Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1948 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1948
Page 8
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Page Eight Clubs HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hlnton our coupon saving plan. New bus- ines. our club decided to share equally with all thc other clubs in furnishing our food stand at our On Monday afternoon, Scpfem- P" )ntyf Fnir ' Ollr , clu , b wi " hav 9 ber 13 Hinton Home Demonstration foilr "/ our ™ cmbct \ to represent Club had a very interesting Hub " s ;md , to w . or *,* i the '" oci ; sta " d: meeting in thc homo of Mrs. Henry Mrs. To.nrme Gibson. Mrs. LcRoy Black. Mrs. Tomrnie Gibson acted ^V'/o, M . rs - Tom Ba 'f a ? d Mrs. as president and Miss Voncillc Edd Black ' w . c , werc dismissed by Black acted as .secretary-treasurer. | snylnfi our club crccd The devotional was given by the | Delicious refreshments were ser- hostess. Prayer was led by Mrs. vcd by Miss Voncille Black. Adams. We sane our song' of thc | Our October meeting will be month. Roll called, each one an- ; with Mrs. Toinmie Gibson.' •• ,:' swerlng with what we, as citizens, owe to our community. Old and now business was discussed. Bills were turned in and accepted from our picnic. Our coupon captain. Mrs. Stella Adams turned in $1.05 Thursday, Seplember 16, 1948 Prescott News Friday, September 17 There will be a football game at CurnminKs Field. Proscolt Curley Wolves vs. Hope Bobcats. I Sunday, September 19 I Dr: II. L. Paisley will be guest minister at the morning service at the First Presbyterian church. i . *• ; r - OBTAINS Washington; Sept. H —On— The Master Charles Yarbrough celebrated his eighlh birthday anniversary Saturday afternoon with a to fhp club Mrs F'lri P.l-irl- hnnnht ' uu " '" as "Pprpvcq. an ,v>nu.uuu loan the silver triy nnd Mrs Stel a l for improvement'-'and.•e^CfTSIonf of uiu biivtr u tiy and mi b. oiciia U-m-ii ,-,1^ „**•(„ ,.*^-,*i~^~ u,» *u_ TP; U «* . —— e versary Saturday afternoon with a Rural KloctrificaUoiii'h Adrniniatra.-.lrpp.rty.jatAhis home on East (ilh tlon -has approved' an . $850, 000 loan sttfcct tray Adams bought the wall brush that was given as special prizes from rural services by the First ' ' , Electric Coopc'ralFvc 'Corp., Jacksonville, Ark. THE COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY WITH THESE OUTSTANDING FEATURES Mora thorough washing and rinsing Ea$!ar and safer )o opcrqto Groatdr capacity (TO full pounds) No naed lo pro-soak clothes Convanlan) waist- high door for loading and unloading Creator economy of operation SIMPLEX IRONER We are giving absolutely free while they last a Portable Simplex Ironer with the purchase of each Launderall Automatic Washer. Don't delay. Come in today and take advantage of this amazing offer. Our especially trained plumbing department will install your-Launderall at a minimum cost to you. BUTANE APPLIANCE & TIRE CO. Now Located at 218 So. Walnut Phone 368 Hope, Ark. Various games were played. Thc u i>% received horns as favors and thcooys were given whistles. .Af.ter the gifts were opened ice cfc&am and cake were served to: Nancy Lewis, Ginger Cruse. Amelia Harrcll, Jimmic Worthington, Bonnie Elgin, Barbara Moberg, Sue Kelly, John Regan, Dolores Escarre, Pat Hale, Harold. Teddy and Andy Bcmis, Mary and Martha Adams. Mrs. Yarbrough was assisted in caring for the guests by Mrs. J. R. Bcmis, Mrs. Harold Lewis and Mrs. Russell Moberg, and Mrs. Ernest Buchanan is now enrolled in the University of Arkansas in Fayctlcvillc. Shell Blakel.v has returned to Conway where he is a student at j Hendrix College, after spending j the wecknd with his father, I M. Blakely. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jones. [ Miss Sue Jones and Miss Dotty j Yanccy drove to Conway Sunday where Miss Jones and Miss Yanccy will enter State Teachers College. Miss Tanna Murry left on Sun- ] day for Lonoke where she will be an English instructor in the high school this year. Miss Bernicc Daniel and Miss Nancy Cummhigs are enrolled at Henderson College, Arkadelphia. j Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker | Jr. have recently returned from ! their wedding trip and are at home in Prescott. The Women's Society of Christian Service met at the First Methodist church Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock for its regular monthly meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. E. J/Smith, president and opened by singing 'In Christ There- is no North-.ortSomtb;.,feifn inspiring devotional,.-was';given ?;by Mrs. L. D; Kinnej«;'~: Mintfi&'s ,'of the last meeting u/er.e','reit$ a>id the treasury report' was give'n". The week of Prayer was announced for October 21. through 31 and it was further announced that September 22 would bo thc day for the mission study,.which will be held in Nashville .at 10 a.m. Miss Kathleen Woosley is attending State Teachers College in Con- I way. Get Aid From A $50 check contributed by Southwestern Gas and Electric company to help further the work of the 4-H j club organization has been received j by the Hchpslcad counly 4-H club group, it was announced by Hershel Scwell of Sweet Home, 4-H council 'S SEPTEMBER secretary. This is the second year South- The Children's revival which western Gas and Electric company closed Sunday evening at the n;ls made this contribution. The | Church o£ the Nazarcnc under the check was presented to Hempstcad direction of the pastor. Rev. and .county 4-H club council by A. H. ' Mrs. Joe M. Tyson was voted huge success. Grav > Jl '-. head of the Rural DC- vclopment Department. The children were divided into I "Speaking for thc 900 employes j two groups, the Reds and thc Blues. of Southwestern Gas and Electric ' James Eldry Johnson was captain j company, it is a pleasure to help' of the winning Blues with 405 I f V rth P 1- thc work ot such an ou '-' rhildren in attend.-) rice and Willie I s ' and ,!"£ organization as thc 4-H, Slue Orr was captain of the Rcdsi ck !». .£,!' anl < M - Wilkes, president, i with 337 in attend.ancc for thc seven sald ' lhc 4 ' H club not onl - v P r °- i nichts. ,,':, ..,,'. Children from. 1 every church vidcs wholesome entertainment for I ( our farm youths but, and most im- ! ™ provides a well- rounded night service. James Eldry .rcprqspntcd at each ^ucalional program to teach be t : Johnson won in the contest for bringing the most, new children which totaled 55 and Jimmy Hart was second with 3G. They were each presented beautiful white Testaments. Among those. from out of town who attended the funeral services for Roy P. Phillips at Harmony church Sunday afternoon were: Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Thomas and daughter of Gladewater, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Dunn Phillips, Claude Phillips and Mrs. Johnny Phillips of Longvicw, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith of El Dorado; Delmar Phillips of Bakersfield, California; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Phillips, Jr. of Carmi. 111.; Bill Phillips of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mrs. R. L. Chadwich of Monroe, La. and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sutton ot Hope. Rev. and Mrs. W. G. Bensberg and daughter, Priscilla Ellen and Mrs. E. L. Case left today for a 2 weeks vacation with relatives and friends in Mexico and Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Helton returned Sunday night from a vacation trip in South Carolina. They were accompanied home by Sgt. and Mrs. Jack Baiu; and children. Mrs. Sara Chambers who has boon the guest.of, hoi- parents, Mr. y /reA / .WIMMER.I947:?; I49O ow YOUR Dint. V/ill Broadcast AI! the TBALL GAMES Storting Saturday, September 18th ed to KXAR 1490 on your dial Saturday and hear the $A$— GAME These Games Sponsored by ESSO PRODUCTS, thc Local ESSO Distributor and Local ESSO Dealers. Tarpiey'u t< so Ssrvice Station Hcrold Hamirsr Grocery Whotiey's Esso Service Station Leo Compton's Esso Service Station Cassidy & Williams Grocery Frank Johnson, Esso Distributor of tcr farming methods. The benefits or such a program will be returned , to all of us over a period of years I through more productive farms and more efficient management those farms. "Southwestern, like every other i business organization in this area, rcslizes that the future of the Southwest depends to a large extent upon the continued prosperity of farmers. . Our company is always glad to be of help to farm organizations and we will continue to cooperate with groups like thc 4-H clubs in every possible way." Southwestern will make the same I S50 contribution to each of the IS county 4-H club organizations in which the company provides' electric service. ! ips Easier Dishwashing is a household job that frequently falls to children, not because they choose it but because their elders allot it to them. To many youngsters dishwashing is one of their most disliked chores. Home Demonstration Agent Lorraine Blackwood points out that it need not be a distasteful or uninteresting task for either young or old. She lists these 10 tips to make dishwashing easier: .. l - Scrape and stack dishes at the table and place them on a tray. 2. Use a tray, or utility wagon to save trips from dining inble to kitclu-n sink. 3. Provide enough counter space (about 30 inches) at right of sink lor convenient stacking. 4. Store dishwashing supplies and equipment near the place where they are used. 5. Use plenty of hot, soapy water to remove grease quickly (i. Work from right to loft 7. Use both hands equally to save time and labor. C. Use systematic and strength- saving motions to make work easier. 9. Scald and drain rather than dry dishes win-never practical. 10. Store dishes to left of drain i counter. "Just study the job. You will ,mid the easiest ways of clearing | the table, scraping, stacking, wash- ling, scalding or drying, and put|tin» away the dishes," says the jliomu demonstration agent. ; Iii their regular Wednesday meot- i in;;, Buy Scout troop Ii5 of' Fulton j coaiplt'ted plans to render the ; opuiing ceremony at the district : "court of honor." The court will i I be held at First Baptist church in ; : Hope loiu'Klit iThursdayi at 7:30; ; Tlie program is designed to be ; : ! ill special interest to scouts, par- i onus and visitors. Troop 65 will ; • receive sevel'al awards. Tlie troop ! is \vry active. Scoutmaster (."lies- i • tor Anderson reports that the troop has missed only a couple of ! weekly meetings in about three : ', uiici a halt years. ! : PROBES REOPENED ' i Fayetleville. Sept. 1-1 - i..|'i— An' investigation of alloyed payiull ir-' regularities in the construe/lion oi the sewerage disposal plant !i;i.s ; been reopened !>y tije Washington ; LVunty grand jury. i Tile jury, reconvening here yes- terclay. called Mayor Georgt' San; dor and members of the city eouu: e:1 lor testiinuny. The New York City harbor con- t.illi.-, /VU ileep-Wlller Uuei.:-.. Shop a* Robison's for the things you'll need for Hie entire family. Buy now whHe we have the frbsrcgs you'll need for the cold days ahead. Wen's Shorts Buy now while we have a good stock. White and pastel colors and 36 inches wide. Only Yard Fancy stripes, wide yoke, three gripper fastener and with elastic sides. All sizes. You'll find in this group outing both dark and light stripes. Yard A large selection of these quilt bundles. Thick heavy rolls. Buy now for those quilts. Only each Men's athletic type undershirts of fine combed cotton, panel ribbed. Buy a supply now. All sizes. A good stock of these white cotton T-Shirts for men. Buy now for these cold days ahead. each Buy now for your cold weather needs. 72x90 and a value for only each Men's Munsingvvear dress sox in long or short. New fall patterns. Sizes 1 0 to 13. pair A complete selection of these prints in assorted patterns. Solid color broadcloth. Yard Is Buy those towels now. Plaids in many colors to choose from. Size 20x40. A value for only <3 y C each Men's white handkerchiefs that are large size with hemmed edges. Each Pretty new fall prints that are guaranteed fast color. 3 6inches wide. Prints, solids, stripes, checks and Polka Dots. Men's Yard Cannon wash cloths that you'll want and now is the time to buy. A real buy for only each Men's all elastic suspenders- vvith leather or snap-clip on =nds. Fancy patterns. Only Ladies nylons in new fall shades. Fine seams and a real buy at this low price. Sizes 81 to 101-. _ Blue Buckle Overalls for boys that are 8 oz. fully sanforized shrunk. Blue or express stripes. Sizes 2 to 1 6. Wide assortment of these shirts with regular and wide collars. They are sanforized. Both light and dark patterns. Sizes 14 to 174. 1 Men's work sox that are heavy grey mixed or thin cotton. Solid colors in white, grey or black. All sizes. pair 9'4 Brown sheeting that good quality muslin. Buy a supply now. Only Yard Men's Hawk Brand overalls in solid blue or express stripe, full cut and they are sanforized. A real value buy. Only At Right — "Cheer Leader" a Freid- Shelby shoe as shown. In red or green, smooth leather and stitched on leather sole. Widths AA to B and Sizes j to 9. Other styles $4.95 to $7.95 Ladies Men's Hats Hose Cotton hose that are 10096 mercerized cotton and first quality. A value for only Genuine fur felt hats in two popular shapes. All new fall colors. Factory creased for . perfect appearance. All leath-1 er sweat band. Sizes 6% to 7 ' Ladies Shoes Above — Moccasin type oxford with leather sole and rubber tip heel. In brown calf. Sizes 5 to 9, C widths. Other Oxfords 3.98 to 6.98 pair Work Shoes Below — Freidman Shelby work shoe in brown re- Ian leather. Heel Mold, straight tip blucher with nailed composition full double sole. Sizes 6 to 12 EE widths. Other Freidman Shelby Work Shoes ^ 4.50 to 8.95 Give and Redeem Eagle Stomps Men's Dress Shoes Above — Moccasin type blucher oxford with neutral composition full double sole and rubber heel. Sizes 6 to 12 and D widths. HOPE 'The Leading Department Store NASHVILLE Other Freidrnan Selbys 5.95 to 74.85

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