Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 20, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, September 20, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M, and 4 P. M. Social Calendar o'filay, September 20 The W.M.S. of the First Baptist urch will meet Monday morning ten o'clock at the church to •serve the Season of Prayer. A it kick luncheon will be served at ion. The Woman's Auxiliary of the rsl Presbyterian 'Church will cet Monday night at 7:30. Circle p. 4 will be ill charge of the pro- j'.-un and the Loyalty OJl'cnn/,' will i: taken at this meeting. ' ' ___ , — ______ iic Ladies Auxiliary of the Gar- ;tt Memorial Baptist church will joet Monday at 2 p.m. with Mrs. jade Warren, president presiding. •jcsciay, September 21 ILadies' prayer meeting service 'ill be held at the First Pehlc- jstal church at 2 o'clock Tucs- (iy afternoon. All members are 'ficd to attend. ;Thc Oslesby P.T.A. will meet L"'iday fiftcrnoon at 3:30 at the jrKriol auditorium. The executive jimmiltee will meet at 2:30. All icmbers are urged to attend. [ucsday, September 21 The J.O.Y. Sunday School ciaus the First Baptist Church will >ld its regular monthly business hcl social meeting Tuesday r.uiht 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Basil jork on East 14th street, with Mvs. L. Hardage as associate Hostess. 3 o'clock for the purpose of orgar-iz- ing a P.T.A. All mothers and o'lners interested are urged to attend,. Brookwood P.T.A. will meet VV.-d- ne-sday aftornoon at :i o'clock al the school. A full attendance is urged. Thursday. September 23 Tho Women's Missionary Council or the Hope Gospel Tabernacle 3 o'clock al the church with Mrs. will meet Thursday afternoon at H. Paul Holdridgo presiding. First Pentecostal church Choir Practice will be held Thursday at 7:30 p.m. All member:; are urged to attend. . Coming and Going ;'prtiiesclay, September :l"e District Ser 22 Seminar of the J.S.C.S. will meet in Nashville, Arkansas Wednesday morning at ) o'clock and will close at 3 p.m. Wednesday. Those desiring transportation please call Mrs. R. L. .roach. All W.S.C.S. members are irgcd to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Reed. Miss Vera Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gentry motored to Little Rock Sunday to attend a district meeting lor Kroger employees. Mr. and Mrs. James Clavton and Mrs. O. J. Wade arrived Saturday for a week- end visit with Mr. and Mrs. ..Jess Davis here. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton returned to Conwuy Monday and Mrs. Wade will remain for a lunger visit. Mr. and Mr;;. M. N. Smith leave Monday for their home in R us ton, Louisiana afier a visit with Mrs. M. E. Garanflo and Miss Norma Lewis here. Mrs. M. E. Garanflo and Mips Norma Lewis had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. G. 10. Laskoy and Mrs. V. M. Davis of RusUm, Louisiana and Mr. and Mrs. Onn Ellsworth of Prescoll. Mrs. Laskey was guest speak'or al (he Fir.st Methodist Church Sunday morning. BaptistGhurch Classes Plan Coronation A Coronation Service of the Jiyiior and Intermediate Girls' Auxiliary will be held on Wednesday evening al 7:45 at First Baptist Church. The service will be led by Mrs. Chas. F. Reyncrson, and Mrs. S. A. Whitlow will crown seven girls as queens and present two girls with scepters. Misses Annie Sue Andres and Roxic Jane Sutlon arc Counselors of Ihc Intermediate G.A.'s. Mrs. Chas. F. Hcynerson and Mrs. Hugh Hall are Counselors of the Junior G.A.'s. The girls who have successfully met Ihe requirements for the various Forward Steps of Girls' Auxiliary are as follows: Queens with Scepter, Jo Anne Burroughs and Viva Edd Thrash; Queens, Jan Moses, Helen Hall, Mary Beth Roulon, Wanzcll Nix, Betly Jane Burroughs, Barbara Taylor, Betty Owen; Princesses, Jackie Holt, Thalia Chism, Martha Osborn, Ann Houston and Judy Moses; Ladics-in-Waiting, Betly Titllc, Marillyn Shiver, Kathleen Walker. Carolyn Coffee and Mary Lou Montgomery; Maidens, Margaret Johnston. Mary Char-lone Horlon, Sue Moses, Ginny Herndon, Ann Adams, Darnell Foster, Benny Edmiaston, Audry Light, Betly Chamberlain, Dema Chism, Boneta Poge Three New Grille of '49 Kaiser «' vi , **> a a < •x-^r*» ^^"fVaajtJj-Sr" •'V s * «^K^*V ^ Ft f ,.r~ . .- .TfT—f •*•<•" .:*•-:-• ; v - *••• • -- v v-;..: f» •<• -, Vft ^Si^-Wyg^^mSS^*..,.. ...... • '•••^•^<^**3^:,:gxl;;i Uj^yCA't i '--"i'^ * • »t?wwiV-'"'. : ;*,.*-.t£;'- • * ^•Vrfw^J'fr-y '&?£%&£•• f®i> 4JW" i> - * * , 7,)t<45#», , *'t S> • '*"V fe McCaskill to Dedicate Church Building Tho dedication of the McCaskill Methodist Church building will be held on September 20." a Kvoryone is invited to attend tho i service, which will be held at 11; o'clock with Bishop Paul E. Mar- i tin as the speaker. Picnic lunch will be served. DOROTHY DIX Grafting Suitor ~JWiitftal BROADCASTING SVSTEM First Methodist church choir Taelice will be held Wednesday ight. Junior choir at 7 o'clock nd the Senior choir at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall llond/ix spent Sunday in Sulphur Springs, Texas visiting relatives and friends. f<cachers meeting at the Garrett lemoria! church al 7 o'clock Wcd- •csday evening. Ail teachers are ; rged to attend. Vedncsd'iy, September 22 The Parents and Teachers of ic newly erected Garland school . : ill meet Wednesday afternoon at Branch Admitted: Mrs. Flossie Evans. Hope. Hospital Notes Josephine Mr. and Mrs. 11. B. Helton. Fulton, announce tho ari'ival of a d;'i"vhler on September 19, I!)-)!!. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rowe, Hope, announce the arrival of a son on September 20, 1948. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Toms, Shreveport, La. announce tho arrival of a daughter on September 20, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. Billic Huckabee, Hope. Mrs. Troy Polk, Hope. F. A. Mitchell, Lcwisvillc. Mrs. R. B. Helton, Fulton." L. G. Kennedy, Hope. Mrs. C. J. Rov/c, Hope. Mrs. J. H. Toms. Shrcveporl, La. Miss Anna Lou Secton, Hope. Discharged: F. A. Mitchell, Lcwisvillc. Master Billy Gilbert, Fulton. Mrs. M. W. Morton and little son, Patmos. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. D. E. Williams. Hope. Mrs. H. G. Pater, Hope. Mrs. J. D. Flowers, Hope. Discharged: Thomas Kay Biddle, Malvcrn. Wilton Estes. Hope. Evelyn Irene Adams, Emmet. g^MsS MASSIVE IIGKIl'GNTAL, BAK3 w5iie.li Mend wiih n new one-piece, wraparound litinifier fc-altiro )lu iY-.inS-cud Mylius of the .1949 Kuiser DcliUxe Redan. Extra l:ir;;c ji^rKiiss ;;!!<! il:r<:.".tio:!:il Inru !:nnjis, jilns n new liood- mounted "Buff;>?o-K" i>iij!ili.-:u. <ii.Krin;r:ii,'*!i l!i-j <.|i;ip!if!r<l critic design. The 19-19 model embodies more than a hundred improvements. Cash, Marcia Bowden. Bonnie Shirley, Joyce Lamb and Frances j Barcntinc. The flower girls in the service arc: Linda Tfirash, Mary Ann Hall. Ann Roulon, Elizabeth Ann Roach. Ann Stilton, Paula Power, Virginia Bowden, Sue Ann Smith, Patsy Burroughs. The crown bearers arc Barry Spraggins, Wayne Smiley, Jerry Owen, Harold Douglas, Billy 1\;- kinson, Byron Smiley, Billy Parsons, John Rav Luck, and Edward Harlsficld. Jerry Bowden will be tho trumpeter, and John David Whitlow and Van Moore will be the pages. Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins will be at the organ. Four Y.V/.A. girls. Ruth MeT.ain, Nancy Martin. IVIaiy Ellen Downs and Betty Murphy, will be ushers. Planets' Moons The planet Saturn has; 10 moor.:;, Jupiter nine. Uranus four, and Mars two. The earih and Neptune eacli have one, while Venus and Mercury have none. i<ift *pMiVplt.lR,''' ^piAiiP: which makes you NERVOUS, HIGH-STRUNG on such days? Are you troubled by distress of female functional monthly disturbances which makes you suffer from pain, feel so nervous, cranky, rest- leas, weak—at such timer,? Then DO try Lydla E. Plnkhtim's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms I In a recent medical teat It proved remarkably helpful to women troubled this wny. Why don't you get smart and try It yoursel/? Plnkhnm's Compound Is what Doctors call a uterine sedative. It has a grand soothing effect on one of woman's most important organs. Taken regularly—Plnkham's Compound helps build up resistance against such distress. It's also a great stomachic tonic! NOTKi Or JC,H may ],ri-fiT LYIMA E. PIIMKIIAM'S TABLETS wilU added iron. —TODAY—TUESDAY 5 ' »~.(<8Si GREAT STARS! sP ^~ TODAY ® TUESDAY , y ' u £Vii\rp w * %^4w if: ««lifp3 &r .,.*& V£| mfe^. - ^m By Elswyth Thane _ Copyright ty Etswyl!) Tliuro Disfnbu(et) !) f NEA SERVICE, INC. XXVII One morning early Sabrina met the postman on her way down to arcakfast. There was a copy of "Antiquity" for Father and a large square envelope with a stamp for Aunt Effie. Sabrina glanced at the latter in pardonable surprise and said as she laid it beside Aunt Etfie's plate— "Who's in Switzerland Auntie?" "Oh Alan it's come" said Aunt Et't'ie trying to catch his eye before "Antiquity" absorbed him . "What's come?" said Father slitting the wrapper. "The letter from Switzerland. I told you I had written. This is the answer." She tore it open with .a glance at Sabrina who was helping herself to kidneys and bacon at the sideboard hot-plate. There was a printed booklet on expensive shiny paper and a rather long typed letter. Sabrina gave it a curious look as she sat down and began her breakfast in silence. Finally— j "Alan everything seems to be I all right." Aunt Eflie announced with satisfaction. "Would you like to read the letter?" "Not particularly' said Father from behind "Antiquity." "There's a list of things to be bought" said Aunt Effic. "I don't doubt it" said Father. I "I think we'd bettor go up to Town by the first of the week." Sabrina's sensitive nerve centers registered swift alarm. "Why?" she said and looked from one to the other. "Why go up to Town?" "To buy clothes and things" Aunt Klfie told her brightly—much too brightly. "You'll like that won't you dear?" "I don't need any more clothes." Sabrina's heart had begun to beat thickly all by itself. "But you will to go to Switxer- land" said Aunt Effie and Sabrina stared at her incredulously, you in one hand and held cut the other for "Antiquity." "When you have quite finished making a scene, Sabriiu," he .said coldly. "Thank you." He too!; the Swiss'.magazine out of her unresisting /lingers and departed with dignity to his study carrying his tea. 'There!" said Aunt Ell'ic reproachfully. "Now he won't come out for hours. Sit down and cat your breakfast Sabrina." "Please Auntie I — •'.' "You haven't touched 'your plate. It's wasting good food." . "Oh didn't I tell you?" Aunt Ef-iShe fie went on uneasily knowing very well that she had not. "We thought it would be nice for you to have, a low months at that lovely school near Geneva. It's time you brushed up on your French I'm sure and besides they teach skiing and then you're right at hand for all that wonderful music and the mountain air must be very healthful after this heat—" "What arc youy talking about 1 .'" f.a.spcd Hahrina. Bui .s.omclunv she knew already. Shu had been through this sort of tiling before, "I'm not Hoiiiii to any school. I'm too old for school." With her eyes flooding helpless tears Sabrina subsided into her chair and began to choke clown mouthfuls of cold bacon. She knew defeat when she met it. Father was on Aunt Eftie's sicb, he always way, and Aunt Effie hac' ma do up her mind with the terrible obstinacy of the habitually indecisive. Nothing bul the end of the world would save her now Ircm that Swiss school which Aunt Ell'ie had set her hearl on. When at last she was able to get away from tiie table she climbed the stairs to her o\vn room and stood idly just inside the closed door feeling beaten and sick and bewildered—and worst of all trapped. The impulse to oacanr: :r.n'god up in panic. How ii, when they came to take her away, she could not be found? Her small s*uai"j chin came up. Yes of coii!';:t;» there was still time In difappeay,. She sei/.ed a hat from iN- wanl- i'obe throw a coal over her arm hurried to the dressing t.djl" r .lor her handbag. One's weekly ;• ance piled up at Nun.s Far whore then.' was 110 need ui flowery or books or cakes ior iShe had arciimul;'ted some over two pounds. One cou'.d ; job as a waitress or :;nmi'Ui.u: On her way to the door she sed. There was somcthin", luggago. You had to have hi; order to get into a 1 turned back pulled her dress-j j ing c'.'is'j out of the wardiaihi 1 ;;i:d!{ flung overnight inces.silie.-; ' into it j ij Then with her coat dr:u;cd",over itj! as best she could :-hc tiptoed lo [ jj 'ho door and down the stairs; Aunt j j i'jffii.' would be in UK' kilri'ou now i 1} doing the ordcrin::. If n;,e c . : \, i ;.<.,•(. i H out of the ground:; and calcii Ih 1 . bus at the crossroads V (To Pic Continued i Willoiv Run, Mich. - -The first extensive model change in an American automobile designed xi'.ice thi: war was announced today by Kaisor-Frn'/.cr Corp. with the introduction of the 1949 Kaiser Special and DeLuxe sedans. ! Incorporating more than a hundred improvement;; in styling and mechanical feature:-;, the four-door models are in full production at the \Villo\v Hun plant and will go 1 on cii.-play in K-F dealer show- I rooms throughout the country to•. day. (September 20, lil-Hll ! Kd.gar F. Kaiser, vice jirosidonl i and general manager, said that I engineering and tooling costs in- j vol'.Y.-d an expenditure of over $10,| r,u;:.0im. He described tho 1949 inod- t-li; as representing "far more than the auto industry's traditional 'facelifting'." "The new cars are 'he result of constant research in Hie two years since K-F automobiles were first introduced," Mr. Kaiser said. "Since August. 194G, more than 2i3'J.(;()0 owners h;>ve recorded over two billion miles on our cars. We have pui this owner driving experience lo work in our engineering departments to develop a better product." The K-F executive said that the first IB'19 model was No. 270,195 in the accumulative grand total of ears turned out by Kaiser-Frazcr, fourth largest passenger car producer, The first of the '49's was produced on August 24, immediately fololv.'ing otHpul of the last 1043 model, he declared. Months of tooling and scheduling of parts into the plant were involved in gelling trie new models on the iincs with a minimum loss of production, he said. Mr. Kaiser cited the following as Monday p.m., Sept, 20 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5: lf> Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M G:00 Fair Roundup 0:15 News, Five Star Edit'in 6:25 Today in Sports G:J"0 Melody Boys—Fair park B:45 Fulton Lav/is, Jr. 7:00 Ilollaman at the. Hammond, Fair park 7:an Gregory Hood—M 7:55 Billy Rose—M 8:00 Gabriel Heatter—M ft: 15 Mutual Ncwsreel—M f,:30 The Atom and You—M 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M 9:00 Thomas E, Dcvvcy—M 9:;iO Fishing & Hunting Club—M !0:0l) All Ihe News—M 10:15 Neil Golclen's Orch.—M 10:30 Jack Finn's Orch.—M 1U:55 Mutual Reports the News 11:00 Sign Off Tuesday a.m., Sept, 21 5:5« Sign on 0:00 Hillybilly Ilocrtown 0:25 Bargain Roundup 6:80 News. First Edition 0:40 Arkansas Plowboys 0:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Farm Breakfast Music 7:'jl) The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 3:00 Sunrise Serenade 0:30 Slogan Parade 8:45 Bob Poolo's Show—M 8:55 According to the Record 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M the major features of the new cars: 1. An increase from 100 to 112 horsepower in the Kaiser DeLuxe six cylinder engine with no loss of fuel economy. 2. Simplified clutch, steering, accelerator, and brake mechanisms. Fifty-two parts have been eliminated through development of an exclusive K-F clutch linkage. 3. A restylod body with a silhouette three inches lower in appearance than in previous models. A new grille, bumpers, fenders, hood and other body panels arc among styling changes. 4. Completely redesigned interiors with new instrument panels and a color-styling program of unprecedented variety in the auto industry. Dear Miss Di\: The time has come when I feel that I need some persona! advice. I am a woman 32 years old. A little more than a year ago 1 met a man 45 years old and" fell madly in love with him and he came to live with me in my small apartment. I gave him his meals and was thrilled to do it. But now I wonder if I have just had a case o f infatuation, for this man ncvv- ?nys any of the bills, or takes me Lo any place of amusement, or does anything to make me happy. 0:30 Say it With Music—M 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor II. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Gabriel Heatlcr's Mailhan -M 10:45 Minute Quiz—M 11:00 Livestock Judging, rodeo arena 11:30 Prescott Hour Tuesday p.m., Sept. 21 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 Colleen Coffee Sings—Fair park 12:30 Arkansas Plowboys — Fair park 12:45 Farm Fair—Fair park 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M 2:00 Button's Livestock Sale—M 2:30 Heart's Desire—M 3:00 Carnival of Music 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 Time lo Dance 3:45 Man cm Ihe Midway-r-Fair park 4:00 Swinjr Time 4:45 Social Security Day by Day 5:00 Adventure Parade—M' 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M' 5:45 Tom Mix—M 0:00 Fair Roundup (i:15 News, Five :^iar Final 0:25 Today in Sports G:30 Melody Boys—Fair park 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M 7:00 Hollaman at the Organ — Fair park 7:30 Official Detective—M 7:55 Billy Rose—M 8:00 Zalc-Cerdan Fight—M 9:30 Count Basic's Orch.—M 10:00 Gay Claridgc's Orch.—M 10:30 Elliot Lawrence's Orch.—M 11:00 Late News 11:05 Sign Off Top Radio Programs New York, Sept. 20 — (,-T) —Radio programs tonight: NBC — 7 Laraine Day in "The Proud Way"; 7:30 Howard Barlow concert: i!:30 I. Q. uix. CBS — 7 Inner Sanctum drama; 8 Gregory Peck in "Gentleman's Agreement;" !):30 Vaughn Monroe AB C— 7 Sound off 0 Music and Mr. Blaine; 8:20 Get Rich Quick 9:30 Curt Massey. MBS — 7 The Falcon; 7:30 Gregry Hood Casebook; 8:15 double header fight" preview. Tuesday Times: . NBC — 1040 a. m. Jack Berch show. CBS — 9:30 Godfrey's hour, ABC — 10:30 a. m. Ted Malonc. MBS —10 a. m. Passing'Parade. Quaint Coinage Tea compressed into bricks in China, slabs of copper in Sweden, cattle, milk, salt, and tobacco, all were used as coinage at one time, or another in various lands. There arc 22 deaths by fire daily on the average in the United States. He says he lovos mo and wants to marry me some time, but when I .suggest that we settle on a date, he always postpones it. Will a man who does nothing for me before marriage support me after marriage? PERPLEXED Answer: Of course, he won't. The dumbest woman in the World would know that a man who grajc- cd his living off of a woman be- i'ore marriage would continue his deadbeat tactics after marriag£, if she only would give her brains a chance to function now and then. Strange and unaccountable are the ways a woman's mind works its wonders to perform. Of all loathsome human beings Is the male parasite who lives on women, instead of working and supporting himself, and how any woman can find anything to love in such a creature, passes all comprehension. Greener. Pastures Don't deceive yourself into thinking that this man will ever marry you. He hasn't the slightest inten- ion of doing so. He will leave you is soon as some woman who works little harder and makes a little more money and is a little bet-' .er graft comes along. Yei there are thousands o£ women who fall for this racket. You ask if I think what you feel for this man is "infatuation?" I'd say what ails you is just lack of plain, ordinary common sense. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am very much in love with a man who is' twice my age, which is 17. My parents know nothing of this, aff&ir and would not approve of it," Th£ man I love is happily, married to" a fine lady who has borne him three children, but he plans-to di-- vorce her as 'soon as I • consent • to marry him. However,''"I"'do not" wish to break up.this.hbjrie.Unless; I am sure that he really.!Xoyes fne.'" What do you suggest? .. "' \ ~, JENNY S. COME TO HOPE COME TO HOPE llt?v We the LADIES' SPECIALTY SHOP cordially invite you Ihc Ladies of Hope, and the surrounding Trade Territory, to make our Refreshing Air Conditioned Shop your resting place, while in Hope this week attending the 3rd District Livestock Show. Also look over our very large display of New Fall Suits, Coats, Dresses and Accessories. Co come in for a visit with us this week. Air Conditioned HOPE ARK. Answer; Well, ' Jenny, rny" 'suggestion is that you put off your marriage to this conscienceless philanderer unlil you are old enough to know what love is and. what yoj'ftwnnt in a. husband. At 17 you ;i : 't> just a kid. It is a time when a girl is in love with love and she can imagine that every man she meets is a great lover and her predestined mate. Lots of girls marry under this delusion and. are bitterly unhappy ever alter. Your letter shows-that you have a conscience,-so don't bcN the ono • to break up a home and orphan little children. You will be sorry enough for it if you do: And" don't befool yourself into ' thinking that you would be happy .with a man who is twice your age and-hasn't enough -decency about .him to want to protect, instead of ruin, -a 17- year-old school girl. _ '•_ (Released- by The Bell Syndicate. Inc..) ' ; i i.jid name assures quality. World's | largest seller at lOo. St.Joseph Hew ' ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIH FOR CHILDREN Easy to give right dosage. So easy for child to take. Orange flavored. 50 tablets, 35c. this one! And "Oh, no, not bO; ides---" "I won't leave this house!" said Sabiina in a small pinched voice- sitting very still, "I'j-n happy here --•happier than I've ever been. I won't go." "Perhaps 1 was wrong to e;>li this exactly a school" said Aunt I j KUk- hastily. "It will be more like ' I a nice holiday abroad with friends, i ' I'm sure you'll make friends at ; jonci'--" _ I [ "r-atht-r!" In desperation Saiiri- J na rose from her chair anil snatcli- j ed "Antiquity" out of his hand.; so thai In- lookr-d up at her in a:;- •• lonishnicnl over his speclacics. ' "Fatin r pliasi: d"n'l MM m me a-' way from here! Please ;>ay I !K:'-. • ; i en l got to go" ] "Nov.- I don't want any hy;.tor- , I ia" .- : ;.id Fainrj- iiuoly. "Your Au- I nl ha.-; gone inlo llu- mailer very \ ' thoroughly by now 1 should ijriag- ' •me and i lliink we had jetler not discuss it." < j "But you can't jusl send me all ; I the way to Switzerland without dis-! cussing it—" 1 I I- ;»l!;e,- r,,. o u iJI) ),!••• foil I. :i/-i;p , Reduced of Styles to Select (From Re An Early Bird For Best Selections AiR CONDITIONED f • • * P p a IJL Ol i^ lies specialty ohop I have purchased James Gomes Texaco Service Station located at 3rd and Washington. Mr. Gaines Wishes to thank his many friends and customers, and joins me in inviting your continued patronage and friendship. A. D. Brown Open Week Days and Sundays Until 9 p. m, Phone 6 3rd & Washington

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