Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1948
Page 5
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, \ *7 * Thursday, September 9, 194& HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS fei- Soviets Berlin, Sept. 8 —• Wi —Russian Runners and thrjir Gennnn police ludnnpcd li* policemen from western Berlin today al'lor the Soviet comm.'m fl a n t had ,«unn,ntecd them safe passage from the bc- seiycd city hall. The anli-Coinmimisl city council met again i n western Berlin am! roundly ileiiouiicfjcl liio police kicln;»)>iiii;s a:; a "violation of. the laws of humanity." The council deinandcd immediate release of (lie .If), and 1!) Olivers: who were hauled out of cily hall Monday after the Cnmniimisls broke up a couni 1 '! mv.elini!. City hall is in the Russian zone. German thugs" ot causing the city h;ill disorders.) There was no blockade, at city ha!! today, ten try ami way normal. Members of three non-Commu- j ni.st parties called a dcmonstra-i lion Cor tomorrow afternoon in ; front of the ruined iteichs'a;; I buiklint: in the British sector to' i protest Communist strong arm I tactics. ' ! The military governors of the ' Bi;j; Foiu' continued to he in an an- parcnt, deadlock over the 77-day blockade the Russians imposed and over the tangled currency situation which provoked it. A London foreign oi'lico report quoted diplomatic iii r ornianls as savin;,' the Hovornors of tho U.S., Russia. Britain and France have made little he-;>dw;iy. Unofficial reports in Tlorlin \v.?'re that the week of talks had stalk-d and the ijencrals arc awaitin;; huilruct.ions from their capitals. Fran/. Neunann, chairman ot n Police Is Prime Example of Cosfimimistic Tactics Now Time to Page Fivs '.y pEVVITT MACKENIE .P i ; o i'iici.1 Aff.vrs Ar.;:lys' ^'e have a prime example of. n:Tii-"isl. tactics the \vorid over ye.-;te-day's kidnaping, by Kuss;,Vj rjii'nir i s ,-ncl thetr (jerm.i'i e.o,- lico, of 111 western Berlin aiiot- the latter had hall in tho Soviet ;• in - ______ , ___ Are you troubled by distress of female functional periodic disturbances? Dons this mnkc you sutfer from pain, feel co ncrvotts, tired— nt such times? Thru no try Lyctlcv E. Plnkhiim's Vegetable Compound to relievo such symptoms. Pinkliam'3 lifts a eraucl soothiiu; effect on one oj woman's most important imja.mil !" ui L. a VEfiETAC.LE jf cu.pcuno ,, ,, J-inil/, l|l_l.41H(llll, ^IIUllJlll.lll \H. Col. I'rank ^Howley, American j the Social Democrats, called upon . "" '""' "' "•••'• " ' the "entire population of Berlin to I protest" the Communist actions. | "Berlin must become a city free O! fear and misery." lie toid tlie city council, "what yood are all the promises when, a.-; we sec in these Communisi actions. i.hnt, even the most primary of human riflhts are violated?" The v.-ral'i of tlie anti-Communists and western officials alike centered on the kidnaoin.:; of the 19 policemen, who had been on commandant of Berlin, called on Russian Maj. Gen. Alexander Kotikov. ft was believed lie lodged a general protest against the '"Communist demonstrations aimed at overthrowing the elected govern- ;ment. (Russian newspapers in Moscow accused "americans and He!p retrieve distress of MONTHLY 0 smasned tractors owned by so- called "rich peasants" in central Poland, and that fences dividing individual farms have been torn down in some places. Meet action .in e.o- j cammi.iccs have been sent. o:it to police '. spi ead the news arnonfi peasants the city (that their pro:'i.U'!ion must be put under a;on a common basis. And so it aie pas-.iioc.-i. j \uu wouldn't think the Commu- .: lice! maneuver was just asiiiisis would (iiire crack clown so and cold-blooded -v,s that. It .hard on liberty lovinj.; folk like the another .move in the Russian ; Poles, who time and a.",ain have foutiht lor their freedom! But Bolshevism i!i as hard-boiled as the devil himself. And c.ne suspects t':ia:t it is more, than a little worried by disaffection which has -- .... --- 0 , showing itself rnnonj; lli< jf the council. U. S. Secretary of State j campaign to unseal the j elected Berlin cily council >s anti-Communist. Tho i Berlin policy came .from the Amer- jican-I.Ji:itish-Fre.nfih /.ones and were present in shield a meeting : ',!.K'en Marshall takes IK; a step further by stating !hal the Communist attacks on the I Berlin city government are largely intended to upset talks of the I'•'••', Four military governors on the '-ir.si.v in Ihc .Soeiet-blockaded Gei-- i'n:;n capital. The secretary said the Berlin disorders have followed i i m-! e .uu i a lamili.-ir Communist pattern, and j Communism declared tha; the efforts to disrupt ' plenty of rope re taken from a the Lust;.;;arten, >!ochy from the city hall — in (he Soviet sector cl' French ]^,, only They wi convoy at few b!'""t wliich this divided, blockaded city As the 10 policemen and a German photographer were tumbled I into a Kussir.n truck to be hr.uied away a French o r fiecr protested I dial Hie Ru.ssk ns were "puil:n!< jsorne i'jr.ny business." 1 "You mean this is a plain dou- -- - ---- .-- duty j tho coherences" of the at city liMI to protect tlie elctedimust 1 JL - lirrn'v resisted B°.Y cr "'»'-'»l- I And why should the Bolshevists it. on disrupting the Berlin .ices? Because, as this co ::K poinlfd out before, ecun- n does not want peace. >f the fundament.;;! strn- communism's wo rlcl to ere.'.ile disordei e o satellite suites. Apropos of this Dr. Peter ZenKI. exiled former deputy premier of Chechoslovakia, who is nn\v in London, declares that "the pretense of unity in the Soviet bloc lias been shaken." However, it is the nature of Bolshevism that always it must proceed by strong arm methods, here are no half way -measures, is allowing deliberately. itself It will us. i:evo- and prog- o Par! U';;y of lution i despair. It never has made re;;s by peaceful methods. That's \vhy tlrs columnist been predicting that any arcortl re.iclie.-l bir\vc.-n Hie neris and the westoin democracies would be .•noreiy a truce to fjive the Com- Areos in ic?stern Aa - kaifisc~s Seek NcsturaS Gas ti n change to consolitiati 1 1S ,, L111 f.nins and prepare for fres'i !•,;,',",," iv.'S. Th'e e-irrcni. conversa- ! tere'-l ai the nig Four may result !| 1: ,,^ T- 1 sort ol agreement — '- 11 - 1 ' 'jnontl '1 n:ean lasting peace. How- • rj| 1p . t ei'i 11:01 ary iH.ece 'viay than no peace at. all — is it isn't, achieved by O;:eeo).;i, Sept. !! —;,?) --Municiii.il ,.. fieials from :?r, e::st Aryans;-.., [towns will jricet in u'c-st Memphis has i Friday to discuss plans for briny- ing natural ;;,-is to their communi- lic.:. Mayor Ben F. Cutler of Osceola, fhuinnan o! the east Aikausas iX'.'Hui'al Gas Consumers Associa- :r.c y-'Sterolay ei'i'orts to • in- distribntors in the pi'ojcct x:et; in progress for several i In- assnc; natural gas ...nil! undei '•A-: r brid.'H' is providin'.: us with .:ieiice of Bolshevist '.• Cemmnnists yesle proposes that a to Arkansas be tb.e neiv Al"-'s;r..-.ippi at Memphis, Tenn. r'nitefi tin- franchises r - lnvosii;jaln thn SPE.5R "V/qp.M coEaf-:oi' Beading Plan. COME If you have grains, BUY SPEAR EGG FEED Granuits, Pellets or Mash Form. Also available with built-in "WORM CONTROL". Feed half and hajf with your grains. If you have no :.:mj, BUY SPIfAH '•ALLA'ASH"2GG. FEED Granules, Pel. Icrs or M.ish Form. Also available wiih bnil'.-i-i " v/CPl?.I CONTROL" Feed as a Comphti feed. that Communist groups have 1)1" eio-:s, don't you?" asked an An:<;rican reporter. "Yes."- snapped the Frenchman. The German;-, 1 release from the encircled city hall had been negn- tiaii.'d hy Hie French. United Slates authorities are trying to reach the Kussian commandant. Maj. Gen. Alexander Kotikov to protest the. kidnapping. Official French sources also said they would protest. . . f'/P) — Viy- lice Serjioant. Tliomas Ford reported loclav Dale Simpson and 11. E 'Eddie) Miller have been booked en murder charges lor the fatal shooting of New Orleans Detective Nirhola:; G. Jacob. Si-np.ion. :>.i. O f Salt Lake City, Utah, and Miller, 23, from Monti- eeilo, Miss, surrendered meekly in a country store at Galvez La", yes lei day. The two had been the object, of a statewide search since the' shooting Monday of Jacob and the ab- Time will soon lie at hand to col- li'i't native cattails, flags and sini- i',;r glasses Irom swampy areas in Ii''m'\';!ead county for rush (or '.'..;>.ving this Winter. The material y'roiikt be gathered when the tips e,f Hades begin to turn brown, the t::uo of year'varying with the wea- itiv.'r f-.\\([ t!i-' section of tho country. 1 i rtain.e t'.la'ckw'ood. Uemiistead enmity iioirie- demonslration agent, • pi-.ints out. In' the Southern States Hie blades usually begin to turn brown during August. September or early .October. ! I'.lades should be cut, kept per. fu;lly straig'ht to prevent bending v-hieh would cause a break later, tied in small loose bundles and 1 fined in the shade. Turn bundles . frc;jnently while drying, she advises. Time required for drying will i vary from one to two or three ' \vceks. depending on the size of the : binid'es and climatic conditions. When thoroughly dried, roll bundles in paper to prevent breaking. Store until ready to use. j In preparing rush for weaving soaU the cured dried blades in f water from ij to 10 hours until soft ! enough to twist without cracking, i Roll in wet sacks or other wet rna- j trrial to prevent drying while ! \vorUing. j The leaves arc twisted together i to form n cord. The number of : Iwweci used depends on the desired j thickness of the strand. Two or | lli'.ve strands make an average six.c cord. Avoid letting one leaf twist around another. While twist- iv.g hold all leaves with t'ae same ; laiitness in order to avoir! a loose , uneven twist. Keep cord tightly : twisted and of uniform thickness. j Add leaves one at a lime as tho : onds get shorter. Add leaves in [ Kiel) a way that no more than one tiivcs nut at a time.. Conceal butt : end of new leaf three or four inches i tsml.-r tip of the strand which is ! ending. When weaving seats with rush fnsteu butt ends of leaves together. f.i(art 'the twist and tie securely to run;.; of chair. Twist as you weave. twisting only I'.l or IS inches at a I'ir.e as this amount will reach ;i'-'ross the average chair seai. Tims, weaving can be kept tight atifl even, ft' it is necessary to set the chair aside [or one or more d;',ys before completing the weaving, cover the woven rush with several thicknesses of a damp cloth to prevent drying. Tho test of good work with rush House Pullets Soon as Possible Says Home Agent House pullets as soon after they reach maturity as possible, advises Lorraine Hlackivood, home demonstration ngent. The stage of maturity generally is determined by the chicken's rate of production. When they reach about If> to 20 per cent production it is time to move them to the laying house, she points out. When birds reach this production they have received the maximum value of the range and. too. can be moved without as much danger from loss in future egg pio duction. If the birds are in "much greater egg production befou moving, the earlier maturing pullets are ai>t to false moult tnci v moult). Also, there is the added problem of training them to roost and to use the nests provided. Another .factor ;o consider is that pullets properly housed will generally lay at a higher rale than those turned loose or left on unlimited range. Since csigs are at their highest .price in "llcmpstead county at this time of the year, it will pay good dividends co' gel as many eggs as possible. o DIES OF KNIFE WOUNDS Texarkana, Tex., Sept. 0 —dT)- Lloyd Watson, 32, died of knife wounds en route to a Texarkana hospital yesterday following a fight at a sawmill at Corley. To\ District Attorney Maxwell Welch said a man had surrendered in the case, but no charges have bc«Mi field. o More than 50 cities in tho Un tc'd States are now carrying r,n anti-noise campaigns. is uniform thickness of cord and tightly woven product. All ends must be concealed. Hush seats should be shellacked or varnished as soon as woven.Two or three coals are usually sufficient. Apply the first coat while the rush is still damp. If shellac is used, the first coat should be diluted — one part, of shellac to one part of denatured alcohol. At least 24 hours should be allowed for drying between coats. Shellac for the second and third coats may be diluted slightly or may be applied full strength," she states. A belter varnish finish will result if the first coat is diluted in the proportion of two parts ol varnish to one of turpentine. The second coat may be the same strength as the first. The last coal may be only slightly diluted or used full strength if desired. Farmers Losing Much Cream in Separating Arkansas dairy farms using the water cliluter method for separating cream are losing thousands ot dollars annually, says Lorraine Blackwood. lionic demonstration agent for Hempstpad county. A recent experiment at the University of Arkansas showed a loss of l8'.-j per cent, or about one-fifth of tho bullet-fat in the milk, when water diluter separators were used; whereas only .43 per cent T • was lost when mechanical separtf* ors wore us,cd „* In addition (o a loss of butter-K fat, tho quality of the cream ,Js much lower wheic water diiutCTfl are u«rl..Mrs Blackvvood says. Farm families that are marke are usnd, Mis Blaclcowod sa^S ing cream aie mged to mcret their dairy income by using'me anieal sepaiators for most liable production keep cream' SO degrees I- arenheit, marhij cream at ledst twice a weefc, atlv use clean, slenle utensils in carirffl for the cream on the farm, she": vises, 0- u WjBjj Noise can raise biain presstf?$»5|J S3.000.00 ,.« R JS!, \\llh hP(t> Vrrs .\ilil'0 5 Thrill Paclted Performances WK». • TIH'BS. - nil. SAT. NIGHTS i SliNDAV AjivicuItiH'c Ivivcstock Toullry © P.-.lil)ils {•arm Implements C'nnniri): © nntliiiic. Opening "THE TEXARKANA STORY" A Pircml dcfirttlnr thf hi tone it proRic s of Texnrtann .during the, last 75 yuars '* ^1 1 ):.s-plfl.vs. fHZmaaunBtKattx^. l''IRK«'ORKS J Merchants Displays Art Kxhibits Photograpliie Shows Tducntional Di^nlnyi Holitiy Kxhibils •1-11 Club Exhibits ITA Clubs ExhibilJi »k ^b«l Thr QUft \MOSTFST J Tcxarkana 4 States Fair at Spring Lake Park Fairgrounds f\ Jll - nlj ' i'ov, jvionuay 01 dacia;> and til Details of.,.the American protest lctuc.1 ion of assistant chiaf of De- wore not disclosed. It was expected teclives John J. Jackson. Jackson to include a denunciation of strong-j was released near Gonzales s'ev- arm tactics of Communist rioters ;ral hours later, in city hall. I En route back to New Orleans Otli.-.ials at. headomirtors of Col. i with police ol'ticers, Simpson calm- Frank L. Hov.'ley, n. S. Comman- |iy veld of Jacobs' death. "Yes. I did it," he said. "I don't know why. I just loaded my pist.il v.'iih six shells from my bug, lifted 41111 and fired into the police- 1 didn't have anything h i m.'' . . .. Miller said, "I didn't "IVs a .D.rett.y shabby c'eal from shooting. It was all an international viewpoint." How-.fault." ie.y told c'0)'i e.sDondents. "but Die ! The shooting occurred o.:nit, said he was "trying to con- iae'." his .TJuysian counterpart. 11 was not leaincd whether this '-vo.'lfl be a joint U. S.-British-i my ; l'V.:i!ch aciion or whether each of man. 'ho three powers would protest | a gain; separately. do any Simpson's Miilt American people would be more'and Simpson, Detective Jacob and shocker! if they hadn't become ac-!Detective Joseph Tardo wore re- cus'iomed to Communist conduct [turning from Gulfport, Miss., the past. We now seem to have where the officers had arrested reached the ... v. r .-ilk stage in Berlin." pushing-off-thc-side- er on a theft charge sworn out by Simpson. 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