Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1948
Page 5
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Frsday, September 17, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONP1E i I IN I By Chick Young OZARK IKE DAGWOOCJ ON YOUR •WAY TO THE OFFICE ,., -v aa, DROP THE VACUUM $??*%!( AT THE ELECTRICIANS «"' ^k Sx, To BE REPAIRED CROWS'1 ...AND THE PGHMANT IS WON... BUT AT WHAT PRICE ? v «W hi K>^ r,^&@ /*~^v'^S^- HALF A MILLION DOLLARS' WORTH OF BASEBALL TALENT SPRAWLED ACROSS HOME PLATE, AND WE GOT A WORLD SERIES COMING UP, VIC FLINT SiDE GLANCES By Michael O'MaJiev & Ralph Lane By Galbraifh , COPR. 1MB DY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. I1EC. I/. 8. PAT. OFF. Al'~ i M Yes, they do look silly, but your grandmothers dressed tfiat same way and made your grandfathers like it!" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner C&PR. 1948 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. E. PAT. OFF. /' I DON'T .WANT YOUR ^ .. , . ,,,. / COIN/ BUT AF'cH WE GET BACK \V d *#/ •M FROM ALLIGATOR CREEK, WE'RE BURIED TREASURE, VIC/ THIMK OF IT/ /MAYBE RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES HcRE ON SPANISH CHEST/ y srr.r-..vi^j~~^a J-^A:9$^ COPR. 1948 BY ME' RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES. EH? HO R!SHT SHE WAS / BUT YOU'RE MINE, AIL I fOUND VOU AND HH KEE|-'IN6 YOU.' IF VOU RECALL, / VES. I WAS UISITING FEMNV.MEAR CO.PTIMN EAS-V. LONDON. WHEN HE fSRRWED WITH SIR. ROLAND'S V ft BOX OF VftlUft&LES, SftLV/A&ED LONDON) HOUSE Vj=RO/rt H15 BMTERED SRFEl WftS BOMBED OUT " AMD THftT MIGHT / THAT'S vou HELPED HIM \WG-HT, MR. HIDE THE ^)^LU^BlES N SOME DISTANCE NNM OUT OP NAZI BOWBER ^ : - ^ , " ' Bl Leslie Turner It OR'OUC- FOR HOURS TO A PLftCE HE- KNEW TO'BE MOD HID THEM TEMPORfNRILVl WHV 00 VOU ASK.? HENRY By Corf .-.ndersqn . W a) "Don't bother about it—it was only a piece of dark meat'." FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS R« R«osse. SUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei OKAY, so AMIDSHIPS iw \DEFLATE NAAKIN& LIKE THE HIGH, I KA^TE / COST OF LIVIM6 / WHATS THC ANSWER? BET YOU \ VCAM : JUST CAMT I WATCH •'- ' TOUCM YOUR. TOES/ D6AR. HfiNR/. 1 MeeT we AT OAK: AND ELM AT DONALD DUCK t5y Walt Disney "Our right erid doublet; in the band, tool" MOTHIN& LiliE A LITTLE RO A .D-WPRI< TO KEEP A MAW FROM GETTIN& VO 8l& FOR. MIS BRITCHES/ ^ — D. DUCK'S r ffeuzz..X MUMBLE.,) ANP HURRV/ Af.;LEY OOP Bv V. T. POPEYE Thimble Theater HE THREW A BULLET PASS ANP._(?AN POWM THE FIELD ANP ' __^{7 BOOTb By Edtjar Martin OUT OUR WAY By J R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Mnior ,i \ / A L.AT:V \.f I'D SIGM _ ._ , SIGN S/ SL JV WILL >( PVERYTHIMG -V OLD y NOTHIMG X ALWAYS GIT I FIR-STAN SHOP PICMICS \ FIRST/ TH' BIG BOY \ (SET THEM AGAIW--WOULDK I'LL 7 TO SIGN) FIRST ) KWPA PE5T5 YOU MIMP V( SIGM <l -THEN EVERY- / BACK TO A HEAPIM 1 r"^ V IT VS BOPY WILL \ USEFUL Tt^LieT 2 ) ( LAST/)/ SIOM WITHOUT JOCCUPATIOM.' . in us i . y \ b»7i /i MUCHU[ , G | M ., /S : -s*'; 1 -^-<i« ?(?OTH6R AMOS/ T-/> AMD T. TRUST VOU [OAKE-- Ortt Si^ir-F// PiOr-o 1 1 >^T LIKE TO r^fel h4ft\je LUCv< VJEftR-) OF TH« OX.-KOOF ^ ^^^.£ wALKOOTit^A. Af/ itviG THW SOCt< OF < FR\CA6SE£ j^COMS HUFF, BUT VOUR/> Ml^& PROTRUD:M&ltH£ A1A3OR / ( \-Jni-l p^ef. 3A,nAoos& r^^V P RorA YOUR ,w-'y PATCHED AT \ ">6RiP-,-' ''C^l f,^ ("*?; / W^4 ^ V ?/o,\ 1^ •:.}f. C /> ^ ^S ; ' IS V'> \ SATCH&U ES J U&'LA'S.T ACUTfc: )i\ H&'S 601 Al >< r iJ-OT^-^i r ^ «r^ Pf> ^/ THE PEAJ7HEAP _ t&fiSi cT.(?.W|LLl^>^> •?-// [C y. B FAT. Cff. Ut^ hlA tt««IC«. ^C RED RYDER «-^fc-._ AfOD IPOhJ'f THINK. "THAT COYOTE is "\ V' 5y Fred Hqrma« ,\0 CriAKCE TO G£t OO!-£D OF CURE Ff?OrtCM)£F5 T£F£E ^60'WAV.'™^^. .., A ' WS

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