Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Truman Is Promised More Grief VFW Flag Raising Ceremonies Held Sunday, September 12 By JOSEPH NOLAN United Press Staff Cor.-osponder.t Uixiecrat leaders t-iday promised amore grief for the Truman- Barkley ticket. They predicted that in the coming weeks "Southern state after southern state" will follow Louisiana's lead in removing Tri'.mun- Barkley 'electors from their pener- 'al election ballots and sy! '" ' : " elcctois ot tho. Dixiecrat;; .,_.. Govs. J, Strom Thurmonfhofj Carolina and Fielding L.'.JfjVl'.pht of. Mississippi. .'''if ••"•" The promise was m&de , in a statement hilling back at'-'tHe Democratic national cominit(oov, charge that the Louisiana .iii'etion was "flagrantly dislvSricst'. and fradulcnt." * Merritt H. Gibson, '^.Dixieci-at campaign manager, said the Louisiana action was legal and that .there wil jbe no "reversal or'Vho Will of the people of Louisiana" in their choice of candidates:. Tni3 was in reply lo Ihj Democratic high command's promise of court action to invalidate the Louisiana switch in electors. •Meanwhile, it was disclosed that the Republicans, Democrats 'and Progressives, are spending more money on this year's carap'aign than they arc taking in.''A,a>, H Reports filed with the "c'ldrk cf the tJ. S. House of Repr.£f>c:ntH showed that the Democratic national committoe has 712 and taken in only Democrats have been ^J^fct'H • a ' deficit because they sthrte.V' off the "year with a bank 'balance of $315,367. The R-3pii'Dl:cJns have spent $G4i;351 and r»c'jip'.s $r>2i>,4o5 but theyittjd not rcvetl the party's bank balance. .Honry A. Wallace's Denies He Henl Relief For Louisiana Official Tries to Hold Position YDS, this fact has been time-tested and proved by Doctors. Better clays will be yours, too. So why wait when there is no need to continually swell- up like a balloon and feel miserable alter every meal. An appetizing portion of SSS Tonic before meals does wonders for the stomach. This famous medicine contains no soda or other alkalizers, which usually retard digestion. Instead, SSS Tonic with its highly potent ingredients works to tone-up the stomach so it may release its own digestive juice (hydrochloric acid) to break-up food for body use and tissue repair. SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of people, without any organic trouble or focal Infection, to really feel better, more vigorous, better able to enjoy living. Take none less than this eilec- lively-proved medicine to relieve your misery. Take SSS to tone-up your stomach, whet the appetite, build-up blood strength! Get SSS any Drug Store today. lo resign effective Sept fired in.-;tanti.v." "You will I'jcall that jby Gov. Earl is.. L.,,; |tleciion l-j re-main <>a jlo help h:m," in;; i ••..'< part. "This I agi'ei'.i reaching sovoiai p"i> standing:; will) i.iia ;-//. "Oni:- 'of those :.••,.-•."..• thai if at any liaiv Baton Rouge. La.. Sept- 14 — ')—Director James S. Roily of the division of administration in the governor's office today refused I "to rosipn under fire." preferring, wislu , cl lo ni; , k( . to await "formal notification of dis- ! a p 1;0 j n < m( . n t ; ,i.i, "Roily, in a letter to Lt. Gov. Wil-'!',''',' ''j ,, v " u liam J. Dodd. said Dodd had tele- j'' -ft .J M ,,,, phoned him yesterday "demanding'" •' ••'"" my severance from the service of the state." Hc said that Dodd had told him —Shipley Studio photo In solemn ceremonies Sunday, September 12, at VFVV hut, enst on Hifjhwny 67, members of tho Veterans of Foreign Wars post rsijccl the tlacj presented to them by the local Woodmen of th" World lodge, Pictured above saluting (I. to r.) George Hoamer. Lr.Grono W;Minnis nncl Y. C. Coloman (in background). Center iv.isii-.a the tl/.fj Floyd Osborn and Jimmy Miller. Directly in front of the VI-W tinti is F.-.rvin Waxerson. who presented the U. S. Flag to the org : .'.n- ira'i.ion in bfh.-ilf of the WOW. The flag was acccp^d by Taibot Fsild, Jr. snlutinci directly behind the flag pole. Pirmns in th'-j background are mcmberc of the WOW drill team ,-iri;l VrW v/ho participated in and witnessed the ceremony. ! Caskill, Miss Ida Hae Hamilton, | Miss Ina Nell Loomis. Mis:; Myr.ia i Sue Daniel, Iri Ilubbavd, Durrel \Vhilmarsh, Miss ICUie! iMcRao ! Bomis. Miss Mildred Bom is. I Humby Jr., Brother Hes'.orl incst Prince. Wednesday, September 15, 1948 New Producer in Quachifra County Stephens. Sept. 13 —f/T) - A new oil well was producing i'l Ouachita County today. It is R. R. Brown's Lee McClur- ' Washington, Sopl. 14 —(/Pi — Dr. kin No. 1. at the south end of tho Martin D. Kamen. a nuclear phys- ; Wesson Field, section 32-115-19, icist, today repealed his statement , brought in from hogg sand at c'22j. ''•"••1 he never has disclosed any \ 'j'] lr , wc ll is capable of pumping atcmic energy secrets to unautho- ; rnO rc than the daily allowable of ii/.ed persons. I 75 barrels. Further, he said, he would not! disclose any atomic energy information to the House Un-American Activities .Committee members un- "ss the Atomic Energy Commission . as.-ures him "committee members have been cleared for access to such restricted data." Kamen. now a professor at Wash ; n?,!on University, St. Louis, \vas dismissed from the atomic bomb project by the army in 1944. lie was called for questioning by '.he House committee today al a closed session in its investigation of alleged atomic espionage. Bcfre the committee met, the scientist told reporters at a news conference he would refuse to answer any committee question. He said ho is "prepared to answer in public hearing any and all questions the committee may ask." lie accused the committee of having "already released to the press derogatory innuendoes about ,,ie." He said he has "nothing to conceal." Repeating his insistence that hc is "not a Communist, never has ocen a Communist." Kamen said in a prepared statement: "I am fully aware of the regulations applying to atomic energy information and I solemnly declare that I have never revealed in tho past, nor do I intend in the future, to reveal such information lo unauthorized persons." Kamen said he never was told why he was asked to resign his wartime atomic position, except that he understood he was sus- i peeled of some indiscretion in confection with his scientific re- U'caroh. | The 35-year-old scientist was co- i discoverer of the radioactive car- be"! tracer now being used in mod- Ma vor and Mrs. C. D. \V; ' Bill Ward si 1 villc as the Robert Take Only The Best Progressives have J.pent 1737.G04 and received -?-199,8(;3. There was no financial statement from tTio Dixiecrats. The financial st-itomonts are for the first eight month;; of Ihis year. But there arc bigg:;r expenditures to come since President Truman, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey and Wallace will bo starl.iag out on transcontinental campaign tours within I the next 10 days. 1 Wallace's head q u a r t o r s announced that the parly will spend about'-'$200.000 on a series of Monday night broadcasts and another $100,000 for local broadcast.-;. proper under lor me lo laa-ira; tainly I am not d "Therefore, T v formal notilicalio. Reilly said h-a of his letter to C< -- ' Mrs. M: (lav out Sin gUCstS Ta.vlor Meal and biological research. He that he resign. Questioning by FBI agent" since, he said. Ins convinced him his dismissal is the result of a dinner ho had in a San Francisco restaurant n in 1944 with the Russian vice * counsel and tho vice counsel's successor. Kamen said hc plays the viola in string quartets. Through friends in San Francisco who are mu sicians hc met a number of consular officials. One of them, he said, asked him to put the consulate in touch with Dr. John Lawrence at the University of California because of work Lawrence had done in treating leukemia with radioactive material. The Russians said a consular of 4 ficial in Seattle wis suffering from leukemia. Kamen said Lawrence told him later he had given the Russians informaticn which was general knowledge at the lime. Kamen said the convcrs-'.'.ion at the dinner with Russian consular officials was mainly about cultural relations between this country and Russia. The Russians, he added, made no effort so far as he could sec to get unauthorized information from him. \ Kamen said hc then shared the opinion o£ one world-famed scientist, who had declared in 1937, that ihere wore no industrial or military possibilities in atomic energy, lie told reporters he did not have access to information on the progress being made in developing the atomic bomb. "All I knew was a lot of reasons why the bomb ccould not overwork." he said, "and all of them seemed sure lire lo me. In fact], I imagine the chances against school. Thursday aKernoon at 2:o( home oi. Mrs. Tom Logan. moct; at the Char.CL'Jlor and ! a vi lie of Ca melon Mrs. G quietly cole- nor when state. the gov Rabbits sorneiimes ; single year live or ;• from three to III youn which in turn leacn about six rnoiubs. dausjlilor. Mrs. Uuncan B. Brown, near Beebo, in White county. They wore. 1 married September 12, 1388. I Mrs. Haynie's maiden name was Mary T. Williams. Both were reared in the same community, three mi'ca eaxl of Rcsston in Nevada j eoi.iaty and attended country i r.chuoh; together and are near tho • Ki'ine ago. They moved to Prescott i liie laicr part of U194 and there the young tanner. George Haynie, look up the study of law in the; olfic" or' Col. C. C. Hamby, a leading aUorney at the Prescoll bar. Judge Haynie was admitted to the bar in January 11191). Hc then j entered politics and has held the | office of state senator, prosecuting I aUorney, circuit judge, and is now .serving his first term'as chancellor of the 7th district. On Sunday twelve men from the Presbyterian church aided the Retreat for men of Ouachita Presbytery at Camp C'lea;- Fork near Hot Springs. The .; was spent in worship and Uicly. After the noon meal a period ot fclleiw:-:hip was enjoyed. (Min .Ellsworth and John 1. Me- C'aruiey gave tho report on the men's work. Others al- le.ulin;; wore: T. M. Bernis. John Ui-woodv, T. E. Logan, S. P. Havi-..-, !:. P. llamby, Floyd Hubbard, V/ray, Krnost Prince, Git.-...; ]V:'i:(..'a.;'.;iil and AV. P. Cummiir. 1 ,:;. Hoc!-;, and ihe Rev. Wayne Banks ot Fort Smith. Immediately following the ceremony a reception was held in the home of the Rev. and Mrs. C. Ray For travel the bride wore a brown gaberdine suit with conti- single white orchid pinned at her ! shoulder. After a trip to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Rev. and Mrs. Christie will be_at homo in Texarkana. where ho is associ- 1 ale pastor of the Methodist church. Mrs. Bill B. Harciey arkana. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. F;en:.;berg and Mr. and Mrs. J\ ITY Bansbcrg • cl' Camden wore Hie guor.'s '01111- j day of Rev. and Mrs. VV. G. Bens- I berg and Mrs. E. L. Case. j Miss Mary Sue Haynie of Bc-n- j ton spout the week end with, her j lather Earl Haynie. Miss llaynie i Icac'no.-i chc mi.stry in tin ; Hiah .School. medical school X-ray clinic. He was a staff chemist of the University 'of California radiation laboratory at Berkeley. Calif., for nine rears before going to St. Louis. Kamen said hc i first became involved in "super-secret" atomic energy research in 1940 under a nioject i-pons'jred at California by t h e office of scientific research development. The OSRD project was lakon over by the army's Manhattan district in 1942. Kamen continued as a research chemist and nuclear physicist until tho ja.-my requested on July 12. 1044, I Dr. Author H CompLon, chancellor of Washington University where ; Kamen now is located, was a 'member of the Manhattan review bc.arel which ronsieleree! Kamen's j dismissal in 1944. i Compton has defended Kamen in ia stalcinenl issued through the i university, saying that "as a re- jsull of careful investigation of I Professor Martin Kamen's war- jtirne activities, I have found no |evidence of unAmerican actions or j intentions." He paid tribute to Ka 'men's ability in the fielel of radio " V < n • Among those who attended the ^niaekovcT game m ••r Friday night were: Air. Hall, Miss Rita. Me- voiiH-n oi lln; M.S. of .sl Pre.-ibyteriim church met ;-,t I! p.m. in the Mcl'.ji; roinn. S. (.). l.uL'.an. preoidenl. c'tl- riRH'iiiu. 1 . lo order with the O Master Let Me Walk v. Mrs. S.!-;',i:i'i E.;a\ r e an ' iiH-ditalioii on ~-~-^^^-== -^^^^^^-E^:^^^- A i '-\ ,g n t ^\^ IT* {< ' ^. I - , u , •> d Mrs. Ji the U'.Jih v. sary ea lobration l'< ton's parent*. Chancellor George Haynie r-l Caimi'.-i on Sunelav at thi_- honu Duncan B. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. John I. McCartney and daughters Lynn and Barbara and Joe Sheehan have recently returned from Cambridge, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cox of i Hope were the guests Sunday . of Mr .and Mrs. John A. Davis. FINE FOR: BURKS MINOR- CUTS CHAFE SCRAPES DRY NOSTRILS BIG IAR lOc "WELCOME TO YOUR FA!R IN HOPE' V/ednesday Thursday FRIDAY AFTE C«!f Sloping © ® Bull Dogging Tuesday, 10 a. m, Decorated Floats Wednesday, 10 a. m. MiUfrary Parade 6 bottles for 25* Plus Deposit ri-.'a.tie-H-.rr In a lovelv canilli4i"iit c.'!•,•- n-'.nv r..iU-n-1'i'/.. 'i at 4:::u' o\.!.-.c:-. a'lviuu.in, '.ei li ;..b a- !i, •s! -. ! ..,'rniM-.-t cl.M-i-h \'r,-~.- •-• " f-p'ie I l-'>-roll. iinni-'h- j ,• I;,A . ami l v "i---. Van \V. ! b: ; .-!• 111.- In aio i.f the ' , : ; •••••:• I''',-', "-i Ch'ii-iii.. ;-,": i ih, KIA-. .-••!,d Mrs Anilr-.'V.- J. ! . :• ..: )'•. mi.,.. !-!i.oi,.]i Paul ; a i lai in : !'iri'h"i liu. 1 o.'ro- | ; :',.•. :'! \ i i in i a.a rr 1,1 j.a ' h v j '..- iiia 1 . \.' : li>\' Iv in an ivu-y | :: a...\'. i v i;h a CnaiitMly lac-.; \ • > \ • • !!;!!'• ..Li. '• ••' m M'' '' i-.-ar!.-. ' • •;. .v * a \Li! of i!!'.': •!<•.•:. v. h'.'ii fell' f J •'?'"•;'*%' ;: a :-• tin Irdii Irm.ined v. itlij , * \' , , *. $ v«S. ft'^ i'aursday, 10 «. m. - Horse Parade Friday, 10 a. m. School Parade E ACT EACH AFTERNOON AT 2 P. f '(• BOITUD UNSER AUIHORI1V OF THE COCA-COLA CO.V.l Ai;. LY HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO Htcut.' 3V2 Second ona Louiii^ri'j ^',. 1; ON 1'H^ MIDV/AY — MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY Don't !v\hs The Fair —BE IN HOPE o^fd Ly Tiiii-'j A«.ji-lci;lirural District Livestock Show Assrt,

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