Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 13, 1948
Page 2
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s , Page Encouraging to Know U.S. Money Not Available to "Notions With Red Tactics HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS Miss America : Sv DEWITT MACKENZIE .AP Foreign Affairs Analyst .P.aul G. Hoffman, economic co- opci.'ilion administrator. assures all, of the democracies tinning limited tra and her satellites Continued From Page One Convention Hall looked awful big. And awful awful. Thousands of people staring at her and talking about iho blue taffeta, strap! less evening gown she sewed to- jgclher. are con- i She wondered whether her solo ! Monday, September 13, 1948 NEW YORI Now Yoik. Sept. 13 (,V). — Stocks drifted down in iiuiot trading today j with the volume of business coii- 700,000 shares. Hope Star uio with "Russia j won't over with inc^udVcs" when | il ' :1 f.\'" K to tlrul " . but tr.insac-ishe took her padded sticks in hand i A U sections of the list v ^,,,,,_- u ...i..-..i i.,,-,,a ,t:,i ,— (-..... ,, ,...._: ;.stC(Hiiiy alter a fr.ixeo! opening that S(or of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January IB, 1929 Marriage of 'Socialite' lions br- adly speaking are restrict_,. v t ,...,.,.^ od I o th( that Marshall Plan aid will be jsf roughen cut ,off from' any country going ;tarily. CcpTrf'tmist—or Fascist for that 1 This paradoxical situation nat- rnattcr. jurally gives rise to the query of * That's a timely and encouraging i"'hy (hero should be any trad-? at I'eaffirmatton of a policy which i all. Well, even in a "'hot war" ..„.,.,„„ al >,,,. ^-, «,must be non-clad, if the domocra- j whore are certain transactions j lion Bail. But, lovely with it all.— cies are to win their life-and-dealh 'which can be carried oul profit- (height 5 feet 9, bust 37, hair irolrl- Tlioro ably on a quid pro quo basis. The en brown, eyes i/lue 'green and •e. <•><.: i t-.->iin.i-1 and did one from the classics on those things which do notihor vibraharp. She's probably OIK; tho Communists mili-iof few left-handed vibraharp iers in the world. Anyhow, the judges muM. have been impressed. Bebe won. She sure looked tuckered as ! led her fight against communism. iaround in a rhumba at the Corona- , -,' 7' • , V,:, leacll ' 1 ' K 7." m , po " lu lhc outstanding found a few of tho leader;: making" play-! iln unsllc cessful bid to rest. j Steels, molores and rails were off I fractions to around a point with -some o the losses f£oin?_ • well be- ,yon.l a point at linn's. Metals were an especially soft re (ban a oxeep.,on in ean.br- nn. half-way business ... . combatting'the Red ism, despite fare appear •'-- — -•-•" ' '" '•'•• l - isiinto consideration. •nlernalional laws governing war„ ..._ —, . . .., to have taken this tho soppy sentimentality which is linto consideration. o^ino- b'.iii.dief' pbout In favor of i Apropos of nothing (and pleasing tile Bolshevists. la smiloi. back in World American policy regarding ilh.os" of us who were at tho front jjMacP's gain. knew thoto wat: a tacit-undcrstand-1 She's not too anxious to combine .ini! between tho Germans nnd the!a career with marriage, she said. jAllies in sorno sorters that arrny I Although she does have a boy and divisional headquarters i friend or so. And what would the .t rr-.i ... 1 ,1 )n,is shoe-size 9-A. Bebe who has a mother as cute as she is, intends 1n use the :;cho.- •ust for iftrship she won at MacPhail School War Iiot Music in Minneapolis. That's . fascism," if it shtiulud crop up is, in theory at lL-ii.1, in" i-uu'cy ol Britain and the rcst t of the 'Marshall Plan nations. Ills, avowed purpose is to prevent f'J-Vnccracics' from being forced iijtQ communism. However, I bc- libvc 11 cuts much deeper and that are safe in .saying it also is de- to whittle down the war shouldn't br- bombed. Tlie reasons for this were civiite understandable—at least to the brass hats. If any airman inadvertently think if Miss America world didn't! If the contest didn't, show anything else, it showed that tho hot- .nd the tho final cerro do pa <;co which added more than a point. In the final hour losers included Youngstown Shoot Tube .Hock Island, Stint aFe, Southern Pacific Hichficld. Oil, Phelps Dodge, Ken- nocctt Studeluikor and Goodyear. ; those slightly higher were j n Telephone Tclegrpah ! P-.icific. Woolworth and i Douglas Aircraft. Tho bond market was quiet. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards. III.. Sept. 13 !, -I/Pi—Hogs, S.OOO: mostly 25 higher|~ :han Friday's avcragcg top wfJ.50 bulk 200-200 Ibs 29125-50; heavier Published pvcrv wwMay afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, oocretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-214 Sourn Walnut "Sircot, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor 8. Publi-hei Paul H. Jone?, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supi. Jess M. Davis, A-'vcrtising Manager Entered as Post Office at Act of March ;econd class matter at thi Hope, Arkansas, under thfi 3, 1897. (AP)—Means (NEA)—Means Association. Associated Press. Newspaper Enterpris Subscription Rates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 20c per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one Lafayette counties, $4.50 per year; else where $8.50. Advertising general economic relations with needs, and vied versa, the R6d ;itoc. Most, and perhaps, is trade in such things a •. fe LI — _._.. — jv-olve the war-potential. ,that isn't an ideal arrangement, IT'S TIMEftTO SHINE •• WITH... because it has a hard-wax finish • OXBLOOD . I but is is a horse-sense one. So there j Ralston, Miss Kansas; Martha Ann don't in-jlngram, Miss Alabama; and Carol Perhaps !Held. Miss Wyoming The kids are on their way back home ' or to their jobs. They'll never GOP Hopeful Continued From Page One 527339 Democrat and 203,155 Republican. All three states went for Mr. Hoover in 1928 when tho late Al- ircd E. Smith was the Democratic candidate. Thc Republicans are not counting on Ihe Democratic civil war .„.. 17.50-2.00. Cattle, !),000; calves, 1,800; open-i kids are on their way back !.'"'". tl ' a]<1 ° ;: ; ow . on ^ecrs: 'niyers j now— most of 'em. To' school !'" c1)n " d to bcanshness in face of I their jobs They'll never b<> i' lbc! ' a) supply other classes open Representative — nsas upuics, inc.; Memphis, Tcnr :k Building; Chicago, -100 North Michigan Avenue; Now York City, 292 Madisci Avo.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Gram Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg .-lew Orlt-uns, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Th Associated Press is entitled exclusively ti the use for republication of all tho loco news printed in this newspaper, os well o ill AP nev/s dispatches. ,thc same again and I hop I kid and mine never have through with what they did. •o- never bf ' ,.* "i^-..- pe your' 1 " 8 generally steady: medium and . to "o i f!ooc! heifers, and mixed yearlings j c l ° i 24.00-31.00; a few common and me- in the in many ' GOPs Watch Continued From Page One It will cover both international an-;! domestic problems. Democrats — Democratic Na-.-itiVp lion*] Chairman J. Howard Me-' Grath accused the dium beef cows 19.00-21.00; head good to 22.50; canners cutters 15.00-i;',.0(l Hurricane Continued on page two "cod bulls largely 2\ .50-22.2",; veal- odd tinned in the path of this severe and ihurricane." The bureau wanted all 80th ing" years GOP headquarters' has "set 1 ul:itinR farm to handle t . ei : c :^l ° f ,'-" alone lo make inroads South. For the first time GDI up a separate bureau Southern affairs and has sent a special emissary into Southern! ,- ---- ---•< states. j charter nullifieds. to Meanwhile, tho Doamocratic na- l cntl tnc expressed tional committee indicated it was! 111 ' 111 P n <-'o support pr ready to go to tho courts in an -'' ' at _ ! cause it does not lempi to "gel 1ho~ f riinian-Barkfcy i to lense ov h "y ... .... ships „ . ... , .-„. north and north-oast of tho "seers 1.00 higher; good and choice vcre" storm lo exercise "extreme w8.0-32.00: common and medium j caution." The coast guard rcporl- 17.00-270 fairly active inquiry for led that several ships were in the! replacement sleers but. relatively path of thc hurricane. Tho storm was described as ,-.,-,,;, ", ;;"-, i onuf[j, 2.500; asking sharply moving between north-northwest •V!i , i i lrouecl ;bi"her prices on spring lambs but; and north at a speed of 18-miles^ aouait-cross- (nothing sold early. Ian-hour. The bureau said that the ..is oy manip-j n |hi«hosi winds of 149-miles-an-hour '«,-•>• i !• •• -i 1 " ! POULTRY AND PRODUCE 'extended out for a radius of GO said ih"'hiii"".>,-,nt;na n 'r-. y ' i Circago' Sent. 13 —f,T'i— r,ut-| miles from Iho center and that i«v Credit Co^norVtjSn -, T? 1 l <« steady: receipts (two davs) 6C2,- Sales extended to 200 miles lo tho uicclit Co.poiation a federal ; (!?0: pri( . f , s llnc h;>ngc:l to 1-2 cent ! north and 120 miles south. a pound higher; 93 score AA 74 S)2 i (A Bermuria dispatch said U. 3. A 73.5 00 B 67.5 113 C 64.5: cars; 90 j Navy and Air Force plane-, were 8!) C (K>. Isnit to safer airfields in ' th task Daytona Beach. Fla., Sept. 13 j —(UP)— Socialite Francis Hitch- j • •" • a i"' hip bride-to-be from a j Little Pennsylvania coal-mining Mown today awaited the removal of legal barriers before disclosing final plans for their wedding in a gleaming white dreamhouse overlooking Atlantic Sands. It was disclosed yesterday that I Hitchcock 3f). and Stephana Saja. |2.'!-year-old brunette daughter of ;: (Czechoslovak coal miner had chosen White Castle, a two-story I white stucco cottage at Wilbur-by- the-sea. as a setting for their marriage. But other details of their plans wcio withheld as the couple went into seclusion to await a final decree on Hitchcock's divorce from | his second wife. Col. Arch Wall, father-in-law of a college mate of the wealthy Hitchcock and owner of the house in which thc couple will wed indicated that divorce decree was expected sometime today. Meanwhile. Hitchcock kcut his j beautiful, cinderclla-girl fiancee jbusy swimming in the surf and sightseeing at nearby picturesque points, to help ease the tension of the delay. j Besides waiting for the divorce | papers, the couple had to comply iwiih Florida's three- day waiting period. They obtained their marriage license last week when they appeared together before ,Iucl"'e IE. W. Johnson at Bunnell. Fin. The romance between the scion of one of America's wealthiest "families and the willowy, dark haired girl who fled the slagpilcs of a coal town to seek her fortune in New York developed in true storybook fashion. Supreme Court Will Reconvene September 27 Little Rock, Sept. 13 — f/P)— The Arkansas Supreme Court will reconvene Monday. Sept. 27. following a summer vacation. No decisions will be handed down that day, but cases will be taken under submission for possible decision a week later. Daughter of Daily Bread Continued From Page One Ihc conflict of ideas that led to the "religious war" for American independence. Rut unless the sacred writings of Marx have been secretly discarded, the Communist goal is still world revolution— and with it no freedom of thought or speech, no freedom from want or from fear. The evidence of that is found in the Soviet-dominated, countries of the world today. And it is that'evi- dence which Mr. Wallace steadfastly refuses to see or to believe ConEross Amedc-m j Stephana was born in the little I mining town of Windber. Pa and i remained there until she was «r-id- uated from high school in "1943 [Then she became nn emnloye of of Dominick York, and il her "prince ox- i Iho I favoring permit tho CCC ..., additional crop on the ballol.'Tn'lloui'siana'' j f lora .So facilities. If the agency throat of court action came nas lo llo °d tho market with grain as a re-suit, ho said, it would force prices down. Wallace — Progressive Party candidate Henry A. Wallace went to Chicago for a two day meeting with party farm leaders. Tomorrow night ho will address a rally at Chicago's Wrigley Field. In a ticket The threat of court action came from William J. Primm, Jr., assistant to Democratic Chairman J Howard McGrath. He denounced as "flagrantly dishonest and fraudulent" the action of the Louisiana state central committee in removing.. the names of Truman- Barklcy electors from the ballot TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and TY BAKERY - - o — — •• --'t^'^J -^ 11. Jit. ill cl speech at Baltimore, Md last night. Wallace denounced President Truman as a "consistently inconsistent" man who "manages to be on both sides of every issue '-that comes along." Thc president, no said, "pays lip service to extending civil rights but he has not abolished segregation in the armed forces. . ." Wallace vote — A United Press survey indicated as of today that Wallace's vote in November will be fewer than 2,000,000 in the 35 to 40 states in which he will bo on the ballot. Socialists — James T. Farrell, author nnd chairman of the independent voters for Norman Thomas, urged Dr. Albert Einstein lo support Thomas' candidacy for president on the Socialist ticket. He told Einstein in an open letter that Thomas' campaign "emphasizes tho same ideals and calls for tho same moral and intellectual JJ UM M.7 <~ uu. •,:.,. Ill U.I btllt- J L dllUUlUb III U1O Eggs: lop firm, balance steady; i United States and a navy task receipts Uwo days> 19,394; prices j force of 12 ships, including'the cs- unchangod except top grade a cent i curt carrier Mindono. put to sea to a pound higher outside; U. S. ox-I avoid tho hurricane.) • Iras 70 pel and up a 49-50: 60-G9.9 i "The hurricane should change pet a 48; U. S. standards 139-44 [course to a north or north-northern rcnl receipts 30 dirties 39: least course and pass close to Bcr- chccks 31. mud a about noon today," tho Chicago. Sept. 13 -~t/l')—- (USDA) weather bureau' said. "Winds and, Live poultry; fowl unsettled, bal-(tides arc increasing at Bermuda j dead, nnd remarried to is Mrs. Saja brothei- of the ance weak; receipts 25 trucks; prices unchanged to two cents a lower fob; fowl 35 leghorn and should reach hurricane- inton- i sity very soon." -j,... L,J,J, luvl ., ,j,, .uijiiuiii The SS Michigan, a former lib- fowl 30 roasters 35-39; fryers and I crty ship now owned by t ho broilers 38-41; o'.d roosters 23 FOP, |French line, wallowed in tlie wake wholesale market ducklings 34: 'of the storm 300 miles south-south- •eriousness which your entire life." has . motivated the Dixiecrat candidates, C-ov J Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and Gov. Fielding Wright of Mississippi. Primm also assailed Dixiecrat tactics in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina, He said the national committee- would ake an all-out effort to see that Southern voters "arc not deprived of their Democratic rights by fraud or 'other devious means." heavy ducks 28 small ducks 20. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Sept. 13 — (/P)—A good nart of early gains in grain was lost toward the close on the board «f trade today. Profit-taking, easiness in securities and expectations that the visible supply figures would show an increase in corn stocks caused some late selling. Al one time September corn advanced more than 3 cents, shorts buying the grain aggressively on the way up. Cash prices also advanced. But with the price at the highest point since July, longs of- Icracl the grain more "freely. Stocks of corn in store here this week were placed at 446,000 bush- pis. A gain from week's low level of 2C!i,000 bushels but still west of Bermuda, its propeller gone. It notified thc coast guard it was in no danger and a sister ship was dispatched to the Michigan's aid. o- Indian Troop ps Continued From Page One sent congratulations to all his troops on their opening successes. India asserted disorder strife in Hydeiabad and that the fabulously rich Nizam had refused to disband private armies such as the Razakars. Thc state and dominion have been at odds i'or months because the Nizam. Gen. H. E. H. Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan, a Moslem, has refused to accede to In,1 :„ well under last years 2.297,000 Icfia" bushels. Open interest in Seplem-1 About four out of five of the bcr corn at the start of today's 16,338,434 people of the rich state trading totaled 17385,000 bushels.' arc Hindu's. India has demanded Whoa, closed 1 -i lower to 1 cent I a plebiscite to determine thp hieher. September $2.23 3-4-S2.24, wtu?e of VA ? derl^d The state is pi q,,n( 11S , .'"' <-i V «[ U ; .,V,; 4 hl « h -ith« si/e of Minnesota and in South ' r'rr \ V'l, , T^' ^ Central India and surrounded by . ,'Ci e 1-J lower to 1-1 higher. Scp- Indian territory. ember 72, rye was 1-2-3-4 lower. The invasion was launched with- i-w.r ^ i ' S f', , 4" ld f 0 >; Dca " s in 4>! hours of the death of Gov. Ue ; . unchanged („ 2 cents lower, JGen. Mahomed Ali Jinnah, the j P'.'''"'''• M-rt 1-2. j founder of Pakistan and the main ! C-.sh corn «'!vanced 2 to 3 cents, force in the partition of India. New i- <"Mn nn" • r y< ' 1!t , W scll "'S'^'elhi sources said thc.-v expected ,<tl .p-'.O,!. One-rings of cans grain (Jinnah's death to ease" differences the brokerage firm r-incl Dominick in Mew i was there she met • charming." | Stephana's father : ] her mother, now ' : moUior coal-miner, i Turk. i Hitchcock is the jlate Tommy Hitchcock. greatest j American pnlo player of af) time r.vho was killed in a plane crash 1 during World War II. His, grandfather. Thomas Hitchcock was a large stockholder in the New York Sun, and his mother ithe former Louise M. Fust is was a granddaughter of W. W. Corcoran, millionaire door of Washin"- ton's Corcoran Art Gallery. " I When Hitchcock was " divorced from his first wife in 1934 he testified that he was earning S25 a (week and agreed to pay S8' of it to|ward the support of ' his son, i Francis, Jr. He reportedly received an inheritance of over $10,000 from his lather and a large share of his -mother's S500.000 estate. Col. Wall who owns the Spanish- type home in which the couple will be wed. is a retired army officer and father-in-law of Clarence Rideout. a law school friend of Hitchcock. Wall said ho would give the bride away and Rideout would act as best man. Stephana's sister Nancy. who flew down from New York will be maid of honor. A lavish reception reportedly has been planned to follow the i ceremony in White Castle which is built on a cliff-like promontory above the Atlantic and commands a breath-taking view of the blue waters and gleaming sands. Penguins differ from other birds in not having any specially developed quill feathers on the "wings. j Wai ace May ; Continued From Page One ; 200.000 votes for Wallace there. New Y,,rk is expected In contrib- i ute '100.000. California 200,000 and Pennsylvania 10,000 | Technicalities easily overcome island between Wallace and the bal- jlot irt several New England states. I If he-gets on as expected, that region is estimated to be good for nearly 275,00 Wallace votes. He h":'ll get only a scattering in the i South except for Virginia where his I poll is estimated at 40,000. That jnarr'in may h c sufficient to swing i Virginia to Dcwey because the jDixiecral rebellion also is rampant , here this year. ] Wallace is expected to be good I for 50,000 volpp ,'f h e getsoiUh" :Iowa ballot, which is likely Iowa | is his home state. It is jud.sjed it-; be safely Republican this year : regardless of !he Third Party." I Radical \Visconsin is expected to Igivc Wallace 75.000 votes and more :'--' 1; r'al North n-'knta 15.000 to i 2.000 voles. That is 10 per cent i of the expected North Dakota poll I'his year. Michigan is down for \ 20.000 to 50.000 and Connecticut for J25 ni)0 Wallace votes. ! His potential Ohio vote is esli- J mated today at about. 170,000. But i involved ballot procedure probably j\vill reduce mat figure considerably jfor most of his elector candidates, i Some other survey estimates of Wallace's likoly vote by states: Alabama 5.000; Indiana 15 000-' [Kansas 20.000 to 40,000; Louisiana 15.000; Montana 10.000 North Carolina 10,000; Oregon 10,000' South Dakota 5.000; Utah 8,000 to 1.000. , Until the revolution, New York I had been under British rule for | 110 years. Found Guilty ^ New York, Sept. 13 —(/P)—Beautiful Nancy Fletcher .Choremi. daughter of a U. S. career diplomat, received a suspended thrr • months sentence today on her cori- viction in connection with vice charges. Similar suspended sentences wore imposed on two other women tried on vice charges with the sh->"plv 27-year-old brunette. The two other women were Madeleine Blavier, 33, a native.of Belgium, and Margaret Starr, 3y,- '< daughter of a retired minister. Magistrate Arthur Markewich who pronounced sentence, said all three defendants were intellignt, and added: "I don't think they need lo have anyone stand over them with a. horsewhip. "The problem of prostitution is not solved in a criminal court. It is a social, economic and moraT' problem." I The three were found guilty oh ' (vice charges brought by police'who , wire-tapped phone conversations between the women and men. •••"Mrs. Chorcmi is the mother of a' ' five-year-old son. Her husband al'J" rived recently from North Africa" She was found guilty on a char 1 of loitering in her East Side IV ,1- haltan apartment for the pu ,ose of committing an act of r .stitu- lion. , ..,,. 1 Mrs. Starr was convicted of of-" fcring to obtain Miss Blavier for' a Park Avenue business man for an act of prostitution and of aiding Miss Blavier in committing an immoral act. liU , Miss Blavier was convicted ,ol,v loitering for the purpose of prostitution and of three other vice charges. Since their conviction July 8 the throe have been free in ?2,500 bail each. • ''' Mrs. Choremi, pale and ncrvou?" during the proceedings, broke int.p',1 a smile when sentence was suspended. She rushed into an ant- rcom where she was met bv her i husband. George. " <•'-'-, ! "I feel so much happier." she'" jsaicl. "We plan to go to Europe aV' .soon as possible, maybe by the' lend of the week, my husband my- i son and I. My husband is so [understanding." i Mrs. Choremi told reporters that i her bail was furnished by her fa- ithor. C. Paul Fletcher. American j consul general at Casablanca. j ISSUED CHARTER "';' I Little Rock, Sept. 13 — (/P)— The Secretary of State today issued a [charter to the White River Transportation Co., Inc., of Stuttgart, which listed cauthorlzed capital stock at 400 shares valued at SJ25 each. ' " Ineorporalors arc H. V. Glenn and Charlie A. and Virginia Ross, all of Stuttgart. Need More Thora A Mere Surface Application;- f' s , Foot ;,K a livi "9 flln S lls wl »ch gets into the- skin- of tiny cracks or blisters may be its first sign Often its miserv P™r£ r °r St lreat ™"f- After 3 years of experiment and test Nash Ei os Drug Company, old and well known Southern Drug product rnan- uiackirers, announced their new, scientific Nash'.s KAYd Here swhy tins, roduct ma . _ Adv the country were only rnoder- Evenjday expressions of politeness such as "Excuse me" and "Thank you" please your party-line miyh- bors and help build good will. U you Lappc-a to pick up the receiver and hear someone else talking, a biiuplu "Excuse me" will make the other person fuel much better about the iiileiniption. Chanees are lie will be ecju.uilv courteous; the •next time he happens to interrupt one of your calls. Today many people are making out with party-line service when they need and prefer a line of their own. Later on when all the people who are waiting get telephones . .. we'll again be able to install private lines. Meantime., courteous telephone habits should insure satisfactory and pleasant service on your party line. SOUTHWESTERN BEll TELEPHONE CO totaling 05,000 bushel's. Soybeans, firm early fell off the close with grains. to- between India and Pakistan. Indian troops moving in from Sholapur on the West met tho Wheat ii'.oved higher in tho spot market today along with Iho lures trade; basis was steady; coipls 57 cars. Corn was one three cents up; basis about i stoutest opposition, but penetrated 130 miles and look the rail junction fn [of Naklrut;. the Indians said. Tho re- , town is 150 mil-s "-es* and slightly to ; north of Hydorbad city. - ur.- j Three bridges over the Tungab- ... . bookings liS.OOO bus'nOs: jhudra river in tho South wort cap- shipuiim sales 2.000 bushels; ro- | hired. These troops apnoared to bo eoipts 22,i cars. Oats wore abo>.ij ( tho nearest lo the capital which unchang'.-d; basis unc u,ngc-d rojlios within 70 to lit) miles of tho easier: .shipping sales 22.000 buxh- I southern boundary. A column ol.s; receipts 43 cars. Soybeans it-! from Ho/.wada in' Madras look eeipls woro 13 cars. Bonimakalu. „ j\ n ]| K |i an g.-u-rison at Munaialia NEW ORLEANS COTTON 10 miles inside Hydorbad, started Now Orleans Sept. 13 —-i.-l'i— Cot-lmovins toward tho heart of tho ton futures declined hero today I state, under hodyo-sollim; and profit ing from tho longsido. today j - 'il-tak- Troops invading from tho north I took the rail town of Rallarshawn 45'near Iho contra! urovinoos frontier ] which is 150 to 175 miles from Hyso idcrbad city. Ind'-in troops moving down from tho Northwest corner of the state : 'l).7i! jworo ronorli'd within sight of Jal- Ulch high 30.70 — low 30.(il — closoina. an important junction on the ('losing prices woro -steady cents to i!5 cents a bio lov.'oi [Oc't tiigh 31.2(1 — low 31.02 -- close I 31.05-Oi.i I Doc high 30.97 — low 30.77 — close •HUM jNizam'.s state railway m> Way high 30.57 — luw 30.38 — close jl'rom. tho capital. 3d.30 i Another column passed tho fa- Jly high L', f (,47 — Uiw 2!).34 — close jmous Jjiidhist ca\-os at l-.'llora. 2'J.3ii-3!J. [noar Daulalabad. 270 miles norlh- !wust of Hydi.-ralxui city. Both j forces had but light opposition and —Com-Mvere. ripm-tod advancing stoadily Oi-leans.12 hours after they invaded the futures i stale. selling i Tho Indian commander in iho taking i South, Lt. Gon. Maharaja Sliri lia- i NEW YORK COTTON j Now York Sept. 13 —- l.-i'> I mission house and Now i soiling clc-prc-sse-.l cotton I moderately today. The . represented profit s also influenced by heayier hedging ngs roach full peak, earl y dealings the market iuvd almost £l a bale on ag- ivo trading buying partly ^t fuivign . c alos and cornmis- houso dolnand on ii-^o cottun loaiu- i I a lor li.uhlon-up Lijuiji., (t^ui.iJi, A^k, VJI.JV. .U. U II M t tl J i.1 fjll I 1 J.\. i.i.- pros- jic-ndrasinhji said at his headquar- when jior.s in Poona "tJiin^'s are going 469?

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