Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 14, 1940 Says CIO Is Closing Out His Business Washington, Sept. 13 — Ml — AI New York fur liner testified today tic is being driven out of business, by the CIO fur workers due to fines levied against manufacturers who employ him. Morris Coopersmith, president of the American Fur Liner Contractors Association, told a House Labor subcommittee the union requires the manufacturers to pay fines up to $2,000 for contracting with him and other non-union liners to finish fur garments. Because of the fines, Coopersmith said, fur manufacturers are reluctant to give him lining orders. His testimony opened the labor subcommittee's second week of hearings on complaints that Com- miinists control the CIO group, the International Fur nnd Leather Workers Union, Its president is Ben Gold, a member of the Communist party national executive committee. •Meantime,the House committee on un-Arnerican activities held more closed-door sessions in its hunt for evidence that Russian spies obtained wartime atomic secrets from this country. It summoned a new and unnamed witness described as "important but not too well known." The labor subcommittee, headed by Rep. Max Schwabe (R-Mo), heard Coopersmith testify that un- Texons Import Eskimo Girls From Alaska Arthritis For quick, delightfully comforting help for aches »nd patiis of Rlicumotlom, Arthmla, Neuritis, Lumbago, Sciatica, or Neuralgia try Romlnd. Works through the blood. First dose usually starts alleviating pain so you can work, enjoy Ufa nnd sleep more comfortably. OK Romlnd at druggist today. Quick, complete satisfaction or money back guaranteed. Dallas. Tex., Sept. 13 —t/PV— The Dallas oilman who bet $20(> r 'U thai he could bring three Eskimo women back to Texas snys "we've already got 'em and they're coming down with a chaperone." L. L. Home, president of the Horne Oil Company., said the Eskimocs willing to come to Texas to scUlo his bet had been Tound in Alaska. "My pilot in Seattle, Lew Leach, is awaiting word from me to buy a new plane and bring those Eskimos down here,' Horne said. "And they're gonna be down in the Blackstone hotel in Fort Worth by Wednesday. "I don't know how or where Leach got them but they're all about 18 years old and they'll be here with their chaperone." Horne explained that recently he had gone to Alaska on vacation and "foncd some friends back home to ask them what they wanted me to bring them back. 1 ' The friends—more oilmen in Houston, San Antonio, Midland and Waco, Horne said—all got together and bet him $20,000 he couldn't bring the Eskimos to Texas. Wednesday, September 15 The Methodist choir will meet on Wednesday evening at the church at 7:30 for practice. The Presbyterian r-hoir on Wednesday evenini; at church at 7:li) for f-racllce. Crippled Gir! Turned Over i There will be a prayer se at the First Baptist church at with choir practice at f):l">. ''1C; There will bo a prayer service j/e at tho First Christian church at 7:45 Wednesday evening. yssarss Court Docket 14- The Prescotl Musical Coterie will begin its new season on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the home of Mrs. C. Ray Ho/.entlorf with Mrs. H. L. Eaton as assistant hostess. n,M-lin. Sept. i:i — /-I') — A year-old crippled girl, claimeti:' 'oy ' Soviet Union as' a Soviet citi- has boon turned over ..to . the Kcitisi.-in authorities in order of the U. S. miliuuy commandant of Berlin. A routine check today to inquire into the status of the case of. Helena Korlrnko revealed she had from a German hospital in the U. S. sector of Berlin on Sept. G. She is of Ukrainian parentage. The International Refugee Or- i',aiii/,alion said Sept. 2, it had Missouri Dedicates Pershing Park Laclcde, Mo., Sept. 13 —(IP) — General John J. Porshing's home state dedicated a 1,850-acre park to his memory yesterday. Pershinu Park is near this north central Missouri town, where the general was born. Major General William D. Connor, of Gloucester, Mass., a friend of Pershing's for more than 50 years, was the main speaker at the dedicatory ceremonies. Pershing. leader of the American Expeditionaly Forces in the First World War, died last July 15. is a smu word... . . . Your car can't do without it, especially during hot weather. Thorough chassis ;and mechanical lubrication is good summer car"iiisur- ance. Without it, you may be headed for trouble nnd major expense; Take no chances. Drive-in today. B. R. Hosniti Motor Co. Supt. and Mrs. J. K. Smith , tortained with a b'-oakfasl on j asked the U.S. Military govern- Friday morning at 7 o'clock at the rnent to delay turning over the Lnwson Hotel honorific: the fac- ;«ir! to the Soviets ponding an in- ulty members, school board mem- I'.'cstigalion of the case. bers and their wives of the Pros- j Col. Frank Howlcy, Berlin mili- cott Schools. jlary commandant who ordered the The table was centered with a lovely arrangement of roses. Supt. Smith introduced the new faculty members and the board members and their wives. Impromptu talks were made by school board members. Joe Covington of the University of Arkansas, Favettevill" was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard Friday. Mr. Covington is assistant to the president of the university. Miss Mary Adalvn Young of Little Rock was the week end guest of relatives and friends. ion officials seize contracors' books to find out names of manufacturers doing business with them. Mr. and Mrs. K. T,. nic^'i daughter Ida Clair of Blc socnt Frid n v IK- Hv ^nc^ly of and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard. Miss MildroH TJ<'n><; i"ft. P-IMV- day nisht for Columbia. Mo. where she will attend Stephens College. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. M'-Raf' si-"->it Sunday in Shrevcport, La. as the guests of relatives. released to the Soviets, said today the IRO is not recognized by the four-power government of Ber. lin. Ho added that the girl was I turned over according to four- po'.ver agreements that citizens of any of the lour powers must be re- turnc'd from any occupation sector on demand. "There were no political angles in this case, and according to our lour power agreements, there was no justification in holding her in our sector." Howley said. He added that no announcement was made of the decision to .release her to the Russans because "there had ben too much publicity about the case already." The Korlcnko case first came to pi'blie attention when a Soviet ambulance with a Russian doctor appeared in the American sector at a German hospital run by a Catholic charity organization and demanded her custody. Investigation developed that the crippled by infantile paraly- Municipal Court Docket of Hope, Arkansas. Sept. 13, 1D18: City Docket Lucille Simpson, assault and battery, tried, found not. guilty. Julia Ann Green, assault, and battery, tried, found not guilty. Mrs. A. A. Ilaynes, I. J. Y</eom. Lloyd Spencer. Mrs. John Clark, overtime parking, forfeited SI.00 cash bond each. O. It. West. J. W. Williams. James Russell, speeding, forfeited $.1.00 cash bond each. Marshall Johnson, driving with 4 in front seal, forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Robert Jackson. Alaska May. running a "stop" si^n, forfeited $1.00 cash bond each. Joseph Miller; Amita Fullinjjlon, L. C. Smith. Lo'gan Williams, no driver's license, forfeited §5.00 cash bond each. Theodore Piimm, disturbing peace, plea guilty, fined S10. Boddic Brown, Cuiley B. Anderson. Arthur Lee King, Clarence Phillips, Janio May Phillips. James H. Dougan, Andrew Dougati, Edward Burgher, Norman Burgher, C. A. Oiler, Kddie Royal, disturbing peace, forfeited $10 cash bond in each case. E. O. Babbs. drunk ing. forfeited $23 cash State Teachers May Take U.S. Census iei 1950 Little Rock. Sept. 14 — (UP) — Arkansas' school teachers will .probably take the Hl.'iO federal census if. educators in other states agree to do Ihe same. . 1 The announcement was made by | Hoyt: R.' Pyle. executive secretary I of the Arkansas Education Associ- i ation. after the U. S. Department jOf Commerce proposed use of j teacher:-; as enumerators. Under I Hie plan the teachers would bo i given a week off in the spring of I in.lO, during which time tho census i would be- taken. They would be paid regular rates. Burp Penguins lay one or two eggs, or sometimes three during their breeding season. "Pardon my PassttieBEIX-ANStablctsfotHEARTBURN" When rx^ffls.ft oitMchflrkl ransf'5? painful, snfToflftt- IDG CM soiiratomnch nnd heartburn, dnotora usually tffiwrlntt tho fjiRtMt-iwtlnfj nirtHrlnrs known.lor aymntomntlpmlM—uiyllrlm-slifce tlit'soIn Hrll-nti* Tftlw'H No )« Native*. Jir'll-nmi brJrips comfort In ft ]lny or return bottle to uslor double money bnrk.p BELL-ANS for Acid Indigestion 25. # Cecil Stephens, possession of un Thompson. 'James II. Dougan, Robert C. Wliite. The following forfeited a $1.00 cash bond on a charge of parkin" in a restricled /.unc: N. W. Bradford, II. II. Gildon. W. A. Henry, Ray Turner. Johnnie Reynolds. Puch' McCttlloiij'h. W. F. Dcmnan A. D. Easlon, J. E. Boarden. John Davis. Howard Houston. Thomas Bonds. W. 13. Llewanduski. Thco Lon.y. Claud Noland, S. F. Sepiar, Adrian Mip- son. Thomas Cummins. II. 13. Marcum. Robert LaGrone. T. W. Brown, John I,no. Wesley Crouch. G. T. Cannon. Henry Grant, Glen Walker, Oliner Hcffelbowcr. Jack Muggins. Mebuvne Dyer. C. C. Spragins. Jc-ss Reed. Kathleen while driv-I Deloney. B. C. Cox. Ralph Roberts, bond. taxed intoxicating liquor, guilty, fined §50. Sally Lou Hall, possession of un- tnxed intoxicating liquor, forfeited $100 cash bond. Buddy Fryson, possession o£ untaxed intox. liquor, forfeited $50 cash bond. Horace White, assault and battery, forfeited S25 cash bond. C. Johnson, assault and battery, forfeited $10 cash bond. The following forfeited a S10 cash bond on a charge of drunken•ncss: Buck Brown, C. A. Ollor. George H. Burns. Ned Cecil Frank Turner, - D. F. SUmics. J. V. Moore, Floyd plea j Ross, Alvin V/illiams. Jr.. Fred Russell Jr., Aygic Aaron, D. L. Guerin. W. E. Clay. State Docket Stanley Latin, possession of untaxed intoxicating liquor, forfeited $50 cash bond. The following forfeited $.1 cash bond on a charge of speedim;: W. K. Wennic, Dale Million. Clarence Lemley. Cecil Williams, j C. L. Jordan. S. V. Grundy. j B. R. Nugent, no transit license, : forfeited $25 cash bond. j Elmorc Thornton, driving too ; sis had been in' a German hospital j some 5?000 inhab itants who still in the Soviet sector at the end of| remain along the ash-covered coast M'ss Mnry Annol'p \Vhitr- of ],it- Coopcrsmith said union men fol-1 Ho Rock has been the --occiii piipsl low delivery boys ; to find out where, finished garments arc being taken. His own brother, Cooporsmith said, quit his job as a delivery boy after being threatened by union officials they would "beat him up" if he was found delivering garments to manufacturers. Schwabe asked Coopersmith whether he could get police protection for the delivery boys. "The union money is more than our money," Coopersmith replied. "We cannot afford to pay graft." Schwa' 1 ": "You say 'Pay graft', to whom?" Coopersmith: "To whom? To whoever won't look. When you want a,cop, you cannot get a cop." at'Ehas. A. HaynesCo. •' t f ',*.', \ \" ! e* SSBCI In LADIES' HOME JOURNAL VOGUE, HARPER'S 8AZAAB MADEMOISELLE of her grandmother, White Sr. Mrs. Wat W. Donald T. Atkins has returned to nis home in Camdcn after having oeen the guest of his aunt. Mrs. Paul Buchanan and Mr. Buchanan. Miss Kate this morning where she will enroll at Lindenwood College. She was accompanied by her paren's, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bcmis and Miss Ethel McRac Bemis. 1'oe war. She had become separated from her parents and probably was an orphan. Because she was of the Roma Catholic faith, a Catholic charity organi/.a'iion took charge of her i O f tnc TJ g army nnd moved her to an American Iwiilinr sector German nursing home. Recently doctors decided an operation might overcome some of her disabilities. German law provides that if a minor has no known parents the government must be asked for permission to perform infantile .. | close to another vehicle, forfeited [ Hunter, Hazel Bell, Willie B. Young $5.00 cash bond. i Elbert Talley, Martin Guihric, ! Herman Pike, improper brakes ! Wilburn Dixon, Wm. O'Bryan, • forfeited S5 cash bonci. [ Andrew Dougan. Andrew J. Har-| Martine Peel, drunkenness, pica ris, O. B. Reddin, C. A. Oiler, j guilty, fined S10. | Johnnie Henderson, Mayfield C. S. WcKnight. drunkenness ' , ea gui ity, firied S10.QO ; The commission notified the gov- ! , .f cl , w '" 1 .^ Ad ™cl:, overdrnft, for- | fcited $10 cash bond (Check paidi Carl Boono. possession of more than I gallon of beer, plea guil-y. fiov- ernment there was no panic among Sparks Bomis left _„ .... ,.,_. ,,,,„.,,„,. lu for St. Charles, Mo. |lhe oiwralion in a special 'Black Suede Stratosphere Rev. W. G. Bensberg and Dale penman will attend the Ouachita Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church which is holding its fall meeting in Ashdown Tuesday and Wednesday. O : paralysis hospital in Western Berlin. It was at this point the Soviets demanded her custody as a Soviet citizen. Volcano in tines fs inc. in the Southern Phillippiues. Most of them are coneentralt'cl at Sagay and Binone. Fifteen-foot waves, kicked up by a sciuall. hampered rescue el'»rts transport Gen. William Weigel. (The dispatch did not make clear whether this was a new evacuation or referred to work done just before evacuation was halted.) fined Sol), suspended during good behavior. Gco. Palmer, giving an over- i draft, dismissed on payment cost. 1 Gco. Palmer, giving an over- j draft, dismissed on payment cost, j On motion of John P. Vc-sey. City ' Attorney, John L. Wilson. Jr.. was ! enrolled as a regular practicing at- j torncy in the Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas. Manila, Sept. 13 — (/P)—Ilibokhi- bok volcano on Gamiguin Island erupted again late today after a two-day lull. "Renewed worse activity" was reported by the social welfare commission, which is on Camguin for Thieves Try Luxury Kansas City —f/P)— Kansas City thieves are the luxury-loving type. Police reported the' following articles stolon in more than a dozen different break-ins on- 'viihi-- television sets, a carefully selected | relief work. The volcano had quiet- set of fishing tackle, a set ol golf ed down two days ago after nearly days of eruptions which caused clubs, a cigarette lighter, 12 el trie fans, 30 cartons of cigarettes and a checkered sport shirt. 12 days of five deaths and 45,000 natives. the evacuation of Here's our newest version of tho hi-wedged sling you liked so much... the perfect accent for dressy black. An unusal value. Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort GHAS. A. V COMPANY SECOND AND MAIN So right for fall . or coat . . . i his \vith its cilcetivi you have a \vuiulerfiil choice of the season's new colors . . . continental {.liven, polar hear, coitee, Lrown and grey. One oi nian) lovely hats for fall., . so right \vith ) our new suit is-hing wool felt profile heret sweep of coq feathers. And because you suffer distress from which makes you NERVOUS. 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