Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1948
Page 6
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Friday, September 10, 1948 BLONDIE K OPE 5TAR ' HOPE, ARKANSAS ,'-'• 7. MAVEN'T\ '. NOTiCEH AN4V / CHAMGE YET" ") I HAVE TO SIT WHY APE \ ( IN THE COf?NEP A YOU) BEING ,)/-•' HALK-HOVlP FOR iV'iV MOTHER TOLD ME \vHtM CHILDREN GP. CLDEP THEY ENJOY f WASH IMG THEIR NECK ( AND EARS r R-'NISHEDP }( NOT WASHING MY ( I THINK SO, By Galbraith copn. 1940 nv NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. HEO. ir. s. PAT. OFF COPR. 1940 BY NEA SERVICE By Chick Young OZARK IKE Poge Seven 'It's the kind of picture you wouldn't take your mother 1 to see!" *>.'•'FUNNY BUSINESS s I'm conducting this pool on how much the house-'aqtiiaHv will cost and when it will be finished!" By Hersnberge* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bv B'ossei T^ T / P r° DYNE SYSTEM IS VER.Y SIMPLE YOU TAVCE TWO DIPFERENTIAL FREQUENCIES AMD-! ra -^s /if-~- x) ^"/rii^n-^/^x-v BEAUTIFUL AMD YOU MEAN YOU'RE SELLIN& Now try it with the ears out!" WELL, MAYBE ---HlLQA ISr> AS PRETTY AS DORIS, Bur YOU GOTTA SAY ONE T4-UN6- IN HER FAVOR.—-SHES A WHOLE LOT DUMBER/ rr'n?// fefe *^ i«& fos@> if" 'M It/ m i*k£iiL£pAio^v • fc& POPEYE , I SURE WOULD. LIKE TO LO0K WELL, HB'LL .BE U.AT THIS LUMMOX." sows our TO LUNCH SOON." Thimble Theater OUT OUR WAY I'LL QO TALK' TO HIM AT LUKCH 'PIP YOU SEE HIAA??) i "• .V WE GOT A X LOT OF MODERN) ) MACHIMES IK) / SIMCE I HAD < YOU THRU TH' \ V SHOP LAST TIME ) By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE THATS HIS ONE TKOUSLS. HE CM: c; R5 '£*&.'--•' •^ '**-*,•,-.. ..., ;- r^ THAT'S HOW MUCH y T H E Y 'LL BE S. MISERIV A GUV I HERE SO LOK1G V WHO LOVES HIS \ THEY'LL PEMAND WORK CAM CAUSE- ^ PAV, THEM A r' HE TALKS 'EM IMTD K RAISE / A TRIP THRU THE SHOP AFTER A BANQUET. THE EMTERTAIMER. „„ , M .,,.,. „„,„ ,«V.V.cTr.,', c^ WiHi Major Hoople SCALPEL EDGE-"-I. f£EN\ AMD SCIENTIFIC PROX TRUST ALL VOOR GEARS AR OF see OLTD HOOPL& AT POOL TABL& IS IMPROVED.' . , f *"~-/AML RESTED UP i,,', ,' ' " AMO B&AOV FOH LITTLE LOA,PiisiG BUT WHUTTA C3AMG OL' -.AN WITH YOU BATTIN'I THUD, HERE IN TH' J LAST UP TH'NINTH, ' AN'TH ! " STILLWIM ' T (Gt/iP) THEA\ CROWS DOMH V> PITCHED," 7§ T 0 ( < A ^[^J L ° 2ARKL DINAI-ir VIC FLINT Bv fta*/ Gotfc- A SINGLE,i.THZN A WALK...AIV3 THE TY/r/G AND W/tVMNG RUNS ARE ACOARD MUS ftS GITTiN' A FAST COUNT ON THEM OUTS/"... BON'T FEEL *P/- ( LCSS{J A ?$I$ L JL^*!- A * *J- TWO DOWN IMA -* j SPQt UKE THIS'NrH »M ; lM^ S§^SS5^^^ :;;: S^- v ' v "" W!l "p^rfK^- ^ "" j& «"j4" •f.c-^^ • - .» -^ „ «•— Jt ^ sA--^--v^ : ;f ^ A '; ^ ^v — . .• . j-j. ' J. 'L? 'fta a BUT I'LL NEED\/I GET PAID TO PROTECT TAFFY. \) tfhe next mornmf .. «V SUM fO PRO- / MK.WAYCPOSS. YOU GOTO BED " TECT AW-ER-AH- IN TIIC- A1ORHINS I'LL r 4IOW YOU 'AY NIECE .y\ HOW TO USE THE GUN. YOU .WAY TAFFY/ ./ \ NEED n 1C F2OTECT YC7UR-AH-SEIF/ V /SEE HOW '}"~^1 / \ I TRUST / - -J I/THAT'S WATER DOWM THERE/U iff MF J ISN'T IT, VIC? I ALWAYS MAKE \ /^j\Z, SURE SINCE THE TIME SOME- CODY DRAINED THE FOOL 1 AIMOST DIVED IM, ;u 1. T - \ ' x HvV ^ \ p-^3> ' ^-«">:— - THE SiVIMDLER-S ARGUE f'.MD Pr\CKi IM THE BfXCK ROOAV.. 8y Can .'.ndersbn 75 HERE'S HAPPY, WE'VE JUST SCHOOL SUPPLIES RECEIVED A CARLOAD OP >J*} CUT-PRICE tsy Walt Disney y^^F? By V, T. Hamfin /•'ANYTHING' DIDN'T IT A CRIME/ OKAY, TO LCCK ' i YOU HAPPY. 1 . v f '^ ''^ s.Sfy'ir z*?-*t* — <- >X RED RYDEK HAS FURS RE.ADY AGAW5T tViL COVOTc' DOC COLD- *»*f* 1 ^..>—— -" >v -.*.v _—• ....- • •• •- S3 •DOC5 ^^£DiClN)£ EXACMrtEDkM ll'i i BY THE. RiMRoC" '~"

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