Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1948
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS an ID d I I Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. .jUtvisyy .September 12 TlK .guests appearing on the Fri- C&PV Mosie Club broadcast Sunday rifernoon at -I o'clock will be MJ •(. F.d\yin Stewart. Mrs. J,nines Ifvtct.nrty.and Mrs. C. L. II n worth. IVieitidav,;. September 13 The '.Business Women's Circle of ihi Fiii;i. Baptist church will meet in the hqme of Mrs. M. S. Bates, hcu.th K/m nnd I(ith streets Mon- t!,'j .pi 0:45 p.m. for a picnic :;upper AiV.rnc-mbers are urged to at- Tno-'Spiritual Life Group of the First'Methodist church will meet ft '.ho ;fihurch at ;j:15 p.m. Mon- All circles of the W.S.C.S. of the ]-( IVieihodist church will meet the .church at 4 p.m. Monday. on Park Drive Monday night at 7 o'clock for Ihe SU'to Mission program. At this time, the Dixie Jack. son. offering will be taken and • all members arc urged to bring - their offering. j ! The Woxlcyan Service Guild will . meet Monday. September 13 at ! eight p.m. at the home of Mrs. I E. R. n r o w n. Mrs. K. f,. Broach j will give a book review. All mem- . bors and prospective members are j urged to attend. her mother. Mrs. T,. A. Keith and sister. Mary Louise. Buddy Heard will leave Sunday for Arkadelphia where he will enter Henderson Stale Teachers College. Misses Jo Ann Card. Marion Monger, F. B. Ward. Jr.. and Ken McRae motored to Little Rock Friday to attend the Claxlon- Crow wedding there today. Charles and Homer Salisbury of Lindsay. Calif, arc viistitig their i parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Salisbury of Blevins and their brother. Klwin Salisbury and family, here. La ney Asked to Save i ue-sday, September 14 The Win.-.'mie Sunday School 5 of the W.S.C.S. of the !-? it, Methodist church will meet "V rJ.'iy.al it p.m. at Barlow Hotel \ •") Mrs. DcWitl Floyd and Mrs. Kl'l Young, hostesses. _ The .Women's Council of the Vu ;t Christian Church will h;ivc it<? regular business and mission- f-iy mealing at the church Mon- f>r>Y : at -3:30 p.m. Circle No. 2 will ,}>.-vo charge of iho missionary les- Son with Mrs. Robert Rider the Jparicr of .the program. Class of the First Bapt'isl church 1 will meet Tuesday at the church | at 7:80 p.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. i Jack Hervey, Mrs. W. R. Mosely j and Mrs. Harold Guntcr, Wednesday, September 15 j There will be. n special rneel- • ing of the Board of Education of ; the First Methodist church in the | Chapel of the church at 7:30 p.m. All members of the'Board arc urged lo be pre.senl as we will have election of officers and teachers for the new church school year. i Mrs. H. J. Fleming and son. ! Gregory Robert of Columbus. Ohio 1 ore visiting Mrs. Fleming's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Hamilton. After a visit here, they '.'.'ill join Mr. Fleming in residence in Pcnsa- cola, Florida. r Thw-e will be an imnortant meet'(s I"" '-o..t:tJ)Q* Official Board of the Fir^t Chi-istian Church in Fcllow- vi!i) Hull Monday at 7:30 p.m. At (Wvtime special committees will rtin'rt! their rcnorts in preparation lor '(he annual meeting the first Srnday in October. J" 7 he Circles of the Women's Aux- pT-ry .'of the First Presbyterian ch'n'ch 'will meet Monday as follows: ~~ Ci'velc-.T. JvIrB. Bon McRac. chair- Ti'iy at the home of Mrs. Leo ',i bins.: v/ith Mrs. Bill Johnson, co- i ess/, at 4 p.m. ; ' Pn-cJe.. 2,,'; Mrs. C. W. Tarpley ,' <•)) nnnan; at the home of Mrs. • ^o-, Jplinscin with Mrs. Matt Gal<-'!( r, co-hostess at 4 p.m. C'TClo 3. Mrs. .Tack Lowe chair- m;nj, -<it "the church at 2:30 p.m. * •with Mr::. Paul Haley and Mrs. F. v Trirnble, hostesses. J Circle 4 will meet at the home of Mrs. James Miller at 7:30 p.m. The y.V/.A. .of the First Baptist church; will meet in the home of Mis ;es: Betty and Nancy Martin, The Axalea, Lilac, Iris, Rose <jnd Gardenia Garden Clubs of this city will have a joint luncheon at ihe. Barlow Hotel, Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. This will bo the 'first meeting of the now year and all members are urged lo be present. Crow-Cl a xton Rehearsal Dinner in Little Rock The Claxton-Crow rehearsal dinner given by Miss Claxlon's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Claxton, was held in Hotel Sam Peck. Friday evening at 0:30 o'clock. The table was decorated with white asters. Guests included: Mr. and Mrs. .Tames A. Winn, Jr., Miss Mary Alyce Branch. Miss Barbara Hencke. Miss Pally Sue Thomas, Miss Vance Smith, Miss Nancy Claxton, the Rev. and Airs. Marion A. Boggs, Robert 'Cook, Paul. M.-jhoney. Jr., Jim Turner, Martin Crow, F. R. Ward. Ken McRae. Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Crow. Mr and Mr;;. Richard B. A;;H and Mr. and Mrs. Robert 15. Richardson. Mr. and Mrs. .Jewel! V. Moore. Jr. of Arkadelphia are weekend guests of their parents, the Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Whitlow and Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Moore, Sr. and attended the Ilope-DcQucen game Friday night. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Drake and Bill Drake have returned from a vacation visit in f'ew Mexico. Denver and Grand Lake, Colorado. Enroutc home, they visited Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Drake in Portal is. New Mexico and visited Red River, New Mexico, _ Little Rock. Sept. 11 —f/P)- C-Kizens committee seeking to vent junking of the Missouri Arkansas railroad has called upon Governor Laney lo act immediately u> ".save" the line. The committee, meeting here yes'erday. ;i;:kcd-that: _<!> The governor call an imme- diaio :;:>s:-;ion of the Ai kaiisa;-: legi.slanire: <2i The legislature exorcise the states power of eminent, domain, condemn the railroad and appropriate funds lo buy it at the salvage value fixed by a jury; and. '.')) The line be held for lease by "reliable and capable persons or Cfjrnorations." The committee's action is adopt- 'U>; a iTKijlulion urgin;; these steps put a stamp of approval of the plan lii.st suggested by State Sen. Ernest Nicholson of Harrison. Nicholson Ins) week asked Laney to call a special session to consider the "light of the.M. A., which must be junked if a purchaser is not found !iy Oct. !). The sijtl-mile railroad has been 'die since a wnlkuul of employes DOROTHY DIX Safurday, September 11, 1943 Debt's of Parenthood Dogs to Guard Singnpore Sing: pore — -I/T1— Thirty Alsatian cloys. fnecially trained for guard duties, have arirvod to b ed" up country whore the tnke par! in the anti-terrorist Takes Own Medicine Fort Morgan, Colo. —(.V)— Chief of Police Homer Morse -went right , along with City Council in telling e "post-j his men: "We play no favorites in icy will i giving parking tickets." Next day 'L\,T(-».f,., ', .-.,*r, -i ,-firl in i\nli/>n r>rul,'l 1-Tr* how much their children owe to them. From their infancy practically all youngsters have'to listen to the theme song of how grateful they should be to their dear Father and Mother for having brought them into the world and fed and clothed them. Which is all very well. for out. if any. Sometimes one par-i cut is a father who is so engrossed in making money, or getting elected to some office, or playing golf that his children, are perfect strangers to him. Sometimes the parent is a possessive mother who is so jealous of her children that, she deliberately separates them Morse appeared in police court. He pnid a SI fine for an overtime, parking ticket. nianv fathers and. mothers do work ! ri ' nm their father. Sometimes" the fund at t!ie parent.job and do turn I father and mother are just so out rnc'i and women vv/io have ; busy living a good time thai they are not parents at all. And one wonders how these parents, who have reneged on what, they owe their children, will sett'le their account on the Judgment Day. (Released by The Bell Inc.) —o Syndicalc, s Mrs. Scott DeLec. visiting her parents, Mr. and Mr Leo Robins, joined Mr. DcLce in Teiarkana Friday night in a trip to New York City. •Coming and Going Billy Ed Bfisyc Wheaton College, nois. left Friday for Wheaton, Illi- A. 13. Brannan, Jr. and John Paul Urban will leave Sunday for Oklahoma A & M College at'Still- water. Miss Zilpha Keith will arrive today from Dallas, for a visit with STARTS SUNDAY i '" s' jfa*~~** r y rr ";•••""" ""W ' WAW^fMVAV'//ViA'V'Vliy^W«VFAVWrW" £ -''^f'/'v *''',''>' /'','*'"-"!'' '^*t&. * g r ''% ^ *<' I ;¥%? / n <,V< :-.. RICHARD LO^3G JULSE LONDON SUNDAY — MONDAY — TUESDAY MOST EXCITING STORY of the 'S MOST EXCITING Miss Peggy McNeil leaves Sunday to attend the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville. Allison Shields Jr. left Friday afternoon for Ft. Worth, Texas where he will attend Texas Christian University. The governor is not expected to return from his vacation in Wyoming until about S-nt. 20. Attorney i General Guy K. Williams suggested ~ | 'be governor cut his vacation short who has been ihowcver. that the committee ask j s-o that action could be taken before | the sale deadline set by the ICC. ! The committee's attorney Eu- jgone ,R. Warren, declared that j "only one person can .save the rail- I rr.-ad. That man i:; Governor i L. to Miss Rosemary Coop left today return to University of Arkan- is for her senior year. Among the out-of-town relatives and friends attending the funeral Friday morning of the late Mrs. Will McClain, were: Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Burrow, Mary Lou, Joyce and Clcnnton, and F. E. Burrow of Benton; Mrs. Gus Moscley of Gurdon; Mrs. Sam Putman and Mrs. Denzil Putman of Texarkana; Bob Wiseman of Texarkana; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Spradlin and sons of Kilgore. Mr. and Mrs. Fred M"Clain, Mr. and Mrs. William McClain of Texarkana Mr. nn<-| IVii^. Russell McClain of New York, Ed Stewart and son Wayne of Tokio, Ark., and Mrs. Debbie Rowe of Grand Rapids, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Carter Median and son Carter, Jr. left Saturday for their home in Oklahoma City after a visit with Mrs. Median's mother, Mrs. Lillian Davis and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Davis. mcv.v Under the st-ite purchase plan, .the line would be bought with mon- ,cy from an unencumbered balance of SI, 17-!,7)0 in the .slate treasury, i ol 's and mothers to The resolution adopted by tlic I if; a debt of hohor committee set forth that "it'is tin- ' paid first, derstoon that no member of his group has n;-y idea of putting the state in the business of running a railroad," since the property would be sola to interests willing to operate it. mason to be grateful' lo. 'the parents who bore them. ftu(.. : even so. the obligations of the narents. who thmsl life upon a child, arc a million times greater than any debt the child can owe them. If parents stopned to consider what they owed their children, it would throw them inio snirilual b;mknn-itcy. for who would have the courage lo have another baby if they sat down and counted up what their indebtedness would be to the little mite of humanity? Think how the account would run. Just to begin with, all pav- c-nls owe it to their children lo start them off with a sound body That, is their birthright. They , have been cheated and defrauded! if they do not get this. Parents owe their cTiiklren a ncrcefu! and hanny home in which to grow up. and the.y are Ihe ones I make three talks, a noon address who are entitled lo sue for dam-j at the Oregon Republican state <.'jos i. their characters have been j convention at Portland, an afler- warpec! and their faith in all that noon speech at Tacotna Wash is good and kind destroyed by fight- and a windup address at Seattle ins 1 fathers and mothers. o Children have the right of priority in the home and th«ir well- I being comes before anything else. ! Parents have no right to take, their i pleasure at the expense of their I children. The obligations of Truman Quit Continued From Page One tour or later in the campaign. These are the major western stops Dewey will make following the Des Moines address: September 21, Denver; September 22, Al-,- nc: September 21). Phoonis- •September 24. Los Angeles Sep- embcr 2,"i. San Francisco. On September 27 Dewcv wil', State Righters Continued From Page their that children must be One total to Meei in Fort Smith in '49 Parents owe their children n proper rearing for that: determines what they are going to be in life. There isn't n girl who «oes astray, nor a boy who grows un to be a drunkard and a wastrel. or a thief, or a murderer who cannot soy: "I am what I am because my parents defaulted on their debt to inc." Parents owe their children per- j sonal service. You c.vn't rear cliil- ' °-Y drcn by re-mote control and make a success of it. It isn't having loo Carolina counts represent the electors in those states. The States' Righters will also appear on tickets in four states with 59 electors, Kentucky, Viriginia, North Carolina and Texas, are trying to get on bal- | .a, North PRHSCOTT, ARKANSAS Invites you to «ry their Sunday Noon Dinners 12 noon 'til 2 P. M. APPETISERS: Home made Chicken Soup Chilled Grapefruit- Juice Chilled Tomato Juice ENTREES: Baked Chicken and Dressing. Chicken Fried Steak Soul-hern Fried Chicken K. C T-Bone Steak Grilled Virginia Cured Ham. .$1.00 SI.00 $1.25 .$1.50 .$1.00 VEGETABLES: Choice of Two Candied Yams Fried Egg Plant Creamed Cauliflower English Peas SALADS: Fruit Salad DESSERT: Homemade Lemon Pie or Ice Cream Hot Clover Leaf Rolls Iced Tea, Sweet Milk, Buttermilk or Coffee "'NOT OPEN ON SUNDAY EVENINGS" Truckers Continued From Page One , . the rest of the strikers lapidly as possible. Efforts to settle ,1 strike drcn by re-mote control and make la P ldl .v as possible. Harrison, Sept. 11 —l/VI—The Ar- a success of it. It. isn't having loo E llorts to settle n strike of !,2flfl Kansas Firemen's Association will muuh money that ruins the chikl- £f al " nandlcrs m Minneapolis and hold its 1949 convention in Fort i ron of thc rich- It is having too ^ ' J aul , v ' el ' c , stalemated. Em- Smith. Ark. ! little fathers and molher* All p 0> r relu » L ' d lo "° beyond their Selection of the convention citn < children are entitled to a smi^.-e ?. r Ol a u , \~." ccn \ hourly wage Selection of the convention site i came as the association ended this j.years meeting here yesterday alter electing Chief John' Wiemer. StiKtgart, to a three-year term on the board of trustees. He succeeds Frank .Smith, El Dorado. The group also voted to ask the legislature lo double contributions to the association's pension fund by increasing to two per cent the amount received from fire insurance policy premiums in the state. Personal Mention Miss Betty Allwhite of Emmet and Misses Linda Jeanctt.e Minton and Ovota Honeycult of Hope, have recently entered Draughon's Business College at Dallas, Texas ior General Secretarial Courses, Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Rosslon. Emmctt Barrett, Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Odell; Rt. 4, announce the arrival of a daughter on Sept. 10, 19-18. Admitted: Mrs. Gilbert Odell, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Lile Eaxterling and little son, Hope. - are entitled to a square deal in life, but if their parents turn them over to hirelings to rear, and make schools a substitute for a home, and have tutors form their ideals, they have been robbed of the most precious thing in the world. All children have a right to a father and mother, else God would not have made rearing a family a partnership business. But it is perfectly appalling how many poor, By Elswyth Thane Copyright by Elsvyll, Th. D'nltibulcil by NEA SERVICE INC . . . learn by example. They take pride in keeping their suits, s a 11 c y pinafores as clean as WE wash them! And YOU'LL be able to have more time for your tots. Call now! Phone 164 THE STORY: Dying in the Indian desert, British secret agent Hilary Shenslone feels a desperate need to get back to England and to Nuns Farthing, his family home. He doesn't know the house has been let and that dreamy 17-ycnr-old Sabrina, whom he has never met. has adopted his old room and eagerly awaits his return. Hilary does return to England and to Nuns Farthing— after death. He is in his old atlic room when Sabrina comes up. She is unaware of his presence but ary manages to get through to her a little and .she seems happy. Hilary realix.es she is the s>irl he would have loved, if something hadn't gone wrong out there on the frontier. . . . XX nels. This was never Hilary . . . '—well, yes, I could do with a spot of tea." His voice could be heard now, with its flat Mayfair note. "I had rather a .scratch kaich in Town soon after 12." 'o, no, not Hilary—please God, don't let Hilary be like this . . . "Well, we're very glad to have .you join us at tea," Aunt Effic was spying cordially. "This is my niece Sabrina. This is Mr. Shen- slone, dear." "How do you do?" said Sabrina A few days later Sabrina sat dozing in a deck-chair on the lawn while Aunt Kffie moved along the herbaceous border snipping faded blooms into a basket. It was nearly 5. 'I hey were waiting for tea to come out lo the table laid under a big tree. The white; lace cloth stirred in a languid breeze, the silver tray Nil- faintly. j "How d'ya do'.'" said the visitor, j and his pale eyes rested a moment I without interest on the v.'hite- ! faced girl who had risen to greet j him. before tiicy went on to the j lea-table. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Pilton, still turning out those mar- union is holding increase and the out for 15 cents. In Detroit, some 50,000 automobile workers were idle at Briqgs Chrysler and Packard plants "because of a walkout of 170 independent union plant guards -it Briggs. for Convict Denied Arkansas Indianapolis, Sept. 10 — (If) —Ar .•ransas' request for return of John Ware, -18-year-old Negro to resume serving a sentence for mur dcr has been denied. "Ware's extradition was refused •it a hearing yesterday afternoon before Rucl W. Stcele, executive secretary to Gov. Ralph F. Gates 1 reviously Circuit Judge Joseph •I; Davis at Muncie had issued a similar order in a habeas corpus action. Arkansas authorities sought re turn of Ware as a parole violator because he allegedly had not made required reports. He was convicted in Ouachita Lotmty, Ark., of murder of a while farmer and sentenced to life imprisonment. Later the sentence was reduced to 30 years and still 1-itc'r he was paroled. Investigate »he SPEAR •WOHM CONTROl" Pesding Plan. COME IN MOWS If you have grains, BUY SPEAR EGG FEED Granules, Pellets or Mash Form. Also available with built-in "WORM CONTROL", feed half and half with your grains. If" you have no grains, BUY SPEAR "ALL MASH" EGG FEED Granules, Pellets or Mash Form. Also available with built-hi "WORM CONTROL" Feed as a Complete feed. toe a a e a e » O 0 O O O 2 4**l^t I?" K (T* B f* M 02 East- Second St. tea-cakes. I make a pig of 1 suppose myself, as ered Worcester glinted with shifting flecks of sunlight which fell through the whispering leaves above. A bowl of strawberries and an uncut cake- had already arrived. Nuns ing drowsed in u peace/fulness not of this bustling world. Just as the little procession of Mrs. Pill,,n with the teapol and .silver urn on a tray, followed by Jennie with a nlate O f thin bread- and-butter left the hou.se and started across the lawn, an open green four-seater with a solitary man ;-,t its wheel turned in at the gate and swept noisily along the drive to the stops, where it drew i up with a flourish. Sabrina's heart turned clean over. Here was the dream coming true. He had arrived. "Who on earth can that be'." 1 muttered Aunt Kffie. dumnhuj her baskrl and .shears behind Sabrina's chair and pulling oft the disreputable gloves she wore to garden in. ".lust at tea-time, too, and with your father away for the after- uoon. We shall have to offer him ''-'a, I suppose. Tell Jennie to bring another cup. Sabrina. while 1 ;.'<] and s t .i- who it is." Aunt Kfiie hurriedly crossed the grass ti.JU'ards- the car. Sab.'ilia had gut out of in r chair and stood we tenin!',. a llunnping in her chi :t- tin- di;or on ihe near side nf Ihe ear was o|"'ning—"Bring an- .j!.'-)! 1 ;' cup. {'lease. Jennie"- - "Y«-,s. Knss '- - anil m i w he was irii.s IK r with Aunt Klli velous I shall usual! i "This is Master Hilary's favorite j cake, sir — the one without currants. If you'd warned ma yen were coming. I could have made the other kind." Relief :;urged through Sabrina. This was George! But of course it was George, she had known all the time it, could never, never be Hilary . . . "Yes — as a mailer of fact." said . ...... ^ , George, and his florid face clouded Farlh- | over. " — a.s a matter of fact. I've j f '° l '"'ther bad news about my 1 brother." SabriiiLi, as she faced r<'ali/.eii L'lat her knees shaking and her hands we pa •,•.'.•;. IK- IKJU taken ufi h iio\y and can led it in his hand, uncovering nondescript blondish hair well ilatlei'.ed down on a roundish head above a big neck. The collar uf his blue shirt was u bit too liylit. Expensive tailoring einiki not disguise the unyuulhi'ii'l bull-anesL> of his body in gray ilan- "1'm sorry to hear that, sir." "B-bad news?" stammered Aunt Efi'ic, with a glance at Sabrina who was staring at him dumbly and holding to the bad-: of a chair. "He was killed out in India, a few days ago." "It came as a bit of a .shock, though we hadn't heard from him for some time, and my mother bad begun to be anxious. We thought—that is. we thought I had better come down here and see about his things. . ." "Yes, of course— 1 mean—but yon really must sit down comfortably and hav some tea fir.st. now that it's here." groped Aunt Kffie. Mrs. Pilton turned then and went away aci'iiss the grass, her for.isleps making no sound, face as inscrutable as no shock- in her to In ;>ry. proxy-child of heart, was dead. For .-he had been sehoolh tile Knowledge. .so come by in the Mendi|anxiety now was a!! fo't reslless spirit 01 bin; fume lunne. and Sabrina who volvc'i in "JJo sit t Aunt Kiiic herselt coil ncartxt ihe darling, you've- hat "Please. A me—" .yaipe dcn'i want ; She walked wards the house stumbling run as lar us the (To ].x-

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