Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 18, 1948
Page 3
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: a i ' t\ V *•<# Saturday, September"18,1948 ' BLONDtE fHiijuliiin IVJHAT A HORRIBLE }A WHAT'S .'-THING TO HAPPEN YTHE FORGOT WMAT IT WAS LOOKING /? *> ^TX. ''pL : i ^\^' H OPE STAR, HO fg, A R K A N 5 A S OZARK IKE Page Three* ^ SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraifh VIC FLINT Bv Ray Goff<» /...BY THEN ' TH'FROGS . WILL HAVE , SLAUGHTERED \ US IN TH' DOWN, GENTLEMEN ' HIS CONDITION ISNT CRITICAL/... BARRING -v,',, L,V v COMPLICATIONS, THE _ k ,iN'U. HE f KID MAY BE SNAP OUT I UP AND AT ™* * ^ *•* w i A wr" /"SrH W /\ I ^H^r OF 'T? ~J\ 'GM AGAIN Y (GROAN* IN A WGEK/I A WEEK?... NEXT WEEK- THE WOKLt> SERIES: •IK t COPR. 1948 BY NEA SERVI6E. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. \ CARNIVAL COPft, 1MB BY NEA SERVICE'.'IMC. t. M. RE "They made the. highest bid for the house! How can I tell .' ,..,,„ „ + • * TTT~ T ' : "" the real estate^man we won't sell because you don't Jike J 0 ?ld 5ou"mYnd ^n«tin Uyi th g a P ° liC , y ' r, ung man> but Mhe man's wife?"'"" '" you mind repeating those wonderful promises? i can use them in mv camnaio-n!" " " By Michot-i O'Maliev & Roioh Lane THAT WAS ODD OF UNCLE AMBLER OFFERING TO RETURN THE COIN HE HAD fOUMD. WHAT DO V""~ ~~~\— YOU MAKE OF IT, VIC ? / FIRST, TAPPY, / I WANT TO TALK TO COCOA. THEN I'LL Y - // . - - " : - '--•'-~: r ( : " 5 -i_, -.1 TAKE CARE OF YOUR ' ' ' ' ~ '-\ UNCLE AMBLER A SPEEDBOA1 EES CO/V1IWG UP THE CREEK ^--* ys^ nY NCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. 6 WASH TUBBS Bl Leslie Turner SIR. /FATE IWTERUEHED/ CAPTAIWl WHILE I ROL&MD WEIXMTi CP.PRVIWG OM HIS DUTIES IN LOMDO TO MOUE YHE \HE WAS BAOLV INJURED IN SMOTHER HE RECOUERED EUEMTUAlLVi EXCEPT IM ONE RESPECT,,. HIS MEMORV OF EUER4THIWG PRIOR. TO THE TOTAL BL ft NK' FORTUNATELY HE HP.O FILED . THE COMTEMTS.TOBEKEPT WITH BUT YOU ftRE tHEOMLS OWE W..- -, . „ Wf WHERE THE BOX. IS HTODEHU. },, * ^ HIODEM TO SOM MULT, SWE FROM NWI BOMBERS HE'D HIPDEM THE STUFF 2 HENRY w FUNNY BUSINESS Bv Hershberger jf.A ' '•' t Hello, publisher of Sure-Shot Bedtime Stories? Well, your stories are putting the wrong people to sleep!" POPEYE can use them in my campaign!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRjENDS By BKosser •^ Es^a^- —' • JEEPERS,COACH BASLE^ SAID P IF I WA$ LXTE FOR FOOTBALL PRACTICE AGA1M I'D WARM THE BSNCH FOR OUR WEXTGAME/ MoEODVS COMMA MAKE A SUB OUT OF IRoM-MAN SMITH .' I INTEND TO PLAY -\ By Corf Anderson DONALD DUCK HECK; WMV e NOT CIVE SOME OTHER CHANCE TO EARN t3y Walt Disney ALLEY OOP f POCKY /S .TCA_I_NING_ A TEW-MAN LINE WITH i2 LUMMOX AS A ONE-MAl - BACKRELD" , VrlC mW OUT OUR WAY SINCE THE FlRSf MONKEY TOSSEP A .COCONUT FOOTBALL, FANS ~ HAVE NJSVER SEEN ANVTHIN6 LlklE LUMMOX a Thimble Theater POESOURSIDE A CHANCE AgAiMSr/j US -f 1 - 1 - u - ?? LEVE IT TO LUMMOX.", 'JUST LEAVE ' > IT TO ( LUMA\OX J \ By V. T. HamEin *c- HOLVCOW// RIGHT '1: SMACK IN TH' KIS5EE... t-. • . ^ *Y*>^- t*<L i~: BOOTS i "I ££ AMYBODY THAT A PESK SUC5GESTS A BED TO WILL ME.VER AMOUMT TO MUCH IMTHE YEAH? WELL, AMYBODV TH^CT CAM KAAKE A BED Y— — OUT OF TH' CHAIR. WILL MEVER GET TO TH'PESK.ASi' BOPX WHO CAW MAKE f== Maior Hoonl By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE WELL, t SEB -jbu GO^^jj^-fteAX), MARTriA.SRcBTI|0&S, MV"^'^ ^OME• VJK1L& I. \s)AS - t: —-%|\ DEftR/'' 1 - 1 - SNlB'VE ALL tCEENiLY •*'-^^< ^^ N , A -,-v^.^ lxiu ,-,^^,w lr ^ )?•} AUSS6D VOUR DELICATE F£A UOOUS OF THlNJ&S.Cay Jx TOUCW.'-^-ON\{tHERe'5 A BlTOP <; COOMCIL ALSO V^'''''\ LAUN1DR.V HECJE AS!D TH6R&, BOT Z APPROPRIATED TW& \ '*'' \WA-S STOlAPeD SV 1HE BAFFHf-li3 PLKCE. FOE A DUMP/y /> f M£CHF\.'<n^>N\ OF VOOR ^ -.. _. ^TTl 'S f^~^ \ SHIP, BOT A PUZZLES WIN\ — By Edgar Martin RED RYDER By Fred Harmon fiARI^G .•V-/.^O CHANCE TO CATCrl\ . E^-J H; N \-' w=-ll jL\st },^'..^ 9 V STAY Ort H!5 TRAP- .' jT - .:;.-- ^-.'9 '-•'•'• ( ^b^j^^ - ar -»*^|P"-"v^r 5 S'A-**" '' ' ' -Xs^Ss ^rts3?M COPS li«>tYM(A!I«V!£t INC "I w'tiS U. f W COTV !' .: r -- ;.,,.-.-.»—.«''- ^i S l i

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