Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1948
Page 3
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Friday, September 17, 1948 s HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS octal ati' 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. i a I Calendar September 20 The W.M.S. of the First Baptist ihurch will meet Monday morning Bit "ten o'clock at the church to libscrvo the Season of Prayer. A Ipot luck luncheon vvill be served at fiioon. The Woman's Auxiliary of the rirst Presbyterian Church will Incct Monday night at 7:30. Circle * 4 wl " bc i" enarge oi the pro- mi and the Loyalty Offering will 30 taken at this meeting. The. Ladies Auxiliary o£ the Garrett : Memorial Baptist church will Tieet Monday at 2 p.m. with Mrs. IVVade Warren, president presiding. Ijtuesday, September 21 li Ladies' prayer meeting service will be held at the First Pentc- icostiil church at 2 o'clock Tues- Itlay afternoon. All members are lurgccl to attend. The Oglesby P.T.A. will meet ITucsday afternoon at 3:30 at the IJschool auditorium. The executive Icommitlec will meet at 2:30. All ncmbcrs- arc urged to attend. i/edncselay, September 22 Tre District Seminar of the 1W.S.C.S. will meet in Nashville, [Arkansas Wednesday morning at 110 o'clock and will close at 3 p.m. •Wednesday. Those desiring trans- (portation please call Mrs. E. L ach. All W.S.C.3. members are [urged to attend. 7:30 p.m. All members arc urged to attend. Paisley P.T.A. Meeting Wednesday Afternoon The Paisley P.T.A. held The Doctor Soys: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Small living bodies unlike other norms wore discovered by Howard | i Taylor Hicketts in 1909 while he i -. its first I wns working on Rocky Mountain' meeting of tlie year at the school i soot led fever. A year later Hicketts ! Auditorium Wednesday afternoon at i died during his investigations on 3 o'clock. The president. Mrs Wil- ' 150AtteriH president, Mrs. Wil linm P. Hardegrcc presided and introduced the teachers and P.T A. officers. During the business session brief plans were outlined for the school year by the committee chairman. Mrs. Albert Graves, program chairman, introduced Miss Beryl Henry as guest speaker for tiie afternoon. The meeting war adjourned to the lunch room for a social hour with Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Munn as hostesses. Meeting High School P.T.A. Thursday Afternoon The High School Parent Teachers association met Thursday afternoon at 3:30 in (he school auditorium for the first meeting oC the new school year. The president, Mrs. Alcene Gcbling presided and introduced Mrs. B. E. McMahen who read the president's message. Superintendent James II. Jones talked on the new school and urg- First Methodist church Jjpracticc will be held Wednesday inight. Junior choir at 7 o'clock |and the Senior choir at 8 o'clock. cd cooperation in Hie work yet to be done. In the room count of mothers there was a tie between Mrs. Irma Dean's room and Mrs. P. L. Perkins' room. Mrs. Hamilton Haivnegan introduced Miss Goza and Mrs. Johnston of Henderson State Teachers College. Arkadclphia who were in- choir vitcd to inspect the Home Economics Cottage and the new incut. Teachers meeting at the Garrett [Memorial church at 7 o'clock Wed- inesday evening. All teachers arc 1 urged to attend. [Thursday, September 23 ijjThe Women's Missionary Coun- eii of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle 13 o'clock at the church with Mrs. [will meet Thursday afternoon at III. Paul Holdridge presiding. equip- FollOwing a short business session the meeting was adjourned. Coming and Going First Pentecostal church Choir 1 Practice will be held Thursday at Miss Wanda Ruggles will at rive Friday night from a vacation visit with relatives and friends in Dallas. Leland H. Warmack has returned from St. Louis where lie accompanied his son. Master Hollis Warmack and Master Henry Som- crville who will enter school there. a related disease called typhus, ; thus becoming a martyr to science, i The tiny bodies he discovered ! arc now called rickottsiac. One of tlie diseases which they cause is called typhus or jail fever. Typhus is prevalent under conditions of overcrowding and filflh and is usually carried from person to person by the body louse. Other Disease Groups Another important group of diseases caused by rickettsia are the spotted fevers of which Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the bes'l known example in this country. This disease is carried by at least two different kinds of ticks, the wood lick and the dog tick. A condition called Fievrc bou- tonneuse, or Marseille fever, which is prevalent in the region of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, is another rickettsial disease. The most curious of this group is called "Q Fever," which was first described in Australia and which appears to be related to but not exactly the same as our own Rocky Mountain spotted fever. During the war many of our military personnel stationed in the south and western Pacific suffered a disease properly called Tsutsu- gamushi disease, but often referred to as scrub typhus. The disease can be contracted in many parts of the southeastern Pacific and Japan. The chief animal when serves ns a reservoir is a field mouse. Reasonably good vaccines to prevent typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever have been prc- Tabernacle Men's Fellowship class of Hope Gospel Tabernacle cntertahu'd (he ladies at the church last night with a chicken dinner. Aiding the Men's Class were members of the Senior Ladies. Willing Workers and Young Married Peoples classes. Plates were served to 150 class members and 11 guests. Rev. Robert C. Sellers, pastor of Central Assembly of God Church of Little Rock addressed the group. He was accompanied to Hope by Mrs. Sellers. Mr. and Mrs. Lee. Sunday School superintendent of the church. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Cobb, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Art Mhoon. Ralph Cornelius and Mr. and Mrs. Dyer. Berlin Crisis to Be Key UN Issue The .. blockade violation' Singing Service Regular singing services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Sept. 19, at Garrett Memorial ' Baptist church. The public is invited. Paris. Sept. 17 -- <U1M — The Ihree-immlhs-okl fieri.in crisis promised teielay to become the key i:;:uie o! (lie United Nations general as:;cn;bh- cnnveiimt; iKxt Tuesday, itinued Iiiissi.in blockade leaves the Western powers with no other alternative; tlrin to appeal to the United Nation;. Wes.ern powers consider the a "direct and complete --. :>!' the UN charter. 'I he three 1 Western foreign minis- ler.s ,-ire expected (o meet here I early next we'ek and, barring a last jiiiiniito cnnces.Mon by ihe Russians. i agree to place the case formally 1 oeiore the UN. U.. S. Secretary of State George C. Mnrsnall and British Foreign Secretary Ernest. Bevin will arrive Monday, with Foreign Minister Koberi Schuman tney will be able to'decide personally on their next step. It will be the first time since the Berlin crisis started that the three ministers themselves have been able to talk together. All summer thev have negotiated their common policy by cable and through assistants. Page Three DOROTHY DIX Male Flirt pared. A chemical compound called para-aminobenxoic acid, seems promising in the treatment cf several of the diseases in this group. Much more research, however, must be conducted on the several diseases caused by rickett- sia. Grand Master of s Masoratc Personal Mention Maxwell Air Force Base. Ala.— Major Joe 1C. llinton of Hope. Ark. has arrived at Maxwell AF Base, Alabama, to attend the Air Command and Staff School of The Air University. Th enow class of The Air Command and Staff School, which will run for five and one-half months, started Monday, July 19. It is the second highest school of The Air University and is for officers who have six to eleven years commissioned service. Major Hinton came to Tlie Air University from Lackland AF Base San Antonio, Texas where he was assigned as commanding officer of a squadron. Major Hinton was a pilot assigned to the China Air Task Force and the 827th Fighter Group of the 9th Air Force in Europe during the last war. Hospital Notes Branch Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie McCorkle of Hope, Rt. 2. announce the arrival of a daughter, Sept. 16, 19-lii. Admitted: Mrs. Johnnie McCorkle, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Myron Blake, Hope. QUESTION: Is oleomargarine good for a person who is in the change of life? ANSWER: Oleomargarine is a good food, but does not have any special influence on the symptoms or processes which constitute the so-called "change of life." Dei-mult, Sept. 17 (/V)— The tfrantl iiiastci- ol the Masonic Lodge o[ Arkansas. Kay D. McNeely, is critically iil in a hospital here. McNocly. 111!, became grand master when Noah Stockburger of Window. wlio hole! ihat office, died this siMiimcr. McNccly is a merchant, cotton buyer and postmaster here. Sonip kinds ol penguins travel in water by alternate leaps and dives. Dear Miss Dix: I have a boy friend to whom I am engaged and we plan to get married next year, fie is very handsome and lots of girls flirt wilh him. I am not jealous, but when lie hears about a girl ho keeps on saying: "She IK very pretty. Why don't you introduce me to her?" Or if we meet, a beautiful woman he stares at her for five minutes. It he thinks an actress is gorgeous, he goes back to the show over and over again. I do my best to look indifferent, but it gets on my nerves because 1 am no beauty myself. Do you think that a man who is really in love can act that way? LEATRICE Answer: I think a m:;-a flirt is one of the most contemptible of the human species, and that any girl who marries one is simply going out of her way to hunt fo'r trouble. For no wife can be happy with a husband whom she docs not trust, and certainly she can have no faith in a man who is ogling every good looking girl he sees and making near-love to her. Perpetual Insult A wife would not need to be jealous to resent such conduct in her husband. The indignity of it would be an insult that would keep her nerves raw and her temper on edge. So my earnest arl- vice to you is to break off with this lady-killer and have nothing more to do with him. You arc a nice girl. Save yourself for some worthy man who will not be making eyes at every bobby-soxer who crosses his path. Dear Miss Dix: ' I have a 19- year-old daughter who expects to be married shortly. My husband deserted me when my daughtci was a baby and ever since I have I worked very hard to support her ! and myself. 1 have bcc-n able to couple of bun- up onl\ dollars. save dred The (rouble warns a big is my daughter ,-, ..ivirch wedding. JoJ- j lowed by a large reception. I prom- j iscd !o buy all of her wedding | clothes, but she expects me to take I all the money I have saved by ; hoarding nickels and dimes to mcjl i the rest of the expenses. This I | refuse to do and she lias been j furious over it and spoken very j cruelly to me. I think if she waiits a show wedding she .should wait and work and savo. her money for it, and not expect it of me, after I have sacrificed so much in her behalf, especially since I would go broke over it. What i;; your advice? MRS. C. G. K. Answer: My advice to you '.s to stand pat and positively refuse to let your daughter run you into debt for an expensive wedding. However. I fear that by the time your daughter softens you vip with her tears and breaks down your resis- tence by her reproaches nt voiir not giving her the kind of wedding that rich girls have you will give in. So many mothers do, and' let I daughters take the very bread out of their mouths to gratify a desire to make a splurge. Can't you make her understand that when we do tilings beyond our income, we do not rouse the envy and admiration of. those who know us? On the contrary, we make ourselves ridiculous and a laughing stock for the public. .Everybody will respect your daughter if she is married in a simple.'inexpensive ) \vhile_ gown, bul they will mock • her i.f sne walks up iUu ulsie Iruii- I mg satin and orange blossoms. 1 There is dignity in living within our means, no matter how small Marmaduke Man 1 Convicted i of Murder Piggoll Si.pt. 17 - OP! - Darrell Ogles, n. Marmaduke, Ark., has jbi'ou convicted of first degree xtmr- idcr and sentenced to life imprison- jJnent for the fatal shooting of Tom i Green Rector City marshal. j The verdict was returned by a Clay circuit court jury which deliberated an hour after receiving the case yesterday afternoon* I Green was shot fatally June 25 wnen he attempted to arrest Dar» rell Ogles and his brother Leon, 28 who also is charged with first degree murder and is to be tried later. thoy are, but there is shame in running up bills for finery for which we never will be able to pay. (Released by Tho Bell Syndicate, Inc.) ACCORDION STUDENTS I will be connected with the Beaaley Music Co. in Texarkana shortly as Accordion teacher. If enough are interested, I will come to Hope one clay a week, saving a trip to Texarkana. Anyone Interested contact me immediately. Mrs. Harry Gish, btainps, Ark. , Help "ilieve distress of MONTHLY, Arc you troubled by distress Of female functional periodic disturbances? Docs tVils make you suiter Irora pain, feel so nervous, tired— nt Bucii times? Tlien DO try Lydla E. rinkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Plnkham'a has a grand soothing effect on one ol woman's most important organs! LYQIfl E. PINKHWS&5SB8E Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. George M. Young, Hope, announce the arrival of a son, Leonard Chester, Sept. 1G, 1048. Discharged: Lewis R. Morrow, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Owen Orr, McCaskill. Friday p.m., Sept. 5:00 Mert's Record Session—ivl 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Adventure Parade—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M 0:00 Bobcat Pep Rally 6:15 News. Five- Star "Final 6:'25 Today in Sports G:30 Henry J. Taylor—M 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. J:00 There's Always a Woman-M *7:30 Bobcat vrcview 7:45 Football Game: Hope Prescott 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Billy Bishop's Orch.—M 10:30 Henry Jerome's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Saturday a.m., Sept, 13 I 5:50 Sign on 0:00 Hillybilly Hocdown 6:30 News, First Edition 6:40 Arkansas Plowboys (i:55 Market Reports *Jl:(m Melody Boys i 7:30 The Devotional Hour •' 7:45 Musical Clock ', 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition i 8:00 Sunrise Serenade • 8:45 Ozark Valley Folks—M ',' 9:30 Bill Harrington—M ; 8:45 Spotlight on a Star '10:00 Movie Matinee—M : 10:30 Riders of the Purple Sage 11:00 Magic Rhythm--M 11:30 Trio Time Saturday p.m., Sept. 18 12:00 News, Home Edition ^'!:10 Market Time 12:15 Farm Agent 1^:30 Polka liucrludc 12:35 Farm Fair 12:45 Western Roundup 1:00 Time for Melody—M 1:30 Moods in Melody 1:45 Esso Football Parade 2:00 Arkansas Razorbucks vs. Abilene Christian College Esso Football Parade Decision Now Take a Number—M True or False—M News. 5-Star Final The Week in Sports Fight Preview Mel Allen—M Twenty Questions—M President Truman—M Three For the Money—M Chicago Theatre—M' Horn's a Krakin'—M Jack Fina's Orch.—M Mutual News—M Simi-OH Top Radio Programs I New. York, Sept. 17 — t.-'l'i — On the ajr tonight: NBC -- 7' Paul LaValle; Adolphi- Menjoti in the.- "Purloined Later;" 8:HO Red Skolton: 9 Life of Riley: 0:30 iVluxie Rosenbloom and Bill Stern. CBS — 7 Sweeney and March: [ 30 Mr. and Jane Ace: :;:3I)| ill i. s Musi-Comedy: 9 Phil Bak- ' By Elswyth Thane Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. THE STORY: Dying in the Indian desert, British secret agent Hilary Shenstone feels a desperate need to get back to England and to Nuns Farthing, his family : home. He doesn't know the house vsjhas been let and that dreamy, 17-year-old Sabrina, whom he has never met. has adopted his old room and eagerly awaits his return. Hilary docs return to England and to Nuns Farthing—after death. When ho sees Sabrina, he realizes she is the girl he would have loved if he had lived. Hilary's room is locked after George, his brother, brings word of his death. Sabrina broods until Mrs. Pilton, house housekeeper, unlocks brother who d-died. She's got into it again. Mrs. Pilton gave her the key!" "Well, so long as the family don't know —and who's to tell them?-— I can't sec that it matters much." Aunt Effie looked at him hope. Icssiy. The task of explaining to him about the brightly lighted, empty room where Bella wouldn't go, and about her unnerving interview with the housekeeper, was beyond her. Quite unexpectedly, even to herself, Aunt Effie began to cry. "Effie!" He was thoroughly horrified. "Effie, what in the world —I had no idea you were so upset! home. But Aunt Effie, beginning to feel a strangeness in the house, is upset when she finds out Sabrina is once more using the room. "I must lake her away," she tells Mrs .Pilton. "If I might Pilton, and were like a Aunt Effie's XXV say so," began Mrs. the quiet words restraining hand on arm, "you ought to ei" I >0 Dick Juryens. AB C~- 7 The Fat 11 is i ; FBI; 8 Break T 1 ) i Fii'hi. Paddy ' m\ Pelone. * AIL 1 -- -- V There's V\ i in in ; 7;li'l Leave b 0 I ioiH'-l Hamilton tin U Meet the H U nan. Maa: the B; Young t lo <J i ,• Paul ! S t irdav ill. ms: jU ( — 11:03 u. m. Y. W. C. A. Forum on Women's l-'i-:-';jji.;i'.^j!- llR in a Changing World. ' f I ^ — H): 15 Lei's Pretend. \hC —G a.m. Shoppers Special Jl \i -'C-U and l.'osti.-llo. Mbb — <J:45 a. ni. Ozark Valley fPull think twice before you try to take Miss Sabrina right out of the house. It might be dangerous to interfere." "Dangerous to—!" That left Aunt. Eftie very nearly speechless. "I didn't mind very much when a man she would probably never meet," she floundered. "B-but now it's as though she had —fallen in love with some sort of —ghost! You should have told me about this sooner! You should have warned me!" "1 thought the best way would be to pretend we didn't notice anything at all." "But that's impossible! H can't go on! Where would it lead to'.'" "She might outgrow it. Or lie might go away. In any case, it isn't a tiling you can decide about." "I have already decided!" said Aunt El'tii: ob.-.tin'ately. "We shall leave the house at once. 1 shall speak to her father. We shall take her back to London as soon as possible." , "1 suppose you must do as you » think best." said Mrs. Pilton drily, and turned away as though diK- misbed. "Good-night." Aunt L'Ji'ie marehi; lute- footsteps across- tapped on her brother "Alan, 1 must tpea IK- luokeel up at Kifie—wiiat is it no She came in and the e-dge of the chair at uf lhe desk, facinv him. lie nivv.-d tight together iu 1 "Alan—I've .n^l had In 01 my HIV, We've- J.MH i ih.is iinii.se :il (. L-n bae-k to Loud In s At last Aunt Effie blew her nose, and visibly braced herself. "Alan, I want to go back to Town. Just as soon as possible. We must go. For Sabrina's sake. We must get her away from that room. It's not right for her to become so—obsessed—with a dead man's things. Its — it's macabre! She might go mad!" "I am the one," said Father, with exaggerated patience, "who will go mad. Must we go all the way back to London to separate Sabrina from this —.so-called obsession? Or would some other house in the district doV" "No, lie), we> must go right away. Alan! Right away back to London! And I think Sabrina had better go off to some nice school again for a while—" "But the last time we put her in a school yem distinctly told me that that sort of thing was no good to her!" "I know." she sighed. ''It's so harel to know what to elo. I (ran never be sure—" "How e>H is she'.'" he asked suddenly. "Why. Alan! Your own daughter! She'll be If! in .Se|)tmeiiiber, you know that as well as I do!" "That's old for a school, isn't it'.' T might have lie-r tutored for Girton, 1 suppose—" "Yes. tairton might do — all those nice- Cambridge boys," agreed Aunt Kl'iie vaguely. "And the.-n there' was that Swiss .schnnl I told you about the last time we talked schools -the one that loaches them skiing, along with all the usual things." "Well. I don't know. Kfi'n — \va^n t that nlaee pretty expensive'."' "You said it was at the time, but this is a special case, Alan, in think that to uet her right i 1 \\ a Y from I-'n^lancl for a while—' "Very well. I'll think abuul it." "Bill ue must elo something at once, Alan, there':; no time to ^'.o on thinking about it! I'el better While attending the Third District Livestock Show and Rodeo be sure to visit the Hope Furniture Company and see one of the largest and most complete stocks of furniture and home furnishings in southwest Arkansas. I Consisting of high quality bedroom suites in solid mahogany, solid walnut, solid cherry and solid maple. Karpin and other good lines of living room furniture. ' Victorian Mr, and Mrs. chairs and sofas. Stripped reclining chairs, platform rockers, Gainsborough chairs, pull-up chairs and rockers. Fine selection of Duncan Phyfe dining room and breakfast room suites — porcelain, plastic and wood. Victorian tables with marble tops. Wei man rabies, hammered leather top inlaid with gold. Large stock of samples for selection of Broadloom and wcfll to wall carpet. Good selection of patterns in inlaid linoleum and Flor-Ever Vinylite plastic floor covering Large assortment- of floor and table lamps. Magic Chef gas ranges, Monarch gas and electric ranges. Interspring mattresses of leading brands. And everything for home furnishings at right prices. Serving Hope and Vicinity lor 50 years See these beautiful Victorian Chairs and Sofas in solid mahogany — Custom made if you like. Make your own selection of coverings. Solid Mahogany Table wilh Marble n.p; in true reproductions. Phone 5 \l. V. Her^dosi T. S. Cornelius S. Main St.

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