Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, September 21, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS S octal ana rei?onal Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Social Calendar Tuesday, September 21 The J.O.Y. Sunday School ein:;s of the First Baptist Church will hold its regular monthly business ond social meeting Tuesday night at"7:30 at the homo of Mrs. Basil York on East 14th street, with M'-s. A. .L. Harctagc us associate Hostess. Wednesday, September 22 | ,Tro District Seminar of the W.S.C.S. will meet in Nashville, Arkansas Wednesday morning at 10-o'clock and will close at IJ p.m. Wednesday. Those desiring transportation please call Mrs. R. L. Broach. All W.S.C.S. members are urged to allcnd. First Methodist church choir practice will be held Wednesday night. Junior choir at 7 o'clock and the Senior choir at 0 o'clock. 1 Teachers meeting at the Garrelt Memorial church at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening. All leachera urged lo attend. are Wednesday, September 22 ."ihe Parents and Teachers of the, newly erected Garland school will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock for the purpose of organizing a P.T.A. All mothers and others interested are urged to attend. Brookwood P.T.A. will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the school. A full attendance is urged. Thursday, . September 23 • The Women's Missionary Council of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle 3 o'clock at the church with Mrs. will meet Thursday afternoon at H. Paul Holdridge presiding. First Pentecostal church Choir Practice will be held Thursday at 7:30 p.m. All members are urged to- attend. ..Coming and Going .Medical Test Proved This Great to Relieve MOHTHLV Arc sou troubled by distress of female functional monthly disturbances? Does this make you suffer fromipaln, feel so- nervous, weak, high-strung—at such times? Then DO try'LycUn E. Pmklmm's Vegetable Compound to relieve euch symptoms! In a recent medical test this •proved remarknbly helpful to wom- .en troubled this way. Any drugstore. l* LAST DAY FEATURES 2:00 - 5:10 - 8:23 V -V -V Tariffing 5 Great Stars! LAST DAY FEATURES 2:42 - 4:<15 - 6:48 - 8:51 RSCK1ESS FRONTIER DAKIKG a:id ROMANCE! William Elliott John Carroll Catherine McLsod Joseph SchilcUuraut Andy Dovine the Third District Livestock Show. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robertson and son, Freddie, Mr. and Mrs Truman Perkinson spent Sunday m Little Rock visiting Mr and Mrs. Ross Hanks and little daughter, Gay : and Mr. and Mrs. Hollis I-lowers nnd son, Danny. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. • M. Ramsey have returned from a weeks visit with relatives in San Angelo, and Brownwood and other Texas points Mr, and Mrs. Charles Rca have returned from a two weeks vacation viist with relatives and friends m fulsa, Oklahoma, Wichita, Kansas and other Kansas points nr a '? d Mrs - Syd McMath had 88 , ^ lday KUcsls, Governor-elect and Mrs. Sid McMath and sons Phillip and Sa-ndy of Hoi Springs. Persona! Mention Conway-Kinard Young, a senior student at Hendrix College, has been selected lo serve as circulation manager of Ihc College Pro- lilc. student newswcckly Bradford Govan of Marianna is editor-in-chief of the Profile and Hugh McGaughy of Pine Bluff is business manager. Staff of the student-managed newspaper composed of Mr. Youn; and Mrs. E. twenty-two members, is the son of Mr. P. Younu of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hates of Mt. Ida arrived Sunday to visit! Mr. Bates' uncle, M. S. Bates and! Mrs. Bates here ami to attend Youn Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. A-nslcy Gilbert, Hope. Josephine " Mr. and Mrs. James Pilkinton, Hope, announce the arrival of a son on September ">Q ig.-ig Admitted: John Gunlcr, Atlanta, Texas Mrs. James Pilkinton. Hope. R. J. Wilkerson, Merlon, Texas. Discharged: Miss Anna Lou Scalon, Hope Mrs. M. L. Rogers, Hope. Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. O. II. Flowers, Rt. 1, Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter, September 20, l!)4ii. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Flowers, Rt. 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a son. September 20, 1948. Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Pritchclt, Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter, September 20, 1948. Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Williams, Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter, September 21, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. 0. H. Flowers, Rt. 1. Hope. Mrs. L. E. Martindale, Dallas -Mrs. I. C. Pritchctl, Hope. George T. Bright, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. A. L. Riner, Hope. Kansas City Gun Battle Fata!to 5 Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 21 — (UP) — Five persons — inc'uding ihrec police officers, a Negro gunman and a bystander — were dead loday as result of a series of gun battles touched off when officers answered a routine call to quell a disturbance. Two other policemen were wounded, one critically, in the affray just before midnight last night; ' Authorities were questioning George Bell. 33-year-old Negro, to determine whether he took Page Three-V| 'Barricade Against Death' 7 the firing. Bell was captured early today after police threw a cordon around the Kansas City Negro section. Lt. Charles Welch of the homo- cide bureau said Bell denied that he was in the apartment where the shootings took place. But Welch said three witnesses placed Bell there. Bell's brother, William. 34, was the gunman who died under police bullets. The officers killed were Sandv Washington, 2G, Charlie Neaves, 30 both Negroes, and Charles Perrinc 46, while. Injured officers were Bill Wells, 34, and Keiffer Burris, 34. A bystander, Burton E. Warren, Ncru-o, also was wounded, and died" early today at a hospital. T-ho shootings occurred when Washington and Neaves answered a routine complaint about a disturbance at the apartment of two Negro women. Alpha Russell and Gwindola King, about eight blocks from police headquarters; The officers found a drinking party in progress. Among those present were the Bell brothers the Russell and King women and a girl named Ora Bell who was identified as George Bell's girl friend The officers told the Bell brothers (hoy would have to go to headquarters to be booked for disturbing the peace, according to tho Bell woman. The brothers went for their coats, but instead, George pulled a shotgun Iron, the closet and shot Neaves. according to one of the women. Washington turned to run clown the stairs but was felled by another blast. Neighbors, m e a n w h i 1 e, had Bus Hearing Scheduled at Little lock Little Rock, Sept. 21 —l.-Fi— The Arkansas Public Service Commission today began hearing on an application of the Intercity Transit Company to operate passenger bus •ervice between Little Rock and •ort Smith. Two bus companies nnd the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen ire •opposing the application. Intercity .seeks 'authority to ex- tend service to Fort Smith with routes on both sides of^the Arfcati- sas river from Russellvllle to FoYt bmith. The company now oner*- ales from Little Rock to Conway. : r'". ..'' : 1; '«-•• Residents of hands and creeled this roadblock." Sign by a truck, they took matters into their own on dead baby's crib says "Keep Out—A People's Barricade Afainst Death." DOROTHY DIX When a wife finds out. that her husband has been unfaithful to her, her first impulse is to break up her home, take her children and rush with her grievance to (he divorce court. If she loves her husband, her world lies in ruins about her, and she knows that never again can it be the beautiful place in which she lived when she trusted her husband as she trusted her God. j Her very soul is torn to tatters i with jealousy. She feels that -she j has been insulted and humiliated j beyond endurance, for. as women j judge women, the wife who can- ! not hold her husband has failed s: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Vague discomfort in the abdomen and alternate periods of constipation and diarrhea are common signs of a condition called spastic colitis. It seems to be a disorder of civilization. It is rare among "uncivilized" people which suggests that it has a nervous origin relaled lo the strain of present- day life. Often patients report that they have suffered for a great many years with recurring attacks of discomfort or pain in the lower part of the abdomen. The attacks may last for several minutes, many days or even off and on for months. Pain of a crampy, griping nature is often present. Frequently the abdomen feels bloated and gives characteristic gurgling sounds. These symptoms may bo enough to disturb the sleep. Constipation is often blamed for the trouble, but diarrhea may be present, too, at least off and on. Unusual worry or anxiety often precedes an attack. People who keep themselves at high tension are especially liable to trouble. Fatigue and exposure to cold, tobacco, various foods, laxatives and out the front door and lay in bush for them. The Russcl and kimr women hid in a closet while the Bell girl and George Bell ran out. a back doo:\ William Bell opened fire as officers Perrinc and Langley drove up. "I ran inside the doorway and was protected by bricks." Langley said. "I turned just in time to see ! Perrinc fall." Burris and Wells drove up in another car. They jumped out and ran toward the building as Bell fired at them repeatedly. Both wore wounded. A fourth police car arrived. Officers Earl Scott and Rodney Knight opened fire with a riot gun, a .38 automatic pistol and a shotgun. Bell was riddled in the fusel- lade and died instantly. Warren, a bystander. was wounded when he began running from the scene and failed to obey an officers warning to halt. Police many other things may also bring on attacks. Treatment is Medical Treatment is medical than surgical. The mental or tension which is making th_ colitis worse must be tackled. Vegetables and many fruits usually increase the irritation. Cooked cereals, milk and milk products, eggs and fish, custards and similar foods usually make up the bulk of the diet and decrease the irritability. Several medicines are helpful though not curative. Spastic colitis docs not affect the duration of life in spite of the distress it causes. Unfortunately many people who are afflicted with it also have a tendency to worry about their health in era!. This adds to the difficulty of treating spastic colitis successfully. their husbands are two-timers, they wnt to chuck the whole business and go back to Mother. They forget Ilia; 1 ; marriage is a wife's career, her means of livelihood, and th;il many a philanderer is a good provider, and thai there is a lot of consolation that a woman gc'V out of a comfortable home nnd a charge account at the best stores. Count Cost Ccnlirining this theory that the woman who is married to a man with a wandering loot should sit down and do a little figuring before she lets her own feel carry hi'i- tu the divorce court, is a Ict- this ixpei'icnce required to wage peace uccossfully." Congress"—"I pledge- .to you an iclministration which will know low to work wilh the elected rep- •csontatives of the ooople and that wants to work with them and will do so." Teamwork—"I pledge to you a [overnmcnt of teamwork. The executive heads of your government vill be really qualified for their positions and they will be given till responsibility to do their job vithout loose talk, factional quarreling or appeals to group prejudice." House cleaning — "I pledge to vuo that on next January 20 there vill begin in Washington the biggest unravelling, unsnarling, un- anghng operation in our nation's lislory.'' Over-all policy—"I pledge to you hat every act of mine will 'be determined by one principle above nil others: Is this good for the country?" Bearing out his aides' predictions, Dcwcy made it plain ho isn't going to engage in a long- angc debate wilh President Truman over charges made by the Democratic candidate against the Republicans. called' for more police WilHaVn "ran i no out the front rlnn,- anri h,v in nm. somehow as a woman. The pity j tor from a wile who conlronts of her friends, the shame of know- problem, bhe says: ing that her husband is no longer | "I am married to a man to interested in her and has forsaken j whom every her for glamour girls, the loneliness of solitary evenings, with nobody to speak to except the baby, get on the nerves of the wile of the philanderer until she finally comes to think that divorce is her only out, and that she would be once more young and beautiful and perfectly happy if she only had a decree absolute. So myriads of unhappy wives believe lhat divorce is the cure-ail for all of their troubles, and the,y ask the courts to break 1112 then- marriages without ever stopping to count the cost. In their disappointment in their marriages not rc'- maining love idyls and finding that flutterin Laboratory Technician Smith critically the chest. wounded William him in By Efswyth Thane Chtrylli Thane. Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. XXVIII : They missed her at Nuns Farthing, of course, by tea time. Hilary heard them calling her in the garden, in the passage, and began to wonder too. At 15 o'clock Mrs. Pilton came up and looked in at his door to see if Sabrina had fallen asleep up there. With one inscrutable glance round the empty room, she closed the door and went away again. A little later he went out and sat on his stairs, listening. While he sat there. shamelessly waiting to eavesdrop, Aunt Eft'ie came upstairs and went into Sabrina's room. In a few minutes she came out: : again. and hurried downstairs towards the study. Hilary followed to -the top of the lower flight. Note: Dr. Jordan is unable to answer individual questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most frequently asked questions in his column. QUESTION: What are the disad- I vantages of dicumarol in the control of clotting inside the blood vessels'.' ANSWER: Dicumarol i.s a useful drug but lukes some lime before its action is apparent. It is also difficult to adjust the do.se so that it will have exactly the desired effect wilhout eatisin;-; tuo imieh delay in clotting. "Alan! Alan" cried Aunt Effie at the study door. "Her dressing ease is gone, and her toilet things ,She packed them up! She's run a- \\oii > |\yay Now will you ring up the po- Iliee at Wells and give'them a do- sicrinl.ion? Say we'll he there directly after dinner. I'll go and bring the car round now." Packed a bag and bulled, wondered Hilary, beginning to be concerned. Hf> hung about the stairhead | while they ate a hasty and unhap- ny meal, and before they had finished he ran down through the lower hall and got into the rumble seat of the waiting car. In a few minuti-s tliev came out. Aunt Kffie took her place behind gen-j the wheel, and they drove away. The lioo'i was down, and fragments of their conversation flouted back to Hilary on Uio road. Aunt ^KITie blamed herself for nut leading up more persuasively to til" matter of the school in Switzerland. :md rfjluiMlcd h'T intention tu gi-l Sabrina out of the house as soon as po.ssjl.ije. Hilary was enli/.;iitrn- od. Threatened with st-hool iu;:iiiu;t her will. Siibrina had run away. picking up local'gossip. He went first to the Swan, \vhich was probably the only hotel Sabrina was likely io know about in Wells, and when the manageress' back was turned he inspected the register, but without success. He glanced into the dining room and tho lounge and as he expected drew a blank. Ho then went down the road and i/ie social scale finally fetched up in a pub where a dart game was in progress. Various ancients had grown ;iv- garious over thc-ir mild and bitter, and the entry of a constable just come off duty was greeted with ii small stir. Had the misi'in-^ young lady been found they wa.il- skirt is a signal to gel up and follow, but I am not breaking up my home lor these' reasons: (1) Because we have two lovely little girls, age '.', and 4 years, and I feel that I would rather sacrifice my life as a iorsaken wife than have them hall-orphaned and to grow up in a home in which they would never know a father's love and care. (21 "My husband's mother lives wilh us where she is very happy and. contented, as she would not be anywhere else. She loves her son and adores Ihe little grandchildren, and it would be a cruel thing lo deprive her of the pleasure of being with them in her old age. C'i) ''My husband is a good provider, and as I do not have good health I could not support the children and give them the advantages that their father does. (4) I have friends who love and respect me and who would be hurt by the gossip that a divorce always creates.' C5) I feel that this would not only affect my own liie, but also that of my children. It is a mailer of common knowledge that the children of divorced parents almost always have their natures warped. | (G) "While my husband is un- I true to me, he is not unpleasant | to live wilh. lie is kindly, s;ympa- I fhotic, with a charming person! a lily. So even if I do regret my i marriage to a philanderer, by the j help 01 God I am able to go on i fur the sake of those I love, and : to make a happy home for my j children. "My plea lo olher women faced this problem is lo do Ihe and. I believe lhat if we do, Hie and j w ;th bar ; ;;;>nie By JACK BELL Enroutc to Denver with Dcwey, Sept. 21 —-(/[')—Western water nnd land development was pledged to|day by Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey in answer to President Truman's charge that the Republicans pin "sabotage of the WcsL" Following Mr. Truman into Denver, the Republican presidential nominee prepared in his second major speech of the cmapaign there tonight lo talk about "our land as the basic resource of our country's material strength." The quotes were those of Paul Lockwood, the New York governor's secretary, who told reporters: "The governor will discuss need to conserve our natural resources and to develop our country for the future. He will pledge ail administration that understands our land and water problems and that will keep our country strong as it works earnestly for peace in the world." This added up to a direct reply to Mr. Truman's assertion that if the Republicans win in November they will "try to turn back Ihc clock lo Ihc day when Ihe west was an economic colony of Wall street." Republicans were visibly disappointed that rain spoiled their plans for an open air meeting in DCS Mpincs lasl night when tho Republican nominee called in his first formal speech of the campaign for "a foreign policy based on the belief that we can have peace." But a howling, whistling crowd estimated at fi.OOO person's gave Dewey a rousing send-off in tho jammed Drake University field house. While Mr. Truman blpmed Ihc Republicans in his Denver speech for high prices, Dcwcy contented himself in Dos Moines with setting forth a doctrine of his own for the next administration he hopes to head. In his own words, it was: Foreign policy"— pledge lo you a foreign policy based upon "the firm belief that we can have peace. Thai policy will be made ellectivo by men and women who really understand, the nature of the threat to peace and who have the vigor, the knowledge and the we wil! not only be 1 rewarded in this world but in the world to come." 'Ic- which I say fervently: Amen. Uteleased by The Bell Syndicate, leaders Tiif ) I ' Rolln and Cuba en 7 onto. A delegation of Missouri Republicans was to board the train a 1 Springfield. Included were Murray Thompson, candidate for gover nor, and state and county party Mother's Friend massaging prefers tion helps bring ease and comfort <8 to expectant mothers. f\ M OTHER'S FRIEND, ftn exquisitely prepared emollient. Is useful In all conditions where a bland, mild anodyne mtiss.ige medium In Bkln lubrication 13 desired. One condition In which women, for more thnn 70 years hnvo used It ia an application for massaging the body v durluB pregnancy... it helps keep tho skin sort and pliable... thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort duo to dryncia and tightness. It refreshes and tones tho skin. An Ideal massage application forth* numb, tingling or burning sensations of the skin... for the tired back muscles of cramp-llko pains In the legs. Quickly absorbed. Delightful to use. Highly /" praised • by users, many doctors and * nurses. Millions ol bottles sold. Just aslc ,, any druggist) for Mother's Friend—-tho skin emollient and lubricant. Do try Ik. 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN' You'll think you're in Wonderland, for Jabber- walkie's the softest, comfiest thing your feet have ever felt! You'll find yourself putting it on for the Sunday funnies, keeping it on as you move outdoors. It's a slipper and shoe all in one, and so comfortable you can't bear to take it off. California Cobblers made it in glove-soft full grain colorful Napa leather. Sizes 4 to 10, widths AA to B. New color: Honey cream. "'Where Good Shoes ore fitted Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 County Judges to Meet at- Little Rock Uo here Sid JMe.Muli], nee for govc-rnu the wil! ' tonioi'Hjv,". •k. Sept. 21 —-l.-lv riinly udgi-s play state convention nd Friday? '.'as being dis- by ihe Arl-ian- C.juntv Judges. association today. Th conclude its. two-day iJernoL-ra'.ie nomi- . was to address ji.roup ; ary. meeting j and The police station at Wrlls was only mildly concerned about Sa- bnna'.s mysterious disappearance, They took the viewpoint fiir) nf neni'ly lo who had nackcd a h.'-m and walked broad daylight wilh at least two pounds in her purse was not in anv immediate rlttngrr. They were pretty sure that she had not 1,.,-i-n seen al iiio railway station and she was not at anv of the hotels, but they uvre making, further inqnirii.-s and would probably have snmethhiL; to ri'Hoit in lin- moinini,'. They advis- i-d Aunt Kfiu- to HO home 'and ;;>'t some ri-tt and be nix-pnrud (o eoinr and colk-rt th.- Ljirl when flie turned up safe and sound the next day. Baffled and silenced by the- bland i-t'iicieney of the law. Aunt Kti'ie and Father returned io the cur and drove away in the direction of Nuns Farthin;.'.. But without Mil- He was far from satisfied, he meant to drift round tho ed to know. No, she had "I saw un, 1 did." volunteered an old boy in the corner with a bubbling pipe. "Did you, now'.'" said f!,e i-on- slable. humoring him. "Where would that be?" "Pretty ereelur she were, mumbled Ihe old man into hi. "Nigh broke. 1 her neck, shi gettin' on the bus. I.uggin' a 'eavy bag like that." "What bus'.'" said Hilary, involuntarily, drawing nearer. "How do you know so niin-h about it?" inquired the rnnslablr. '"Krbert, 'ere, were down at (he railway station. 'K 'card 'em asking about people Uikin' ti London an' lhat. 1 said, don in it.' 1 said. 'She took UK buy fer Glastonbnry,' 'Krbert .said—" "How was si io dressed thi yon saw?" The (.'unstable '.','; lerested now. "Might be Koinethin' blue,' old Torn with nonchalance, ai ried hi. 1 ; face in his: lic'-r. "! cn-etui-," hi' ,'ukL-d. half cim-i "But wants: 1'altenin' —" ]J< appeared again, into hi:; Ir-er "Blue," said Hie f.-on:- "That's ri'-iht. Carryin-.' a i Gla.'ilonbiiry bus. We.'l, n ' i k-tling them know at tlu j Hut Hilary had .-finned oiu (he thai a ;door ahead of him and wa.-, hurrv- ealmly ; ing toward the square where the out in 'last bus. for Glastonlmry wa:- loading. Hi- waited on (he enrb lill it:. gears went home, and liien .swun-. 1 on through ihe open bark door ami Inc.) —o Warren to Mi vith Warren to SI. 1!1 --i/l'i-- Clov. Karl Warren invaded President Truman';; hnnie state of Missouri today amid indications that I' 1 " Warren campaign axe was about to .••wing wiih increased vigor on Uemoeraiic party leadership. A whopping audience in Tulsa, | Ok la., last night heard the Republican vice presidential candidate fake his first full-fledged v,vh:e a! Ihe president. | Talking ai Tul.sa coliseum, the California lambasU d Mr. Truman lo,- "intemperate" and "belligerent threats." and charged they . i.'i'oved only the incumbent ad- .'!i:ni;-(ration had beeeme a ".shani- Phone 944 or ghuuor, one president meant by .-veryone who disagreed a i i n nnist ra'ion. Warren he voiild have to is Ke- 1 railwa t-- ilrnnped into a i-eM ! • It was quite dark \ ; 1o Gla.-Umbury, and . Inn was dim and mi'' inlo ihe de.sel ted ha : q'.iiek .'-dance j otnM I hi- oil i ee a lid son;dit : The last signature ol roused him. Maty Sn.ith. he j> and b"sid'.' it. No. L!7. Still smiling, he v.'eni npst ami lound the number on a < ; and listened. Xul a sound, lie \v ed thruiiyh the. painted wuudci' neks. • ^ Sahrina was, asleep in ih-.' lui'n [bled bed, one. fragile unit uullluii;; j (Tu He C'unUiiiied) Because Life Bra's clever quiltsd cushions lift, Mold, Correct, Hold, all at once, give your fauslline thai v/c-ll-rounded new look, let •• our filler* demonstrate this exci^';) glamor secret soon. :# UFE BRAS, $1.25 io $3.50

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