The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX TIBS, PLfll BULL LIKE Tim Cochrane Is Emotional, Fiery Leader; Terry Is • All Business. i . BY 1IAKRY GRAVSON Sports Editor NEA Service v .DETROIT, Sept. 24.-Coulrt Bill Teny ha\e UOH n pennant with the Detroit Tigers nnd Mickey Cochrhne with the New York Giants? Tlie nnswci to llils quc.slloii will give you an insight Into the 1931 flag chases mid. why these eiubs copped the Bine. The makeup nnd style of cnclr club nrc u reflection of the methods nnd personalities of the nianigors Eveiy player will tell >o» that R club nifikes Its manager, but does It,? Terry look a sixth place clnb in 1932 nnd walked away with the world championship the following ycnr Prom undei « 600 percentage, by ten games to Hie top of the dodge In one year and no flash In the pan—repeating In 1934: that's Tony's recoid In - the depths of the dreaded second division, Cochrane finds the Detroit .outfit, losing more games than it .won In 1933, nnd lakes full strides, with no expert prophecies, to help him In his sleepless nights' past the lejmcnnlccl Red Sov, Die vigoions nnd lip ntid comtng Indians, the biow-bcnling Ynnkeccsl and the luckless champion Senators. In -.1933, Terry took .on Ous Mancubo, up to that lime one of the mosb unlnsnliing ciitchlng flg- urcs In the spoil; Bloncly Ry'cn, nho hit In the enily 200s and who : telegraphed,' "We can't lose!" and n couple of other fellows to make it n 21-man IBII club, so as to meet the rules, nnd come out 'of the boiling water, the No. 1 man or the national pastime. Top Tijer Finds Way Cochrane 'adds •• Goose Cioslln. The General Moves Into Another World Series ALVI/N OF .•SOUD gy SENATORS FOR Uf HE.'MORE Tim TilE WAiVCR PRICE, WON TWO KE GAMEf FROM IN'wif?up •SERIES IA$-V PALI , jie /.'AY GET a-IMCB -fo EVEN S6ORE WiTil kiMM '-., fat adjudged on his Just plus toy the!';™ .."<> "'"* " thread Clark Qilftith, to n. nie-', looll "B out of I iliiMilrcd Innclil. niul I!'. 1 . "" m ^' chnlr, peruses n ht"bi!, 0 ±"tA,,""™ ™. Wv..^"".'"« Wel as l' his big ears hell' sparks do, "l"cx"iwct"a"rlse7nThe"fortunes (hem. Terry sits of the Green diocie nnd iTnlnspircd"ln'iioHi, anil I ft, *?,. cl " iy • | . 1c ' lnlr ; 'IKn'scs a while, Trusty Tallman advances from ..,.,..- -,~,r „...,-,„ llhlnki, a little hard, and brings I freshmen conch to the head lob at e fellow von ncvor thoncht. w^,.i in........ ,„' . . a .•""* nc « sootty pitchlhB. stair, and be-, comes the ;prl70 manager of the American League. Now then, did : nil ; these Olnnls and " Tigers come o\ era IB lit: on their own? Are they clubs of nine collectively,' inthcr than In_ dividual stars -spotted together, and nil clicking.. nl once? Or arc •» Terry and Cochrane the intangible ingredients . that the French chef] mixes : In. ' the Brussels sprouts to) make you smack your lips? : But for Cochi a nc, | Schoolboy Rowe^Jnny. have been home at El Dorado, Ark., nursing a grievance an'd'a sore arm he said he'. had last spring ' -You never heard' any walls of iBoe from Bob Grove or Big Ment Eamshaw when Mickcv was handling < them in Philadelphia but Connie Mnck occupied the driver's feat, nnd, e\cr>body else had to shove over. ;, : In-..the afterglow, Cochrane shows .that he was, the shining : light on tlie directing end, Whoever heard of Eldon Auker In the' same breath with first- flight (lingers? Tommy Bridges was . n flash here nnd there, with a. second) division complex ever slncej lie Joln'ed the Bengals be- causf | he was associated with then). 'Now the little southerner. Is n HO-game luminary Now get Charley riehrintser and Marvin Owen, uho don't, even talk when addressed to spit fire, when Mickey's spirit reflects a pennant chance; Grccnberg to never say die even with two out In ? the ninth; Bill Rogell to hit and field ns well us he always said he could; Pete Fox and Jo-Jo White to fly across, the greensward nnd V, menace ''and. tease nt the- plate, -peeking nt pitchers like a tantalizing fly r on n ' cow's broad side; there you have a portrait of Gor- aon Stanley Cochrane. Of course, you must have the older and astute Pirpo Marberry as a balance wheel and add Alvin Crowder for an emergency, but It is .Cochrane, the human rocket, ;whp is now shooting-high through the stratosphere to, what 1 the experts called for him the imattain- ' able moon ' Watching the Giants play L like, Inspecting the latest Swiss movement In a watch. You must remove the crystal to sec 11 work. Here is perfection of movement If Carl Hubbell doesn't win, I, 'Is because it wasn't in the books Takes II in Stride Terry \vanU no sparks, no gen- . ius.' ,He wants journeyaicu play ers'-'who fit into his scheme. Hi doesn't seek miracle men wlu - ,,cllmb up to the top of the rope or saw women in half wither rhyme or' reason. If Stoney Jackson doesn't hi in" the tying and' winning runs h the last half of the jnlnth, .Terrj , looks at the whole process lik Ihe; Chinaman -who ^tells you'tlm the Japanese can come o\er, bu that they'll all be Chinese a litll on some fellow,you never thought of to perfect the machine. He admit!, he's pulling the strings. Whoever you go with, you're hitching your .wagon to a star- either ' by ''' chair. Weal Virginia. His prospects are ns bright, If not brighter, than , , those of any of the ncw men. Hooks Mylln came to Buckncll rocket'or .^rocking £.7 c^ve'ly,^ W ent M' •:-••' University of .North Carolina,' (where Flip Collins..dropped. ,out of NflL iPES SUFFER mm later. It backyard all come out in tli .. Cold percentages speak loude than the rash impulsive brow be*ter, urges on Joe Moore nn M«l OU throw out the bojs try quesne, stepped Into the head Job there. He deserved the opportunity. Le Hoy (Pat) Hanley, brother of Dick Hanley, of Northwestern, has taken . over Boston 'university,- Bcnny -Friedman' Is <nt work "at City College .of Ncw .York.^ • Dixie has Us lull quota of changes. Chef Wynne went to,Kentucky from Auburn, as Jack Mca- Sher moved from The Rice Institute to take charge of .the plainsmen. Jimmy Klfts, line conch stepped into. the • main • job at •Hunk Anderson succeeds John Rice.. - • • Smith at North Carolina State, nnd I understand that he 'hns n nnc •ayden's Job at Notre Dame Huge One; Anderson at N. C. Slale BY JOCK SUTHERLAND Coach University of l>lllsbiir,h . ,. lalllilu llmu 1IE •opyright, 1934, NEA Service, Inc. chance of rebuilding there Oiistav PITTSBUROH, Sept. 22. - I 1 K. Tebell Is new at-tlie University ucstlon whether there has been.'of Virginia, nnd John E Fnber ni or many years, as wide a turn- j Maryland. ' ' vcr among football coaches as 1 Clyde Llttlelleld handed 'the Tex here "as been this past one. No ns Longhorns over to handsome ccton, with the exception of the Jack Chevi B ny, who assisted both Celtic Const, is without at least- the late Knute Rocknc and Ander' me new face.. |son at Notre Dame. Chevlgny is This shifting noes not nccessar-1 being counted upon to put the ly'nienn widespread failure. OnJTcxnns nt the top of theTicap lie contrary, it sometimes menus] Homer Norton supplanted Madl- uccrss on the part of many. son Bell nt Texas A. Ic M, and . Holies rise nt an Institution with new conch. Usually much Is cx- >ectc<i of htm. The new broom, etc. The University of Notre Dnme, ilways .the center of attraction, ins a new man In Elmer Laydcn, vho spent a number of happy 'cars nt Duqucsne, and brought hut school up a number of notch- The spotlight follows this 11- Leo (Dutch) Meyer, former freshmen coach, took the hend position at Tc.vns ChrtstiaA when Fiancls A. Schmidt wcnt to Ohio State. Schmidt took the place of Sam Wlllntnon,., who stepped over to Western Reserve. Schmidt will find his task a large one. The opposition Is strong. A. N. <Bo) McMillan picks "up j. *.n- oin/^iguv luuuwa llllb 11- "• i^- \nuj i>lCMlliail PICKS Up ustrlous member of the Four'"'c burden at Indiana University Horsemen. His task will not be! wl 'cre E. C."Hayes-laid It down an easy one, despite the fine ran-I Bo left Kansas State;; and hopes trial at his disposal. Hoist the Hoosiers'out of :the at Oklfthomn AJ.& M. .inn at ins aisposai. n« noisi uie Hoosiers out of-the There have been several Impor- cellar. Sticcceding him at Kansas Innt changes In the cast. Slate is Lynn Waldorf,''"formerly Ducky Pond has moved in at '"""' ' -' ~' '• Yale. Inking with \hirn Earl (Greasy) Nenlc, of West -Virginia, find the laltcr's assistant, Denny / Myers. Il is Pond's nrsl attempt it guiding a major machine, and the experiment will be watched closely. Yale's freshman coach, Dr. Mnr- vin A. (Mnl> Stevens, who was Old Eli's hend menlor not so long the Bridders In 'action. li ls -Possible that Conch Lnslie ME PtUn'FIL ' MONDAY, SEPTEMBER. 24; 1934, Pop garner Rides Close Herd o.n Temple 7 " Osceoia Game May Begin 1 to Give Answer to Some' "Hs." By J. P. FR1KNI) When thc 1934 edition of Blylhe- vllle high school football teams takes the field Friday night against the Osccola Indians In tlic opening game of the season (he ..situation might be character- ' Izcd by thc word "If." ; If the Chickasaws come through ;! with, a winning tenm this year' 1 scvdrhl obstacles must lie overcome, ;, They, must get a lion's share of llic "breaks." Lady luck miist .cast her affections in their Ilrpctlon. • • • i "A' football te'nm Is no stronger than Us reserve strength," goes a recognized axiom nnd tells the slory of the outstanding weakness Hint confronts thc coaching staff of tlie Maroon and Wlilte. True to. gridiron coaching trn- :lll!on Head Coach Carney Grn- hnin Lnslie and his assistant. Jas•Ace" Puckctt, are singing the pigskin blues, all four verses with an extra refrain thrown In for good measure. They say the Chicks 'might come through wllh a couple of wins IP they get the' breaks." Backflcld If I On The Outside Looking In ^^r^ i ^ed rl m,^!^,, r ^ 1 ^| i; WC ' e ' 1Cld4 £g£ aSetcf A^TJJT^'^^ dr " S " lbCd ^ feat suffered by Forrest City in T?'I "hnn,/ 8 - BreaUy outivclehe - d fnilr vn-ir-c- llilL M1UU1(. By "DUKE" • = A Nic« Trip Coach Carney Laslie had n nice four years. made at the expense nf wmt X be continued ' aimlidiitos develop fait and are ° Mi " s *" at lle wcnt altcr il i And n lucky to evade the injury -Jinx • *T n !• St V d ! l ' 8hl ' ul - • 'coYch w, Uicn well enough. IT not, too bad' < f , fL' e i' 00 * a , run ° ver **> tlle tvne of there are but slxbovs who . Grl "f heatl comity capital, expect- S, erD Sr wno mg lo see the . Hlll . rlcanc nna th inorpf, Pri- ire considered to be varsltv -mn- ,,, . . tcrial. Of these onl™ Imff are' Y !i " mt , ?ldgc BobraUi Clftsh leltcrmen, Hcrschel Moslev last y s " nd -— •> >••-- sir,,) >• quarterback and the' otrtv " P " few 1>0i " ter;i on the Hurri - husk «' of the three- Basil Ux-k/ Ca "?' s style of play for benefit.of.;. tir" got Into several gninesltist • Clllcks wllen ^'^ mec t "i )^"£ . and. Charles "Penmits" Bro»- ! lle ! r minlml • elnssie' later In the til . c ' ion. "Peanuts" decorated the bench 1 Seil!i0 "" ; : I uost of last season due to Injur-' Imn 8'ne Carney's surprise, laugh i es. He lettered the year before or frosv11 - however it seemed to hit I j a The others, Eiklic Saliba, "Slick" tlme ° r thc - Bame and that the Buar Meredith, and Max Hutchins are h!>d been mislnforn^d' as to the roon mtried in high school com'petl- tlm ?cf lhe Bame and that the nin r ion. . Hurricane had gone down to de- ! fl r «t. . °" n[i '>»' . e ' and ^ t -- - - -. ..„, f' . "'f " ' by - WitfrL ' d ? ''""-running 190- >ack, who' scored four . 11 ;. 6 Tigers "employed 11 lo win." Such a i " !st r " ) ™t' »'«He the .. 0 » c "f ' the '"to ' be iiteniatiojial c cxamler, as ; 2vcr held dow White berth : for th Line Also Question feat a short time before' his arri- A similar IP. exists in the for-' vnl m • I » n « s boro, playing Piiday vard.wnl). Two "red heads," j.| af '"noon. , .-.! 'V. Pnrtle nnd Robert Baxter are So ' " '*•" on "crs any consolation lattling It out for the center post - to thel Hurricane, the Chick nien- 3 urUc received his letter last year tor sti11 hasn't, viewed -Jonesboro Watch Paragould way, Coach Jack Nevvsom Bests Take Another Look. Coach The lowly Cincinnati Ue<ts fall , over the Rector Blackcnfs pen. Henry Lunsford, Oneil C We - can't resist the temptation Thc Cincinnati club dropped n • - . , Performed nobly, certainly did -Tnfl" Walker, W. T. Burns, Ray. -- - - ^. „_ ... w,,,,^,, . k •• —•"•-i, ii . A . uni ng Utty '• * • • -•«.*• j, vuLtnj uiu 9 lo 7 decision to the Cardinal Larkin, and Jack Wilson. Of the ;not '^ nve the cohesion or smoofc- In the first game of n twin bill Broup, however, only Llndscy has'"^ to be • found in the varsity but. took n.-l to 3 .decision in the second. Derringer was the whining Cincinnati pitcher ai'icl ironically enough, Paul Denn, who rcg- , , cg- Istcrcd n no-hit, no-run triumph trou , In liis InsL stnrL relic vctl Pnrlo ton in time to be charged with tlie defeat of t the Cardinals. The Giants beat the Boston Braves 8 to 0 Parmnlee lu „ Hi.,, inimmcu hurling four-hit ball but dropped the second game 4 to 3 ns Brandt was the winner and Bowman who relieved Hubbell, the loser. Ths Pittsburgh Pirates lost a 3 to 2 decision to the Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh. ji m weaver witllcd the Dues to six scattered hits nnd his mates chalked up i victory. _ \ ] The Philadelphia Phillies «"oii over the Brooklyn Dodgers 4 to :i and Baxter, have been used by Coach Lnslic, The first two are letter bearers. Bluckwc'll earned his emblem last year ns a halfback. Biirlon 5s a powerfully constructed lad but is untried material. _ MflfTTEfiS ago, enters Manhattan to take TrinmnU Q. J Ml 1 charge of New York University, re-1 [ num P" OUnday Makes placing Howard (Jake) Cann. The Fifth Gamp \Vr-PQcavw f^ Violet has not been .powerful since L . . L 1>eces Saiy IO ""'-' -- --'- ' " Decide Championship. i" a 13-inning, struggle but the Dodgers evened thc count when they triumphed 7 to'2 In n second enme called because of darkness In the seventh Inning. The -St. Louis Browns- beat Schoolboy ' Rowe 4 to' 3 ;.ln/the first gnmc at St. .-Louis-':'Ntwsom was- the. .winning pltcheY over 'the Detroit: league lenders, in the second eamc Alvin Crowder cave up 10 hljs but kept them very well scattered to emerge the 'win- .ner In a hurling duel with Blno- | holder. The score was 2 to 1..' de- Chick Mechau departed. It may lake Dr. Stevens a white to get things going again. ^.^,.. - nt ovviu \v«lS £ [0 The Washington Senators i feated the Philadelphia Macks -j o , and played a 5-5 deadlock in n second gnmc. Monte Weaver was the winner of the first ^ Lieut; Tom" Hamilton 'assumes dlhethcm charge at the United Slates Naval, off series with the New • OrtoiB Academy, -jrticra . nip Miller, for- , Pelicans nt two games apiece bv nicrly head .coach, becomes his taking n 1 to 0 decision VtN^ chief assistant/Lieutenant Hnnill- Orleans Sunday ' CW Ion te Installing a new system, and Tlie Vols won' behind the ultoh hardly will have the Middies click- lug of Byron Speece and tag until after mid-season. Ho has'stnflord who h«ln","Viu~".I." ••;•--•""—• ••-- ••<*? -"Miuiu wna commned their ef- lean Icainie rnro been with Ihe West Coast Navy forls to check thc Pelicans will - 5 to 4 and 1 to o for the ast f ' Osceoia Club Defeats Sour them Barnstormers In Free-Scoring Tilt. OSCEOLA. Ark., Sept. 24.—The barnstorming Memphis Chicles of the Southern Association ran into stormy weather here Sunday, losing a 10 lo 9 decision lo the Os- games n.l Chicago. The scores were - to 1 and 5 to 1 r c Winegarner. were tlio «li tie days of the Southern Association r<lcc ' wcnt tlle ful ' roule for the ' r pincers .althobgh ; B ,vh, 6 up The Yankees , ««> «m ers, Tlic Engineers went into a gambler's chance nW i ^ K " 8lnccrs *«" f n(o the lean Icainie rnro Th. <!>« Aincr- lead In Hie third Inning when for the past few ,..„. . vn , c «.o. lout run. driven I »a ar "*" l> « g wen , t v frC lhcy scorcd slx nms ' 'The Chicks had ™nnagcd to get one In the "" w ' l ° - m - ...... wvi.ll iJUlJL^.- Weighing npproximntely 190, big, i strong, he has been u complete • ~ ••— "* ^"6'w^j flop In living up to pre-tralnine nl!cs removed "bout half the Bull- standards set for him. Lack of """" ""' """"" '" ' ' aggressiveness has been the biggest drawback. At the terminals Dick Tiplon Gene Blackweli, James Burton jr.' In thc open- first .._ _..-, le in the act Ott ._ cocks his leg and manufactures & ,-^hbme run, and Terry Just ns me« Ihodleally hits one lo left center's HeW for chute b«es, -^'jj)ocht«nij.and,Terry both reach of Ihe .UnlWd States Military Academy, supplanted Jackson Cannell. . »_ VJ «ii:oami followed by Bryant. Tlie Pelicans made 12 hits but were unable to bunch them suf- Blaik brought three smart alds-ficisntly lo '"i him, Harry Elllnger, »ho also.Tiie Vols scored ona in .„,. ,. one ot the Cadet's slaff, and and three .times In the sixth. , Andy Guslafspn and Dr. Joe Don- ehesn, formwly ^«h Me •( fMt± . . The fifth and deciding g»me will Wlm In* g««M Dale i M! >- 140 John has grown from the ., u pounder who played such a vicious game here to no pounds. Thirty pounds should really' r.ed-hcartetl boy one : • football player, make the of a John will bark signals far down in Mexico this week when the Union college team takes on the j University of Mexico eleven. There s' • because of hk 'height. . l ln B .. recng The guard positions are wide • Paragoul(i Bull <logs , to a 2C to 0 '' Paragould. Bulldogs also shouldn't' be nny'Ttenhng"-'sf^ls FWd™ liter 0 dTrec°tmg COU hi; °" &at h0t <*™^°^ lettered, demonstrated Walker and Rnyder 'have;^ uo , d; Power,. cspec • nei una itayaer nave. -.->-— • : possibilities of much I ' " s b * lng rumored in some cir- ially the' former The; cl?s tl>a t Dale's Bulldogs will be ' 1; t ' ..., „.._ .„,„„., bi Sgcst disappointment of tjj e the team to-bent in northeast Arso far" has been "Bunis.' knnsas ' . f<H ' tt)!>11 tllis season. It that some of the players were . lost when eligibility jut half the Bull- string in one swipe lust year are In action and eager to make up for what they missed. Kennell Wants .Game Word reaches ns that the Kennett Indians nre anxious for a game on November 9, having nn open date caused by cancellation of n scheduled tilt by New Madrid high. .Coach.-Mctz Cherry .of the Indians is-eager''for Im'charges to sec action; instead of remaining Idle. Kennett has {mother strong team, as usual, but Is' considerably handiiappea by the' loss of last year's entire! nll-slnrj backfield. ;'\*:v. ThiBk It Over 'A, UjS' : to the Chicks—doii't take tl*. defeat of the Hurricane by the Bdbc.ats top : seriously. Jonesboro wnit" Into 1 'the" game, beset by In- ji^les thai kept some of Its aces oil the sidelines and undoubtedly prevented otlfers from giving their best. • And that defeat, ih'c first at the hands of .a Walnut Ridge team In 10 years, 'Is Jlkely to rankle the Hurricnnc the rest of the season. More than 'one team has been made by'an unexpected early season defeat. ROXY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 25c GINGER ROGERS, WARREN WILLIAMS and MARY ASTOR in 'UPPER WORLD' CARTOON - - CpMEOY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c "Honorable 'Defeat" Forrest ..City's Thoroughbred eleven took on the wrong team Friday night If it wanted lo keep of wilh a run In the fifth "but" the came back lo add two ter and having about thc comlst- «ncy »l - " ' '•- ' 8HOWE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. DVT. as the fight-' ing partners on a desert chicken forml Mm SMMERVIUI ZASU PITTS in BIRDS News Rtel - - Comedy nld solve the. problem for local coaches'who have been try- „, , inuchly needed Radiators of .automobiles in :om. stopping up the MORSE & K1RSHNER ABSTRACTS' "j ,.Ci(y. 4 F.nrm JYoptrfies. Special Title Service" ' last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6 45—lfl-35c iMarlene Dietrich in THE SCARLET EMPRESS' Latest Nei> s Reel Musical Short «ilh Mitzi Ma\fair in "Policy Girl" Tuesday - Weds. JAMES CAONEY Paramount News •< Comcdy-_"3 Chumps Ahead"

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