Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 10, 1948
Page 2
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Pago two t General Tells of Atomic Espionage Washington, Sept. 10 — </T) '— Lt. j Gen. Leslie R. Groves, Wartime lioss of. thc army's atomic bomb project, testified today at a house fomtriiitcc's investigation of an al- lep"'J rtomic espionage Blot. Thc retired army" officer ap- peaied,jn response lo .an.Un-Amer- ican f Acthvities committee sub- ppenfr He was .questioned. Behind closed dopi s. _ ^--Vfd by newsmen' if hVViad any imorrr-iiion' of value .to give Ihe Committee in its spy hunt.. Groves _HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Everybody Pitches in ) "I think I can tell them a ereal hbont everything for Which I was responsible. Unlike" ' a good irony other neoule I am not de- pp-tonl r- n fi| CSl ".. (.ri.-.t, , He said the main objective of " )J1 Jfe Manhattan project 'during the wSf "wns to get the bomb '50 we could f>nd Die war and save'.Arrer- icrn lives.."' '•" '•";;> ••;-.'... -;, ' Security, he said, "was just a pan" of that job. Grov'><3, who lives in Darien i-onn.. now.is a vice president in of advanced research for Rhrnmston Hand Company " If ;.*'. &*. claimed to have struck pay dirt in 'hell di grift g into.lhc bl)c«ed ,-ttorn- ac sny nloi.. Their findings' arr> OMip kept.secret as. they proceed Wlfl plans,for public hearings be- i gmmnp no% Wednesday. I A SPven-Kpur Hosed donr session vtsVsrday brought from Chairman -T. Parnel] Thomas (R-NTi the terse announcement that "this was n very important session" aurl (he .'..House- . Un'-Ai-nnrifnn Activities Committee made "substantial prog- las said h«> and .Hr-ps, Vail ... and /the McDowell d-Pm conducted-the session, delved ,. ;T into .. : the Hiss-Chamber-, -controversy ; and "a very im- po'-tant esD'pnage case." Jhcv called holt n dozen more w nn^-nr. <>.„ «/»>ipy .but would not lovcal their identities nor whn'l tbn-r ,,, P1 . P to be auestioned about ,. " c b '.' vs agreed not .to talk." McDowell told rcnorters. Disclos- »i |T a new committee policy 2i;,J). was learned that ycs- 5 .-^Witnesses included a ----- .iptmerly employed on the atomic bornb proiect now a (eqch- rTjt" a PWate school in New York The committee claims to have evidfMica-'that Russia sot some wartime _-- shipments of uranium compounds frpm this country and ttiat atomic scientists leaked in- lorma'ion to Soviet agents Ano'hpr Hous" committee Air Force Continued From Page One ! Bor.'im; XB-47 which is faster than i most fighters. Only two expert| mental models of this new type | have been bought. ForroslaTs j okay would send this proposal to i Mr. Truman. The ail-force proposal includes S16.ono.GOf) for guided missiles, ; ajong with funds to buy 10 of the ! XB--47 jet l.Mirnbers, a number of ; trainer;;, helicopters and utility j aircraft. i White House approval of addi- I tional plane expenditures is nc.'eos- 1 f:ary. Officials yd id they expect ! Air. Truman's go-ahead signal j .soon, at least on the plan to spend | $103.000,000. which is already h c I fore him. The budget bureau will i begin going over this proposal next u-eek. On Aug. 13 the president iccopl- ed a recommendation for a $43,- OSO.OOO expenditure for tooling up factories and facilities to prepare them for expanded aircraft production. Two months 'ago the USAF an- France Developing Into a Friday, September 10, 1948 nounced orders lor 2,201 planes of' hv .the Reds towards the Western j By DeWITT MacKENZIE j AP Foreign Affairs Analyst , France's perj)etual-molion nolil- licnl crisis is rapidly developing ] into a dangerously weak spot in ithe defenses of Western Europe | against Co mmim >.'•:( awssinn. Because of its stratetfie position and its potential s'renyth (a strength now greatly deplete:] by "(jluical and economic ruvacosi France is the main buttress oMho continental democracies. Ye! she is so bndly crippled by her continual governmental upheavals that Her weakness is a vast cncourage- mr-'iil to the Russians to push their offensive. Thr.rp ir,- no doiih'. for ex.-'mple, that the French situation is in no small de:;reo responsible for the brazen effrontery beini,' displayed e Williams Believes Arkansas Could Take Over met ll!sts Frantically working against time, Berlin's citizens are ruling completion of a new airfield at Tcgel, in the French sector. More .than 2000 men and women race the seasons, to get as much finished •as possible before bad weather sets in. (Photo by NEA-Acme stair corresnondent Joe Schuppe.) all types at a cost of SI.345.000.000. The Defense department, meanwhile, is busy wording on thc new budget for the fiscal year beginning next July .1. It is understood Mr. Truman views nn rnmay 01 not more than 815.000,000,000 as a spending ceiling for the armed forces. This figure is about $3,0 forces. This figure is about $3,000,000.000 more than was set aside for military costs during the current fiscal year. Initial recommendations by the i air force and marines — to For ! , * vi ! rcstal are understood to nm ; around $17.000,000,000 or more. were | One As new orders for planes - ; being considered, the air force i f, | took stock of its setup. On Sept. 18 | the USAF will observe the first F, „,„•,. .anniversary of its status as a sep- jneople Allies in Berlin. Washington de -hires the Uivtcd States 'won't al"'" ll - c "lf to i™ pushed nut nf Die German capital —and Wcs Galla- a-'t 1 . AP cnief of bureau in the strife-torn metropolis. reported yesterday "Soviet planes prowled thc skies of northern Europe today and Soviet ships cruised in the'Baltic off Denmark in the greatest show of Russian strength since the end of the war. There is little doubt in military minds here that the Soviet activity was a carefully -•d military show designed to . :ss Europe with Soviet armed jm-'fM :.i ••- of thc East-West i crisis in Berlin." i various services — army 'navy l"!'-' 1 *f" v .\y was a ^'^UU.Y - *> [iiirnned military show designed to 17"i"mrp *; c TT 11 i-n»-iri it-1 i l-. C 1 ,-,..:,-, 4 ~,, i -;neaks v.-ith vast ally who has suffered so ! " and so gallantly ;IK The French are a ' groat always ready to defend POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Sept. 10— Iffi— Live Poul try: fowl stady, balance easier; re eeipts 20 trucks; prices un changed except roasters a cent a pound lower inside at 3041 FOB. Butter firmer; receipts 358, G23 * .- - -^v. ut ,- njtini jjtitrt? jiea/n yesto|day;.,that.New-York fur workers nave : ben . compelled bv fear 1p contribute* to Henrv A. Wallace's hud party;.and to .the support of nXfS! Ist llcwspaper ' thc Mo>ji,sj ; Go.idn.er. of . New York . Sr rcsj( J cll J of '^e Independent Fur Manufacturers association, told a -Kouse Labor subcommittee that he'T'vi workers livc onl y in fcar .' Thf ' Corwrnlttee is investigatinc ' * >^ i'J»»'OU14i4UI!U afcCqnflpunist-.influence j n -- ^.J Jjirernaiionn! Fur and Leather Workers union. , U. S. May Probe Housing in Arkansas Little Rock, Sept. 9 —OT—Special investigators from the office o£ the Ivonsing expediter may come to Arkansas^^opn to look into corn- homes they have'boCghtf ab ° Ut buch an investigation was pre$ PC "»-'? d - a -?- b ?-^- F ' Milwoe ' Lil - prices 12 cent a pound higher; S3 score AA 74 92 A 73.5; 90 B 07 89 C 64.H cars: 90B68; 89C 05.75. Efigs: Top steady, balance un .settled receipts 11,000; prices un changed. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Sept. 10 —(/P)—Colton futures declined in early trading hero today but in the last hour rallied sharply on week-end short covering and trade buying. Closing prices were very steady 70 cents to $1 a bale higher. Oet high 31.08 — low 30.SG — close 31.07-08. Dec high 30.88 — low 30.08 — close 30.86-88 Mch high 30.68—low 30.48 — close 30.G7-G3 May high-30.47 — low 30.24 — close 30.44B Jly high 29.35 — low 29.10 — close 29.35 B-bid.- ' :> ' - heon numerous in that some veterans ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Sept 10 —W—Hogs, 4,500; bulk good and choice 200-260 Ibs 29.00-25; top 29.25; few 270-300 Ibs 28.00-29.00; '10-475 Ibs 24.0-50; 1GO-130 ibs 27.75-29.00; 130-150 Ibs 25.00-27.75; largely 25.50-27.50; 100-120 Ibs 22.25-24.50; sows 40 Olbs down 25.0027.00; heavier weights 22.00-24.50- stags 17.50-20.0. Cattle, 1,20; calves, 800; odd lots mdeium to good heifers and mised yearlings 25.00-30.00; common ancl medium beef cows mostly 18.5022.50; odd head 23.00 and above; canncrs and cutters 15.00-18.00; me- A -kans-is but ' had reported that some veterans had reported i iY t Ln i faulty construction and exceptional ! , &heep ' . I ' 00 , 0; fc " b- high costs of homes LXLCpuondI i choice spring lambs ——. „ •_... i higher at 25.25-26.00 vealers 27.00-31.00; 17.00-2G.OO. good and strony to 25 Hope Star Star of Hope lfl<79; Press 1977. - Consolidated January IB, 1929 Publiihed every weekday afternoon Ir. STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, prcs.ir.lent Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-214 South Walnut ir.eet, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & pub] Paul H. Jones, Manafjing Editor George W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt Joss M. Davis, A-'vertising Mannger . fSv/? 1 ' C " dC1 T , arm .,° f , thc i <hci '' honor and securitv with their ghling services Joday it found | lives, as those of us who have been il-sell with a fledghng-ilock of with (hem on the battlefield ran new-type warplancs more men than it had .•a K-iSi year, summary. 13 and 89.000 a year ago. saict an air new models i have been introduced, among them three lighters, two. hnmhor-s tl-n-or, three lighters, two. bombersr three work transports a trainer, a jut target aircraft and testify. Yet La Belle France now seems V, be suffering from a delusion wlvch also affects Ihe whole Democratic world. Great nations which , , work together in perfect unity pilolless (under gunfire have now slackened a cargo Jin bo-Hi their internal and interna- •lel engines are used exclusive- i wpr i! = over." ly in all the nc\v fighter types Well, thc tragic fact is that thi and in the bombers. war isn't over. Russia knows i jiiona) unify, on the basis that "the ;,,,„,. ;,. over." the ,ho- The Curtiss-Wrifiht F-89 All \verither" craft designed to battle under viriually any climatic or u:eal weather conditions. The orgi- lal model had four jets but the Entered as Post Ofrice at Act of March second class mailer at Hope, Arkansas, under 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NfcA)—Means Newspaper enterprise Association. version wilhave isn't over, because she is the onc who is waging it. She is making what we euphemistically call "cold war" and achieves enough successes in that "cold war,"" there's s Sept. 10 - i/r, -Deganl- "I the national as-eniblv j'H-omised their votes to Henri IQueuille today, virtually iiasuriir' I'uni confirmation as premier i the development came a;; Qucu- 1 il.lo, a Radical Socialist (conWva- iiivei prepared to ask the as^em- ;')ly to approve him as head of i) K > iilth l-ronch govei-nment sine" January. Ifl47 and the 14th since the liberation. 'Our members will vote almost i 'man, mously for M. Queuille'" i^'iid a statement issued by Paul :uiacobbi. president of the DeGaul- ,'ist [jarliamentary group. : Queuille, 64-year-old doctor from J'-'-itfanv an-ioupo-d lv« ,T"'r. n tan"'> , of ihe premiership last night, only | a (ew nours )c iore a spuKes-ir,n I lor &en. Charles Do Gaulle is- |sucd n statement clemandiii" new j general elections. I The election call was the first made by the DC GauHisfs r'u/iii" •a cabinet crisis. A statement re- i leaned by Jacques Soustollo, secre- 'tary general of De Gaulle's French | People's Rally (RPF) said- I . "The French people's rally holds jlnere is no other Democratic sol-i- ;tion than to hold general eleeiions as soon as possible. It condemns "ny and all combinations (of p- r -- Ities) which in delaying elections p olong a system of governmen' nsis which endangei-s the ren'ib: he and the very life of Frnnce " The country's labor trouble", con] tinned Workers marched, toward •flie Elysee palace, residence of President Vincent Auriol. only , c ! he ,dispersed by polilce before a r: riving there. : Employes of the Renault au'o iaetory left thcil . jobs t ;^' toward the center of the cit- The- ]p'1.^cv-"d a force of police' vhich jmel them and a dozen domonsra | tors t and 20 police were reported I Many short work stoppages wn,-o euortcci around the couiilrv. nVoM Little Hoek. Sept. 1(1 ---(/p) — Attorney General Guy K. Williams believc-s the legislalure may )e"nl- iy eondemn. purchase and lease jlhe Mi:-.-ouri aiul Ar.'ran^ps rpil^ j mad. ' " . Ho issued such an opinion to Eu- jioiif.- I,. Warren. r/;t'.le Roek awyer lor the Citixens Kehahilila- jdon Committee, \vhieh planned to .iin-L., here today in connection I'Mth renewed eilorls to (,blain j'-i'ei-at:on ol the idle lin,- ' | r Stafe Senator Krnest '"Nicholr,on ;•" I :,r:-ison lias re(nief-.led Gover- nnr Leuty !o f;:! || „ S] , ( , (:i , iV ^^ ;"• tne legisl"1urc in purrha';;. djo i.'V"' ; ' ! - : l 1 '"'" '' owr to private niii-ies,;; lor operation. T'ie rover- in-.ir has promised to consider the ! Under au In'.crr.tnte Commerce '- ommission order, the line will be iiiunkecl alter Ocl. n unless a nur- | chaser is found. j Slate Treasurer J. Vance Clav- ;<.n advisatl Wan-en that Ihore is ;.'. I IT;,. -airy Balance of $[. 174.710 not M-pecilically appropriated. | KA-.-avalions ni Pompeii were : j;..ai-Led about 17-U! ,-md Ihe eitv lias been about half dug out of l.'.e volcanic debris that destroyed Hear Hope High School's 5 Tonight on Your Foorball Station 13sue m on , no telling what turn her final Subscription Rotes: (Always Payable ir Advanco): By city carrier per week 20c per month f)5c. Mai) rotes—in Hemo stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one Lorayette counties, 34.50 per year- else where $8.50. Hptiona! Advertising Rporcsenrative — A'knnsas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis Tenn Stenck Building; Chicago; 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Mndisc o, vt>J "' D ctroit ' Mich,, 2842 W. Gran, Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 31 f. Terminal Bldq New Orleans, 722 Union St. production u> ^ i only t\vo. ' -•"••- g ross j on may tai <Ci The North American F-86, the A!1 o( which is by way of dart-winged jet which set an un-j U1 fi U V lo tne thesis that iiow is official speed record of GG9 75 tilllc ' r - ot on 'y for international co- milcK an hour at the Cleveland air ~" "~" last \veek Mcnonncll leacl- the Member of «fyie Associated Press; Th Associated Press is entitled exclusively 1( the use far republication of all the loco news printed in this newspaper, cs well o- ill AP news dispatches. sales from Oats and reports of foreign flour overnight. Corn took its cue — firm September contract, followed corn higher. Wheat closed 1-1 to IcoU er, September $2.22 1-118, was SO to 2 cenls high< bor 51.09 3451.70. oats high corn SeptoJii wero 14 Greeks Attacked bv Men in Slav Uniforms Athens Sept. 9 -(;?>- The Greek v«r.,ii onc o£ its ""Us was attacked yesterday by sol- YugosUiV military uni- peak A communique said the attackers launched their drive from inside Jugoslavia and took in the Koirnatcbalau army took it back in „ „ , ll: tac,}v t the communique added. EftSTLAND TO SPEAK~ ftlflmphis, Tenn., Sept. 10 — (,'1 otn'Jame O. Esllancl fDMiss) NEW YORK STOCKS New York. Sept. 10 — I/PI—A late raHy in the stock market today j turned generally declining prices into an irregular trend. The volume of trading was around 1,000,000 shares. A mixed start was followed by a brief rally which quoted down before noon in the absence of buy- j ing offers at the slightly higher i prices. ! Steel, motors and rails were • Tl - -leaders on thc decline while metals I counleral-i''" ld ? US W01 ' 0 irrefiulnrl y ^wer. ! Rubber, Pehlns Dodge, American i Can, Johns Mansville, U. S. Gup; I sum, Inlernation.il Paper, Chesa, i* ",-, - """' IA.UJSS." pc ' u , k< ;, & .. 0hio ' Standard Oil (NJ), Will! speak here tonighl at -i rally ancl ! ai '»H- Western. of '^ a , tes Rights Democrats ' Gaining a bit were Youngstown Backeis said they expected 10 I Rhei -' 1 & bl1 s Firestone, Sozrs WO persons from Memphis West! Roebuck. General Electric on an iei«!essee, north Mississippi an ' t j; increased dividend. Kasluian Ko inver to 38 higher September 71 '872, rye was 1 (o 2 cents higher, December 81.5,1. and soybeans verc 2 M 31-| higher, November Spol wheat followed futures high r loda^y: basis stea-.ly: receipts 1-1 cars. Corn was one to three cents lower basis about iinch-mgcdp bookings 55,000 bushels; shipnin" sales 7.000 bushels; receipts' f,!) cars. Oats were 12 to one cent lower: bas : s unchanged to \;> ,-,-,; le.ss; shipping s.-'les l.iri.flOil biiKhels receipt.'; Hi ears. Soybeans rece'pts vere one ear. races The McDonnell XF-85 the parasite lighter designed to be carried n, a bomb bay of. the giant i '•-.-!(> Irng range homber for release at or near thc target when m-'-'-f.-.p ion i-i encountered With thc fighter models was the m.-.i hvo-place Lockheed F-80 intended (or use in teaching pilots 01 conventional engined planes to change over to the swift jet types T n the bomber clav. the" air force said the knife-winged Beomg XB-47 is comparable with the familiar B-29 in size. It also came up with the North- run B-49 "flying wing," a jet ver- fif.n of the B-35 which was powered with standard reciprocating .engines. The "wing" js ipowercn with eight jets. ' Amon" the new transports is the i.eonsolidated-Vultoo Cx-99 — trans- i port sister of the B-3G bomber — which thc air force claims is "the world's largest land plane." It can carry 400 fully equipped combat troops or 50 ions of cargo operation among thc democracies, but for greater unity within ihe individual nations. , Demerit would have on a \enta- ; live decision by his followers in tie I assembly tojiiipport Queuille'. The number of officers in the U.b. reserve army was redu ,000 in 1920 to about War II." outbreak of World Every Frsday For pre-gome data, irsfrerviews, and music. Featured tonight will be interviews with Coaches Nolan Tollett and Lawrence Martin. Sponsored by . L. GosnelTs Men's Store . casV-Atkansas. PAY You get 12 Iablbl3 MORE for IOc, 100 for 45c. ACCEPT Than the name "St. LESS Joseph" guarantees. St. Joseph ASPIRIN ' dak. and Mission Corjj. Bonds werr quiet. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sept. 1(1 — i/Ci —Cottun futures moved into new high New Sovse?- Sfromp to B^ai- Portrait 1 ' of Zhdanov London, Sept. !) -- ivi'i Soviet stamn \\'il| Ix-ar tin of Andrei A. Zhdanov, Becretary- Ijenoral of the Communist pariv central committee, who died las! week, Moscow radio said today. To Probe Safes of Promotions to Postal Workers -".•-'<m bepl. 10 — i/Pi —A feder- ••• ^rau:l jury today indicted three ; l' ---H"- army air force officers and one other man on charges of ; '-:.; ; lMi:; in SiDO.OOO worth of ' bonds '• M»e held by Naxis that were pecl- I'.'irr in a Kuropean black market tii-.-.y wcri) indicted specifically or vio.atnifi the Trading with the huerny Act. Federal officers .said three of those indicted — Edward R. Ashton of Eniield, Conn., Gerald \ Uowhuid of Rrool;lyn, N. Y., and Seymour Lerner. of Brooklyn — v.viv ollK'ers in the air transport eonmiaiid. IiidieUd -\1 Westcjii Washington, Sept. 10 — i'/!"'! Economic Cioperation Administrator Paul G. Hoffman said today he would cut off Marshall plan aid to any Eirronea i government whcih went "Fascist!" Hoffman pnin-.eJ out thr.t the foreign 'assist.uvjc act cl'.virly re- ! ciuires a termimi'on o.' rc-covcn-y ; help to any couiiiry ?,o!n,| Co>ri- ! munist. He 'iold a news ccnfer- i ence in reply to a qu-';£tio:i: i He did not name any .specific i government, DHL reporlors irnmc- i diately asked K:)ff:na:i about i France whe:.'e Ge:~e:-:il CharJos De- j Gaulle, denounced bv Communists ! as a Fascist, nas ci-ilecl for a i c \v i general election. [ "I don't think there is tfie remotest possibility jf a Fuscis'i counterpart in Friviee," Hoffmnn as- I i sorted. j „ j A reporter iisk-.'t; whethe;- he i i '• considers DefJ-.iullo a Fast : st. ! "Most cc-jtiijily not." il'.'lfinan replied. i ffe added 'ha: so frr ir, Franco I is concerned ihe ouj.s-iion of ei'.hn- a swing to coTmvinisvn or 1 ;\ s c i:- :ii ; apnoars "acade'n:'. 1 ." j Hoffman roj-jnily honu- from a ! trip to Europe, expressed op- j timism over the pjiii.ieal ;--ud ovn- ! nornic outlook for 'ho French na! lion. ! And he exprjs;,e.l conl'idf. -ice | that a di.sagreeiiie'it ever o.'/or,;,! i Germany's share ,->f Mars'nall nlan j funds will be .i|)oerlilv settled." i General Lucius D. Clay. U. £. mmand HUE FOR! DUBNS MINOR CUTS CHAFE SCRAPES CHAPPED SXIH BIG JAR, iOc New 10 —i/l'i— A 'd lUIIUMIUi. will die lur ', today i- $2,(Iliil '<Oll;i of i^yjgp ^jMiey FAULTY [3PARK PLUGS H-'-S Want to ''cut corners" on your vacation trip expense? Then make bUrc your car Orleans, Sept. swaggering ivd-headi. i ap|>arently iv.-iain lu> jtlie niurd'er of a ilecU'cti\ - , ,, ...,-,., | (J: 'l t -'ri.-(-| to sell his eyes f, ground fr the day in late dealings j l ' ac " to educate liu- u v o as mills turned' aggressively 4.0 i lh '' lll 'icer he killed, the buying side which induced "'a i l ' lt ' f ' Simpson, 2ti, wlio aiimiltcd good deal of covering bv local fe.a- ! shlj ° 1111 -" Ut -1- Nicholas Jacob> to ders. ' . .• j death during a wild jail delivery Some demand was also believed 'j;- on S', i - v ' a!so sui(i !le woukii sigh to be against foreign sales Fu- i,.- ' '"Durance over to the de- tures closed till ci>nt.s (o '•''"= .. I tectivc-s bale higher than the close. Oet hi;.li 31,16 — low 31.10-u; ui5 i.i-:n iJec hi«hh 30.!)-! - -lo\v 30,92-91 up Hi-U! high 30.70 — LOW? 1 May high 30.-10 — )<i\>, 30.40 up lij Jly liiyh 29.35 — !o\v , commander in CJ">-rnanv, rejiori- A-ilh them was Wendell ! ? dly( , ha ?. askod llljlj " 1 •'p-Hii.Of'O.OOO of Wc.ston Mass., who ! ^ r tho blzoiu> - ilc "-' argue,! (hat K rleral ollicials said helped in dis- • errnan recovery is essential posing of many of the bonds " • to an - v Western European reeov- TreaKiiry oficials said the bonds ' cry - • were a part of the loot seized by ! But Clay's request is SIO.U)OO.O(H) Hie Naxis when they were wil'h i mo! ' c than the organization for Ku- dra'.vmg from the Netherlands ! rooc-an Kcououiic C'oopi'vation Alter tin- war, the bonds report- J (-OEEC), the European ;:ounti.-r- edly appeared in the black market i l )al 't °i' ECA, has assign-id the bi- in l-r.-.'iiee and Su-itzerland. i zone out of about 15.000.000,000 I'Yd.-rul oli'ieials said Ashtun, j available for all Europe fur the- lu.'.vland ancl l.i-rner found a black ! yar ending next June 30. niarki-t whi-ro they could buy se- j Hoffman said said a (JitTeroiKv curiiies lor dollars. ' ! ofopinioii was "quite to be expeei- tlu-v wore able to make fre- I ed." Bui it may, he added, delay Europe, it io arrange 31.05 a previous 71 ID widow. one who is willing to put up !5>2.Utltl apiece in the name.-; of the :two Jacobs buys i Nicholas. Jr' ;<ud : Davkii so Uu y c..t i can have my c-yes, i Buth Simpson ;n jpfiee. Ktlu-ard Alii! ! certain Uu-y wuuUi jtrie chair for Jacul isi'l'l .siiDl tin- lirl.-cl , queiit flights to :'. p asv for them bi-ingint; in securities," "a _.,._.._ : man said. Bank accounts were reportedly estaohshcd in Switxerland —- serv- "!:.; as :i pool for buying more se, i-llntles. i inr Tivasury dopartniL-ni said itU^uinu iia ; ; uei-n '.j-.-nling t) u - bonds evei-' ••'"ice i] i'st iransacliuns in them ;.vciv um-o\-ered early in Nuv,....n. was i (he allotment of funds for Hu for I participating nations until Oet. tl\ (1C. ' Q .„ Admits He Continued From Page One 10 1. for 15 a Senate xport ;ith up lij I;-: ; j new,, peppy plugs alone can in crease your gas miles- age by 10 to IS peir- cetit. Drive hi for a check-up today. B. R. Hamm Motor Co. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Cliit-aijo. Kept. ]fj-- ( .;pi— Grains :n;.ck- tliyht ;.dvanci.-s oji Hie board of trade today, even the new crop corn futures managed lo eke out EOir.e minor j-aiiib as the market iiwaued un ;;r.',i-iculiur« department crop lore-cast, due alter the close. Short eo\-eiing iiatiued Sejji ijuj 1 corn ii'.id otts, '>ui was not veiy in-.pfjrtatit )•) wheat. Open in tcix-il in Si-pu.'inb(.-r wliuat 'at the t:,!i.(ii;^ v, as only ^KiU.dilO ! Miller, a cur; j police. aj ; -,o ind'ic; jover his iiatiiinal .... . : suraih-,- tu Mrs. Jacoi lit $5. 00 tjuiik-- .$10.lHii, |j(,!i c y ' Mrs. Jacobs, •did nut >:av \-, Gcsrbo Taking Steps to Be U. S. Citizen TO COACH AT* HARVARD >.. S,. ut. Ill J! M'lii. 10 —- l/Ti 'iii! 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