Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1948
Page 5
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' 'Thursday, Sepfember 16, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thu.-sday p.m., Sept. .-5:00 Mart's Record Session—M ) 5; 15 Superman—M 5:30 Adventure Parade 5:45 Tom Mix—M • 6:00 Rhythm & Reason 0:15 News, Five Star KdiUio 6:25 Gulf Sports Parade ...,G:30 News Comment—M • 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.-—M ••••7:00 Talent Jackpot •• 7::iO The Belter Half—M 7:55 Billy Hose—M '8:00 Gabriel Heattcr—M !!:15 Mutual Nowsreel—M 8:30 lievcri'. AH Star Review—M 8:55 Bill Henry, Mews—M 0:00 Family Theatre—M ' 9:30 Dance Orch.—M '10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Barclay All.-n's Orch.—M 10:30 Dance Parade 10:, ; )5 Mutual Reports the News 11:00 Sign Off Friday a.m., Sept. 17 Truman' Has No Chance Says McClelJan Washington. Sept. 1 5—(/P)—Just back from .30 days of political inilKe-feeling in the South. Senator McClcllari of Arknnsas reported today that the- "general opinion is hat President Truman has no chance of being elected." At, the same time MeClollan repeated a forcasl that the southern States Rights ticket may take; presidential electoral votes from Mr. Truman in the usually solid Democratic South. " . I think recent events have Confirmed my forecast,'' Median told reporters. The Arkansas Democrat is a candidate for re-election but split ., ,5:58 6:00 -•6:25 •'••0:30 ' "6:40 6:55 ! . 7:00 7:15 • -7:30 •7:45 •7:55 "8:00 1 8:30 '8:45 Sign on Hilly billy Hocdown Bargain Roundup News, First. Edition Arkansas Plowboys Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Melody Boys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock Nevvs, Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Soiv.^ado Slogan Parade Bob Poole's Show—M Be!! Seeks to Take Heat (This is the last in a series discussing Southwest Conference football prospects.) By HAROLD V. RATLIFF TT'II* xl I sine the Dorothy KJrby GtVf to Beaf for Five West Palm Beach. Fla.. Sept. 16 —- (tJi- 1 ) — Tillie the tiger was re- cp"'nred today. She was meek and seemed tired when wealthy John II. Hopkins, her owner, checked in with her at West Palm Roach police head- -n u sp. with President Truman last S'eb- 1 :3eU( ' 1 ' Dallas Sept. 10 — (/F'i — 'Malty "nil would like to act the heat off inverters tin's morning.' Ac-linf on a his Southern Methodist football tin from a resident on the edge of,,..*, team .nit to do it. he'H have to set Magcnia Lake, Hopkins set out be-!,ill vid of a guy named Doak Walker. ! fore dawn this morning with a sta-S .V Hint would he .lust like losing Ins jtionwagon an:l a piece of rope. ' "I found her and said 'Here. Til- an even i lie' and after a while she came to ]1 arm. " K; '- vs i'ebnie Head;. Calif.. Sept. Hi — '•i 1 '- Tall, easy swiiuiiiu: Dorothy iurby looked like the girl to bea't '"i p the title today as eight survivors Headed i-ilo thj fourth round w!:' I'hamp'o-'Viip. l!u I ahead of her are such "i In.' \V'o)>iei)'s National Amateur players as Polly Uiley Kirk, Helen Si.ucl', Grace i. Mrs. Per;K.V Holmes, 'et Ciunlher and Doro'.hy's immediate threat, .'..M-year- Beveriy Ilanscn of Far;;o. l.i. The lineup for today's single State College Play Starts This Week ior CoHei-.e will tangle with tough The only Arkansas cloven <Mt* way is -•-•• »-, v*i i>_ ... v. t> < 11 if 11 i £^n_ vvilil H'l <mi ,Tyler .Inn:-, r College nt Tyler. Tex- peeled to" have- us own w. | as Tyler v as undefeated and un- j Ouachita. Woasley Brjdshaw, led last season, and Coach Jimmy niin,, his f irst ca mnaifti n« Lara,, gives his Trojans only « coach wiU send hi^c",buiS52' fiKlitum chance to break the spoil, with experience and talent, agatttS Tlie Trojans last u-eek were the J Louisiana College at Alexandria, [first Arkansas collegiate team to 'I.a.. Saturday. • * ;open the 1948 season and did it in j The Tigers were pronoimced*Ml „ _, . . , ! convincing (orm. thrashuiii Poteau. ! '.up condition for the: ' Louisiana By The Associated Press ;O,Ua.. junior College 82 to 0. jconlest. A squad of 23 wilt make i roiihle appears to he in store for; Ahu'.nolia A. M. also expects! the trip to Alexandria by bus to- two ol the three Arkansas inter-,the going to be rough Saturday I morrow ' collegiate conference football when it "squares off 'against Ale-j Bradshaw will start a lineup full teams which meet interstate rivals, Neese Junior College of Lake i of veterans unless he makes *• this weekend. .... - ... ,. Tonight (Thursl Little Rock .Tun- iCharlos. La., at Magnolia. The!last-minute decision Muleriders and the Cowboys played jCouncc. outstandin , a scoreless tie in the Cajun bowl at round listed Miss Kirby and Miss'the end of the i!M7 season., and Hanson, Miss Kirk of Findlay, O., (Saturday's tilt might be. eou- antl Philadelplvia's Helen Sigel . in jsidercd a playoff It will be tiie the upper half of the draw. Iseason opener fol both tennis. to use Cecil „ DeWitt freshman, r.t one of the guard positions. The San Francisco lire of 190G burned 23,000 buildings, with losses. ol $330 millions. no could have last year ruary over the so-called "civil rights" program involving federal racial discrimination measures. Mr. Truman threw away his chances for election last Fcb- rurary," MeClelaln .said. 1 am going to continue my political vacation as far as the national (Democratici ticket is concerned, I'm not going to make a campaign speech or contribute a dime." [Southern Methodist was the of the Southwest still lose four ... champion Conference, and ou... , u .,v.- i<,m games. It's all because the conference just doesn't have any weak elevens this season. Bell explains. The SMU mentor isn't admitting that, he expects a better team than when |rnr>." Hopkins reported, undo-I Tillie, a year-old Kcngal of tiger tied the comforts of the home friend of Hopkins' early this j " When disorder of Ititlnrj- function pcrmifn . poisonous matter to rcmafn in your blood, it may caupc napKins backache, rheumatic pains, Ie£ pains, tos.-i oC pop and energy, letting un ni-rlils, awcllinc, mi'Kncss under the eyes, headaches nnd dr/.r.iness. Frequent or ecnnty passaKes with smarting; and Inii-nins sometimes chows there is something wronn with your kidneys or blurlder. .Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan'a Pilln, a stimulant diuretic, used succesni'ully by millions for over 60 years. Doan's tfive happy relief and will help the 15 miles o£ kidney tubes flush out poisonous \vastefrora your blood. Got Doan's PUla. .*» HAVE A BIG QUIET FAH "Automatic" •g£iuav~—- Suspended Gas Heaters floor space, cut installation, maintenance and fuel costs in factories, warehouses, offices, and stores. The big, quiet fan and efficient heat exchanger make Rez- n'or heaters tops for economy and comfort. Find out Reznors place heat •when it's needed. today how where and Plumbing - Heating Phone 259 B:5. r > According to the Record 9:00 Cecil Brown—M !>:1. r ) Faith in Our Time—M S:30 Say it. With Music—M 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlahr—M 10:30 Heart's Desire—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Prcscott Hour Friday p.m., Sept, 17 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 Song of the Day 12:30 Polka Interlude 12:3.1 Farm Fair 12:45 Checkerboard Jamboree—M 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Woody & Virginia—-M 2:4!) Carnival of Music 3:00 Robert Hurleigh—M 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 Meet the Band •>:4a Two-Ton baker—M 4:00 Swing Time 5:00 Mori's Record Session— M a: 15 Superman—M 5:30 Adventure Parade—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M G':00 Bobcat Pep Rally H: 15 News. Fiv,- 3iar 'Final C:25 Today in Sports (j:30 Henry J. Taylor—M G:-15 Fulton Lev/is, Jr. 7:00 There's Always a Woman-M 7:30 Bobcat Preview 7:-15 Football Game: Hope vs Prcscott !0:00 All tne News—M 10:15 Rilly Bishop's Orch.—M 10:30 Henry Jerome's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off o Top Radio Programs Central Standard Time New York, Sept. Ifi — l/i'l— Addition for tonight; NBC 8 Air Force anniversary tribute, James Stewart nnd others. Tonics Tonight NBC—0:30 Van Damme Q'rrt.'l; 8 Nelson Eddy; 8:30 Dorothy l.a- mour 0 Bob Hawk Quiz; 0:30 Fred Waring. CBS—7:30 Club Crosby; 7:30 Mr. Keen's Drama; 8 Gregory Peck in Suspense; H:30 Crime Photographer; 10:15 The Dell Trio. ABC—7 Front Page; 3 Child's World Discussion; 9 Dance Band Jamboree. MBS—7 Talent Jackpot; 7:40 Better Half Quiz; 8:30 All Star Revue; JO Family Theater, "A Day to Remember." Friday Programs NBC—9 a. m. Fred Waring. CBS—9:30 a. m. Godfrey's Hour. ABC—8 a. m. Breakfast Club MBS—9:30 a m. Say It With Music. in 1047. pointing to losses that swept away a half-do/.en or more top linemen and put h'tn fresh out of blocking backs. He thinks' he has solved the blocking back situation but can't reconcile himself to believing his forward wall will lie as stout. Bell mud he had rcvnmped his backfield set-up in order to let cvcryho'lv not. carrying the ball aloni! with a flock of linemen do the blocking. He has worked out. deep and shallow double winuback form.-'Hons along with a Y formation. He will even show you on his blackboard how these formations oppi-nle. It's convincing. All-America Walker looks even better than last year if,that's possible. He's one of .the finest all- around backficlders ever, to step foot on a southwestern gridiron. He's one n f fo'u- speedy backs all rloing 100 yards in 10.2 or better They know because they worked oii^ for track last spring Three rnornbe month, was found in the area | where Policeman Paul Higbe re- | ported last Friday he had seen j huge tracks around his home. A . rancher in the vicinity said one of his calves had disappeared. Hopkins started out at the I of dawn today armed with crack ._ a rone \ and confidence that Tillie would : remember the months of Grade A | sirloin steak and fine treatment j she had received at Hopkins' j hands. j With Bill West, a rcsirl-nf of j the Lake Mamrom'a shore. ITonkin:; i stalked Tillie through th" palmel- I tos and found her watch in?,' him i from the edge of a pahnello grove. ; "I called to Inn- and she Hist ] flicked her tail." Hopkins said' ' "Here. Tillie. here. Tillie,' T ! called to her and at first she jus! ! looked at r,;ie. Then she sauntered over and let me put the rone : around her neck. I put her in the [ •onrk of the station wagon." j He took her immediately to the i police station and from there to a I radio station whore he broadcast i her return to set at rest fears o 1 ' I •i number of Palm Beach and j West Palm Beach residen's who i for weeks had wondered what Til- j do if she got hungry j rs of that ramnn'i- • bnckfielrl of 1!M7 ,T- C hack, pie would Thev ni-,. Walker. Paul Page and enough. Dick MrKissack. The fourth mem- In the station her of the brickfield will bo Kyle picked her fur and Role, versatile sophomore The op-1 dcr the stares of nosiiion had found Walker enough |jnen. wagon. Tillie lay quietly uncurious policewatch: now there's double trou- ' because Role is the same type Walker—likely to run or pass! lo"_ a touchdown any minute, '/here :"••' nl«nly of loo rcp!ae»- ments— Gil Johnson, that passin' I man: Gene Roberts, who can i throw that pigskin, too; Dave 1 Moon, who can do any job — he's (filled three positions in three Years, and Frank Payne, a clash- inf young man with the ball. The best of punting will be fur- Arkac'cdphia Sent Ifi - nishecl by Bill Richards, who let- ! Henderson State To'iehei- tered in 194G. but was inclicihlc |may have a team that's 'hard 'ast season. And there are others beat this year But if it do- 011S C to round out, one of the most im-iw posing backfield groups in the country. Bell says his question marks are nt guard and center, meaning he isn't worrying about ends and tackles. But he has some good starters a (hose so-called weaker spots. come 'as a to it surprise to many Coach Duke . Bobby Folsom nn Blakely and there are plenty sturdy fellows back of . Eth'ridgc and Hnmbcrgor, although none are lettormcn Guards will be Floyd Lewis and Walter Robcrds. From there on reserves are numerous but not many of them arc anywhere near equal to Lewis and Roberds. Fred Goodwin, who operated Wells is the first to admit that he i believes the football horizon for his Reddies is of the darkish hue. And he points out that the Ark'i- jdelphia club finished in the cellar i f - |K ' ton-loam Arkansas Inlcrcol- back of Cecil Sutphin and Lloyd Baxter enough to earn a letter last year, will be the center. Bell hopes he doesn't get hurt. There isn't much experience backing up Goodwin and it's uncertain what might bo expected "I'll have a fine football team," says Bell, who gets irritated every time somebody calls him "Moanin' Matty," a tag hung on him years ago. Bell wants it understood that if he just comments on the facts and they indicate his team will have trouble it isn't moaning. n i • , - - Halejgh legiate Conference last year —and he rays he's afraid this year's I squad will repeat the performance I Incidentally. Wells is another I coach who picks Ouachita college ! to cop the conference crown this i year, will take second place and that Arkansas Tech will wind up a poor fifth. Tech shared the 1947 crown with Teachers. Wells apparently has good I e s Most Modern son for his gloomy outlook as far as Henderson is concerned. Although he is fielding a squad of (if) hopefuls, lie has only 16 leitermen back. And they include only three regular starters. A few promising newcomers have reported for drills however and several underdog teams in the AIC have surprised critics in the past. A former Magnolia A and M player. Penny Scott, has shown nn wot] us a blocking back and Wells has his eyes on a rnuirte: of freshmen backs. They are J"ck Mcirasn-i O f Long\'ie\v. Texas Hubert Williams of DeQueeo, ' .To.- Miller of ,'Rison and Floyd Widmer ot Smackover. Brightest" new line prospects arc ' Billy Groce. all-state P. team s-lee- I lion last fall from Ri/un. Kirhv I MeG'-aw nf Almyra. and end ! Charles Williams, of WaltJron and I Bill Bri/endine of DeQueo., I '•'ckles, and James Mtm.-,> ,,'f ! Hone, Perry C.-mibeli of Horatio! and Bobby Neal of Gurdon pliiiiiictl ibis specitil s:ile for you ' }\"ho liiu'c it clciiniiig job to do. "Put a smile on your house" iritb these supplies ,,, Hurry tf> Kroger ]or housekeeping buys Margarine,' Find Flavor Smooth Spreading Texture ;u--ml.s. ! The three veterans st.-ii fi ni; on ! ho s'Hiad are einK Did- Hay:; or i '"mden and Jim Mack Saw-"' nf ', iJMii'-iin- and Tackle Robert: •Red" Meeks of Kudora. i Another regular of the HI45 sea-! on who servr"! a subs'-oiiedl ! • itch in the :"-m.y — Wvlic C'ox of von who servi-d a siil)S"oii"iii ! 8 bitch in the :"-m.y — Wylic C'ox of Benton — will probably be in tlv> first siring hackfiold. 'And Khedj Rogei's. pivot man out of actio'i ! I.-i:;t .V'.-M- will) a foot injury will he'n bolster tile line. ". ;'- • i tjui •-1 c i i n e The schedule: Sept. 21 ----- Northeastern Colleee i at Tale'iuah. Okla. " ; Oct. :' —- Arkansas A. and M at : Arkadelphia : Oct. !J — Heiidrix College at Con-! j way. i I Oct. State Teachers at Arkadel- ! phia. O-t. 21 — M at Magnolia. | folk MI- ol the O/arks at ' del ohi :i ] • • * • " . v. i\.... ^,1 o DI . i v- i t n H .:i ! Nov. 12 Arkansas tech at Ar- : ! '-"rli-lph'M. | Hill Briy.endiiif of !.}:•'. in* n, ' I phia. i Losers Hope Break j win Coo? off i I Vols, Barons i Bv The Associated Press McRoe Hdwre. Building Hope, Ark. Southern Association plav. .It's I..: 1 !; 'travel \\uuld i-ool off ih,-'\'a-.hvi)i.' \ || - Vols and r.iri"iur.\ham' t . !:,-,.-OMS. Ill .vemi-Jinal play la.-! n:i;h-. I::-Vol.-, made il K'.o stiai:;ht :.;\::i:i:-t no defeats i-v takin:'. Mobile'- IVan, Jl to :•;. :,,,d Birn.ii^haii; opened up a ; iioil;.r lead in i!:-; i serie.- with UK- Chick;; bv '.* ii.i.in 1 ' ;'J to :•;. ' " ' ; ;md \,iihvi!K- and Mobile ' v.ii"H- i the .veiies 'A ill iju re.-.i.'.n.ed l' 1 ;!- n;js tiu-n ehmaxed tlie altiiir n: Ritiso White Washes In Half flic Time For Quick Fix Meat Dishes. Sorvo Cold or Hot One Pound of Spotlight Coffee If We Fail To Say "Thank'You" After Serving You Paper J.!:.) ft. C!.;uu:es Dirty Hands Easily. P&'Offex Tissue ^ Soft Toilet Tissue. Box !! ox. i Boxes 20 o/.. Cleaner. Rolls 211(1 Soil Tissues In A Borax 20 Mule Team Brand GiJOCOGfr Protects Fluor;;. Box. Boxes 10 07.. BOX . For Whiter Clothes. doe-ox Bleaches Without Harm. Bottle Qt. Qt. Bottle Qt. Bottle 9(Jc Wiradex Perfect Windou Wax Paper Crystle Brand, 125 Ft Kroger Milk Full or Vitamins. Pet Milk Pure and Convenient. White Corn Robison Shoe Peg. Fruit CockfaiS Kroger. Quick Dessert. Dessert Kroger Gelatin. Kroger Bread Stays Fresh Longer, Long end cut o(F Botll Roll Keeps Colors Brighter and Fresher. -' 3 Tall a Cans % Tall i. Cans No. 2 Cans for 85c, For Dishes Or Laundry. ' rK >| fi% fa$ 3 for No. 1 Can Keeps Your Ciqtrjes White. p £. 20 02. Loaves 1 Kroger-C'u!-. Sciecfed Top Grnde Baby Beef. Blue:Tho Modern Way. BotHc $ Flut loin bone and waste removed ib. •The'Liquid Siarch. Convenient. Cans. Cleanser. Chases Dirt. Krogcr-Cut- From Top Grade Baby Feef Kroger-Made, Pure, Fresh & Lean. i*! f** * lls Shank Half Ib. ^ Swiff's Oriole, Butt Half Ib. 59c. >5c Cans Swift's Famous Sweet Rasher. Dog Feed: Try It For Your Dog bosogna Brown's bconomy Brand. Tasty. Swift's Circle T. Ib, » Streak O'Lcan Brand. Ib. Lean 29c Whiting „, Kroger Fancy, Scaled, Pan Ready. Wisconsin Daisy Ib. 57c GoU'.cn Cheddar SHARP CHEESE Ib. 63c Trade in your old broom and get 15c on the purchase of a new At the regular low price .. each WiN!*U)i OS $20,000 CASH $22,500 OTIJES CASH FRIZES IN ENTRY BLANKS KROGER FIG BARS Sunshine Brand in Cello Box. PORK & BEANS Serve Cold or Hot. Spicy 'Flavor. FRANCO AMERICAN Spaghetti. Just Houl and Serve. SALAD DRESSING Kroner. Make Full Flavored Sulacls. GERBER'S FOODS Chopped or Strained. 1'ure. White Seedless Variety. A value! Box 16 at. Cans Can IM. Jar Cans Ibs. 1Sc For Canning. 2 Ibs. 23c. Fresh Compact Heads Fine Flavor, Ib, Lug Ib on/y $].00 ' 2 wrappers from bath size of |"n ft 8 tor y * »T. ,. ..., B o u „ trf ea *>«»» Bath Size ;, LIFEBUOY ' 4f S3.00 ,^TO S4.00 VALUE f-jii m Colorado Yellow Spanish Variety Ibs. I :7C ib. I HQ B«9 1,,^^

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