Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 16, 'Favors iis close the Republicans probably Uvilfhave to thank Wallace for ihelp-ng them keep control of the; Senate If Republicans increase | their house holdings. tlv:y probably will owe some of those gams to Wallace, too. A United Press survey reveals! New Dutch' Car Has a 'Blister Hhird party By LYLE C. WILSON congressional randi-! jclaics gen (-rally .spotter! to split the | I Democ'rallc-leu wing vole. I his is i regarded as a Communi:,l party : line maneuver desitfnc-'d to obtain j planted a cr.nyarvativc administration in; < or-"regional candi- i Washington. The C-jmrnnniKt i'ea- j they" can help defeat' soiling is that the sooner and lur- • rind liberals. I Hi CM- Ibis government goes to the; Washington S-iopl. Hcniy A W .llntv pic.st of Ins dales whtic New Dcalei' sum liuv.i.n.^. [ ,""", r «•-• - , ; n „,,„>„ ti-wi l The Republicans stand to gain-light, the sooner will come .UK , from th- overall operations of the involution to suPP'«IY ^ "™ » | tnird paity in congressional poll- Communist M.ate. \Vbot -is , tics. If the congressional election Communist associates e,.pi,m «, J^^fe llhcir reasoning to. Wallace js.not | \%$r,"" \ known. i I General President Einil Rieve of. j the Textile Workers of America (CIO) first rang the alarm bell about third party congressional conniving. . "The third party headed by Wai-1 lace is trying hard to bring about a reactionary victory in the No- jvcmber elections," .siiitl. .Hicvc in a L |campaign pamphlet. Rievc cited 2 '.stales in which the general thrust iof third party congressional effort:; (was directed a;; {tin.si New Dealers or progressive Republicans,. A United Press survey turned up Wallace congressional candidate:; in five additional states. There probably will be more Wallac'citc;; j running for Congress within a fort-j night or :»>. The stales in which there are or soon will be Wallace candidates for Congress are: Minnesota, New York, Missouri. Illinois (Cook county only), Iowa, New Hampshire. Massachusetts. Virginia. Oregon, Wisconsin, West Virginia, California., Indiana, Pennsylvania South Carolina and Connecticut. There are at least 54 third party candidates for the House among Record Cotton Crop to Bring Labor Problem By BOB BROWN Little Rock, Sept. 15 —(UP)— A record breaking cotton crop this fall will make the Arkansas' planters labor problem more serious than ever before, labor agreed here today. D. O. Rushing, regional labor expert, with" the "employment security division of the slate labor Near Breaking Belgrade. Yugoslavia. Sept. As-kcins0s Power, Light Has Two New Directors Little nock, Scptm 15 —(/I') — Arkansas Power and Light Company, ha? two now clm-c'toi'F. ', J. C. Hardin, Griidy. Ark., Mimer Arkansas revenue ccnrnmis- s-inner, and Gordon E Young, Pine •a named to.,t.hc department, declared that the Kirlim: nlon« 1ho streets o£ Brussels, Belgium, is a new a plexiglass lop. The so-called "blister" provides protection from <e time all'ords lull vision. The transparent top slides back and loith. ear made in the Netherlancis, which features and, at the same picking problem is pretty serious." Hushing declined to say that ,n shortage of pickers already exists but did say that "we arc •making every effort to bring in workers from other sections o£ Arkansas and from out of stale." Meanwhile the weekly crop bulletin reported that cotton picking is well started over the Southern halt oE Arkansas and is Helling under way elsewhere. Cool weather, the bulletin said, is retarding opening in Mississippi county but hot sun this week is making the crop earlier than ever. Rushing pointed out that the planters did not have all of the pickers they wanted last year. "And he said, "With a crop estimated at 700,000 bales above last year's total you can draw your own conclusion as to the labor supply." .„., — Yugoslav Communisis indi- Bluff attorney, were I catcd loctay their relations with posts by A. I'M and Lwl stock| neighboring' Romania and Hun- j holders at a .meeting here ycster- Igary arc near the breaking point, day. , •*mi , , , , , , , . I Tbr-v fill vacancies caused ...by They declared' that friendship I ^ dcaths o[ lhc i alo Roy L. Thompson and J. L. Longino, Pine Bluff. and alliance wilh these I could not exist under the. pressure, slander and calls to revolt being conducted against Marshal Tito's Communist government. The crumbling relations , nadc more apparent in an editorial today in Borba. the Commu- list party newspaper. The editorial charged that the authorities in .Romania and Hungary are evading responsibility for worsening relations between "friendly Democratic (Communist) countries." Here and There in Arkansas Hot Springs. Sept.. M —I/I 1 )— Gov. Earl Long of Louisiana is visiting Women io Dssciass PoSS Tax Drive This in Hot Springs. . , . The governor, his wife and seven |fe;;c'!>tali\i.b Little Rock, Sept. 15 — (/T)— Rep- All board officers were reeleclcd. Dividends ot $1.75 per share, on 57 preferred stock and $1.50 per,, wcvc 'share on j fi preferred stock wer.fc'" Borba said a Tito campaign "slanderous" anti- made the voted by the directors. Dividends |;; are payable Oct. 1. ___ \\ bors to the North and East might I,; as well be lorn up. ' •; These treaties, said the cclilon- U nl. have been "flagrantly Vio- . ; luted." , li Meanwhile, a "support Tito « campaign is being kept at the ;; highest possible pitch in Yugo : slavia. Marshal Tito has appeared in public all along the Dalmatian coast and on several of the Yugo-y, I Slav islands in the Adriatic, visit-* I terms of friendship sound "pharisaic and ridiculous." The. commentary strongly indicated that treaties of friendship cooperation and mutual aid be-ling ducks, factories and workers' tween Yugoslavia and her neigh- 'homes. these slates and five for Portland, On:-,.,; Sent) !">. —(UP.»or tile Sen-j'J'hi ee KvUiiTi6"riH\ideiiS." who lo'lg j elected 2'\~t •'i',:,', abandoned soaiilRrA' rtioceassins represcnlalives two years ago to: in favor of hi;'.li-h< oler! shoes, were Hi7 for the Democrats. Republican ji cady to enplane today ''or Texas, j here. control of the House is relatively ! where they will help a Fort Worth lermineil how lon safe. Third party efforts are more'o.l millionaire win -a ?£>• 01)11 bet. likely than not to help increase the i The girls arrived from the Arctic Little Rock, Sept. 14 —f/P/—The Arkansas Resources and Develop of women' direc- : he"wili n r > ema'iii!t"i : " c " llu ' YDCA. said the meeting he will iLinam _. L . r ,i] c d u, seek endorsement 'of I the women's groups of the Young to increase Democrats' program the stale's voting strength. The campaign to encourage pay- cu-ele bv way of Seattle aboard aj mcn t. Commission today predicted ] mcn Y of poll 'taxes will begin on two-engined private plane piloted j a heavy tourist trade for the J ., s -, u ,. v/ jdc basis Sept. ID. likely than not. to help Republican margin of control in the next Congress. In the Senate ihe score is -Re-iby Lew Le:;eh. Jr.. of Dallas. 'slate this fall. publicans 51, Democrats 45. Third i Leach i:- p.m.I and p^nera! handy-f -p-j^, commission has received 'A.-\ I'.ariy senatorial candidates in i man for L. L; •Fl'i-irne.'Fort Worth \T»I requests for tourist iniormation Minnesota and Io\va wil! aid Ke- : >:;l-'i;--i) who !>••!, hi^fsitu-ids lie could jduring the months of June. Juiy . publicans in tlhier campaign to ;;•;'"'. Hire;' Kskirnos and deliver ; an ,| August this year. In the j Keep or increase their SenaU 1 ; iiu m in Tr.x. s bclore midnight lo-^amo jieriod last year only 70-1 re-i iJulge. The third party senatorial I ni'-h'. -. ; . ,. • j quest;; were received. j ,-- -. CiiiKlidate has not yet been entered i Tlr. 1 :;,irl:; avn LrtVia IV."' Welch. 22, \ ' There were 12,(104 inquires to the j i/iiUe rjock, Sept. 15 —i/I't-- Rob-|a rt ;n Minnesota but tiie move (or II:JM . i,f Kivilena. .Alaska,: M filly Hlal.cli- ; commission the first eight months ' ,,,-i ,.\. Kire. ' national president of i T. is due Ihis week. : ford. 2(i, Cinlrivin. Alaska: and Alice j,,f 104!;. the publicity division i'e-;n le iVailway Mail Association, will IScni o Walker. 2ii, Wbitv /; lUounUiiii. Their j ported. Uunng this period last ! ; , n .j vc . here tomorrow to be guest Ibcei elviiK".i).ie is Loruia .Gray, 3i). • year there were onlv G.li2() re-i,,r hnenr .-it :i hummel liv the Little cilin voy MtaiS Head io Be Visitor The first long distance airplaiu; flight in the United States was made in 1!)H) by Glenn 11. Curtis:; 'stockings. from Albany to New York City. ^Gray, 3i). ; yi'ai' there were •quests. pumps, nylon ! The requests came from coals. while jj;tales and 40 foreign countries. I ''e-jof honor at a banquet by the Liltle I Rock branch. Kice also will visil i>l""CK aiifl ;.;l,--:-:i.:es. The l']s!.,imn maidens. Leach j Little Rock, Sept. 14 f.T).—| sa ; ri. we're sig.'.ecl up for the trip to,t.\vclve new fire towers will be ncn-. A rctic Texas wilh the aid of Unskilled in Arkansas forest lands. jSiatlle newsme'i. i Hendrix L.ackey. director of the i The enterpi-is-.' began when {Arkansas Resources and Devcinp- jHorni' v.-eiit to Kalispell. Mont.. aj m ent commission, said the new i few rlav.s ago for a Ivief vacation, j towers, ordered by the forestry di- j While he was there. Honie phoned j vision, will be placed in North Ar! Iriends in Dallas and Fort Worth jkansas area. i and asked what souvenirs of his' i li in tlie^ wanted. . i . j r )he Te.vans asked for Eskimos. | n , nv ' departments have been set the deadline and made the bet. added to the University of Arkan- i Leach :;ol his flying orders and | sas College for Engineering. President Lewis Wobstev Jones branches in Texarkana. Dallas, Fe.rt Worlh and Kansas City. McClellan Disputes Contention by Commerce Secretary Washington,' Sept. 15 — f/P) —An Arkansas senator took issue today with Secretary of Commerce Sawyer over who is responsible for export irregularities now being invcs- ligated in Congress. Sawyer blamed Congress a few days ago, saying that the Commerce department's office of inter national Irade was kept on "a starvation diet" for nearly two years because of meager appropriations. That co'nlention was disputed by Senator McClellan (D-Ark) a member of Ihe subcommittee which has been carrying in the investigation. "Congress can't legislate honesty or elficiency in government agencies regardless of what Secretary Sawyer says," McClellan told reporter. I The Senate group, headed by j ator Ferguson (R-lVliclU has! con looking inlp the OIT's handling of export licenses. The sc'la- tors claim to have turned up evidence of a mrmber of irregulari- jlics. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE AT YOUR GROCERS and Fayctlevillc, Sept. 14 —i/T)— Two went Io work. Luach i'ii'si, flew found thr to Alaska but yesterday announced appointment werejof Horace W. Risteen. professor of to head inclustria , jeven with chaperoncs. Then Leach | was advised to try Portland, which DEPOT TICKET OFflCE Phone 190 \va'-ds of tlu- federal government ; ;ncchanical engineering and couldn't be ferried over theii| )c new department of countryside for belling purposes, ! engineering. Robert C. Wray. will be in charge of the dcparlment of mechanics, was rer.yesenled as full of Eskimos. But the Portland Eskimos turned out to be Indians. After Portland, Lc^ch tried Seattle and signed up the Eskimos then. They will be paid $100 a day ^ P>" F-- f -r* \ a K,,l oroes Cotfrorc Pickers Shipped Out by Employment Office Memphis. Tenn., Sept. 15 — i/l')— Cotton-picking time has arrived in the Mid-South. The Memphis office of the U. S. i employment service said it sent ,.-)iit nearly 5000 cotton pickers to i Arkansas. Mississippi and Tennes- I ire fields this morning. The office said it has orders for ! 12.010 pickers daily when the season reaches its peak. YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING at ,f r>, \ i i r< TOILET TISSUE rolls COCOANUT 1'4 Ib. Package BORDENS iCE CREAM Pint Pv Tlu Voiei'S II candiitales l.ulillr.l) nl ei'nor an ! Now morejhan ever — A&P Coffee is America's largest selling coffee and it's America's biggest coHee value! Thousands who have changed to A&P Coiiee irorn comparable quality cofiee now make savings up to I2c on every pound! Flour LiOl'.t Crust Flour Flour LETTUCE Large | Firm hcafl b •= >C Af :;eci:-!ti:d Press I s"ve'i :-;ates had their ' nesola also built up a lead for Real! pinked today tor i publican nomination. over Slate ln'c:,- ranging from gin'-j Auditor Stafford King. The Derno- s •nator down to minor i rralic ballot spot seemed certain ons. 'for Charles L. Halstcd, who held s'e the major rclulls inia two to one margin over his i )irlnfti|''ies: jnearesl opponent. lest ph Hall won Itepub- ; Michigan Democrat:' handed a lican i'eno:nln'ition in •• Minnesota, jslim lead to G. Mennen William:;, while JV'iyor llnb.crl Humphreys of j a socialite rnnninK with CIO back-| American Beauty Mi'.mcapi !is snav.ged i.he Demo-1 ing. over two opponents: Victor 1 rl ••- eralie :enatori;'.l -nomination. - E. Piiicknell. supported by the AFL Ani'tlier ;iu.-.:.;!nhi.iiit.-Senator Ed- i'lYamsters Union, and Industrialist win (.'. -I. 'in.-mi of Colorado, rolled liurnett J. Abbott. Republican ini a lieary vjctt^-y iiTSirpi" i" l>'.s,Gov. Kim Sigler. although iiiiop- •-'ale':- I)( ;i:in..'rtiiiifl palinary, His iiesed for renominalion, garnered Ni-v nilier uj'pnnent p'robably will,a heavy "token" vote. :e liep:i!-lican W'ill- F. Nicholson,! \Vashinulon's, Democratic Gov. . political newcomer who held a ; lVlon ('.'. WallgriMi, good friend of r.i''• .-.,]:• Va'l (iyy:j' to'rnie:' G«i\'. iPr'.'sident Truman, seeiried sure of .loi'ii C Vivian.-., '.';' ''••':' ; rem initiation, while former dov. Ju-piil'la'. 1 ;!! .':1en.-!li>r,s I,e\ l i i ri i f t j Arthur II. Langlie was the choice iSalteiisiall ni Massachusetts and,"!' the GOP voters in the same St.-. ii s l!i nij'.e.; of New Hampshire i slate. .•Acre ii!i'i,:|Mi.-.e<1. SallonslaH will! Hotli candidates for governor of November opposition from |Colorado•-- Demneral Lee Kiiou.s, i-'i:-'.".erald, while Allred K. j »'li(i is the incti'nlient. and Uepub- i-quare olf against i lican David A. llaniil—were uno]i- j Tomaio Juice Cranberry Sauce 10 10 10 Ib. Bag Ib. Bag Ib. Bag lona Ocoan Spray Comstocfc Pia 73c Apples West Bay R. 5. P. 8lc Cherries V/hite Houss 8k Milk 46-or. Can No. 300 Can 20 01. Glass No. 2 Can Tall Cans 27c 2lc I7c 29c 43c Fines! Things That Grow . . . For Your Table! Fresh Italian Golden Pound Cake ie Style Bread Streusse Crackers Gcvt. lrr.pcc.lod f'\T A GI tA Cut |-ioin l-anc\ Chuck Cinnamon Kiicheriett.; CATSUP Meda FLOUR Peanut Bulver ; K, .-.vi We Delive GRO. MKT. Phone 266 JANE PARKER Chocolate or 1C £D TWO LAYER ,o lull of Choo.o your favor.ta-fhey Calif. Oranges Green Cabbage Yellow Onions Texas Yams Russet Potatoes Seedless Grapes Golden Carrots Green Beans Head Lettuce Golden Celery Grand-Tasting Meals Sunny-field Ready-fo-Eaf Cooked Picnics Fancy No. I Qualify Dry Salt Bacon Ib. 5 Ib. Bag 39c Ib. Ibs. Ib. Ibs. Ib. bun. Ib. Head Stalk 4c lOc lOc 25c lOc 19c 15c 13c 14c At Value-Giving Prices! : r'6ic pjra Sv/an Soap li Flcais Swan Soap Ear Lg. Bar S ortenng Admiration A IV-, -..I Lighter Fluid l! = .i":i" S; = P Lifebuoy 1 !»• <t I J Ci.-, * I Cin •4 oz. Can Bath lOc I6c I I 'J I • I J 53c lOc I3c Sliced Slab Bacon Sliced Bologna Sliced Cheese Armour's Lard H&D Whiting Rose-fish Fillets Medium Shrimp Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. 69c 55c 5Vc 83c 33c Ib. Ib. Ib. I9c 37c 63c I-IEINZ Tomalo Soup C c n cj G r j [ . c d I c rr: a! 0 Soup 2 ^ 23c CARA^IE:. COATED Cracker Jacks A Pii:u i:i Eve i 1 ,' PJ:!U^O AMERICAN Ched-O-Bit 0-ick U-Mna Chcc-.e Feed 2t.r. $1.09

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