Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two HOPE .STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 16, 1948 Futility of Appeasing Hitler Was Based on a Fact That Was Not Widely Known By DeWITT MacKENIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst The following is the second r-i foui a: tides on the anniver- 'iiiy of British Prime Minister Chamberlain's world-rocking attempt to appease Hitler. As eye-witnessed ,>y the writer. . Medical Tests Prove ©rand Relief For fired. Letdown Feeling Yes, this Is good news .for suffering Jolks who want to regain energy. Belter days will be yours, too. So why wait when there is no need to con- imuallv ier;l miserable when you should"really enjoy life again. mentous because (he trend of I I world destiny rested i" the hand:; j iof two men. Wishfully thinking; ithoy clung In the idea of placating: i Hitler. " | I Their decision apparently was to; i drop all resistance to part, or all. j lof the dictator's demands on! |Czechoslovakia. They hoped to get j iin return a general Enrrjpenn settlement. In any event, the two groat European democracies .'ni-'il- the d inlorest The futility of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's efforts at appeasing Adolf Hitler and so achieving "Peace in our lime" 'pivoted on a fact which wasn't re- ializrd even bv German officialdom |al the be<-'inning of the negotia-. jtinns o.l Berclitesgaden over tlie peace. ,-..,•„,win l.-'-.-er-s demands on C/ochoslo-! On September 21 the Li. ocn s o- vakia l vak government, feeling desei iecl This was that Hitler already had and alone announced •''"eptance evil designs for large-scale con- of the Anglo-French pl.m.s foi quest. far exceeding anything i mee ing Hit er s demands. Ho which little Chechoslovakia afford- sands, of Chechoslovakians g. .1v .•(!. It was only recently that thislerert in the streets of lh«;ii c. )> ; 1 was made known to me by Dr. I and with tears .streaming dnv. n F.rich Kordt who at the time nfjtheir faces listened to the govern- !n-.r : negotiations WP-S chief of tho! merit's broadcast felling that German foreign office secretariat .nation had lost its j;md "<HV •" '•'-•ssor in the Uni' versity of Munich. I During a chat at AP hoadquar- j iseareJiing, against ui/ming 10 pi;1 serve the unity of Chechoslovakia ias lh"n constituted. Th" l ; 'tl" n'-w j republic was to be sold down i river in the the lone fight -that the territorial sacrifice was the price of peace in Europe;. Thus it came about that Septcm- r>r Knrril Tofdibor 22 Chamberlain flew to Gocle.s- brutal dealing ibcrfi on the Rhine to try to buy Eu- • |ropean peace at Czechoslovakia s I expense. A week tipped the Nazi chief's hand to his|]cft for Berchtes ' At that moment the throngs had cheered him as the; of peace. Setting out for j jbut a "little war" to enhance his luoaesoerg he. was booed by one ; prestige, and so planned an ns-1 person in the crowd gathered in: saul^ on rV"chos1ov-Wa. The "big I front of his Downing street resi-j war" would come later. The upshot of the historic parley at Berclitesgaden had been that the prime minister look back to ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Sept. Ifi — d'l'i —flogs. 5,500: barrows and gilts 190 Ibs up steady with preceding day's average although top 25 lower: lighter kinds and sows steady to mostly 25 higher: bulk HIO-L'fiO Ibs yfl.25 to mostly 20.oO; top :»;.50; very few heavier hogs; good and choice 1GO-290 Ibs 28,25W.2ri: 130-150 Ibs 25.73-25; 100-120 Ibs 23.00-a5.a5; sows -101) Ibs down mostlv 25.50-27.5(1; heavier kinds 22.50-25.01); stags 17.IKI-21.00. Catlle, 2.500; calves, 1,200; steers slow: few loads of cutter and common w lightweights about steady at 21.50: nothing done on others: heifers and mixed year- cows and bulk) n eping lings lings cows and bulls opening steady; common and medium heifers 21.0U-28.00: common and medium beef cows 19.00-21.50; canners and cutters 15.50-18.50; merli- ! urn and good bulls 22.00-21.00; veal iers unchanged; good and ! 28.00-32.00; common and Hope Star Sweden's choice -executives tional anemia, by building back the blood strength. Thus your blood Stream is better able to release en- (Fuehrer wanted not a settlement | e , m ' ssi ? r y crgy and freshness to every muscle, jbut a "little war" to enhance his iCiodesberg he. was fibre, cell. Soon you can tell the dif, • fevence in the way you feel and look! SSS Tonic has helped hundreds „ of thousands of people, without , any organic trouble or focal infcc- .} tion, to really feel better, more v\s-> orous, better able to enjoy living. " less "Take none thnn this effec- England Hitler's daring and savage demand that he be allowed to you*'misery?Take SSS to build-up |«»n<* lh ? ll jF^2 slo Xf i ?A er S;' dnc * & b lS?^^M h a e ca, t O e tfsa '|Tho"e fillowed^ the' mon™us %S^jK^S^ S^^^^^Sd^ lake O my The Best - lj n London on September 19 — mo- dence. several clapped hands, but nobody cheered. I shall never forget Ihe reception staged for Chamberlain by Hitler at the' Godcsb.eri',., airnort. .,, ._ ...... ^ _____ _ The dictator turned, out. a, detach- j higher on 93 score AA al ' Sheep, 1,800; market opening steady with preceding day's general average"; good and choice spring lambs 26.00 to all interests, or same as practical top yesterday. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Sept. 16 W\. —Butter steady, receipts 445,478; prices unchanged except 1-2 cent a pound <•-••-< - "" score AA al 75.5. top firm, balance steady: 14,001: prices unchanged Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon b 1 . STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 2)2-214 South Walnut Sneot, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Georgo W. Hosmer, Mech. Supr. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Enforce! OS second class matter of fh. Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NFA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable ir Advance): By city carrier per week 20c i per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp ' stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one i Larayette counties, S4.50 per year; else I where $8.50. ^^ National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenr, Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York Cily, 292 Madisci Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Granr Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg. New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Th. Associated Press is entitled exclusively tt *he use for republication of all the loco lews printed in this newspaper, GS well o ill AP news dispatches. dicato that under the concerted onslaught the social Democrats may fail to secure a majority in the lower chamber of the Swedish parliament. The opposition has played its heaviest guns on domestic issues, charging the Socialists with "economic misrule, causing the worst foreign currency crisis in Swedish Stockholm, Sept. 16 — (/Pi — Swe- [history." den's 1(3 years of Socialist rule is An accurate chronometer is not necessarily a timepiece that keeps perfect time, but one that makes a uniform daily error rather an irregular one. than •jry. Under the leadership of the late . . Per Albin Hansson, Sole!;)) Democrats in the last few general elections have polled .three times more votes than other Swedish parly. Hurt Like Sin! But Now 1 Grin any at slake in general elections next Sunday. Conservatives, liberals and agrarians have joined forces to wrest power from the Social Dem ocratic labor parly vyhiclvhas gov-;, , Tod;iv Ulcv arc fighting under a orned the country since 19.)2. i new lc -{ vdcl . ; - 4 7-ycar"old Tage Er- Campaigning has been ..intense, 'lander, who took over as premier and recent public opinion polls in- ! when Hansson died in IfJ'IG. Thousands change croann to grins. Use !\ il/nliii-K' fonmiui In ivllevo Ulscumltirt of piles. Sent druggists by noted T))oi-n- UICK roughly ton & Minor Clinic. Surprising QUICK ' y palliative rnlicf of pain, itch, irritation: Tends to soften, shrink swolllnff. Use •liii'liif' v/ny r>t tube Thornton & Minor's Kcc'tal Ointmnnt or Rnctal biip- iios-itorlcn lodny. Follow lnlj,«l dirrr.tlons. For sale at alt drug stores everywhere. ... ,utl j E AT GldbON DKUG Rephan's Complete Outfitters for the YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE Eggs: receipts ment of his famous death's head guardsmen — a grim '• loqking lot in their black uniform's ,aijd fear- sorn insignia. As the pripie minister descended from, the,',planc the guards goose-stepped towards him, their heavy, hobnailed boots crash- in on the concrete "runway with ithp inevitability of armed .might. It was truly a chilling exhibition and I hive no doubt Hint Hitler deliberately arranged this display of brute force to frighten Chamberlain. I've often thought that prob- ablv the fuehrer succeeded. The battle between Hitler and : Chamberlain was bitter." and the i siege ho had this ime cant message for except a cent a doz.en higher on U. S. extras 70 pet and up A, at 54 and onGO -GO.9 pet A at 49-50. WRITES TO 3 YEARS WITHOUT REFILLING This coupon nnd only 98<* entitles henrer to [lie famous nationally ndvertlscd J'cclleas new ball point pen ($3.00 vnluc). Smooth-dowlng, precinion- dcsisncd. Can't scratch, cnn'l leak. Instant drying. MnUet 6 to 8 carbon copies. Smart streamliner) plnstlc-liarrel, metal cap. Looks like n $15.00 pen. 10 year written guarantee. Mail orders filled ISf extra. Hurry. Supply Ask for Peerless jicn at limited. CRESCENT DRUG STORE . 225 South Main, Hope STUART DRUG, Washington Nazi chief all but spat in the pri minister's face. The conference was ; faced with the fact that while Czechoslovakia had bowed to the Anglo-French plan, she had -sworn .(<) resist armed invasion and-lifter: mobilized her troops. Hitler's final fierce ! word demanded • (1) " Cancellation of the Czechoslovak mobilization order, and (2) permission'for German troops or the ' Sudetfiv Free Coips to march into the border land already sacrificed to the Reich by the Anglo-French plan. The conference was close to a rupture when a harrassed Chamberlain finally salvaged it with a midnight promise to put new pres- i sure on Prague to meet Hitler's, demands. The prime minister de- I ponded no mass violence against] Czechoslovakia. So the weary and j haggard old man returned to his | mountain-top hotel al end of this j liny but signifi- | the press: "1 i cannot say it is hopeless. 1 ' With that Chamberlain went i home to London to urge Prague to \ •.iccept and so keep Europe's great \ armies from being unleashed. Hit- , lor had made it known that he | would brook no delay. He demand- : ed occupation of Sudentenland by ; October 1. j As the Godesberg conference j wound up. Guerrilla warfare was ! sweeping through Sudetenland. Live poultry; unsettled: receipts 30 trucks: prices unchanged except cent apound higher on leghorn fowl at 33 and a cent lower on roasters at 33-37 fob. o GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. 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No entries will be returned. 7—The winner will be announced in the Little Rock newspapers . on Sunday, October 10th. Every Lady Who Enters This Contest Will Receive From Us FREE a Large, Beautiful CANNON BATH TOWEL! Chicago, Sept. 1G —I*— Most grain futures held steady on the board of trade today despite a break in cash corn and soybean prices. Wheat, oats an d new crop corn held small fractionl ains most of the session. Wheat and oats were aided by government purchases of these grains here yesterday. Some buying in new crop corn was based on' the belief that prices are too far under the potential government loan. In the cash market, a sale of No. 2 yellow as madcSl.861-4 late in ! the session. Earlier, the price was I $1.90. The same grade yesterday ' ranged from SI.95 t $1.96. Cash soybeans were bid around $2.Of) September corn provided most against S3.90 earlier this week, of the market's interest. It jumped about in a wild manner, being j strong at one moment and weak j another. Open interest at the start ' ; of trading totaled 13,780,000 bushels. Wheat closed 1-4 lower to 2 1-4 higher, September $2.24 1-4 corn was 1-2 lower to 1-2 higher, Sep tember SI.67 SI.68, oats were 1-8 3-8 higher, September 73 1-S 1-4, rye was 2 3-4 3 1-2 higher, December Si.S3, and soybeans were 2 to 2 1-2 lower, November S2.47 1-2 Spor wheat was steady with the trade in futures today: basis steady to firm on red, unchanged on hard: receipts 21 cars. Corn was six to 10 cents lower; basis comparison not available; bookings 55,000 bushels shipping sales 17,000 bushels; receipts iti cars. Oats were 1-2 to one cent higher; basis unchanged; shioping sales 50,000 bushels: receipts 16 cars. Soybeans receipts were five cars. NEW YORK STOCKS New York. Sept. 16 —(/Pj— The stock market was quiet and irregu- | lar today with steels and rails mov- | ing ahead slightly. Volume ni trariine was estimated at above 500,000 shares. . Steels twice made a bid to bring the market out of doldrums but it w."« the rail group that finally pushed to the front. Sant Fe was j L i!" le-der on that move. | Trading was slow from the start, j Chemicals and aircraft were bet- | tor than average at one time, but they quikly turned back in a mixed fashion. Packing shares were fractions to i a point lower with Armour and Swift hitting ne wohvs for the year. Pepsi-Cola also dipped to a new low for the year. Among the better performers were Santa Fe. Union Pacific. Bock Island, Dow Chemical, J. C. Pen- ncv. U. S. Gvpsum and Greyhound. On the downside were Oliver | Corp. Consolidated Natural Gas, j American Woolen. Standard Oil i iNJ) and Hofly Sugar. Bonds were mixed and quiet. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans. Sept. Hi —i.Ti—Cot-, ton futures rallied after a poor' start here today on trade buying j j and short covering. ! I Clsing iirices were very steady ] 155 cents to SI.05 a bale higher. Oct high 31.4G — low 31.20 — close 32.46 Dec high 31.05 — low 30.1)5 — close 31.04-05 Mch high 30.00 — low 30.6 — close 30.8 May hi till l-ill">3— Iow30.30 — close 30.52B Jly hi«h 29.01 — low 29.38 — close 29.60-01 B-bid. NEW YORK COTTON j New York, Sept. Iti — i.-Vi— Cotton • fuliin.s rallied sharply into new; high ground for the ay in late dealings on aggressive trade buy- '; ing. credited both to mill and ex- j port accounts. The market was ; aided by reijurts that producers ' holding cotior. IVr belter prices. ; supported by ihe higher govern- : nii'iit loan k-vels this seasun. ' Futures closed 30 cents to S1.U5 a bah- higher than the previous close. ' i :Oi-t biuh 31.54 -- low 31.2U -- last : 31.5;]-.")4 up 20.21 : IX-ac high 31.07 low i 31.05-07 up 11-13 J Mi/h high i-tj.i'.ti ••-- low 30.:i r i -• • up U-B Bendix Automatic Washers GOOD/* CAR TIMES 215 -217 S. Walnut Phone 21 low 29.43 -! 2l>.li.j up 15 jOcl high 27. !tl -- low 2U.UU 27.;;; up 10 j I Mi'Udlint; srol 31.40N up 20. ; i N-Mun.nud. i • "Chained" Eijgs | ! Tile iiOi-'-ii'-erchant butterlly lay.-i : ils eggs in columns, which, arc \ ' attached to leaves. The last laid j I eggs hatch first so that the chain [ i rc'iiiains unbrolicn. I Clothes for Men,Women and Children You'll want clothes for the Rodeo and you'll find them at Rephan's for every member of the family. Come in and shop our entire store for the clothes you'll need for now and the winter months ahead. Boys Men's 8 oz., sanforized, blue denim jeans with new No SCRATCH rivets. Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping. No scratch, no rust. Sizes 2 to 16. These are well made, 8 oz. sanforized, blue denim. Just the thing for the rodeo. Sizes 28 to 38. Little Gents Ladies These 8 oz. sanforized blue jeans with button or zipper sides. Ail sizes. These are sanforized, blue denim and ideal to wear now and later. Sizes 1 to 5. 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