Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS J^tcMoth to Ai • program With Council :' Liute Alarm Over Continued From Page One would he fruitless unle.sn the i Soviet:; have new proposals lo offer on the long-disputed subject. Although Marshal! indicated he might not attend the council ses- Roek. Sept. 9 — MV- Sid 'McMplh Ijnmocralic nominee for j VnV'UT, nltms to discuss his pro-i grarnlfor tbe next two years \vithi . - ' \^an<«ts Legislative Council! slon , Personally-al least at th.. If - - • .start—he is expected in |o;n the rhoJ countfil, created to Study! discussions eventually especially legislation in advance o<'! !f 'be agenda is broadened to m- 'ISiSEinbly sessions, will! elude Berlin and Ihe .er>neral nrob- nwel 'hc'-crpijmarily to consider l5M9-")S stOtZ^budgct .requests, i pr. jj Robert; A. ..Lcflnr, dean of I tbe M'nvci«ity of; Arkansas law 8 school' .ind^actihg secretary of the 8^ council, <4ud three-man commit$> if><2^ {jiiobiiWy will he named lo y dcteittiine finsnical needs of vari- )?.' <fti<3 r.Jate departments, institutions and activities. . : v McaTrith is expected to' talk with Ihp council principally about his hijthvtav, old age pension and cig- fifottd" tax i eduction proposals. Injuries to Radio Announcer Forrest City, .Sept. 9 —(/P) —Edward' WfisHsK-KHtlernan, 20, radio arjrioijmcervrjdied in a hospital this morning br^-trt'juries suffered in a car *acci(JenT"riear here last night, prhe hospital reported that ono of Kvttl(iman's£l(ings was punctured •tfrhunji his automobile collided with a tliibk A companion of Kittleman ,wa& mjwed slightly. Kiljleman was to have gone to ••worfcj today.,,for station KARK in i"rt,yit,tla Rock';' 1 'where he was om- '' ptoydd until t.vyo months ago, when CATARRH _ SUFFERER' ,,- PJNOICURB FOR MISERY 1 DUfe TO NASA!. M _<JOH<SESTION. SUPPLY RUSHED HEREI 'iJolllf at last from torture o£ sinur. ~i— ^h, and haj£;fcver due lo nasal ccnrcc.n- JOn Jft seem today in reports of success v/Hh fovmulft v-hich has the power to reduce ionR(jsliop ? --Men and \vornon with Vj^^iwuaJicndothea, cloj^scd nostrjj.i, ;, hmking and snccKinjr misery tHt -d xfili3f after Minir it. KLORON'OTj ;3 00, but considering results, thia I'H t cjprnsuc, amounts to only pennies per KLOKONOL (eniitkm, use only its sold with money-bade j;imrantce by JO^iN P. COX DRUG STORE Mail Orders Filled <>ai,e, , lent of Germany. The United States has said thai the lifting of the Berlin siege must precede any Germany peace discussion. .A. br<v<l--.dr"vn of efforts to lift the Berlin blockade would leave the Kast-West, dispute jur.t where it. u'fis nearly throe months ago. when Russia severed the rail link between Berlin and the western occupation zone:\ Only by means of the Brilish- Arncrican ajr lift can the eslern powers keep their hold on the city and. feed more 'than 3.000.000 Berliners. If direct, negotiations end in failure, the Western powers then can appeal lo the United Nations to deal with the Berlin crisis as a threat to world ncace. The U. N. General Assembly opens its Paris meeting September 21. A Party Differential Mt. Carmel. 111. —(/Pi — The chairmen for Wabash County's Republicans and Democrats may not see eve to eye politically, but— Dr. L. A. Shaffer, the G.O.P. chairman and Dr. W. J. Mclntosh, the Democratic lender, are both veterinarians. Both reside in Ihe same Sixth Precinct and live only a lew days from each other. ho joined the staff of Station WJDX in Jackson, Miss. He worked for KATiK about a year before going to Jackson and before that, war, an announcer for KLA in Pine Bluff. Kittleman was born in Salt Lake Ciiy, man, ana later moved to Pine Bluff. He attended Hendrix college two terms before going into radio. IT'.. -..-' '„„. T Jt.ii,, •-.„„,, ,,, / , nn? ._ cuts', foster father, Sam Kittleman, tlcman is an engineer for <he Arkansas Power and Light Co. Admission ( 30c and 60c Sponsored by Socal HEARD DMl|oVtR MD10 SIATICH R H K H SHHEVEPOBT.U. 7:|0&E'30 STARS OF RADIO, STAGE & RECORDS GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Cn.caj-,0, Sept'. !J -- >,)•• •- 'Jrains; tried bard to give a display of; sticng.t, today, but faikn. Prices J were ahead a good pai t of the EOS- j siou on short-covering. In tlv.' cios- | ing minutes .however, scllini 1 ,. in- crcast-d sharply and prices lell under yesterday's finish. Weakness in securities at New York and a less urgent demand lor casn corn, coupled ivitii rnod- eratk..y largo offerings of !h-..' !;r.'iui Iron", ihe country,- wi.i e mainly re- ; spijMsibie for the "downturn. ! m ;n'- >no; maiKel IMJ. '•' yellow ! corn sold as low as $:!.02, off 4 i cents from yesterday's high. Ueal- j ers reported they had pir^'iascd ' close 10 ii'iO.(100 bushels on a to- j arrive basis from the country. As ; a result, short covering in Seplein- | her corn was less urgent. i Price changes in wheat were not large. There was indication of how ; much flour the government had i boughl overnight. Oats held steady. Soybeans were ahead most of the | clay in line v.'ilh firmness in cot- i tonseed oil. | Wheat closed 5-8-1 3-1 lower, Sep-! tember $2.21 1-2. corn was ?,-K to I 1 cent lower, September $1.0 7IS-4- I $1.08 .1-4. oats were 'A-i', lower to i 1-8 higher, September 72 1-!!, rye ; was unchanged to 1 cent lower, '[ December $1.54, and soybcanr, J were 3-4 higher, November $2.50 i Cash wheat followed futures low- j er today; basis steady; receipts seven cars. Corn was about unchanged; basis also about unchanged; bookings 143.000 bushels; shipping sales 25.000 bushels; re- j ' ceipts 57 cars. Oats were un- ;' changed to 1 1-2 cents higher; ba- | sis unchanged to 1-2 cent more; chipping sales 40,000 bushels; receipts 20 cars. Soybeans receipts ' : were 4 cars. i POULTRY AND PRODUCE i ' Chicago, Sept. 9 — .(/P) — Live poultry: , steady; receipts 39 j trucks; prices unchanged. I Butler firmer; receipts 368,274; I prices unchanged to a cent a j pound higher; 93 score AA 73.5; ! 92 A 73: 90 B GG.fi; 89 C 64; cars: , 90 B G7.5; 8!) C 65.25. | Eggs: Top steady, balance un- i settled; receipts 12.251; prices unchanged except a cent a dozen lower on U. S. standards at 39-44 and on current receipts at 3(i. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Sept. 9 — (/P) — Fluctuations were irregular over a narrow .range in cotton futures i here today, with hedge selling and long liquidation offsetting the realizing oi profits by shorts. Closing prices were, steady, 20 cents a bale lower to 15 cents higher. Oct high 30.93 — low 30.85 — close 30.93 Dec high 30.73 -— low 30.66 — close 30.71-73 Men. high 30.54— low 30.47 — close 3C.51B May high 30.28 — low 30..24 — close 30.26 " 'iO' i Si ft". H ' Jly high 29.15 — low-29.07 .—..close 29.15 . 0 . ST. LOUIS LIV National Stockyards, 111.,""Sept. 9 Hope Star Miss Kansas Daily Bread 'T U. Star of Hope 1399; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Pubiir.hed every vveol'doy afternoon t^ STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at tho Star building ^)2-2)-1 South Wrjlmjt Stiec-t,' Hope, Ark. ' • ' Continued From Pa;/,e 5 shoe, strutted back onto the plai-| form and ,t;ave us /-uys a nice curtsey. Alter that came the pn-liminarv.' jof (he talent coi!t!' ; :!.--w!v. r<> a «irl' |forg>.ts her curves and HOOS aloiii; | on li'j-ivo.s and u'halt'vor ahiliiy i she lias to say a H. Wosliburn, O.lilor f, F'ubliiho' Pnul H. Jones, AArjnaoina "Mitc,r" Gn'..r<r- V/. Hosmcr, M-rl, Si.iot. Jesr, M. Daviy, A J vrrti'-,inrj Manager Entered as Post Office at ArJ at March second clas? mailer at tin Hopo Arkansas, under the 3, 1897. (AP)—Moans A^?oriatec) Press. (NFA)—Moans Ncv/:.|Kt!JCr cntarprise Association. Subscription Rotes: (AKvays Payable ir Advance): By city carrier per wec-k 20r Per month 85c. Mail rates—in Herno stead, Novada, Howarrl, Miller anc Laravotto counlies, 5'!.50 per yeor; else wh'ire $8.50. National AtNcrtising Representative — •V'^nnsos Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tonn Storirk Burlrlina: Chiraqo '100 North Mich inan Avenue- New York Citv, 292 Madi-c, Ave.; Detrcit, Mich., 2842 W. Granf Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 31-1 Terminal Bldg Mow Orluans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: T'n- Associated Press is entitled exclusively ti 'ho use lor ropublication of all the loco news prinlod in this newspaper, cs well a ill AP nev/s dispatches. Sony or drum a tune on the i Vi'ltiir.T in this preliminary busi- •nc.ss was Dorothy .lane Krec. lUisx ;Toim<:J •' e. of Chattanooga. She |c;i:rn.- out in a Huffy blaek strap- lie:..'; thing. • Alt Orchid in her hair. j Tjn'iy. -i pi'oKy blonde (they're I alt ])]'0tty, fi-llow'i KJiowed 't'ie ; folks that she : ean go up and clown the scale by singiiig t\v.) turn's 'h;t- i ling a variety • of' pilches. "L':t jlvly Song Kill Your i-f.->art" ' j"Kmtraceable You." bust 34. 7 1-2 AA. in C-T.-O yon'rt' l-e- I store. j c i\]r brought do\vn the house I for that matter, so did all the (The judges squirmed and if jbody iil-.es to s-.'e a judge il do. on account nf I've few .' Tint kit's. any- sc|iiirm. laced a Continued From Page One ; haps Mr. Shaw could be as reasonable about. Mr. Wallace as about vegetarianism and admit, after .some reflection, that )!ic>ro is another rde to the matter. Mr. Wallace prescribes a diet '•i appeasement abroad and mild socialism at home. Yi-t Mr. Shaw can .look at. Czechoslovakia, v.'h'ch pr.rlook of the first, and at his I.ellow Briton:;, who are munching' on the second, and find ihat ihe diet due;; -mil. promote exceptional health. The country nf Mr. lorebears vats the rec independence and eapi! •'>fi . Shaw must adiliit lived a good long tiii-.i the prospects for its existence are excellent, also consider the possibility .Mr. Wallace's remecty might. \v'irk on America's ' ill'; 1 the way Mr. Shaw's liver injections worked on his. !>. —- (UP> — ricaii and Brit- om t!ie princely cxpocLed in's anfi end , authorila- Thursday, September 9, 7948 threatened by war between the Indian dominion and Hyderabad. The pianos were said to be ready to leave Calcutta and Karachi for a point near Hyderabad city, where they would pick up the evacuees, including some fid American missionaries. Supersonic sound can kill bacteria. Die ;'pi)i .ia : ; !iosod a i'-n long lfi etitis. danger ,isenienl if Mr. Hut that and Wai- ssistants administer o Airici ica l.o ' 'd\'o'j5 ;'.''•." l..'1'l alone it lhat. lilv,- Mr. Shaw, •f' Ihc ills that Mr. are killim; us. Without Painful Backache When f?ison?orof hitlnoy function pormits poisonous inuttor to remain in your blood, it m{iycnuSL'naj:p;inj.:bacUachn,rhcuniatici)ains. U'jr jiiiina, loss of pop find onur^y, Kt'ttinjr u(> nticMs. swelling. pufliiier>9 under the eyes, huadjichea and dizv'inoss, Frntjut-'nt or scanty pas?ai!t'S witlj E-niartiiiK and burning somo- limuH phows there is somrjlhing wrong with your kidneyy or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your dmggist for Donn'a Pillf, n stimnl/int diuretic, n?tnl siicccpsfnlly by niilliinu; Cor over BO years. IJoan's KIVC hnppy relief and will liulp the 15 niilea of hiilnoy tnbon flush out poisonous was to from your blood, Get Doan's Talmodge Continued From Page One died before his in my time on official b\m- nttss and otherwise. Tonight, we'll have some more of tin... same. These preliminaries by the way, don't mean a doggone thing. Something like pulling ' up close to th" lead at the end of baseball season. You've alwavs got a chance. that's all. Ihe hut- Borrominq ' Continued From o Page One crnor four times, inauguration. j In a dramatic pro-dawn session, j the legislature in January, 1947, of their savings account deposits, effective September 1C. Under the new law the reserve- board could have made the terms stiffer on demand deposits —another four per cent for New York I and Chicago Banks and anotl-tjr elected Ilummon" to sit in father's chair. Then arose scholarly M. F,. Thompson who abandoned an educator's career to enter politics, to claim the office also i by succession from lieutenant- ! governor. i Herman's forces changed locks j in the capilol by night to capture the governor's office. After two mo tlis of tumult and confusion I because the state had t\vo gover- I nors. Taln;adge walked out quiet- i ly when the Georgia Supreme j Court said Thompson should serve I as acting governor pending an election to fill the remaining two years o£ the elder Talmadgc's term. But he pledged, I'll be back," today he shouted: Tbe victory is our;;.'' ! Thompson said apparently Herman Talmndge has won." Three other candidates for gov—< ernor failed to get in tho unit vote column and trailed badly in popular votes. They were Hoke C'Kelley, Hokc Willis, and the Rev. Joseph A. Rabun, ousted as j pastor of the Talmaclge's home church in McCrae because he de- I ncunccd white rule. Incomplete reports also favored three incumbent congressmen' —- Reps. Cox of the second di'strict, .Davis of the fifth and Wheeler of the eighth :• congressmen and U. S. his ! two per cent on all But it apparently seme ammunilinn in it waits to see what this shot at inflation. other van Is reserve 'svh'le "lev-flops from Slany 'finance expert? have cx-oresscd fear tlv.it. overdoing anli-inl'lationarv rnr'tl - uros would bring a defUiiion.'iry ip'os would bring a deflationary swing that wotdd be oven worse. Red Planes Continued From Page holm island in thi- Baltic. said one group flew i<i\v over a Danish naval unit. The authorities "'•iserted 'h-n I ho planes crossed the territorial border cnnied the island in 1945 and remained with<-)r->wing in 1940 protests. Borrowing the American football arla.""c tl-.-u tho b<•-••' d" f "nse !•• a ;ood offense, Kolikov's letter at tho Americans. he wrote, ''tliat T'II ^'-nro-jf-i^ mililarv nerson- (in city hall) conducted them- spb'fs indecently and instead of helping to restore order, sought 1o take instigators oi' unrest into their protection. . "I leel it is necessary in point pi.it that this isn't : an isolated case . "Rus.s ; ans oc- the spring of 10 months, after Danish hurled charges "It is said." ncl o,m 200-260 Ibs 28.7o-29.23i.-.. top majority 29.00 odd • atots ; Ibs 7.75-28.75; sizeable. ilnt'S Ibs 23.00-24.00; 160-190 Ibs 2H.7S 130-15 Ibs 24.75-27,0:. 27.25 10-120 Ibs mostly' 1 ' 1.00 sows 40 Ibs down Sji°i- 0 i Senator Richard B. Russell no- 29. 2o; 270-300 450-50 27.50:" few ' 21.7525.00- were lmODOT)se[l lmopp0!>ca - 27.00; heavier weights 22.00-24.5; stags 17.5-20.0. Cattle 2,500; calves 1,20; good medium weight steers 32.00 odd lois medium quality replacement steers 24,00; four cars medium Oklahoma steers 2G. 00-25; medium and good heifers and mixed year- i lings 24.00-30.0; common and me- j dium cows Hi. 00-20.0; canners and ! nutters 15.0-UJ.C; medium and ! good bulls 21.00-23.25 good and j choice vealers 27.0ii-31.00; coin- i DIES AT FAYETTEVILLE Fayctteville, Sept. 9 —(/P)— W. R. Lighten, 77, died here yes'('i;day. Surviving are four children including movie producer Louis Lighton of Prescolt, Ariz., and Miss Suzanne Lighton, Fayo- ettville attorney. If you Don't You'll Pay a Penalty ami You .Can Stws This Sy Paying Now. )E H. SUTTON Sheriff ortd Collector mon and . medium Hi.0-20.0. Sheep 2,00; good and choice kinds mostly 25.00-50: top 25.75 for moderate sprinkling to out- i.-.idois: iv.'\v lots merely good springers 24.50 some medium to good kinds 22.00-24.00: na»vc feeders 20.00-21.00; packer throwouts l-.O-lil.O largely; straight culls Hi.O down-.v'Jird 12.0 for |i"bt kinds: small lot good choice shorn Ibams 24.50; •;'• .|..'.nti;r ev.-es steady at 10.00: cull ewes 7.50-8.50; old bucks 'argelv H.50. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Sept. f) — (/P)— iicos fell today under the I're of heavy selling. ur 5'J - - 1 .gli 30 32 nd yoi/IS find a Pretty new prints that iio fall. Many smart style;and 7 to 14. Th^so a values. These are sanforized stronq. Ideal for .cnf.^rizcci shrunk. Blue denim dunqciroos that These infants corduroy overalls are in red, rose and blue for school wear. Sizes 1 to 3. 1.98 Ladies FALL HATS A new shipment just arrived. Smartest styles for fall in new colors and trims. nn,,,- Cn— .' invaded the Ladies NYLONS lovely nylons all the new fall shades, iengths, 51 guaqe and Sizes 8ito *s r* tf*% 1.59 Men's JACKE 1 hesa jackets ore for fall. Capeskin with all v/ool tweed leeves. egular cf durable ore just the hool wear. Sanforized, fly front, elastic waist and knit back. Sizes 2 to 8. Only 1 6.95 values )ii"'-;f school shoes now at Rephan's. We a complete stock of oxfords and hi-tops. sizes. rinted LUNCH CLOTHS 50x50 floral lunch cloths. Only DEPARTMENT "of such conduct by itarv personnel. "As a result." Kotikov said, ''I reject most vehemently the pro- | test contained in your letter as en- Ita'elv unfounded. | "At the same lime I insist that Mrs. j American personnel in the future keep to rules of loyal behavior and do not interfere in matters which don't concern them." The letter, one of the sh:>rp-Rl in a long series of exchanges between Kotikov and Howley, ignored ihe fact that the Russian-controlled police broke into the America'! offices, brushed aside an American liason officer, rifle:! tlvj ca.rtP'l off Ihe sought refuge The \ves'"m sought rofnct! demonstrators from 1 to around 3 few issues going be- vc ,,.y | Soviet troops armed and i l ' llns stood ,.y. most I Kotikov accused the American 9.0(1-!"'' protecting ''pro'-'or'aU blackguards.'' Howicy. in a }-jc-r- sonal visit to Koi.il.ov. had said the blame "rests upon (he TJus'.^i.'ins liecause tho CJerniau police in the Soviet sector obey only Russian orders." Pessimism among the Germans moved ihe Brili<-li-licensed news- pai-icr Die Well to s::y: "The Americans once bad a Stock pres- ond that range. jphraso 'You can't do business livreasing concern was voiced (with Hitler.' Now the impression in Wall Street over developments i grows ever stronger Ihat you c;u " n Berlin aijfl Paris coupled with 'I'lin aijfl Paris coupled '('H' potentially deflationary increase iu reserve requirements by ;•!]<.• Fi:de:-al. Reserve Board and ; spreading American strikes, i Price's turned down in fast open- ling trading. ', Among the biggest losers were . U. S. Sled. Santa Fe, Coca Cola, ! MrmUiomory Ward, Mission and Union Pacific. Others . lower included Chrysler, Douglas 'U. S. Ciynsum. Amnriran j American Smeltini;, F.l Paso TClec- Itrii; Pi.wcr Light, Southern Pa-. ji'it'ic, standard Oil 116 Illinois! whik I ("-'rural, and Youiigstowu Sheet .Tube. I Many slocks which resisted th jl.rnid arid turned ribove their ! ioti.s close carlv in j not maintain bhat jslippid lov.'er ofr net losses. Rails |>.'e:x. under tin. 1 greali-st pressure : throughout tile day. | Bunds wi'iv narrow. NEW YORK COTTON (,!o linsint Howley's headu.ua rfers was ureoaiing a sliaro rei Kotikov's letter, whirh, as I in ' Rundschau, Russtan-c-o- newspaper, tit'fori; ii \vas (i to Howley. Later, lunvevor. Howley said Corp.,jhad been onk'i\-d nut to 'further verbal controversy Kotikov. He said tin- \vhole n been referred to his sup Gen. Lucius 1). Clay. Berlin's auii-Comniunisis. i prepared to give tlii'i. defiant answer to ' th and German Hr:is v.'i'h a in 'Jt'iiionstralii'!! tcmij'hi in front ild UK' i -" ' prev- ! "'e burMi-rl-out the dav could i in Die British sector, near strength andi v 'i't sector border. ,Sloi;au:.; ' rally \\'ere "Fi::hl 11 sector" i>.\ iuissian sectoi -— t'.-V) —Cot- ;ular in quit cling uncer- tiu-tratii 1 over snot cs. anil export situation. I'lliii! 1 . was li;-ht and dis- l.iy tin' fact that futures r under tl'.i.- goveriin'.L-nU

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