The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1934
Page 5
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JTCffiSpAY, SEPTEMBER 26, .1934 BL-yimVlLLK, (AUK.); COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Cully rule i/cr Hue lor cousccU' live insertions! (I''ivc uvurasc words lo a line) One lime per Hue lOc T«'q limes per Hue per day .. Ode Three limes i>cr line per d»y .. OOc Blx Units per line per (lay .. 05o Month rale per line 60c Minimum cnaryc 50c Ads ordered for llircc or six llincs nnd slopped before explrn- llon will he charged for llic jium- bcr of times Hie ad api>eare<l and ufliislmciit of bill iiiniie. , All Classified Advertising copj 1 cubuilllcd hy persons residing outside of the city must lie accompanied by casli. Hales Jiiay bo easily compulcU from above table. No mpovsmiiiy will be taken for more llian one incorrect insertion oE any classilied aU. Advertising ordered lor Irregular insertions lake Hie one lime rale. f*V» PHILLIPS' USED CARS '29 I'ONTIAC COACH 5 K!) '30 GKAIIAM 1'AIGE SBUAN S US '31 CHEVROLET COUl'E .. S225 '33 I'OKl) V-S Tl/DOJC SEDAN $1!5 '33 CilKVUOLET COACH .... SHO '32 FOUI) V-S UK l.UXK TU. DOR SKI)AN 5315 TRUCKS and TKAII.KKS '33 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch VVIiCL'l base, Dual Wheels, Closed Cab ?315 '30 O. SI. V. T1IUCK 5186 '29 CHEVROLET T K U C K. Runs Gcod 508 KINGIIA M TIIAILEK. Dual Wheels, New Kubbcr .... ?a25 NABOKS TRAILER S 38 PHILLIPS' USED CAKLOTJ OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK Curuer W&inut & 1st Sis. I'nuuc SU KesUuiranls Feeds, Seeds 'j Repairing Save Your Money SEEDS, ALL KINDS OP FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT IN CAK LOAD LOTS. J. F. Livingston WHOLESALE & RETAIL We put DANCING TAPS on shops Cioort HKM1NUTON Alfalfa and all kiinls or i'aslure Seed. Sued Ilye, Wheat, Turf Oals, Kcd Rust 1'roof Oals, Turnip Seed, Mustard, Rape, Kale All varieties Radishes & Splniwh, BEST PRICES OBERST STORE CO. Coal & Wood Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT STEBNBERG'S C.1N PHONE 116 QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, BUCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COALS •WE SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS Parks Bros. Coal Co. PHONE 977 FOB "Ht-Lo Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED SARAHA COAL More Heat 1'er Pound No Advance In I'rice E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. riione 100 Sec Us About Your Coal Blytheviiie Gin Co. "Hadiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 My Coal Is Black but I treat you while. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - fHONE 10 BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" N. W. Trantham Coal Co. . • - -• PHONE 964 Real Estate litsl Oysters & Kivcr Cat Fisli Chicken Dinners livery Day Jiminie O'Brien 105 S, Second Business Directory COPI'Iill WliATIlK!! STKI1TING Saves tiKl at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. WALL PAPER IT'S BARGAIN TIME AGAIN til our Wall Paper de\)t. All 1UM patterns must go. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. IF YOU WANT A SMALL HOSIt LOOK AT THESE No. 1—A 5 room house, lot size SO by 140 ft. on paved street, water connections, no plumbing ii mouse. $550.00, $175 cash, balance illke paying rent. No. 2.—A 5 room, lot 31'X. Icet by MO, walci; connections, price S450.00, $150 cash," balance like rent. No. 3—5 room house, same 35 No. 2. All three in same block near Highway 61. Houses can nol be built tor twice the money. W. M. Burns Grand Leader Bldg. PJiono 212 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc AMBULANCE PliQHC 26 COUE TO OBERST 3TORE CO. For all Hardware & Feed. We socialize on HAISNKSS. Modernize your country iiomo with 11 Ueming WATER system, 540 UI'. HUUUARD HDW. CO. G-ck-10-S . —Lowest Prices— SliE US FOR Farm Implements of ail Kinds COITON BACKS WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SHELLS AH Varieties Fall Pasture Seeds PAUL^YRUM Opposite old Poslotlice Phone 253- Call 115 & ask lor Pal for demonstrations of Sludtbukcr, Terra- plane, Hudson, Wlllu * Austin cars. • ™ FARMS FOB SALK Osceola Dislrlct 80 ,acrcs, all cultivated, on grave road, two houses and barn, price S50 per acre, terms $1,080 cash balance long time. 40 ncrcs, all ciillivated. Hue land. well located, residence and burn well located residence nnd barn feed, all Tor 53.000. $1,000 cash balance terms. 80 acres, all cultivated, best ol soil, gravel road, near school, price 540 per acre. 80 acres, all cultivated, 4 houses, barn, fine land, mile Irotn Kclscr S-ifl per acre. 40 acres, all cultivated. Residence and barn, lincst land. Price $50 acre. S800 casli, balance on G. L. WADDELL Osccnla, Ark. LANE) FOR SALE 10 acres, right at Blytheville on gravel road. Nice residence with electric lights, barn, garage, Iruit sad?. . • S3.GOO - - EASY TBKJIS Was oircrcd S'1,000 3 months ago FOR SALE 6 Room DUPLEX. Rails at $15 month. • , TRICK 5750..?50 Cash, $13.50 month Thomas Land Co. Schools Gregg' SHORTHAND. Twentieth „ ""^ ,, BOOKKEEPING: and IVl'INO. Enroll now. Mrs. L M Bumette, Phone 824-v/. Taken Up I have taken up one red cow, 6 yrs. old, car tag p 12865 U. a 'fenn. 193! and calf, 4 nio. old at m;.- place at Huffman. Steele Pee>•>'•' 22pk23 FOR RENT Suburban Hom e .& Acreage. . Most choice. Right in Blythe- \ille. $15 per inontii house rent, payable monllil y and J10 per acre tor land. Good ' lease. Call Courier Ne\vs. Farms for Sale! Terras Reasonable trrilUL B. THOMPSON, Caruthcrsville, Mo. FOR SALE 10 acre Ozark farm near town, Email frame house, ham, running water, half cleared.' Price $375,$100 cash, Balance terms. J. C. CHAPIN Manila, Ark. &, aljo do expert shoe reiralriii" "PHOGKESSIVE SIIOB SHOP 103 S. Scconrl •t'atlur)' Aulhorlicd FKIG1UA1KG SKKVICB Factory Tralncil MccluM«. Day GI—1'hoiie—NigM iiw K. B. GKB SALKS CO. 407 Main Si. idles SHOE REPAIRING & DYEING done by c.xpcrUi. Reasonable. E. E, Ratcliff, Across Ircnn Hiibbaid Hdw Co. ALL FIXTUIIKS lU'lonsillB io llic Olcncoc Cafe, for sale clieini. 1'iirl cash, balance on monlhly pny- mfiils. John 'nioiii|.woii, dlencoc Mold. •>!„ I..,H W. J. KNOX Hnvlng made nil klntts of shoes for AIJNOUMAL. feel, can repair Shoes lo correct A15NOKMAL, feet, Wanted CASH paid for USED CLOTHING <fe SHOES to ship «'osl 11 IE1G1ITON, 321 B. MAIN. Salesmen Wauled WOMAN to lake orders for genuine Brilliant and Kentucky COAL. Call 139. . 21-ck-27 Position'Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHlC~wor);~!il nieht. Reasonable rates. Call 300 or 102. For Sale Typewrilcr.-, iiinl other aitlflcs. K. KUlmilln', 115 !•). .Vine. ^ 25p k2!) AN'J'IQUK WALNUT lied "a nTd rc7- ser. Reasonable. Kxcellent coiutl- llon. Call £130. Two MKN'S SUITS CIIKA'l'. M. Cload ronilltloii. Call SI AUTO Cit.ASa -niO I.DiMHDK CD. 1'IIONK .10 Autoinoliv<: All kinds pafnl and body done, Cliciiix'xl prleci. JOHN HKAKN Auto .Siilcs G'o. work MONUOli 'nt Meyer 27c k'J-Ti _ ONK hum! oijeralcd CALfJULATOU. Call ISros'. ullice. ci.o.siNii oirr Hccondilioncd electric refrl(;eiiilors. Good condlllon—Succcfislul opcr- ntlon CiUAKANTKEO. Sixes, from 5 cubic feet food slor- BO space to 12 cubic feet. You may see these units loday. li. II. CiKK SALliS CO. N N •107 Main St. For Kcul TIIREIS ROOMS for ligiiT'hoiiisoT keeping. Willow & Division. Mrs. Linsmnu. 2'lc k28 Front I313DROOM ailjolninif bath. J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We- recharge, rebuild nil makes. CloniMiitors & Stnrlcrs Repaired. A( Tom w. Jiivk.wir.1 Station ASIt Jt SK(X)NI) I'lioim 8 _ KcsUlfiicc 2J7-W. WK TjEuT'cilKAl'KI? OUlt STOCK IS COMI'I.KTU MECHANICS' SUITUKS I KKI'LAOEMENT I'ARTO. TIRES. | TU1JKS &. ACCIiSBOIMUa Free Service iiubbard Hardware Co, Auliiinullvo Ih'pl. riiuiw 4711 Midwest Farmers Built Ponds for Future Droutlis KANSAS Ori'Y. Mo. iUI')~l'\tr- mrr.s of (he midwest have learned tlii'lr lesson iilionl drouth mid luck 01 .slock wnlcr UiLs mnnmev. nnd on furms now life being juiilll simple, but adequate, ponds 'nnd; dnms. Old ponds have been cleaned ALLE Y~O01' " "ill ami new onej> bulll CluHlei., rtinlnlin! pliuilul IICH.IIK, hu\c been ilivinmcci, The usual ,diim< Is lime It becomes .wulcr light mul provides a storing place for'water Hie year mound. 'I Ills JIMI, hud moj-u |x>nds and fliiins bpcn provided on furms, iiuich .sluck cullle could Imvubeen rclalncd Ihiil Imd lo lie sold be- Laiu-e /of Ulles , wml«l woolen arc umoiiB the IbouMzidi of drivers In Now Yoik 01(7 " L aloln , s t the norld, TAKHS NO CHANCKSt R CT<[ Courier *«„ WMt M*. By < TSEC THAT NOTHIN* HAPPENS. TO YUH / OKUKlf U'on K. steln-Tanbc. Inc,, Is warned to appear In (he Common .Pleas court for (he Clilckns»wba District ot Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thhiy days from Hie date hereof, lo answer n com- Platnl Illcd against It uy ft. a. Slilblry. Dnlcrt this September 24, 10W. li. L. OAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sarlaln, D. C. 25-2-9-lli Winter Range Conditions WELL.YA PIZZY OH.YEAW7 SAY, I'M GITTIN CLUNK. NOW / TIRED OF ALL THIS MONKEV YOU ARK _J BUSINESS.' WOW, LEMME TELL YA SUMPIN.'I A1NT GONNA MARRY WOOTIETOOT-P'YA •fv , S r-alc? 11 " THATf/r ' TflAT'S ALL VERY WELL, jVyc'RE OONNA BUT LES HEAK YA TELL /GIT DfNNV AN' MOW YOU'RE &ONNA J SCRAM. KINO TMIS MESS /OUZZLE NOT- ," OF ROTTEN ^\ WITHSTANOINO/ In Utah Worry Farmers Mrs. ]•'. T. Kldcr, 215 SAW LAKE CITY, uinii <ui>) — Farmers In Dial), one of 111* iinrdesl-lilt drouth states .fate wlnlcr with rmiBc conditions llin worst on record. The United Stales Beparlmciil ol Agriculture reports Ihcrc will be an acute shortage of Iced this "Inter nnd predicted extremely higti prices lot hay and feed will have lo be paid by growers who wish to curry Ihclr stock until spring. 2 front BEDROOMS lo couples or men. Close In. Cull '12-W. M-lf PKKMA'NKNTS When science makes lliem bctt.'i we will give our part. DAK it KITS BEAUTY 8IIOP Noj-lli SUi Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Ilartiln. 1017 W. Waliuil. Call 102. - Telephone 580 _ ' 1-ck-ll Dr. CuldHtll has rclurnert l« hi office over Ilorums IJnif Store, Calls answered ilay or nighl. Ilcs- Idcncc phone 767, office 108. \\ 7 aiilc(l To Buy . Vance, 1616 Short Walnut, corne cheap. Write Fannlo Read Courier News Wmil Ads BOOTS AM)" HER BUDDIES HON VOYAG i, RONNIK! ^^^^^^P^^ OF ALLTH'a'izV STUWTS I EVER SAW? RAVIN' HOBOES $ iO£flcH HOP OFF TH TPAIW. fJOftRDMAM, vou'RE ' IMPOSSIBJ.E, x'O, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. AT LAST WE CAN TRAVEL. IN , , PRIVACy. 1 [ AH, HA! VOICES. TRAIM, BEFORE I KICK YA OFF! SALESMAN SAM .• KEEP TM 1 PUPS ! GIT RIO OP 'EM fiMV WAV VA WANT TO! OUTSIDE OF [THERE'S AM OL' FELLOW . MERE ow TH' WHO OFPERED ME *S A PIKE FOR 'EM » "" IS JJJST DUE MORE THING i (DISH VOU'D DO ^-, PER ME' BEEM NUTHIM' BUT f\ (W TH r MECK PER ME ' i ' I'M GLOD TO TAKE 'EM' Wo. A u ^p iff-^fl V>^'-« K o'Jf ..«**' ' FRECKLES AND HIS FKIENH DAD.I'M SERIOUS J IF YOU PAID ABOUT THIS IDEA ) OWLY 6 (5, OF BUYING AN / DON'T S~= NUTTl' AWD I KAVE A LITTLE MONEY LEFT- FRCM.o'JR VACAT1OKI.., AMD V/E PLAMMEO To SO FIFTY-FIFTY ON BUYING THE-CAR.' BE IT FROM YoOR OLD DAO 1& IN A MATTER OF SUCK GSEAT IMPORTANCE. YOU REALLY WOULDN'T SEr MAD I WSMT OUT WITH NUTTY A>40 BOUGHT ONE', AND W?ove IT HOME ~? \ , . . ^> ,00-iS ONE THINS.., DRiyiWs«,iT HOME is

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