Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1948
Page 3
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Thursday, September 16, 1948 s HOPE STAR, HOPE ARKANSAS ersona 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Social Calender I Thursday, Sept. 1G Hope Chapter 328 O. TV S n-11 meet Thursday night at 8 o'clock nt the Masonic hall. /Ul members arc urged to attend. Mrs. Paul Lewis and Mrs. Kdwin Stewart will bo hostesses at the ragu'ar semi-monthly nrul <e luncheon at Hope Country club at 10 o'clock Thursday mom HI:;. Mem- furs ^planning to attcnJ nlbaso notify one of the hostess?.? by \Ved- nesday noon. | Mrs. Royce Weisenberger, presi- jdent of the Gardenia Garden Club Mrs. Franklin McLarty, president of the Azalea Garden Club and Mrs. A. F,. Slusscr, president of the Lilac Garden Club. ; A delightful four course luncheon was served and Luther Holloman lurmshed mus.ic during the luncheon. Mr. Holloman also accom- German Youths Stone Police in Red Sector - Some 150 three po- Typhoon Hits Wide Section Near Tokyo Berlin. Sept. IB — (/P) German youths stoned h'eemcn in the Russian sector 'of I lashed Berlin todav the Soviet-controlled press reported. This 1 was the third stoning of - ^_,,,,,- Eastern sector police in recent pamed Mrs. James McLarty who I woolcs - Tilc filst 'wo drew gunfire sang Jerome Kern's "Make Be-' fl ' orn "ie police and resulted in the heve" and "Can It Be Me" from | c l cr) m of one Berliner and the Hope High School P. T. A. will meet'Thursday afternoon at 3:30 at the high school auditorium. The exetiUlvc board will meet at 3 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. ' ReV. Roy Simrns of Ark.," will preach nt Garrett Me- f rnorial church Thursday night at jj'ff'iSO o'clock. You are cordially invited. Bittersweet. Mayor Lyle Brown as principal speaker talked on "The Value of Cooperation . a,nd , congratulated the club on (lie ; splendid', work that had been' done' at Fair park'. Mr. Brown also spoke on the possibil- itics of beautifying Third Street and other points in Hope. j Other guests were: Mrs. ! B - Marlindale of Little Rock. 11 ' F ' ^"T" .?, nd Mrs ' ot C-larksville, Texas. Tuesday, September 21 The OgJesby P.T.A. will meet Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 at the school auditorium. The executive committee will meet at 2:30. All members are urged to attend. Monday, September 20 The' W.M.S. of the First Baptist church will meet Monday morning at ten o'clock at the church to ®)ser,ve the Season of Prayer. A pot luck luncheon will be served at noon* • Federated Garden Club Luncheon Wednesday Noon The. Federated Garden Club entertained with a luncheon at 12:30 noon-Wednesday at Hotel Barlow. The ''seventy-five members and guests were seated at a huge U- shappcl table in the private dining roonj. Low bowls of tall roses v.xr'c; .scattered the entire length of the viable,and were connected with ivy vines.i Mrs'. Charles Wylie, president prcsftk-d and introduced the following Quests: Mayor Lyle Brown. Hcryuy Holt, president of the Hope Kiwatiis Club, Frank King, president*,of Hope Lions Club, Dr. F. D. Henry, president of the Hope RotaVy Club, Miss Norma Lewis, president of the Hope Business and Professional Women's club. Mrs. Jamps McLarty. soloist, Luther Hollpman. pianist, Mrs. Herbert .•Sums, president, of the Iris Garden Club, Mrs. J. L. Rodgers. president' of the Rose Garden Club, ,Iudd Mrs. Frcd Coming and Going Max Murphy leaves Friday night for Oxford, Mississippi whore he will enter the University of Missouri. Mrs. H. C. Whilworlh and Mrs D. H. McLemore lefl Tuesday for .Slillwater, Oklahoma to attend the bedside of their daut/hter and granddaughter, Mrs. Jack Ambrose who underwent a major operation at a Stillwater hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Webber and little daughter Susan will ar-|ing since rive Friday tor a visit with Hatlieihim. Anne and Talbot Feiid. Jr here wounding of more than 20 others. •The Communist police report said the three policemen were returning home from duty when a swarm of youngsters near a "black market center" set. upon them and showered them with rocks from nearby rubble heaps. The report said the youths were "incited by older people," one of whom was said to be drunk. He was arrested along with 15 boys. The latter were released after several hours, the account said. A former Berlin official, meanwhile, was reported facing a secret Russian court today, as the East-West war of nerves continued. Last night. American authorities said the official—Dr. Curt Mueck- enberger. former manager of the Berlin Central Coal organization— | was to face trial in a secret Soviet j court session. I The Soviet-licensed press has made no comment on the reported trial. Mueckcnbcrger was arrested by the Russians a month ago a BO afte they removed him from office for an "uncooperative attitude." Noth- has been heard from Tokyo. Sept. 1C --f/Pi —Ten central Honshu prefectures were by a typhoon tonight as winds up to fiO miles an hour zipped east of metropolitan Tokyo. At least two were dead, three ' .inred and 23 missing in the a Page Three Bride Quietly Married DOROTHY DIX Building a Marriage . --. ,. early reports mdi- prefectures, cated. Torrential rains deluged sections- north and west of Tokyo sending rivers on rampages. Thousands of Japanese fled as rivers threatened to enaulf their homes. A starry-eyed young girl. who oon is to bo married, told me Folkston. Ga.. Sept. 1(5. — -(UPtl'he other day that she was per— Some 50 top-drawer society I foctly sure her marriage would be guests cooled their heels in Day- 1 happy because she and her fi- tona Beach. Fla.. today while j ance were made for each other . _. ( wealthy Francis Hitchcock and his I I have heard thai one before m- lUnderella girl bride honeymooned Often. And later on I have listened 1()a lnl undisclosed spot after nmg for a quick slip- j ter on lamentations of these sam for 30 the Economics officials in the American military government said the Russians refused a request they made to attend the hearing. An American announcement said the Russians had no authority M'Sgt. John D. Dunlop of the U. S. Marines is expected to arrive Friday night to join Mrs. Dunlop and little daughter Terry Ann in i a visit with Hattie Anne and Talbot ' to fire an official working Feilcl, Jr.. I city government and no to arrest him. Mrs. Ralph Routon was a Wednesday visitor in Texarkana. Pears were expressed ripening rice crops. Residents of Shimizu, sou' 11 of b°r«. p'-i n or.fl v as four storm loosened Japanese vessels were tossed about the harbor where the American freighter, Governor Bibbs, was traoried as it loaded explosive ammonium nitrate, the type of cargo that wrecked Texas City last year. The center of the storm passed west of the city at 8:30 p. m. (6:30 a. m. CST). Haneda Airport reported only slight damage from the high winds. Four Amercan B-2f)s landed at Misawa Airport during the storm. Government trains which had been halted, resumed their schedules. There were frequent power interruptions during the night. The Tone river and its tributaries were causing the most con- ce'-n no>-t.h of Tokyo. The U. S. Army first cavalry divio'on reported almost all of the residents of Ota, Ojima, Koizumi and Kumagaya evacuated their homes as the river rose 14 feet. The river was still within its banks but was rising rapidly. The center of the tvphoon is expected to pass 35 miles east of Tokyo at 9 p. m. '(7 a. m. CST). an hour wedding j young women when their hus- j bands failed to fit into the matri- ' he ceremony, performed in less ! monial picture as smoothly as than two minutes by a county i they expected them to d .liidfic in his rambling. column-i For this dream of i^°. nt , cd h ° lne » n tht> «'£'! <> f Oke-linc that all o. a perfect mat- young connics in love j cherish is mere wishful Jhinking ; with which they delude themselves, the former Stephana It is an utter imuossibilitv to: 1 hnv fenokee Swamp, was strictly informal. miles c, l " c ljl "ide. terror r?- ia ' W01 ' e slacks and a flowered blouse. H i t c h c o ck 39-year-old sporlsman. \vas dressed in an orjcn blue sports shirt and tan slr'"K<!. w ; <h no r-ont or tie. Judge A. S. McQueen, who officiated, paid the couple were "very dignified." , o( , Society guests, who had waited 1 since last weekend to see the wealthy socialite take the 23-year- old coal miner's daughter 'from Pennsylvania as his third wife, missed the actual ceremony. But (hey weren't, to be "entirely "isaptiointed. A swank Daylona Beach caterer wor|-nr) r ,n ni«M preparing a lavish reception two people of different sexes, with a different heredity, with a different upbringing. with diffo.y tastes and habits ever to think exactly alike, or have jusi, the same desires. Nor is it desirable that they should be reulicas of each Certainly nothing would be more boring than to have to spend a lifetime with a nerson who never had an original idea. So the lovers who marry on the theory that they were made for each other had as well scrap that fond belief. There is nothing to it but disappointment. If marriages are made in Heaven, the architect i ing friction in a household, yet it ; is a true and tried remedy foi 1 promoting domestic peace and hn'ppi- noj-s that the avcr:!<:e lHis.-b.ind rind wile refuse even lo test. I! is literally true tlni ;u> man and woman know wh;it thov ;"_•<? getting when they get married. I-'.very husband and w'fe Ir.i.-; pr?v-i- liarities of tempi-ran,eiii. turiiiy little ways, foolish pri.-.i(ui'ii:vs. dii'- : ferent points of view llv.t <• . I o-i [their mates' nerves, and Hint iiiev ; never suspected thorn of nos.s.v;?- ; ing until after they were married. ••When Ibis revelation comes. i!: ; marks the crisis in every man'ia:;e | and determines v.brtber the ini:--- ' band and wife will live (oirelher j the balance of their lives haopilv. nl ! or scrappily. For no husband and able to take even criticism from each to r 011 Of i lo is, if any, i i Womnn fof, rit as des* '(" \ hile it ft • > ' mid wives ' i ' all hus- !iu",t them- i n only they 1 'nve ID do it. it i) is worth 11 Sindicate, wife s;-em a breath of i *... i.. v. . u 111 11 v. i ».i i. ti \. 11 ot ne r. I* ricnd i Husband cannot, say a riispar;-!"- j ing word about the'wife's cooUinl; i without bringing on a tt-mpes! in tun i 01 1 'l I..VM round i IMukhnm' fJoctorri c, i 1 i HY9IA f-. TOMM'S '- thi mafce you > i - ftcl so neri>' u a Then no tty i Vegetable Com* "oh symptom^ nd also hss, what u'.U tonic effect! THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE iN for the-.Winds of at least'GO miles Mrs. Hattie day in Howard fivers- and Miss Anne Feild spent Wedncs- Texarkana. papers at the Mr. and Mrs. William A. Horn and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malone returned Thursday from a vacation trip to points in West Texas and Carlsbad Cavern. LAST DAY FEATURES 4:45 - 6:51 - authority j are expected. j In the Kanto plains, scene of violated four-|lnst year's disastrous floods which claimed 5)39 lives, river watches stood by levees. Some levees already had broken. A landslide at Mt. Fuji crushed an inn but there had been no report of loss of life. Sections of the lowlands were underwater late today from the drenching rains. Busines houses in Tokyo's ,- rp, ,-, - , , , , famed Ginza dismissed their em- lice. The Communists, who control |p ioyes early to permit them to scheduled reception which he said was 1 n. m, today. The couple kept the plans almost as much a mystery n s they did their wedding plans Even the caterer where the weddin was to be held. acts, it said, power agreements. Today's Soviet-licensed continued to hammer away Western allies. II K I U N V^. I \. Continued From Page One Personal Mention much of French union labor, were rea'ch their using the strikes in an effort to up-1 storm permit homes ahead He said his orders were to have everything ready and packed in his trucks by 11 o'clock this morning, when he would get the word on where to go. The wedding cake was to be tpnped with a miniature one-room "dream cottage," complete with doors.' window 1 -- and gabled roof, constructed of toast. Friends of the couple believed fh« reception would take place in "White Castle." the nearby ocean front home of Col. Arch Wall, where the wedding was to have been performed according to original nlan. Wall, a close friend of Hitchcock, drove the couple here for 'h-? ceremnnv at 3 n. m. yesterday, accompanied by two photographers. who contrives them doesn't make two souls with but'a. 1 single thought. He gives everybody plenty of thoughts that ' clash mostly. S° the secret' of how to be happy didn't 'know though married is'not to waste your celebration \ time and eri'drgy; in trying to find a mate who 'has, been tailored cs- pecially to your'"jfaricy, f sorrow bv ''a't'tornntine. of the set the infant government of Henri The' United Lieutenant Martha J. Eason Hope, who was recently commissioned in the Womens Medical Specialists Corps as a physical therapist, has reported for basic training at the Medical Field Service School of Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. At the conclusion of the 8 weeks course she will receive her first asignment lo active duty. Lt. Eason is the daughter of Mrs. S. D. Eason, 1420 South Main. \-^* "••-. "'iA'," 1 s«vt.iiinciii yi jic.nij lne united States Army's First Qucuille. The premier of five days (Cavalry Divison evacuated 13 of j said he opposed a general wage in-| American families from the Tone 'crease and wul impose $100,000,00 ri ver danger area at Hachimon new taxes. A typical French com-j] a t e today! I to force the U. S to mont was: "We admire his courage, but we'for tryinj wonder how many more days he (evacuate' 12,000 war graves near will stay in office." INamur of U. S. soldiers who died Russia denied her bombers vio- freeing Belgium. lated the Danish island ot Born- Gre^k iroons fighting Commu- holm. The Danes said they flew nists in the Vitsi area near Yugo- oyer for two straight davs. Rp'-lslavia and Albania drew back be- gian real estate firms apologized fore strong rebel counterattacks or to court sorrow by ''at'teiVipting to make over your husband or wife iuto a duplicate of.;ydiir.self. Neither one can be done, Tiieir' only result is to precipitat.4. a..perpetual domestic brawl mid to p.ave the way to the divorce .court. ", The thing that'marriage calls for more than all .the virtues is adjustment. It is for ,a married couple to study each other's peculiarities and not try to reform them, but to adapt themselves ...to them. That is the one andjpnly.way of eliminat- Petri j.Q-'-Has Continued! From Page One. on each record sold. The union Judge' McQueen, who is ordinary] had sole cqntr.pl i;-of the j , ,. h Gilbert, Fulton. and little son, Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Eulas Burke, Hope. Mrs. Geo. M. Young, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Master Billy Discharged: Mrs. Earl Rogers Hope. Mrs. Fred Fuller, Hope. CONVENTION ENDS Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 1G — (/?)•— The American Soybean Association ended its convention here last night after delegates returned from a day's outing at Wilson and Clarksdale, Ark., where they studied soybean crops and had a barbecue. Reindeer originally were native to northern Europe and Siberia. Copynglil bf Elsirjlli TTiona — Diitributaf be NEA SERVICE, IMC THE STORY: Dying in the In-1 " Sabrina _ when dian desert, British secret agent that room i as f?" J 2:34 - 4:44 - 6:54 - 9:31 Hilary Shenstone feels a desperate need to get back to England and to Nuns Farthing, his family home. He doesn't know the IIOUFC has been let and that dreamy, 17-year-old Sabrina, whom he has never met, has adopted his t.-ld room and eagerly awaits his return. Hilary does return to England and to Nuns Farthing—after death. When he sees Sabrina, he realizes she is the girl he would have loved if he had lived. Hilary's room is locked after George, his brother, brings word of his death. Sabrina broods until Mrs. Pilton, the housekeeper, unlocks the room again for her. Sabrina knows home. then that Hilary has come ! In a ikeeper few minutes stood before to NOTICE The Fire Department has lately had several calls beyond the City limits. The first duty of the Department is to protect property inside the City. We do answer emergency calls outside the City at times when such calls will not jeopardize the safety of property inside the City. When we answer such calls it is right and proper that the City should be paid for the service. The minimum charge for answering a grass or residential fire is $30.00 and for un industrial or mercantile fire $100.00. This is below the actual cost of answering such calls and we reserve the right to decline to make fhe run. We will co-operate at any time we con spr.ri.- the men and equipment. J. A. EMBREE Fire Chief LYLE BROWN Mayor XXIV Gradually it dawned on Aunt Effie thai Sabrina was using the room again, and that it must be with Mrs. Pilton's consent. For a few days she. hoped she was wrong, pretended not lo no- lice, put off bringing the matter up. One night, quite late, when Sabrina supposedly "'had gone to bed, she remembered that she had left her gardening shears.and basket out in the dow 'at the edge of the border and ran out to fetch them in. As she returned to the house she saw a lijie of light between the curtains of the room at the top of the house, and she made up her mind to take a firm stand. If Sabrina was up there al this hour, reading. . . , ., . She went into the house and I climbed the stairs. Bella pattering at her heels. Sabrina's room was ! lighted behind a closed door, but Aunt EfTie passed it by and came to Uie second flight. There Bella balked. "Come, Bella," Aunt Effie insisted, but Bella made odd small | , .,,, , noises in her throat and stayed i Wd£ " <A jllowtfl where she was. -, Aunt Kffie felt a little queer. The lights were certainly on, and so the door must have been unlocked. Gathering herself together, she went on up the stairs, laid her hand on tiie knob and opened j were you m room With only an instant's hesitation, Sabrina told the truth. "This afternoon." "Before dark?" "Yes, Auntie." "But I have just found all the lights on up there." With only an instant's hesitation, Sabrina tried to lie. "Oh, yes— I did run up for just a minute on my way to bed—to make sure I'd put my book back, I mean. I must have left them on then." It was very tiresome of Hilary to have given himself away like that. Aunt Effie was not wholly satisfied — there was the matter of Bella—but she went on down to the living room and found her needlework in its embroidered bag with wooden handles. Then she of Charlton county issued the couple a Georgia marriage license and married them on the spot, said the photographers "took a lot of pictures before, during and after the ceremony." "They even took a picture of my house as they drove away," e said. By making a quick dash across the state line, Hitchcock and his willowv bride avoided the three- day Florida waiting period and other legal barriers. The scion of 'the polo-playing family still faced a possible per- iury charge in Florida, however. His divorce from his second wife, Marie "'Grammer Hitchcock, became final onlv Tuesday and he alle.eedlv stated that he was already divorced when he obtained a Florida marriage license on Aue. 21. The marriage was delayed when the divorce failed to come through on schedule. Close friends of the rouple said they had planned a South American honeymoon, but Pan Anierican Airlines in Miami said Hitchcock had cancelled reservations to Rio Do Janeiro several days ago. CIO Leader Continued From Page One subcommittee, bonded by R«?p. Max Schwabo (R-Mo) is investigating complaints that Communists dominate the fur union. Gold called his organization "a Democratic, pro.gressive union." He denied it is barring war vet- ••'rans from jobs ,-in tiie fur industry. He offered the committee a telegram saying 017 Veterans who arc union members have veeommend- for perjtirv of man- rang the bell, and settled herself ! od Pi'osecution tor perjury in an armchair under a lamp. ; agement witnesses who have U was Jennie who answered the j claimed veterans were denied per. . I'^v^s'on 1~ ivo'- v-n'te d'«nl~ r '°d persons from Europe given jobs promptly. Menchei money, which it spent on employing jobless, appointment of a trustee for the royalties and designation of a depository. The- trustee would not be a member, of the union, but could spend the funds only for nonprofit concerts in amounts and areas designated by the union, and only on approval of the union. The industry earlier submitted its own plan calling for payments into a fund somewhat similar lo the United Mine Workers welfare fund administered by a board having representalives of the union, industry and the public. Neither the union nor industry officials would comment on the Petrillo proposal. However, doubt as to its legality under the Tail- Hartley law was expressed in industry legal circles. It was emphasized that Petrillo's move was merely one in a series of attempls to reach a basis for the start of formal negotiations toward a solution. No future meetings between the union and the industry have been definitely scheduled, and the consensus was that no early end of the recording ban is in sight. Rattlesnakes are the most highly developed of the venomous snakes. ganization. Rep. Lucas (D-Texas) asked Mencher whether Communists hav taken control, of the union. "The workers... have taken eon_ Irol, I don't know whether you workers I could call them right or left," Mencher replied. When Lucas asked' him a few minutes later whether he is a Communist, Mencher read a prepared statement giving reasons for his j refusal to answer. When Mencher] rleclined to answer the question, lie was dismissed from the witness stand. Talk about news. ..it's the new Rand "Skj-Ov"! Good- looking, rugged -looking, really comfortable. Laced- to-toe bluclier style in Fall Wine Jeathi:, with strap- and-buckle, triple sole, storm weltin^,, grooved heel. Try it on. ..you'll want to wall: ouc'm cho "ski-O.V'l "'Where Good Shoes are Pitted 101 E. 2nd St. SHOE Corhin Foster Pin.Mia 1100 Please tell Mrs. Pilion I w;>nt to speak to her," said Aunt Effie. house- in the PS alway Did you give my niece the key that room upstairs?" Aunt Effie bcean, rather obliquely. . "Yes. I did. I knew it "was the onlv way to stop her fretting." "But vou knew it was against rnv wishes." "I hoped you if vou saw better in her." "I'm afraid I overlook it. The is the second vice-president of the union to refuse to answer such a question on grounds it violated his constitutional right to free assembly and that an answer might incriminate him. Sam Hurt had declined to answer on those grounds yesterday.' Mencher, a fur worker since 1911 was promptly dismissed from the witness stand by Chairman Max Schwabc (R-Mo) of a House labor subcommittee. The committee is might overlook jinvestigating complaints a change for the can't afford to day Mr. Shen- slone was here and I learned— learned of his brother's death." . mil-sued Aunt Effie with difficulty, j Irving Potash, who IK manager. "I decided that it would be better I • Ioh " Graham, committee coun- for the child —healthier —if shekel, asked Mencher whether he is of Communist infiltration of the union The witness testified he has been chairmyn of the furriers' joint council since 1937. Since he is a. shop worker, he said, most of the council's business is conducted by the 4 -T===~==~ =i | the door. i ".Sabrina?" she said uncertainly. t The brightly lighted room was i empty. I Hilary bad had time lo lay down j his book and retreat 10 the farthest | coiner by the chest of drawers j when he heard her coming. | Aunt Elfie gazed about her unhappily for a moment, and then found the master switch near the door and pressed it. She closed the door hastily and hastily descended the stairs to the pussage, where- Bella welcomed her as though she had returned from the North Pule. For once oblivious of tin- little do;;, Aunt Ktlie '.vent lo Saijriua's dour, knocked, and put hc-r head ! in. Sabrina was reading in bed, ! and uirned a biniling, innocent face towards her visitor, "Hello, Auntiu." she said. "Gu- ii'ig to bed noiW" Aunt Effie glanced behind her into the passage and then spoke in a lowered voice. to enter again. I don't feel it's Aunt Effie was uncomfortably aware of a brief flicker in the womans' eyes. "Do you?" she insisted. "That's hard to sav." Mrs. Pil! ton said cautiously. "It might be." 'Mrs. Pilton—have you ever felt there's something —well. ! thing strange about this ! latclv?" i "Most houses have sor strange about them, one way or j another." was all Mrs. Pillun i would say to that. "Then you admit there is some- | thitiL'! Do vou know what it is?" j "It's nothing to be afraid of. i I'm sure." said Mrs. Pilton. and j it was almost as though she had j s-miled. ! Aunt Effie s t a r e d at lu-r j anxiously, her needlework forgotten. "But how do you know that? What is It?" "It might be fomeovie who once lived in the house-—and has come homo again," the woman replied simply, but Aunt Effie rose from her chair with a little cry of coin- prehension and horror. "The one who was killed in I India! But this is awful!" cried I Aunt Effie. "I must take her away i at oncel" ' (To Be Continued) ]a member of the International natural!" i Workers' order. Mouther objected to the question, saying the order is a fraternal organization. He admitted, however, that he is a member of the order and has an insurance policy in it. Graham told the committee the o'-dt;r has been listed by Attorney General Clark as a subversive or- DUFFIE Hardware Co. Phone 431 108 W. 2nd IN SIX BEAUTIFUL COLORS For Men, Women, Children You'll enjoy the comfort of Loafer Sox for relaxing, ot home, college, traveling, convalescing, etc. 10096 wool from toe to calf. S2.98 WILLIS MEN'S STORE For Little Men Too.' On the Depot Corner f ~ : li U J>. •"ive cur It - PICK THE ClOTH & STYLE LINE MADl- IN U. ucihty. Select y want is qonc. We will remember w C nf.'i' i high (itialiSy of suits. suit nc i_itV you and 1 at the jr line S

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