Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1948 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1948
Page 8
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Page Eight HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Heavy iday. . By JAMES MARLOW Washington, Sept. 8 -~!/V)—Death hns a thousand face;;, and he wore a lot of them on the highways the p.ast few days. At least 203 people were killed in auttreobjlc ;ecicknls over the tabor Day weekend. I've just coire back from a ?. 600-mile' automobile trip through the south and some ot ;he things i saw, would make your heart stand still. I .didn't see dcalh oulright. But I saw Some of his eUsrjtiiscs as he waited Cor a chance to pounce. He was in the wind m the hair ot a girl on the back of a motorcycle; he was in an old jalopv trudging wormlike up a busy hill; he was Hn a car tiuit passed another on a Curve; ho was in. a lirnp left arm. I saw .maybe a duxen girls on the br.ck ol motorcycles, their arms tight around the man driver m .front ot them. The'Wind w.ns in their hair, thrilling ihe/n, as they rocketed along, doing (ifl or 05 miles r-n hour on a highway where the limit, was 50. At that f-]-,e..ed on a busy load one-slight twist of the front wheel, .one brief skid, one ugly dole in the road could .crash them into a ra- Vino or an oncoming ear. Then there were the old jalopies, one ol the worst mt-rmcos on the highway. There were plenty of them. Tired, broken clown old .cars inched along at 20 or 25 miles an hour on an open highway where everything .else was doing'50 to 75 iniler, an hour. Then there were the bright boys. The ones who ignored' all the signs and niies.of the road and passed cars going up a hill or around a curve. .One ot the worst dangers on the .road was the driver with the limp 8KQAOCASTIN& SYSTEM Porkers Work Hard for f* * i d^ * Linn I OETJ"£* VJ i IVI **«» \J s« i 'V' i K *,? fe Thursday p.m., Sept. 9 5:00 Mert's Record Session—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Adventure Parade—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M Bailes -Bros. • News. 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Lindlahr—M 10:30 Heart's Desire—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Prcscott Hour Friday p.m., Sept. 10 12:00 News, Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 Song of the Day 12:30 Polka Interlude " 12:35 Farm Fair 12:45 Checkerboard Jamboree—M 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Golden Hope Chest—M 2:00 Movie Matinee—M 2:30 Woody & Virginia—M 2:45 Carnival of Music 3:00 Robert Hurleigh—M 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 Time lo Dance 3:45 Two-Ton Baker—M 4:00 Swing Time 4:45 The Constant Invader 5:00 Mert's Record Session—M 5:15 Superman—M 5;30 Adventure Parade—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M ,0:'00 Pep Rally at Hope High School 6:15 News, Five-Star Final G:25 Gulf Sports Parade G:30 Henry J. Taylor—M ti:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:00 There's Always a Woman-M 7:30 Bobcat Preview 7:45 Ball game — Hope vs. De- Queen 10:00 All the News—M to 10:15 Barclay Allen's Orch. — M 10:30 10:55 . Henry Jerome's Orch. — M Mutual News— M 11:00 Sign Off Top Radio Programs Central Standard Time New York. Sept. () —W')—Listening tonight: c NBC — (1 Nelson Eddy; i:0 New Dorothy Larnour ShoW; » Bob ghalk ui",:i a:30 Fred Waring. CBS—6:15 Jack Smith; 7:30 Mr. Keen, Tracer; i! Suspense Mystery; il:30 Crime Photographer !): - 30 Report No. 3 on murder of George Polk. ,,, ABC ~ 7 Fronl Pa K° fi Child's World; 8:30 Candid Microphone , MBS ~ 7 Talent Jackpot; 7:30 Better H.ilf Quiz; 8:30 All Star Revue; 0 Family Theater, Maureen O Sullivan. Friday Broadcasts: NBC — 1 p. m. Double or Nothing. CBS —.10:45 a. m. Rosemary's Serial. ABC — 11 a. m. Welcome Travelers. MBS — U;)r, ;,. )n . Xell Your Neighbors. and la/.y left arm. He'd be; doing 50 , maybe, and SOCK out his left arm. But v.'hich way was he going to turn, left or ngnt otf the highway? H you were behind him you couldn't tell from the way he used that left arm. But liio boys who re-all" raised your hair were the ones who suddenly shot into a busy highway from a hidden side road without any pause to see what was coming. DEPOT TICKET OFFICE Phone 196 By CARL BELL FaycUevillf. .Sept.. , Arkansas 1,'n/en .MO some new ofleur.i-.v ; ing reverses, l.-ito; a'.. live forward pasri;<i They also put in Kin-. power plays. Coach John Barn teams went through like puppets oii-:>tar:o. Standout in ball handling was J Fullback Loon < i\To.-;el<';:) Camp-j bell, who worked with ;.u injured! knee,.. H wasn't the one that 1 ' plagued him all last year. He: siif- i fered his injury in a messing room i fall yesterday morning. ' "That olel knee Vo'so'i. bothered me a bit Ihis ycar."Camboll lo'.jort- ed. Trainer Sam Laukfeird report.'d: "The s-jtiad is looking great. They are in bel'er shape n'.\v ihan 'his lime last year or the year before." Pasrini.' has !:;'•.< n .lie SimlMi'hl in.most of the drill sessions. Jnr. Cox and Bud C'-inada. oiirlmcn and winbacks Ross I'rilch-ud and Till Bass have turned in creditable roles. So have Gordon Laur<. throo- ! year veterand and Ray i'ai-ks. [<;i ! Dorado. ' I Clyde Scott, Bnmhill's number' one tailback, tossed a few hut a i sore side kept him from working | at lop speed. j Two players still nrc not in irni-' form. Bill Davis, back is out with ' poison ivy and S-.un Bunt/., pa us I receiver, is recuperating from a i recent appendoclomy. More deception with the power game of ejld. j Put those ingredien's together! and what rlo you have a 'i"-i:ri ! v.'hich could finish anywhere from fifth to first in the Soutlnvosi COM- ' fercnce. The Ra/.orbacks will }>:•' stronger than tlvir Dixie- Bovl championship team of las) year but it can't be deilonniut-d no\v' ;>ow their improvement compares with that of the other Southwest brethren. The team is in !•••>(),•]• >,)-,-.---v.-.i condition Ihan the 1!M!i club, copped a share' of the eon' 1 crown, and Barnhill hi,pi: moans there' will be no ,,of last year's costly injuries men. Returning intact is the No 1 offensive brickfield of Tailback Clyde iSrnaekovcr) Scoti, who will pass and punt, as v,v>; 1 ;,<• ron v-jiji Ibe bull in his bid for All-America honors: Fullback Lo.on (Mosricsi Campbell, delure livc-crackor who has recovered fully from injuries which benched him most of' lasl season: Wingback Ross Pritoh-n-r! a speedster and one uf the Southwest's best pass roe'--''v.-.--s. a ,,d Alvin Duke, seasoned bloc!--in'/ bacl- Tlii.%- backfiold has evorylhhv—- spced. power, ehisivcnesu, ' deeop- tion and experience. The second offensive, backl'irld probably, will include- Gordon !>•:•,'< veteran passer at tailback- T'-aey Scott. Clyde's brother and one of the most improved players on the squad, at wiijgbacl:: Gono Ma;-- zanti, a 1947 squadmmi who also hns improved, ; at fullback, and Billy Trcxcll, two-year veteran, at blocking back. .., Two highly-rated sophomore Irmlo-lhrpalcrs. Buddy Ropers; of Lake Village and Ray Parks of E! Dorado, are .sure to .see action at tailback. The first o'Tcnsivo line is sm- soned from end to end. At the- end ; probably will lie Jim Cox and F-ri Hamilton. The tackle slots probably will be filled by John Luuney, a starter in lal.e games Inst yoaV and Jim ReicherC who lettered" -\l fullback in 1947. The t.'uards will be as strong as any in 'the Southwest, with Capl. Thc-ron Roberts and Ray Peters at those ports. Jim Crafton, with letter:: at boih Arkansas and LSU. or .John Ke r- guson, fast-st< ppin.i; snphomu'v from Beebe, will be tho lop intensive' center. .However, not a siiv.io lino oosi- tion is "sewed" uj), unless it guard. Ou defense, the No. 1 backfield shapes tin with three lellermoii :,iie! I a sophomore. Bud Canada, a oril-i liaut punt returner in lll-ifi. nr-y i see some aelion at en>t wher.' hi- j started last year but n"><:tjv ] u . 1 will play safety. Hill 15ass ' and ' Sonny i-Irnson. wily o.- ;>; ,|.-Vnd- : CTS. are Hie likely hall'hr.eU'--. Tup ' "hoieo ne,u- (,. ,,jav fullback ar.-l i back up th,. li,, L . i :; I.nais! Schaufcle, snpho'onro ::nd loi-i-.vr : all-state schoolboy Rock. The rlefriisivv lini best iclueit •: Cil'.v li starter at center nn End Bill 11.x, ton and ..„.,. all \'i 1 ior. r ';is uiKiei J'.irno. Otlu-i- seasi oee'u erov.-'d ;i nil' Uirhareis, LSoiitoo. Kusitill'.-,. Little' lie and Tao!:le- Bill ,'Irnin Ark;;rs-i;, 'I' Uespiio t! . il.s pii/ning is cuiii' and I la mid fox. led tin- irilion i.i to b'. 1 (ie.sired \\it)j I boots. Civile Se-.T' o.uick-kiokor. '••"lg Viili elo ii;o-i ,.] ;], ing. Also 1h; ,)••,' o. •, ),, Clyde Soot', auo !',,vi. s. enio ival we;.i.n: s- ,,-.• i:..- I ji<ut it lius'lo :"iu n'.i ".-i in.| i-xporii'iH'i' liii.- v.-oai-'i . > ! o. 11 o i 111 o/1 •; i. One thing !•, vi ,fa,-. ;! ,a veir i:. their :-ei>..-.l. •!•. . I'o. \ two war:uu|i ,',oo.-: , ;i-. aiiil tlivo v.ii! !',!-.; n i':,- ,-' tnugii int. r... i-;,i ; : .! i ; '.. An open liii11- :. \ , ., ; , , t!)<. e'iai ! r} i-orr •' " < .- ; >• i . j'he U'imi's l..., ',., .. ^ i l-'layoei on a .in- - ,i i l , , l i Hesidirsx to TV./' ' fo I'toiv.e BolfjKjcc ! of D/ive C U'.'. 'I ..>..,'..', ' .N l "''-'. ;: -'' ';••: -•!• i u'. .' V .: • " '•' i.'i.io *M r f; ! : . • I'iiO! r O s ... . - ; : . . . -•u.-i i.,:t!-.-"i;, ,-!; >..,.-. ;,....", : 'I'lilS -,'. • - .••!: .1 .,,.., ''I', t'. ..i K< . , ,. , . :,. Friday. September 10 Uev. and Mrs. Joe M. Tyson ore! holding a children's revival at UK- ' Nay.arom.' church. The revival fea- . tuios .soim-iliing different in liu , ! Go.spel „; (. hri.st in word. .;ong anit picture, .services will begin at "< :.',u eaeli tvening tins week. j P. Thursdoy, September 9, 1948 I Medical Center *o Need More Money Little Hock, Sept. 8 —(/P)-- A University ot Arkansas official prc- diclert today that even if Uie proposed new medical center is bu.|i • "I"'-" t;|i;i ' ! '•<>' •.<•'>, i'< by teie- i L'tile Hock. Sop:. H -- <7!>l — The on the slate hospital grounds hero l-huiii: o,,o,:]),iKiit in.r.ailers. Ai-l-.ansas Press Association an-'under reduced costs, more appro- ''• '•'•'''•' : ; - :; il;o is cir-.-.od unl. ^00 lu - ll ueoel today it would honor state i priations will be needed for immo- f!eiii!j;rr,em. u .st;;lie:-.-: ••- Lmpli,\e.- ; "i'-' cinm;.y winners in the 1!)-l!i bal-uliate consiruclion, operation , ... .„,,,,. . , ,,, ,,,„.,- .'• .-'•••'••:' r...- MO - v,-s-.!l,i quit ' lll< ' ( - :c ' tanning aud live-at-home maintenance. J-'ii'iay evenini: at Cummins j.'i, ifi i'! ;i1 ^ returned against them bv a '"••'»•..[';:.'.; <"' Arlcaiisas 'l\:le;!ii'i.;e l"</gi-ams here Doc. 7-3. at a p.m. Tl;c 1're.scott Curly . L ' ! -"'- ! Juiy ulueli iu\v.sli.i;a'ted s '' i/ '-' 1 '.'e \\-ouid 'DO ; ri-.;o.| -d it ol'uer Winners in the live-at-home pre Wolves v;;. Sinackover. |'.!:iii:'oling coindiuonr, in the county. • l " i '-' i ' n<i "-' won.cia v.-allu d out. in gram will be paid recognition l There v.'ill be Peoria. III., Se'p! ',', ---(.'['. Three Pooria coiiniy olficia!,:' to- f;i H'!j;rr,eni. game "•-.'•' p!o:uloe_'. imioeout to indict- immo- and Minor at Arkansas Monday, September 13 Pi the ! '1 he l/irce Wi.-re State's Attorney ."''" 'r •• , r- -. -.---,.Koy P. I-Jull. Charles Somo«.".-i. his ' ^-uually-up ( > i- a I o d sysLomo • ' i:i P-''S'. College, Dec. 7. The bal- :c!ii"f invo.siigator- and "sh'":iff '• vuull -i 'eel th.j paieii tirst. U,';il .-yv • ; ' liCL 'd larimng piogram winners •,,.- All W"i-o :'- f -!i''- : pr'.bably v oairi not be a Toil- W1 " be h ""»"'ed the following d sious of cliVv 1 ','- 1 l;ni '-'- :;i Ui '-' Klr!k '-' « '- r-'-eJiongi'd. •''• Hie Marion Hotel. by The Woman's Auxiliary ,-,f ^..'Karl p. '.pa!i)!]o-,-or All W "re ' u - n ' l - : probably v. oulc! not be a I foil- Wl11 . be li')"ored the following day rcdiyterian church will moot a 'i i .'barged wilh omissions of du'.v V' 1 1Mli '-'- ;;i th '-' strike \\ ,s proinnged. il1 Ule ivu '"'ion Hotel. e church Mon-iay aftornouii at ll:l '' malii-i-Kance m o.'nco. ifui'l '•'""t:-di.'-tc < ii:.:e service would be Tin; programs arc sponsored by pro,e,,a 1 uie1;r;,,!-;;m IIaimHOn W '" ^ ^^^ -bo ^Sl ^o L. BaUimoro. Me,.. Sept. «_ ! r :i' ; ' !! -i jury, vo prosecute Hull and : J ''"•' IJ^limnjr;- Co 1 is. curren - Ci r-'^1," r |- l , IlC; , W ' S ', C ' S - ° r th( M ' Uiiekr 11,,- kr ,. Jurl ., ( , In ., r . in j!'''ri."nee' with Uu ir itow'lound 'irr.'t. Methodist church m-t ,,n .,..., • , : . • ,;,,.".•'•.- ."'--' • 1 "' in-.-- ].,»••. ,• t,,,-o,, ...oo..i . Firr.'t. Methodist church met on >,| Monday afternoon a.l '.>, o'clock at ij.i'ii the home ol' Mrs. C. P. Arnold Sr. iehan Beautiful arrangements of lilies decorated the Arnold home. The devotional was given by Mrs'. James V, McMahen using as her theme "Task of Unifying Churches." Mrs. H. L. Eaton sail" a solo "A Task" by Ashford ac>d by Mrs. ? .. Southern ,'^^tutive committee -,;,.„,,. u,,, ,.,.„, ,., ri , ((t Tn ,, r r e..nee wt v r LCW lound sco ••- - 1 ,.,, ' ' "»°™"™ Gambino. fiom the Vl ' It was believed that the bald- headed halfback signed a one-year -tract with the Colls for a sal- , , - J , ' ; s • , ' t.iii_ v_-ui Lb J Ul tl iStl i'"• ; - '"''- >•'> si! ':;t:ti;fe instead - tna;;;es by Iriend;-; o! the Hiie gan';- ory of :;;••,000 and a bonus of P.2 000 •ji;o:is to t|ua:-;h the intliclments. j^i'-'i. Bi:nne Slu-ilon. tiiai an ei.ii:;- but club President R C Enibrv dge Iivirain said he wnnted to .-•-'•>' o< Ifuil had aik-n.pted to refused to disclose the'fipurcs Th" s.sr^^s^^ ^^J^iSrS,^^ j"""^,,,,,,,,,,_,„,„ tll ?'*,^:l;%— "<- --"\- -™' "' li ™' ! «" ta " *°- miir.pliire paper church svmlx-l- h'.iiu; the theme of the talk. Plv i W.?K assisted by Mrs. J. T. Worth- i mglon, Mrs. Dudley Gorden, Mr;;. P. A. Escarre and Mrs. J. y Me- ' Mahcn. Delicious re.Crcsh.mrnls were sor- vc:! to: Mrs. MeMaiion. Mrs Gordan. Mrs. Dan PiHman Sr , Mr'-- I.ida Bailey, Mr:;. Dick Stewart Mis. Eaton, Mrs. Joss Hayes Mrs Viek Scott, Mrs. Clarke"- White. Mrs. Worthinglon, and Mrs. Escarre. Herbert Viiomas, or.. (_-..; *. man of the university board, said he hopes that the reduced consiruclion cost submitted recently will enable us to build the medical center there ! (state hospital premises) as it is badly needed, but it is strictly a matter for the legislature to de- • cide." £ ' Thomns said if people of Ac- kansas want to increase their cdu- cational facilities, it will mean increased expenditures and added: "We will never be able to lift our state above 4Gth place in the nation in many things unless we put out some, personal effort to raise our standards." Canada's newsprint production in 1Q46' was over five times that of the United States. Circle 2 of the W.S.C.S. of Ibe - l''irst Motlior.li.st church met MOD-, day alterooon at 4 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Gene Male. ; Lovely bopnurts of roses c'"cor"- ; lor) Ihe Hale home. Mrs. O. \V. Al!<>n r/avo an inspir: ing d'/votional. Mrs. R. F. Y.ir- , lr-ovi;;h pressenled the program em I } "The World Council of ChureVs " ! Mrs. Halo presided over the I j businesr; session in the absence of the circle chairman. A card of thanks from Mrs. H. L. Eaton was : rear! in appreciation for fifteen ! dollars which the circle gave the i Junior Department to bemused in making it more worshipful. | A. delectable salad plate was I | st rvcd to: Mrs. Allen Mrs Air- j A.VM-y. Mrs. Gil Buchanan. Mrs 1 Jr-hn A. Davis. Mrs. Adam Guthrio Mrs. J. B. Heslerly. Mrs. O. G. : Hirst, Mrs. Robert Peachey, and j Mrs. Yarbrough. Car! Dalrymple. president of the I jv.vvaoa county Fair Association ! has announced that, u luncheon will i ho given at the Broadway Hotel in honor of the special' rues!'; and Fair officials responsible for ! this year's program. j The luncheon will be given im- j mediately following the'' opcnini' ! nay activities and among th" ou<- oi-tow-.i guests attending will b,. Miss Phena Daniel of Lantburu. A. M. Eros of Little Rock Vcs W. Godley of Magnolia, George i w''.]""!''" and Al Pollard of Little I Lock. Other out-of-town guests | will be announced later. The guest : list .will include judges asked to : ;>a in their capacity to determine' ; the winners of the float r, nt i-ies in ; l--ie jiarade Wednesday, September I 15 at 10 a.m. L Mrs. Matt Hilt has re-turned to her home in Little Rod-, afti'i- a visit whh relatives. She was .-.<••- eoni|iauie(l by Mrs. Lulu I lilt" who has; been the guest of relatives. Mis-.; Ann McSwain has returned to IHT home in I'vlc'mplii:;, Teim al'Ur a visit with her parents Mr and Mrs. C. D. McSwain. J. A. Craig. Jr. has return, tl from Dallas. Texas whore he visited. lolauves. Mrs. Craig anil son u:a-y remained for a longer visit. Gene Hale and .sons. Gine Jr. and Fat spent Monday in Little Ivin-k v/.-cre they atlend'ei; tin.. C-ilo Lros. Circus. Oscar CJrei ubrrt; n f Hop- .spent f'uc.suay in l'n-:.,colt. i\lr. and Mrs. All.-n C.'-i- Sr. sjient i-'.ineoday mo! nini; in Hop;'. Mr. and Mi:;. IX.v.vy Waddle ' l\L-i-.:nniia h.ivi: bei-n ill" j;ui-::ts 1 rel.ilivi-s aud Iric.-iui... > > At all drug stores everywhere— in Hope, at Cox Drug € .?"" Jf"".**'.' \ N f"" , <? - "It fakes more than looks," ... how well you know! That's why these swank new styles come in such smooth fitting calfskins 'n' durable suedes with platforms leather-covered too! New copper, red, green-with-mustard, brown ... and you don't have to major in higher math to know all this is very smart doings at a little ., oc! r..y \ Use Your Choi-QO A:;::;oi;.-i Use Oiir \~* S' t J^v ,'j . m .'^5 COMPANY

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