The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1934
Page 5
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. . II ON DAY, SEPTEMBER 2J, 1934 (AllK.); COUH1KU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line Tor consecutive inscrUons: A J' 1 "? i , jhv»< (Five average words lo a. line) One time per IHie 10 Two titr.os per line iier ctay .. Three times per line per day .. fiiv t lnip« tir»r lmr» twr rirw 10c 08c •mice limes i>er Jiuc per (lay .. Olic Six times per line tier day .. 05c Month rate i>er line HOC Minimum charge 50c , Ads ordered for three or six limes iind stopped before expiration will bo charged for the number of times the ad nppcared and miustmciit of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will lie taken for more than one Incorrect In- Kciiion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions take the one time rale. PffliLIPS 5 USED CARS " '?.'! 1'ONTIAC COACH $ 8[) '30 GUAIIASI 1'AIOi; SEDAN S !»3 '31 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $125 Ml! FOR!) V-S TUDOR'SEDAN $M5 '33 CHKVltOLliT COACH .... 5111) '32 FOItl) V-S !)E LUXE TU- • DOH SEDAN §3!5 TRUCKS anil TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TUUCK. 157 1 n c. h Wheel 1) use, I) u a 1 Wheels, Closed Cab $315 '32 FORD TRUCK. Closed Call, Dual \SIiecls $260 '29 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Runs Cowl 5125 KING II A M TRAILER. Dual WhccU, New Rubber .... $Z25 NAKORS TRAILER $38 •Coa) & Wood Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT 5TiiRNBERO'S GIN PHONE 116 QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, BUCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COALS 'WE SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS' -.(Idles SHOE REPAIRING & DYEING {lone by experts. Reu- oimblc. E, E. RiUcllff, Across Irani ilubuard Hchv Co. Parks Bros. Coal Co. PHONE Q77 FOR "Hi-l,o Alabama" "IJJack Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED CERTIFIED SARAHA COAL More Heat Per Found No Advance In 1'ricp £. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. I'lione 100 PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Ol'EN NIGHTS UNTIL, 0:30 Corner Waiaul & 1st SU. 1'nuoc SI 3 Ixeslauraiils See Us About Your Coul Blytheville Gin Co. "Radiant Aliibain.i" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 My Coal Is Black but I treat you while. Kill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - I'HONE 101 BEST COAL FOR^ MONEY "Acme Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" N. W. Trantham Coal Co. PHONE SOI Automotive All kinds paint and body work done, Cheapest priced. JOHN HEARN Barnctt Auto Sales Co. J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We recharge, rebuild all makes. .Generators & Starters Repaired. At.Tom \\. Jackson's Station ASH & SECOND I'hoiie 8 — Residence 2J7-W. WE SELL CHEAPER OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' SUPPLIES REPLACEMENT PARTS, TIRES, TUBES & ACCESSORIES Free Service Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive De|it. 1'liunc '170 llcst Ojsters & itivcr Cat I isli CbicKcn Dinners livery Day Jinimic O'Brien 105 b,-Second Real Estate Business Directory COTl'Dl! WEATHER STKil'I'lNG ^iavcs tuel at small cost. Ark'mo Lumber Co. WAI.I, I»i\I>EK IT'S BARGAIN TIME AGAIN .ii our Wall Paper dept. All 1SJJ4 paiterns must go. E. C. Kobiiison Lbr. Co. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc AMBULANOii 1'ljonc Z6 COME TO OBERST STORE CO. For alt Hardware &- I'^ccd. We specialize on IIAHNIiSS. Modcrnizo your country home wllli a Dciuiii!' WATER, r.yslcni, $10 UP. IIUIJBAUU IIDW. CO. (i-ck-10-G —Lowest Prices— SEK US FOR Farm Implements of ail Kinds COTTON SACKS WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SHELLS All Varieties Fall Pasture Seeds PAUL BYRUM Opposite Old PosloIHce Phone 252 Call 115 & as); for for demonstrations of Sludcliakcr, Tcrr»- punc, Hudson, \vill» i Ansltn cats. Schools SHORTHAND. Twcnllclli Century BOOKKEEPING and TYPING. Enroll How. Mre. L. M. Buiucltc, Phone 824-w. Taken U] I IIMVO lakeu up one red cow, 6 yrs. old. car tas P I2R65 u. S. Tcnn. 1934 and calf, 4 mo, old M my place at Huffman. Sleele Pce- 5 room HOUSE, right at, Jiigli schcx>I on side street. Hard wood floors and bath. 5650. Part cash, balance monthly. THOMAS LAND CO. FOR SALE G room residence on 1 acre o. grouncl on gravel, 150 feet o) concrete & city limils.S650, S50 c.ish —S10 a month. Too good to be true but it is true. Thomas Land Co. WANTED DO YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME? If so, see us at once. WE ARE SELLING THEM THOMAS LAND CO. Farms for Sale! Terras Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Caruthcrsville, Mo." FOR SALE 40 acre Ozark farm near town, small frame house, barn, running water, halt cleared. Price 5315, $100 cash, Balance terms. J. C. CHAPIN Manila, Ark. 10 ACRES, rich saucl loam" soil, one small liousc, 30 acres In cul- livalton. One mid one-'hnlf mile trom store, iiostofltcc, school and gin, V< mile from gravel highway. Trice $25.00 Per Acre 5 room BUNGALOW, two acres land, on Highway No. 18. Value $1,800. Our ]irice for quick sale ?1,000.00 Part Cash, Balance Terms W. M. Burns, Phone 212 Feeds, Seeds Save Your Money SEEDS, ALL KINDS OF FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT IN CAR LOAD LOTS. J. F. Livingston WHOLESALE & RETAIL Alfalfa and all kinds of Pasture Seed. Seed Rye, Wheat, Turf Oats, Red Rust 1'roof Oats, Turnip Seed, Mustard, Rape, Kale. Ml varieties Radishes & Spinach. BEST TKICES OBERST STORE CO,' Repairing 1'or Sale Ve ptit UANCINO TAI'S on shot's & also do c.xwil slioo ruiiali'tn's;. PROGRESSIVE SHOE .SHOP ' 103 S. Second Factory Authored) FKIGIDAIIIK SKUVICB Factory Trained MccluuMn. Day «7—I'hoiie—NJ|;W 3*1 K. H. GEE SALUS CO. 401 Muln St. W. J.KNOX Oi.e MULK. Wil K ,. .„. USKD-OAH. oilier stock also for sale. Charles Nash, dark & Railroad sis. Sl-pk-25 Youlli Follows Tradition (~ Of Famed Forefather st'f. Unisonal]))' Hon. Call 9au. HKTHLHHEM, I'a. (Ui' ) - Hill Wiindring, Junior ut Li-hlgh Unl- —. ... verslty, is following In the lool- antl drtfs-jsti-ps of ht s srcnl-grcnl-groni- Kxcelleut concll- Two MEN'S SUITS CHEA1'. Slue 38, Good condition. Call 930. ALL FIXTURES lu-longlng to (lie core, for sale eli.' BvamUntlii'r— Unhid noone, liontlersmnn, trull bluner inul shariisliootor, whose bleenleim.y will be celebrated «t Heiullni; oil , ^., JV( JVJ( a nit. UK nj>- Part rash, balance on monthly |wy-1- g rcstis o ls ' ulciicoeiseorinu in shootlii't nialelies held ' Hotel. John Thompson, 21|l ... FURNITURE ("or sale nf c7T.| Having tnartc all kinds of shoes | Kl 'i"»er residence, 1201 Clilcka- for ABNORMAL feet, can repair ' S1WU » Avc. — • shoes lo correct AUNORMAL feet.I' ~~ 20-c.k-Z-l Wanted •ASH paid for USED CLOTHING <k SHOES lo ship west. II. IjEIGUTON. 321 E. MAIN. Salesmen Wanted WOMAN to take orders for genuine Brilliant, and Kentucky COAL. Call 130. 2-l-ck-27 Position Wauled Will do STENOGRAPHIC trarl:' at night. Reasonable rales. Call 303 or 792. Personal 1'ERATANKNTK Wlicn science mnkcs them IxjlKT we will give our pnri. RAltltKTT'S BKAHTY SI.... COG North 5th - - Telephone Slid Dr. Ciildwcll otfice' over Unnnns Druff Store. Calls answered iluy or night, lies idcnce iilioiie 707, office 70S. AUTO C1LASS AltK-,M(> MJSlllliK I'HONE -10 ONK hand opcraled CALCULATOR. Call :ros'. oirii'c. MONROE at Meyer Nov. 2. Woochlng. incmbri' of iho Ui:- Wur InU'rnalloniil l!l(lo ie,iin, Is luviiltlng rcstiHs ol tils .-.^ In shooUnj inalclies held Camp I'cny. He reels «urc ilmll ho hit 400 targets out of 400. | Mri.' \Vlllln;n J. Vvtutirinii, Ills j mother, who before her miirmp.o \ was Florence lioone. clnlms lo tc ' i sixth (jcnerntlon dlrccl ilnnl ol (he liontlcrsman. , Sho tV.!::i'S her Jxms's sluiriK,hot)tlni; ciime to him "liunratly" rro.n HID ncmic-side of " Widow Spiders in . Kansas Many Years MN1IATTAN, Ktm. (Ul'l-Willie Hie ''black widow" siHiU'r luis unlived a wide decree of l!l-fnine only recently, nr. 1(. s. Kmltli, imrlmonl or Kiitomolmjy or Kun- Etulo collide hen 1 , says (he insect hus been more or ]«s cimi- ALLKY'OOI' moil -in KIUISIIS liiany jcai4 Tho tfi -of (ho 'blnck widow spldei,' us it propi'i'ly loiiueil, micly Ib filial, Kmllh says, "aildliie tlmt hu ne^cr hns hciivd of a vltltrti wlio reeeiveil "•oiiipt medical altentlon dying Smith says the hour-Blass spldrr Is not anyresslvc and that lew persons bitten bs .splcltis aie \lcllm>i of (his vnrlcts riltcs of any .spidci should .n«'lre»t«li>»'|tti no says, and In cmte i. ., develops a dootoi should 'b*' Holh the male and glass spldi'is jjjj VC ft 8l('!>t marking 'on tl, c „ . „ , Re * d Cot » l " W«nt Ad*, CLOSING OUT liecoiulltloiiecl electric refrigerators. Good condition—Successful operation GUARANTEED. Sines, from s cubic feel food storage space lo 12 cubic, feet. You may sec Ihcse units loday. li. «. GEE HAUiS CO. N N •107 Main St. ALLF.Y OOP/ VVItECr; HAVE VOU BE6N P VOU'VE HA'O US WORRIED COOk'OO, BUT I KNEW YOU'D COME BACK.' YEZZIE- I KNEW NOTHIN 1 CO HAPPEN TO MV .LITTLE WOOTIETOOT'S 6l&,HAN'SOMe j5VV Eet H EA RT / " KOO/Y'S TKLLIN(i OOP! POOR wooTiE, 1 SHE'S WSABLV BOV.SVILL SHE BE HAPPY T'kK w lwl COME 8ACK FOB HER/ AN 1 MY POOR THAT KING TUNK BIT, IS ALL WEa-». t CAN STANO UP AN' OIVE TH' BRIDE AWAY • Head Courier News Wiin't- Ads. manac: September %t WE'LL HAVE TH' WEDDING FOR cVETTiNfr VfRSELF TH' Atnerlcan jarisfc statesman, RIOHT AW/AY.' WAIT'LL ROTTEN BREAKS, YOU SURE . I &O TELL HER AN' <?UE£N MAV6 6CT JUST WHAT UMPATEEPLE — TWO UOOMB for ing. Willow & act the United States Supreme Cburt, en- Hn Mr. Marshall {.o as a Cti& I'ront DUDttOOM ndjoining bath. Close In. Mre. F. T. Elder, 'JIS W. Kentucky. 21-pk-iJ5 2 fvout liKDROOMS Close In. call 72-W. . . Ilardhi. 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. 1-ck-ll Some did experts contend Hint our digestive systems need lli hours vest put of 21 and Unit, one. goort Vance, 161G Short Walnut, corner I7IJi slreet. .flu kD-3I 'jinvila day Is sufficient. BOOTS AND" HER WllDIES ALl.'B XVHi.1. TH AT ICNOS WKI.l,! SOOVStQ. WE. 6t\ ^WtRt, aoovits. WE.'X.\_ wwre. 6NV tiOOOWt I.' V OONlT WOW To WMi\<. ARE CERTMNLY HWPEMMG AMD OUT ,W«rt KiO WOP?. Of WAV TO PfvWfe .TO ,Tt> ROMMVE ! ^ SHORT wt ^60 , CHKVSCtl AW NOW . nt VE>R '. T-OR. THE »IG I'AUADE! /fev | CET y HOT 2is6Ety DOG; APlECe'TO HCP COME OM, 80VS. [ TriATSlTBl,' HAKE H- SO, V fv)V STARS.' I \ WELL.BtJDD|ETY\yEA(4 BO, AND I'LL / 8EU6VE THESE HOP UMOHR/ GREEDY RASCALS IT. ^A ARECONlUGBflC^ MV STARS? MV STARS f SALESMAN SAM __ f OH, NIIGOS'H, CHIEF? LODKIT'TH' MOB ') WELL, IF THEV !, 0 ^ TH ' BOO T H WMERe ' /WAWTCHfl PWCHEp, MV PWfc PUPS/SOMErHlM 1 I'LL GONE BtOOE/? _ ^"~^ so VOU'RH TH'M^N WHO )(JOIO,WPHT n MINUTE SIR' LE £ T ™ P|VE f? 1 - 1 ^ />'» SORRV A5 HECK PER' PUPPIES, HUH? XflWTHlMQ THflTS HAPPEHEC, r— -\ AW I'LL DO ANYTHIMG TO SOUX1RG ~~^-v_, IT UP' SORRY? WHflDDfl VA MEAM. SORRY? YOUR. PUP5 WOM PiF«T PRIZE IN TH 1 DOG SHOW— IO fltJD 0 BLUE RIBBON ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS suppose i FIGURED DAD,1 WAS JUST 'THINKING (I X CAM TCLL FROM OPfeWING LIMES THAT THIS is GOING 7b COST ME MONEY....BUT GO AHEAP .'.' SUPPOSE 'i HAD A SMA'U CAf?,TO (3ST ME To AND FF!OM SCHOOL...AND SUPPOSED COULD RUM ERRANDS, V/ITH IT, AMD SAVE CARFARE, f OH,A V/WAT /j COULD Pick: UP IlilNB OP U G0 po- osl g A; TrEw ' JTELLMC'J VN AT JOHNSOS/r' " ° A V/AY To TIME AND MONEY.., WOULD YoU BE INTERESTED , • ./....VSRN V.' ./ BOOSHT ONE-PRQM 4ao.65' 1 ',,.ALL, 'TOO?

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