The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1934
Page 3
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..TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE MODERNIZE YOUR HOME Modernization of Several Local Residences Is Underway. Modernization has been tl>e keynote in ylnruj made by Bly'the- ville'••'residents who are Improving number buildings of homes and other room, ivhlcli lias always been mucli- lalkeU o[ by tlielr frljrids 'X.cause of Its attractiveness, Is to be redecorated and 11 now [wirli Is being bulk. Tlie home on West Main street, recently purcliiuied by Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Robinson, Is Imvitig n reiir porch ndded, which will be screened. Three garages are being erected at the L. L. Want apartments on W«l Ash street, and another by Die Mississippi Comity Building and Loan association at tlie Le- Loiig Jionte, ndjolitlug tlie Stnnd- avO Filling station al Main ami Division. A new unit An apt illustration of what cnn be. done with large houses, built about 25 years, ago, Is the former T. A: Boylejs home on West Ash street, which G, E. Keck is having made into two apartments. One will be on each floor, each of about four rooms. The large front and back porches arc l;eln» torn away and other repairs made. J. T. AJford had a three room <™ weeks. -- Is being added to the store building recently completed by- J. N. Wcltorn, of Dell. Three rooms, for living quarters, linvo been constructed nt the rear of the store, which Is operated by O. G. Burnea of this city. The stove Is six miles south ol Roseland. ' . A number of office rooms In the Hale building on Second street have been repainted In tile past from KOI |h First i Gluts. Morton, hiropractor. house moved .._ „ _ „,.„„,„. street behind Lemons' Furniture • has moved to this city and has store, to Davis avenue, next to I secured t\ suite of offices in'the the Frisco railroad. He plans to'Hale building. Gene E. Bradley, repair the delapidated building In (o negro dwellings. 0. s. Stevens' Mr. and Mrs. home is being repaired, (The (earing away of a partition will convert two smaller rooms into a large living room. Flues are being rebuilt and (he house redecorated. Another home being redecorated Is that of Mr. and Mrs. A. Con- Way, West Ash street. The living attorney, recently in the' office of Claude P. Cooper, has opened an office In the same building. INCLUDE-- proper^insurance protection in your budget. You'll have pence of mind and absolute protection against financial loss. Ycai can do. it through this agency. First .National Insurance Agency Notary Public Kitchen Desk Hawly Whenever there Is room In a kitchen, a desk might be included as one of the items of CQUipmcnl. ' Well supplied with pads of paper, pencils, ink, stationery, and possibly a telephone extcitsion, it saves many steps for the house- wile, adds to the efficiency of the household, and brings cheer In'.o kitchen tasks. Three Hinges l.tbb«i Strain When putting up doors, remember that three butt binges placed an even distance apart, instead ot two, decrease the strain on both cases by a slight dropping of the lock edge or the door. MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City • & Farm Properties. Special Title Service The Model Homo Is Mtxli'tn. Poems, songs :md books Imvu been written nbotil nearly nil jihasos of homes, bul n pncwu has not yet oeeti penned about tlie most desui'vini; of lliem nl'l— the lillle lioust' where everything works, Die lioiisu where every door slnys sliuf. wlion you close it, wlicro neither window nur btircmi drawer stick, where every gadget hiis n convenient nesting-jilitce, be it cupbonrd, nook or shelf, where there arc plenty of eomfoifable chairs and lounges, with plenty of tables nearby where ho beds real you Uirotiirli hours of slumber—llicso tilings iire most important to a modern home. Modern Fittings Bring Beauty to Renovated Old Bathrooms Should Be Decorated Unobtrusively With Harmonious Blending. Walls, ceilings nnd lloovs Khrmld (i "seen mid not henrd." Tlie background of n room should I>L> mulled with the idru of making IIP entire room beautiful by Mending the different colors nnd finishes, They .should never ln> leconited In such n manner Hint, hay cull nUenllbn to Iliciirsi'lvos. Just as Nature gives us, In (in, oul-of-doore, (iecp browns nnd srcciis for n floor, the : medium cnos of shrubbery mid trees for i wall nnd n n a |,i ttlue cky for a celling. BO Ills deepest, value In-' ioors should lio the door and u- Ighlcst the coiljng, «-[t|i wulls a" nippy medium. 'ins-, Should Ilk-nil' rtuss and riirpcis cnn lie rich n color and texture, bid. It Is essential thai, they nlfni | „,. „,;,. rust will) the walls nnd drain's •or best, cltects, TUBS should be ilaceil to follow the structurn) line'; il (ho room mi<| not thrown nboul I leltur-skclter. Scatter rufjs con-1 wiry to their imme, are not to •scattered ulmlcssly. .They m . D imre useful „„„ MnMw w , "need In from, nf () ie Drciilnw u.i, , .'f" 80 ! )lpce ° r furniture, whoie they win |, cs t -He ,„.. ' definite pail of 1m.. sdicme. ' mi any other pniT'ol 'tli"'"/^?!!- " !"«' iwiitlR. (-.vtrcme care An infinite variety or Left, old -- you live In a house more than ten or fifteen years old, yon j>rob- nbly have a bath problem. A one-bath home, shared by four to six persons, is worse than inconvenience. If any of i those four to six pcr- sons arc suffering punned affliction. from the un- tlie principal We can furnish your bjUhrooni qndt kitchen with all Plumbing Enamel' ivare at mail order prices. PAY MORE? CLOSET COMBINATION, with fittings ' Ul> 5 FT. HATH TUB, wifh fittings . $22.50 LAVATORY, wilh Citings $10.95 Up KITCHEN SINK,'"10x80, with trap $7.25 HOT WATER TANKS, 30 gallon, with fittings COLEMAN HEATERS HOT WATER $8.45 $25.50 SHOWER ATTACHMENT, for Bath Tub $5 Hubbard Hardware Co. Phone 32 Beautify and Improve Your Home With- MULE HIDE ROOFING "Not a kick in a million feet" The Arkmo Lumber Co Phone 40 jsymplom of. which is dawdling in llic tub, It is likely to be a« evcry- orninB calamity. Besides, the old iath is likely to be ft sort of Block Hole of Calcutta, with Its ancient fixtures, Us dirt-caleliing \vnlls, -its darkness. Builders of years gones by had n habit of surreptitiously cramming the bathroom into a dark, narrow, out-of-the-way corner, as though it was something to be ashamed of. Just now, as everybody knows, the bathroom is'some- thing to be shown ,off. It has been glorified, made inexpensive, jsani- tfiry and' Inviting. TWO HAT1IS AT ONCE. For the family with the old one- bath problem there arc two solutions. One Is a modernizing of the old bath; the other is the Installation of a second bathroom. 'Jo no the latter is scarcely more expensive than the first. Better still, install the new bathroom and remodel the old one, simultaneously. The advantage--'or doing 'bolh jobs together, rather than one now and one later, is obvious. The plumber, while replacing the rusty old iron pipe with new brass pijic, has the walls opened; he might jusf as well Install jpiping for the new bath, thereby sWlng not only plumbing labor, but plastering and decorating costs. , Those remodelling old baths \vlll find that new devices''have made the Job easy, n fe -possible now to secure all the fixtures already set In panels, the panels -filled together form (he wall of the re- modelled bathroom. The metal panel comes finished in almost, every desired -shade. K tiled walls are desired the new synthetic tile which comes In slabs, cutting labor costs (o a minimum, will probably be used, The^e tile slabs may be had either with a metal or-processed board pack- ins, and can be nailed directly over the old wall. Sot-in tubs, heavy, solid pedestals and fixtures arc down to a fraction of what they cost years 050 and, at (be same time, their beauty has been increased I SPACE FOR BATHS. Above the tile, or, for that mat, V" m", CO of a> palwr ma >' be used. Wallpapers especially designed for batl, W ms, proofed against moisture, are being used to achieve striking effects Scenic [ paper, depicting „ niarlllc scinec Is particularly adapted for this [purpose. If you want something cxtraor- Inary, look- at the new' glass bathrooms-glass floors, walls ceil- »Hfs and fixtures. In striking col- Por the additional bathroom consider the space not used in the house. If you have n large closet, perhaps five by eight feet, not uncommon in old houses, this may be transformed into an exquisite bathroom. The new fixture, heavy nnd Impressive as they look, are compact and may b'e fitted into surprisingly small areas, A bedroom, perhaps too small lor comfort, may be m»de Into a compnrativcly spacious bathroom If yon have no snare small bcij- room, no closet five hy olght, am! don't want to extend the house would you consider n bathroon without a bath—with a shower, In- stend? A shower lakes up only half the room of a tub and some closets are particularly suited to a shower, while nnsullca lor a -bathtub Trim Improves Inferior ..One of the very best,'ways to Improve the general appearance of the interior of an old house, is to repines the trim. In most cnies the trim on windows and -.dobv- has been in the house since It.s construction,- and Is covered with countless coats 'of paint. Trim I easily removable, nnd .can be re PIIICMI with new material at lltlli cast. Improving 'tin- Interior without changing the trim is like wearing a celluloid collnr -with new fall suit. - Curtains Cover Tluniliinr ~ Waterproof curtain?' to' mater the window and shower curtain- in the bathroom, if draped arounc the bottom of hanging lavatories add a decorative touch and conceal ugly plumbing and unsightly bottles, scouring powder, brushes etc. For REAL, Protection Phone 191 - '.will; lyj CI,A«K-WII«SON AGKNCY General Insurance "We Pay All Losses With a Smile' James B, cliilists have discovered Unit, warm, advancing colors tlljosi> toward thu red end ol tlm spec- Inini) mid I'lieer to a room mid mukc it appear nnullrr. Cool, re- ini! pliiulcs tut the bind end of Ihc spectrum) mukc a room apiitar cooler niul inrgi-r. Any color becomes win-in when ivd or yellow Is iiildi'd to It, mxl cool Wlica blue Is applied, Thus \eUow-fjn-en is wmm whiii> biuc- Brccn is cool, nnd nn oniiigc- yellow Is iviirm wlille a BIWU- Vcllow is cool. ., l-ni-ue Klldirn l.aiue, old-Cushioned kitchens of- iT many imsslblllllos for modem- inidon. If Ie.w .snace Is desirable,' <> bis kili'hen can l)i' easily divided oil In provide the following .n« alcove. UotuiOlinUI olllco wllh plamihiB desk and k'le])]ione c.xtenslim, I'antry or Gtorei-oom. Uownstalrs lavatory Clnwts lor clotlilnij and rlrunir.K materials. If Hr.-t'ttn-r Willis your house, is fnm- of n vc , years old and Mill retains Us orl- Cinnl wall covcrliijjs, it, Is probable that the ))lastcr has cracked and (nut the woodwork has paUcd In •Minis, in that case, u new Interior no* will piobably hisl twice a-s imitj us the nrlijlnal one for tliu house li«s (hilshcd scUUng . varei' or lealments avaiiable In both color " n. Jjnlsli CIIU |,ie S decorators [„ o v c any number of suitable of- fee : s. Wallpaper In hundreds or •lllfwent patterns ami colors Pias- ter either plain or rmii-h, wood I'nncline, wtalliaie wood '^ llnf, "to mid substitute tile mid ™ny other surfaces. a co ^ccT m tlie proper places. "»""»»? «f the' walls am • lusiilalliin Culs Flint Kipcnse •10 I'er Cciil Yearly 1 House conslnidlon aiilliorllles ns- itl that by Insiilatlni; humra witli rock wool, .fuel expenses miiy He cut iinywhore from an to 40 jier il yenvly. Hock vvoul Insiilallon Is blown by a special process or placed In toils betwwn (he mills o( Ilio house. It kc-cp-j Ihc icmpui ulure of the home 15 per ( . C nt cooler In simuuer nnil ellminnfii the "season • rooms." The blowlun procra h done from the oiiLslde \vilh no tncbiivenlciico to (lie occupants. •pom appear l nrgc| . room, or bnportlns chaVu, p any room. A careful study ,, f the exposure and si™ of the room should always precede the sd™! lion of the color • scheme Wiirm Colors Clirerful (h>ys of ]lonr ] n . , o ]lo scrip, brown and muddy lan have passed. Decorators have nwnkcncd to an appreciation Decolor and it, posslbilltira. S p c . : ; MONEV TO LOAN ON CITY PROPERTY We cnn mate loans on good lilch class homes, or good income busing property In Uiii city at low Interest rates d no commission. Will be glad to (jo into Hie mcrils of your property, loans arc made on Hie monthlv payment plan. W. M. BURNS ; Special 'Agent Jelfei.son Standard Life Insurance Company Old blalra l),!n|;rr«iis *n old and shaky slalrwny I; often the cause ol a serious accident. Cellar and n'tlc slnlrwny; are most nkely to cause trouble It Is not, difficult, to Install n new nnd .sound slnlnvny with fund' provided under the Fedcrnl lloiisl Ing AdmlnLslrntlon's modernization plan. A PACKAGE OF rtiEOFORD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE Housing Qucslion Box inublem of keoolnif out i view, shall I have the new wall >t'\l wliitcih winds must be solved'P'lwi pi-.ted o\oi the old, or shall >y me In the ne.\t. two moiitK^, hj 1 htnc l| ie old pniier scrnpea off netiU the only elfcclhe v,oiillieri '' A—U Is inueli less vqienslve to A.—ivil nnd olhev materials can 10 used for iv< ' re iLsed, Inn lmu> " lc papei p.ntcd right. less HI ULIIVL IIILIll.1 HUH (!a|l | I'"!'"* J...JIVU ,.51,1, ivcutlter slrlnplng nndi°^ <1 ' % ' ^'^ n ^ 5 ^ "lUcli less it meliil is by far the MlUsfni; ' 0| y. 1"« <">'y way to as- Ive. In selectlnij llio' s " lc B lwllv Sl > lls 'i»ctoi7 Jou Is to •iinlwlnl. rniKiiti.1 ihn lljn »« Hie old woei semix-d off and Host ellccllve. in selectlnij >IJP n»d ;iifileiliU, consldei the' • ~ ^ "•• • i' vij w " °"" living in fuel bills thiounh icv- i _ tt "'. lf> l |lc l lnrc<l l»foi<! the new iiil whilei-s «s well m, (|, L . uosu i llic Hwithci- strl|iplii B mnlcrlnl nd the Instnlliitlon. Tho niorc-cf- ecllvc the Job, tho kmei jour fuel lmI>c ' • • ---- • ...... --• l'. llt °" °"«rwl=e, the new pn|x>r h njil to crack or peel nl "ny time. CJ.—Most of the rooms of louso need papering. I<'roni one-term Investment, -point t'.xt lulling Cold Air WefUhoistilp, calk and storm,, foi tol possible exclusion ut of cold nlr Sec the New ATWATER- KENT Battery Set RADIOS for farm homes Ask tor free demonstration in your homo I'hone 2M and have us test Your Old Tubes SEE THE NEW ALL ELECTRIC SETS CAvrrr RADIO co. Exclusive AlwaUr Kent Dealer Phone 233 _ Glencoe Hotel Bid*. Clifford Cavitt, Mjr. Well Furnished Homes - - add greatly to the value of the home as an institution.- The American home has always been a bulwark of our Nation. Our homos made more . . attractive and' invilinjr by the addition of varioiw'/n-ticles of furniture at small cost. Snch articles may bo found at this store, Hmonir others a Bridge, Floor or Table Lamp, Occasional Chair or Rocker, Footstool or Ottoman, Rujja and Floor Coverings, Mirrors, and Occasional Tables —and many other equally useful articles—Al) Reasonably Priced. CHAS. S. LEMONS Good FURNITURE Moderately Priced Are More Blytheville Dwellings Covered With Certainteed Universal Shingles than.with any other type of coiyposition roofing? There Must Be a Reason It's because Umvevsals give UNIVERSAL SATISFACTION, And they cost loss. We can arrange a loan if you cannot' pay all cash. . . . LUMBER - 100 E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. * PHONE IOO We Do The Resir • . LUMBER HOO APffAN&AS :

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