Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 13, 1948
Page 6
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Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, September 13, 1948 Legal Notice dost of publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (4 times) Js $15,60. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 Proposed by Petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF AMENDMENT AN AMENDMENT TO ABOLISH IHE STATE AD VALOREM TAX ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROP- 8ALLOT TITLE AH AMENDMENT TO THE CON- STJTOTION REMOVING LEGlS-l LATIVE AUTHORITY TO LEVY A STATE TAX BASED UPON ASSESSED VALUATION OF PHOPERTY. AMENDMENT BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF AKKANSAS: That the following shall be an amendment to the Constitution: The General Assembly shall not have power to levy State taxes based upon the assessed valuation ol the property of the State." Initiative petition for the above proposed Constitutional Amendment filed in this office on the 1st day of July, 1948. Witness my hand and seal of office on this the 3rd day of August, 1948. ... C. G. HALL Secretary of State Sept. 6, 13, 20, 27 : O Cost of publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (4 times) is $81.90. • PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 1 Proposed fay Petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF ACT SCHOOL DISTRICT REORGANIZATION ACT. BALLOT TITLE • "AN-ACT TO DISSOLVE SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN ARKANSAS WHICH HAVE LESS THAN 350 ENUMERATES; TO CREATE A NEW DISTRICT IN EACH COUNTY COMPOSED OF THE TERRITORY OF ALL:DISSOLVED DISTRICTS: - TO PROVIDE A BOARD OF FIVE DIRECTORS IN EACH COUNTY 'FOR -THE NEWLY CREATED DISTRICT; TO PROVIDE THAT THE COUNTY SCHOOL SUPERVISOR IN EACH COUNTY SHALL BE SUPERINTENDENT OF THE NEWLY CREATED DISTRICT; TO EMPOWER THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION TO ANNEX ANY PORTION, OR ALL, OF THE NEWLY CREATED DISTRICT TO ANOTHER DISTRICT OR DISTRICTS; TO PROVIDE FOR AN APPEAL FROM THE ACTION OF ANY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION ON MATTERS OF ANNEXATION TO ANY COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION." ACT BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. On June 1, 1949, there is hereby created in each county a new school district which shall be composed of the territory of all school districts administered in the county which had less 350 enumerated on March 1, 1949, as reflected by the 1948 school enumeration. It is the intent of this section to authorize, between the date of the adoption of this act and March 1, 1949, the re-organization or annexation of districts which would be dissolved by this Act, in accordance with existing law governing reorganizations or annexations. The new district in each county shall be known as the " County School District No ." Such district shall have all the rights, responsibilities and privileges of other school districts and the Board of such district shall have all the duties, responsibilities and authority of other school boards except as provided herein. SECTION 2. Within ten days after the creation of the new district as provided herein, the County Board of Education shall call a special election for the purpose of electing members of a school board to serve the new district There shall be placed on the ballot as candidates the names of persons who are qualified electors residing in the territory included in the new district and whose names as candidates have been filed in the office of the County Board of Education, not less than twenty days before the election on petitions signed by twenty or more qualified electors residing in the territory in the new district. The County Board shall: a. Designate the date of the election. b. Cause notice of such election to be published once a week for three consecutive weeks, the last publication of which shall be nol less than twenty days prior to the date of the election. Such notice shall time and place of give the voting. c. Prepare election. d. Appoint the ballot for the Clerk of each county affected who shall record same. Appeals, from the action of any County Board of Education on matters of annexation as authorized herein may be filed within thirty days from the date of such action with any court of competent jurisdiction. SECTION 4. No construction shall be given to any part of this Act that would result in impairing the obligations or any valid contract of any school district. Except SB otherwise provided in this Act, all matters of reorganization and annexation of school districts undertaken under the provisions of this Act shall be made in accordance with existing laws. SECTION 5. The provisions of this Act are severable, and if any part or provision hereof shall be held void, the decision of the court shall not affect or impair an.v of the remaining parts or provisions of the Act. Initiative petition for the above proposed Initiated Act filed in this office on the llth day of June, 1948. Witness my hand and seal of office on this the 3rd day of August, 1948. C. G.HALL, Secretary of Slate Sept. 0, 13, 20, 27 Cost of publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (4 times) is $31.20. PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 2 Proposed by Petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF ACT A PROPOSAL FOR AN ACT AMENDING THE LIQUOR LAWS REGARDING LOCAL OPTION ELECTIONS. BALLOT TITLE "AN ACT TO AMEND THE LIQUOR LAWS OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS SO AS TO REQUIRE THAT ALL LOCAL OPTION ELECTIONS, TO DETERMINE THE LEGALITY OR ILLEGALITY OF THE MANUFACTURE, SALE, BARTERING, LOANING, OR GIVING AWAY OF INTOXICATING LIQUORS TO BE HELD ONLY ON THF. REGULAR BIENNIAL NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION DAYS, TO PROVIDE THAT THE PETITION FOR A LOCAL OPTION ELECTION SHALL BE PREPARED IN ACCORDANCE WITH INITIATED ACT NO. 1 OF 1042 AND THAT IT SHALL BE FILED. AND THE SUBSEQUENT PROCEEDINGS THEREON SHALL BE HAD AND CONDUCTED. IN THE MANNER PROVIDED FOR COUNTY INITIATIVE MEASURES BY INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM AMENDMENT NO. 7 TO THE CONSTITUTION OF ARKANSAS AND ENABLING ACTS PERTAINING THERETO, FOR THE REPEAL OF ALL LAWS AND PARTS OF LAWS IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, AND TO PROVIDE THAT THIS ACT SHALL BE OPERATIVE AND IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT ON AND AFTER DECEMBER 1, 1948." ACT BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. Local option elections, to determine the legality or illegality of the manufacture, sale, bartering, loaning, or giving away of intoxicating liquors, shall hereafter be held only on the regular biennial November general election dnvs. SECTION 2. Every petition for a local option election shall be prepared in accordance with Initiated Act No. 1 of 1942, and it shall be filed, and the subsequent proeeect- ings thereupon shall be had and conducted, in the manner provided for county initiative measures by Initiative nnd Referendum Amendment No. 7 to the Constitution of Arkansas and enabling acts per- taininc thereto. SECTION 3. All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith are hereby repealed and this act shall be operative and in full force and effect on and after December 1, 1S48: Initiative petition for the above proposed Initiated Act filed in this office on the 1st day of July, 1948. Witness my hand and soal of office on this the 3rd day of August, 1948 C. G. HALL Secretary of Stale. 6. 13, 20, 27. o Sept. the judges and clerks for the election. The election officials shall certify the returns of the election to the County Clerk. The County Judge Fhttll, within ten days of the election, canvas the returns of the elec- 'tion and certify the results thereof to the County Board. • The length of term of the newly elected board members of the district created by this Act shall be determined in accordance with provisions of existing law. .' The County School Supervisor shall be superintendent of the new district. In addition to his duties as County School Supervisor, he shall perform the duties and assume the responsibilities in the- new district as entrusted to superintendents oil "other school districts. j SECTION 3. It shall bo the duty 1 Of the newly elected school board j and the County Board of Educa-j tion not only to provide an ac-! credited elementary school for- every child as close to his home | as possible, but aiso to provide-! every child access to an accred-S iled high school. To accomplish this purpose-, each County Board of Education shall study the entire school ps-ofjram of its county. If it is iound that some or all portions of the new Sch-i-jl District as eix-ut- cd herein can be served more effectively and more efficiently by another district or districts, the County Board of Education with the consent of Ihe Hoard 'jf Directors of the school district to which such annexation is uro/xi.sed, is hereby authorized and directed to malic- such annexation or annexation^ Provided that if any u-irilor.v shall be annexed to a district administered in another county (lie question of annexation shall be :-.ub- jnitlcd to tin; Stiilc Board of I-Nu- cation if in the judgment of th<Stale Board of Education tin- p,-,,posed limii-Xiilion should be i it shall lidopl a re,--,,Union m the U'.tn(.-:-:;iti<iii. The p-so shall describe bv metes :>tut bi each district ;»!!< ( :U-i! i,y ih ncxfjtion. aiifi a copy of sa'ni lutiori f-Dail |je :>'lil to (In- C Cost of publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (4 times) is $89.70. PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. 3 Proposed by Petition of the People POPULAR NAME OF ACT AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR DIRECT POLITICAL PARTY RESPONSIBLE IN THE HOLDING OF ALL GENERAL ELECTIONS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BALLOT TITLE "AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR DIRECT POLITICAL PARTY RESPONSIBILITY IN THE HOLDING OF ALL GENERAL ELECTIONS IN ARKANSAS AND TO PROVIDE FOR MAJORITY AND MINORITY PARTY REPRESENTATION ON THE STATE BOARD C ELECTION COMMISSIONER.. . ON ALL COUNTY BOAK®S OF ELECTION COMMISSIONERS AND AT ALL VOTING PRECINCTS AT ALL GENERAL AWD SPECIAL ELECTIONS F-jQR TOWNSHIP, COUNTY. DISTFtttT OR STATE OFFICE, FOR ELECTIONS OF U. S. SENATORS AJND REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS. AND AT ALL EI4£C TIONS FOR SUBMISSION OP ALL ACTS AND MEASURES UNISER INITIATIVE AND REFERENJ&JM IN ARKANSAS." i • BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: »' SECTION 1. For the purpose of this Act. the majority party%juiall be construed to be that political narty pulling, in the State of -Ai Kansas, the greatest number of votes for Governor in the last pre- cedinr' uencral election and the minority party shall be construed to be that political party pulling, in the State of Arkansas, the second greatest number of votes for Gov„,...,,.- ;., |[ le j us ^ preceding General Election. SECTION •>. The Governor." the Al'ornev Generi.il. Ihe Secretary of Stale, the State Chairman of'the State Centra! Committee of the majority party and the State Chairman of the State Central Committee of the minority Parlv shall eoiiMdiite the State Board of Ele-c- tion Commissioners. The Governo' shall act as ex-officio Chairman ol Mich Board and the- Secretary of State shall ac ( . as ex-officio Secretary of such Board and shall keep the records of s:ii<| Board. i The County Chairman of the : C'o.'iity Central Committee of the ! majority partv and the ('inintv | Chairman of the County (A-ntral i Committee of the n.'no'ity party • shall be members of the County \ Board of Klcctiitu Commissioners i and together with une additional or j third -ni-fnljer In i,e a ppoiiiu-ii by : th" State Pinriril ot Election Cum)o!^ sioi!!-•! ^. .sb:,!| e, .n^tii in(• IJH.- en- tire membership of the County Board of Election Commissioners for each of the several Counties in Arkansas. The Third member of each County Board of Election Commissioners .shall be appointed by the State Board of Election Commissioners at least ninety (90) days before any General E!c.c- lion for Stale, District or County office. In the event of a vacancy or disqualification on the part of any State or County Chairman fur cither tho majority or minority parlies, then and in that event, the Stale Vice-Chairman or County Vice- Chairman of the parly in which such vacancy occurs shall arl. ;is County Chairman or State Chairman as the case may be for all of the purposes set out in this Act until a new County Chairman or State Chairman is selected by such parlies. SECTION :i. U shall bo the duly I of Ihe County Boards of Election ~!ommissioncfs not less than five (5) days preceding a general election to select and appoint three (!') ittdges and two (2) clerks for each voting precinct in their respective Counties- and to perform, tho oilier duties prescribed, provided how- Tuesday, September 14 The Proficiency test, eight district O.E.S. will be held Tuesday, Scplernbcr 14 at 10 a.m. in the Columbia Chapter room at Magnolia. Wednesday, September 15 The Prescott Musical Colcrie will nieel on Wednesday afternoon at .'! o'clock in the .home of Mrs. Ray Ho/.ondorf with Mrs. H. Eaton as associate hostess. C. L. There will be choir practice at j the Presbyterian Church Wednesday evening al 7:15. There will be at the. Christian day evening al 7 a prayer service Church Wednes- There will be prayer service at the First Baptist church Wednesday evening at 7:30 followed with choir practice ;it 8:15. ever, that two (2) judges and one fl) clerk at each precinct shall be chosen nnd appointed by the two „ members of the County' Board of „ * "-'neral services for Pfc. James Election Commissioners represent-!"- Curmmngs, who was killed in ing the majority parly and one (!) j France on September 24, 1944 were judge and one (1.) clerk al each held at. the National Cemetery in precinct shall be chosen and appointed by the member of the County Board of Election Commis- Littlo Rock Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. lie was the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. sioners representing tho minority ; J. T. Cummings of Orange, Texas parly.The County Boards of Elec-j formerly of Nevada county. Bc,^",.. C °™™ 1 ^?J!:r? ! .A hi '.u in ?,"J?± ! sides his parents he is survived pointccs as judges election. furnia, and Cainn Picketl, Virginia. In the event the majority or mi-1 Italy, and Franco^ receiving the norily representatives on such i Purple Heart a Ho served in North Africa, Sicily, anco receiving the and Presidential Ci- Counly Boards of Election Commis- laUon. sioners do not select nnd appoint . their full quota of judges and clerks) Tho monthly meeting of the Ne- precinct bo membcis of tho same political parly. Orvillc Hickman of Hope, dis- Irict field representative and a SECTION. 4. The qualifications : number of men from tho churches, of all person's on the Slate Board ol Election Commissioners;, County Board of Election Commissioners, precinct judges and clerks shall be the same, lo-vvil: They shall be qualified electors I of the Slate, County and precinct ! in which they reside or in which they keep their political residence. They shall be discreet persons, able , to read and write the English language and shall not have been convicted of any infamous crime and no member of a County Board of Eleclion Commissioners shall be a candidate for any office lo be filled at any general election while serving on said County Board. SECTION 5. It shall be the duly of the majority and minority parties to keep on file with their respective State Chairmen, a complete lisl of f'fll of their respective County Chairmen and-'*it shall be the duty ^f the rcspcctj'fre State Chairmeiim both tbc : "majorily and minority parlies 'to *kcep. on file with the Secretary of- tbiji State Election Board, a complete list of civic orgnnizalions and from Emmot arc expected to be present for Iho purpose of working out pro- t'i',-1 ms for ihn scouting troops in thoir district for the coming year. All interested men arc asked to bo ures"nl, to help in organizing a wide awake program with more troops and county. cub packs in Nevada Mrs. Harold Lewis wns host.°?',= on Werlnesd.iv afternoon to the" Wednesday Bridge club at her homo. Roses nnd cape jasmines were attractively arranged in tho liv'tig room and dininc room. There were three tables of players with the hifTh score pri/.e being awarded to Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. Mrs. Tom Logan won the cut prize. A delicious salad nlatc was served to club members: Mrs. Gee. Mrs. Logan. Mrs Saxon Regan, Mrs. Dudley Gordon Mrs Gtiss McCaskill, Mrs. H. H. Mc- Ken/iie. Mrs. Dallas Atkins, and to such County •Chairmen and to noti- guests Mrs. E. J. Smith, Mrs. Jack fy promptly, il.... C«4«4« T.« said Secretary of |Robey, Mrs. J. D. Rognn. Mrs. the Statc\Eloo'licm.-fl3oard f ..o£ any death, resignation, " disqualification or vacancies in the office of any Couply Chairman and to notify promptly the said Secretary of the Stale Eleclion Board of the. election of a new Chairman to fill any vacancies Ihus created. It shall be the duty of Ihe Ccc- rclary of Ihe Slalc Eleclion Board lo keep such lists of County Chairmen furnished by the respective Stale Chairmen of the. majority and minorily parties as public records open at all times lo public inspection. In the event thai no County Chairman or County Vice-Chairman has been elected in any of the several Counties of Arkansas for either the majority or minority party within ninety (90) days of any general election, then and in that event, the Stale Board of Election Commissioners shall have authority to appoint a qualified person to fill such vacancies whether or not. such vacancies be caused by fail-] lire lo elect, death, resignation or disqualification, provided, however, that all such appointments to fill the vacancies on the County Boards of Election Commissioners in tho positions to be held by said County Chairmen of the majority and minority parlies shall be terminated immediately upon the election of a County Chairman or County Vice- j Chairman qualified to serve upon said county Board of Eleclion Commissioners as herein provided. ' SECTION 0. Any person violating the provisions of this Act shall b*- guilty of a felony, punishable bv a sentence from one <1> lo i. r )i years in the- Slate Penitentiary and Charlie Scotl, Mrs. J. V. McMnhen, nnd lo lea guests Mrs. Floyd Grain and Mrs. John William Davis. . Nevada County's Twelfth Annual Pair will open on Wednesday morning, September 15 and according to reported plans promises to be the biggest and best County Fair lo dale. The parade judges have been selected and they will be W. C. Blevins, president of the Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce; Robin Wrightman, president -of the Arkadelnhia Lions club; and Dr. D. D. McBrion, president of the Arkadclphia Rotary Club and Henderson State Teachers College. The judges' stand will be erected in front of the Gem theater. Station KXAR will record the parade from the judges' stand nnd it will be broadcast on the Pros- colt Hour, Friday, September 17 Oii_ the opening night of the Fair KXAR will interview Nevada Countians as they come in the gate at the Fair grounds. The parade will line up at D o'clock the morning of the opening day and will start promptly at 10. Mr. and Texarkana guests of Reaves. Mrs. were Alton Reaves of the weekend W. C. Mrs. ,1. W. from Dallas, '. last week. . has returned where she spent Jack Stives, student at A & M from and nl'ler conviction for such '' College. Magnolia-spent the week end with ins mother, Mrs 11 C Stives. offense, shall in addition to Hi .sentence imposed, by the Circuit Court, be forever barred from hold- in!! any public or elective office in Arkansas. SECTION 7, All laws and parts of laws in eonflicl herewith are hereby re-waled nnd this Act shall be in full force and fffort from and after its ndontion by a m^jiir- ily vote of the electors, voting on the question <if the adoption of said Act. cast in the general election in which said Act is. subniittedjjlo a voU- of Iho peonle. Initiative oeliUon for tho aln>ve proposed Initiated Act filed in this office on the 2nd day ol' ,l".lv, 1H-IK. Witness mv hair! ;nu! s^a! ol office on tin.-: the.' ,'hd day ol Air.uisi. 1D48. C. G, HALL Seeretars- of State Sept. (i. 13. 211. 27 Mrs. Paul 1 licks of Arkadelphia was the iniost of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Lcmmerhift, Thursday. Mrs. Irene Boniaviteh who has been tin? Rites! of her brother. Albert Redfern and Mrs. Ri-dfo.nl has returned to her home in St. Louis, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Lemrnerhirt have recently returned from Hebron. III. where they visited Mr. Lemmerhirt's mother. Mrs. J. A. Craig Jr. and son Clary have returned from Dallas Texas where they have been the guest.i of relatives. k » , . NotiCO WARNING ORDER No. liViK) In iln- Chancery Court of llcmpsli-ad County A ;•'-.. Krnma Lee linwiiian I'lainlifi K - Mrs. G. bun; is UK- |i\lis. Glenn ' Hairstun, W. Howard of f.oeks- ,; U est of her daughter, G. Ha.ir.ilon and l)r Tin- Veterans Trade and Industrial Related Training classes will ",eet each Monday and Thursday wa-'iK-d In aiiin-ar/- in I'!'.-: con:!; "' "~" within tliirlv davs *"-'id .-•>•••'.', -r the ..,, , eomnl-dm of the Plainhlf, Km:i-..-. : ,. ''"', rl:1: " Sl '- s ; "''- composed o! j,,.,, Riiwman : •^'' va<la county veterans win, are Witness mv hand and :'•:•• S- •;• l' V'kmg on-lln.--.iob training in var- nf said court this -7 dav of Au:J,i;:-t il ' ll - s local btisiin-s.s houses. The IS)-)'!. ' , classes are under the direction of C. M. \\Yaver, Clerk Illeur.-e Kaslev. (SKA 1,1 "•Hi. ',')'•' l' V---.•••,- -".i-.'v t, r "lit": I o lion \V. Kendall 1.,-niK-v. Att'v ad '. „ lit.,m i What of the Nicjht? I'aind. 111. • i.l',--- A pair of trutt- | Rnrolar h, C'-roi'nili.-cl n-r:-, and an empty wallet found oy i Si;i!':>in,i-,> -p. .\ -M-,! i'!v,i ii- a liVt-i bank li-d authorities lu in- : l!' ( ' an' hi i ,i i ,.• lit : t •...,,iili, K- i-ini ''•]• '* eM i;:au- tiu- case as it drowning, j clf<-cii\ i-lv i,, i|,.. .,-",;! I;..,,-. Hi- l.'.ul \\lu-.i llu-.v went in Ihe addu-ss Iv.'i's climi.nu'. tii.' li-ni'i- inin a .'iven in tlu- wallel, they found the military ni-pi.' -,..[,, , Mi . 'i, ( j i,-. ^ mini h-aied drow neu. 1'iu- trnUM/is. >ejit|.y Y, ho i,[i- i linn in,- :,;r. -.,i]!.-t and s:;-lil were >tuU-n while | Tin- h !!."]!, ni-;i I'-IH-I i-lviii-i t\-ii in- hail been sleeping At the time, iiinv.n and 11 :..-t< ,r, ;! hi.-.- h • K.r,-, IH.- ,-.aid. lie was on duly for an oil '"••'"'•' [""" Soybean Group to Hold Meet in Memphis Memphis. Tcnn., Sept.. 13 —-(/PI— The 2iilh annual convention of the American Soybean Association opened here today with the European Recovery Program up for discussion. President ErscI Walley of Fort Wayne, Incl., was on the" opeaning day's program for an address on "soybeans in Ihe European Re-, coycry Program." George; L. Pritchard of Washington, Department of Agriculture official, also was on the program. In an interview yesterday, Walley assorted that the soybean could lie a potent political weapon in Kuropc because of its food value. 13ut, ho added, none can bo exported because of present federal in'.vs. Rice to Pass Pigskin More Greenwood, Miss., Sepl. 13 —(/P) -The Cotton Stales League playoff champion will be decided lo- night. With the final four-otit-of-scvcn series for that prized bunting now tied at three-all, the Greenwood Dodgers and Iho Hot Springs Bathers will tangle in the rubber engagement. Greenwood blasted it's way back into the running last night with a 10-hit 8 to 2 victory over Iho Bath- ~TS. A struck batsman, George Boston's triple, third sackcr Bob Kremcn's double and Catcher .otiis Landini's single gave the Dodgers a three-run fourth inning and 3 to 1 load at that point. Two walks, two singles and Jim Evans' triple were good for another four markers in the sixth and a single, .. a sacrifice and Matt Lttkasiuk's ! E two-batter chased another run across in the eighth. Hot Springs tallied in the first on an error, two infield ouls and Lade Dean's wild pilch. The Bathers' only other run came in the fourth when Andy Baud rapped out a triple and scored on a passed ball. Hot Springs .. ..010 100 000—2 4 1 Greenwood .. .. 00 304 21x—G 10 2 Coughlin, Kamis (7), Heinen (8) and Zini; Dean and Landini. Farm fires burn 3,500 persons lo death annually. Cotton Loop Title fro Be .' 'This is Ihe third of a series discussing Southwest Confer- once foutiiall prospects.) By HAROLD V. RATI.IFF Houston, Tex.. Sept. 11 --I/P) — Look for passes and more passes as the Rice Owls make their bid for Ihe Southwest Conference fool- ball championship this year. Everyone picked them lo win :ast year and they lost oul before the season was half ove^r. This time they're nol on the spot and the schedule is favorable. They do not appear quite as strong as they were in 19'17 but they should have a better chance of 1 coming through. q The greatest array of passers in ' Ihe school's football history makes the Owls potential high-pointers, slower, than usual, their ground game may not be up to average, and they look weaker on defense. But it's likely to take plenty of touchdowns to lick them. Rico has 19 leticrmcn including a couple who won their numerals before 1947. Lasl year's veterans include two deep at end and three deep at center. Starling tackles and guards are good, but reserve strength at these positions is difficult to gauge. Coach Jess Necly says his most telling losses are three strong defensive backs— Hal Stockbridgc, Dick Hocrster and Don Anderson. Necly places Ihcsc above Ihe loss of Carl Russ, a great fullback in 1946 who was slowed down by an injury much of last season. Russ became scholastically ineligible. From the line wont All-Conference Guard J. W '.Magec and two fine tackles, Henry Armstrong and Jim Spruill. They left those positions pretty thin for 1048. Tobin Roto, spark of tho Rice- mid-season surge last year; Vernon Glass, talented sophomore: Harmon Cars well, the former Lufkin high school all-starter who was injured la-si year, and Charley 'Easter, two-year squadman. furnish Ihe quadruple pass threat. Hucv Keency, playing his fourth varsity year, is one of the greatest punters in the country. Role is one of the finest backs in the conference. Ncely says that, too. Glass might well be the sensation of the campaign. He docs everything. He is, of course, untested in conference competition. James i Froggy) Williams, Nick Lanza, Jack McBride and Bill Taylor are letlermcn returning at end. Three lotlermcn are back at tackle—Billy Wyman, Ed Parker and 'Ralph Murphy. Three lotlermcn also arc available al guard. They arc Tom Parsons, S. J. Huberts and Carl Schwnrz. No other .squad in the conference boasts as many top centers as hice. Joe Watson, a 242-poundcr who made all-conference in a walk last season: Gerald Weathcrlyl and Jack Price, are a fearsome threesome in the middle of the line. Rice has a leHerman at each backficld spot. Aside from Glass, backfield reserve strength will come from sqnadmcn. Rote is tho starting quarterback, Keency the left halfback and Harold Ril'ey the right halfback. John Kelly is rclurning,ilettcrman fullback may not play as much as Bobby Lantrip, who has been the squad two years. Ncely likes squadman Van Ballard at left half and expects major backin" for Riley at right half jfrom Gather Pugh and Don Campbell, !f>47 squacfmcn, and sophomore Gordon Wyatt. Fall, Winter the but big on More Meets Moscow. Sept. 13 — M>) —Western diplomats met twice today to prepare for resumption to the "four power talks on Berlin, possibly Wednesday. A climax is expected this week. Talks started hero at. the end of •July ; iitl were shifted afler a month to the military governors of Russia, the U. S." Britain and Frane.e in Berlin. There has been no announcement on any of tnc CT."tvorsc.lions. A highly reliable western source ind'caicd there will be some kind oi agref.-:7icnt or, failing this ,111 ci^d to tho talks. The western source was neither eptirr.iLtic nor pessimistic about . tr.c chances ot reaching agree' nient. It was made plain thai cv- c:\vthinp depends upon what takes place rl the expected resumption of '.aikE. The result could be cither way. ;ncl there appeared ,1 i one " :rit'i:ivil.y on the western hids -v. ; ll- , in» to i.rv.'ikc a prediction .'is to j which vvay this will be. j However, hope of agrocinvnl has j definile y nol been abandoned, 'the I three western governinnts must feel there is some chance of roach- ing a settlement over Berlin, or they would not have senl Francois Sydoux back to Moscow. Seydoux, the political and diplomatic adviser to the French military governor in Germany, returned late yesterday with" minutes of the Western military gov- ond Cheapest Fall and winter pasture is Ihe best—and the cheapest—source ot feed during the fall and winter months, declares County Agent Oliver L. Adams. Livestock consume this feed directly from the ground, the agent points out. There is no expense or risk involved in harvesting and storing and no labor involved in feeding. Small grain . and Italian rye grass in aie young, growing contain about- 30''per cent protein on at dry weight .basis. The agent say3?this is wny iy'cci animals gam so k^ioll and .milk'- cows increase inch-, production on. -fail and win- lcr.:,nasturc. • . . Mjjw is the-, Unto.-;to seer! fall aiMr/.'wintcr pastures.-.Adapted varieties of winter 'bats, seeded at the' rale of 4 bushels per acre, arc hgihly recommended. They should oo fertilized with 3(10 to 4UU pounds of complete ferlilizcr per acre, or 300 pounds of 20 per "cCat i superphosphate at seeding time, and top-dressed with 10 to 32 pounds of actual nitrogen as soon as the grain comes up. Rye grass overseeded on fertile permanent pasture and fertilized with nitrogen fertilizer also gives paying results. Rye grass over- seeded on permanent sod can be utilized when small grain areas arc loo wel lo graze. Hence, a combination of both small grain and rye grass will provide more days of grazing. Counly Agent Adams also emphasizes that small grain provides winter cover for siio, thereby checking erosion and maintaining soil fertility. crnors' Berlin talks, along with data concerning meetings held in technical committees. FOR EXTRA QUALITY* AND PURITY IN PETROLEUM JELLY 1$ This well-known name, Morolinc, guarantees high- estqualitypetrol- cum jelly. Soothing for scratches, chapped skin, minor wounds. Yes, we have that Prize Package . . . the Authorization to supply you with nationally advertised JANITRQl Comfort Heating Equipment. We have been selected as a New JANITROL Dealer in your Community .. . we are proud to make this announcement. JANITROL offers time-proven quality and greater economy to your every heating requirement. Combining JANITROL Quality with our own high business standards, we offer you the benefits of this Prize Package of Even Greater Heating Comfort. 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