Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 20, 1948
Page 4
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New York, Sept. 20 — The mo- anderings of Bubblchead Wallace in the Southern tier of states has actually served the good purpose, deplorable as it may bo to Henry, Vols, Barons Back in Fronf in Playoffs nre By the Associated Press Nashville and Birmingham back in front in the Southern Association playoffs, eacli needing but, one more victoiy to enter the finals. 7'hc leaders broke de.'idloc/ks with Mobile and Memphis in the cnost four-of-scvcn series by winning yesterday. The Nashville Vols, winners of an 11-inning thriller over Mobile Arkansas Hot and Cold in By The Associated Press Injurio:;, blamed for Arkansas' mid-season slump last year, are piling up on the Ra/orbacks again. Four regulars were on the "definitely out" list as the Porkers began preparations today for Saturday's engagement with East the regular season pennant, won |Texas State at Fayetteville. And 5-4.' capitalizing on tv.-o costly Bear it's ):robably a good thing for the Ra/orbacks that they're facing a second straight warm-up game erros in the final frame. The .Barons beat the Memphis Chicks 8-5, largely on a wild second of proving by contrast that these S o u t h e r n commonwealths ore more polite and obedient to' law than, those others which criticised them. The campaign of disparagement of these states has been growing in volume for fifteen years and is the work of two agencies, the Association for the Advancement of the Colored People, a .sinecure for a few overprivileged elegants, and the Communist party. Both of FURNISHED ROOMS. ALL 0 "°outle^whic'hS Icss^ikcVto" e ntr^:^^V^i^-2^\^^^^^^^ -^ connection with the cvcr-susccp- liblc New York Herald Tribune whereby its president, one Waller Services Offered J j SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED. GET * yours cleaned before bad weather begins, kins; Phone G89, J. M. At- 2G-lmo Por Sale Whilc, a Negro so pallid as to walk in peril in Harlem after midnight, should publish its propaganda in the Sunday section of the" guise impartial observations. of The HT, its ethics gone numb, ran White's early pieces with no 6 ROOM FARM HOUSE TO BE or a touchy 'cause"' U wnTl ImKie ttioved from-location. Good con-1 deception of a piece with the pub- •dition, new galvanized roof. Lo- Uication of essays against tho cated 2 miles South of Rosston, American Legion by Charles G. , Arkansas. See Roy Caldwell, Slephens, Arkansas. Phone 4151. 16-Gt •ONE CHAMPION 400 Smith bower, John iOzan, Arkansas. Bolte, the founding father of the American Veterans' committee with no line to warn the reader that this too was pleading by an _ T , — s oo was peang y an BLACK interested party. On being exposed Webb, ibe HT quietly complied with the rule of good faith in journalism. in on i.inmg times walks. The sixth which they scored four safeties and five two a Southwest Confer- games will be played at Memphis and Nashville tonight. By JOE REICHLER Associated ....press Sprots Writer rather than once tilt. For Coach John Barnhill was emphatic when he commented .yesterday that "we are not yet ready to meet a really good team.' ' That statement came as Barn- nill reviewed his team's performance in walloping Abilene Christian 40-6 before 27,000 in the new war Memorial Stadium at Little Hock Saturday. It was in that game that, Billy iiay Thomas, regular defensive center, was added to the injury list with a bad knee. He is expected to be out of action for at least, two weeks, as arc Guard rheorn Roberts and End Jim Cox. who were hurt in practice l.'ist week. Alvin Duke, the No 1 blocking back, who missed the Abilene game because of a dislo- Win, lose or draw, Lou Boudreau cated arm. may be able to play shortstop-manager of the Clevc-1 against Texas Christian in the con- land Indians, rates as the ' " standing player of. the leagues. It is largely through his efforts — at bat, in the field and on the bench — that the Indians are only half a game out of the American League lead today, with an excellent chance to win their first flag in 28 years. Lou blasted his ' 15th and ]filh out- feronce opener two weeks hence. All Southwest Conference elevens will play this week, but the Texas major For Safe or Rent 1 ['MODERN Paul Di kansas. Phone 36. ictics. The Tribe cner, 5-3. The pair of victories, coupled . , . -•. --- »-- |with the double setback handed to And, in due course, the A, V. C.'s the Boston Bed Sox by the Detroit Communists debauched eyed society of campus :ODERN 5 ROOM. TILE HOME, l a ," s , vindicating the suspici Paul Dudney, Washington, Ar- i 1 ' 1 h « ncsl observers. Bolle, knnsns Phnne SR in.Rf "-8 ofr . was the Long John wet ideologi- suspieions of 18-Gt Some 720 fires break out ... homes in the United States each jcurement, aecountance and day. , with a Long John Silver and the front for a collection of ,- n draft-dodging lieut-coJonels of pro- propa- FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Aephalt Tile e Rubber Tile ROY ALLISON Phone 280 LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes * Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lota • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 " 3. Walnut St. Hope Transfer Company Moving and Storage , Office Phone ..... 314 *|* Residence Phone . . . 231-J FOR SALE My five room, newly decorated home, near grade school. Reasonable, Call 310-W or see at 821 West 7th Street. PAXTON JORDAN REMOVED FREE , Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) If No Answer Dial 3-5770 ELiCTRIC MOTORS REPAIRED and REBUILT Complete Stock of Parts Berwick's Electric Service Phone 413 Hope, Ark. REFRIGERATION SERVICE Notice to Cotton Growers We will handle your government cotton loans on the green card class. Bring your Conpress tlckt'ts and class card and save $1.00 to $1.50 per bale. E. M. McWilliams & Co., Hope, Ark. Across the street from Post Office REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Piione 1280 or 1231-J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope Henry Wallace made himself as offensive as lie could to the white population of the South and to most of those Negroes who prefer progress in peace to solution in blood, sweat and tears. His decision to live only in the homes of m-ominont Negroes was -a patronizing affectation by a slobbering mountebank who hadn't even learned the tricks of the journeyman demagog. He never promoted Negroes in the departments of Agriculture or Commerce when he was secretary and it , never occurred to him to sleep in a colored man's bod and spill salt in his home until he went traipsing in election year under a banner which impugned the Negroes' patriotism. Through all this, Bubblchead was treated with the good contempt of •men of both races who were in a moral position to despise him. He was egged slightly but never stoned and of the tomatoes thrown nono hit him, a perhaps., of the decline of South as the source of league ball-players. But a few years ago, in York,_when Fritz Kuhn and main show centers around ami Soulhp'-n Methodist. The terrific Texas Longhorns, victors over Louisiana State, go to Chapel Hill, N. C., to take on revenge-bent North Carolina. .Southern Methodist, like Rice and Baylor, will be playing its urst game of the year this week Ihe Mustangs turn loose probably the best backfield in the conference against Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pa. Rice opens against Sam Houston State and Baylor takes on rough Tulsa University. --- •--• —~ .. . Texas Christian, which squeezed Jigers, 4-3 and 8-0. boosted the In- ! Q y the University of Kansas 14-13 dians within half a game of lhe la st week, meets Oklahoma By Hugh 8. Fullorton, Jr. AIC Raises Poof ball Curtain This Weekend Little Rock, Sept. 20 — f/P)—-The Arkansas Intercollegiate confer- New York, Sept. 20 — f/P) —Best talk heard over the weekend concerns an outside basketball star who had been eagerly sought by almost every college in the southwest. . . .The kid finally picked a certain Texas school and the athletic department joyfully ordered a tailor to make a couple of suits j. ln ,,, , • ,, , nlo , ., ,, to fit his huge frame. . .Then the ?""'.' ,]"f, cs lllc f- 8 foolja11 lad disappeared from the campus ! ta ,? ''" tho wa >' lhls wcek and tunif.'d up at a college in a; • Io PP"iK the men will be a feud neighboring slate Instead of|" 1 Little Rock Saturday between howling about the "theft" author-! Arkansas State Teachers College, ilirs of school merely dispatched a ja'-leiKling AIC co-champion, and note saying that since the suits no I'; 10 surprising Little Rock Junior longer were useful, didn't school B| Co ' lc Se Trojans. want to take them off their hands I Thc Teachers, expected to bf .By return mail came a note stronger than they were when they saying: "Thanks very much here's shared the conference crown with a check Send one." Arkansas Tech last year, will be Monday, September 2.0, 1948 son is as follows: Kept ember 2-1—Id abet—There September 30—Broken Bow — Here 7—Molvcrn—There Hi—Pine Bluff (Merrill). on rnday Seeing is Believing When the Texas Aggies footballers reached Philadelphia last week for the villanova game, several of them were rounded up to appear on a television show. . . .At the end of the performance, someone asked Andy Hillhouse. Lanky Aggie from Alvin, Tex, if that was his first video performances'.' "Tel- vision?" replied .Andy, "Why, until I came up here yesterday I never heard of it before". round trippers count for both _ Cleveland's second game urnph over the ~" ' yesterday his team's to ac- runs in .... 2-0 tri- Philadelphia Ath- also won the op- Monday Matinee Lou Boudreau has been heard expressing a wish that his Indians had more than" one home game against the Red Sox because he figures his club can "take" the Sox in Cleveland. . . .No doubt the Yankees would be glad to lend him a few. . . The story that Kiki Cuy„„ „ ler will manage the Tigers next ?.i._ ! season keeps bouncing up — especially since Kiki said he wouldn't return to Atlanta. the major New the Nazi Bund held a rejoicing in Mad ison Square Garden, it took all the spare cops in town to keep some TiO.OQO level-headed, patient New York exponents of tolerance and forbearance from throwing the edifice at him, brick by brick. Kuhn was anti-American, anti-Sc- rnetic, dishonest qncl unpopular. Wallace is, if not anti-American then, anyway, more friendly to the enemy than to his uwn country. He is anti-white, a notorious liar and no more beloved in Alabama than Kuhn was in the Bronx In lho Southern states, Wallace generally was let to speak his maundering piece. People called him a few names and hit him with I Call 129 or 806 (nights) FOR — House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Allen Electric Co. Next Door to Ssenger Theatre Phones 129 or 808 a lew e<;gs which caused no injury. The cops were lew by contrast with the mighty cordons "•hich were necessary to protect Kuhn that night. Obviously the Southern people could be trusted to restrain themselves. ^ In New York, Madam Kersteh Flagstad came to sing nonpolitical songs and was placarded long in advance by frantic incitations to. assault or even homicide composed by illiterates on the foundation of motivated gossip against her late husband, and published in daily papers. No modern Southern paper would consider printing such brutal counsel. Mr. Flagstad was "•;«id to have been a Norwegian Nazi. The A. V. C., of the Herald Tribune's preference, was one of the vigilante outfits that picketed her show. In the New York district which sends Vito Marcanlonio to Congress to follow the party line, an electioneer named Scoltorigyio was kicked to death in daylight for all around to see, because he was opposing Marcantonio. This was u lynching as brutal and unmistakable as any in Southern history. Marcantonio, of course, and he an old oific-e protc-fji; and political disciple of LaGuanlia, was the po- lilical beneficiary of |)K- murder done in a district where he usually knows all. ) In New York it was that the fur-1 rii-rs and tin- employers by the consent of Democratic city administrations. Tin- Ku Klux Klan never was more brutal or stronger in the modern South. __!)! New York, the council of the C. I. O. openly announced the '•o.-iliJUlsiiry (i,-;)U of ;it| Ha ni-:-Jll- bers at the instant order of Communist buiSi-i for picket duty, winch means riot and msur; ec- i nesses. lion. No sucli private army ever! before had been ordered into! beiiiK anywhere- in American lur.y. It is yreater than the tional guard oi any Southern and in any !'<.> intu ti sci'ii;tion v.-as Mich a nee ft la-.v in Ne\ local papi-i'si ui mayor didn't even c TK- niuMt draniutic in the m-v.Mja st-ries ui ihix-t- killing a citizen with pace-setting Sox. The Indians nlso vaulted over the New York Yankees into second place when the Bronx Bombers were held to a split in their doubie- header with the Browns in St Louis. The hustling Brownies took Ihe first game, 8-6; New York won the second, 9-6. In the National League, only a complete! collapse can stop the Boston Braves from winning their first flag in 34 years. The Braves defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 4-2, yesterday. They lyn Dodgers and lead the St. Louis the last A. and M. Texas A. and M., loser to powerful .Villanova, 34-14, and Texas lech, tangle at San Antonio. The Texas-North Carolina game shapes up as one of the best in the nation. Charley Justice, highly touted North Carolina back, and the rest of his teammates are openly aiming to avenge the 34-0 licking suffered at the hands of the Longhorns last year. Texas displayed tremendous power on tho ground in swampin Brook- Cardini\]s by six games. The Cards moved into a second place tic with the Dodgers, scoring victories over the New York, 4-3 Giants in The Dodg- Philadclphia all but the Pittsburgh Pirates, ers whipped the Chicago Cubs m ....... .„ . 44 eliminated c,-- ~.,, trouncing the Bucs in a twin bill, 9-6 and 5-3 The fifth place Giants are only two games away from being mathe- Pitisburgb trails by eight games matically eliminated. A. paid Cleveland crowd of 382 saw Larry Doby slam a matie ninth inning home run Joe Gordon on base to break 75,- dra- with a 3-3 tie and give the Indians their first- game triumph. Steve Gromck permitted only •three hits in registering his ninth victory against three .defeats in the nightcap. Dick Fowler allowed the Tribe only five hits, but two of these were those payoff circuit swats by Boudreau. The Red Sox went 12 innings before finally bowing to the Bengals in the opener. The second game was called after eight innings because of darkness. Al Znrilla's two-run homer in the | sixth won the opener for the Browns again;; tthe Yankees. Fred banford, who gave way to Cliff Fannin in the- seventh, was the winner. Joe Di Maggio led the Yankees to victory in the second game, poling his 37th and liillh home runs, each with a man on .L. S. U. The LoriRhorns' seemingly endless supply of tested linemen held the Bengals to a net 38 yards on the ground and a host of Lon»horn backs piled up 290 yards rushing. Arkansas was hot and cold — depending on whether regulars or reserves were on the field— as it trounced Abilene. Clyde Scott the Razprbacks' ace tailback sparked the attack but turned the scoring over to teammates He carried the ball ten times for 119 yards, passed for one touchdown and set up three. Ross Pritchard, stellar wingback, led the touchdown parade With two. Leon Campbell, Ray Parks, Geno Mazzanti and Ed Hamilton tallied one each. -os Stars By the Associated Press American League Batting — Williams, Boston .370; Bcudreau. Cleveland .355. Runs Batted In — Di Maggio New York 145; Stephens, Boston Runs — Henrich, New York 12G; opening their season, as will seven other loop members. The Trojans walloped Poteau Okla., J. C., H2-0 a week ago and upset the favored Tyler Texas J. C. eleven last Thursday night. Next billing goes to the Magnolia _ ,A, and 'M.-Ouachita battle at Ar; kadelphia. Both have seen action - ! fhis season, Ouachita's downning Louisiana college 7-0 Saturday mght and Magnoli alosing to McNeese, La., J. C., 32-7. The other AIC encounters this week will pit Arkansas college against Tech at Russellville and lienclrix against the College of the Ozarks in Conway opening the season for all, _ Henderson will open against wortheasl Oklahoma at Tahle- .quah, Okla.. Friday and Arkansas A. and M. of Monticello will start with Delta State at Cleveland, Miss., Thursday night! Arkansas State college which will not compete in the title race this year, will play .Mississippi The Yerger High School Tigers looked impressive in an inlra-squad game last Friday. Reserve strength looms as a problem for the inexperienced club that will got its first test Friday afternoon in Idabel, Oklahoma. The Tiger's schedule for the sea- October October —Here October October ing)—Here November November November ban—Here November 27—Smackover—Hero December 4—Open Date—Here About 000.000 building fires oc cur each year in this country. 22—Hot Springs-—There 28—Camden (Homccom-. 5—El Dorado—There 11—Texarkana—Here 111—Little Rock (Dun- I sit ...-fy Joe Marsh 'Advertisement (Ouch Exclamation Point) We always thought Francis Wallace, the football forecaster, would get in wrong somewhere through his frank appraisal of team and individual prospects ... . Last week his annual forecast hit the news stands The blurb on the magazine cover read: "Pigskin Preview. Why I don't vote for Wallace." college at Jonosboro Saturdiw State joined AIC loo late to book coiiicrencc games this year. Someone asked Pappy Miller last week how he stayed so spry at ninety. Pappy told him: "Well, sir—when I wovk, I work hard. When I set, I set loose. When I think, I go to sleep." According- to Doc Hollistcr, that formula isn't far amiss. "Hard work," says Doc, "never wore out anyone before his lime, providing he knew how and when to relax." Doc himself works' overtime, with his daytime patients at the office, and /lis evening calls. And er when he gets home he takes it easy with a mellow glass of beer and chats with the missus until it's time to g-o to bed. From where I sit, relaxing is a fine art—especially in these tense, fast-moving- times. And there's nothing like a temperate glass of beer—enjoyed with pleasant com- pany—to'restore that easy frame of mind that one necdsiaftcr a hard .day's work. ARKANSAS DIVISION, UNITED STATES £07 PYRAMID DLDC« LITTLE ROCK, ASK, •-iuiio lAUJllJL.il, IN UW 1 (Jilt idl) ' l DiMaggio and Williams, Boston 116 co '-?' Hits — Dillinycr, St. Louis 1BQ- faster 71 'i; t ,. i- .. 11 r—.i . i -i - ' T?tttrtf\\'n New York. Sept. 20 —f/P)—Almost everybody gels into the act this week in the touchest set ol September football games in history. The traditional early season "breather" definitely as a thing of the past when the. first full weekend of action offers such attractions as Navy-C'iI'fornia P'V'MO- Notre Dame "and Texas-North Carolina. And there are many more. Army is apt to have its hands full at West Point against Villanova. Texas Christian and Oklahoma A. M., both .winners already this year, tangle at Stillwater, Okla. Corthwestern visits UCLA and Minnesota will journey to Washington to further the Big Nine-Pacific Coast rivalary while Indiana and Wisconsin get the Big Nine underway at Madison. Way-above average offerings dot all sections of the gridiron map. Some of the action is scheduled for Friday night. These games include Wake Forest at Boston College, Kansas' annual trek to Denver and Oregon State at Southern California. Southern Methodist's Southwest Conference champions visit Pittsburgh Saturday. Missouri makes its customary journey to Ohio State and Io>va State and Nebraska I open the Big Seven season at Lin- i >rn attractions i n c 1 u d c Mitchell, Cleveland' 187. """'" "'''' Rutgers at Columbia, Brown at Doubles — Henrich, New Yorki a ' c ancl Georgetwoen at Holy 41; Majeski. Philadelphia and Priddy, St. Louis 39. Triples —Henrich, New York M- btewart, Washington 13. Home Runs — Di Mapgio, New The Washington .Senators ended their IH-garne losing streak defeating the cellar-dwelling White Sox in Chicago, 10-7 and ii-li. The Cards made it 10 out of the last II against the Giants, with Murry Dicksun registering his 12th victory^ in the opener, and Harry (The Cat) Broeheen winning his liilh .in- the nightcap. Enos Slaughter's llth home run with Stan' Musial on base in the filth won for Dickson. Musial's 37th four-bagger with Red ' Schoendiuns! on baj--e won for Brecheen. The second game was halted after .seven innings because of darkness. fork 3«: Gordon, Cleveland'28, Strikeouts Ml: —Feller, Cleveland Cross. In other parts of the country Alabama will be at Tulane, Georgia Tech at_ Vanderbilt, Oklahoma i Tt Santa Clara nd Baylor at Tulsa. Duke opens at North Caro- Baseball Yesterday's Results. National League Boston 4 Cincinnati 2. St. Louis •)-;( New York 3-1 (second game 7 innings, darkness! Brooklyn ,'i Chicalo 1. Philadelphia »-•> Pittsburgh 0-3). American League Cleveland 5-2 Philadelphia 3-0 Detroit .1-j; Boston 3-(j (first name lli jnnniHs; second IS. darkness). St. Louis !!-6 NewY ork !)-/; Washington 10-li Chicago 7-(i (second game l> innings,' dark- Lemon, Cleveland 140. Pitching — Kramer, Boston 16-fi .7.'J2; Groniek, Cleveland 9-3 .750 National League Batting — MiiKial, St. Louis .375- Ashburn, Philadelphia .333. Runs Batted In — Musial. St Louis 120; Mize. New York 118 ' Runs'— Musial. St Louis ISC- Lot; km an; New York 113. lina State and William and Mary, defending Southern Conference . champion, visits Davidson. ! Michigan, the Rose Bowl chain- ! pion. faces a traditional rival ! neighbor at Michigan Slate. | The season actually opened ] piecemeal fashion, last weekend, j Villanova showed surprising nower ! in stoppintv Texas A. and M., 34-1 14 at Philadelphia. Two other Hits — Musial, St. Louis 212- Texas teams had belter kick. The Holmes, Boston 177. " "' Ti,-,; lfll ,^ n*- f >f r rv,, T,.,.,K.. Doubles — Musial, St. Lotii-. '"• li'imis, Philadelphia 38. Home Runs — Kiner, PHtsbur»h •'">: ]\:lo.si.-il. St. Louis and Mize New York 37. ' ' Stolen Bases — Ashburn, Philadelphia 22; Rojek. Pittsburgh 23. (•outs — Brecheen, St. Louis 13(1; Sain, Boston 124. Pitching — Sewell, Pittsburgh 113 .7i!(i; Chesnes, Pittsburgh 13-4 .71)5. Fabulous Mex Baseball! League Quits University of Texas Longhorns smothered Louisiana State. 33-0, I and Texa;; Christian edged Kansas, 14-13, in 90 degree heat at Lawrence. On the West Coast Southern California rebounded from its Rose! Bowl shellacking to whip Utah, \ on Santa ) steam- I 27-0; California pured it Southern Association Playoffs Birmingham !! Memphis 5 i Birni-' i'iayers into five gham leads best of 7 series 3-21 I ami tempted d Nai-hvJIlo ;} Mobile -! (11 innings') ; ashviHe leads best- of 7 series'3- MinneaiJolis. The Holer tc-ges of t'loycl Olseii. nor, a Roost-veil New'Dealer" The lir.st picture- shows the goon with Ihe oat taking his swim.- The '•-c- uiia shou-.s- lh.> impact. Tise thir:! i- Ine tollow-through as the ciiix.eii lalls dead be;ore a ig I'uSiee rouj-'.h. Clara, 41-19. and Oregon rollered Santa Barbara, tt-l. I UCLA began its Pacific Coast I Conference season with a -1M-27 vie- i tory over Washington State while j Oregon Slate beat Idaho, 27-17. i Stanford won its first game in tuoj years, downing San Jose Stale j with a la.st quarter flurry, 20-20. ! In other games Wake Forest de- ' featesl George Washington. 27-13; (Oklahoma Aggies rallied to whip' Wichita, 27-14: Denver took the I .measure of Colorado Mines. 33-0- i >vnicli | Arkansas rolled over Abilene! league .Christian. 40-0; Miami (O > beat, suspensions'.Marshall. 3H-(i; Iowa State wo., ,-.., , - ,, , J7 - L ' ns " 101 ' e with, from Iowa Teachers. 27-7 and 1 fabulous, .Hers, has quit. iWost Virginia ' An official of tlie circuit, who|burti 29-10 would not pel-mil use of his name ! '"" " '- o said last night ihe outlaw ' gave up because of money lo.s; and iilayer desertions. I M M exico City, Sept. 20 1.1') — The i, xu.-an Baseball League, lured a handful of major year edged past Waynes- I sses Klan eve ordi-r ol con- Uimiliar dL-fi- uik lhat thi- ll and the Other officials declined com- j in-.-, H but Iho loaiuie has no further i ;;.-)mos scheduled. It was to have ' phivt-d unlil Oct. 24. Host known of tlie playors who '. jumped American contracts to play lor Jorge Pasutiel where Max - l.anior ol the St. Louis Cardi- 'na!s and Mickey Owon of the ' Brookiyn Ducigers. Owon left be- : luro ;ho 1!)4G season was over. La- • ni<-r quii aili-r OIK- yuar. • Stephens, now sparking ] -. lied Sn.x' pennant (!ri\'e ! to Ihe caclus circuit ijuMi from ihe Si. Louis 1940. Alter pluyina iwu Baseball Standings American Club Boston New Yoik Philadelphia Detroit Si. Louis W. L. ged Ins iniad. eair.e ned his cuntrael. nut signed at the s escaped punish- ; National League , Club Boston Brooklyn St. Louis I Piit;.lmr.:;h New York Philadelphia . . ; Cincinnati i Chicago . W. L. 74 01 01 o2 t)3 KXAR today announced a complete schedule of radio broadcasts direct from the 3rd District Livestock' Shew next week. A special radio booth is to be installed in the exhibition-building next to the rodeo arena All KXAR artists can be seen and heard in person during the week at the KXAR booth. Broadcasts will start each morning at 11 A. M. and will continue throughout the day until the Rodeo in the evening. A schedule of broadcasts will be posted at the entrance of the exhibition building. Features of these broadcasts will include Colleen Coffee and Eva Reynerson, Arkansas Plowboys, Featured organists, Melody Boys and Reports on Happenings at the Fair. Special broadcasts will include the Downtown Parades, Baby Beef Auction, Crowning of the Rodeo Queen and many others too numerous to mention. The public is cordially invited to drop by the KXAR booth for entertaining programs. 11:00 A. M.— Livestock Judging (Rodeo Arena) 12:15 P. M.— CoHleen Coffee Sings with Eva Reynerson at the Hammond. 12:30 P. M.— Arkansas Plowboys 12:45 P. M.— Fos-m Fair with Leo House 2:00 P. M.— Organ interludes with Featured Local Organists. — "Man or* The Midway" featuring interviews with Fair Visitors. P. M.— Round Up on Fais- Hews. P. M.— Melodys Boys P. M.— Hollamon at the Hammond P. M.— Rodeo Broadcast 3:45 P. 6:30 7:00 8:15 Wednesday 11:15 Wednesday 3:00 Thursday 8:15 Saturday 3: 11 ':OQ A. M.— Mih'ksry Parade P. M«—- Baby Beef Auction P. M.— Crowning of the Rodeo Queen P. M.— SpeciaJ Rodeo Broadcast A. M,— Round-Up of the Fair News (Final)

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