The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1934
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?*<• /, Served by W* United Pre** VOL. XXXI—NO', 163. FINDN •OOt BOM1HAW NKWHHAPm N«wt BlythevllJ* Valley u«der Blythevlu* NEWS SBPTRMHBH 25, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO America's Cup Series Over Unless Protests Are Sustained. ABOARD'U. S. COAST GUARD CUTTER AGRO, Off Newport, R. I., Sept. 25 (UP)—Harold Vanderbilt sailed across the finish line today, in his big while 'defender tialnbovv to retain the' America's tup' for the United States—providing the protest signal from the halyards of T. O. M. Sopwitli's defeated British challenger Endeav our \s hot sustained! A'red protest flag also wns flying from Rainbow's rigging The situation on protests was Without precedent in the history of cup racing Both' protests will be heard separately. The first to be. registered bv either of tne rival skippers..will be the first.'oiw 'considered. yaiiderbilt trailed" Endeavour over the ' first leg, , a 10-mile broad reach to '. the southward. But the American skipper hauled his Cla rl; J sloop over the sicord leg, a beat lo windward, in , brilliant style, outguessing the thallpnger On tacks, and tore around the corner leading by nearly three minutes. MEMPHIS, Sept'. 25: ( i UPJ-i-The city council this afternoon voted to call n referendum" November (i to decide whether or not to Issue not more than $9,fj{in.flOO In bonds loi the acquiring, purchas- 'Ji6 ,or building; aii electric dis- lilbutlon system' ' ' " • — lower Ihc ordinance power direct to-lhp people" Adoption of TvA" power for Memphis will save consumers 1 Kimo veailv in light -bilk nnd liverjge vivuigs of 45.4C per cent according to a survey recently completed by Roy Hiissclman Cleveland engineer. Divorce Decrees Granted in Chancery Court Here '«•«.-£ ^l 1 ? 15 ?^ «' r <**Wf»V decrees ^ere~~ granted oj Chancelfar J^y" Gautney of Jonesboro at" a one^ day seislon of chincery court here jesterday The chancellor took a number of similar actions , under advisement and will render decrees, ~ later Several of the divorce suits Which decrees were rendered yesterday were not filed until the day of court Decrees weie granted in the fol- Jowluir cose 1 ; on grounds listed Annabeth Carpenter vs Francis M Carpenter Indignities, Lillian Heam vs Harrj S Heara indig nities, Pearl Moore Phillips vs I, A Phillips indignities, Alice Nuckolls vs Desmond Nuckolli indignities, Flhel Brock \s B H Brock adultery, Dena Thompson vs Ernest Thompson desertion Bud James vs Mamie James indignities, Charles Wagner vs Pearl Wagner; desertion. Jessie Franklin Gray vs Helen Oiay, desertion J T Wisslnger \s Jennie I Wissmger, indignities; Thelma Hosey vs. W. P. Ho-, £ey, . indignities; Roger C. Tabbbtt vs. Julia Tabbolt, indignities; Bessie La pieiir vs. Robert La Pleur \ n Compress Receipts in Ar- .kansas Continue to Run Ahead of Last Year. The Federal Compress and Warehouse company s Blytheville plants received 10920 bales of cot ton last week a quantity exceeded in Arkansas only at West Memphis where 11512 bales were received, according to tlic weekly compress report of the Arkinsos Cotton Trade association Total receipts for the state were 14998 bales bringing the total for the season to 18«007 which corn Crowded Docket Greets '•= J'* C A. C ^ on His Return to Bench. indignities; Cecil Oillis, indignities. Glllls vs, Jess New Connecticut School Buildinj U Still Pure STONINOTON, Conn. (UP)The school board voted its thanks to Charles Palmer : for ' evicting a skunk from the newly decorated high school wllhout sullying the air. • . ' ' , . , Palmer, Inspecting the building »lth Judge L. D. Fan-brother, Sr., boToTr "~- th - e "• n " n * 1 '. ; ' pl '"* d '» cardboard 1 "- lleatl beneath the box and : e ox a rushed, the skunk to the : river. Canary Act* ar Carrier Pi*eon for Store Clerk* MARBLEHEAD, Mass. (UP>K ill ', bl(! head boasts a "carrier pigeon" canary. . .When clerks at Pearl's store J"iS>te ?( l m< ;h UlloH " 8 (lonc they tfc * note lo the leg of their ' " C " eads a helper on Dick m « tack Iowa Pioneer Claims • Lincoln Relationship PRINCETON, .Iowa. .. (UP)-Wil i'S*." a '»«.•«. Moneer re™ dent of this -communiiy, Is cue o ' ham Lincoln Thomas Hants, grandfather of (he h Pr .'!? c !, l< * 1 - 1 ?*"- w ?s th« Clni^mt 1'ilchei lolin Yemen WPti-li. of tlio noslnn Tied Sox, with a "bnlk" in tbelr romance. :M!ss-HcrnicB A. Nieinan, above, of- SI. f.ouis, has filed 'Bint, demanding. J50.000 from him. Her charge is .tliaj 1 Welch and •he were to be intiirled last Vsv. but lint he married Miss Franco (leekie. inslead MIu Is a photographer » uarei with wiw 1,1 ,7 "ussing since Wednesday was be- S£=!£?" "~£,^$Srt Shipments-from Arkansas com- -"I-*--'™" ." Cre '- re " olfctl !1 cl >»« .resses continue relatively light and stocks on hand arc .mounting rapidly.. .Last Friday Arkansas compresses had 379,214 bales on hand compared to 288,956- on the same date a year ago. Stock on liaivl in Blytheville Is 57,579 bales the largest in the state. - ' Receipts last week and for the season at leading Arkansas compress points and at Missouri com- Bond Issue . for ' chwiu TVA in' effect subnilt- tccl the question of obtnthing TVA SETTlEINTf IT IS HjllTED Agreement May Result in Dismissal of Primary Election Contest. Friends of the two principals in the Smith-Craig election contest suit admitted today that negotiations- were und^r^n Little Publicized Nephevy of John D. One of Nation's Ten Richesl Men. NEW YOHK,, Sept. 25\Ul')i- I'crcy A. Rockefeller, 66, .nsphevv of John D. Rockefeller, St.. 'ami one of Ihc most prominent sto'cji market operators in the" United Slates, died today^ 'bis office iiii.' nounccd. ' ' . A famous iigure In the nnniiclnl world,. Rockefeller was one-of the least known members of his family. He wns the owner ol ohe : of'!! 'most famous fortune*, a cllrcclpr In about 50 corporations iniid dominating stockholder JivlhV I nation's second largest brink. - K < Yet .ctcspite his wealtn, social position, mid prominence in Wall Slrect, Rockefeller was quiet and retiring. Cool licnded hi his umil- 040,000 estate of his father, the hue WlllJnm a. Hoehcfcllcr. co-founder of the oil fortune with his brother, John u.,' into one -of : tlie ten rankiiis; forlimra.. O t Anierlcii. Sheriff Investigates Deaths by Poisoning loFinaf Victory flt., Huupimann^Shoe to Kidnapers • J ,'-*'"' 1 -• • i'-;'.'.r — • i i, ^^ 'i _ . lught by Addison Smith, contesting the nomination of' H.u»h Cralfet us Domoci|atic candidate for circuit court clerk • ••»>-> trtjjic.virrn • IHUL a favorhble basis .for compromise and subsequent dismissal of th- sult had been projected aHhou»li no statements were fortlicoining directly fioui the litigants or thel- counsel Details of the suggested settlement have not been released but It is assumed lhat v it rvould involve," an agreement under which Craig as the certified nominee r .1 ^ J *" IU [JVJauiiin 1 ,' of the B. B. Burdctlc family nt>ur •\Vhelen Spi ings, while three sur- Lindberghs Flying East I UN^ONTOjWN, Pa., Sept 25 r ,. '(TjPJ-Col. and. Mrs. Charles A LhlCagO bite QlOSen for Lll " lbe ''8h landed here at 3 30 p U.,«> I r ^ Kit l m " El D " T "' nnd departed eait- nuge Low Lost p"- J -- -•• •Housing Project. hospital. t Sheriff Tom Tolfeon and J.' H .ookadoo, deputy prosecuting al- lorncv. indicated nil arrest wns expected soon. Two children of tlie Burdeltes, Louise,' died ;v theville fi, and Thursday night. ' Arsenic 1ms been found in satn- P'ra of water. Inken from the well on the Buidetle laim, tiuthoi- Hies said. A feutl which has tlnr- od in Uic neighborhond for years is blamed for the poisoning. Six-Year-Old Girl Is Missing From Nashville .NASHVILLE Tenn., Sept. 25. (UP)-The trail -of Dorothy Dis-'i elluirst, G-year-old Nashville girl nlsslng since Wednesday, was be- of lluujilni nun's fool. a plctuic ' minutes iat«i on their qu " Uon Bruno Haupt - luge Low Cost Modern wur(1 ' • — - i way to .niann. ..,.„ ..—^- , I Colonel Lindbergh >would not WASHINGTON, Sept. M (UP)-'disclose lib next hiteided -des- A condemnation suit lo secure a filiation. •' '-('->••• site for the Inrgcit single low cost I housing and slum clearance pro-1, ject yet undertaken was Instituted! In the Chicago federal court today 1 by the department of justice at' the instance "of ihe public works numlnlstrntlon. The government will seek to condemn 37 blocks In Ihc near xitliwest section of Chicago. The, land will be utilized, vvlieu FLIES DAMAGE 1 asm PHON TEN f '"AWM'l I! . ,-tinanu Admits IVialc- ing ( Notation But Reiter- ntcs Claim of-Innocence. NtW YORK, Sept 25 (UP) '' v —"'. ncbtlwlors ot the Llndberefa » murder ilalm*! (9 h 4V e dlnnh-tf Ihilr caw against Bruno H»ul>l- :>uinn today with discovffy ol Hie telephone number and nd-' i dress of tli«v.k7isom negotiator, Krlttc.ii on a closet wall In the Hnuptiiiann home • '*-, Bioni County District Attorney ' Snimiil Foley sulcl Huuptmanh hid writing the tell late * -w 'Hie telephone number »nd k id- drew nere those ot Dr Joint?" (Jnfsic) Condon, who delivered Wooo to a man no* believed to lie Hauplmann ' ' C»ll«l "Flnml link" '• ' Hie dramatic announcement that detectives in their tireless <««on for evidence to break down Haup*- munni dental of guilt had r'rf- pod fiom the prisoners hdme » Lonrd on which lla uotallon h«fl bun written cumt altu » federal ngoiih had cohnected the prisoner with footprints found outside the liidbeigh home , >, Haiiplmunn's footprints, ae -re- poilcil by the United Press In u Washington dlspntch early today vur« similar to the pilnts found 7 at the scene of the kidnaping ana at, the scene ot ransom pajmait experts decided V.AJJCJ is uecjQcu Hauptmann Might Have coS'th^S tt u KS Made Footprints Founc Outside Lmdy Home. WASHINGTON, aept 25 Bruiio Hauptnmnn's footpiliiU oijme c;-i-» [o matching tlum found In ihe mud under (he Llnd beruh nursery window the nigh of the kidnaping the United Press learned today This fact was established lo day by authoritative sources li constant touch with the covern- inent tfTort to link Hauptmann to I the abd vtlon of l: Household Goods Saved t?oV™i M h ° collec " U11 ° f But Upper Portion of House Is Badly Burned. ; '-—. . - — «••«, jjt 11113 >%uimi Fire 'of unktiow origin believed ^aw Blighter around Hauptmann i have started In ii f..r,,n^ ,^;._ tlle cllal » of Cvldeni • connecting - -• "*"- •an.t , ^UIIIU UU • ' , *" •—"vn wii|j>ii, UCIIGVCU 11 1 I r i-mm u» given an opportunity to negotiate :ta na « started In a furnace room i, ,„" evlden." coiinectlhj options of sale thro'uelr conferem-i, Pitted -the residence nl rrr M», •""" r" 1 » nilt Atlj Gen. Homer g to replace dwellings causing a low standard of Jieullh and living in the area. Public Works Administrator Harold L. fckes. said that property owners within the site would be Whether [ho footprint evidence s conclusive enough,,to take to court wns not disclosed A perfect mutch o/ the prints would The Edcnwold residents r,n\a Ihe child, with the voice of a Idle girl begged for food at sev- houses. presses . follow: West Memphis Blytheville • Pine Bluff Helena X little Rock McQenee Forrest City , Maria mm Jonesbdro Hope Lcachville Caruthersvllle Hayll Portageville 11,512 31,628 10,920 32,083 6,555 16,402 3,769 3,643 , 3,334 3,128 3,051 2,914 2,138 1,415 4.531 2,169 ' , 8,484 " 9,035 9,335 7,494 8,178 4.639 6,597 7,042 12,423 C.970 10.M9 , • ~- * ,"»J i •« UlLt Ul •"•'VI-* "--<v\.v.ip]ii5 icntcj ui • ji ^OULtl- 1 Ti w .,P* r * olls a "ve who can em species of pllcher plant and claim a direct kinship with Abra- "» catch insects for their Flashlight and Broom Black Spider Weapons SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) —A flashlight and a broom are I he best weapons against live dead-j :y black widow spider, according: lo Sidney E. Baucom. . He ought to know. He's Utah's 1 champion spider ^hunter and has more than 300 notches on his fav-f orlle broom handle. „ The many-legged creatures must, X hunled at night, Baucom says. Then they are hungry after a day of rest In secure hiding places. Rays from the flashlight dazzle them.. The broom finishes the Job. ~ , " " M ~ ! <H»bb>-) Robinson, antrcsslva Tree-frogs sometimes borrow the -.sslslaiit to Gen Hush I John isect-catchliKr leaves of-a south- eon. John WllsWara, ol,»ve has" an iDiportant NRA ]ob-a ?GSOi) one, ID fact, aa depuly admlnls. trator. Wfrshears. a former leallier niinufaclurer, Is rer»rt- i €d to be "in training" to laka jnarje of Uit leatlwr «;(!an of j , • . child called daddy, waited for h , . He was telieved to be Alfred E. • brother, who has been hunled successfully since the child's dis Dn NRA , Brother In law ot Finnces Jt. the.' ™ of '" municipal court ycs- her I erday with Judge c . A. Cumihig- E.jhsin rcturiiliig to the bench after 'an absence of several was in Hot Springs iicaltncnt. days., He receiving Eight fines were meted out on charges of public drunkenness nnd bonds were forfeited "in nine cases or public ilrunkenntss when defendants failed (o appear I court. Harry Allen was fined $25 for i assault with a deadly weapon, fir Graver Cross, negro, vvris fine on concealed , fined charge of. carrying a wonjxui. A $50 bond xi. 50 bon (posted by Columbus Banks negro " ' B'vtn an opportunity to negotiate. 1 " "»yo sianea in a furnace room options of sale through" conference -Pitted -the residence of Dr May.' and agreement .with .the" govern-. 0 - Usr'ey, 1037 West Main street, .,,.,,„„.. n 'ent. . hate Monday afternoon 'Crime ' • ' tlon . Homer . tenn»d 'the: hideous of the - Lindbergh abdi.o- e of Hie PWA to withhold tb.mated at $4,50o by Fire Chief Boy iinclnrii-s from land speculators. IHend. The fire department offl- ,- " c)nl made-no estimate of damage NA.. t A m- i ' i , to f>lrlli ' urE ""4 household goods newton, AnllCK Lead ' most.of which was removed from in Best Ball Competition'considerably"^"^? by^'wa"^ [smoke and the forced and hurried' i. Newton, Springfield, Mo., pro, "'amicr of Its removal. • ? pa " amo " B s P rcadI "K , across the up- rni i y across e up- hnlshers of the first round per portiori of the house, once it al ii n, I" ? ro - a matcur event Had swept through the celling. 1? TV"'!?* hM a «o™-.«U?l»ta« the residence proper, bu 33 for the first nine holes. • was uncertain an to ihc manner number of other pairs were i" ! which it started. Newton ,011 n was nan Butler, negro, was given a $20 fine ami 20 days fn fall for petit larceny. Trial of John Bishop on charges of illegal passeMlon of Intoxicating liquor wns continued. Continuances were also granted in cases of Ruby Brown and Essie David>on, charged with vagrancy. James Mathls, negro, was fined S10 on a charge of petit larceny. He wns also given a 10-day Jail sentence. Incomplete testimony was heard In the case of LeRoy Gibson, negro, ch.uged with transporting liquor. Bonds were forfeited In cases of Hussell Shcllon and Percy Shellon, charged with disturbing the peace. o - the house appeared lo have , , , Rock; turned In the best Jii- escaped serious iiarm and that divid Tod Houck of own purposes. The United States Volunteer .....„.„ „„.,„, ,i,. s , u/ ..- "vui... iumra m me Best in- escaped serious ii.irm and that hi! of .Illegal possession dividual cards for the first nine .planned to repair the chnmee as Holes among ihe first groups lo promptly as posslhla. finish with 35's. \ Missourian Defies U. S,; He'll Keep His Hounds 1 • I J °PUN, MO. <UP)—w L James LEPANTO, Ark.—Tlie highest 1 long-time resident of McDonald price paid for cotton since 1929 County, thinks the government Is was paid In Lepantq yesterday to taking a mighty foolish smnd rc- C- L. DeClue, farming in Missis- garding his pack of ten hounds slppi county, northeast of here, but tie ts going lo keep them nny- when • he received 15 3-1 cents a how. pound for his long staple cotton. Dell Infant Dies Jnck Itowcll. thrcc-inonth-oM son of Lnyion Hovvell, died at the family home near Dell at 4:30 o'clock this morning. The baby's mother succumbed from Mii-is following childbirth. Funeral services will IK held this afternoon at Manila cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements. Gets 15 3-4 Cents a Pound for Six Bales of Cotton ned ••«....**... xuivo ,it:iit to Col, Charles A. Lindbergh, Including the original message left on ihe nurs»rj vvlmiov, sill The footprints round outsld. ihj Lindbergh lipnis were Sh .;e of n comparatively small foot. Hauptmann Is n rather heavy man, who mi- ixmrcd to have larger feet than tlie prints. Jusllce 'department officials, however, indicated d?fiiiiUi ly that Hauplmann's shoes % were not '•'--- than those they had looking for Issuance of Street .Jax Warnings Is Completed The task of warning all able bodied male citizens of Blythcvillc to work the streets or pay street tax for the last half of 1934 having been completed. Joe .Carney of the city stiect department" today turned his nllcntloii to'other mutters nnd the city .enforcement officers prepared for their twice year drive to bring ihosu who have not p.ild the tax Inlo courf. . ra ree worers told hlm For six bales he was given around he would Imvc to dispose of his tafiO hv n P XVI.-M.. », n- T««™ i _______ •_ .. . uinyvat, 01 HIS hv Federal relief workers told hlm S " ntlas , ' Fllnml Tucker Bahy Dies Uton Tucker, four months old ion of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chcirl-s Tucker, died at the family home in Ihe Number Nine community e sreatly strengthened by ,d««lon enu, today/ District Attorney' orny Folty considered tht notation found final ten In the closet numbers »ere writ- vvere deflu serial ~- i . ... ,..,„ t.iufn-f, mittvtt VVCIl Holy connected v ith the mimbsrs of lindberghiransom DUU . Hauptmann AdnMtted writing tg« notations Foley said, but explained H by saying ho »as • Interred' in the Lindbergh cose >„ i Later it was snnowiic?d at Foley',, ofllca that nalts found at the Haiptmann home were'of exactly' Hie same tjpe ns the nails uted 11 nmklr." (he ladder used by the Kidnaper 16 remove the child frola 1 the Lindbergh home Previously Ihe lumber In the ladder had bej tinccd lo a Bronx firm which at one time employed Hauptmann ."" Hauptmarn Makes bUtemeni Hauptmann today rtiterat^d hit Innocence hi the Lindbergh UdJ" naplng and murder and appealed to you paople and. la Gernmh- Americans to believe me and heljT His statemenl was made through his attorney t I wish to saj to you people and to Ocriniui-Amiricans that ll Oicj believe my statement*' help nit, Hauptmann said" w inj wife and a baby msds " no feel butei , v f hope tru truth will be had soon i nlvvay- Imve teen a good lather and husband I hop" I get < and . & '<> ive , , , ' Long hollnds " |1C W!uUcd °" S ," - rar ", 5 ' ar ° und atd ' but James sald * ' nt>St ° f the co " 011 ""!'« Win his hounds in the win variety. ---, ...««.. MI me luikuii living wun nis nouuus in the win short and medium sta- tor and if ihc .government, make Rev. Russell Ridgeway to Preach Here Tonight The Rev. Russell Hidgeway, of, Jasper. Mo., will preach at the Church of God building on Cherry Street this evening, 8 o'clock. This will be a-preliminary lo an evangelistic meeting to be conducted by the Rev. Mr. Ridgeway beginning, next week. him sell them he'll be on the year around. relief Miusoiini Will Honor Salt Lake City Man SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) —Because he made things easy for Mussolini's air armada a year ago acting Manager W. T. Miller, ol the Rfth Air Navigation District, with 'headquarters Tiere,' will be ^.cui, nwtuiuuiB 10 oanuiei *' awarded a high Fascist medal. rls, official weather observer were ) eld at U „ morning and interment was nndc nt Noilh Savv- ba cemetery I The Cobb Ondei- taUng companj «as in chaise of funeral arrangements WEATHER Weired soon Visited In Oeorjta 1 SAVANNAH, On, Sept 25 (HP) —Evidence that Bruno Haupt-' mann his wife, and his nephew" Hans Mueller, used Tybee island,, off Savinnah, as a hideout shortly after the Lindbergh kidnaping «,*» ircsentcd to department of Justice -gents lien- today by Police Chief . -L. Hlldreth. Hlldreth in addition to idenUfy: '5 a plclure of Haiiptmann .«' man who spent considerable line .on Tybee island In 1932 and 933 offered substantiating stata- ncnts of more than a dozen Is and residents, »ho Instantly recognized Hiuptmann as their former neighbor. H vvss recalled that Hauptmann, if It was he, gave his trade as carpenter and cabinet maker, and white staying on the Island built truck bodies and other article* Several residents recalled flShlng frequently »Uh the visitor The man apparently" Vhs well' supplied with nloney. Htldreth said ' Federal agent.-, In Ne» York have alreadj established U)»t j Hauplmann traveled south to Floridi to visit relatives late in \VSi ARKANSAS— Mostly cloudv tonight. Showers, cooW in" west and north portions Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Not much change hi temperature. The maximum temperature here S'esterday was 90, minimum 58. clear, . to Samuel P. Nor- Break Jail En MUM , LEPANTO. Ark—Apparently 16 cotton pickers. »ld to have been ensconced In the local bastille for drunkenness, had little regard for the Jills bars, as they departed en masse through a hole In thi wall just unjer a window, jo vii Ible evidence proved '

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