. intox. liquor, examination waived. Held to Grand Jury. Bond fixed at $250. Bill Rushing, speeding, forfeited $5 cash bond. Curtis Jefferson, possessing untaxed intox. liquor, tried and fined $50 and coil June 28, 1948. Fine In now suspended during good behavior, upon payment of the cost. social By United Press Newark, N. J.,--Billy Wyatt, 147 Trenton, N. J., outpointed Tony; Cirnino, 141! I--!. Bavonne, N. ,!.,! 181. 1 Toronto—Arthur King. 133, To-j pped Harve Maine. 130, | |Toronto, UJ). | j Holyoke, Mass — G. Bradford: ; Smith", 139, New York, outpointed^ iBooby Lee. 140, Baltimore, MO). ! ; Boslon -- Charlie Fusari, Mil. \ Hrvington. N. J., knocked oul John- ; 'ny Dudley, 147. Now York. i4>. 1 "Providence, H. L -- Frankie 1'alernio, 1-lti, Now York, slopped Buddy lloldorlield, 147, Little Rock" Ark., (f>>. Chicago — Eddie Lander, i:if> 1-2. Chicago, drew with Glen Flanagan. 131 '1-2, St. Paul, Minn. San Francisco — Art Aragon, il3(i 1-^, Lus Angeles, tko'd Richie iShinn. 13n. San Francisco, (()>; 'Hay Stevens, 19S. Burlingame, dei cisioned Jimmy Bell, 192, Fayette, is. c., au). French Lt. Col. Andre Pierre Ser- ol were being flown home. The Holy city of Jerusalem, where he and Serot were shot to death last Friday, should be placed under United Nations control, the report said. The report, which will be one of the problems facing the general j assembly opening tomorrow, also out-! recommended changes in the Pal- ilayos, ' estinc.' partition plan. The Negeb desert of Southern •,-••> . , Palestine, he said, should -become! be fully guaranteed iArab territory. Most of it was by the authorities.' .,.,... ! given to the Jews under the parti- Establishment ot a United Na' lion plan. j lions conciliation commission. i All of Galilee should be "defined "' u us Jewish territory," be added. The partition plan gave western [Galilee lo Arab Palestine, but it mow is under control of the Israeli ed and maintained." The political, economic, and religious rights of all Arabs in Jewish territory and all Jews in Arab territory of Palestine "should and respecled The principal job of the •concilia- With winter shows slowly coming back, the Hooper program ratings are beginning to feo'i. Uie effect For instance Take It or Leave It and Stop the Music, the quiz shows that got first and second in August, dropped quite a ways down the list. Take it or Leave It landed eighth while Stop the Music went to sixth, their places as leaders were Walter Winchell first and Radio Theater second. Godfrey's talent scouts, another show to return', took third, followed in order by We the People and My Friend Irma» Others among the first ten were This is FBI in seventh, Break the Bank ninth and Mr. Keen tenth. '. Tuning tonight: NBC — 7 Mel men Cavallero; t: Cull the Police Tonne: 7:30 Bob Hope; 0:30 People C aril: 30 a a re tion commission would be to "su- Funny, pervise such boundaries, road, rail-1 CBS u road, free port, Jree airport, minor- jle ilv rights and other arrangements as may be decided upon by the | Bernauotte left Ihe dispo- i United Nations." " . I sition of Arab Palestine to the | Placing Jerusalem under United j Arab states, he recommended that, Nations control would, in eiJecl, m- "In view of the historical vonnec- ternationalr/e it. lieniiidotle- prod lion and common interests of posed this international area be j trans-Jordan and Palestine, there jibe same as originally proposed by! would be compelling reasons for!the United Nations partition plan, morgin:'" Arab Palestine and !He would also gram "maximum i neighboring trans-Jordan. [feasible local autonomy for us 1 Bernadoile's report also recom-'Arab and Jewish communities , mended' | with full sale-guards tor the proloc- j "The Jewish port of Haifa, in- Ition of the Holy places and sites '.eluding oil refineries and leniiinals and free access to thejn, • should be: declared a free port. I Tile airport at Lydda should be declared a free airport. 1 The. right of 300,000 Arab refu- ju'eoii lo return to their homes in Jewish-controlled territory, or pay-, ment or compensation by Israel to;ed changes ithose "choosing not to return." |boundaries The United Nations should provide special assurance lhat Jew- Beiilah's Skit: 7 Mys- Thc-ator: 8 We The People. • ',C — 7:30 America's Town Meeting; H:4n Chamber Music' 1 , 6:30 What Do People Think? " MBS — 7 Mvsti.-riotis Traveler; Detective Yar NBC N. Y. CHS j ABC lolers. MBS a. in. Honeymoon in — 12:-4o p. m. Guiding Liglit — 11 a. in. Welcome Trav—'- 8:30 a. m. Bob Poole. o and for religious freedom." "The right of unimpeded access to Jerusalem, by road, rail oi- air. should bo fully respected by all parties," Benmdotte added. Bernadotte said he recommend- in Ihe partition plan "in order to make Hungry Race Horses Sydney—l.-T'i— Racehorses are getting a bad name in these parts. Masthead, 4-yeur-old stallion, bit the bosun's ear on board ship when it was traveling from England to Melbourne. Tori Bin, 5- year-old mare, bit off the left ish-Arab boundaries aru "respect- them more equitable, and consistent with existing realities in Palestine." workable i thumb of her trainer Leslie Per ' Newcastle, New Soulh kins at Wales.

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