Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1948
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 9, 1948 "1 'walkout of 170 plant guardsi Britain ,'U the Uiitfr;.-: Mair.i'aclu! :n« Com-i 3. <•» O i-/-1> 'r«l!/-c pany in I^troi 1 , .as followed by a! «« *»'H el ' I OIKS .ii'm'^r v/ti rit t i-^lit. plants and a lay-i nn •>!! of :ri.n:i;i v.nrkeis. Tin- plants i SS^hJi'", 'cross" p^er, '•""«'.'!}: ^ « ." '^ ~ '>»<»" j;, (r .i- " o;:;; nntil.orl Russia sr>o is ready i/; opr n fonr-pov.'ej- t.-ilks on the fu_ Aoo;'t lil.llfX) :-moioyes .at Chrys- (,,,.,. ,, f li-,]v's pie-war colonies be-, r (. o.-p. r:i:d (..'my ,-;! Packard f,,,-,. Sep.-. If), the foreign office I Alhany. N. Y.. Sept. 9 —(/I 1 !—Gov. '.'•'ins'- o! a shoitaue ;.>>ii'>!aic: il today. j Thomas K. IJewey today won the ; '' ; ' ll( ' '"' ''o:nn!eie •[-),,, ,r,-, v , ; nriien',. disclosed its do- i endorsement of the executive hoard Io a Russian re- : of a major AKL union in his cam- DeweyWins Support of 'oion ms Pother Horsewhips Man Intimate With Mis Daughter f oite others from thei; in- '•'-.'( i e i;i >d '.< f },e ;n;,(.!e ;f fii'Hj'-Js botiiv rs in -tin f'-'ivn <if • !h'.'!.i!;;n!.i \vas ii-.ely •.-/! 1o ii 'he st.'ik" continue. 1 - 1 , in the The s'.> ,'ko >>y lhe nvimV.'! 1 !: of His daughter's screen name is Jackie Henderson. 'I did not seduce her," the 24- year-old Coatcs said. "There was willing cooperation." i > . , „ . , , Caro is accused of causing j. London, Sept. 0-I/TV-A wealthy C ontes "grievous hodilv harm." | m,porter was accused today of his , iuvvCM . :1 , kcd Ooatcs: ! who SOaW dn» intimacies xv^Mufc 1 "VouacluaHy thanked him after ja basis lor accord between opp^ of southwe:;; Arkansas importer's actress daughter, Jac-|- vou had been hll? >'"" |M1 lu s - lV ""' m: :u "'- ul °"- sS' Seorchers- Can Find Accord Soys Pope Plus Caslel Gandnlfo. Sop:, i) —(UP) —Pope Pius said today that the earnest ;;can.'hrr always could "Yes, Ijut more out of sarcasm >..>! meet here tomnrnnv in a : <J<-'olinc Caro, 20. | session .sponsored by the Federal 1 Coates. a former RAF officer, t "j. 11 ", '"'-^'ling else," lold the court Horace Caro < P JU ' C| - in reply Io a Russian re-: ol a major AI-'N union in his cam- ''""'"'" vu "•" ulc '• ul "-' i - ; ' . ." ':;'• " *"•••»-• "-•• """•'-' ]| nlied quest for sucii talks, delivered to ' pai;;n for the presidency. : J-anci Cank of St. Louis. About 75.i! ld , V'° , ''"-'n "°'' ii( - c f-'! r " ' '' is.r.i.n Ambassador Geo, i;i Xiu'U-; The board of the Building Service ' visitors are exi.eeted to aUend. ; ' ° U " W P nn '' clvrabte and ui'coptaule compromise. The pope spoke in French to 370 de!e:;n!( s to il'o interpaiiiainen- iry union ilurin:.; a Uvo-hour au- Sen. the truck- print supoli-jK of -'Kcw -York City's -H newspapers to ~a matter o.C day?.. ! , A sevei'.; coffee -siiortatie al,so!- JTf .. ' , '.". .'" '. • ""^ on i threatens the city ;•:, a r-v:-rjlt of the ! , L r nl [ ! ' fl , i ' fat " ;ris Assembly convenes j nine-day-ald tieup. the B'sooi- lyn j'-'-'f- 1 " •-'i Ch:iiiil-.(.-v' of Conlmerc! 1 i'epor'ed. i ; 7'ho newsprint situalion was d?- : U. 3. Roachcr; Agreement !:,cribed ;is . ";M avc:" by William! l V;i:-;hiimi<Mi. Sept. !! —i/l'j— See: Aiap-.-l. viee-chairmari of Hie I'uli- ; ''ela; y Marshall s.aid today an ' hsners Association of New York '. aiireeirent has been reached on ,....;;! -o suK;ys; a mec'linf! date, hlid'con'ferred"!^^'v^n'bewey^ 1 " "'V.T, "'.f^^:.!.:'" 0 ,,,^ 01 "?^; Th««l«P .•epresented theirs: outright endourscment of Dewey bv a major union. William Green. American Fedcd- eration of Labor president, has come out for President Truman, and a committee representing several AFL interanlional unions also Uianr'jj llcr'ul <jiiiin;<»i. c.r iJM-lal ;-,.i, jfiMtWies todii.;,-. jr,.l!,j ,- It : ',,rl ,ii/.--•.: H../I: >N HOFE AT UfdivOH UlnUG Th'.- Ihreat ol a mill'.' shorfane was lifted today when the striking A!''L r J'(,'iMisters Union a.-;s!f;ned :',2 drivers to trucks delivoriiiLj liber ard io the future of Italy's lire-', '.'»• colonies. He described it as ' bipartisan policy. i 1 ^ Marshall made lhe statement as |'• , .• ,, <; \\ ""V" "t" t l V L Ul'i.lLl UL l . TT • ., vi i -c T T n i fin "^ *i in ' ucc - blllon s ' llcl ' ,, DuUdiiw JJUl]ClH) ir "-mi,, i cr.ntainei r Some retail stores al-' .. ' u a ne\vs conference the: "We believe that Governor Dew- probably will reply this 'ey has shown himself to be a wi.se v/sxjii n,.~*, |OULL EN.JOY SHOPPSMG "'a* - . . ........ - ...... ,_ ..... — ialloriioon to Russia's proposal fori ; 'ud able administrator of public ..,_,„,.._!*...«..».„.».<» : four-power talks before Sept. if, : affairs and that his calm s|,renK!h : coneeriiinK the former Italian pos-J v -'i'l replace indecision and jittery t PTTJIfP »..«. 8 IU<wE; Lorrje Firm No. 1 Red Head Ibs CABBAGE c Lii^S* Sj Bunches ^ it t*^< r- i Vi •• s n %\c-.' /* '^ ll V. L*-l ii U Sine \ .K, C- ^f-PECTi ROAST POPULAR BRANDS Pkg. A^. li \5* BEEF AN!) PORK Fancy SSRLO3N STEAK Ib. 85c Fresh Ground : BEEF lb. ^c POPULAR BRANDS lb, >4c ranco American , .. .can !5c .;. can 57c 'ed ScJckeye • . SALMON .....; can 85c Velch. , JRAPEJUSCE . . . qt. 5Sc rELLOWMEAL . . pkg, 18= DUSTING PAPER . roll 42c ' Nlitrcna DOG FOOD .... 5 Ibs. 69c FRUIT COCKTAIL No. 2A con 33c Gold Dusl CLEANSfe'R 3 for IQc Cooks Kill BUG SPRAY .... pint 59c GODCHAUX lb. Bag Phone 266 GRO. J MKT. Delivei ; sessions. ' M;il ' Hh:llr ' ; of bipartisan on '° irresolution in government lairs." Tc ^ Dow- ; . - ,-T .--•-.,,,*.* 11 ,. t , j lv , li i j (i L ; J. ; j L * 1,0" 'l H l. M_M I f I LI !.*(-', I ( 11 <J (. LJ(. \V- ' 1 be done with the Italian'ey in his Labor Day proclamation • 1 ;Cf!li;n;es ]ironi)jted immediate .spc-jhad clwnonslrated 'that he was 1 ! | dilation. "fully cogni/.anl. of the aims and ! t needs of the workins man and I I PERFECT GRADE S | 1'ayei.icville. Sept. f) —M 1 )—Tl I woman of the United States x x."i| reel McFoliirlfie told a news confer- i J sUclonts in the University r,f Ar- ! t ' IU ' c , ho , w ', s sure _ that the scnU-;». '.T'lis;-.;- College of Busness Acl-i ! me!)l , °' h , ls ,»'»"" ^ executive ' [I •"n : stra'.ion made pearfect K rades i t>0 ? 1 ' d . I-cflcc f the Icchng of the , ij ";.r:n;. Hie HHm.nei session. Dean Ull '°" s ^cinborship. | '^'••-•.1 \V. Mdan annnMnced to;lav. I In , ;l •s-iternen issued after his 1 Thev ;,,-.. Wanrn Elwvn Glo-;scm ll""^'^"^ with the union officials , | o ' ' Drc - v said: . Charlie W. Dunn ! r..; ;l rkr:na. and Lindsev Hu«h I »"? deeply gralilied by this i !v <prcsslon ° r confidence by one of , lv!w::icls of Gentry. Forty-one , |JliJh:il " n ol conticienco by one of, $ others v,"ro lisicd on' the college's i Rreatcst unions in America." i | honor roll. ' i Hal! of Fame lor Great! -j;-'•');: ;:; on the campus of ! Yo v l: University. ! Applies. ; C'o;;st refinery strike : Hearing rsoner . " HU| v -'f' ( - o; ' sl relmery strike Indianapolis. Ind Sep 1 !) --I.'P'— 5 1:11 '•' ••••'•!• ihei" wa.-, a cau-.Kius • A second e<tradilirii h-.-ir'"'-!" \,.'-, s n' le !), ( ;,),i::i,:.-::-i : .!!;-r !u ",'ot'.-.lion j scheduled before Cov Ralph F -•'•-'--is '.V! ,i one.- o: lhe six major ; Gales today on an '\rk-iiis-is re' V/or;^'s"uni;,;;: :: aml Ul ° C1 ° ' Oil j& f °'' Uiu rctlll '» ^ a convic'Jd A state conciliation supervisor! At Municc yesterday Circuit .'e-'dy h-ive been hit by the pinch ; Jud«e Joseph Davis rule'cl that the sairl alter a meeting of union and i principal. John Ware, a <ni-year-ol(l Shell On ropi'escntr.tives "the pos-j Negro is not a ' fuUlive! lie ;-:,ii!iit:cs .to.- a seUlemcn; this week iordere:! Ware's release in a -Me..more favorable than at any'habeas corpus action time sjnce the strike started (Sept. Ware was convicted in Ouachita '' llu> uth "' Companies have I county. Ark.. 10 or more years: a;V () •\i ., i 'i ' "" "^ ""• i n ^ n( -' Claying cif a white' frarmeV ..•leanwiuie, proe.ram.s wereii-i-, , vas sentenced to life imprLs- Tiie"" was o-ie ••Irik-e settlernent- ^"-^iii"» vjai.es once granted Th, CIO UnUcd^il^cal Wn^ F^ 8 " 1 ' 1 '?" "»d then withdrew the .e'-s \vithdrew piciie.t; iiij ; o.s from ...„ , '" order. : 't.!'.tcy riis -Krie pl^ivV/ fin t\K vans\'illc. i'!nrl.. :;-,! ikebounrlj/ynjci.h'Muly -}JO in | a dispute over a j\V\vi cpptract. Thei normally mfjlbyes about 111 SheSby Murder / Succumbs six iVluiiiK-apelis and St. Paul flour ,. , . mills. The Association of Ameri- , Memphis, Icnn., Sept. n —,vi can Uailroads immediately de- jv 0 "" Ware, the Negro who t'iyured dared an embargo on freight ship-j" 1 -^nelby county's famed "Ash- n-irnt to the 11 .mills. l 01 '"^ murder trial, died here yes- The urain handlers, members of ip, y the AKL American Federation of i ^"I'ce times Ware and E. E. Ash- Grain Processors, have rejected alfj'' alt f ere convicted of slaying recemmendation of a governor's I '• Il ' s - Ashcraft in 19-11. Three liVnes j f:'.el-!'i:idiiu' :.-oard for a 12 1-2 cents; 111 -' verdict was set aside by a hourly wane boost. The union orig- I'.^Sher court, twice by lhe u' S inaliy ashed 57 cents. Present r^ ur j?,"''" c Col "'l. tiL-Hh'.; range from !)7 cents to $1.4'.!!., • Ul , t; - v wel ' c declared innocent in houl , . the fourth Irial and were released i J line / HMO. \\ ,'-, S '' I V'fTV X-" *r« ^'--RU \vytC Hope's Newest n end Most Moderr Department Store New York to Get New Fire Alorm System New York. Sept. » —i,l')-~ ,\ no\v fire alarm .system de- siKni'd to case the strain on the .Kindled nerves of city firemen Hoes into effect today. Formerly, every alarm-- an average of 250 a day —.sounded in every iirehousc, with (he lirebell clanging an avenuv of BO times for each alarm. Thi:; clanging, the department said, has been a "decided factor in the high rale of cardiac and hyperten:sioii cases amonn firemenx x x." A new .selective transmission hook-up, io be used only ,-it nighl until te.sl.ed. will restrict the fin-bell ringing to stations in thi 1 /.one where a fire is reported. September '!£ Proclaimed Air force Day / '1'i'iimaii u -(ay proclaimed ^epl. Ill a.s air force day in iribul. 1 ID lln- men and v-'umen v.'ho have "ci'iili-jhuleil to the growth of •American air jnn\'i'r." Air Force day has been obser\ed m the pa;;i un Ant;. 1. The dale i ill m i I i poki'sman said, 0 i m S i l s the lirM ;,n ): . vi-rsary ni the creidi^n of independent air lorce under ibe nali .'nal i ibl \ I ibli hment. \n I m n 1 -o na:m d Col. 1 l i i'd t li i in in in a four-year 1 o i thi i i .jnde,e advo'cate ' Dones Say Red Planes Violate Rule 1 ' i idwre. Building i no t ' i nuai k. Sept. i) I) i n i il anthiiritie:- :-,-,id t I 1 in planes \ iohiii-il i 1 i :iay in ligm.; nl! ' i ' u m tile Haiti.', ;,nd ill ' ,'. over a iiuii! :, i t I 1 i I'lelY. crn.-: M i| lhe 11 ' i i i U liie naval au;li..i i a i 1 i i iiccupu. <1 1 '. i e> \~ 1 1 MU i Un.' sjii'ing n: !!M'> 11 i in i In ul HI moiuh.- . Tie.- ill i ' i i i i in the .spring in n i i n t 1J U. ailer ix-pculc-i J i n i i U t Several Brands Priced at. aiways priced at... !jj. Hot-Dated and store-ground, Spotlight's flavor and fragrance are up,- niiilrhecl by coffees ground weeks before yon buy. OH EVERY POUND -,«$• 1 !' arc Jimo to , 5 of roner Coffeo if v/e F&l fro" Say "Thank You'"' Alierf Set-'v.'nca You loai Isc.'i 1 Club Cheese Spread. For Delicious Sandwiches 3 ib. •I'm For Cakes, Pastries and Frying No. 2 *)'"* "" "" " "" Packers Label. Good Qualify ibs. Margarine. Spreading Texture rEI4J Can Green Giant. Fine Quality Avondale Whits Cream Style Kroger Fine Breakfast Food 18 02. Box Clover Valley 1 lb. Jars Cooked Ready To Eat i'HK3?fl!u..-. • .-•*'; ..,*•• • ;.•".».'. niVHi Swift's Famous Sv/cci' Rasher, Fine Flavor § E^sai*L,5 ib. Cuhahy Purilnn. Cooked Ready to cat Steak iece D« Cuclahy hlickory Smoked. ;7c Ton Grade Baby Bcof u Economy orand. Fresli. lender >ry M2i lb. l.'aci-n. Slieai; 'O Lc-an lift Bonelobii Fillets. I ry Golden Crown Ripe. Fii:u. Golden Boi of the Highcsf Quality III, Oranges of the Hi^licst Quality ft b. Baa .We Largo, Plum, Sweet 1 . Fine Flavor Delicious %! i v « | White Variety / ||J\ s £ii* Juicy Molaoas. Fresh t&r ,n HI lima to 1^". J il ''fig y •'tut.l i) XM' i fa- ^ "' t -"i«.'-'??; \ontc)<((ls Fill """-•-,..,„ d!li_' < —L i oui i iti\ with these """---. loan In i wholesome foods for lunches and for quick after-school snacks. Get these foods now at Kroger values to cut the cost of living. i' Bwttcr is."i rr.'.er. .'deal for .snacks, Moft-'s JoUies T Assorted .Flavor.'-'. Pure. P <"£ V-^> L-' c t"il 2f .o &«wi y 'v- !i ui^ M .1 vw Cherrv Fud.ue Golden Layer Kroger Brecsd St.-'.vs Fresh Longer Desscsl's g Kropx-r Assorted Gelatin 1 Soiad Dressing ( Embassy. Gives Sa!.\:lr, Z «*! C| , Ita loaves 43e Kroner. Pure and \Vho!esonn;. Orasiae Jiigee '' tfi " z - 9^?^ **^ c n ri tcji tv^y k ij; Kroner. Full of Vitamins Peaches ,, „., ^f|<-* .Kroner Halves or Slie^-^"' 11 ^^ 1 ' Fruit CoekioJi .^^ ^9o Slokel.y's Finest. Fine DcsseVt Nabisco Gs-oha.ms ]6Bl( ';; Hone;.- iVIaid. For Quielc'SnackV" f^""—"-••nil-Ti-irj Makes Fine Salads a, «s=% 43 c Made To Stop B. Q. i U bars u Soop Sweetheart Baih Size Soap Regular Size .£* bar;; ; ) *' )3 K rolmohve Boyqyet Cjtialiiy Baih Soap oars Super Mid^ l-gc. ^s Box F,'* * /i'J;- S i ^ a (, ' Household Licenser - * ,/

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