Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1948
Page 5
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I Wednesday, September 15, 1948 HO PESTAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE Page Fly* ( PAGWOOQ WILL ;A VOU MOW THE > ( GRASS IM THE FRONT? •-,. IT'S GETTING . ( AWFULLY LONG { Qr] By Chick Young OZARK IKE I'LL JUST WAIT RIGHT HERE UNDER THE CLOTHES- CHUTE UNTIL SHE FORGETS ABOUT THE GRASS d?£\ SEE VOU "S ^'^-? *$ •<&3\ ffil w sk& <bw; US BUGSI LATCH ON _ TH'PBNNANT IF'N AH KIN SCO' PRUM ..,,, THUD By Ray Gotta GROUNDUH -( TO SHORT... SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith VIC FLINT COPn. W8 BY NK SERVICE, IMC. T. M. REG. U. 0. PAT. OFF. 9-15 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "It's the most gorgeous surprise John ever gave me, mother, but I'm worried—he must have had $omething really big on his conscience!','' COPR. 1M« BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REa U. S. PAT. OFF. f I CAM RUM YOU UP TO YlE-T's GET GOING, "^B COCOA'S SHACK ON ALLIGATOR I THEN. IT SEEA'.S CLEAR ? CREEK IN NO TIME, VIC. / THAT COCOA'S TIED IN WITH THE ATTEA1PTS WHICH REMINDS ME/ UNCLE AMBLER, WHY DIDN'T W AHEM YOU TELL ME YOU FOUND A GOLD COIN IN THE EXCAVATION SWIMMING POOL?/ o- By Michael O'MqnSy & Ralph LanQ r > WASH TUBBS r AND WHY DIDN'T .YJ^ssr/ NO.TAFPY.'JUST VOU SAY YOU HAD V" ^"f «MF COM 1 SWEAR SEEM COCOA FIND ONE ?^ffe \ IT/ BUT THAT MAKES DID VtlU FIND AKY MORR ? ICOPR. 1948 tfVNEA SEftvfcf.'lS COLONEL KP.RPER./ YEAH. ESPECIALLY WHEW GAVE ME PENNY BURKE'S ADDRESS, VNWIOUS. TO CONTACT WASH. HE THOUGHT EftGV MIGHT / OLONEL HAVE EftSY'S (\DPRESS, BUT SUGGESTED SHE MIGHT TRACE HIM THRU THE GENERAL'S • v-'.u.io^BI Leslie Turner ,','•£» EPvSV'S '""' " CAPTIM TWV-'J.U, ; VOU ^• 1 ' 1 "' ' ' GOT h EH&USHMftN HENRY 6y Car! Anderson "Oh, we think the lessons are very reasonable—of course it ran into a little money to soundproof the rooml" .V FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By B'ossef FUNNY BUSINESS 3v Hershberqet »•• Ser EM up 'FOR. WONDERFUL HAPPY DONT l»lLt/^ii»r<"r-»if-iiT- I ' ** *v ' "f I 111—1 . i MEAM YOU'RE?— 1 YOU'RE • MARRIED? DONALD DUCK AT MY AGE? KlDS,YOU'Re LOOKfNG AT A LICENlSED , i AMATEUF2. RADIO,OFJERATDR,'.' STATION WiSH / ITS JUStA C- W IO -WATTER, BUT L AM THRILLED / "George likes to think of a bath aa more in the nature of 'a cruise!" *''-. fly Wolt Disne* ' S^ ^',? Ccpr t ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. Homfin POPEYE Thimble Theiter SUSPOSE YOU SO COWN'A ('THAT'S TOO HAgp, LUMMOX .'7) x ^?\\,v\^.> v Vk - r \ /' ^^0/)/v]6C •^' X^J)_Jt^\\ ^r^ ^ i/pO;; ^"°y ^^.i ?4> i{-^ra T-ir THE TME-MAINE H E-.M REPAIRED...BUT/PONT FRETWOKAY, )ABOUT THIS/ THA 'NkSM IM SDJR FPAME OF > ABOUT MY ' 1INP, I SUGGEST ELAV NOUH.TEIPTO \TO GO PIGHT^ ViCO AFSiV DAYS. 1 ^ fe-, ^ - -^ V ^ ^6TS> X -4'-,l/.{- .5y^„, ; -,^C^K2 - __- \^-'^:m 7^ ^^n.--ggfii f ~ --7i : ^^ te :g BOOTS FDPGET, .THAT*. -SSf j^-H^¥MA.g _ tiM. >IS.j..l"T Off •* »* IJ -"1 By Mottin OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople WHEW.' \ f WAlT-^\ /SODA IS \ (DON'T/ BECAUSE HOW / HERE'5 \ f SURE BAD- \ \ HE'S GOT TK . FAR / / • SO!v\E I ( MArslNEREU If NERVE TO TRV \ ;-s IT \ N\oR.e \ \ BUT so /( CURING PEOPLE i BACK \\ IMDIAN \ ) is BUTTIM' n OF COLLECTING <, '\TOTHE Y ARRER-4 v "W--OR, y \ ROCKS OUT HERE '( HOR-SE-5 ) HEADS \ I I'D SO TO \ f AMC" DUMPIM' 'EM \ AN 1 5TOIME / \ HER HELP.' j I OUT IM TH' C5ARA&E CORN \ V-_ S \BACK EAST.' CINDERS/ ) F AtARTKA, DOs^'T COME ODAY, TH.'\T \MOhiX Se ?OCK£T SvAiP Voo see 'OOxMrO& OOTA HERE iCUB YOU DEAL OUT E6AD, 3iX;<£ C MOT HAL- , : . \ OTHER PASTURES/—- YOUC. " '' 1 TASTS FOR £>.OTlC D.SHSSH'V 6£cM DOLLED BV TOO Av.-V.iY A LPs 'sTOCKLYARDS » jSK)iKft"!+»Ji'">' l i l *'**.' l * lJ - ( '*'"-"-•- -'-'•' '!-'.-"i"-™T RED KYD6P by rrca nqrmgft HElLO,B>ETH-,m GLAD YOU \ •DROPPED IN'' LITTLE &EAVETR \ /AND I ARE GOirtC OUT TO Ti-l£ y RESERVATION AGAIN TODAY/,-/ to BREAKUP DOC COLp'S WE'RE GOIWG TO TRY TO X^ ' CONVINCE CHIEF BlfJOFEATriER.^ . \ THAT DOC'S MEOICISJS ISN'T J WORTH A SiAML FORTL3NE / IM FlOf?S.'',—^-7 >: ^ -' J

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