Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1948
Page 3
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^Thursday, September 9, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS .<'J! 1 Page Three s >| Phone 1268 or 126? between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Clubs % Social Calendar Friday, September 10 j J'TA Fchnol of In-:!n.irlion will meet, at the Metlmdis' church at 0 a.m. Friday, Sept. ii). Monday, September 13 ','"• The Wosleyan Service Gnilrl w'.ll Jneet Monday. Sople^'icr I: 1 , .'it eight, p.m. al the home < "Bon Edn.'in.-.'i.on. "Mrs. I; . I . !-!'-o::fh •%il! Rive a book rovkv.-. Ail inor.-' hers and prospective niemlr ;r, arc 1 ift-ged to attend. Th;>. bride, riivr-n in rnn'Tingo by | he: 1 bri»ii>or-i>i-l')\v. \\':i:; lovely in j hi-r woddiiii'-; gi'.w.i of v/hilo slipper ! satin, tier finKr-r lip veil of il- j iit.-ut'ii (••.'' Ji'oiii n ii;ira of carnn- j liens. Si,'- carried ;> colonial bou- j 'p 1 : 1 o! 'AliKe en niii ( ion:;, ller-only orr.i'i.ieii was ,i triple strand of p( iii'ls. ;',;t"l of her sister. Mr/;. Ch.'irie;; Alibnll, served her .' . . , r si-I'.".' n." riiativin of honor and **"_•/ v. ore; ;i p:d.' blue s:itin ;<own with "•;' n , a co!'.';n-;'.' of pin'; oarnnlidiis. .Toe Todaro. brother of the •idr:'.roon'. served ;>~ host man. Iminedi-'iely following the c;>re- ... . . ~ " ". 1r i mon;/. a reception V.MS held for the Wednesday. September 15 ! ]inntl , fr ,., t ,, j. Ul ,;|; ( , s ; ,,,,i ,, f[ ,,,. closc , Iho Azalea, hi ne. In:;. I^e ; r , ie ,, r , |; . Thl , b , idf ,. ;; ,.,,,,,, f . nv . ;.nncl Gordenia (..ardon Clubs ol l.ns;,, n , tl ,-,;,,, , ,.,,,,., ( ., nth ., , [ , e ,,, e| ,. :City will have n .joint Innel,eon .-, • ( . (1 v - i(h „„, ,, m ,.,.,j, M . ( . f , wofl(i ; ng ;the Barlow Ho,el. yvo-inos.-ir,...- n , -,.,,.,., , uiTolmd ,. r , , vUh i,, icUll f| 0 , v . ,12:30 p.m h,s w.ll be 1,v. ; hrr; „,., .„„, ., 1 ,,, )1 .., N ., lh mima(m . c ™ cet ;! 1K .."L iho ... n T , yi V 11 ' .''"'.'' ; '!' bride and .mom. After a hnnevnioon in New Orleans, (ho couple will b:.' at home nl 2001 Highland Avenue in | Shrevcport. ^Beauty and simplicity inar!:cd , !fric weddinfi Sunday, S?ntr;nb(-r ."i : Girl or. out Community : at fi:30 p.m. of Miss Pe^i'y .Te,-'n ; Committee Mot Wednesday • Rogers, daughter of Air. and Mrs. ' The Girl Scout Community Com- jRoberl Rogers of 400 North i'"or;;n- i mil too held {he firs', meeting of .'son Street of this city and Tony i -ho yenr at Hope City Hall. \Ved.-Todaro of Shrev.'pnrl. T.a.. , n.-.-sday mornm-.- at ten o'clock \vi v 5; ;: The double rin.r?; ceremony v:as : Miss Mablc Kihoridue. council read by tho Hevorond ?.Ir. P!.-ii:rh ; ch:iirm.-in in charge. lurs. Ether- ill the homo of the bride';; s ; "t'M'. i H'.KO opened the meetinr* with ;' : 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Abbott. ! pr;-y;r.' ' 2327 Portland Avenue in Slirrve- I 'Bii;-inoss reports \vere heard .•' ; Port. from Mrs. V.'c. Crow. Mrs." Leo '•'members are un;cd to • Rocjcrs-Todaro Wedding Solemnized in Shreveoort a^f±ss^fXi.v-iysn^ RslB I FEATURE? — 2 - 3:^3 - 5MG - 7:39 - 9:29 FILMED !M CINcCOLOR G4RST P.SHDSAY . •• - . f -i j j ••;.. 2 -i ;•. •• j 1<" t. v a S '-} r" PLUS — HEWS — MARCH OF TIME FEATURES — 2:35 - 4:40 - 0:44 - 8:48 Ths Howling Broadway A \ Loagh Cyclone 2 & :; '-Pft|! ..^r/^i'f^ isSaMlsi'ii MONA FREEMAN • EDWARD ARNOLD ^i^^^^^-^^ *P^-PUNTr r,...~. m^m^Smf' '•: ^SMf 4 vfo'/e* AND Stepping smartly ir.to roll, blending charmingly with every fashion . . . PET-O'PARIS and ARTISTYLE soft, ;,o!t susrlos and calf . . . marvels of r.ecaiiv. i_orniort and quality with Q trim and tailored 1-i-jk. Ton: Had, --,uv;!.; t\v><,vrup snndal v/ith . i 7 f f |Rf W. y, •.•£•-*? ff *% ^f s ir^i S >SU.:!,'y — DCJM'S — JVUiSSiiSiSS 115'S. MAIN Shoes — Hosiery — Bags ' Green Laseter "Family Night" for Green Las- t-tor Home Demonstration Club w;is n great success. The families of the Green Laseter Community met Friday night. August 27. at Fair park for a picnic. About thirty-six attended. There was plenty of food and cold drinks for everyone. After the picnic Mrs. Martin showed several films of rodeos and of her home which were enjoyed very much. The meeting next month will l>c held at the home of Mrs. W. Honca. September 24. By EDWIN Written for P. JORDAN, NEA Service M.D. The round-shaped iris is a mem- Indians Rate laney'sTeam Pretty Low Lander, Wyo., Sept. !) —OP) — Colorado marksmen were vic- itorious for the second straight |year in Wyoming's fifth animal [one shot antelope hunt. j Gov. Lee Knous and his crew of |hunters edged out the host team I yesterday, although both Colorado land Wyoming each scored throe kills. Arkansas, led by its Guv. Ben Laney, came in with two. The judges awarded Iho victory trophy to Colorado becan.sc ils kills wore made earlier in tho day than those registered by Wyoming. A protest by Wyoming, based on the fact one hunter wounded one of the floel pronghorns. was Uirned down, Gov. Lester C. Hunt of Wyoming Downward Price Trend on Some Items DOROTHY DIX Traits of Good Mother ed a food Considering that the most im- i portanl thing in Ihe world. to i every man who has children, is j the way they turn out. it is niiin;:- in.u how little thought and con- men tiivc to the kind a jjirl will make, that as lh^ mother is. the children are, ninety-nine limes out of a hundred, for in her hands lies the moldhuv of iheir wholesale priee in- ' characters. The Rehaviensls tell at ils lowest level I us that by the time a child is By United Press Butter, beef and lamb 1 downward trend in retail . prices (luring the past month, drop- ! sideration pine, more than five cents per| l ''f :> mother 'pound on (he average, a survey of! Men know ton cities across the nation showed ' t^nch fheni H" doeon't corl^fdef v.-h.it riirilifiCtition.i^ she has foi* ir.olheihood but this is what ft£ should keen i'i mind above all else. _^ (Rclva^ccl uv Th" Boll Syndicate, Inc i ,' survey Was prompted by n i brane in the eye which contains ! presided at a banquet last night coloring matter. This coloring mat- j following the hunt, and presented is what decides whether a 'the victorious Colorado team the ter person what decides has "brown" or becomes in is spoken of be acute or eyes. When the iris flamed, the condition as iritis. Iritis can chronic. The principal symptoms of iritis are pain in the eye, sensitivity to bright light, watering of the eye and interference with vision. The pain can be severe and is likely to be worse at night. The eyeball may bo tender to touch or pressure. In acute iritis. the symptoms lend to be worse than in tho chronic variety, but recovery usually con.es more rapidly—perhaps in a few weeks. When proper treatment is begun early, the iritis "blue" (trophy. It was received by honorary team member Edgar Bergen, who failed lo connect with his one shot. Gov. Knous, last of tho three Clooradans lo score, was honored |in -an Indian tribal ceremonial. jHunt and Laney. bolh of whom (missed their shots, wore put with the squaws and children. Each contestant of the five man team from the three states had one shot lo bag a pronghorn. Game wardens accompanied each group to see thai the rules were observed. The Arkansas group bagged Ihe antelope three hours after sotting out but failed to match or beat can clear up comioletely, but com- the other teams. Charlie Cook and plications and tho possibility of chronic inflammation are unfortunate possibilities. Cause Is Obscure Iritis is something associated with rheumatism, diabetes, tuber- | culosis, syphilis, or injury. Often, disappointingly, no cause whatever can be found. The search for infection elsewhere in the body must be carried out painstakingly and thoroughly. The eye itself requires highly skilled treatment, including the use 01 drugs, heat applied locally, rest and protection from light. Sometimes a method called foreign protein therapy has been found helpful. This consists of injections of some protein substance, such as boiled milk, which pro- j duces reaction of the body, usual- 1 ly with fever. This seems to stim- ! ulate resistance, and often has a favorable effect on the iritis. When anything goes wrong with the eyes, diagnosis and treatment should not be delayed, as the risk ot permanent damage is grave. Lloyd Godley chalked up for the Razor-back State. 0 Note: Dr. Jordan Is unabfe'to answer individual questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most frequently asked questions in his column. Two Injured in Mountain Home Explosion Mt. Home, Sept. 8 — (/P) — Two mon wore injured today in an explosion that wrecked a newly- completed building here. Fire fol- owed the blast. Ed Acres, contractor, suffered crious burns and after emergency treatment, \yas hurried to the University Hospital in Little Rock. "im Casebolt suffered a burned irm. Acres was inside the building Casobolt outside; when the explosion occurred. Tho cause tentative- 'y was attributed to leaking gas limes. The building, which was to louse the public school cafeteria, was destroyed at an estimated oss of $5,500. There was no insurance. Tho newborn young of a kangaroo is about the size of a peanut. yet may grow to be more than six feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. QUESTION: Is it injurious to the health for a person over 60 to take a package o£ gelatin twice a day for that "empty feeling?" ANSWER: This is an unusual treatment for hunger. The satis faction received is probably due to a clislenlion of the stomach, do not know of any harm which would result. Body since April, should bo reflected in lower retail prices. nun Bradstrool reported that its wholesale price index dropped to Sd.i'li! for tho week ended Sept. 7, the lowest level since April ^7. Tie price drop on butler was uniform across the country, the survey showed. Each a doc-line close lo 111 per pouiul average. Tho average drop of T) 1-2 cents on roundstoak was not del in all cities. Detroit reported a drop of Hi cents from 05 cents a pound on August JO to 79 cents today. Now York showed no change with roundstoak remaining steady at i)9 cents. Los Angeles reported a four conl raise in beef prices. Lamb chops prices showed the same tendency as roundstoak, Clucluating widely across the nation but showing an average drop of 5-1-3 cents for tho 10 cities. The survey showed no change in the average prices on sugar, coffee and flour during the thirty day eriod, August 10 to Sept. 9. Tho wholesale prices of these commpd- Bradstrcet to have dropped during the last our weeksf. Mrs. Volma Perk, an Indianapolis housewife who slartod an organized revolt against high .moat prices, accused grocers of deliberately raising canned fish prices to force homcmakors to buy meat. Retailers checked by the survey said their price changes merely reflected (he change in wholesale prices. Some dealers that they had absorbc-cl some wholesale price raises since August 10 rather than risk customer ill-will. Retail meat dealers said they thought the decline in meat prices as due to the slack summer demand. Wholesale moat prices al the Chicago market held steady despite the light demand. The International Harvester Co. at Chicago announced its third price boost on farm equipment in a little more than a year. The price raise on farm tractors would average nine per cent, the company said. —o three years old its life pattern ir set. and that not a great deal .• the mother can be done after Ihal lo change • children to it. Certainly our o.xporionoc bears this- out, for everyone .if us knows thai in tho crises of our lives we are not guided by our reason or our philosophy, or by Iho logic UUIILI>, LllUi ,.,, ., ,. ' nr i- . 1 city showed of tho situation. We are motivated e 'five cent I ' )v " le things that we learned at our mothers' knees and by the instilled by in us in Jitter, That Is Brisbane — (fP)— Milton Mitchell, 21, a local rug-cutter, says ho holds the world jitterbug endurance record. Milton danced non- slop for 24 hours, and tired put 5G partners. He wore seven pairs of socks, four pairs of shoos, and had his legs massaged four times without missing a step. By Elswyth Thane Copyright by Elswylti Tfiane—. DislribJIeJ by NEA SERVICE. INC oy of Chinese Official to Be Cremated Moscow, Sept. S — (/P) — Pravda announced today the cremation of Gen. Feng Yu-Hsiang, China's "Christain general." Moscow papers previously reported his death in a fire a>o-"'d the ship Pobeda cnrcute from New York to Odessa. Pravda said the body was i brought to Moscow for cremation 'at <he request of the general's wid: ow. ; The paper said Gen. Feng was ! 'feorded military honors. , C'ompton, and Mrs. Harry Shiver. I H was announced that all Scout Troops and Brownie Troops are 1 ready to resume their year's work. | Tho f.ittle House also is in order. A letter from the National Head'. quarters of Girl Scouts was read. Several new nro'ects for the year I were discussed. Plans were made • for the Court of Honor. i Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith and daughter. Katherine Leotice of Okay have recently moved and are now domiciled at 20G East 16th St. THE STORY: Dying in the Indian desert. British secret agent Hilary .Shcnstone feels a desperate need to get'back to England and to Nuns Farthing, his family home. He doesn't know the house has been let and that dreamy. 17-year-old Subrina, whom iic. has never mot. has adopted his old room and eagerly awaits his return. Hilary does return to England and to Nuns Farthing—after death. At his club he hears his death discussed, tries to join in the talk but can't make anyone aware of his presence. At his mother's town house, it is tlv.: n i same. Only at Nuns Farthing does Mrs. Pilton, the housekeeper, seem to know that Hilary has come home. Hilary first discovers Sabrina asleep. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Reed and family and Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Jluctl and family have returned from a three weeks vacation visit with Mr. Reed's mother. Mrs. I. N. Williams and Mr. Williams in i Vallejo. Calif. While there they attended the Tee Follies of 1948 in S:m Franciseo. They i'lyo visited Major and Mrs. Albert Vandcrbura :'nd fam.ilv in Toole. Utah, neico of Mr. llnett, and Yellowstone National Park in Montana and Wyoming. Mrs. Emma Hurley and Mrs. 'mi.-' tnn'.;Mi fif Memphis, spent Ihe L.-ibor Day holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wannack. H;>!e riai'iuim h:iu returned from a visit with his r.». Uier in Union City. Indiaija. XVIII Sabrina woke to a darkened room, but the edges of the curtains were gilded with sunlight. Her bedside clock said 10 minutes to 9. She slid out onto the floor without slippers or dressing-gown and went lo pull back the curtains. Tho garden looked delicious in tho morning light. For a few minutes, kneeling on tho window .seal with her elbows on the sill, she wondered why it felt, like such a special day. Then she remembered t ii o dream. But the more she tried lo cap- lure the dream again, the more elusive it became. Something about his coming back—yes, that was it. She had dreamed he was here in the house. Perhaps there and Mrs. P. A. Rike, Mr. M>-.s. Charles TJil,-e and Mr. IVIiK. Hiirloy Koklov of St. s wrc the week-end guests [-• ' P. A. 'Dike's parents. Mr. Mrs. V. B. Ward and Mrs. ' Anderson here. Notes Julia Chester would be a letter in the morning j pared to .sec- port, for Father, of course, to sav ' ' ' he was coming down to fetch something he had left behin-1. Or perhaps a car would just drive up and a strange man would gel out. and that would be—oh, what was his name! Or perhaps— The old magic reasserted itself in Ihe same absorbing game. He would come back. She would see him—speak to him, at last. Cold water on her face, and the commonplace details of dressing dimmed the dream still more. But the feeling of expectancy persisted. Something had brought him suddenly nearer. Something was different. Something special .... boiled egg and two pieces of toast, well-buttered. She decided against a second cup of lukewarm tea when Aunt Effie left to do tho ordering and Father escaped lo his study. She drifted out lo the garden. The snap-dragons were blooming at last. Pale yellow, peach and pink and dark crimson, they stood in sturdy ranks along the border. She bent and pinched one to make il gape, detached a full-blown bloom from a pilhir rose lo pull through her belt buckle, and glanred up at the windows of the L-shaped room as she always did from thai part ofjSepl. tho garden. They were closed, of course. All Ihe bewildered mistrust of the room which had come upon her in the chill "gray twilight of her last visit had vanished over night, and she was able now to lay it to the weather, or to her illness, whatever it was. coming on, The rain and her own feverish imagination had tricked her. She t'elt. ajjain, and welcomed, the old familiar fascination. She must go up there, at once. The room was lonely, and must bo aired out on a dav like this. In tlie long, sunny room at the top of the house he hoard her feet on the stairs. Then the door opened and she came in, wearing a blue dress, with a rose in her belt—taller than he had expected, and too thin. He stood up politely, beside the window seat from where he had been watching her in the garden. He was not altogether unprc- her here, for he had f- n h i .-i iseha C. l..-;ike. Camdon. r:i. M. Cantley. Hope. | i'--d: " ' i HI. 1. Ross- I I Mr-- \V. F.. Sisson and little i :n Hoi-..-. Mrs. HoiiK-r Simmons. Lewis- Mrs. Joel Brazzc-1, Buckner. Father and Aunt Kffie had nearly finished breakfast when she en- | ! tered the dining room. I \ "Darling!" cried Aunt Kffie in ! astonishni'Tit. dropoiim the "Ex- ' j press." "Yon shouldn't have got; \ out of bed without lotting mo know! But how well you look this morning!" "I had a lovely slt'eo." said Sabrina. wi'h a secret smile for the dream. "Nobody ooul.-l stay in bod on a ivii-inlin'j lik<- this!" Siie kis.--,ed lem bmli li.chllv, and went to insoeet the sideboard hot-plates. "Wh-.t can 1 have to eaf.'" '•I'll a;,k them to boil you a little out 1 " said Aunt Effie, and rang the bell "Oil. Auntie, can't I have some bacon or something with it? I in hungry! " 'Do you hear that, Alan, she's hungry!" Sabrijia had bacon and a found his door unlocked the night before. A hasty investigation had shown him that nothing had been moved. His desk was the same. his clothes were slill there. At least no one was living in the room. Neither was there a two years' accumulation of dust. Someone came in and out, then, left his things alone. Sabrina paused just inside the door, and stood for a moment, the knob slill in her hand, glancing about her with questioning eyes. "Please come in," said Hilary from the window. 'You won't mind me. will you?" Sunlight streamed through the casements toward her. making diamond-shaped nuggets of warm gold on the" floor. The blended reds and bines and greens and browns of books, carpets, and old polished wood were lovelier than ever be- ture to her caper ^a/:e. How silly she had been over to feel frightened here. "Hullo again." whispered Sa- principles she our cradles. All through our lives we stand or fall, according to whether she bred strength or weakness in us. We choose the right or the wrong as she taught us honor and honesty or lax principles. Wo are masters of our passions, or we yield to them, as she formed in us the habit of self-control or self- indulgence. We are industrious or loafers. We shut our teeth and carry on. or throw up our hands and quit when the sledding gets hard, according to whether she gave us the grit to enable us lo stand punishment, or tho yellow streak that makes us slackers. Influence Good or Bad Doutbless children inherit no more from their mothers than they do from their fathers, but it is far more important what kind of mother they have than what kind of father they have. For their mothers arc with them much more in their plastic years than their fathers are, and it is tho mother who lights the fires of ambition in their souls, who in- Eggs and Fruit Hurled at Roy Acuff Kingsnorl, Tenn., Sept. I! — i/l'l — Eggs, fruit and vegetables were hurled at Candidate Roy Acuff and B. Carroll j Recce. Republican national committoomen, at a political rally here last night. Acuff, the hill billy singer and .Republican candidate for governor, was struck by a grapefruit. Reeco, who is running lor the United States Son- ale, was hit by an unidentified missile. Other missiles striking near Recce spattered the suit of the former Republican national chairman. -p . Truman Plans to Tour Frisco, Los Angeles Washington, Sept. 3 —(/I')-—President Truman said today his two- week western Campaign tour will include San Francisc oand Los Angeles. Tho Democratic nominee starts the tour with a speech at Dexter, la., Sept. 18. Mr. Truman told a news conference he plans also to speak in Denver, Colorado Springs. Pueblo and Glemvood Springs at Colorado, and at Salt Lake City. A speech in San Diego, Calif., is under consideration. Mr. Truman will leave Washington Sept. 17 and return about October 1. After Ihe Dexter speech, the president will go to his hometown of Independence, Mo., lo spend Ihe night of September If!. He will I'^avo the afternoon of September 19 for Denver and will speak there 20. His other Colorado appearances probably will be made the same day. Mr. Truman made it clear his schedule is not complete in exact detail and that he could not give definite dates on all his engagements. Prior to his Dexter appearance, he plans a 0:00 a. in. platform talk at Davenport, la., Kepi. Hi. Other campaign tours are still in the drafting stage. (Cos-. Thomas E. Dewoy, tho Republican presidential candidate, has announced a speech at Dos Moines, la., Sept. 20 — just two days after Mr. Truman talks at nearby Dexter.) Tho presid..'r.l said ho expects to speak in Salt Lake City Sept. 21 or 22. He will speak in San Francisco the day after his night appearance in Salt Lake, and then proceed to Las Angeles. He said he hoped to supply definite dates shortly. Mr. Truman said his seven Labor Day speeches represented a good sample of the number of addresses he may make daily in stumping for a term in Iho While House in his own right. Laughing Mr. Truman described as rather exaggerated what one reporter said was a report lie might make five hundred speeches before the election. Tile president would not cuin- spires them lo do and dare. It is the mother who keeps them cheered up when, their hope f:iils, who braces up their weak dspinos with her own backbone, and whose I ambitions for them and belief in ! them actually forces them to make ! good. " j Or else it is the mother who j makes cowards and w'ninors and i complainors of her children. I! is i the mother who spoils- and pain- j pers her children until they are i nothing but selfish egotists. U is '< who never teaches her j deny themselves any- j thing, or to control themselves, i whose sons turn out. to he gang- j slers and thieves and murderers I and whose daughters nro forever i in the divorce court and who swell the number of tho women in the street. It is a common thing to soe a man wring his hands in helpless agony over his children whom their mother is ruining. Her foolish love thwarts his every effort (o control them. Ho can sec that sho is unfitling them for life and preparing a future that will be full of misery for them, but ho is powerless to undo the mistake she is making. Nor can ho escape his share of the responsibility, because ho wished on his children the kind of mother they have. All men know those things, but, strangely enough, . when a man picks out. a- wife he doesn't consider whether he is bringing a blessing or a curse down on his children's heads. He selects a wife because sho appeals to him, or because sho is pretty, or because sho is a good cook, but he doesn't consider what sort of inheritance she is going to give his children, what sort of brains sho is going to bestow upon them. or what sort of principles sho is going to MEN'S BOOTS 13.95 Boys and Girls Boots 10.95 to HITTS SHOE STORE •Cf A Favorite Lino with THRIFTY Hope Mothers! - ,, Corduroy Longies School Shirts Sizes O /1O Long sleeve, f f\Q 2 to 8 O.**y Asst. cottons I ,3FO Plaid Lined Jackets Zipper Fronts Flannel Shirts All ' Colors ' Wool Slacks Plain and Tweeds Corduroy Overalls Rich wine and brown MCGREGOR PREPS For Sunday, Parties and all Special Occasions. WILUS MEN'S STORE For Little Men Too! On the Depot Corner t "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" * f but jmcnl on an assertion by Harold K. i-Stassen in a Detroit address Ihal j he I'frnrnani was responsible for j inflalion. j Another reporter said Stassen | claimed there were "lied herrings" in the administration. Mr. Truman observed he had no comment un Mr. Stassen's j slalemenl — or ralher Professor I Slassen s statement as he should ! have said. This remark was an ap- j parent reference lo the recent ap- i jpoinunont of the former Minne-| | sola governor to the presidency of j •the University of Pennsylvania. i j Pending completion of his sclied- ' jule. the uresident said he could not j 'say whether he will take in any! | Southern slates on his return trip I iirum the Wesl Coast. Whether he '• will speak in Teaxas, he said, will after the itinerary Js ' See What Pre- Testing Gives You! REINrOBCEMENTS All VITAl PARIS The next time your children go stepping out dress themjn smoothly btyled Poll-Parrots . . . pre-tested for smart style, lasting fit and sturdy foot protection; Come in and see us today! Childrsns Shoes as shown above in Rod and Patent Leather. Sizes 54 to 8 4.95 Sizes 8V to 12 5.95 • Sizes 121 to 3 6.50 Childrens shoe as shown below in tan and green two strap. Sizes 12^ to 3. 5.95 ; **. 1 1 I pRe-TESTED brin.'i, slia n ic-Kiced. "Hullo." said Hilary, surprised. I \ H , '(ijschj'sed' Obviously quite unaware of him. I completed, full of housewifely [Hirpuse. .sliv i \.j.- Tnunaii ?.aid a number of -.vent U) .set the casement windows ! J\'fw York appearances Were wide to the morning air. kneeling ! under consideration tor a later SHOES GIRfS 'Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly*' on the window seat to the left of him as the did so. "There-." she said with satisfaction, under her breath. "Thai's better." And she sat back on her heels against the cushions, her elbow into ; on the sill, looking down JYork city the garden and pondering ] campaign something dt-c-p within her (To Be Continued) mind. campaign trip. He replied no comment when asked whether he will .speak in Albany. Dewey residence as governor of New York. Tile president is known to be planning a mujor speech lur New toward Iho close of tho before- going to his home i (FAMILY SHOE STORi 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1100 slate or dress. MihiSOUri for a lilUtl ad- i ^^_-v-:-:^^=;.-^-.--™-^:.--r.-.;^.-;--=-_rirr;~—~-T=^r-r==

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